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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  April 1, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> day 4 of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin's trial was today. george floyd's girlfriend took the stand. >> and she talked about the 2 of them met and how they also battled with addiction. >> 4 other witnesses spoke today, including 2 paramedics, a firefighter and a former shift supervisor for the minneapolis pd kron 4 correspondent brian entin has been covering this trial for us since it started he's in minneapolis tonight with the latest. >> courtney ross broke down, remembering her boyfriend of 3 years. george floyd, she said they met when he was a security guard at the salvation army and that he was emotionally distraught after his mom passed away. it >> but i'm mama's boy. i could tell. i met him. and when he
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came back home. i think kind of like this. i that. they keep us. was broken. >> ross also talked about her in floyd's addiction to opioids said it was an ongoing struggle. >> it's a i think story of. many people get addicted to opioids. we both separate from chronic pain. mine was in my neck and his with his back. >> several paramedics and firefighters took the stand and said from the time they arrived. floyd never had a pulse when his condition appeared to be to you. >> and terms i thought he was dead. >> and what did you do >> love my i think he's this.
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>> paramedics tried to revive floyd in the back of the ambulance. but we're not successful. retired minneapolis police sergeant david plead are also testified thursday. he was the first supervisor to arrive. >> bees to a new review of the body-worn camera footage. do you have an opinion as to when the restraint mister flay should have ended in hour. yes. what is. >> mister fires no longer offering up any resistance to the officers. they and very strange. >> that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. today we also learned that floyd was dead by the time medical help arrives. lawyers for floyd's family say jurors should look past his drug use after hearing testimony today about his addiction. we're learning new details about
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last night's shooting in southern california that killed 4 people, including a child. authorities revealed one man, 2 women and a 9 year-old boy were all killed at this business park in the city of in orange county. another woman who was shot is recovering in the hospital. the suspect has been identified as a 44 year-old man from fullerton. he was shot by police and is in the hospital tonight. authorities say he and his victims knew each other through professional and personal connections. however, they have not confirmed a motive in this case and back here in the bay area. dna from the face. mask has helped police catch a child rapist 3 years after the crime. >> on tuesday, a monterey county jury found 28 year-old leonardo ramirez guilty of several charges, including a 10 year-old girl back in 2018 during a robbery. police say the victim woke up to a man in her bedroom wearing a mask over his entire face holding what looked like a handgun in february 2020 ramirez added
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the victim on snapchat and that's when the girl became suspicious and she alerted police. now detectives then set up a meeting with premier us to talk about another burglary investigation. they offered him a mask so he could throw his old went out officers took that old mask and revealed that it was a match with the rapist's dna because of the enhancements to his charges ramirez will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. >> today. snow survey conducted by state water officials did nothing to change predictions of a low water year and the drought northern california is not as bad off as the rest of the state when it comes to spring snow melt potential. but as lonnie wong shows us the impact of limited rain and snow is already being felt. >> still deaths at the state measuring station near echo summit were better than expected. 83% of average the bad news this site is known
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liar. the average statewide for hundreds of other sites show snow levels at 59%. >> california's largest reservoirs are only soaring about half of their total capacity. even at this site. the ground underneath the snow is drier than normal. >> that means melting snow but soak into the ground before surface water runs off into state and federal reservoirs where water levels already low. so we might not see a lot of that immediate runoff into the until we start seeing more of that water start to percolate into the ground. >> big april storms in the sierra can happen but are rare traditionally the snowpack is at its peak during april measurement. today's numbers will likely lay the foundation for the rest of the water year. one reason water allocations the cities and farms have been cut drastically and there are alerts for drug conditions by state water. officials. that wasn't an immediate concern for beachgoers taking advantage of the warm weather at brown's ravine at folsom lake today. water is the obvious attraction for reservoir is like here at
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folsom lake. there's plenty of water for many recreational activities. not so much for others. nearly 700 slips up the folsom lake marina or landlocked the boat ramp serving. it is high and dry. instead hundreds of boats large and small park high above the water line. water levels here. alright, just 60% of average. the water releases to maintain the integrity of the delta was soon slow meaning water levels at folsom reservoir may wise for short time. but long term. >> this year. looks like water levels are pretty low. >> norman is putting into folsom lake for the first time this season you must endure the 5 mile an hour speed limit dictated by the low water levels. there are some of instructions. so many obstacles out there. >> so they can't market when it gets down that 5 miles an hour is no fun. >> if you're you know, try to do a board or whatever. for the time being. water lovers will take what they can get at folsom lake. >> lonnie wong. >> we'll take what we can get.
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checking our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside the there's water there in the bay. >> yeah, the lakes are going down the base coing that's the way we that's the way we do it these days. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. concerning to say the least. lawrence. yeah, absolutely. i mean. >> that's really where we get all of water during the summer months since the see the snow pack as pours. it is. that's where it sits right now. but it's across the entire sierra nevada, not just one spot overall, we're just down and we just didn't get enough snow from so far this season. well, they're just not a lot of hope as you get in april to get much more 66% of normal in the northern sierra nevada. 63 1% normal in the central sierra nevada and only 41% of normal in the southern nick sierra nevada. far as rainfall is concerned, this could be the driest two-year stretch we've seen in california since 1975 through 1977 maybe the second driest since about 1849
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looking for rain. now that doesn't look promising these models have been pushing some rain on shore. but watch what happens here as we get in toward the weekend. sunday. get easter sunday got plans looking dry. we're hoping to bring that rainfall in models yesterday were pushing the rain on monday. but look at this. it is backtracked. it is moving well off the coastline and keeping a spinning off the coast but not much rain coming our way. we're going to hold here and watch. the pattern is looks like things could change. maybe this is a bad model run. but right now that certainly does not look promising to see much rain coming our way as we head in toward next week. alright, that being said, boy, it's going to really take a hit tomorrow. we're going to cool things down clouds moving back in along the coastline, 50's and 60's along the coast. it said the 70's and 80's near the beaches. so everywhere you go, these temperatures coming down to still be warm. away from the immediate coastline to find some 70's in the valleys maybe high 77 in pleasanton livermore tomorrow about 77 in walnut creek and about 71 degrees in the napa valley but certainly cooling things down. here comes the fog much cooler all around the bay area tomorrow.
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>> all right, lawrence, next step, the cdc releases guidelines ahead of the holiday weekend. we'll explain what to avoid. >> and in sports is finally here baseball's opening day. giants are up in seattle, serve at home in oakland against the team that eliminated them in the playoffs last season. sports director jason dumas. so a live report from the coliseum when we come back.
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>> the cdc is releasing new coronavirus safety guidance just ahead of the easter holiday. so hopefully people can safely celebrate. the agency is urging americans to avoid large crowds and only gather with people in your immediate household. you're also being encouraged to have your celebrations in an outdoor. well, ventilated area. they're also encouraging everybody, you know, to wear a mask and maintain social distance. the agency says the fully vaccinated people can gather with others who are fully vaccinated without their masks. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back some breaking news. there is a small fire that is burning right now, but it is burning in an area of san mateo county that is really hard to access by foot. so cal fire is using a chopper at least one chopper right now and you can kind of see if you look closely a little dot above the smoke and the hills. this is just west of woodside. we are reporting on this because it is dry as a bone out there. we have been seeing. >> these small fires break out. fortunately, there are no winds out there. so they should be able to tamp this down a fairly quickly. it is not officially fire season lawrence, it's dry, so certainly don't like to see these fires get this early in the season. but you see all that smoke kind of lays down the fire shown is not that windy outside. so that is good
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news. >> that will be great help for firefighters. but tonight as we go, looks like things are going to change that on shore. wind is coming back and that is going to change or whether drastically over the next couple days. going to go from these really toasty temperatures. the boy. you better get out your jacket again, it is going to feel very cool around the bay area right now, mostly clear skies looking out over the bay as we head throughout the bay. yeah. looking good. 81 degree still in san jose 71 as you make your 17, i should say in dublin, 84 in concord still 64 cooling off down 7 76 in san mateo and 70 degrees in petaluma. but overnight tonight, these the big changes here come the clouds that onshore breeze returns, low clouds and fog returning along the coastline even inside the bay. we're going to see a couple patches of fog as we head through the day tomorrow still going to continue. we'll see that on shore breeze, continuing some mid to high level clouds moving overhead too, as high pressure really begins the weekend. that means our temperatures are going to start to come down all around. in fact, maybe as much as 15 degrees plus cooler up toward
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the beaches tomorrow about 65 degrees. if you're lucky in half moon, bay plan on some patchy fog there. 68 degrees in oakland 65 in san francisco, you'll still find some 70's in many of the interior valleys for the next few days in the holiday weekend. we cool way down partly cloudy skies on saturday and sunday. much cooler temperatures throughout the weekend. there's a slight chance of a shower or 2 on monday. a little bit unsettled next week. but right now no major storms on the rise. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, lawrence didn't put it this way. but clearly the baseball gods had a hand in today's weather for opening day. maybe not in detroit where the tigers had to play with snow falling. but here in the bay area nary a cloud in sight. we're just about 20 minutes away from first pitch at the coliseum. and right about now fans to be making their way to their seats. the 2021 oakland a's campaign is set to begin so let's head out to the coliseum where kron 4
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sports director jason dumas joins us live. jason, just a couple months ago. it seemed hard to believe we could even have fans potentially in the stadium. >> yeah, that's right. kate. the fans back here in the coliseum is definitely the story line of the day is just great for these guys. more out to get back in the stadium after a brutal year that we've all gone through living through a pandemic. but let's not forget the match up on the field tonight houston astros in town and over the past couple years they've developed into the a's most heated rival. it all started a few years ago when mike fires. whistle blew for that whole astro's cheating scandal in. that was a big deal. it made national headlines and people lost their jobs over and then the very next season fires became an in the 2 organizations kept going back and forth last year. the a's finally get over the hump day
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when west after the houston astro's dominated that division for the past 3 years. prior all things good here in oakland and then the playoffs come and. the houston astro's play the oakland a's and they end up ending to a season in the alds in for games. 3 games to one. it was just a gut punch given the context to these 2 organizations. now, the astros bring in pretty much the same team except they lose back george springer. but even with spring are gone. a's manager bob melvin said this houston team is still the team to beat. >> they're still really good offensive team. let me play some of out to get the top. and you know, bregman's alvarez is back after not being there last year they're really good offensive. team. so obviously springer is huge, but with our as being back, it's still really deep lineup that you there's really no break senate. so it's just as good as teams we saw last year
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and they they reallydhit their stride. the postseason. >> now melvin just mentioned springer springer is now in toronto. he's actually a teammate, a marcus semien so that rival that they had between houston and oakland. now they're teammates is kind of ironic. now they're announcing the a's starting lineup right now. and first pitch is slated for 7. '07. we'll be live here at oakland post game. but in the meantime, i'm going to send it back to you live from the coliseum. i'm jason dumas. kron 4 sports. thanks, jason. nice to see a sprinkling of fans out there. >> the nc double a tournament rolls on and stanford is back in action tomorr.w. it will be the cards. toughest contest of the season. a final 4 matchup but fellow number one, seed south carolina. now it's a familiar setting. these 2 squads faced off in the final 4 back in 2000, 17. the gamecocks won that one. but in 5 previous contests, it's always been stanford coming out on top this year's south
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carolina better watch out for the 3 ball. the cardinal have attorney record 43 of them for 3 games. and as for what stanford has to focus on. well, here's tara vanderveer. >> we've got to limit turnovers because they really get out and run in transition. you know, and these are things that are any big secrets. you know, watch him play in. they're they're a great up uptempo team. so you've got to limit turnovers. so they're you know, run on you. and you've got you've got to really get back in transition and i take away easy baskets. we've got to play the 2nd half. we can't wait to a 2nd half. we can ourselves a hole. we've got to come out and the whole game just like we did the 2nd half against >> so we got to tomorrow, baseball tonight. it's a good time. good times and ce fans in the stands. hard to believe still, it's but yet better than cardboard any day. okay. we'll be right back
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all right. want to take you back to that breaking news in san mateo county their fire crews that responded to a fire. they are calling the springs fire at this point a portion of kings mountain road skyline, boulevard and kings mountain road at 100 park those are closed at the moment. legacy that smoke. this is a picture courtesy of cal fire, which is on the scene. cal fire has at least one chopper working this fire and they say it's really tough to access from the ground. so
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right now it is an aerial attack, at least mainly not a big half hour ago we got the latest update. only a quarter of an acre, but you can see it is. >> producing smoke in with temperatures where they are and with the way it hasn't enough. this winter. there is certainly concern. fortunately the winds are whipping, but certainly a warm to hot day there on the peninsula. this is just west of and obviously folks in the san mateo santa cruz county area are still shaken after the czu lightning complex fire that started last august killed a person destroyed more than 7500 homes. so clearly you hope this this doesn't turn into anything significant, but we'll keep an eye on it and we'll have updates throughout the night. but the news does not stop here as we wrap up kron 4 news at 6. we have a full hour ahead on kron-on. you are just moment. she is standing by live in the
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newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7 o'clock just well, thank you so much, vicki and grant tonight at 7 in san francisco, 1700 people experiencing homelessness are still in hotel rooms. >> after the city moved them inside during the shelter-in-place order. so with restrictions being lifted, howell san francisco find a place for all of them to live. what does that timeline look like. we'll have this story and much more local news in just a few minutes. at 7 on our kron on app. it is free to download. i'm justine waldman and i'll see you there. back to you. all right. thank you that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. thanks for being with us. night, everybody night.
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>> george floyd's girlfriend in two years. >> what did he call you? and she kind of broke down and said, he called me mama. >> and insight b cup foods store where this all started. then, teens on bicycles on the attack. they even beat an elderly guy. then, covid-19 vaccine rackets. and... >> an opening day unlike any other in american history. >> plus, how clean our hotel


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