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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 23, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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just in time for tomorrow's giving day now the organization is planning for the year ahead. and president trump has been banned from most of social media. former president trump now is thinking of creating his we
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are learning the san diego convention center will soon be used to shelter unaccompanied migrant children who are seeking asylum here in the u.s. and officials are working
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with health and human services to use that facility as a temporary shelter. >> our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala reports on whether other california sites are being considered for a similar purpose. >> california leaders say they're prepared to provide a helping hand to the biden administration as it works to get thousands of unaccompanied children out of border patrol detention centers and into health and human services facilities. the san diego convention center is the latest facility set to open for minors following a request from brand-new us health and human services secretary and former california attorney general javier the setup with the city has close ties to california state leaders would not say tuesday if more california facilities were being considered for a similar purpose. officials with the governor's office of emergency services said they are in regular communication with the federal government. a spokesman said in a statement tuesday, quote, california continues to work closely with our local communities and nonprofit partners to find ways to support these federally lead efforts. we will provide additional
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updates as they become available and will remain focused on enforcing our state's laws while staying true to our values and principles in san diego. officials have yet to say how many children will be house in the convention center or where they'll go after the site is expected to open within the coming week and will be operational for about 3 months the federal government says it will pick up the costs. san diego-area republican state senator brian jones said in a statement tuesday in part the inability of both political parties in congress over the last several years to enact comprehensive immigration reform. >> as drove us to this crisis indecision by the biden. harris administration has further exacerbated the problem on both sides of the border. it's truly unacceptable to the american people that we're seeing the san diego convention center turned into an ongoing inappropriate and inhumane living situation for immigrant children. state senate pro tem, toni atkins who represents parts of san diego tweeted. >> quickly reuniting migrant children with their families is essential. i'm grateful for the mayor city and county that found a solution to temporarily and safely house.
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these children. >> i stand by ready to help in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> tomorrow's a big day for the red cross. it's giving day. that's when the red cross urges americans to donate assistance. our washington correspondent basil john reports on how the past year affected those efforts. >> the demand for the red cross is probably greater than ever. the american red cross says the pandemic has taken an enormous toll on families across the country. what we hear from family says any help. is wonderful. american red cross spokesperson trevor reagan severe weather conditions this past year also left thousands of people in need of food shelter and water. that little bit of funding or the reese the shelter. the ability stay in a hotel paid for by the red cross can make all the difference and their long-term recovery and so we're expecting to see that same level of need this year. reagan says 2021 picked up were twenty-twenty ended and that means more aid is needed across the country. meteorologist are forecasting a very severe spring with
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flooding tornadoes and soon get into a hurricane and wildfire season again. so there is no slowing down the american red cross is asking americans to take part in giving day to donate what they can to help those who are suffering. every donation about how big or small makes a difference. it helps us make sure we can shelter people provide food, financial assistance health and mental health support reagan says the american red cross heavily relies on these donations to provide the needed assistance giving days just a great way to help us make sure we are well resourced to do that, to make sure a family who's really struggling has the resources on hand to take care of their family. reporting in washington. i'm basil john. all right. now another look at the 4 zone forecast looking live. look how light it is. been. it looks so great this time of night, the palm trees kind of do a little wind and south there, lauren. so that wind is sticking around. yeah. a little blustery out there in spots and you're going to see as we head through the evening hours. but overnight tonight, those winds will begin to
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subside a little bit. >> you see some gusty winds in parts of the north and the east bay that out there around the bay area. now sunny and bright the sun not setting to almost 07:30pm in the evening now. so certainly by time we get out there and enjoy some beautiful weather. we'll have a whole lot of it as we head throughout the week. high pressure sitting over head right now. mostly clear skies overnight tonight. then as we head in toward tomorrow. notice some changes late today we may see couple patches of fog develop along the coastline. not going to be much a few high clouds scoot over hit. but you are to see what's coming our way. we've got another weak weather system that's going to roll over the top. that ridge is to bring a few clouds our way as we head into thursday and probably some gusty winds developing behind that again on friday that that's going to set up looks like a fantastic weekend let's your 4 zone forecast. certainly looking nice in san francisco tomorrow. we've got some sunshine a little breezy 64 degrees downtown san francisco about 61 degrees. maybe some patchy fog developing along the coastline. the afternoon in pacifica 65 both millbrae and burlingame. lots of sunshine inside the bay 60
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degrees, very mild as you make your way in the mouth. you warm in the south bay temperatures up in the 70's, maybe as high as 72 degrees in campbell 71 in santa clara about 69 degrees in pleasanton, 69 in hayward, 72 in walnut creek. 72 berkeley looking good out there. those temperatures very nice around the bay area 70 degrees and said rosa, next few days we're going to see beautiful weather on the way. little hiccup in the forecast on thursday with those clouds moving through temperatures going to drop again. the warm right back up again on friday and this weekend, this one of the nicest weekend by guess the nicest weekend of spring so far as only the second weekend. but certainly these temperatures moving up in the mid 70's. so certainly a nice time to get out there and enjoy fans. beautiful. yeah. thank you, lawrence. >> still ahead, changes coming to the u.s. postal service. why they could mean longer delivery times and in sports warriors, head coach steve kerr gives us an update on steph curry. plus a live report from chase center as the team prepar
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prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium, serious infections, which could need hospitalization, skin problems, and severe bone, joint, or muscle pain. don't wait for a break, call your doctor today, and ask about prolia®. 6. the postal service is bracing for changes announced today by embattled postmaster general louis dejoy. >> part of his 10 year plan is to make cuts to some post office hours across the country and the change first class mail delivery from 3 days to 5. the plan called delivering for america promises to modernize postal service to make it more competitive and includes new energy friendly delivery trucks upgrades to post offices and uniforms and mobile devices for letter
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carriers. the cost of a first-class stamp would also increase. but the plan does not say exactly how much for your health tonight. northwestern medicine just released a first of its kind study on the neurological symptoms of people who had covid but did not. >> have to be hospitalized because they still have symptoms. they're called long haulers 100 people were studied 35 year-old. maria manfredonia came down with covid in june of last year. >> extreme like pains. in in about a week. everything seemed to be getting better and then when my husband returned from the hospital. i started noticing i was feeling sick again. and then it would keep like really acting like i feel okay for like a day or 2 and then you know, get hit again, feeling the same symptoms as i had when i had covid. >> of the 100 people took part in the study. the average age was 4370% of the more women the most frequent symptoms include a brain fog headaches, numbness and tingling and a
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>> new at 6. a former aide says donald trump is coming back to social media after being kicked off by twitter and other sites. former president is eyeing a new business venture that will
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apparently put his twitter fingers back to use to know fort reports. >> former president donald trump announcing a comeback to social media and i'm doing things having to do putting our own platform out there that you'll be hearing about trump adviser. jason miller tease the plan on fox news over the weekend and this is something i think will be the hottest ticket in social media. it's going to completely redefine the game and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly president that trump does. the former presidents been banned from the likes of twitter and facebook since being accused of inciting the insurrection at the capitol january 6th the move depriving him of what's arguably his favorite way of communicating with the american people. >> but this new outlet drove the likes of the 75 million twitter following trump once held. i think they would follow him. >> so whatever platform, whether it's somebody his own media strategist and trump supporter adam, why says the success will pull down to access the difficulty might run into capitol steps it on
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their platform. so if you don't just amazing technique, you know, advance social media platform. and now this is no, you know, put our platform that means 80% of the phone to the country, i'd say about 80% or iphone se. they can't download. is that because big tech might say we don't want you on the app still too controversial. why says of trump can avoid the red tape. he may be on to something because it's president trump millions will go up. the value will go up to tremendously his own platform so that all trump supporters across the country are eager for the more off the cuff remarks that characterized his twitter feed. >> there's still many who say they support the bands under an interested in what the former president has to say. >> i could care less. you. such a. it's not going to help and they're not. it will have his base. >> again jonelle for reporting right now facebook is reassessing trump's ban with its advisory board while popular social media platforms cross the border. looking at how they regulate world leaders. all right. now for
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another look at the 4 zone forecast as we take a a live look. this is from mount tam looking towards the city. beautiful shot pious camera pious. lawrence has like that. and we've got some great weather ahead. certainly taking hold. now and then look like when it's get back up to wintry weather. all in fact, we're staying dry for the foreseeable future. >> outside tonight. certainly gusty winds in spots. but beautiful all the way to the coastline in clear skies out there, too. and it's going to stay that way. temperatures today. yeah. if you like, above normal temperatures are going to love this week ahead. i think we'll see a series of these temperatures soaring in the 70's in the coming days. still, the gusty winds and issues. la county, we've got a wind advisory up there till 8 o'clock tonight. gusty winds there over 40 miles per hour in some spots and a long range forecast. we're just look at the systems roll over the top of that ridge behind that high pressure builds in. we get the gusty winds. we'll see this play out over the next 5 to 7 days we'll clear out your
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skies on friday a beautiful weekend. these temperatures going to be something else this weekend and then another system drops over the top of ridge to bring us another round of some gusty winds in the offshore winds kick in again and we see more sunshine and warm temperatures as we head in toward next week as well. so i think by tomorrow afternoon, we're basking in sunshine and temperatures up in th and the 70's high of 72 degrees in oakland. 72 also morgan hill about 69 in downtown san jose about 64 degrees in san francisco next few days. what we're going to cool those temperatures off a little bit as we head into thursday. that's one of those weak system slides through that will bring some partly cloudy skies and then the winds start to get a little gusty on friday as well. after that high pressure takes over those winds calm down and how about that this weekend. we're looking at temperatures in the mid 70's. i wouldn't be surprised we have a couple 80's popping up around the bay area. guys, back to you. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> who it's going to be a long week. the warriors without steph curry today we learned
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that the star is still dealing with his tailbone injury. he had an mri. this morning and that revealed inflammation. so the plan is to have curry sit for at least 3 more games after tonight. that is per steve kerr this afternoon now kron 4 sports director jason dumas is at chase center for tonight's curry. let's contest with the best team in the eastern conference philadelphia. jason, what is it going to take for the does to get it done without their superstar. >> yeah. okay. tough news for nation injury happening to step last wednesday. he fell on those bleachers. everyone thought it was going to be a stinger, including steve kerr and that it would just be out a couple of games at the most memphis on friday and saturday and then memphis snowballed in to this and they said he won't be playing against the 70 sixers fan. and then of course, steve kerr drop that bomb that we'll be out at least 3 more games to be
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reevaluated in 10 days. step. practice yesterday. well, they ramped up is working in practice fully, but he went through some drills seem to see how body reacted and it didn't react well, he was very sore after practice and they gave him another mri and they saw some swelling still around that tailbone. and there you have it is kind of a scary injury because you can't really do much. but rest. there's no sort of rehab for it. i mean, it happens even common people. you fall on your acts and you feel that stinging pain almost up your spine and that's where steph steph curry is right now and hopefully he'll be ok and they don't think it's going to be a long-term injury, but he'll be out tonight. his brother on the other side. seth curry in place for the sixers. we'll be out tonight to but. >> here's exact. >> had made some progress the first couple of days just resting in a t he did a little
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bit more work yesterday and was still pretty so we're training staff and staff put their heads together. and decided, you know, this is going to be a little bit longer than. then we thought so will re evaluate the week. >> all right. we hope for the best for superstar here. meanwhile, nfl free agency is continuing and one of the forty-niners most important task of the offseason was locking up. the game's best left tackle. that's trent williams, the red and gold. sure delivered citing the eight-time pro bowler to a six-year 138 million dollars contract last week. the richest ever for an offensive lineman today we heard from williams for the first time since he signed on the dotted line and he explains why staying with the niners was a family matter. >> he didn't really have that give me any selfish, you know, like he's like family to me. you know, his family is like family to me. i live. is when it set with his dead in kabul. a about it. actually, what the
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24 hour before free agency started and we did he would talk about free just talk about football. we just caught up for a couple hours. but. you know, that's just how close i am with that family. you know, so. county had to sell anything to me. i really what this place has what he has offer. and i know what the front office will have offer. >> he's going to be a miner for a long time. so we can look forward to that. like you didn't have to sell anything to make. yeah. i have thanked getting back to steph curry of that. i mean. >> we all know most of us know that feels like to pump your tailbone. but but this must pretty bad and it definitely worse than they they were expecting to see that on the mri today. so fingers crossed that he does look good when they re evaluated midweek and boys feel sorry for.
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scientists at yale university of created an interactive map to show where undiscovered life may be found on the planet. researchers say the map can help experts tracked down unknown species that might be lurking in the shadows. they say only between 1020% of species have been identified by scientists most likely in brazil, indonesia and madagascar. they say that many species could go extinct before you've even learned about there. existence. the news doesn't stop here. we have a full hour ahead on kron on and sanaa's to her knee is live in the newsroom. she has a look at what we're working on for 7 sanaa us.
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>> thanks, ken and catherine tonight at 7, a disturbing video, another horrific attack on an asian woman in san francisco. it was all caught on camera. the woman was dragged by a car and we'll speak with the man who witnessed the crime. you can catch many more stories local stories in just a few minutes. at 07:00pm on our kron on app. and it's free to download. back to you guys. it's a nice thank you very much. that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. thanks for watching. our next newscast at 8 o'clock. we'll see them have a good night.
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♪ ♪ >> lifestream supermarket massacre. speak out there is an active shooter. >> what we know about the accused shooter. he was a high school wrestler. >> deborah: what his social media postings reveal about his motive. >> reporter: plus, how to stay alive if you find yourselves in a place like a supermarket. >> we will run to this barrica barricade. >> announcer: and, the toll of the victims. she was 25. he was 20. a tribute to a hero, the real-life middle-aged rookie. then, is it safe to go back to the gym? they are all supposed to be wein


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