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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  March 29, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news, 4. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on the kron 00:00am morning news today is monday, march 29th the few more days will be in april. i'm reyna harvey. let's start this morning with a check of weather with john shrable. >> john, did you get a chance to see the moon last night was pretty for. no, i didn't get to see it last night. i know that it's very full right now. we've been seeing that moon expanding the past few days at least the lighting on it during your evening. hours. so definitely kept things a little bit brighter last night. even if they were when one of those fog year spots. you probably saw some moonlight tearing through that fog at least just a little
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bit. speaking of the fog this morning. you're not seeing any of it. and san francisco at the moment, we saw that stream of fog pushing right through the city last night. but it hasn't really been seeing. really blocking out your visibility so far this morning, current winds fairfield the breezy a spot we saw generous on shore win last night which help to push in that fog and marine air cooling us off into the evening hours and we're actually going to feel the impact of that into today, too, with temperatures. a little cooler than we were over such a warm weekend fog cast. things are looking all right. as far as visibility goes expect some lower visibility in pockets like in livermore at times this morning. otherwise, though it should be a pretty smooth commute into work as much. that fog is actually lifted in this now sitting right above the bay itself. radar shows those clear skies as well. we're not going to be looking at any chances of rain, this workweek. so it's off to another dry week ahead of us. 40's and 50's for current temps berkeley at 47 oakland. 45 conquered in pittsburgh in the 50's while san matteo at
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46 degrees right now. temperatures compared to yesterday. not all that much different. we're starting off the morning. pretty similar as to what we did for your sunday morning, 30's and 40's. maybe we're starting the day, but 60's and 70's is where will be ending it talking about a week that's actually going to bring quite a lot of changes for us all drive. this change is for you in the rest of your forecast. still to come back to you right now. >> john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at what's going on on the roads today as you head into the city right now under 11 minutes for drive time in the air as you head to the fremont street exit. we actually have a high wind advisory for our next bridge. the san mateo bridge. let's get a look at that very windy this morning. you want to take a time as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. there under 10 minutes for your drive time there. we also have another high wind advisory on the venetian martinez bridge. so again, you want to drive pretty slow as you commute there. let's get a look at the golden gate bridge right now. they have a fog advisory
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issued there. however, from our angle. it looks pretty clear. soaring into new keeping a close eye on that. you want to be cautious and drive safely have more on your commute coming up next. but for now, back to the news. we begin this morning in the east bay where a group of middle school students organized a rally that brought in hundreds of demonstrators kron four's gayle ong spent the day in berkeley and learn how their actions are now inspiring change. >> the violence and hate incidents against asian americans since the start of the pandemic inspired this event and it drew hundreds of people. >> and. these demonstrators had enough with a violent end up with the hate. they are saying no war. we isn't new. >> and we know what happens here in the bay area. >> if you're living on a fixed, what is happening in the world. little by little and most importantly together
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hundreds gathered at aquatic park in berkeley sunday afternoon to support the asian-american community. >> the movement against violence park since the pandemic in high end after fatal attacks in the bay area. and nationwide think that the atlanta shooting really brought this more into the spotlight smaller things have been happening that you don't hear as much. but then suddenly it's being broadcast everywhere and everyone everybody understands how big of an issue that i think that really like the event put together by local 7th graders. >> 12 year-old mina is one of the organizers. she says her mother who is asian was purposely coughed on last year. it was like, yeah, like we're we feel like we're in a bubble here in and we're really not happens all the time. their message society has to change and the focus has to they just keep getting worse and worse. and i care about kids to cell. others who
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are afraid leave their this is nothing, though. >> think a lot of our communities of experience, white supremacy, systemic racism. generation that the so you can kind excluding to the creation of time. i don't think that a law after each speaker took the stage, everyone carried signs and posters and march down to help make their voices heard. this is nice to come with the community that will support us. >> i think it's awesome that we're all here trying to stop the hate and stand up against it. well, the organizers certainly got the attention of city council members and groups. the hope is to raise more youth voices. >> in berkeley. gayle ong kron 4 news. happening today. students and a number of bay area. schools are set to return. >> back to campus to resume in person learning sandra fell city or to in class learning 5 days a week for all students students are going to be classroom for about 4 and a half hours a day. the district has been on a hybrid model since about november. 3rd
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through 12th graders in mount diablo unified schools. we'll also have the option of returning to campus today pre k through 12 second graders were welcome back. on thursday. the district is implementing a hybrid model of learning castro unified school will also into the 3rd phase of its reopening plan. 3rd through 5th graders will be allowed back on saturday are back on campus today. the district is looking to bring all grades back under a hybrid model by april 12 full-time in person instruction could happen by august. berkeley, unified students in preschool transition kindergarten and kate, 12 grade levels can also return back to campus starting today. we have all the details on history. openings on our website at kron 4 dot com. bay area restaurants have been able to increase their indoor dining capacity as more counties move into the orange tier. but some health experts are cautioning against 8 inside. but one bay area.
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doctors offering some tips. if you choose to in dorne dine. take a listen to keep the windows open. the doors yeah. yeah. it's a group you >> depending upon how nation works in that particular room. >> if you have really good airflow with multiple air exchanges meeting. the air is being exchange. many terms of the hour. >> doctors want to remind people even after you're fully vaccinated, it's important to continue to wear masks and take precautions while a vaccine will protect you from getting severe. covid symptoms. you can still be a carrier of the virus and pass it on to someone who is more vulnerable. for your help this morning. more than 91 million americans have gotten at least their first dose of that covid vaccine comes out to about a 3rd of everyone in the country. it's raising the hope of a more relaxed summer that could even let some kids attend in person camps. >> we get into the summer and you have a considerable percentage of the of the
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population vaccinated and the level in the community gets below that plateau. that's worry me and my colleagues in public health. it is conceivable that you have a good degree of flexibility during the summit. even with the children. >> doctor anthony fauci says we need to make sure cases go down and vaccinations continue to increase before sending kids to summer camp. he says it's important that the unvaccinated kids continue safety measures went out in the community, even if the adults in their lives are vaccinated. doctor fauci has previously said young children likely won't be vaccinated until next year. happening today, president biden will deliver a speech to update the nation on the white house vaccination efforts. the speech comes as covid-19 infections are now rising after nearly 3 months of declines. our washington, dc correspondent raquel martin brings us that story. >> i remain deeply concerned about this place. hey, this
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moment very seriously on sunday's face. the nation cdc director rochelle walensky and doctor anthony fauci warned americans. a new spike in covid-19 infections could wipe out vaccine success. well, you know, the variance playing a part, but it is not completely the variance fauci blame spring breakers and states prematurely easing covid-19 restrictions for the uptick, although nearly one in 5 adults are now vaccinated. he says the country is still seeing an average of 50,000 new cases a day when up to 60,000 the other day. and that's really a risk. we've seen that in our own country. and that's exactly what's happened in europe and we don't want to see that. >> fauci is urging americans not to travel in abide by cdc guidelines to ensure a return to normalcy by the summer. what's what's going to rock sunday. president biden said he too, is concerned apparently people are letting their guard down. president
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biden says he plans to meet with his public health team monday to learn more about the uptick in the meantime, his administration is putting vaccine distribution into high gear promising to double his goal of getting 100 million vaccine shots into arms by next month. i know it's ambitious. president biden will deliver an update on the white house covid-19 response later monday. that was raquel martin reporting for us this morning. also happening this week the president will deliver a second speech this time in pittsburgh. >> where he will likely unveil details about his administration's next agenda. item a trillion dollar plan designed to improve infrastructure and expand obama care and child tax credit for families. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. how one bay area group is working to keep asian singer safe. >> amid rising anti asian violence. and san francisco launches a new vaccine clinic aiming to get doses to underserved communities. plus
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2 businesses on the same block. burglarized multiple times in a short period of time. how the robbers got in and what the owners are doing to try and stop them. we'll have those stories and more coming up after the break. a
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number of volunteers, including san mateo county supervisor dave >> spent his weekend picking up face mask and other personal protective equipment. that is then washing up on shore in huge numbers. other groups across the bay area reports similar scenes. they say the number of masks and other ppe washing up on bay area beaches. he is rising. well, thanks for joining us on the kron 4 morning news. i'm right harvey lets get another check of weather this morning with john shrable. john, the weather was so nice this weekend. how long are we going to have temperatures in the 70's 60's so long as it's going we've got a bit of an up and down this week know which may be keeping a few of us on her feet. >> because yes, we saw such a nice warm weekend yesterday daytime highs were close to 80 degrees for many spots and all that sunshine was certainly
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something i think a lot of people enjoyed, which is good. we were actually out there picking up those masks at the beach. definitely nice to see that people are on top of that. you look outside of your mount tam cam right here showing you some clear skies, at least from this perspective this morning. if you're closer to the coast late yesterday you saw that fog streaming back in marine layer scooting right back into the bay. that's actually going to keep us a bit cooler out there today. so temperatures already today showing a difference from where we were over the weekend we were so warm this weekend. we do have good visibility this morning. little bit of low cloud cover hovering overhead and overall, much more mild day today as we do look at marine layer, pushing right back inland across the bay area. pretty a generous marine layer actually pushing on in this morning all the way into the delta. this is going to keep temperatures nice and ocean. cooled. unlike yesterday when we just saw temperatures soaring. so today's daytime highs as much as 10 degrees cooler in some spots than where we were for your sunday futurecast shows are dry skies today. and guess
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what, that's not going to be changing today nor into tomorrow nor into the middle of the week skies remain dry as we work our way all the way into the start of april the 1st day of the new month on into thursday of this week as far as temperatures go today. i mentioned it's going to be a little bit cooler daytime highs in the 60's for san francisco and 50's and 60's right along the pacific shoreline millbrae 63 degrees brisbane 62 today while foster city and san mateo each at 67 mountain view or for 70 on this map. first of many s especially across the south bay san jose. you will be at 72 today while fremont union city hayward as well as the tri valley all at 70 degrees. oakland upper 60's at 69 while walnut creek and conquered each of 73 the 72 for your daytime. high will vacaville and fairfield 2 of our very warmest of spots still in the mid 70's at 74. now, i mentioned we will be a bit cooler today. but look at where we're heading towards the middle of the week.
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weather definitely keeping us on our toes as we work our way through this forecast because there's a lot of movement in temperatures highs in the mid 80's at our warmest by wednesday and thursday. this even warmer than where we were over the weekend. we begin to cool down on into next weekend with highs falling back into the 70's friday and look at that. finally a chance of rain fall into the latter part of next week or rather the latter part of the weekend early next week towards sunday with a chance of showers all over again. right now. >> john, thank you for that. all right. let's go and get a look at your bridges right now. the bay bridge heading into the city to the fremont sing exit on a monday morning. things are starting to pick up your still under 10 minutes to that fremont street exit no high wind advisories for the bay ridge for you. there. there is a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. and you can see traffic starting to make their way is a hit across towards the peninsula. there still under 11 minutes. but you want to give yourself more time. we no longer have a high wind advisory for the to than the benicia bridge. we had that one earlier. that one
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is not there any longer, but let's also get a look at the golden gate bridge for you now. we also have a fog advisory that i see that is issued before. looking at here. i don't see any fog. so we'll keep a close eye on that report from chp, whatever you do drive safe because there may be pockets that we can see from this camera angle. we'll have more on this coming up next. but for now, back to the news. we'll take a look at this. these were caught on camera burglarizing a restaurant in san francisco's inner sunset district. this happened friday at lou sheet, ar rahman, the owner says these got away with items worth a couple $1000 this is the 3rd time this has happened within a year. the owner tells us he's barely hanging on as sales took a hit from the pandemic. he says it may be time to permanently. closes burglars continue to hit the honorable small businesses. >> we're very surviving. you know, going to just one employee. my wife and i are here to to to so that, you
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know, we kind menthol. >> and then on top of that, then this happens and i don't know if i, you know, can continue. >> the method. these these used for the exact same as this burglar a couple of blocks away at pineapple king bakery on irving street. this happened last week in both instances. these avoid breaking the front doors and instead used a top window to get inside. and east bay community is rallying around an ice cream vendor after he was attacked and robbed while on the job force. dan thorn talked with the man and his neighbors who are helping him get back on his feet. >> look at how they lift our people ya the rug them a random over as card over neighborhood. ice cream man is attacked and robbed in oakland. this video shot by a concerned neighbor shows the car smashed apart and the victim left shaken. the first shock was just seeing him like, oh, that's our
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neighborhood. ice pollack you know, case of money. want to thank you and you know, he says he took the video and shared these pictures to get the word out about what happened. victim, hector hernandez. pitino says he was pushing his cart along harper street and crosby avenue. friday afternoon when 3 men jumped out of their car, demanded ice cream and then smashed their car into his car to look at the seattle that don't know nc mother is a movements end people. department is an immigrant from mexico and he says he's been working as a for more than a decade during the attack. his back was injured. but the real pain he says is losing his livelihood. they don't left them without a court. how he going to work. now. >> after sharing this video on social media. you know, he says his followers are rallying behind pitino to get him back on his feet. more than $10,000 in donations have poured in from all over the country job. he says these community members need to be
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protected. we got to take care of them as much as we will take care of our own family ice cream accor man, whatever it is, you know, we've got to take care of them. this our job is our job to take care of. >> reporting in oakland. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> coming up next with kron 4 morning news after the break. president biden is getting ready to unveil his infrastructure plan and not everybody is happy with the proposals.
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>> in national news. president biden is set to unveil his infrastructure plan this week. the administration is working on finalizing a plan that would cost trillions of dollars to help fix roads and bridges. but it could end up costing taxpayers money. rick chambers has that story. >> the infrastructure status quo as a threat to our collective future that's transportation secretary pete buttigieg telling a congressional committee. >> that now is the time to invest in the nation's infrastructure across the country. we face a trillion dollar backlog of needed repairs and improvements with.
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>> hundreds of billions of dollars in good projects already in the pipeline. keep in mind that more than 230,000 of our bridges are in need of repair. and the country's highway system is falling apart. >> one in 5 miles of our highways and major roads are in poor condition. that's a 186,000 miles of highway. >> so to pay for a trillion dollars or more and refurbishing the biden administration is now suggesting a mileage tax a tax on how much you i think it would be great because some people that don't drive that much. and then you pay too much on insurance. i don't try to make my car. >> i may be dry. less 5,000 miles per year. so that would be good for you for me, but maybe for orders, not with the electric car growing in popularity and the gas tax just insufficient a user pay tax may be next. but some see it as just another way for uncle sam to get into your pocket. german teen from work.
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i personally don't german that you put my mom does. and she were to drive. per mile and paper tax on those miles. is this a out of pocket. they get it in other ways. that is just 1. one more thing for them to, you know. >> texas. and this is not the one. >> that was rick chambers reporting for us this morning. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news johnson and johnson works to get more vaccine doses out the door. we're going take a look at how its distribution plan is going. welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news radar view. let's get another check weather this morning with john stray bullet because if you're like me and enjoyed the weather this weekend. maybe you're hoping john has good news that will be around for the rest of the week. fingers. yeah. you're not seeing on camera right now. but i do get a little bit of a sunburn going on and they have enjoyed. >> that sunshine a bit too much this weekend. hopefully you did indeed get a chance to get out there. it was nice. all address the bay area. and guess what? we've got more nice weather ahead of us. this week's weather is a bit of an up and down and today is actually one of those down moments. worst thing a cool down ahead of us as we work our way on into your monday afternoon. not enough to keep you inside, but you will notice a cooler feel to it. as you venture out there. you're
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live camera. look at the east bay right now4does show you overall clear conditions. what a surprise after going to bed last night with some fog having streamed right back into the bay itself. a lot of that is lifted right above the bay this morning. there are still pockets of its watch out for the visibility and fog cast is actually holding up just fine. current winds showing an onshore flow and san francisco 10 miles per hour wind from the coast moving inland fairfield also looking at a delta breeze pushing on up into solano county. that's bringing some of that ocean cooled air out towards the central valley radar showing you clear skies over all that is a change from where he went to bed last night especially closer to the coast where we did have some fog 40's and 50's for current temperatures except for petaluma you're at 39 degrees right now. so a few chilly spots up in the north bay for sure. compared to yesterday. temperatures are all in all, pretty similar to start out this day as we work our way into the afternoon. not really all that similar to yesterday. as far as daytime highs go highs fa i


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