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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 31, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading claim the field in equity systems. and for them to shut them down. now. >> they're working in the community needs them. really in danger is the lives of our community. >> they speak unser now at 8 o'clock leaders calling for fema and the state of california to reconsider shutting down the oakland coliseum vaccination site because there's still much work to be done for those affected by the virus. >> and millions of future johnson johnson vaccine doses. they are now in doubt what went wrong and what it could mean for future supplies. >> plus offshore winds and high pressure sent temperatures soaring 15 degrees above the average can't last forever. we'll talk about next.
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>> good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. there is a growing push to extend oakland mass vaccination site. but we begin with breaking news involving the recently voted out vice president of the san francisco unified school district. the embattled board members allison collins. she's now suing the district and her fellow board members for 27 million dollars collins was stripped of her vice president title after the school board passed a no confidence vote last week. she's been under fire since a series of 2016 tweets resurfaced. they're being described as racist against asian americans. but collins is claiming they were taken out of context and that the no confidence vote violates her first amendment rights. she's asking for 12 million dollars from the district. 3 million dollars from each board member who voted against her. we have details on our website. kron 4
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dot com. and coming up on kron 4 news at 9 we will hear from collins and from the city leaders who are blasting her decision to sue. >> starting tomorrow. anyone 50 years old and older in california will be allowed to sign up to get a vaccine. 2 weeks later, eligibility will expand to everyone aged 16 and up this comes at the same time as a major push to keep a popular successful and important vaccination site open in the east bay. the oakland coliseum setup is expected to end april 11th that was set up to make sure that people hit hard by the pandemic would. >> good access to vaccines kron four's terisa stasio has the story. >> we're here at the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site. and this site has been so successful it actually went further. then love was expected being able to give sf many doses to so many people right now as far as the future is concerned, that's up in the air that has a lot of people concerned.
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>> this shot, one of thousands given at the oakland mass vaccination site following that opening in fact, projected to deliver 6,000 shots a day. the state saying it regularly and ministers 75 100 shots a day. >> we're seeing surging cases in the country. we have the leadership of the cdc in tears about the magnitude of what is going on and the threat to people's lives. and so the last thing that should be happening in this environment is shutting down the vaccinations. ayor rebecca kaplan, one of several vocal leaders pushing for shots to continue with the east bay facility set up not only to help low income residents, but the site under the umbrella of fema and state offices of emergency services. mobile units are a vital part of the operation. i think the site. >> clearly has functioned well to prove a mega vaccination site, both the region as well
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as for the community supervisor, nate miley saying fast and furious talks are under way to try and keep the feds and state to either continue. >> or hand over control to the county with federal backing. >> it's been an incredible resource for those who are most. at risk in vulnerable of contracting. we need to ensure that we continue to make this resource available. as as much as we can. city council member taylor whose district the site sits in says with cases rising nationwide. >> and underrepresented communities still not entirely vaccinated now is actually the time to offer more shots here, not last by pulling the plug as of right now the site is expected to completely close up shop. >> by mid april. but again, those conversations under way to try make sure that that does not happen here in oakland. theresa on for news.
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>> california senators and feinstein and alex padilla are also calling for that location to continue distributing vaccines citing california's intention to make everyone 16 and older eligible for the shots within days. in a statement they say in part, quote, we believe this is precisely the time when mass vaccination sites like the ones in oakland and los angeles are needed. it would be counterproductive to close them before the vast majority of the population is vaccinated. >> and there has been a rush to find a vaccine appointment in contra costa county. now that anybody living or working there are 16 or older is allowed to sign up the best. fact. experts say use a computer or mobile device to get on to the health department website after answering a few minutes worth of questions. you'll get instructions on how to schedule. an appointment could take some time options. might not pop up right away and there is a phone number to call. we have details on our website. kron 4 dot com. and
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as we've been telling you, being eligible for a vaccine and getting an appointment. those are 2 very different things. >> the latter being a lot more difficult and while more vaccine supply has been promised the expansion of eligibility that could make the scheduling even harder. kron four's. dan kerman has some options to think about when looking for an appointment. >> getting the covid-19 vaccine is often quick. once you have an appointment. but getting that appointment can be difficult. there are several ways to look first. check your county's website. sometimes they make their own appointments like in contra, costa county if not visit. the states might turn page here. you can find appointments if available. if not, you can sign up to be notified the many of complain notifications are unreliable. if that's the case, twitter users can follow bay area vaccine bought. it's about the checks might turn every 5 minutes for available
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appointments and tweets when it finds them users just need to turn on alerts to be notified. you can also visit pharmacy sites like cvs walgreens rite aid and safe way to look for appointments. if no look there, you can try the web sites of major medical providers like sutter dignity, ucsf and kaiser. and if you're still having no luck checkout vaccine finder. dot org. this web site operated by boston children's hospital and supported by the centers for disease control. we'll show you locations that have available vaccine and link you to those sites. the key take away is you have to be aggressive in check. the cites multiple times a day. that's because you never know when an appointment is going to show up. and if you're asked how many miles from home. you want that appointment to be if you have that option choose the largest distance possible. >> because that, too will increase your options. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> a development in the battle against a covid-19 pfizer says that its vaccine is safe. 100% effective for children as young as 12 and the children's side effects to the 2 doses were similar to those felt by young adults. >> one infectious disease expert says if all goes well, that means more teens could get their shots before school starts in the fall. >> by immunizing children even though they don't get sick. the savory is over. people were not only protecting those children who were protecting society as a whole from the transmission of the virus. to people are susceptible to it in the it. but we're also protecting society from. factories. it is the development of new variants that could really throw monkey wrench into are claims of getting back to normal. >> it's not clear how quickly the fda will move on. approving pfizer's request for emergency operation authorization. it's taken 3 to
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4 weeks for allowing adults to get those vaccines. and the north bay marin county health officials are investigating a cluster of covid cases. >> related to team sports. they're not saying which sports are involved here how many cases, but they say that after 2 months of progress case counts are no longer declining. and in some cases actually increasing. they say that disregard for safety guidelines like not traveling out of state is part of that. problem. coronavirus the 3rd leading cause of death and the u.s. in 2020, a new cdc report says more than 3.8 million americans died last year. about 375,000 of the deaths were virus related. the top 2 leading causes heart disease and cancer last year, 16% spike was the biggest one. in since 1918. that's one soldier deaths in world war one the flu pandemic pushed deaths up
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46%. meanwhile, 10's of millions of doses, unexpected shipments of johnson and johnson's vaccine have been halted. >> human error is to blame employees at a plant in baltimore that is run by emergent biosolutions allegedly mixed up ingredients, doses of the one shot vaccine that have already been shipped were not affected. the fda is currently investigating what went wrong so far the company has delivered more than 20 million doses. and despite the setback johnson johnson says it expects to deliver more than a billion doses by the end of the year. the latest covid vaccine information including details on when and where you can sign up for a shot just go to our website. kron 4 dot com. >> got pretty warm outside today and maybe kind of an understatement depending on where you were unseasonably warm temperatures reaching the 80's in some places 85 and mount a new mountain view, for example. yeah. it is still march. after all. it has cooled down. now that the sun has gone a beautiful view of
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nightfall in san francisco. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> has the details on this set heat wave. but a warm way. yes, sure was. in fact, a very nice in that weather all the way. the coastline curtis the offshore winds and high pressure saying these temperatures soaring in the 70's 80's for most of the bay area and unusually warm or temperatures specially approaching the coast. now, speaking of the beaches, you've got mostly clear skies there again tonight. that is going to change. i believe as we head in toward tomorrow night. so we're going to sneak another warm. and i think for tomorrow, but change is on the way as early as tomorrow afternoon. still, it is 70 degrees outside right now in san jose 75 in fremont 75 still in downtown san francisco. can you believe that? 74 in berkeley 77 insanely is 73 in blair certainly some warm temperatures specially for this time of year. but overnight tonight we're going to see mostly clear skies. but things are going to change and said that offshore wind that we've had. i think by tomorrow afternoon we start to see that
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sea breeze kicking. and guess what, there it is. here comes that fog rolling back on shore that is going to cool the temperatures drastically as we head in toward friday and the weekend. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. >> coming up on kron, 4 news that a buyer beware your favorite congress product might be contaminated. >> can this thing be caught soon. amphibian touring the streets of san francisco today leading an officer on. you call that a very slow speed chase. and we are checking in with the proponents of the recall effort against governor newsome. >> what polls say would happen if that vote happened today and what the 2 governors involved in the last california recall are saying about it. >> and kron four's expanding our weekend news coverage with the new 06:00pm newscast. join justine waltman and jonathan mccall the latest news weather and sports coverage every saturday and sunday at 06:00pm star and some
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breaking news in southern california right now. several police say several people are dead after someone started shooting at a business complex. >> this is still breaking news. it happened in the city of orange in orange county, about 30 miles south of downtown l a it's unclear exactly how all of this played out. but we're told it started just before 07:00pm. so about an hour and 1520, minutes ago, shots were still being fired when police showed up. we do know there are several victims
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including multiple deaths. again. the numbers, though, are still on clearing see an officer standing there on a balcony. and this is we're told, was a business complex it also looks like it could be maybe an apartment complex, not clear on that yet either. police do say the situation is now under control and that there is no longer a threat. we're going to continue to follow this developing story. we understand police are about to get some more information. and when we get that, we'll be bring you the updates throughout the night. >> and another big story we're following. we're checking in with the proponents of the recall effort against governor newsome. this after a poll showed that voters would keep him in office if the election happened today, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the latest update on the effort to try to remove the governor from office. >> the polls really don't matter. the only poll that matters is what's going to be taking place on election day. organizers of the effort to recall governor gavin newsome say they still feel confident even after a new poll released by the public policy institute of california showed the effort would fail if taken to
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voters today, the survey showed just over half of the 1700 likely voters polled approve of the governor's job performance. interesting thing about that poll which actually was a very good call for us because it shows that his his tanking. >> has not rebound. the ball comes as new sums anti-recall campaign continues to rake in money ahead of its first official fundraising deadline wednesday night data from the secretary of state's office shows the campaign so far has reported raising more than one 0.2, 5 million dollars within its first 2 weeks. that includes a quarter of a million dollar contribution recently from the professional engineers in california political action committee in an email to potential donors wednesday. newsome wrote this is the first big test of our campaign and everyone will be looking to see if we can match the big checks sent by the republican national committee and some of trump's biggest donors. >> meanwhile, the petition signature verification process continues among elections. officials. the last report from the secretary of state
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showing 1.2 million of the one 0.5 million needed signatures have been certified. the final report is expected within the next month. i think we them. my guess is we qualified for special election with about 1.7 million signatures as my estimate. >> if the recall qualifies for the ballot that with an open up a 30 day window for those who signed the petition to have their signatures removed proponents are confident that the governor would not be able to remove enough to defeat the effort reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. he's talking about the recall effort against newsome. in an interview with politico. he pointed out similarities between the current recall effort and the one in 2003, which led to his election. he says people are dissatisfied at the highest level and the recall is a way for them to vent their anger. schwarzenegger commended the governor for getting more involved connecting with people statewide. when asked if he is endorsing the recall schwarzenegger says he is not getting involved in that. and
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the man schwarzenegger replaced gray davis also sharing his thoughts about the newsome recall effort. davis says timing as one of the biggest differences between then and now. >> as time goes on, more people be vaccinated or schools open or people be going back to work. and people feel better about themselves, their future. got there and the public health officials who have navigated through the time is on avenues side when people feel their lives are getting better and their future looks better. they generally support incumbents which in this case would be the cup. >> for now. the only announced candidates interested in running against newsome in a special election. they are republicans. if the vote happens. davis thinks it would be a waste of time for other democrats to try to challenge know something. >> other news tonight as we end the month. our hope for a wet march. mericle never quite materialized when the state of
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california takes it snow survey tomorrow. the sierra it is likely to confirm that california's winter snowfall fell far short of normal levels. according to federal statistics, about 90% of the state already is experiencing drought conditions while most cities have plenty of water storage to get through a drought this year. this is a problem, especially for farmers fish runs and wildfire danger. as for those drought conditions. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with details yes, not only just us but all around california. in fact, the entire western half the united being affected by a drought may be a mega drought. we just don't know. we're not that far in yet, but certainly this has been going on for a good 20 years now. and so we sit now with water problems again. and of course, this year. not much in the way of rain. so here's we sit on our drought monitor locally. you can see still under drought conditions a moderate amounts all the way in the san jose and oakland also open a bottle. then you start ahead of the deeper shade of brown. that's more severe.
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>> and then you get extreme as you head toward northern and that the counties. and so we could certainly use an awesome april worth of rain. and we may just get so here's a look at long-range forecast as high pressure sitting over head. of course we're basking in sunshine and very warm temperatures as we get through the weekend, everything changes clouds begin to roll in and by monday. your first chance some rain, not a big storm. but another chance after the death of the middle of the week and then maybe a more impressive storm system moving in friday into the following weekend. we could be wet on and off through that first week of april, of course, that would be a much welcome change. so a long way on the forecast, but certainly something that not only would like to see, but actually we need that we do. i thank you very much, lawrence. >> well, a san francisco police providing a very different kind of assistance can you believe that police were called to this officers who were asked to rescue this frog. it was hopping around first and mission streets. the frog was safely caught. yes. you can see put it to a. paper
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bag and then eventually handed over to animal control where we hope the frog is recovering nicely. >> resting comfortably getting some still ahead at 8 o'clock tonight from transit system repairs to major investments in safer water systems expanded broadband access and increased affordable housing. president biden presented the first part of his american recovery plan. and if you're headed to the east bay for the weekend. expect some ch
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>> in the berkeley hills. the redwood valley railway in tilden regional park will reopen this weekend after being closed because of the pandemic. it's a lot of fun. the miniature steam train has been a popular family attraction for almost 7 decades. it will be open from 11:00am to 06:00pm on weekends and from 11 to 5 on weekdays mask and social distancing. of course, are required. meanwhile, enforcement of rules regulations is returning to the popular bay area lake in the east bay lake merritt, kron four's haaziq madyun tells us what you can expect if you're heading to the lake. >> you are looking at video of what a typical weekend looks like at lake merritt in oakland, a combination of lake lovers, food trucks and street the news and the late mary being the most popular park in oakland is just seeing crowds like it's never seen think of an outdoor music festival happening every week at the scene continuing as it is, has become an untenable situation.
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>> now the city of oakland's directive into the part mental operations. joe de vries explains what is going to be different this weekend. but we're not going allow people to be sending out all or cannabis or some of the regulated and that's that's a safety issue. we are loans over the trucks that have their license and that we know that it approved by the by the health but any. but it just sets up a table start selling put and they're playing degrees and the lawn things like that. not going to allow. in fact, starting friday. folks at the lake will see the return of parking enforcement municipal code enforcement and traffic control. >> this this this lady right here wants to sit here and call the police on them for having a barbecue at the lake. >> the huge crowds at the lake started showing up back in 2019 in protest to the now at the miss bbq, becky incident involving a white woman calling oakland police on a black family setting up a barbecue grill in a non
8:27 pm
permanent location. it's a time or going around the park 2 years later, the situation has become unbearable for some oakland residents who called in to this recent city council meeting. >> i remain concerned that is the focus is only on enforcement that that, course meant will be disproportionate opto black people. i'm a black woman in my apartment overlooking the lake. >> i love our diverse community. i love seeing people who look like experiencing joy. and it's unlikely and until recently i was excited to explore potentially buying a home here living here now. and i'm safe nightmare. haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> we are following breaking news coming out of southern california. we've just learned 4 people are dead when a gunman opened fire. this was in the city of orange ner chapman university, and among the 4 people killed a child. no other details yet. but we're continuing to follow this developing story. we'll bring you updates throughout
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>> they're attracting people from as far as los angeles. here to santa today to come in street race and street race in neighborhoods. >> it is a problem across the bay area. but one city vowing to go after side shows the problem is attracting people from out of town. there's fear that people are even bringing guns to the shows san jose is considering a new law. this
8:31 pm
would not only go after participants and spectators, but organizers of the side shows the newly dubbed promoter ordinance would also include illegal street racing and the proposed crackdown. kron four's. rob fladeboe has story. >> was a leader. so illegal sideshows like this one are getting bigger all the time. and more 7 people who died in connection with side shows any illegal street racing since 2000, last month there were reports of gunfire at a sideshow in a residential neighborhood off lee avenue, left behind more than a 100 showcases traffic snarled for hours. enough is enough says city council member maya >> so for example, last year it was maybe one or 200 cars, which is in and of itself a problem. but now they are 500 cars up until now. enforcement efforts have targeted participants their vehicles and spectators. >> as far is leading the effort to pass a new city
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ordinance that would go after the promoters of the side shows this would go after promoters on social media in real life and at the scene and following up afterwards because side shows off and pull police away from regular patrol duties. it's been suggested a full-time enforcement effort should be funded. the police have already started work on one of the things that we propose, which was county wide task force that includes the chp. it includes the sheriff includes all the law enforcement agencies in our county. >> aside from a new tougher ordinance barriers another detours will be erected in areas where the sideshows and racing is occurring to say nothing of the burn rubber visible across the city despite numerous are all city impounded vehicles. the situation is out of control, says as far who points out that many of the sideshow participants and organizers are from out of town. people from stockton, livermore and los angeles. >> so we don't want people coming to san jose to race
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their car those people cited under the new ordinance could face fines of a $1000 and spent 6 months in jail. they would also be held responsible for police overtime and other costs associated with enforcement in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> new york city police say they've arrested the man accused of attacking an elderly. asian woman. that attack caught on camera. 38 year-old brandon elliott is expected to face a number of charges, including 2 counts of what is called assault as a hate crime. he's accused of attacking a 65 year-old asian woman monday morning and telling her, quote, you don't belong here. the victim was discharged from the hospital yesterday. >> in other national news. there was a more emotional testimony today at the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. 5 people took the stand today sharing what they saw and heard leading up to george floyd staff reporter brian has details.
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>> a witness. charles mcmillan got emotional while testifying you can on police body camera video with the red arrow pointing at him. he was walking by when the confrontation between george floyd an officer derek chauvin began and you hear him trying to calm george floyd we have >> as the video was played in court meal in broke down. >> i know this is the colts. can you just explain. what you're feeling thank you. you. you >> i don't where just dad. you
8:35 pm
20 field. >> seconds. let's take a 10 minute also on the stand wednesday was christopher martin, the cup foods store clerk. that's the store where floyd was accused of using a counterfeit $20 bill when you. >> did interact with mister floyd in the store. what was his demeanor like? you seem very friend. is talkative. seem to just be having. i was memorial day. is. but in his life. it came >> martin says his manager told him to confront floyd about the counterfeit bill and then someone else from the store called police was going through your mind during that i just leave. white guilt. >> and if i would just not to come. the bill could have been avoided. >> that was brian entin reporting not hearing the
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often emotional testimony. obviously can be very difficult. we have posted several links to helpful resources. this is on our website. kron 4 dot com all right. time now to take a look summertime weather out there. the 4 zone forecast with a live look at the golden gate bridge and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us and it got pretty warm day long. yeah. it's going to do it again tomorrow as we'll see these temperatures soaring around the bay area offshore winds continue to blow outside out there right now. you've got clear skies. >> it's a clear all the way. the coastline temperature wise numbers. the 80's in the san francisco about 74 in the sunset. 74 daly city. 72 in half moon bay 79 and bill bray 80 degrees and sunny in burlingame, 83 of woodside 83 amount due. >> but 85 degrees in saratoga, 86 in san jose. you get the idea. these temperatures running well above the average at least 15 degrees above the average in some places even more than that. it is going to stay warm through the first part of the day tomorrow along
8:37 pm
the coastline. but by the afternoon. watch out, we may see a little fog creeping in so if you're headed out toward the beaches, be prepared. the mornings will probably better by the afternoon that sea breeze kicks in and you may see a little fog with cooler temperatures. this weekend. thank you, lawrence. >> well, still ahead, baseball is back. the a's begin their season tomorrow. fans will be in the stands. but if you're going to the game of there are rules you should know about. >> plus 10's of thousands of boxes currently stuck on container ships off the coast of southern california. we'll
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>> well, that ship heard a about as big a skyscraper. it finally was freed from the canal this week. but now there is another bottleneck inathe supply chain. this time in southern california. several container ships carrying millions of dollars and products are anchored off the coast. >> waiting for space at the ports of los angeles and long beach reporter nancy loo explains how this might affect you. >> in the waters off southern california today. 60 ships are just floating around and waiting one vessel out there arrived on march 19th and isn't expected to dock until the end of this week. >> so the normal number of container ships anchor. >> is 0 to one get polluted of the maritime exchange of southern california says covid remains a key cause of the
8:41 pm
cargo logjam. it's impacted workers on the docks and beyond not operating at full capacity. >> because some fraction of the workers out of work because they have covid and a bigger fraction are out of work because of contract tracing and that's where the terminals to the tracks, to the trains, to the warehouses, to the forklift drivers. everybody involved in that the movement system as a result, the ports which handle about a 3rd of all us imports are operating slower. >> just as more ships keep arriving field by a consumer buying binge over the summer. you can see i've got like one pair of black. you know. >> mister side is can get them. it all trickles down to small business owners like jeff taquilla, the surplus guy in san pedro right near the port. instead of a surplus. his inventory, a popular work pants and boots has been depleted all year. it's hard. i mean, i get people coming every day. they want a certain item and it's like i've been waiting for for 5 months for this night. i can. i can order
8:42 pm
for you. i can push in the booking call you when i get that, then the vendors don't even know when they're going to get it. >> the global supply chain is especially messy. now due to that weeklong jam in the suez canal. well, that had no direct impact on the situation off california. the overall picture is big delays on a global scale. >> they have a choke point in the suez canal. and we have a choke point here. so whether they're connected or not. it shows you that its movement can be interrupted by different kinds of things in their case. it was a grounding in our case. it's congestion due to covid. >> again. that was nancy loo reporting. up next today, president biden arrived in pittsburgh today to announce what he is calling a once in a lifetime investment in
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president biden says his american recovery plan will help the economy recover from the pandemic and he announced that a big part of his plan, a new while he was in pittsburgh today involves. >> infrastructure washington correspondent alexandra le mon has the details. >> president joe biden wants to invest 2.3 trillion dollars in america's infrastructure with about a quarter of the money going toward repairing transit systems to once in a generation investment. >> in america unlike anything we've seen or done. since we
8:46 pm
built interstate highway system and the space race decades ago. the plan will also invest hundreds of billions to make water system safer. expand broadband access and increase affordable housing. the president is also calling for significant investments in clean energy. dedicating 100 billion dollars to modernizing the nation's power grid and making it more resilient to climate disasters and the plan invests in charging stations to help shift the nation to electric cars. >> senator chuck schumer says all of that will create millions of new jobs. every community, large and small, rural suburban and urban will benefit. >> from this robust american jobs plan. washington democrats have lost their mind. but the biggest challenge for president biden will be getting republicans like missouri congressman jason smith on board with the price tag after the government already spent trillions on pandemic relief bills just within the last year that
8:47 pm
comes to a total combined spending of 10 trillion dollars and all of it's being paid for by the largest tax increase in the history of the united states. >> and the president's proposed tax increases would actually undo the tax cuts to corporations and the richest americans that republicans approved in 20 17 reporting in washington, alexandra le mon. >> governor newsome reacting to the president's plan saying in part california has charted its own path to a green infrastructure. now we have a strong partner in washington who understands that mitigating the impact of climate change means fighting for healthy economy with the support of president biden. california will come roaring back from the covid-19 pandemic. >> for your health tonight, a popular hummus product is being recalled because of possible salmonella contamination. is recalling thousands of its 10 ounce classic hummus containers. this affects products made on february tents with a best before date of april 26 they
8:48 pm
were distributed in 16 states including california at this time. no one has reported getting sick from the hummus. >> tomorrow night. the a's will welcome fans back to the coliseum. first time in a year and a opening day because of the pandemic. of course, restrictions will make this experience very different capacity is limited only california residents can buy tickets. the gates open an hour before first pitch and everything's going to be done on your from basically you'll enter using mobile tickets you know, use the same mlb app to order concessions and of course, everybody does have to wear a mask. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> well, it crept up on us. but it's finally here opening day for both the a's and the giants is tomorrow. the a's will start at home. and guess what? like katherine just said. they will have fans in
8:49 pm
the coliseum for the first time since 2019 just over 12,000 will be permitted in. they will have to wear. masks can be socially distanced. the a's will need all the help they can get from the fans because they open up with their division rival the houston astros. a team that ended their season a year ago. >> was just down the field saw that there were no cut out. so that's kind of step in the right direction. it's going actual people tomorrow night, which we're all excited about opening days here can be pretty festive him pretty loud regardless. how many people we have here. so i think everybody's looking forward to really getting the impact. what's one thing in spring training and smaller stadiums. i think everybody's kind of eager to see how bigger place reacts with you know, with fans out there. >> the giants are in a much different spot than the a's from an expectation standpoint, most view this as a 500 ball team. they bring back most of the team from
8:50 pm
last year that overachieve. but there are still plenty of questions on the roster however, in this town expectations remain high no matter what. >> i believe, we have a chance late in the year as we all know, i mean, it's such a marathon season and things can change from day to day, week to month to month. so i don't think there's anybody here. that's that there's no chance that, you know, competing for the mission right that's the a set point to go. >> she has been one of the shining stars of the women's nc double a tournament. when i talk to stanford guard kiana williams before the season. she made it no secret that her goal this season was to reach the final 4 in her hometown of san antonio and play in front of all of her family and friends. well, it's all coming to fruition for her. i chatted with her brother about this
8:51 pm
memorable experoence. >> it's just been amazing. you know, just to the to come off or circle. go with the love what she loves to do is play know what a great team. great coaches. it is is warmer. so you're you know, the world. we're just happy and proud. my dad always say was living in the moment. so just excited and know what happened was just there to i yell you know, making in on their way here. you know, we just want to get there. the and there's, you know, show our support we just so proud and you know, we a blessing to be able to see her do what she loves to do. it and help our team estimates. every shipment. stanford has been a blessing hour and our family and we're will be forever grateful. but all are in it that their and we just happy and and so we were just filed. >> sub nice he's been here for years and done it the right way. so cool. she can bring home a title in front of her
8:52 pm
family, friends and the cardinal can bring the title back to bay area. they play off friday evening against south carolina. so it will be a good game. yeah. he told us last night she made every basket she shot in the 2nd half. yes. >> why the and then start to well, but made up for a through it. he made up for it. all right. yes, thanks, jason. thanks, jason. >> well. coming firefighters generally these people are trained to be ready for just about anything. when they at the same. so why were they
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> a dozen large tortoises are now on their way to a new home after a fire rescue in san joaquin county animal those are really not unusual for firefighters but reporter lonnie wong explains why they were surprised at this particular scene. >> when firefighters arrived at the scene of any emergency. never know what to expect. they have to be ready for anything. still in lodi. firefighters found here was an eye opener. >> little did we know we should have. we have 12 giant have rescued the serpent a chain of reptile pet stores with one located in lodi. this is part of the building. the animals were stored in a raise mezzanine area. and while they carry protection against predators on their backs. >> these tortoises were in need of aid. 2 of them had. >> fallen through the we're at it from through. so a couple
8:56 pm
had injuries, some of them seem like they're in a little bit of shock from the smoke. >> oddly enough sacramento area firefighters also rescued 2 tortoises in an apartment fire last year, but they were tiny by comparison. this species of african tourists can grow to 200 pounds and over 3 feet wide. >> yeah. these were not about small. these very large. some of them upwards of about a 150 pounds. it took 2 firefighters per animal to place them in a pickup truck. some of the same firefighters who have a thing with snakes and reptiles had speculated about responding to a place like the circuit area. i always said yeah. 5 where after responded that plays. i'm not going to. the serpent owners message me that they had their tortoises are en route to a new home in texas and they will soon be living outdoors on a 33 acre spread. >> they all made it they're enjoying the outdoor life. >> that was lonnie wong reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 but can and i will be back at the top of the
8:57 pm
hour. embattled san francisco school board member allison collins. she's found that 27 million dollar lawsuit against the district and against her fellow board members. that's after she was stripped of her vice president title coming up, 6 planes. the decision to sue. and we continue to follow some breaking news in southern california were shooting at a business complex is left at least 4 people dead. what we're learning about the victim
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at the you know, get my it is believe the system worked as it as it's supposed to. >> now at 9 millions of johnson johnson covid-19 vaccines that could have gone into the arms of americans are now in the dumpster and human errors being blamed for the mix-up. good evening. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> the company has now halted shipments of the johnson and johnson vaccine. >> the fda is investigating kron. 4 shots mccall is live at the vaccination site in contra costa county with the details. and jonathan. >> if it could further delay people getting the vaccine. that's the big question tonight. that is the big question tonight. a lot of folks are paying attention to this. we've learned at least from johnson johnson.


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