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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 2, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back of a little fire alarm going off. so we'll see. >> send you to kron. 4 says it will use. >> you don't have the ability to. to to take on a person with a 100 round magazine with a fully automatic weapon that that just is nothing that we can deal with. >> these are photos of illegal
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ammunition, drugs and confiscated this week by deputies with the alameda county sheriff's office deputies sergeant ray kelly with concerning to us is the amount of guns that were running into on the street just during the course of our duties that this is something that we. >> didn't routinely see, but it's definitely been trending upward and look at our statistics. you see the statistics here for the last year, 2010, you can see the graph here and we're climbing 631 guns in 2020. we're going to surpass that this year. >> he says in this case more guns means more gunshot victims. but we have deputies that. >> i provide police services at the hospital. every day people are coming in with gunshot wounds. >> another problem untraceable ghost guns that are only manufacture an 80% and our traffic throughout the state. >> completed to about 80% and then they're sold as an item, not as an actual gun and then
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they're they're being finished in people's basements in their homes in these illegal gun making factories. >> he says it's common for these types of weapons to be fired with reckless abandon at with hundreds of rounds of the side shows. >> and the site shows not just in the city of oakland, the sideshows or communities along the 80 corridor young people driving cars and shoot weapons. with just no regard for for anything. and it's it's very concerning as well. >> has it made kron 4 news. >> the oakland police chief held a press conference earlier today addressing violence in the city. and according to police reports, there have been 34 homicides so far this year and that is a 230% increase compared to the same time last year. police chief leronne armstrong announced his plan to improve the city's safety. >> this level of violence is
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unacceptable. my condolences to the families, the victims in the city of oakland. i understand the trauma. happening in our community and hear the voices of the families and friends and the concerns of our community as they experience constant gunfire across our city. >> chief also says that the department will continue to partner with community groups regional law enforcement agencies and other city departments for a long-term solution to address illegal sideshows and violent crime in oakland. an investigation is underway after a man was shot and killed by 2 police detectives in fremont. police say that the 2 detectives. >> we're watching a man who had several outstanding felony warrants and they believe that he had a gun. they say they tried to arrest him, but he refused to listen to their commands. police say the man took out a gun during the confrontation with the 2 officers leading them to both
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fire their weapons the suspect was then pronounced dead at the scene. all right. 4 zone forecast time as we take a live look outside. look at those clouds that have gathered around the golden gate bridge. people back on the roads. >> noticeably cooler day today in the bay. see the the flag there blowing again in the wind. just clouds are pretty though. >> tonight's shot on friday. a good friday at that. our meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look at what we can expect into the weekend into spring break. a lot of people next week off. yes, certainly looking tonight. you've got some nice cirrus clouds up above and the stratus down below coming at us and certainly more that on the way for the weekend. let's check out your getaway forecast for this weekend. we're going to see some clouds gathering along much of the coastline of california especially in the central and northern parts head of the monterey bay. 5 54 degrees in carmel. 55. >> in monterey, 54 degrees in santa cruz with some of that patchy fog. southern california, little more
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sunshine. 74 degrees downtown los angeles. 70 degrees in long beach with some patchy fog in the morning and 71 in san diego. high country spring skiing conditions. you bad temperatures up in the 60's. very slushy up there in the mountains by the afternoon out there on the slopes getting up in the 70's about that 76 degrees in reno. 75 degrees in carson city. well, those clouds move back on shore right now really begin to fill in along the coastline has some brief moments of some sunshine, but yeah, bundle up. if you're headed out toward the beaches for the weekend. things are changing rapidly now high pressure that have been sitting across the west coast breaking down and that's allowing for all low clouds and fog. the surge back on shore, on that cool marine air making its way on shore as well. so tonight we're going to see plenty of that as we head through the night tonight, morh low clouds and fog stretching on shore. temperatures tomorrow. it's going to be cool on the coast 50's and some 60's there. if i mid 60's, the warmest part of the bay and then some mid to upper 60's in some of the valley's next couple days as we take you through the
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weekend and the whole day week. we're looking at some dry conditions for the most part right now. slight chance of showers as we get in toward next wednesday. the temperatures running just about average for this time of year. all right. appreciate it. lords. still to come tonight on kron 4 news at 6. another covid vaccine company started its trial on teenagers will tell you. >> which one after the break. >> and still ahead, stanford playing for a shot at the national title game and it was the definition of a thriller kron four's. kate rooney joins us with that and more next in sports. and some exciting news to share kron four's expanding our weekend news coverage with the new 06:00pm broadcast joint ustine and jonathan mccall for the latest news weather and sports coverage. it's good teams. check them out every saturday and sunday at 06:00pm it starts.
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...and say cheers to spring with the best bargains ever... at ross. yes for less! >> johnson johnson has started testing its covid-19 vaccine and teenagers starting with 1617 year olds. the teens will be added to an ongoing study of the vaccine in adults that began last september. the trial is expected to eventually expand at kids aged 12 to 15 the study is testing the safety and efficiency of both a one dose and a 2 dose regimen of the vaccine. and the fda has authorized to changes to moderna's coronavirus vaccine involving the viles, the agency says it is approving new ones that can
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contain up to 15 doses each. that's compared to the current viles that hold 10 also the fda says providers can safely extract up to 11 doses from the current viles. the company submitted this new data to the fda showing how much vaccine can be extracted from each one using different types of syringes eligible californians can now book appointments to get vaccinated at nearly 150 walmart. >> and sam's club locations statewide appointments can be made using the walmart or sam's club web sites. you do not have to be a sam's club member to get vaccinated at one of those sites. but you do have to make it count on either the store's web sites in order to sign up, make the appointment. the stores are following the state's vaccine eligibility guidelines which currently means that shots are being offered to everybody 50 and older. >> coming up, it is the moment that grandma and grandpa have been waiting for when they finally were able to see their
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grandkids after the pandemic kept them apart. >> big weekend ahead, the temperatures will be cooling down. we'll check out weather where you live. coming up next. and play ball. make sure you join crowd for this saturday for spring training report, special. >> sports director jason dumas us. we'll give you an in-depth look at the a's and giants rosters and we can expect from each squad this season. you can check out the giants preview at 10 o'clock. it's followed immediately 1030 by our age preview. keep
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>> as more and more people get vaccinated. we are finally reaching a point where some of these long-awaited reunions are finally happening finally, and that was the case for one knoxville family of 3 that became a family of 4 during the pandemic and reporter summer dash was there for that much anticipated. meeting of grandparents and grant cuts. >> million bucks. so take it from a 2 year-old. you see a car coming waiting is hard. you see them yet. you can keep a little kid busy with bubbles and chalk and scooters effect. >> what about a grandparent? >> they've been dying since october. 30th i knew seeing i have to send daily pictures and videos. lots of face time lots of face time,
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>> for marshall and shannon stevens and their baby born mid pandemic. this is what patients for and if you thought it was a hard lesson learned for almost forgotten the way try keeping grand maggie and pops out away from henry for 5 months. >> he said count count on the from the man they can come up and see us with all the adults now fully vaccinated. >> okay. what's that? come on. forces. >> it is time to come on over give her a hug. show me. and that view for the last year holidays have been spent with just 3 until number 4 arrived. >> between work from home. a newborn. the occasionally made >> you know, these parents cannot wait for the help someone else can hold the
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>> and while one remembers. another is you know, want to see do. in a holden. >> a big >> yeah, it's been so long such a long, long year. thank goodness for face time. but it's not to say nothing like some face to face time and so those babies heads infant that's a great moment. i'm glad we could share that one. laurent's you like facetime, right? i love it. i live on ago that. that's hey, guys, we've got some changes coming for weekend. we've got some low clouds and fog. >> that have gathered and certainly pushing on shore. now we're going to see more of
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that throughout the weekend. so if you have plans this weekend, be prepared is going to be whole lot cooler outside the clouds moving in over san francisco. that's kind of neat shot out there right now as we've got those going to surge. well on shore tonight. temperatures around the 50's around the coastline to cool off their 60's inside the bay. still some 70's warm inland. but tomorrow. yeah, we'll keep those temperatures down. 50's and 60's cool fog in san francisco about 55 degrees in pacifica 60, maybe an apple bay 61 in millbrae. you get the idea these temperatures are way down from just a day ago. are these numbers are soaring up in the 70's and even some mid to upper 80's. so go to clean out all around the bay area. so comfortable many of the valleys ago plan on seeing a lot of clouds moving in overhead special some high clouds up above and that patchy fog will continue out toward the coastline as we head into the easter day holiday. we're going to see those staying very similar cool on the coast. you'll see some sunshine in the valleys. temperatures staying similar right. the next week with a slight chance of rain on wednesday.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> let's talk march madness. tara vanderveer said yesterday that stanford would have to play aggressive up temple ball to keep pace with south carolina and their final 4 matchup today. and i guess there's a reason she is the winningest coach of all time. she knows her stuff vanderveer just named the naismith coach of the year. today. her squad back in the final 4 for the first time since 2017 but stanford fell behind early doctors 9 in the first but haley jones hit in the triple to make it a three-point game. more from jones later. but for now we got to go ahead and go all the way to the 4th quarter because this was a battle to the finish under a minute to play gamecocks down to destiny henderson. nails. the 3 for south carolina just their second lead of the game card now trailing by one with 38 seconds to play. so stanford trying to take that lead back. they've got a chance. jones inbound the ball to lexi hall and she can't get it to go.
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but here comes jones. the rebound and the go ahead bucket and maybe the points of her entire career still cool as a cucumber. we go to the final seconds of the game jones in down again to the freshman cameron brink and she can. just take the ball there cam. so the gamecocks going here come the got to another chance. >> capes and they're headed back to the national title game for the first time since 2010. >> what a game. what a finish. oh, boy, this is march madness for sure. a one-point win for the number one overall seed. here's what their coach had to say. >> this is one of survive and advance and it was not a pretty game for us, but that's credit see how south carolina how aggressive they are, how athletic they are. we just you know, we're going to have to learn from it. and you know, play better. we should buy. so or we know she's a great rebounder. great player. >> she was the tip and it was
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very hectic. but we just knew we had to get back and do have we could so we left it out there and likely die. >> so now they've got the winner of yukon and arizona. in their national championship game. coming up. as for the warriors decidedly less exciting no staff, no dream on tonight in toronto and it to have a big game in his ed native canada. well, he had 15 points and was the leading score for the dubs. so when we go ahead and take a look at the leading scorer for toronto passed. bill c acomb 2 of his 36 points on the night and here in the 2nd quarter is when the raptors really started to pull away. and it just got worse from there. as we see gary trent junior with the 3 dubs down by more than 60. at one point. so heady losing by 53 1.30 to 77. yeah, maybe not so terrible after it really just was a brutal night for the warriors. hopefully they can bounce back before their rematch with atlanta on sunday. the loss to the hawks yesterday. so, yeah, this is
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going to tough couple days if they can't get dream on back and stuff fully healthy. still try to get that tailbone better ma'es you wonder if they don't just sit him out for a while and really let him heal with the season. kind of. >> slipping away. you've got to start thinking that that's maybe an option. steve kerr did say a day ago that he thought they still had a chance to be in it. but they got to flip that switch now. yeah, i'm in now. time like the present. all right. let's talk more about the stanford game, talk about excitement that was great. double game excited for those young women. sweet.
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>> there's a new study that says people who eat more than or the night before. a workout i don't know about. let's keep reading, but those late night meals are not enough to shed weight at the gym. this is research. that was just done out of london and they found that anticipated and jim days can lead to over eating. >> and increased portion sizes. this is largely due to expecting weight to fall off after a workout which results in more calorie intake. the study says being aware of food intake before and after a workout helps to compensate. that makes kind of stressful. but those people believe that stress is bad for your health, right. however, some researchers say. >> maybe not all about how you look at it. a psychologist at the university of buffalo says
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there's a way for your brain to harness. good stress stress hormones were originally designed to keep us alive. the heart races breathing gets fast serve senses. heightened all helpen fighting or fleeing an attacker. well, that makes sense. but now we can apparently harness those responses for modern uses say playing a sport. speaking in public or even going to a job interview yet all amped up. experts say if we learn to interpret signs of stress is beneficial. we can use it to our advantage. there are several active volcanoes across europe tonight. this is video from italy showing us lava flowing and sending ash thousands of feet into the air. >> there's also another one in iceland. crowds are still gathering to watch and listen at these volcanoes continue erupting more than 2 weeks after becoming active. and
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iceland and they're not necessarily close to each other, but certainly. >> beautiful sights. yes, i am very excited for kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock tomorrow night. it's the debut right to debut. the first time it's ever first time ever of all time and only i think i'm coming down in the calls agree. so we'll be there as well. she did. and whether you can watch and kuz kyle and doing sports on sunday, sunday express watch. have a choice. well, you can just set the dvr. i think i don't have a choice in the kids lives to thank you for watching. tonight and we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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and nutrients to ♪ ♪ >> announcer: the big getaway. >> are we facing the final covid-19 spike? speak of the extra steps being taken for easter services. >> masks are required, you can see behind me social distancing. >> covid-19 shots right in your own living room. then, sugar daddy congressman? >> his female colleagues often referred to him as "creepy gaetz." >> and, george floyd


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