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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now, 10, another attack at the u.s. capitol. a veteran police officer dies after a suspect rammed his car into a security barricade. what we're learning about the motivation of the man behind the wheel and his victim's for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. a tonight investigators are looking into what drove this man to slammed his car into. >> 2 capitol police officers and a barricade in washington, dc on one of the officers was killed. police shot and killed the attacker after he lunged at officers with a knife leaving police with few leaves and it comes just days after most of the security measures around the capitol building were lifted. >> following that january 6th insurrection joe khaleel brings us the latest on the investigation. >> another attack on the u.s. capitol today. a u.s. capitol
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police now more one of their own 18 year veteran william billy evans killed after a driver rammed into a barricade on the complex's north side hitting williams and another officer who remains hospitalized. the suspect identified as a 25 year-old man. noah green was shot and killed by police officers and it is what a very, very heavy heart. now. >> one of our officers has succumbed to his injuries. capitol police chief yogananda pittman says after the initial crash, the driver green. >> got out of his car with a knife ignored commands to stop and launch toward officers. she pittman says capitol police officers then shot green who died soon after at a dc area hospital. i just ask that the public continue to keep us capitol police. >> and their families in your
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prayers. the capital was put on lockdown for about 2 hours following the incident. >> national guard troops already stationed at the capitol since the january 6 attack were called out and various checkpoints. we need to obviously understand the motivation behind this senseless act, washington's metropolitan police will lead the investigation according to chief robert contee there's no indication at this time. >> if there's any nexus to any member of congress. but law enforcement says that could change during the course of the investigation. the attack comes just 9 days after most of the security fence built around the capital following the january 6 attack came down. there have been recent calls from both sides of the aisle to remove the fencing. >> that's the temple of democracy. and we've got to make sure that it is secure. congressman tim ryan leading part of the investigation into the january 6 attack says securing the capital must rise above politics calling on his
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fellow members to be adults. he said congress should consider putting parts of the security fence back up today was another blow. >> for the capitol hill family and especially the capitol police family. >> that was joe khalil reporting lawmakers have been on recess this week. most of them were not at the capitol when the attack happened. but one person who was there south bay, congressman ro khanna. he talked to us today about what happened as the building was locked down. >> i had just actually stepped out of my building to go to a local, a chinese restaurant down the road to pick my lunch and was walking back and i got the calls. frantic calls from my staff saying there's a major incident at that time we didn't know if the be safe. you can't come back into your office. they have locked down the entire office of the night. so police officer. the just take sheltering in your
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and i went into my car in the parking a lot that them and was sitting there until they clear the incident. >> the congressman would not speculate on whether what happened today was in any way linked to the january 6 riot. but he says he of course expects members of congress to denounce the use of violence on the nation's capital. interview first ran on our 24 7 streaming service kronon you can download the app free wherever you get your apps. >> another big story tonight. day 5 of the derek chauvin trial in minneapolis concluded this morning bringing in into the first week of the trial today, jurors heard testimony from lieutenant richard zimmerman. the longest serving member of the minneapolis police department after seeing numerous video footage of floyd's death. both body camera and surveillance video. zimmerman said the force used on floyd was, quote, totally unnecessary. >> pulling him down to the ground, face down. and putting
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your knee on the neck. for that amount that amount of time. it's uncalled for. >> on cross examination showed his defense attorney eric nelson tried to portray a different picture of that deadly encounter with police say the officers were forced to use excessive force to restrain george floyd as he resisted arrest and was under the influence at day next week. the minneapolis police chief and medical examiner are expected to testify. the trial expected to take about 3 more weeks. >> here at home. a 26 year-old man is behind bars tonight after allegedly dropping off a backpack and making a bomb threat at a fremont hotel workers at the hyatt place. fremont silicon valley hotel say he made a verbal threat this morning. the hotel manager called police and the man was arrested. but 70 guests were temporarily evacuated as a precaution. it
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happened at the same hotel where freeman detective shot and killed a man last night. police say that man had several outstanding felony warrant. she resisted arrest. they say he forced officers to open fire in the hotel parking lot. authorities say the 2 incidents are not related investigations are underway. >> the allegheny county sheriff's department says it's dealing with an alarming problem deputies have confiscated a growing number of illegal guns this year. >> you see the statistics here for the last year, 2010. you can see the graph here and we're climbing 631 guns in 2020. we're going to surpass that this year. >> sergeant ray kelly says more guns mean more gunshot victims over the last several months hospitals have seen an uptick in walk ins with gunshot wounds. another problem untraceable ghost guns. investigators say those are weapons that are
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manufactured and sold on the black market. they're used in crimes ranging from robberies to gang shootings to sideshows. meantime, the city of oakland is struggling to contain a spike in violent crime and it's prompting leaders of the community to come together to try to find a solution coming up at 1030. why they say the new police chiefs planned can finally turn things around. >> happening now wildfires in april. local fire crews. they've already had to respond to several brush fires in recent days. a video from the boot fire. that fire has burned about 3 acres and the burn scar of the czu lightning complex fire. the unseasonably warm, dry weather along with winds up. that's not helping. for more on how firefighters are dealing with these conditions bracing for an early fire season. we go to kron four's. gayle ong joining us live from union city gayle.
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>> yeah. in contra, costa county alone today. they've had several grass fires and also responded to several grass fires in recent weeks said this is the hills right fremont that we watch, then they are green. now, if looking during the day. but we've watched those hills turned brown as that as we see the lack of rain throughout this season. so firefighters are closely monitoring those high-risk areas and they want to remind residents to be prepared. >> this is the time of year for homeowners to act now to protect their homes, their families. the properties in neighborhoods from the threat of wildfire. take care. that defensible space cutting. are we back living up trees. a lot of the work that point. we'll wait a little bit later in the season, they're eager to get started on these fires are the reason why firefighters are getting the word out to be prepared unseasonably warm weather mix with dry vegetation are creating wildfire fuel. >> and growing drought concerns april 1st is usually expected to be the time where
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the. >> plants are growing with high fuel moisture content. lots of new growth. and to our surprise, we didn't see any of that. professor craig clements runs the wildfire interdisciplinary research center at san jose state. he spent friday afternoon looking at the conditions in the santa cruz mountains. there is no new growth on any of the shrubs that we're sample. >> which indicates that the drought with lack of rain we've had this winter is then. >> really affecting the fuel. and so the fuels are already starting out dry air than they should. and this record drought is going to be a problem. the summer, the bay area is already seeing fires pop up in recent weeks. thursday night contra costa county, firefighters responded to a grass fire in antioch suspected of arson just points out the fact that the conditions are right. >> for writing fire danger and to serve as a reminder to all of us. we need to be careful all of our outdoor activities in the north bay 5 and a quarter million dollars has
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been set aside for both the city of santa rosa. >> and sonoma county as a result of the pga. the settlements after the temps fire in 2017 in the meantime, paulo and all the assistant fire marshal, the santa rosa fire department is encouraging residents to be extra vigilant about what the rain doesn't necessarily mean the real start seeing those devastating fires right away. but we could very well see them much earlier. >> this season. we have historically in the past. >> now starting april 7th. that is next. wednesday. the city of santa rosa. they want to improve the residents. alerts warning capabilities ahead of fire season. so they're going to be giving away these radios, these are out noaa weather radios are going to give away 12,000 of them for free. these only cost about $2030, and they can really save your life there. good backup if you lose cell service or power live in union city. gayle ong kron 4 news. gayle, tell us a little more about the radios. how do they
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work exactly. >> we'll share on. so catherine, now they don't land cell service. they are operated by battery only. and you're going to get an alert through the national weather you want to keep this on during those times of severe weather all year round really. typically if you live in a tornado prone area. you're probably more familiar with ease and were, you know, with these fires we've seen in recent years pass, especially in santa rosa were. >> they have seen back to back devastating fire since around 2017. typically you, lou. cell service. you lose powers. so it is difficult to get alerts to yourself. and if you sign up through that way. so officials really want people to take that extra step. it doesn't hurt to have a backup like this. so i just got this a few months ago. like eventually spilled over here. we're not too far from the scu complex lightning fire. so that prompted me and my family to have a plan and and play.
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so these can really help in case of emergency captain make sense. good idea. all right. gayle ong reporting live for us in union city tonight. thanks scale. >> all right. well, this of course not good. the weather situation that we've been going through it's these fires so early in the year for us. kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us with a closer look at this like yeah, i think it's a very ominous sign. >> just looking at that the last couple of days. of course. nice to see the heat out there. but then you start to see some of these fires pop up and you realize you know, those hills. they've started to build up a lot of debris in the hills and we've had a record drought these last 2 years to the driest on record since 1849. little driest on record goes back to 1975 77. if you're around back, then you remember how dry that was will certainly you put that in perspective the last 20 years we've basically been in drought conditions. so a 20 year span along the west coast, dry weather. you certainly get those fire so
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out there tonight, though. we are getting some relief. we are seeing low clouds and fog surging back on shore tonight. and of course that's going to be a much needed help to bring the humidity way up and that will bring the chance of fires, of course, way down as well. temperatures taken a major hit down 23 degrees over the past 24 hours in san francisco alone. but everywhere cooldown, of course, inside the bay along the coastline. most first numbers out there. yes, 62 degrees in half moon bay 58 in san francisco. 73 comfortable in mount view. but much cooler. we did have one 80 in concord. and also, i should say, to to 80's also won an antioch. but other than that, brought these temperatures way down from where they were now. looks like high pressure will continue to migrate eastward. we do have a system off the coastline would love to bring that a little bit closer, but just not enough energy to yet. and so that's is off the coast. we stay dry. we get the fog. if we see anything, we may get a little drizzle and that's about it. the fog and low already moving on shore right now moved inside the bay that sea breeze has returned. so so that offshore wind that
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dry wind. now we get that moist wind off the ocean waters. you can see blow to the west at 8 miles per hour in the san francisco 9 and o come right now in 16 in the fairfield temperatures. that's a big change to from 24 hours we heard this time last night. still some temperatures in the 70's today. it's getting cold out there. if you're standing outside santa rosa right now you get a little chilly 47 degrees there right now. it is 49 and lael. 51 in san jose 52 degrees in oakland overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies low clouds and fog going to surge along the coastline inside the bay that's happening right now. and then tomorrow starting out some low clouds early on. then a mixture of some sunshine, some clouds in the afternoon. sunday going to be fairly similar as well, right getaway forecast for you. the monterey bay temperatures in the 50 southern california. you're up in the 70's in southern california in the long beach and los angeles in the high country the sierra nevada, you can. it is little traveling well, looks like you spend some fun time up. for your easter eggs over the weekend temperatures. they're going to be 60's in the high country. but it's still looking very dry out there. certainly concern not only here for the bay area. but all around california, we've seen the
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fires in southern california. they've been extremely dry so that's where we're headed for right now. we don't. what's going to happen. weather wise for the summer, but certainly a major concern it's too bad. thank you, lawrence. all right. well, how about some good news here. a big announcement today, state leaders have set a date for the rollback. >> of covid restrictions on indoor gatherings, including concerts live sports and even wedding receptions and starting april 15th indoor events will be allowed in the red orange and yellow tears capacity limits begin a 10% of the red tier. they go up depending on the tier status. >> some venues will require proof of a negative covid test or full vaccination masks and social distancing that will still be required. the state will also relax guidelines allowing counties to move into less restrictive tiers more easily health experts are expressing cautious optimism. but they say some people will need to take more precautions than others. >> as we reopen things. you
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know, i think you need to do your own risk assessment. self risk assessment. and if you're 85 years old and have, you know, numerous underlying risk factors. if you're pregnant woman. i think he'd be go slow on the on these things and be careful and not put yourself at risk. >> the doctor says it is wise to keep an eye on your own risk factors an underlying condition since they can change over time. the return of concerts might be the biggest step toward a return to normalcy. >> even as restrictions have been eased. so far. the live music industry has been forced to mostly stay silent. but that is changing kron four's. dan thorn live in san francisco at one music venue that's trying to figure out how to safely. welcome back. crowds than. >> ken and catherine. today's announcement was certainly a shock for some of these small music venues. they were,
10:17 pm
however, a very excited to be included in today's announcement. but there is just a little bit of concern about it and maybe we might be moving. just a little too fast. it's a step forward in the state's emergence from covid-19 restrictions indoor concert venues like bottom of the hill in san francisco. >> will be allowed to reopen on april 15. it is extremely exciting to get any kind of guidance on this because that's what we've been asking for. the whole time. lynch wars is part owner and head booker of the hill nightclub. the last year has been challenging for music venues like hers. >> unable to book shows and unable to make money without trying to come across as ungrateful shores is a little concerned this announcement might be a little rushed or not there yet. there's still like long lines to get an appointment for a vaccine and you still have to be over. 50 is so i my personal feeling is why not wait until. >> we've reached this herd immunity before we start putting people inside indoor
10:18 pm
concerts and theater performances will be allowed to happen in tears below purple in the red tier 10% capacity is allowed for venues up to 1500 people and 20% for venues greater than that. >> capacity limits grow as the tears go lower bottom of the hill. like many smaller venues has space for fewer than 300 people. schwartz says it will be difficult for them to reopen and stay open at anything less than full capacity. she also does not nbd intense pressure facing state leaders in opening up more things throughout the state. i would hate to say anything but that i'm grateful. >> for guidance and and for seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. >> well, the small music venues say they're also counting on government such as some of the grants that have been passed. they're hoping that that money can be distributed quickly or at least those applicarions could be made available a little bit quicker because over the last
10:19 pm
year these places have been shut down and they haven't been making any money. so if they are to reopen its going to be pretty difficult to do without any money. catherine, can. all right. danielle, lot of people want to get back to the bottom of the hill and a bunch of clubs all over the bay area. thank you, dan. >> go state warriors say that they are encouraged with the new indoor live event guidelines in a statement saying, quote, over the last year we've taken a number of steps to ensure the health and safety of fans upon their eventual return to chase center, including strict sanitation guidelines, enhanced air circulation measures and requiring covid-19 tests for venue entry to make our home the safest arena in the country. >> air travel. it just got easier. this is if you have been fully vaccinated, meaning you've got to be at least 2 weeks away from your final shot. the cdc says those people can travel within the u.s. without getting tested unless required by the destination. they also don't need to self quarantine. as for international travel,
10:20 pm
anybody fully vaccinated can leave the country without getting a test, although they still need to test negative before getting a flight back home and they don't need to quarantine once they're back. police who have not been vaccinated or people have not been still are being urged to avoid any unnecessary travel. >> these new rules are partly a result of vaccinations earlier today on kron 4 news at 03:00pm the state public health officer doctor tomas talk to our justine waltman about reaching herd immunity by this summer, meaning life could be more normal by then. >> we're anticipating based on our projections some time this summer anticipate there. we're going to be reaching that level community immunity. so we're very we're we're very optimistic right now. we have over 18,000 doses that have been delivered. we have over 6.6 million persons who are fully vaccinated in among
10:21 pm
those that are 6v and older. we have almost 70% that had been vaccinated. so that's that's amazing news for us here in california. >> so some time this summer we're talking early summer 4th of july late summer. that's and that's a very good question. that's a very good you know, our mathematical models can give me give you a more exact don't have that. that data with me, but i can make sure that we you know, that information comes out. hopefully next week to we will. >> we are doing some of their big they'll be additional announcements next week as we really shouldn't nail down our projections for the summer. >> encouraging news doctor also talked about states vaccine supply and how to prove youth received a vaccine. you can watch the full interview on kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead tonight, major league baseball is taking georgia's new voting law changes coming to this summer's all-star game. also a disturbing discovery on the
10:22 pm
bay area college campus where a noose was found hanging in a white students arguing the university response does not go far enough. and you might have heard of bay area businesses leaving for texas. but reno. why one ceo thanks. the biggest little city in the world could be the next silicon valley. >> and we have some exciting news to share with you. kron four's expanding our weekend news coverage with the new 06:00pm newscast. join justine waltman and jonathan mccall for the latest local news weather and sports every saturday and sunday at 06:00pm it starts tomorrow. we'll be it starts tomorrow. we'll be right back. it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box. sorry, what were you going to say?
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the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. >> this just in. we're just one day into baseball season. but already it's dealing with a covid outbreak. according to espn, the season opening series between the washington nationals and the new mets has been postponed. yesterday's opener called off because 3 nationals tested positive and after a 4th person tested positive. that was today. they made the decision to postpone the entire series. we know that one of the players has a favor. apparently the others don't really have symptoms. it is unclear if this will affect washington's upcoming series against atlanta. speaking of atlanta, a major league
10:26 pm
baseball is moving its all-star game and mlb draft out of georgia. >> that's in response to the state's new voting law. the law makes ballot drop boxes an official part of georgia election on requires voter id for absentee ballots. voting rights groups have labeled the law. the next jim crow saying it does more for voter suppression, then election integrity supporters argue just the opposite. the all-star game was set to take place in atlanta in july. a new city has not been announced for where that game will be played. >> well, governor newsome was a quick to respond to the announcement. he reached out of league on twitter offering california as the new host state dodger stadium is already scheduled to host the all-star game next year after last year's game was canceled, of course, because of the pandemic. looks like california is losing more tech companies in the bay area, specifically and it's the same reason we've heard before. they're leaving in search of lower cost.
10:27 pm
>> where they can operate kron four's. ella sogomonian is here in the studio with how the city of reno is now trying to pools companies out of the bay area to keep coming for us. catherine can first it was sin city. >> now it's the biggest little city in the world and they are calling on bay area tech companies to move to neighboring nevada looks like is working for the city of reno. a sliding into the direct messages of the ceo is like chase harmer with pace certify on linked in at least that's what he tells me the mayor of reno has been working hard to create a new image and the silicon valley. 2 point. oh, if you will, focusing on transforming reno into a tech hub harbor says that it's worked. he's born and raised in the bay area where he started out in business. it 19 years old. his family is here. so he doesn't really want to leave lusk on us. but nevada's tax cuts are too good to pass up and reno made him feel welcome. >> california makes it very difficult to be a business and so it's not very conducive to
10:28 pm
making a profit profit and building a successful long term. not to say that you can't. but it's just difficult this. and so easier to do it. no, there isn't. but they're offering the substance and it wasn't. makes an easy choice. they did they did make an offer and it felt good to want to be and not actually, i just a number and a system doesn't really send seem to care that much about the entrepreneur. >> the senior vp for expansion and workforce with the economic development authority of western nevada tells me the motivation may be less state tax cheaper, real estate and choosing between vegas and reno really comes down to lifestyle choice. reno, of course, is surrounded by nature and still close to the bay area along with pay certify we learned that bay area based biotech companies stemexpress isn't moving their headquarters, but they are expanding into reno. catherine can harm advice to silicon valley money talks. so financial event might keep him
10:29 pm
around. >> test was already up there, too. okay. thanks a next at 10 changes are coming to the moderna vaccine. how we'll get more people to shot faster than before. >> the ended up from the beginning at breaking the world by talking to >> also a former student was approached by her own teacher. she says when she was 16, the details. she's sharing of the charges that put him behind box. >> and combating a troubling trend in the city of oakland from the police chief's new plan to de escalate the violence to a community taking matters into its own hands. >> temperatures take a tumble today around the bay area. clouds rolling in. now. what does that mean for the rest, the weekend. and what about next week and beyond. we'll check that out with your tenant. and coming up next.
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>> the big story tonight, disturbing trends in the city of oakland in the police department is taking a different approach to try to combat the rise in violence. there. >> the city is on track to record the deadliest year in decades. there have been 34 homicides since the beginning of the year. that is a 230% hike over last year. the new police chief has announced a new unit to try to curb homicides in burglaries and other crimes. it's called the violent crime operation center
10:33 pm
aimed at creating a faster response times to gun related crimes. >> this level of violence is unacceptable. my condolences to the families, the victims in the city of oakland. i understand the trauma. happening in our community. and i hear the voices of the families and friends and the concerns of our community as they experience constant gunfire across our city. >> the chief says this unit has already actually helped its make help to make several arrests connected to murders in the city in the meantime of that violent crime is prompting oakland community groups to get more involved than ever before from forestry says stasio shows us how they're trying to turn the situation around gathered to offer comfort. >> the crowd of about a 100 organized by acts, full gospel sang and prayed with mothers and family members who have recently lost their children to gun violence use. be
10:34 pm
surprised at the suffering of the people. >> when we have a homicide. now many people are involved. >> with the family and with the mom, especially just heartbroken over this thing. >> i spoke with pastor bob jackson about how the community is hurting, especially with 34 homicides so far this year in oakland up 200 and 30% think people act like homicides are just common place in the city of open back. the devastation of that is so great pastor jackson says the pandemic certainly delivering a blow by taking away jobs, making people desperate the coronavirus didn't help anything. of course, it just made matters worse as far as i'm concerned. so we have a lot of recovery to do. >> because of covid-19 not of people lost their jobs and whatnot and we don't have the job. you don't have money. we don't have money. you have to think of ways that you can try to get money and a lot of times is very illegal. he says despite the dismal picture, he feels the future can be bright
10:35 pm
or he believes the new chief of new programs can change the dynamics. >> help get guns off the street in lower homicides. >> he is calling on other community-based organizations to help and perhaps make these prayer vigils more frequent to put oakland on a different, more harmonious path. but every much we're going to do it. >> pray for those moms. pray for those siblings that lost their their loved ones and pray for the community and pray for those guys that's out there doing the shooting. the gangs that are still operating in whatever you to going on with that. we're praying for that. it's time for god's intervention in the city of oakland in oakland. theresa kron 4 news. >> starting this weekend. there will be new safety measures in place at oakland's lake merritt. this includes the return of parking enforcement traffic control improved sanitation and a dedicated vendor area aimed at reducing crowding potential virus spread in traffic hazards. this will all be in force from 06:00am to 10:00pm on saturday and sunday. if
10:36 pm
this will last through november. >> any us pay teachers behind bars after pleading guilty to assault charges. we're learning disturbing details from one of the victims, right angles or was in his late 40's when he began sending messages online to one of his biology students at the athenian school that's in dublin. the student who does not want to be identified was just 16 at the time. she says the whole ordeal made her very uncomfortable. she ended the relationship a few months into her college career. she did eventually report the teacher to police. they began an investigation and that led to his guilty plea this week. his victim says even though he did get 45 days of jail time and is now a registered offender. she says that was not the reason she came fort. >> i still don't know everything he may or may but. that was generally my aim in
10:37 pm
doing this was just so that i wouldn't have to worry about it. i wouldn't have to worry that, you know, somebody would get hurt and i could have said something, but i didn't. >> officials from the athenian school. they're saying that angers or resigned several years ago after being confronted about sending an inappropriate message to a different student. he then taught at several other bay area schools before he was arrested last year. new at 10, the alameda unified school district is investigating after some students said alameda high posted racist anti semitic words and images on social media. in a statement, the district says the problem is being investigated. they called the behavior unacceptable for members of our community. i'm not a lot of details have been released. the district says it will share more information as it becomes available. >> a university of san francisco student has been removed from on-campus housing after admitting to hanging
10:38 pm
this news right there off of that balcony at least 2 black students noticed it and reported the news last tuesday, the campus public safety had it removed the person responsible has been banned from living on campus ever again. but some students say that punishment doesn't go far enough. they're also disappointed that the university took a full day to alert the campus about this incident. >> the first thing i is like you have to go out of your way to go get those items and actually going display outside on the balcony and is for everyone to see. i really just fell like a certain sense of like again. >> you know, like this is not the first incident of anti-black racism happening on campus. >> in fact, a similar incident happened 4 years ago involving 2 students and a noose. this time the schools chief diversity officer says she understands the foustration, adding that the student is entitled to due process and a hearing. >> status. police investigating a suspected hate
10:39 pm
crime against a woman of filipino descent. it happened march 30th unless cat us boulevard near garden lane. police say the woman was apparently randomly attacked and she is a health care worker. >> she's one of our medical heroes who was dressed in a medical scrubs without provocation. the victim was shot from behind causing her to fall to the ground. was falling she heard someone say go back to expletive, china. obviously he needs some some help because. >> it doesn't make sense to i health care workers in that way. >> the woman was not seriously scatters police have this description of the suspect and anybody with information is being asked to contact them. >> all right. let's step outside. take a look on this friday night. at the downtown sanford temperature. this is the wide view. catherine, really wide kind of see everything in san francisco from up here. >> yeah. looks kind of clear and the easter weekend
10:40 pm
hunters. a look. yeah. people out there the street, on certainly around the bay area. dot could be hot. that's for sure. the clouds rolling back in now. and you can see of the camera behind. you've got some more clouds that are moving on shore have already moved inside the bay tonight and they'll be stretching further inside and some of the valleys overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. so here we go. look for mount tam cam to those clouds stretching on through right now. more on the way as they fill in tonight and tomorrow changes in the works and what a change we've had just over the past 24 hours, some temperatures more than 20 degrees cooler in the bay area. you see that on shore breeze carrying the clouds along the coastline. right now. the much cooler than they've been 40's and 50's all around the bay area this hour in the clouds beginning to roll even inland right now as we speak. what we like to do is get some rain going here. here's the long-range computer model unfortunately has really backed off over the last couple runs originally had some rain moving in possibly by sunday night into monday. watch what happens now, put this into motion here and there you go get the easter sunday looks like things
10:41 pm
staying dry. and then as we get to monday, originally had some rain coming. you can see we're sitting right now. just too far off the coastline to bring us any rain with any help. now. there's a hint that we might see something slide a little bit closer, maybe on wednesday. but boy, it's not going to be much. and then after that left looks even less promising than that. so we're going from what looked like potentially a very wet pattern developing to maybe something that's extremely dry here we go. we're 10 to 10 over the weekend. we'll watch those staying cool along the coastline with that patchy fog. more clouds on the way. this next week, slight chance of a shower on wednesday. but right now your tent and most of it almost every day is looking dry through that period to bad. yeah. think it says. >> some changes to moderna's vaccine distribution is apparently some good news for the supply. the fda is now allowing moderna to produce new viles. it can hold up to 15 doses each. that's compared with the current miles that are designed to hold 10. additionally, the fda says providers can safely extract up to 11 doses from the current 10 dose vials. the
10:42 pm
company submitted new data to the agency showing how much vaccine can be extracted from each one using different types of syringes. >> and johnson. expanding its clinical trial of its single dose vaccine to include miners 1617 year-old son will be tested. first eventually that will expand to children as young as 12. the study is testing the safety of both one dose and 2 dose regimen of the vaccine pfizer and moderna. they've already started trials on minors. pfizer determining that it shot is safe for children aged 12 to 15. >> if you've been wondering what to do with your vaccination card after your second it turns out laminate ing it may not be the best answer. some people say the ink used on the cards disappeared from the heat when they tried to laminate it health experts also warn that laminate your card is a bad idea in case booster shots need to be added later on the
10:43 pm
cdc recommends keeping your card safe in case you needed for future use. but doesn't specify how to do that. they also recommend taking a picture of it as a backup. coming up in sports. stanford women heading back to the national title championship. >> course, kate rooney joins us to show you how they did it in a dramatic way. plus, so check on the other bay area teams. coming up. >> and by the way, make sure to join kron 4 this saturday for tomorrow for our spring training reports sports director jason dumas will give you an in-depth look at the a's and giants rosters and what to expect from each team this season, you can check out the giants preview at 10:00pm followed immediately by our case preview.
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>> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> i'm pretty sure i've used the phrase jam-packed day of sports a time or 2. but this time i really mean it because 5 bay area teams in action today. we're going to do our best to get you caught up on everything you need to know. let's start by going out to the ballpark day after opening day giants looking to bounce back after losing on a walk-off walk last night in extras time. the top of the 7th to out with runners on the corners donnie barrels. that's donovan solano double to left that brought home brandon
10:47 pm
crawford and mike yastremski. >> and the giants wouldn't relinquish the leaves 6, 3, final score. lots of good stuff to solano has 5 hits their 2 games buster posey hit another home run pretty good outing for johnny cueto as well, right over to the coliseum a's hosting the astro's to whom they drop one last night and this unfortunately would be the same result. it was one game in the top of the 9th with the bases loaded. and that's kyle tucker single would bring in jose altuve and michael brantley 95 strolls would be the score. in the end he says will start strikeouts. but he also allowed 8 hits and 5 runs and feel tara vanderveer and stanford taking on fellow one seed south carolina and a final 4 matchup today. we're going to go ahead and jump all the way to the 4th quarter because this was a battle to the finish under a minute to play gamecocks down to destiny henderson nails. the 3 for south carolina just their second lead of the game the cardinals trailing by one with 38 seconds to place a stanford
10:48 pm
trying to take that leaves act. >> and they have a chance. archbishop mitty zone haley jones inbounds to lexi hall who can't get it goes that here comes jones. the rebound and the go ahead 2 points of her career right there still cool as a cucumber is jones. final seconds of the game jones against inbounds cameron brink and the freshman just carrying on so the gamecocks can win it here. their first shot. no good on another doesn't so stanford hangs on their head back to the national title game for the first time since 2010. what a game. what a finish off just the definition of march madness. a one-point win for the number one overall seed. but as is typical for van der veer. she was all humility after the game and she went today. >> this is one of survsve and advance and it was not a pretty game for us, but that's credit to us see how south carolina how aggressive they are, how athletic they are. we just you know, we're going to
10:49 pm
have to learn from it. and you know, play better. we should buy. so or we know she's a great rebounder. great player. i she was the tip in. it was very hectic. but we just knew we had to get back and do have we could so. >> we left it out there and likely a a. >> mister wright stanford will take on arizona in the national title game on sunday. as for the dubs just tad less exciting. now. steph, no dream on this evening in toronto and it showed andrew wiggins needed to have a big game in his native canada. he had 15 points and was the leading scorer for the dubs itself. let's take a look at the leading scorer for toronto paskel cfm. he led all scores with 36 points and it just got so much worse from here comes that up to losing by 53 points. the 3rd warmest margin of loss in franchise history sure been a rough few days for golden state. but after the game, steve kerr said they have no plans to throw in the towel and the warriors. that's our job is to to come out and compete and fight and.
10:50 pm
>> you know, we did obviously did not do that we have no choice but to. pick up the pieces and get back at it and fight and compete next. game. the only option. >> be back at it sunday against atlanta. and finally tonight, the sharks are looking like a team on the rise after tonight's 3, nothing win over los angeles, san jose has won 3 in a row for just the second time this season. rudolph bolsters timo meier and to mock turtle all fun in the back of the net tonight. they'll look to make it 4 in a row tomorrow against the kings again. so lot of good stuff happening here in the bay area. we're just excited to have all these
10:51 pm
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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >> a rude awakening for a virginia high school student on his bus ride to school. he was sleeping there. one as you saw, the deer came flying through the windshield. but here's the crazy part. look bus driver just opens the door in the deer runs out of the school bus. this all happened yesterday morning and was captured on surveillance video the school driver says he just jot dodged another deer. when that second one came flying right through the windshield. fortunately looks like nobody in the bus, including the
10:54 pm
deer. it is really shock. vietnam war veteran is thanking his loyal dog for saving him from a home intruder 6, 9, year old james harden says his poodle named angel began jumping on his chest in the middle of the night. and then was running back and forth between his bedroom in the kitchen as one harden says he realized there was somebody in his bedroom doorway turning toward his bathroom immediately jumped into action, grabbing his gun to confront the intruder. he held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested him. >> she took care of the ones that loved her. she's got a special place in her. done a great job. she done a great job. i was very proud of her. >> hero dog. harden says the intruder broke through 3 locked gates to get into his los angeles home. but didn't stand a chance after underestimating. this little four-legged friend. there.
10:55 pm
>> of that. well, speaking of dogs, one minnesota city is reminding people that picking up after their pets. that's not only courtesy, it's the law, they are even asking people to call 911, when they see somebody not doing at that seems a little extreme. but city leaders implement say the policies are new. they are sending out alerts. apparently every year about dog waste in spring when the snow melts as the season's worth of dog droppings are revealed and now the town is cracking down encouraging people to report violators how everybody is on board. they want to get a bunch of people to run around and tell people to pick up their pool. >> all the power i don't see myself calling 911 for dog droppings. >> we had but 911, doesn't that seem not really as life or death. emergency is ok, but the town is looking for volunteers to act as dog ambassadors. they say they want to keep lakes and streams clear of waste. and this next
10:56 pm
story combines 2 things you probably never thought to put together the hall of fame rock and roll band ac dc and a parrot. take a look. >> okay. i could listen to that all day. the video was posted yesterday on reddit features a pair of singing and listening to ac dc's 1990 1977 hit a whole rosie actually had that album in high school so i can relate to this parrot. he's got the voice. he's got the gus young. i think played the guitar and can think of the singer's name for a cdc. it actually seen live in concert. but he's got the voice the rock and just such smart little yeah, it looks like it's having good time, lawrence. it. i think he's done that a few with his dad there all the time. hey, one
10:57 pm
last check weekend weather certainly looks like a change in the pattern is already underway and we can see that with the fog and clouds and the much cooler temperatures out there today. and that's going to cool way down. i think as we get toward tomorrow afternoon highs tomorrow in the san francisco is planning 1560's cool by the coastline, maybe even a little damp could see some patchy drizzle. >> inside the 60's and some 70's and that they were going tc cool things down. i think right through the weekend this high pressure kind of getting out of the way here come the low clouds and fog cool through next week. in fact, there's a slight chance of showers by next wednesday. but then look like much. thank you, lauren, some. thanks for joining us at 10. >> have a good weekend. see you monday.
10:58 pm
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