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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  March 30, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us. with the kron 4 morning news radio harvey. >> it's to jay tuesday, march 30th. let's start this morning with a check of weather with john stray. well, john, we're just a day away from april in march. where did it go with it's gone yeah, definitely some changes just around the corner rain and not just the month but also. >> the weather switching things up as we work our way towards the finish this month and eventually the start of april just around the corner. it does feel weird to be saying that. as for our view
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outside berkeley right here. skies are nice and crystal clear. we aren't seeing any fog this morning unlike yesterday where it was low cloud cover and fog hovering across much of the bay area this morning. we are off to a very clear start blame part of that on the wind. it's an offshore wind again out of the north and it's especially breezy for our northern reaches of the bay area, especially our northern mountains as well as right along the coastline, we're actually in the midst of wind advisories for much of the bay area until 10:00am this morning due to these breezy conditions radar right now shows you conditions out there nice and clear. we're going to be holding on to clear skies. well through the course of your morning ahead of us. so that is definitely a nice little note to today's forecast. current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. a lot of our sensors are not reporting this morning. but many of those areas that you're not seeing on the map are hovering in the 3rd of the 40's and those 30's in the north bay as you're seeing such as in napa, novato in petaluma at 3739 degrees currently, as we work our way into the afternoon day. time highs rise into the 60's at
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the coast 70's by the bay and you're seeing it right. 80's for our inland areas. we are warming up and getting only warmer into tomorrow and thursday. i've got the updates on that. still to come in your forecast back to to tom, thank you for that. all right. as you're waking up the roads this morning. let's get a look. >> at your traffic here. heading from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit. everything looks clear under 11 minutes for your drive time. yesterday. we had some hot spots. i'm not tracking any of those at this moment. and again, let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula there on 11 minutes for your drive time. we're going continue to keep an eye on your roadways this morning. make sure you drive safe and also let's get a look at the golden gate bridge heading into the city. i don't see any fog advisories. we had one the other day. again, just drive safe. have more on that coming up next. for now, back to the news. a developing story this
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morning. a hit and run investigation is underway in san francisco following 2 big weekend site shows that got dangerous and out of control. kron four's dan thorn has the latest. >> a massive sideshows take over san francisco street. this video from 13th in folsom under the one o one overpass shows cars whipping around burning rubber doughnuts and getting dangerously close to spectators. the mission district saw drivers performing stunts as well this saturday night sideshow breaking out at 24th in mission. 4 people were struck by a car and police say the driver took off. >> my immediate reaction. >> i just felt awful. honestly. >> chameleon mahlich and works at a coffee shop on 24th just a block away from where the sideshow happened. she says these social gatherings can be exciting, but they can also be dangerous. >> i chose themselves. they are obviously really dangerous. you don't want
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we're getting hurt. >> others tell us these events are part of the culture and away the expression in the bay area. spectators and participants should understand injuries can happen that people had to be good for to hit and run investigation is underway after the 4 injured men were taken to the hospital. >> police say they'll continue to crack down on these illegal demonstrations. reporting in san francisco. dan born kron 4 news. >> happening today. the oakland unified school district will resume in person learning it will feel very different for students and parents among the changes. a new daily health screening. families will have to fill out a questionnaire every day to confirm the student is not at risk. spreading covid-19 pence will have to drop their children off at the gate and everyone will see that new safety measures in place throughout the campus. >> we have to spacing. going to be wearing mask as cleaning happening just so all the things that you see in school or going to little bit
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different. but education is still going to continue. >> not all students in the district are returning today. it will only be pre k through second grade. also priority students in the 3rd through 12th grade and students in the district's young adult program. san mateo county fair officials say the fair is coming back this summer regardless of tier status. they're getting ready to host the fear grand kron four's. amanda hari spoke to officials about how they plan to keep people safe. >> mateo county fair officials tell me they've been planning this pair since october. they say it's more difficult than repairing for traditional fare because they don't know what kind of issues they may run into to the fair. the first weekend of june. n. this fairgrounds will be transformed. this is video from the last san mateo county fair back in june of 2019 fair operations manager justin
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aquino says the theme is where tradition meets innovation and they plan to get innovative with the way the fair will operate with the orange. hue fireman is 25% capacity. >> which will follow you move up to go by june. we'll go to 35%. the governor announced agreed here with no guidelines yet. we announced a new color which psyche know also says if cases go back up there, prepare. >> lower capacity for the red tier or move to a drive-thru option. if the county is in the purple regardless safety will be a top priority in our currency. we will be asking 3 on health questions before entering the fair. >> we will be doing temperature checks along the way. we are implementing time and see model which will maximize the number of people on property one eye to ensure that we are practicing social distancing. >> i want all people feel comfortable up there, but they hope in some ways things will feel familiar. >> the thrills of the carnival
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rides. >> the smell of the food. the touch of know keno also says that many of people's favorite vendors will be open with many of them, they are very excited. the fair will be closed on monday. june 7th and tuesday. june 8 on told this would look fishel some flexibility, whether that's to some santizing or just just the way the fair is operating in san mateo county. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> as schools and many other aspects of our lives. slowly reopen the head of the centers for disease control and prevention is begging americans village vigilant in the fight against covid-19 with new covid cases rising across the country. there could be a 4th surge. kron four's, kelly, talk to local infectious disease experts about what we need to do to try to avoid it. >> across the country. there's been a steady rise in
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coronavirus cases. the u.s. now clocking roughly 60,000 positive cases a day at a virtual white house briefing this morning. the head of the cdc begged americans not to let their guard down yet. >> and i'm going to reflect on feeling. i have of impending it. we have so much to look forward to so much promise and potential of where we are and so much reason for hope right now. i'm scared. >> ucsf. infectious disease expert doctor george rutherford says the uptick in cases is happening more in new england and the mid-atlantic but says the flocking of spring breakers to florida is concerning florida, by the way, has the greatest number of the uk variants of any state in the country. >> and what happens when all those kids go back and dispersed across college campuses all over the east and south and midwest. what's going to happen with all that. but it does have the potential for for spreading. stuff around again and feeding a 4th
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search. >> he expects the increase in vaccinations and naturally occurring immunity will keep a potential 4th search from being as big as previous surges and so far he says we're not seeing any signs of this in california or much of the west. but just understand. >> the travel is problematic and there are parts of the country where there is ongoing transmission. there's ongoing transmission variance. and i think people need to be careful and really think twice around here as we enter the spring holidays. >> that said s f o clock the busiest 2 days since the pandemic on friday and sunday with over 24,000 passengers departing each day, which is still far below pre-pandemic travel levels. >> nonessential travel is still discouraged and it's recommended that anyone who leaves the state quarantine for 10 days once they come home. maureen. kelly kron 4 news. >> and everyone is encouraged
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to get any sort of vaccine possible. so herd immunity can be reached. not everyone feels safe doing so. in fact, the number of americans refusing to be vaccinated is growing with concerns growing about variants. spreading. doctors say getting covid-19 is still very real threat. >> as a doctor. i don't want to force people to get the vaccination vaccination. my job is to help people make a decision. that's right for them, right for the people that they love and care about. i really don't see a lot of evidence that there's major safety concerns with this vaccine. yeah, you're likely to feel kind of bad often after you get a second dose of the 2 dose vaccines in the first one of the one dose. but she will be taking a really important step to protect the family and to protect the people you care about. >> the doctor adds the data shows upwards of 50 million have been vaccinated and no one has died from getting the vaccine. coming up on the kron 4 morning news to our men tried rob a taco truck in the middle of the day. happened
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and what scares them off. plus a fear of side effects is preventing some people from getting a covid-19 vaccine. how local doctors are trying to combat those concerns. and after the break, president joe biden is speeding up efforts to get more shots and american arms as the number of covid-19 cases shoots to record highs. we'll have a live report from washington. up next.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, a raid on harvey lets get another check of weather this morning with john shrable john yesterday. it was so nice. i had to go outside, had to run at it breathe in the fresh air. hopefully you get to at home rainy. you've been working out too much well, you know what, we need some rainy days of that rain has an excuse to take it easy because it really has been enjoying it out there. a lot. >> and i definitely hope you have as well. i got out there for a little bit myself and i made sure to bring the sunscreen this time. you look outside at the mount tam cam right here. it shows you clear skies overall looking down from mount tam at the bay bridge they're not seeing any fog this morning. nice way to kick things off as we work our
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way on into your tuesday morning unlike yesterday where we're starting things off with some cloud cover and a pretty noticeable on shore breeze. we serve trade that in for a very dry offshore wind. it's back to those northerly winds pushing right on into the bay. this is going to help to warm things up today and keep fog pushed away from the coast. so quite the change of pace from yesterday. you see winds out of the north right now. fairfield napa and half moon bay among our windiest spots at the moment. we actually do have a slew of high wind advisories in effect across the bay area on until 10:00am this morning. i'll step out of the way. just 4 seconds. you can get the full picture solano county. upper elevations of napa sonoma and marin counties right along the coast in san mateo and santa cruz counties. and then the upper elevations across east bay counties to all being affected by these wind advisories. again, these in effect until 10:00am this morning after which point we really should start to see those northerly winds beginning to ease just a windy start to your tuesday ahead of
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us skies abundantly sunny. and we are going to stay that way on into tomorrow to not seeing anything here on futurecast just a little bit of cloud cover way off shore out there. bay area just staying nice and clear all the way out to the coastline now wednesday and thursday are actually going to be even warmer days than today's about to be. these are going to be the warmest days of the year so far. and today a lead up to that warmer than yesterday for sure with highs back into the mid 70's for mission in financial districts of san francisco, daly city right at 71 happen bay at 69 today. well, back into the 70's as well for brisbane through san bruno down to burlingame. as for temperatures further south of the peninsula foster city, san carlos in redwood city each at 77 south bay temps just shy of 80 for san jose milpitas, santa clara campbell in morgan hill. well, in the east bay also range of mostly upper 70's hayward at 78 oakland there, too. a random got walnut creek a few of her spots actually in the 80's today. vacaville and fairfield at 81 degrees each while
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petaluma and nevado joining us in the 80's as well. now tomorrow and thursday i mentioned our warmest of days in this forecast and of the year up to this point. we are ending march an beginning april on a very summery know friday. we begin to cool down. you'll see the return of some marine layer. and that's going to have a noticeable effect, especially near the coastline. and by sunday and monday of next week. it's back to the 60's started actually feel like spring again. and we will see a chance of rainfall increasing for monday on into next week. back to you. ray. to loud. i can't leave 80 degrees today. well. >> as you hit the road. we're keeping a close eye on your commute for you this morning about 11 minutes for you to make it to that fremont street exit again, traffic is light at the limit as you head across the bay bridge. i'm not seen any indication of any high wind advisories. also the san mateo retain across towards the peninsula there under 11 minutes, you start to pick up just a bit. we'll have more on this coming up next. but for now, back to the news.
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roughly 250 more migrant girls arrive in san diego monday. the unaccompanied girls ages 13 to 17 are being held in the city's convention center reporter jamie chambers brings us that story. >> these are the young immigrant women today. briefly leaving their temporary home at the convention center as officials continue to organize the longer term plans for the migrant girls. we welcome in their language. >> make sure that they sit down. we give them something to eat supervisor. nora vargas says it's been an emotional process for these girls ranging from ages 13 to 17 they some of kindness most humble. >> young ladies are very grateful that people are looking out for them. you know, they're in a place where they don't ask for anything. mayor of san diego. todd gloria also toured the facility and says he understands people want to volunteer, but that it's going to take some time to set up before donations and direct assistance. >> we'll be in need. everyone universal said these girls are
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so well behaved. and i will attest to that problem. 500 girls under one it was very quiet. it was very they great guests with so many san diego's offering assistance and support the city and the county is setting up a portal for locals to welcome the children to the city and that makes supervisor nora vargas said i'm an american. i'm proud to be a san diego in. >> president joe biden is warning the war against covid-19 is far from won. biden is urging governors and mayors to keep mask mandate. the wait to reopen businesses as the u.s. reaches 30 million covid-19 cases. kelli meyer has the latest for us from washington. good morning, kelly. >> good morning. will federal officials say while there is hope there is still plenty to be concerned about daily cases are growing in 30 states and here in dc the white house is doubling down on efforts to keep the numbers under control.
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>> we need to go faster. president joe biden is speeding up efforts to get more shots in american arms as the number of covid-19 cases begin to rebound with cases rising again. new variants are spreading. the president says 90% of american adults will be eligible for the covid-19 vaccine by april 19th and that there will be vaccination sites within 5 miles of 90% of all americans by growing to having 17,000 pharmacies given out. >> vaccination shots to nearly 40,000 pharmacies. so much reason for hope. >> right now. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky warned of impending doom. if the country keeps on its current track she's asking americans to limit travel and his warning governors against reopening too fast. now is one of those times when i have to share and i have to hope and trust will listen. the
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president is also urging local leaders to keep mask mandates in place and telling states to wait to reopen businesses. >> help for businesses is set to be extended later this afternoon as president biden signs the paycheck protection program extensihn act into law. >> thank you for that, kelli. now i have a question what steps are the white house taking to get 90% of americans eligible for that vaccine. >> president biden says they are doubling the number of pharmacies that will be able to give vaccinations. he also says they're adding 12 federally run mass vaccination sites. he says every day. 10's of thousands of people can drive up and get their shot in less than an hour. he also says over 60% of the shots are given to minorities because these are in minority communities. he also says they are sending aid to states to expand community vaccination sites. thank you for that, kelly. >> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news from
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travel to large gatherings when covid safe idea is gaining momentum to tell who has been vaccinated. we're going to have those details coming up next. as more parts
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of the country and the world begin to return to some kind of normal. >> after the pandemic. one idea is being suggestet that could make it easier to tell who's been vaccinated. it's called a vaccine passport. it would provide proof that someone has been fully vaccinated or even has positive antibodies from a previous infection. some countries are urging some counties are experimenting with the idea right here in the bay area. supporters say the past 4 would help people return back to a pre pandemic. life not everyone is on board. in fact, experts our finding that people seem to be split down the middle on the matter. >> and it's quite striking opinion is really divided almost exactly 50 to 50. and it's not divided than the usual. why. it's not political lines race lines or rich paul lines. it just does so we'll be following disagreement just different perspectives here. and so i think that's going to make difficult for these programs to be popular. i think going to be difficult
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for the government to get heavily involved here because a good part of the electorate is going to be upset about this. >> he says with so much else happening on capitol hill. it hasn't received much traction. president joe biden has been vocal in his support of the idea while some governors are not florida governor ron desantis even saying he will issue an executive order banning them. our coverage of the covid vaccine continues on our website at kron 4 dot com. we have information about the vaccine, including how to get signed up. if you don't already have an appointment. we'll be right back after the break. welcome back to the
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kron 00:00am morning news, harvey. we have to get another check of weather this morning with john's raible because time did you say this? and i hear this correctly. we're going to the 80's today for some spots. that's what it's looking like definitely going to be a warm one and easily. >> one of the warmest one of the year so far and temperatures tomorrow and thursday are actually expected to be warmer than today. so here we go. feeling a bit like summer as we round out march on a very atypical note for the month looking outside right now we are seeing conditions out there at the
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coast. nice unclear part of the reason for that is actually a pretty strong wind from the north. that's pushing any fog way away from the coastline this morning. podcast is pretty empty visibility is at its max across the bay futurecast wind gust showing you exactly why that is. it's a strong northerly winds keeping fog away from the coast and keeping things pretty dry and warm across the bay today. winds will be most significant for northern neighbors, especially in the mountains of the north bay and wind advisories will expire today at 10:00am after which point still breezy at times but not near as windy as we are to start this morning. radar shows you those clear skies as well. no chances of rainfall ahead today. and even though a lot of our sensors are out of here on your temperature map. you can see that most of the day is hanging out in the 40's with san francisco at 52 and in parts of the north bay actually down in the 30's like petaluma nevado each at 37 degrees right now. i'm talking the rest of your forecast and what to expect as we work our way into the middle of the week all still to come, reyna.


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