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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 24, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when prime time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at by 6 top by like 3 more. and i guess what truck. >> now at 10, we're continuing to follow that breaking news out of the east bay where chp
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is right now investigating a deadly shooting that happened in fremont. it involved at least one police officer. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm grant lotus. liviakis. it happened on highway 84 about 3 o'clock this afternoon. >> what started as a police ended on highway 84 near arden would boulevard more than 7 hours later and the lanes are just now finally starting to reopen and freeman is where we find kron four's, gayle ong. she's live at the scene. gayle, what's the latest? >> a grant and you can see highway 84 is back open. this spot here is exactly where the shooting happened. this this highway was closed for about 7 hours now. police say one person is dead from the shooting involving a fremont police officer. this happened just before 03:00pm. authorities say that the suspect was in every ported. a stolen vehicle. we have video of the scene the investigation
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was focusing on an suv surrounded by shell casings. all day investigators are combing this area for evidence and taking measurements. so that is why the roads from both lanes were closed for so long now, i did speak to people who work in the area despite very, very quiet. and this is what they had to say about what happened. >> you know, get out of my office right here. and i saw i saw police, i saw of the view cole says staff as it was going on is losing normal day and then bond. we were just like a bunch of squad cars. there's a lot of cops like redirecting traffic. >> now the california highway patrol is leading this investigation we do. authorities did say the suspect was in possession of a firearm at the time of the incident so the lanes just opened in the last 15 minutes. anyone heading this way. it is not blocked off any more. live in newark. gayle ong kron 4
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news. >> thank now to a beloved community member in dublin who was suddenly killed in what appears to be a freak accident today. the victim, catherine, quote, was pinned between 2 vehicles. well, she had volunteered her time yes. such a shocking loss for the community. >> coffers else moni live for us in the studio with more on this week accident. what happened to can grant. it's just unimaginable in this community member. we're learning has been active for the last few decades over in dublin. catherine crow was serving as a board trustee member for the dublin unified school district and was actually volunteering at a food distribution event when she was killed. dublin. police tell kron 4 that a car crashed into quo at 3600 conan way by fallon middle school at 1145 this morning pinning her between 2 cars. doctors could not save her and she died from her injuries quo love getting lost and books. this is video
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from the school district of quo. reading to elementary school students last march. she was elected in november of 2019 for area 3 cole was born in the bay area and has lived in dublin since 1999 where she advocated for better opportunities for girls and minority students quo. a korean american also founded the east bay asian-american parents group. she leaves behind her husband and 2 children who went to school at dublin unified she strived to teach them to be responsible and kind and the dublin unified school district released a statement today saying in part she was friendly nurturing kind and generous. we were lucky to have known her and will miss her more than words can express. there's a gaping hole in our hearts are school students staff and families are forever indebted to her grant and vicki dublin. police are still investigating. of course, this all just happened this morning. but they don't believe the drugs or alcohol might have been involved. sense. tory burch your heart. all right. that was so good morning. thank you. a historic
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nomination today as alameda assemblyman. rob bonta has been tapped as the state's next that general play. this is big. governor newsome made the announcement today. and if confirmed, but it would be california's first filipino american to hold that position. >> kron four's noelle bellow was at today's announcement and explains why it is such an important nomination, especially right now in today's california. everyone is not just a loud. >> as he accepted his nomination for california attorney general alameda assemblyman rob bonta spoke of this consistent fight to reverse historic injustice throughout california history. so many of us. have felt the sting. of hate and discrimination. i know many of you have as well. and. i will do everything my power to make sure everyone continues to belong. and i think for them
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bonta was born in the philippines and grew up in california. his filipina mother attended wednesday's nomination. >> back in the 70's. she was an activist who fought against evictions of filipino residents living at the international hotel manila town in san francisco. the site where wednesday's announcement was made. >> my parents are my heroes in my role models. they taught me to fight injustice. to right wrongs and to help people. >> bonta was a deputy city attorney in san francisco for 9 years. he was then elected to the assembly in 2012. since then, he's been outspoken on criminal justice issues back in 2019 he authored a bill that went on to make california the first in the nation to ban for profit prisons and immigration centers in the state. bonta says if confirmed he will work to have a collaborative relationship with law enforcement. they will have my respect. >> we'll have dialogue. we've also have respectful disagreements. and that's ok, that's part of how we move
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important policy forward, but it won't be because we didn't have a conversation. it won't be because they didn't have a chance to share their perspective. >> nomination must be confirmed by the state assembly and senate in the next 90 days in san francisco, noelle bellow kron 4 news. well, if he is confirmed bonta would replace javier becerra who is now the federal health and human services secretary. >> kron four's jonathan mccall live tonight with reaction from members of the filipino and asian communities about today's announcement. jonathan, what tan you tell us. >> yeah. you know, we talked with some folks who actually know rob bonta and his family personally. they say that he is the right man for the right for this job at the right time considering everything happening in the climate right now. his name has been floated around in political circles for months for this job. and once again, folks in the filipino and as well as asian american communities say it was about time for this to happen.
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>> california's first filipino lawmaker is set to make history yet again. this is someone ready hit the ground someone has been very working hand in glove on many of the issues that are front and center wednesday. california governor gavin newsome nominated long time assemblyman rob bonta as the state's next attorney general. i will do everything my power to make sure everyone continues to belong. >> and i think for them. >> whose name has been rumored for the job for months has been a strong supporter of criminal justice and environmental reforms. last year he pushed for the caren act which would make it illegal to make racially based 911. calls. he also pushed for tougher hate crime laws after attacks against asian americans during the pandemic. but you cannot get people from the hot. >> he got that hot to help the community. >> gq dollar is asian pacific
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american advocates. she says she knows botta and his family well, and calls his selection a game changer for the golden state it's about time right. with all the stuff going on, especially >> my last special since last week. >> going on with asian hate dollar like many in the asian american pacific islander community have called for more representation in government after recent violent and deadly attacks on members of the atp i community but not everyone is excited with wednesday's news in a post on twitter the california republican party called the bought a quote, wrong for california going on to say that it will go down as another fell decision by the worst governor in california history. >> in bartow who is a democrat likely will not face a whole lot of challenges on his road to confirmation that's because the legislature is controlled
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by democrats here in california. meanwhile, the man who he is replacing javier this era tabbed as the health and human services secretary for the biden administration. his term was set to expire in 2022 already. there are election ads up in running for rob bonta for next year. we're live tonight in san francisco. jonathan mccall kron 4 thank you, jonathan. in an effort to combat the rise of anti-asian attacks across the bay area. >> san francisco is stepping up safety. mayor london breed announced new measures today to try to do just that. kron four's dan kerman has details from chinatown. >> those of you think that you're going to come to san francisco and victimize anyone in our communities. you have another thing in common. we will not tolerate san francisco mayor london breed sending out a word of warning to those intent on attacking members of san francisco's asian pacific islander community. we will have eyes
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and ears and boots on the ground in the streets everywhere. and it's not just talk but action. >> the city's guardian angel type street violence intervention program. we'll expand into china town and other heavily asian neighborhoods and begin patrolling. we hear stand in solidarity to make sure things are safe. they will be the guardians of the communities. well, we know we have a large populations of seniors who come out to walk every day. who come out to do the exercise in the parks who come out to pick up their groceries and shop and their medications. we're going to take care of our communities. we're going to take care of our seniors. all of us. the city is also working with self help for the elderly to offer escorts for seniors. so you don't stay in their homes. isolated by fear they will make available to our senior community starting here in chinatown where we will
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partner seniors with someone who can help walk them and take them to run their air. and so they can feel safe mayor says in addition to safety, this multi-pronged attack will also focus on holding those responsible for these attacks as well as intervention and prevention. >> to stop these attacks from happening in the first place. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. >> on the peninsula today. it was a united front as san mateo county police chiefs. the sheriff elected officials and members of the asian pacific islanders caucus came together to denounce racism and hate crimes. >> we will not rate. and san mateo county that we don't let this type of violence into our into our community. we are a bedroom community. >> and we we have bright and acceptance to our neighbors. we will ensure that any crime that was committed against any person in our county. especially hate variety. we
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will not stop until we arrested individual until you are sitting safely in one of my jail cells. >> they're asking the public to report any hate crime said come forward with any relevant information to come forward. to be able to work and be told by their neighbors, you've got to take this to the police. >> we don't want this to be the hidden crime because that's what the corporate want. >> we want to bring you some breaking news right now from southern california. this is a live look ap police and protesters in los angeles. it's near echo park. these demonstrators came out to protest the city's attempt to clear homeless encampments there. they've been there all day. got there at 7 o'clock in the morning. some of them. >> the la times is reporting that authorities plan to clear out these homeless encampments tomorrow and these demonstrators are trying to prevent that from happening.
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it's been tense all day, but as nightfall fell as often happens. things got volatile. >> and we actually have some earlier video of a tear gas. i don't. if you can't there, it is. the releasing tear gas in the crowd to try get it to disperse. >> so this is video from a short time ago. what we saw initially our live courtesy of our media partners at ktla in la this echo park is vicki mention not too far from dodger the city council member who overseas this district which includes east hollywood silver lake echo park surrounding areas has been under fire for this plan. and you know, the homeless situation is an epidemic in the bay area throughout much of the state. it is a crisis in the los angeles area and has gotten much worse since the pandemic. so many people
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forced out of their employment and thus forced from their homes. they've been living in this tent city for months and months in echo park and you have neighbors who live there. some of them are complaining. they want them cleared out. you have other neighbors who live there who say these people and really have nowhere deserve to be able to at least stay in their tents right there. so this problem specifically in that eco park area. but really a broader. >> in los at and the bay area. certainly. so we'll keep an eye on this for you. >> throughout the evening. >> meanwhile, back in the bay area, there was a march to bring more awareness today concerning crimes against asian americans. pacific islanders can force theresa met up with some of those people who say they're just fed up. >> here on wednesday evening. this was a rally and all of this started earlier with a march with all of these people
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together with the simple message to stop the passionate and vocal this group of young asian americans grabbed their signs. it took to the streets of alameda wednesday evening. i think it's really important to amp of ira voices and really stand up for those. and i think like as an young asian-american, it's important to like support. my fellow asian americans and just. >> be a better advocate. for other people home, you know, of, frankly, enough is enough. you notice a lot of hatred. >> just i'm bashing of the asian community for no reason role. all part of this country role here as a human race while this group was initiated by younger asians. it was a diverse crowd is a serious and could not the stand. then muster take action. weaving along the shoreline to city hall for a rally. many say certainly more needs to be done, especially in light of the recent horrific acts of
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violence. >> seen in videos and that shooting in atlanta. why is it important to come out here and what you guys hoping to accomplish to just raise awareness to be. >> to fight for. you know, being supported and protected. you know, for our i think it's important to in solidarity with every one thing everyone here just brings so much support. >> and again, a lot of people telling me that they just really find a lot of comfort and come together being able to talk about all that's been going on in the community and again saying that this is important to have solidarity in this moment here in alameda, theresa kron 4 news. >> with the recent easing of restrictions there are more people out and about on the streets of san jose. and with that comes a stronger police presence about a dozen officers making their ways. you can see there through the downtown core fountain alley,
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which is, you know, pre crime, ridden and south second street today. it's part of an effort to be more visible to residents and businesses. >> at the end the day we want to be visible as much as we can. you know, we know we need to get out on foot and increase our relationship. what's going to help us be a force multiplier for the department as a whole. >> officers from crime prevention mobile crisis assessment in community. policing are engaging in the outreach to help build trust with the community. police insist the focus is on disability. and in not related to any uptick in crime in particular. but the patrols will include san jose's japantown amid growing concern there about recent bay area, wide attacks on asian americans and with grand county moving into the orange tier. now more restrictions are being lifted. but the county health officer is pretty concerned that loosening these restrictions may cause people to get loose with a social distancing and
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mask rules. >> county residents remain unvaccinated. and as we see the virus following our community. it really is too early to let down our guard. so all the things we've been doing to control this virus up to this point. we need to continue to do for at least another month. you know, the next month is critical for us. as we come into more and more and decrease cases. it's not it's not too late to drop the ball. this stage. >> that means if you continue to mask up and stay socially distant. they as cdc says, fully vaccinated, people can gather indoors with other vaccinated. people. everybody else needs to, you know. the apart, especially with more people traveling leaving the county and the state and problem day outside. >> in the east bay high school students seen alameda could be back in classrooms as soon as mid april that is because the alameda unified school district has reached a tentative reopening agreement with the alameda education
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association. the plan calls for hybrid learning with some in person and some distance classes. there will also be covid testing improved ventilation and hand sanitizing stations. new tonight at 10 astrazenica is decreasing. how effective it claims its covid-19 vaccine. it's the company now says its drug is 76% effective at preventing symptoms earlier this week they had claimed it was 79% affective. the slight change comes after the national institutes of health accused astrazenica of cherry picking data to boost that number. the move is unusual because data disputes during ongoing studies typically remain confidential despite the change in percentage from 79 down to 76 astrazeneca's. chief researcher says the drug is highly effective in adults. the company plans to seek fda approval in the coming weeks.
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as we turn our attention now to the 4 zone live look here at san francisco's embarcadero. >> her first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a look at the rest of the week. yeah. boy, we have change coming our way for tomorrow. we have such a nice day today. we'll it was something else 60's and some 70's outside tomorrow. those winds start kicking up again. the breeze is going to be blowing howling in some spots, especially over the mountain tops. the temperatures really going to come down. maybe a good 10 degrees in some parts of the bay area out there right now. we've got a mixture of some high clouds and couple patches of fog out along the coastline, not much in the san francisco right now. but today before that sea breeze kicked in. we really have some fantastic numbers outside 65 degrees above the average in san francisco oakland check in a very comfortable 66 that was 70 degrees in san jose. little more checking in at 70 conquered 73 degrees and 70 in santa rosa. certainly a nice warm day around much of the bay area. but this is all about to change a cold front
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coming in, of course, looking like a late season storm system falling apart as it moves to the states. so we just see a lot of clouds rolling on by overnight tonight maybe a few showers over the mountain tops of the sierra nevada for the bay area. he's a sprinkle out of this you're very lucky. otherwise the winds, yeah, they've already started to pick up in spots to 33 miles an hour. pacifica. we just had a gust 27 in san francisco and 30 in sfo. now that's a sign of things to come. we'll see more of these winds on the way we've got these little weak weather system that drop just to the east of us. we've got another one that is going to slowly sag east once again dropping right to the great basin. and then here you go. see all those colors filling in as high pressure builds in behind it. it gets windy once again around the bay area strongest sun looks like that will be the case overnight tonight and tomorrow going to see those winds developing throughout the day and then pretty gusty by the afternoon fact model starting pay some of that by tomorrow evening, 30, maybe even some 40 mile an hour gusts along the coastline and then you'll notice some changes by tomorrow night and into friday. all of a sudden
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those winds dead of get that onshore breeze that northerly wind kicks in and that's some good news if you like the sunshine and the warm weather that is going to set you up very nicely on friday tonight, partly cloudy skies and some of that patchy fog going to move on in partly cloudy tomorrow. some cooler temperatures and high pressure really kind of crazy things up as we head in toward the weekend numbers in the 40's and the 50's. now. but here we changes on the way as early as tomorrow. here comes the system role in on along the coastline that is going to drop in. but watch what happens as we get to friday of a sudden you get those offshore winds look at that. your skies clear now. hey, not quite a beach day just yet. but we're getting close. guys temperatures this weekend. near 80 degrees and some of the warmest spots, right. lot of people will be had. and i think can count on it. thanks, lynn. still to come tonight on the news. at 10. we have new details on the alleged shooter in boulder, colorado. is that community is coming together tonight to mourn those. >> 10 lives lost and then the city of oakland on track for a grim record breaking year in
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murders. the police union blames a lack of officers. >> as one of the problems we're going hear how city leaders are working to come leaders are working to come back. it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box. sorry, what were you going to say?
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good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back. the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. >> despite a new administration former president trump's pick for postmaster general louis dejoy. he's still in place. that's because unlike other agencies he is not technically
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a political appointee meeting. president biden can't just replace him, which means that dejoy is moving forward with his attempts to make sweeping changes to the u.s. postal service. it includes things like longer delivery times cuts to post office hours across the country and more dejoy who has long had a contentious relationship with mail carriers says he is moving forward with his plan and insist it's the only way to keep the usps from going under. >> if not addressed. not only service continue to that area. but we were forecast. we will lose a possibly a 160 billion dollars over the next 10 years. but long before that, we will run out of cash and will not be able to continue operations without a government bailout. >> now, it's not all negative changes, though. dejoy also plans on increasing electric vehicles into the usps fleet. but her male tracking technology and new employee training.
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>> still to come, this one of the biggest events every year in san francisco pride. we have details on the covid friendly celebrations that morge to me than hiv.
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10:31 pm
at. >> where the homicides are taking place and what oakland city leaders say they plan to do about it. >> this time last year. the city of oakland recorded less than a dozen homicides. 3 months into the new year. the city has already experienced close to 3 times as many people killed, 34 homicides, all those 33 are classified as murders. this oakland police crime, mapping website shows the homicide locations are spread across the city from east to west and all happening below the 5, 80 freeway in the flatlands. the site needs to be updated. only 24 homicides are listed the first occurring new year's day. the list and with a homicidal might 70 the president of the oakland police officers association. very i don't want any more murders. >> i want to know more syrup. this parking spot to. and early 2 thousands big numbers of hers that we got this statement from the office of
10:32 pm
mayor libby shaft reads, quote, for the upcoming budget and 192 million oakland will receded american rescue plan the bear has urged the city council to prioritize restoring critical police services. the city was forced to cut due to massive revenue losses from the pandemic fully restoring violence prevention efforts like cease-fire, which was proven to reduce homicides and shootings by 50% over 5 years in oakland is a clear priority to address this dramatic increase in gun violence oakland has experience of, quote. >> i reached out to oakland city council president nikki fortunato best to be a part of this conversation. i received no reply. you can talk about the phone. the police. >> but when you're at a point now where you're at at levels of officers. we haven't seen this load by of years and continuing into a trip down. it's very worrying about what that's going to do. the crime rate in the and years to come. >> opd currently has 718
10:33 pm
offices back to a number where we were 5 or 6 years ago. >> has lead kron. 4 >> friends and family continue to add to the makeshift memorial in front of the boulder, colorado store where 10 people were killed earlier this week while investigators continue to look into the alleged shooter's past 4 possible motivations. the community is focused on the victims and sharing stories of the lives that were senselessly cut short. >> yeah, they were mom said daughters, fathers, ranging in age from 20 to 65 like 25 year-old supermarket manager rikki olds and her family is making sure that the world knows who their daughter really was. >> richie was truly special to us. she was firing. she was probably. ricky was. and the light of our. our family. >> the other victims include a clothing shop owner. a coffee
10:34 pm
machine repair person, a boutique worker magazine photographer and actress who became medicare age and others going about their days at a busy shopping plaza. so senseless is so sad. and you also have this father. >> looking forward to a new grandchild. his daughter. by his side here writing that she's so glad he was able to be at her wedding last summer and the boulder police department invited the public here to honor the officer who is lost eric talley. he was killed as he was the first one to respond. there was a police procession. witnesses lining the streets flowers all lined up the 51 year-old. at 7 children ranging in age from 7 to 20 several community. vigils are now planned to honor the victims as well. in the. >> in the meantime, more information is coming out
10:35 pm
about the shooter as more people from his past come forward with very similar stories. ashley ketz has those details. >> court records show the suspected to lisa was convicted of misdemeanor assault in high school. elisa told police the student he punched used racial slurs against him and called him a terrorist. elise, as former classmates said, his family moved to colorado from syria and told police he could not take it anymore. i never really packed in this violent person. the only time i ever saw him get upset was when someone what, you know, bring race into it witnesses to the 2017 incident say lisa had a look of pure anger on his face when he was hitting the student, the victim told police the attack was unprovoked and that the 2 used to be friends. but people who knew elisa said they knew of the bullying people are bringing up that. particularly then and trying to paint him like he's always been my, you
10:36 pm
know, to take like. >> violent person. classmates were horrified to learn he's now accused of murdering 10 people what led the 21 year-old. they once considered a friend to carry out the deadly attacks is still a mystery i do really wonder what happened. >> between that and when i when i last saw him and now. >> from when he. >> he carried out this absolutely is awful act of violence. >> that ashley ketz reporting a u.s. appeals court, meanwhile, has upheld a ruling on hawaii's strict limits on openly carrying guns in that state. but the attorney for the man who sued the state after he was denied an open carry license says he intends to appeal again to the u.s. supreme court. he argued that not being allowed to openly carry in public violates his second amendment rights. well, the original judge in that case ruled that only applied to guns kept in his hole. and
10:37 pm
today 3 federal appeals judges agreed with that ruling. >> to the south bay. now the santa clara county da's office has charged this woman with a hate crime. 40 year-old alaina jenkins is accused of yelling racial slurs and employees at mcdonald's in mountain view and even punching one of them in the arm in the shoulder. authorities say that it started when she was asked to wear a mask. police say she continued yelling racial comments even after officers arrived, san francisco police have made an arrest in connection to assaults on at least 3 asian americans. police say the incidents happened about 8 o'clock monday morning at polk and clay streets. officers say 43 year-old michael lopez was first seen following 2 asian women before throwing an object at them. lopez. then approached a witness during violent threats before trying to hit them with a broomstick when the witness pepper sprayed him. police say lopez started attacking a homeless
10:38 pm
person with a broomstick as well as the man who tried to intervene. >> the wake of all the recent racist attacks in rants. we've seen across the country. there is no research into the effect of people hearing racist language beginning at a young age. according to researchers at vanderbilt university overhearing just one racist comment from a parent could have a lifelong effect on kits. the group set out to understand how and why children start to discriminate in a scenario where children were nearby while something negative was said about fictional groups. researchers found that children had been listening and developed opinions about that group that the negative comments were made about. researchers say the study goes to show that all caregivers should consider what they say around children. meanwhile, year after prisons suspended in person visits in california. statewide prisons will allow a limited number of visitors starting april 10th. that's because the system is
10:39 pm
said to have stabilized after covid killed 216 inmates and 26 employees precautions will include temperature and symptom screenings. coronavirus testing physical distancing masks and limits on visitors and how long they can stay. >> all right. switching gears here for a moment. talk about the weather. this is a gorgeous so overhead shot of the golden gate bridge tonight. >> yeah. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. boy lawrence. but enjoying that the spring-like weather, but the things going to >> yeah. we're going to see the winds kick up again around the bay area. and so certainly looks like it's going to get a little blustery. a lot cooler, maybe 10 degrees cooler as we head in toward tomorrow afternoon and the winds kicking up outside public to feel a little bit cooler than that out there right now over san francisco lazio couple patches of fog out around the bay area tonight and some high clouds up above, but we remain dry right now. certainly would love to get some storms working or direction right now. that's just not happening
10:40 pm
temperatures across the board in the 40's and the 50's outside and it's a partly cloudy skies right now. here's the long-range forecast these winds. they're going to be an issue over the next 5 days or so of these storms kind of clipped the bay area. see this one coming through tonight that will moving on by falling apart. but leaving the rain. but behind that high pressure starts to build in and then we get those winds kicking up a watch what happens as we get into friday looking good into saturday. high pressure takes over your skies. really clearing out with those offshore winds and that's allow the temperatures to warm up the weekend looking fantastic. then another system drops in on monday. and guess what, we've got another round of winds coming our way. the following tuesday. some blustery winds working their way through the bay area. but then we clear out your skies, bring a lot of sunshine. this one right here. this could hold some hope of this is well on the forecast. this is we in april the first saturday in a police about the coastline is what we call a cutoff low. certainly hard to forecast. but there's a chance that could bring some showers. the
10:41 pm
bay area in the earlier parts of april. but right now, here's your 10 to 10 for you and certainly looks like tomorrow. a change in the weather pattern. we're going to cool things off rolling on through but not leave any rain behind first. just some gusty winds warmer weather, though, as we head through the weekend, some of those temperatures up in the 70's almost 80 degrees all right, lauren tiana, it is march madness. and with that comes fee office pools that lawrence annual traditions. this is about and workplaces all across the >> but are they just some friendly competition. yes, they can bring co-workers together. yes or a productivity minefield that can cost both the employer and the employee. no, terry l a day or on the takes a look. >> right now. offices in person and virtual are obsessed with office pool is potentially the most damaging to productivity that we'll ever see because so many
10:42 pm
people are working from home so many people are desperate for an activity like march madness to take part in any challenger of career outplacement challenger, gray and christmas projects. 72 million workers worried about bracket busters may bust some budgets, costing employers, some 2.2 billion dollars an hour. it's one of those situations where you don't necessarily recognize. >> how much you miss something until it's gone. adam borland is a clinical psychologist with cleveland clinic. he suggests companies use the interest in the big dance to their advantage. the tournament always creates a sense of community which i think people really need nowadays instead of calling foul moreland suggests call a timeout if watching tournament games is something that you're passionate about than great. however, it is going to obviously require balance so that you're not neglecting your work. and while productivity maybe down as far
10:43 pm
as improving around, it's a slam dunk. this feels like a and easy makeshift way for people to start to connect each other, talk to each other about something exciting and fun. that's not the daily business item and especially this year. march madness. >> is part of a return to normalcy perry katie can use. >> all right. so it's all good. still ahead in sports. steve kerr says it is time to play the young guys more. >> while still winning. possible. going to tank possible. going to tank so you just scored amazing savings at ross? mmm-hmm. on brands that take you from me time... go time... no time. hi. get the best bargains ever on looks that work anywhere... ross. yes for less!
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yes for less. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the warriors have a bit of an awkward situation all season long. it's the big elephant in the room, so to speak. how does the team win now and make a playoff run in the altar competitive western conference while also developing their young talent, james wiseman who is boozing with potential a case in point right here. and then there's nico mannion who has also shown some flashes, but most coaches will tell you that you don't win in the nba with kids and wiseman and mannion are still kids based off of nba standards towing this line has probably been steve kerr is biggest challenge this season. >> the bottom line is we're trying to win and develop our
10:47 pm
young players at the same and so it's our job to figure out what that means stated that these guys have to to. to do their best to help us win. i think that's a big part building a culture and sustaining a culture really demanding excellence and demanding competition you know, letting guys played through some mistakes. at the same time. >> dogs are back in action in sacramento tomorrow. now spring training baseball giants padres from scottsdale stadium. mike, you strip ski. yes, long indeed. got a hold of that one. and check this out. it in the dining section. someone had a some cheese fries and a baseball. >> this stuff there. that's 3rd home run of the spring. yes, donovan solano. austin, slater and joey bart all homered in a 7, 3 giants win. the a's beat the white sox 14 to 4 behind 4 home runs of
10:48 pm
their own over to the ice. the sharkey's hosting the kings. jump to the second period sharks of one brent burns to a van der cain. he score san jose extend their lead to 2. start of the 3rd sharks up to one. mario ferraro. rifles cain's get the deflection san jose goes up by 2 on kane's second goal of the game. they beat the kings. 42 they head to arizona to take on the coyotes on friday. kevin coleman became the first former 40 niner to flee to bay to join his former coach today. the new york jets have signed the former niner running back to a one year deal that could be worth up to 2 million bucks coleman wil reunite with former forty-niners defensive coordinator robert sala in his first year as head coach with the jets. another former niner got a new job today quarterback cj befort signed with the jacksonville jaguars that 3rd spent most of his
10:49 pm
time as a backup here. but you know, here santa clara is always something going on with the quarterback. so beth, it also often found himself on the field next year. who will likely backup trevor lawrence, the clemson grad who is expected to be the first pick in the nfl draft. shooting. everybody. steph and curry making their sesame street debut tomorrow. the 2 will be teaching youngsters. the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and healthy and balanced breakfast. and of course they were shooting hoops. what else would they be doing. you can catch their episode tomorrow on the streaming service. hbo. max. this guy, steph and i they always got something going on. these usually positive, truly a treat to cover them here in the bay area. all right. you look at sports. we'll be right back after a quick break.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> today. san francisco pride organizers announced a modified plans for celebrations during pride month. well, they're still won't be a big parade. entertainment stages. surprises. there will be limited in person events throughout the month of 2 baby price kron 4 sailors. the sack he spoke to the people in charge today about. >> but we can expect this year. >> unlike san francisco pride in 20 20 where in person
10:53 pm
events were canceled altogether this year. the city's able to bring some of that energy back. you know, of course, will be the same like years past. but this year you can expect to see some large filming event at oracle park in addition to an expo were resource fair for the community. we've baen working really closely with our partners at city hall and that the department of public health. >> and really this is the best of what we can do right now. san francisco pride is back this year with modified plans, allowing for limited in person events given the pandemic the large parade in celebrations are still canceled. but on wednesday as of pride announced several events, including a pride expo that will look and feel like a resource fair for the community. it's an opportunity for lgbt organizations nonprofits. to find new board members to find volunteers to find it's it's an opportunity for small businesses to reach new customers executive director of san francisco pride fred lopez says. >> you can also expect local club groups and health
10:54 pm
resources to be there while they're still finalizing details of where and when this expo will take place. few other events are marked on the calendar. oracle park will have pride movie night screenings on june 11th in 12 with the possibility of additional performances. i just came from oracle park and we're talking a lot about the pre show before the film. and so we have great ideas around, you know. >> filming local drag queens and maybe some contests and some short videos music videos. i really think that there's going tn be atmosphere of of celebration that happens before the film night. plus. >> a black liberation event with the african american art. in culture. complex is scheduled on friday. june 18th the eve of juneteenth unlike san francisco pride twenty-twenty. they went virtual over one weekend. the events this year will be spread out throughout the entire month of june. >> san francisco pride organizers hope to add more events throughout pride month in june. of course, that will all depend on how the city
10:55 pm
continues to handle this pandemic in san francisco, taylor kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 10 bart has introduced new touchless short story dispensers set for stations to riders, trying to give them something to do during their commute. i going to be on her phone. old-time riders can choose between. one 3 or 5 minutes story air printed on recycled receipt. paper that snow is pretty cool. the first dispensers will be at the montgomery for vale richmond and pleasant hill stations whose write those stories. >> newer. yeah. i mean, would not be so you don't like local a it's a great idea and bart's is trying to get people back on the trains they need wholesale you heard mayor breed yesterday. china the a cheerleader react to get these get these businesses. you see the city. it's beautiful wrong. those buildings are
10:56 pm
filled. lawrence. yeah. i try to get get back on bart after the pandemic coming that. so take a while. the just going to take a while. so certainly looks like we've got some great weather to get outside and enjoy. but tomorrow will be a little bit windy in spots fog begin moving along the coastline. certainly a sign of that sea breeze kicking back in. >> it's going to get blustery in spots tomorrow at temperatures around the bay area. we'll cool things down a bit. so taking a break from the nice weather. we just had today. cooler weather along the coastline, little blustery in the afternoon up toward the beaches, probably gusting over 30 lee 58 degrees in millbrae about 60 degrees redwood city temperatures in the south bay instead of 70's like we had today. you can see a lot of 50's and some 60's low 60's around much of that area 64 degrees and snow about 65 in dublin, 60 former august 60 in castro valley our friends in discovery bay, one of the worst spot 68 degrees. 68 in 67 in concord, 65 degrees that sea breeze kicking in pretty well right through the delta in the pittsburgh back along
10:57 pm
the coastline. we'll keep you much cooler generally in the 50's there. so here's the trend here over the next couple days. we're going to cool things down tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. gusty winds. those winds going to start to subside on friday. much warmer weather expected in the weekend and next week at this about that. the first day of april about 81 degrees in the forecast. how about that no. april fool's joke i would do he thank you, lord. that wraps it up for us today banks or has your bracket by the way, busted. but thank you very
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> from high school athlete to looking like a middle-aged man. the shooting suspect's deterioration and just four years. and the citizen reporter whose video was seen around the world. speak out there is a shooter! active shooter! get away. >> his first-hand account and how fate brought them. she was an instant cart shopper. she was buying lunch. she was filling a prescription at the pharmacy. and -- viva las vegas. the return of big shows to sin city


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