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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  April 1, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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these variants are spreading. we really want to do everything we can to keep them from spreading. >> now it's 6. there is growing concern over the emergence of coronavirus variance in santa clara county, the number of cases level off. but there is some evidence that the numbers could be trending upward again in some areas. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 6. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus health officials there saying that all known coronavirus variants of concern. >> have been found out in santa clara county leading to worries that another wave of cases could be looming. >> the more opportunity that the virus has to circulate, the more opportunity it has to take on mutations and to change so we've already seen a few variance of concern emerge and we what we want to do is get our here and really globally to get vaccinated as quickly as possible to reduce that opportunity.
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>> county health officials in santa clara also announced today that they expect the vaccine supply to increase in the coming weeks. but they admit that they still don't have enough doses currently to meet demand and until more people are vaccinated and the community at large reaches herd immunity. health officials continue to big people to, you know, follow the social distancing requirements, especially when it comes 2 things like wearing masks. and because of that health officials there say, though, currently allowed technically certain indoor activities are just too risky our kron four's. dan kerman live for us in san jose with details on that. dan. that's right. health officials here really sounding the alarm not just putting up a warning or waving a hand. they are sounding the alarm. >> basically being specific about activities like indoor dining being inside bars and things that need to be put off
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right now. still allowed, but they need to be put off. well, the majority of those eating out thursday afternoon at san jose san pedro square where dining outdoors. >> the 90 degree heat had some choosing the inside and while indoor dining is currently allowed. it's not something health officials are recommending don't indoor dining. don't go to indoor bars. don't host an indoor gathering. >> if your home, even if it's allowed into the state rules. don't do it. it's not safe. not yet during a news briefing thursday, santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody warn residents an uptick in covid variance make some indoor activities too risky at this time. it's just tough for small businesses trying to maneuver around the rules keep changing all the time. it looks like. >> pushing forward with indoor dining and pulling back a little on david mulvahill us flaherty's irish pub like many bars and restaurants. they just recently reopen for indoor dining and drinks. it was a little bit discouraging, especially, you know, in benin restaurants and bars. i mean,
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we were shut down when malls are open and i can't distinguish all would be open and we can sit down at table with your friends that some food and a drink for some, the advice to dine outdoors will not be hard to follow. they think for now it's it's a little safer to be outdoors. i don't really feel comfortable going to eat inside being indoor. it feels a lot more in close and still little uncomfortable. but others have eaten indoors and plan to continue. i would eat indoors again, i think everybody has make their own. you know, to what feels right for also thursday. doctor cody suggested people delay nonessential travel. in other words, spring break vacations due to the chance they pick up a covid strain elsewhere and bring it back to santa clara county. >> if someone does travel because they have to. it's essential we urge people to oneswear masks consistently. and 2 quarantine. when you come back. that means you come
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back and you stay in your residents for 10 days. >> and doctor cody was also asked of santa clara county could impose stricter restrictions. she said not at this time, but she didn't rule it out live in san jose. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> all right. dan, meanwhile, governor newsome getting his shot today as covid vaccine eligibility expands in the state this morning. he got the johnson and johnson shot administered. there you can see by state health and human services secretary doctor mark golly afterwards snooze. some spoke about how expanding eligibility for the vaccine is bringing california closer to the light. at the end of the for her bill covid tunnel. >> but it's been extraordinarily challenging year. so much fear, so much anxiety. but now growing optimism about our fate and future not only here in los angeles, southern california. but all across our state.
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>> so far almost 18 and a half million shots have been given here in california and another big story we're following tonight pfizer says its vaccine gives at least 6 months worth of protection. one also claims it's fully effective against the south african strain. >> kron 4 tahernia has more on that announcement. >> some promising news in our fight against covid-19 pharmaceutical giant pfizer announced thursday its covid-19 vaccine is highly effective for at least 6 months after the second dose. it also announced that protects against the south african variants. i think what we're going to find out those that this vaccine is going to work for a long time. >> and my guess is biz. it's going to get for something like 3 to 5 years. the data collected is only limited to the 6 month study into pfizer's vaccine. researchers followed the 46,000 clinical trial participants and determined after 6 months the volunteers were 91% protected against covid-19, and even better protected against a
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severe case of covid the study also showed no serious safety concerns and side effects. stay generally consistent with previously reported results and even if pfizer's efficacy rate remains high for years to come. that doesn't mean we won't need booster shots in the future. the question is not so much the and what we've been vaccinated for. >> but what about the other variance and how well does it cover the other variance. so think of additional shots is not being boosters to increase your immunity. but you're getting additional strains covered. so is broadening your immunity with pfizer's high rate of protection. the availability of other vaccines on the market and potential booster shots in the future. could there be a time where covid is a thing of the past. the what's good likely to happen is that this is going become an endemic disease, meaning we're going to see a few cases. >> and time to time to remain on our differential diagnosis of. >> viral pneumonia. us. i doubt that it's ever really going to go away. what i think we'll get large amounts of immunity built up and that's going to keep transmission.
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>> really low. pfizer's announcement may make it seem like a more desirable vaccine. but doctor rutherford emphasizes that any vaccine you can get is a good vaccine reporting in the newsroom. tahernia kron 4 news play ball feel exciting time in oakland right now, opening day is here and fans can these in person for the first time since 2019. imagine that. however, as you might imagine, with everything these days right. lot of changes at the ballpark to try to keep everybody safe from force kylen mills. >> live tonight, the coliseum with everything we need to know. kyla baseball. such a a sensory experience, right. you smell the hot dogs, the spilled beer. you hear the crack of the bat. what is it like tonight knowing that those seats are going to be not totally failed, but it will be a whole new experience. >> hey, grant vicki just such an incredible atmosphere here tonight. the weather couldn't be more beautiful. you can
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start to smell that are roma of some of the concession. the hot dogs being cooked up waiting for fans to just come through the gate to gate actually open literally. right this very minute so fans should be filing in here and filling up some of the scenes here at the coliseum any minute now. and it's just such an exciting night this has been a long time coming. also a perfect match up for opening day. the a's taking on the houston astro's or sign editor bonnie hitch. a huge a's fan told me that there was a big line of cars trying to get into the parking lot here today. so, you know, fans are super excited, but people also want to keep in mind some changes at the ballpark a's president dave told me they are taking some precautions to make sure everyone enjoys the game safely during the pandemic. so everything will be touch list only mobile tickets are accepted in concessions will be paid for through the mlb app. you can get food and drinks delivered to your seat or to contactless pickup. now seats are set up in pods of 2 to 4. that our
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distance from others. and of course, you have to wear a mask at all times. but that goes without saying these days. >> skipper bob melvin says the players are thrilled to have fans back here tonight. >> i'm really excited about going out there for regular season game and seeing fans tonight gives you that nervous feeling, you know, you play not only for yourself or your team that you play for the fans as well. and they've been really good to us here. since i've been here so it's an exciting night. hopefully it increases. the season goes along. hopefully a vaccine gets more and more involved in and we're able to to have more fans in the stands. a season goes along because really the fans are what make spent make baseball. it is. >> yeah. the players really feed off of the fans energy. so even just the 12,000 fans are expected here tonight. the coliseum should make a huge difference. and you heard nelson mention right now. 26%
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capacity is all that's allowed, but that could be increased as the season goes on. if the state lift some of those restrictions and numbers continue to trend in the right direction. now, first pitch is set for 7. '07, here tonight. sure to be a lot of excitement and we'll be continuing to bring you more coverage coming up in sports and later on in our shows tonight for now. we're live at coliseum. kylen mills kron 4 sports. >> all right. kyle is one of those things around the parking lot of fans say hey, i got vaccinated. you know, you kind. it's like the first thing you say to people right. yeah. >> all right. kyle and thank you. and you get people tend to be very verbose at those a's games been my but with the masks perhaps it will be somewhat muted but i we shall all right, thanks. kyle. the giants. they play their first game of the season tonight as well. they're up against the seattle mariners. but their first home game. not until april 9th. but for as maureen kelly, she reports the city's public health officers requiring those fans. we're
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showing up to bring more than just their tickets to get in. >> one week from friday will be the first time in 18 months that fans will be able to go inside oracle park and watch a ballgame and the giants say they've been missed while covid-19 kept them out of the stands last opening day. the 2021 season home opener. it's going to look a lot different than 2019. first off, they're opening up to 22% capacity here at the ballpark which translates to roughly 8900 fans seated in socially distanced parts and those who are aged 12 or older are going to be expected to bring physical proof that they are fully vaccinated with either a hard copy of their vaccine card or a photo of it that shows they are 14 days out from their last shot or have proof that they had a negative covid test result within the last 72 hours. of course there is an app for that. this will be checked during random inspections here at the gate.
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this requirement is being laid down by the san francisco's public health officer, which is why it's not being required at the a's ball park across the bay. but the giants ceo says they are on board with making the safest possible situation here at oracle park understand the inconvenience is. >> says it with this. but we also understand and have heard loud and clear what the safest experience possible and help this experience possible in it was the determination of the health officer that this is the way to deliver. >> most of the sports fans. i talked to were okay with the idea personally. for me it's not going to me from gone. i think. you know that that's think. you know that that's that's the stuff the kind of want to enjoy things like this. it's unclear how long games are going to look like this here at oracle park. the team says they're only selling tickets for april games right now. they say they hope to be able to ease some of these restrictions down the line, maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>> all right. marina, make sure you join crowd for this saturday night for our spring training report. special sports director jason dumas school give us an in-depth look at the a's and giants rosters and what you can expect from each team this season, you can check out the giants preview at 10:00pm followed immediately by our a's preview. >> and coming up next, some bay area high school sports teams are reportedly not following covid-19 guidelines will explain a recent outbreak. >> among students the north bay and he's ready for some fun in the sun right near the beach where you can expect if you're planning a trip to the santa cruz boardwalk. temperatures soared to record levels around the bay area today. but thr clouds are gathering big changes ahead. we will talk about that coming
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>> not all sports teams are following covid health and safety protocols and that has led to a cluster of covid cases in marin county. that's according to the county's public health officer. he tells kron four's believed to call these clusters could have been prevented. >> there have been a few school athletic programs in marine county reporting individual positive covid-19 cases in recent weeks. but public health officer matt willis says the clusters among club teams are more concerning. we've had about 10 covid-19 in the past couple weeks related sports teams. doctor willis says the
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clusters are the result of athletes traveling sometimes out of state in close proximity to others without face. coverings are jumping the gun. you know, we're we're so close to the finish line here, you know, to use a sports analogy for our said no. >> the buzzer has it gone off you know, there's still time on the with this pandemic. and if we let down our guard, we run the risk of losing the gains. we have achieved doctor willis says the increased spread of the virus is preventable. >> he believes out of state travel is potentially dangerous and says sports club should not be playing in tournaments involving more than 2 teams doctor willis says the cases have been reported on both boys and girls teams ranging from athletes playing volleyball softball lacrosse soccer and football. we're now seeing, you know, active transmission or community again. >> we do run the risk of a 4th surge. the national academy of athletics has been running day
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camps and after-school programs youth in marine county since june. >> and the group says its strict safety policies have minimized positive cases. if a kid's temperatures running high, we do refuse them. >> they can't participate in the program until they going to see a doctor and get cleared. >> have a covid test proving they are negative teams reporting viral clusters have been required by the public health department to provide updated plans detailing how these outbreaks we'll be prevented in the future. phillipe djegal all kron 4 >> in the south bay. santa cruz county is riding a wave of better metrics back into the orange tier of the state's reopening framework that were hundreds of people who hopped on the rides reopen today along with much of the santa cruz beach kron four's. rob fladeboe has that story. >> there's nothing quite like a ride in the world. renowned giant roller coaster tomorrow. the quarantine cobwebs from our collective pandemic-weary
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psyche. the santa cruz beach boardwalk is back and it's obvious there is a pent-up demand to get out there and feel safe doing it. just as it ever was. and i got it all documented on my camera. open to foot traffic and some retail up until now. >> the boardwalk launched a soft opening thursday mid less restricted health orders. it's open at 25% of capacity. a dozen or so rides are open daily through april 11th then weekends only until further notice says spokesman chris wray us. so we're complying with all the guidelines that are defined under the orange tier. and as santa cruz if and when santa cruz moves to yellow. we'll follow those rules as well. but we're very committed to making sure everyone can still have a great time. it's not clear exactly what 25% of capacity is as the boardwalk does not disclose attendance numbers masks are mandatory in compliance was strong, although social distancing seemed a bit harder to enforce
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as people waited in lines for tickets and to get on one of those rides. they came from far and wide. it's been we've been at home and just quarantining and doing our got vaccinated it's going have so we only got on to ride, but it's been pretty the lines have been long at all. but we're going right now the easement park, the boardwalk they planning to hit the beach later on and go. but the wording the rides will change from day to day and are shut down and sanitized periodically. >> aside from those masks. it seemed like old times or at least a little bit of normal. should the pandemic somehow interrupt the fun. there's a plan for that too. >> we're in communication with our local health official regularly. so if something happens if santa cruz were to roll back to the red tier. we're prepared to deal with that and we know how to do that. we've done that before. again, to be clear, the boardwalk open at 25% of capacity daily through april 11th weekends only after that until further notice in santa
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cruz. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> all right. just a beautiful day for a day at the park about the crissy field baker beach ocean beach, you name the beach. it was crowded because and we notice that rob wasn't wearing a jacket. lawrence karnow here to tell us. >> if it's considered what hot or we're just well, think in 90 is when we start to talk top. but if it's boy, certainly warm out there right now. warm enough. >> that we had numerous records set around the bay area. it's a pretty nice weather looking good. now it is going to change drastically here in the next 24 hours, we're going to see the clouds really begin to roll in. but what a day to day, these temperatures soaring today san jose at a record of 85 degrees record of 84 at san francisco international airport richmond also tied a record. they hit 89 degrees. if you believe that 85 and live morning 84 degrees in redwood city. but all around. certainly these
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temperatures well above the average as much as 15 to 20 degrees above the average today. so yeah, it was toasty everywhere you went things are beginning to change the atmosphere right now. here's a look over. are set out toward the ocean. nice clear skies right now. but we're starting to see a little bit of a sea breeze. and that's going to be the big change that on shore breeze is going to start to bring that cool air from the ocean and it's going to carry with it. some low clouds and some fog up toward half moon bay still a gorgeous evening out there. some people out there on the beach enjoying that beautiful sunshine and certainly some nice warm weather out there. number still comfortable 81 degrees of warming san jose. right now. it is 79 degrees in fremont. 73 degrees for the just about to play their first opening-day game there in oakland. 69 degrees now cooling off in the san francisco. still 80 and flail and 86 degrees and fairfield speaker the game. here we go. game time. first pitch, 7 o 7 sunny skies. those temperatures starting out in the 70's. but dropping by them to the mid 60's as we head throughout the night and expect that wind to start to
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pick up as well. but yeah, big changes in the forecast. everything is going to start to really cool off outside that sea breeze kicking in those temperatures drop and maybe 1015, degrees near the coastline. plan on 60's. maybe some 50's along the coast. still some warm 70's in the valleys. thank you, lawrence. coming up, a bar serving a different kind of spirit will hear from the owner. >> about the spooky occurrences. 20 transformed. the funeral home into a bar.
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>> new tonight at 6. a bar is serving up spirits in more ways than one right. fat mats. vortex. it's a bar that used to be a funeral home. the crematorium is in the bar's basement. it's located in downtown kansas city, kansas. the co-owners family own the bar since 2004. and in that time he says they've had there fair share of paranormal experiences. >> box come on, tv's. come i've had water turned on by a cell any time i get a feeling like you're being watched customers have come up to me and told me that they thought they saw me walking backed by the pool table. then realize i was at the opposite end of our when there was no one else back. >> do do do do do. do but. >> apparently the bar is so beloved by some customers they choose to spend eternity. there. ashes of 2 of their
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former regular customers are sitting in earned right above the bar. so there's that closer to home. this place in the berkeley hills sold this week for 1 million dollars over asking. got 29 offers the listing agent says the median home price and that area 1.7 mill this one sold for 2.3 million. so is listed for 1, 3 sold for 2, 3, holy hannah. the house is just under 2500 square feet. and it has a beautiful view there you can see from a-level law which in the hills is covered it. coming up, it is day 4 of the derek chauvin murder trial. tonight we're going to be hearing from paramedics who treated. >> floyd who died in police custody. the latest on testimony coming up. plus, dna
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from a covid mascot helps investigators solve a 3 year-old crime. how they were able to nab the suspect. and as the wet season, winds down. we'll take a look at the water content of today's sierra snowpack survey and what it means for those of us here in the bay area. plus, kron 4 is expanding our weekend coverage with a new 06:00pm newscast join justine waltman and jonathan mccall, the latest local news weather and sports coverage. every saturday and sunday at 06:00pm starting this weekend. we'll be right back.
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