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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  March 31, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> today, 3 vaccinating kids is getting closer. pfizer says its covid vaccine is 100% effective in children. as contra costa county expands vaccine eligibility there is a rush for appointments. but how easy is it to get one. we're going to walk you through the whole process step by step. and we are basking in summer like temperatures in the bay area. easily 10 to 15 degrees above average, cooling down this weekend with the rain just around the corner. find out when stick around. prague for news at 3 starts right now. >> now from the bay local news
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station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> i think for them as well in terms of the studies. >> it's realistic to think that we'll be getting the shot into the arms of these this age group before school starts in 4. >> now at 3 safe and effective. that is what drug maker pfizer is saying about its vaccine for kids as young as 12 years old. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman. a this is potentially a big development in the battle against the pandemic and getting schools back open in the fall. kron four's. maureen kelly spoke with an infectious disease expert as well as parents and she has the very latest. >> i have a 14 year-old granddaughter so if you're excited to see that they did from pfizer. >> u c berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says, well, this is a small study of less than 2300 kids and it has not yet been vetted by other scientists. if the data holds
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up, it could mean adolescence from 12 to 15 could join the rest of the 16 plus crowd already okayed to get the shots. and if all goes well, that could start happening before school starts in the fall and getting more of the population inoculated against the virus helps us in the battle against the pandemic because everyone that susceptible to the virus is also a potential variant factory to buy immunizing children even though they don't get sick at the same rate is. >> over. people were not only protecting those children were protecting society as a whole from the transmission of the virus. to people are more susceptible to it in the it. but we're also protecting society from. factories. it is the development of new variants that could could really throw monkey wrench into are claims of getting back to normal one santa clara parent i talked to is thrilled by the news from pfizer. i'm a teacher. so i've already been fully vaccinated and my
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coworkers and i are so relieved to have. that is just such a sense of comfort. >> and so sending my kids off to school knowing that they've been vaccinated real, of course, just be. a great feeling. but another san francisco mom of a soon to be 12 year-old who plans to get vaccinated herself says she's going to need more data before her son does. honestly. i'm not doubting the efficacy of. >> this vaccine. i'm doubting the long-term effects that we don't know. and there's no way of knowing until the long-term gets >> happening tomorrow. everyone 50 and older across the state will be able to sign up for a coronavirus vaccine because of that state health officials are preparing for surgeon vaccine demand. 4 million new doses will arrive in the next 2 weeks. the weekly shipment of doses from the federal government is expected to nearly double over the next month. state officials say they have the ability to administer 4 million doses every week and
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as of today, more than 18 million californians have received at least one shot and more than 6 million people are now fully vaccinated, which is about 20% of california's population. we will go now to the east bay and contra. costa county health says expanded coronavirus vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 years or older. this is also now opened up a new drive-thru vaccination sites. let's go there now. kron 4 charles clifford is there live for us in concord has going there tonight or this afternoon. charles. >> it's going really well. so right now i'm in the parking lot of 6 flags. hurricane harbor here in concord of the park is closed. but as you can see, there's lots of cars here and that's because this is a new coronavirus vaccination site. the folks behind me here just got their shot if i pan over here, you can see there's just a long line of cars and everyone's being vaccinated right down there. and so far has proven to be very popular today. this new site which opened up on wednesday morning is a collaboration between the
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city of concord contra, costa county and kaiser permanente. >> there has been a long line of folks waiting to receive their shots here all day on wednesday on average. it's taking 30 to 45 minutes for people to move through the process. they're using all 3 available vaccines here. but mostly pfizer and the johnson and johnson vaccine on tuesday. contra costa county became the first county in the state to allow anyone 16 years or older to make an appointment county health services says that after they made that announcement, there was a rush to sign up. >> we've had huge demand. our phones have been ringing off the hook. we had over 30,000 people sign up for appointments overnight and more coming in. that's great. we want people to sign up. we want people to be patient with us because demand is very high. i think it's a few days to get back to you now the county is hoping to do about 1500 to 2000 vaccinations per day at this location. >> than double that next week and eventually ramp up to 15,000 doses per day. the county also has a long-term goal of doing 1 million
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vaccinations by memorial day. we are now at a place where vaccine supply it's starting to meet or even exceed the man. >> all right. back live if you want to get to sign up for a vaccination contra, costa county. you have to go on to the. website for county health services at cc health dot org. also, if you sign up, you're trying to get a vaccination. keep in basically you're going to be getting into line. and when they get to you the schedule you an appointment. but you might not be able to schedule an appointment immediately or right away. also, if you want more information, go to kron 4 dot com. we have links there as well. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news, thank you so much. and expand a little bit here on what. >> charles was just telling us now the contra costa health services has opened up eligibility for the covid-19 vaccine to anyone 16 years of age or older who live or work in that county. there is a rush to get an appointment. kron four's fleet of all shows us how to do it.
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>> in order to set a covid-19 vaccination appointment in contra, costa county. your best bet is to either use a computer or mobile device to access the public health department's website cc health dot org under the novel coronavirus banner. click covid vaccine inside the covid-19 vaccine appointments banner on the next page. click contra, costa health services. this will take you to a foreign where you will answer 20 questions. this will only take a few minutes once completed, the site says to be on the lookout in the coming days for an e-mail from health services with instructions on how to schedule an appointment. once you received the e-mail, follow the embedded link, which will take you to my chart. that's the system. the county is using to schedule appointments. you can sign up through the web browser by creating a user name and password or download the my chart app and complete your registration and booking there. just make sure to click
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add organization and choose contra. costa health services be patient once you sign up appointment, timo, slots may not pop up right away. you may need to hit refresh a few times because a lot of people are trying to do the same thing. you are eventually you will get through. choose your preferred location date and time and my chart will provide instructions for the day of your appointment. the county has provided a phone number to call for setting an appointment for those without access to the internet. that's 844-729-8410. but the phone system was so overwhelmed. wednesday, the outgoing message stated the system had reached its coal capacity, telling callers to try again. thursday. so it seems the web is the best way to in contra, costa county could all kron 4 news. >> california's 2 senators are asking fema to stop their plan to close the federally run
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mass vaccination site in oakland and los angeles and a letter to the acting fema administrator senators alex padilla and dianne feinstein asked the federal government to give alameda and los angeles counties, funding to support and be able to take control of those sites. according to the senators federally-run sites have distributed more than 500,000 doses. mainly to underserved communities. covid-19 was the 3rd leading cause of death in the united states last year coming in after heart disease. and cancer. and this is according to new data that was released by the center for disease control and prevention researchers analyzed death certificates from us residents between january and december of 2020 life expectancy in the u.s. also dropped a full year in the 1st half of 2020 to nearly 78 years old. let's switch it up now and take a live look outside here at a
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camera showing this gorgeous shot of parts of san francisco. they're in the golden gate bridge them are in headlines mountain there in the it's a beautiful day outside. if you haven't noticed yet. let's get a check now. the temperatures with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah, well above normal right now, justine. we should be in the mid 60's for this time of year. >> instead tracking 70's and yes, even 80's or most of our inland valleys right now. 70 degrees for downtown san francisco, san mateo though your toes. seeing that low 80 degree mark with mid 80's for those of you at san jose at 83 degrees dublin 81 degrees in berkeley in the mid 80's as well. but just here south oakland 74 degrees. so getting a little bit of a cool sea breeze influence. they're keeping temperatures a little bit cooler compared to berkeley. so unique microclimate there. but santa rosa in the low 80's as is napa. so we are tracking overall a warmer air mass, then we were just 24 hours ago
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and this is going to be the peak of our mini heatwave are still going to continue to see summer like temperatures tomorrow. not a cloud in the sky. but the one thing really working in our favor. justine the lack of winds going to remain calm to breezy just about 15 miles per hour less and taking a look ahead at the next 3 day outlook. we're going to be just as warm for inland valleys on thursday. but by thursday afternoon, going to start to see a little bit of a cooling trend along the coast and parts of the east bay shoreline things to their term. that cool sea breeze and that cooling trend is going to continue all weekend long tracking rain, though, in the extended forecast find out if the limb picture easter sunday. coming up in just a few minutes back to you. just thank you so much. for breeze a much more ahead here on kron. 4 news at 3 the only other california governor to be recalled. >> weighs in on the efforts to kick out governor newsome, why former governor gray davis. thanks. this might all just blow over. plus the a's are welcoming fans back to the coliseum tomorrow. kron 4
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sports reporter kylen mills has everything you need to know about covid restrictions and the big matchup against the houston astros and the latest poll is out on the recall efforts against governor gavin newsome. how many voters say they would. but the governor keep his job. also, here's some exciting news that we are very happy to be sharing with you on for is expanding our weekend news coverage a new 06:00pm show is starting this saturday. it's also air on sundays. join me and the and jonathan mccall for the latest local news weather and sports coverage that's every saturday and sunday at 6. >> and then we'll also be there during prime time. but there during prime time. but k so you just scored amazing savings at ross? mmm-hmm. on brands that take you from me time... go time... no time. hi. get the best bargains ever on looks that work anywhere... ross. yes for less! truthfully, it's frustrating to see how fast dust reappears. but dusting with a cloth is a pain. get the best bargains ever on looks that work anywhere...
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>> it is 3.15, on this wednesday. we're following up with the proponents of the recall against governor gavin newsome after a poll showed that voters would keep him in office if the election happened today, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us now live from sacramento to explain the latest update in this effort to remove the governor from office. good after nationally. >> good afternoon. just seen yet the latest poll to show where voters stand right now on the recall effort was released last night by the public policy institute of california. that poll showing that about 56% of those who were polled in that survey would keep the governor in office.
3:16 pm
>> polls really don't matter. the only poll that matters is what's going to be taking place on elec ion day. organizers of the effort to recall governor gavin newsome say they still feel confident even after a new poll released by the public policy institute of california showed the effort would fail if taken to voters today, the survey showed just over half of the 1700 likely voters polled approve of the governor's job performance. interesting thing about that poll which actually was a very good call for us because it shows that his his tanking. >> has not rebound. the ball comes as new sums anti-recall campaign continues to rake in money ahead of its first official fundraising deadline wednesday night data from the secretary of state's office shows the campaign so far has reported raising more than one 0.2, 5 million dollars within its first 2 weeks. that includes a quarter of a million dollar contribution recently from the professional engineers in california political action committee in an email to potential donors wednesday. newsome wrote this is the first big test of our campaign and everyone will be looking to see if we can match
3:17 pm
the big checks sent by the republican national committee and some of trump's biggest donors. >> meanwhile, the petition signature verification process continues among elections. officials. the last report from the secretary of state showing 1.2 million of the one 0.5 million needed signatures have been certified. the final report is expected within the next month. i think we them. my guess is we qualified for special election with about 1.7 million signatures as my estimate. >> so if the secretary of state does announce that the recall qualifies for the ballot that would then bring another hurdle for both campaigns that would then launch a 30 day time period petition for a recall could - actually have their signatures removed, but proponents of the recall say that they think they have enough signatures to where the governor would not be able to get enough removed to defeat the recall effort reporting lot of sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. thank you so much. ashley. >> and efforts to recall governor gavin newsome are
3:18 pm
gaining steam. and according to the latest poll, 40% of likely voters said that they would vote yes on removing newsome from office in a special election. kron 4 tahernia is live for us now here. and to not if this recall is successful, he will not be the first california governor to recalled. >> that's right. just enough efforts are successful. it would make governor newsome of the second california governor to be recalled former governor gray davis being the first. now it's interesting is that while this is the largest recall effort against governor newsome and the only one to get this far 5 other recall petitions were previously filed against the governor since he took office back in january 2019. now, earlier today i spoke with 4 governor gray davis about news is recalling talked about how it compares to his recall. back in 2000, 3 davis makes the distinction that his recall happened during energy crisis in the state. a new some of this happening during a global public health crisis. he also said that during his recall, the sitting president, president bush supported his
3:19 pm
recall whereas now the sitting president, president biden opposes new sums recall the 36 and you made has to do with the timing of nooses recall. >> as time goes on, more people be vaccinated or schools open. well, people be going back to work. and people feel better about themselves, their future. got there. the public health officials who have navigated through the process show time is on avenues side. >> now have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kronon which you can download for free in your app store. just seen. >> thank you so much. let's switch gears now and talk about that gorgeous weather once again as we take a live look outside here along the golden gate bridge. some places across the bay area are just downright warm today and meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is taking a look at the heat. yeah. we're tracking record breaking re possible record tying heat in the forecast just teen 10 to 15 degrees above average we're noticing crystal clear skies of smooth sailing out there right now for all of you
3:20 pm
boaters. >> sinking in and just soaking up that sunshine out there temperatures right now we're in the 70's and 80's. so a little bit toasty for most of our inland valleys fremont and 86 degrees. redwood city. also in the mid 80's with low 80's as you make your way into the north bay valleys like nap and santa rosa downtown san francisco at 70 degrees and overnight lows tonight. also going to be on the mild side just because of the warmer air mass currently in place 40's for the north bay valleys with low 50's as you make your way along the a bay area shoreline 52 degrees for downtown san francisco and oakland. >> and even antioch only cooling down into the mid 50's and your daytime highs tomorrow. we're going to be just as warm tomorrow for most of our inland valleys. but a little bit of a cool sea breeze will cool down temperatures just a bit along the coast. but still going to remain above average even for your thursday forecast mid to upper 70's along the bay area.
3:21 pm
san francisco peninsula coastline and widespread low to mid 80's as you make your way inland with san jose and santa rosa even avato as well. warming up to 83 degrees and don't forget, we do have our opener oakland a's taking on the houston astro's tomorrow night mild night in the mid 60's. for those of you in oakland. lucky enough to attend and pretty calm wind speeds as well. one of the most normal forecast i've had just seen in quite a while as things begin to open up here in california. but we are tracking a cool down and even rain arriving early this upcoming week. more on that in my next full forecast, as i time out the storm for april showers back to you. all right. looking forward to that. thank you. still ahead, about a year into the pandemic and all the shutdowns that came with it some california residents are still struggling. >> to get their unemployment benefits, how they're getting by and. >> if that money will ever arrive. and then after the break, let's play ball. the a's are getting ready to welcome back fans to the
3:22 pm
coliseum tomorrow. so what you need to know if you want to head to the ballpark this season.
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let's get you there. let's get to immunity. >> and this is exciting major league baseball's opening day is now just 24 hours away. and tomorrow night the a's will welcome fans back to the coliseum for the first time in a year and a half. the ballpark experience is going to be a little bit different. thanks to all the coronavirus restrictions, but it's still going to be fun. kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills is
3:25 pm
joining us now with everything you need to know before opening day and you get to go tomorrow to yes, i'm so excited. justine, i moved here during the pandemic. so i haven't really experienced baseball season here in the bay and it's so exciting. fans can finally watch games in person again. plus, the a's host the houston astros for their opening series. you may remember the stros ended the a's 20 20 season in the playoffs. so the a's have some getting even to do. and tomorrow should be a great one. plus. good weather. thanks mabrisa. as for what fans can expect this season. the ballpark experience is going to be a lot different right now. they're allowed to have up to 26% capacity at the coliseum and only california residents can buy tickets. the gates open an hour before first pitch and everything will be done on your phone. he'll enter using mobile tickets on the mlb app. and you also use that to order food and drinks. there will be limited offering so that are delivered to your seat. obviously everyone has to wear masks at the ballpark and even though won't be quite the same
3:26 pm
as years past general manager david forst says any fans will make a huge difference. >> this was at times a bit weird place to be last year i said this been in the ballpark with with nobody out there with the pipe in crowd noise. everything about it artificial. and i think getting 11,000 people in here tomorrow night is going to be a big sigh of relief for everybody to feel. you know how how normal that is, how it feels like being a game. so i don't want players are really looking forward it. >> first pitch is set for 7. '07, tomorrow night. the a's will host the stros through the weekend. now the giants start out the season on the road in seattle. their home opener set for next 8 next friday, rather april 9th, by the way, just in, you can also bring your own food and non alcoholic beverages into the ballpark this season non-alcoholic don't get any ideas, though. back to just some apple juice. stay hydrated right? >> alright, next here at 3.30,
3:27 pm
alameda county entered the orange tier today but not everyone is really comfortable with this idea will here the concerns and then we will go to minneapolis for the latest on the derek trial. what the cashier who took that counterfeit $20 bill from george floyd had to stay on the stand. and changes are coming. if you plan on hanging out at lake merritt. we'll see what will be different. stay with us. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan
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>> this weekend. enforcement of rules and regulations are returning to a popular lake in the east bay. kron four's has it tells us what we can expect when we go to lake merritt. >> you are looking at video of what a typical weekend looks like at lake merritt in oakland, a combination of lake lovers, food trucks and street and the late mary being the most popular park in oakland is just crowds like it's never seen think of an outdoor music festival happening every week at the scene continuing as it is has become of the terrible situation. >> now the city of oakland's directive into departmental operations. joe de vries explains. what is going to be different this weekend. but we're not going allow people to be sending out all or or some of the regulated and that's that's a safety issue. we are loans that when the trucks that have their license
3:31 pm
and that we know that it approved by the by the health but anybody just sets up a table start selling and they're pointing to greece and the lawn things like that. not going to allow. in fact, starting friday. folks at the lake will see the return of parking enforcement municipal code enforcement and traffic control. >> this this this lady right here wants to sit here and call the police on them for having a barbecue at the lake. >> the huge crowds at the lake started showing up back in 2019 in protest to the now infamous bbq. becky incident involving a white woman calling oakland police on a black family setting up a barbecue grill in a non permanent location 2 years later, the situation has become unbearable for some oakland residents who called in to this recent city council meeting. >> i remain concerned that is the focus is only on enforcement that forsman will be disproportionate to black people. i'm a black woman in my apartment overlooking the
3:32 pm
lake. >> i love our diverse community. i love seeing people who look like experiencing joy. and it's unlikely and until recently i was excited explore potentially buying a home here living here now. and i'm safe nightmare. has it made you kron 4 news. >> now to the south and covid or not outdoor dining will continue until the end of the year in san jose. the extension is a big help for restaurants which have been hit hard during the pandemic. the initiative was put together by mayor sam liccardo and councilmember dev davis last year. they say that the program has helped small businesses while giving the city energy and life. >> in make revenue right now, especially after a whole year. last really great. we know it's added a new vibrancy to our streets and sidewalks in our city and it's also added capacity to many of the restaurants again helping them to meet those critical. i've needs and to keep he pokes employed. >> since april of last year.
3:33 pm
the city has received 13 complaints about outdoor dining. and now that alameda county is in the state's orange tier businesses can serve more people indoors. that includes movie theaters which are now able to open up at 50% capacity alameda theater and cineplex has been closed for a year. but now has plans to reopen in the coming people me to say they're not quite comfortable, but the idea of watching a movie indoors on the big screen. i personally don't feel comfortable yet, but it's one of the things i miss most and i really hope that there a shutdown. so i would. >> for for donating at this point than going. >> i don't imagine going back to the movie theater until 2022 at the earliest. it's an enclosed space and i'm still not vaccinated. >> alameda county health officials want to remind people while things have been improving pandemic is not over just yet. so if you do plan on going to do anything that's inside. make sure you wear a
3:34 pm
mask even if you've been fully vaccinated or even half vaccinated. as for the alameda theater will soon be releasing its new safety protocols. now to national news and the trial of derek chauvin is now in its 3rd day so far jurors have heard from 10 people who witness george floyd's death. and today the cashier who took a counterfeit $20 bill from floyd that day testified about his demeanor minutes before that deadly encounter reporter kareen wynter brings us the very latest on the ongoing case. >> this teenage cashier, the prosecution's lead witness for most of the morning testified about taking a fake $20 bill from george floyd and trying to get him back into the store to resolve the issue. the prosecution played surveillance video from inside cup foods and outside the business as a teen christopher martin repeatedly tried to get floyd back into the stores. he sat in this black suv. >> inside the store. security footage captured floyd laughing and displaying behavior consistent with
3:35 pm
someone under the influence. according to martin who described floyd speech has delayed and slurred as he struggled to form his words speak on took him. >> a little long to get to what you're trying to say. so it would appear that he was high mine told the court he immediately noticed a counterfeit bill which had a blue pigment and that it was this incident that led to the police call word your children and other officers responded to the scene. >> winds of the store's policy was to dhaka workers pay for the cost of accepting fake bills. martin testified that he offered to pay the $20 to cover the purchase. but that is manager instructed him to go outside the store with other co-workers to confront. floyd said he felt guilt and disbelief as he watched in shock as floyd was transported away from the scene in an ambulance and expressed feelings of regret that if he hadn't accepted floyd's money, this could have been avoided. this witness also testified for the prosecution christopher bell friend who was sitting inside a car and witnessed floyd being taken into custody. he recorded the encounter and testified he saw
3:36 pm
officers draw their guns as they approached floyd's you can see floyd struggling with officers as they try to remove him from the suv. where else are >> i had a guy. on the door and pointed a gun at whoever was in the dryer. see the defense throughout the morning focused on floyd's behavior inside the store trying to paint him as someone who was acting a radically before being detained. >> as well as his attempts to use a counterfeit bill to purchase items children has been charged with murder and manslaughter in the 46 year. old's death. >> his legal team is part of their strategy is working to deflate the testimony from the prosecution's witnesses and to portray bystanders as an angry mob that further added to the chaos during those tense moments of floyd's arrest. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us this afternoon. we'll also have more on this trial coming up during kron 4 news at 05:06am, tonight. now also new today, the suspect who attacked an asian woman in new york city has now been arrested. police
3:37 pm
there say 38 year-old brandon elliott is expected to face multiple charges including assault as a hate crime. according to police elliott attacked a 65 year-old asian woman on monday morning and he told the victim you don't belong here. this is video of that attack. the state records show that elliott's stabbed his mother to death when he was 19 years old and he was sentenced to 15 years in prison but received parole in november of 2019. the victim has been discharged from the hospital and also to witnesses inside the building have now come under scrutiny for not coming to help the victim. let's take a live look outside right now as we talk about our weather forecast here is a beautiful shot of the san mateo bridge. hope people are trying to get somewhere to enjoy the beautiful day. feels like summer out there and there are some record breaking heat and meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is breaking it down for us. yeah. a lot of sunshine out there just seen.
3:38 pm
in fact, we don't usually see temperatures this warm until the end of april. not the end of march. so we're about a month ahead. very dry clear conditions. but. >> we're going to start cooling trend this weekend with rain arriving for the bay area. finally getting our first dose of april showers early monday morning scattered showers are most of your monday night and even into your tuesday morning. and then it's going to start to break apart with this storm beginning to exit the bay area by tuesday afternoon with drier conditions by tuesday night. now, according to this latest model run, we could see about half an inch of rain or less and slightly more mounds. for those of you the inland valleys of the east bay. >> and even for those of you in the south bay will take any drop we can get were under drought conditions and these warm temperatures even continuing through your thursday forecast. certainly not helping. but the good news is there is going to be a shot of rain monday through tuesday. after our dry easter sunday. so if you do have any
3:39 pm
plans for your spring break to head out. take advantage of this weekend or maybe even wednesday of next week when it starts to dry out. justine, back to you. thank you so much. >> much more coming up here at 3 president biden has now introduced his 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan where will this money go. and the roadblocks that this bill faces. then after the break on de is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars will tell you which models what's wrong with them and what you can do about it.
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>> for your running money. right now. honda is recalling over 628,000 cars in the u.s. to replace fuel pumps that can fail causing the engines to stall this recall includes o much of the honda and acura model lineup from 2018 to 2020, including the cr-v small suv and the 2019 civic coupe. honda says it has received no reports of any crashes or injuries owners will be notified by mail in late may and dealers will replace the fuel pumps for free. we have a full list of all the models involved in this recall on our website, kron 4 dot com. delta airlines has announced it will no longer be blocking off. middle seats come may. first. it's the last airline to lift the seating restrictions which were imposed by all carriers to how distance passengers during the pandemic. now that
3:43 pm
more people are getting vaccinated and starting to resume air travel airlines. all they need to use all those. a new seats. i'm their jets. still ahead, it's an ongoing headache. people still not receiving their unemployment benefits. how long one man said he have to wait. >> and just why that was the beginning of his problems.
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
3:46 pm
>> one year into the pandemic on some bay area. residents are still having trouble receiving their unemployment benefits problems with the edd is the website. there right off acting roughly 800,000 unemployed californians. and just last week the edd announced its having issues with its computer system that it's using the process. these unemployment claims. one man told us that it took about 3 months for him to start receiving his unemployment benefits. but it wasn't long before his account was suspended. he says so far he has not been paid in 3 weeks. >> it was on hold again saying that there were by something about a security air on dph said every time a logo along and try to certify or something. you just network will there be an error. i would get locked in my just trying to sign and few times.
3:47 pm
>> the agency's advice for people who are unable to certify their eligibility is simply. to keep trying while the website is being fixed. the edd says those delays could last through april. president biden says that his american recovery plan will help the economy recover from the pandemic. and today in pittsburgh, not our pittsburgh but pittsburgh, pennsylvania, biden announced the first part of his plan, an infrastructure plan that the administration says will add millions of jobs our washington correspondent alexandra le mon is joining us now live with details. good evening, alexandra. >> hi there. good evening. and president joe biden is calling this infrastructure package. the american jobs and because he does say it will add millions of new jobs. for example, in the clean energy and construction sectors. president joe biden wants to invest 2.3 trillion dollars in america's infrastructure. >> with about a quarter of the money going toward repairing
3:48 pm
transit systems to once in a generation investment. >> in america unlike anything we've seen or done. since we built interstate highway system in the space race decades ago. the plan will also invest hundreds of billions to make water system safer. expand broadband access and increase affordable housing. the president is also calling for significant investments in clean energy. >> dedicating 100 billion dollars to modernizing the nation's power grid and making it more resilient to climate disasters and the plan invests in charging stations to help shift the nation to electric cars. senator chuck schumer says all of that will create millions of new jobs. every community, large and small, rural suburban and urban will benefit. >> from this robust american jobs plan. washington democrats have lost their mind. but the biggest challenge for president biden will be getting republicans like missouri congressman jason smith on board with the price tag after the government
3:49 pm
already spent trillions on pandemic relief bills just within the last year that comes to a total combined spending of 10 trillion dollars and all of it's being paid for by the largest tax increase in the history of the united states. >> and the president's proposed tax increases would actually undo some of the tax cuts to corporations and some of the richest americans that republicans approved in 2017 live in washington. alexandra le mon so alex, the president has couple different layers to the plan. what's of the second part of the recovery plan look like. >> well, president biden touched on that just a bit today saying a big announcement on that second second part will come in a few weeks. but we expect that it will touch on health care and education issues. for example, proposals. >> to extent preschool for free to everyone as well as some form of free college. >> alex, thank you so much.
3:50 pm
bay area. congressman john garamendi is a senior member of the house transportation and infrastructure committee. and earlier today he spoke with us about how the president's plan will benefit. the bay area. >> well, the benny specific projects in the bay area that i spent some time and solano county talking about infrastructure projects on interstate 85. '05. infrastructure projects. i in the bay area. we do know that there will be lot about me. but the systems we're talking, but we're talking buses were talking about electrification, the purchase of electric buses. the changing of the electrical grid. so that weekend i distribute the appropriate renewable energy that we can cure rate must created california. >> congressman garamendi also said that the bill will include money to update california's water system to help the state recycle water during a drought. here's
3:51 pm
what's just enough to the kron 4 news room shipments of the johnson and johnson vaccine have been stopped after 15 million doses were ruined because of a human error. the fda is now investigating the situation that happened at a plant in baltimore. and according to the new york times employees mixed up ingredients, johnson and johnson released a statement saying a batch of the vaccine did not meet quality standards. the vaccine doses that have already been shipped were not impacted by this error. but future shipments have now been stopped. johnson and johnson says it still plans on safely delivering all additional 24 million single shot vaccine doses through april. we'll have more details on the story on our website. kron 4 dot com. still ahead here, teens in vermont are hanging out at the mall 5 days a week, but they're allowed to they have a good reason. >> why a big department store has transformed into their school.
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
>> instead of shopping at the mall. some teenagers in vermont are now attending high school there at a macy's store burlington high school was closed in august due to the discovery of toxic chemicals in the building students. what remote during part of the pandemic. but an in person option was needed. so the principal decided to move the
3:55 pm
school into the vacant macy's department store so escalators take the kids to and from their makeshift classrooms. there's some remnants of the store that remain like calvin klein and michael course signs the library is also housed in the former macy's china department. but everyone is makiag the best of the situation. i come here for shopping with my family to buy a coat from l l bean. >> but yeah, never really spent this much time. >> in them all. my parents and i to come here like almost like every other day we shop, but now coming to school here can be a little crazy there like a lot of teachers says the water like fully up into the ceiling. but all in all, i'm getting used to. >> for now the district has leased the building for 3 and a half years and tell us determine what they need to do to get the school ready for students. let's check this out right now because some beautiful pictures of the cherry blossoms in full bloom in japan, peak. bloom was reached on saturday, which is the earliest it's ever been
3:56 pm
recorded and the records po all the way back to the year 812 that 1812, 812 experts believe that the earlier bloom is likely due to global warming, but that is really pretty. and before we head off here on kron 4 news at 3. we're going to check in one more time with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez gorgeous summer like weather the past couple days. but i know things are going to start to trend a little bit cooler. so i want to enjoy it ghile we still can. and we still have one more day justine so enjoy your thursday afternoon forecast upper 70's for downtown san francisco in golden gate park. >> still going to remain about 5 to 15 degrees above average for most bay area cities a little bit cooler along the coast. but mid 70's for those of you at half moon bay unfortunately, wind speeds just about 10 miles per hour or less. but we are going to see more of a westerly flow as that cool sea breeze returns to the bay area coastline. millbrae and burlingame 77 degrees with low 80's for
3:57 pm
foster city and san mateo, even mountain view in the low 80's. but mid 80's for most of the south bay 83 degrees for san jose and milpitas 85 degrees for your thursday afternoon. highs with the low 80's for dublin and livermore. 80 degrees for hayward, 70 degrees for those of you in berkeley and 82 degrees of peace for concord and walnut creek with low to mid 80's continuing for most of the north bay napa, 80 degrees and a bottle 83 degrees for your afternoon high. so enjoy. >> thank you so much. debris. some that wraps up kron 4 news at 3. thank you for joining us. i'm justine waldman and we'll see you back here tomorrow. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior,
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