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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 21, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when prime time from the bay area's local news stations. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> tonight at 10 thousands of students are headed back into the classroom in oakland following weeks of negotiations. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. >> i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. under that deal. the district's younger students would be brought back to class. but under a hybrid learning plan, older students will be brought back some time next month. kron four's dan for live tonight talking with district leaders and parents about the deal. dan, break it
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down for us. >> well, jonathan and justine parents tell us that they're happy that there students are going to able to go back to in person classes. but they're a little concerned about how much time they're actually going to be allowed to spend with in the classroom. whether or not hours are going to be enough for them. the school district. on the other hand, says that they have been working hard to make things as normal as possible. but it's going to be difficult considering the pandemic is still. going on. but they say right now this plan is best for students. the staff and parents. >> oakland schools are reopening for hybrid learning beginning, march 30th pre k through second graders and priority. students. 3rd through 12th grade can go back to the classroom for the first time in more than a year from the superintendent on down. everybody's excited get things back on track. the agreement between the oakland unified school district and the oakland education association
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was ratified saturday night parents within the district say this is a step in the right direction. but some believe it's not enough. >> you know, we will have a large majority of oakland kids who'll be left out of a return. and even when we all return, it's up for pretty minimal amount of time. meghan botica loopy as a parent advocate who points to neighboring districts like berkeley and albany, which plan to allow kids back in the school for 5 days a week under the current plan from oakland schools in person instruction would happen twice a week for 2 and a half hours each day a total of 5 hours of in person instruction a week. >> but to go loopy argues with lowering rates of covid infections. new cdc guidance and an increase in vaccinations. oakland schools should be looking into expanding we can't really compare ourselves to any other school district. what they're this is what's going to work in oakland. and so we're really excited to get to a point where we're going do usd spokesperson john sasaki says the district is still taking a measured approach to allow for
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in person instruction to expand. he says what happens over the next few months will determine what happens in the fall. >> usd parents say they'll continue pushing for full time instruction for all kids who want to go back to school as well as a commitment as to what comes next. from the district. you know, we're just we're hoping it will continue advocate for the district to work towards that end. >> well beginning next month. all students through 6th grade will be able to run to return to the classroom in person hybrid learning the school district says that they will also be continuing to work with their labor partners in order to come up with the calendar for next year's school year. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you so much, dan. also in the east bay the mount diablo unified school district will welcome students back on campus this week. last week, the district and the teachers union agreed on the reopening plan. >> that allowed for hybrid
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learning. so starting on thursday, pre k through second graders can return for in person learning. 3rd through 5th graders will have the option of returning back to class next monday, march 29th and tomorrow students all grade levels in the livermore valley joint unified school district can resume in person learning last month. the board unanimously approved letting kids in all grades return and there are now new rules for social distancing that were just released by the cdc is saying that students can now sit as close as three-peat a part in the classroom. some teachers unions, though, have opposed the closer spacing but pediatric experts say it's important for kids to return to in person. learning. >> acting health officer doctor says and philip says that while schools will have to continue strict covid protocols. she actually supports the cdc's new guidance, adding that some schools in the bay area have been opened for months. >> the distancing moving to 3 feet is really only safe when children consistently mask,
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but we have experience from right here in san francisco that that can happen. so for instance, in september, my office has approved in person learning for a 114 schools that represents over 16,000 students and 3,000 and during that entire time in person learning for the students. we have less 5 cases of in-school transmission less than 5 outbreak outstanding. and so i feel comfortable with our local data matching what is understood scientifically recognized by cdc. >> so as far as the rest of the bay area goes doctor phillips as we'll have to wait for the number of cases to decrease even more before we get the green light to move into the next year. >> meanwhile, california is making improvements when it comes to covid-19 just 3300 new cases of covid-19 reported across the golden state on saturday. the state's positivity rate over the one week down below 2% to one 0.8
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so far more than 14 and a half million vaccines have been put into the arms of californians that's out of more than 18 million doses that have been delivered to the golden state while the numbers are improving, the cost of administering those vaccinations here in california has nearly quadrupled in the past few days. that's because the state has made big changes on its vaccine distribution plan. according to the l a times blue shield of california will now handle vaccine distribution under a new contract previously the state decided how many doses it was send out to the counties. it's estimated that california's covid-19 response will now cost some 15 billion dollars. that's up from 2 billion dollars from just a few months ago, much of that expense now being attributed to the new vaccine distribution program. >> the alta bates medical center is now facing more than $150,000 in fines after a cal osha investigation into the
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death of a nurse kron 4 first told you about the death of this nurse that happened back in july. kron four's into hari live tonight after talking with members of the california nurses association along with. >> sutter health about this investigation. amanda, what are they saying? >> we spoke to a nurse that says that these issues were going on long before their co worker died and they're hoping that these fines now will help correct the issue. >> i think. the needs to take responsibility for this. this did not need to happen shooting staff more than 7 months after nurse janine peace tape 100 died from contracting covid-19 on the job. osha has fined sutter health's alta bates summit, medical center. >> more than a $155,000. this is video from a vigil for pay. stay ponder this summer. the report says there were numerous serious covid related workplace safety violations, lack of. >> personal protective
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equipment in proper staffing or covid types of patients registered nurse michael hill with the california nurses association says those are just some of the the report says others include not being notified of exposure. >> and failure to provide testing hospital should not have been surprised this was going to happen. >> because we had been voicing their concerns for so long. i reached out to center health about the cal osha fines. a spokesperson said, quote, we disagree with cal osha's findings any immediately appeal the citation. >> none of the findings are specific to the passing of our beloved colleague. we continue to mourn her loss and i'm disappointed that her memory is being used for political gain. >> hill says while some things have improved over the past couple of months they're still meeting with the hospital to hopefully make even more improvements. >> and there are other things of the nurses are continuing
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to be concerned about. >> they say they now have more ppe and it's enough to handle most situations but they're still very short staffed and that makes it difficult to care for all of those covid-19 patients. >> amanda hari reporting for us live tonight. amanda, thank you. all right. let's switch gears now to talk weather, get ready to head out the door for the start of the newark. we let's see what spring has in store for this week. it's going to feel a little bit more like yeah, guys are really is, especially because we just started spring yesterday officially right? there was a gorgeous weekend. >> but yeah, by the end of the week and into next weekend. it's going to start to feel more like summer. so really quick this season change, right. so hopefully you were able to enjoy the weekend outside. it's not. there's a lot of nice weather on the way. just for you. the golden gate bridge camera showing us nice clear skies. it's a clear across much of the bay area. no cloud cover, no fog
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tonight. temperature wise. we're about the same in some spots that we were this time last night and a few degrees higher and other spots, especially inland like in fairfield in concord are inland valley locations. that's we're seeing it by a couple of degrees difference versus yesterday. but mostly in the 50's, 54 in concord right now. 51 in downtown oakland getting into the 40's, though, as we get closer to the coast. 46 nevada, 49 in san francisco right now. upper 40's in half moon bay futurecast for showing us. so we will see some scattered clouds as we get into tomorrow. but a whole lot of sunshine to enjoy. the temperature rise that we're going to start to see tomorrow afternoon. but also the winds are going to start to pick up. we're actually going to see a gusts in the 20 mile an hour. mark, especially along the coast in our north bay zone and especially if you're going to in the half moon bay area. so just keep that in mind and then we're going to see it to spread further inland as we get into the afternoon hours and tomorrow night. winds are
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definitely going to be a factor over the next couple of days. but we are going to see those temperatures get into the 70's, maybe even getting a close to the 80 degree mark by next weekend. have all those details coming up in my seven-day around the bay forecast a little bit later. now back to the news. jonathan. >> well, still ahead here on kron, 4 news will head to the castro were hundreds of people came out to show solidarity with their asian american and pacific islander neighbors. >> a bakery in hungary now promoting the importance of the covid-19 vaccine. we'll show you that extra dedicate decoration be added to the shoes. easter
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(sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >> hundreds of folks rallying today in san francisco, denouncing recent violence against asian american community members, local and state leaders spoke in the castro district and then they made their way to the civic center as part of an lgbtq plus solidarity march for asian lives. kron four's tale of a sack. he takes us there. >> hundreds gathered in san francisco's castro district on sunday to stand with the asian community. san francisco's asian pacific alliance or organized the solidarity march to denounce the recent uptick in violence and hate group holding space for community. to process the tragic events that have been in atlanta and.
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>> and right here in bay area in san francisco. oakland so much violence against asian community chair of got the michael wynne says the castro was an important place to start this march in reflect the lgbtq community specifically has a long history of activism organizing of being scapegoated in a pandemic before. so we've seen this story before. >> and i think that the lgbtq community has the power. has the resources has the energy to really make a dent in dismantling white supremacy end having racial justice for all. sam denton. others say silence is no longer an option time now for a long time that is silent don't really god. that's >> just being fired. sound of that. it that's not anymore. >> elder as and people want to just a tad had no reason the
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out you are not the you people of city and state leaders like mayor london breed. senator scott wiener and assembly member david chiu spoke out against the anti-asian violence and discussed changes we need to do everything letterman trying communities to ensuring that we are investigating all incidents of to ensure that we're providing victims with the full panoply of services and support the making sure we're investing in the long-term. >> answers to this, which is up next. not which is sort of we had some of it has to. we need to move on all fronts at the same time in san francisco taylor kron 4 news. >> now let's go to the east bay and any act. police captured a burglar trying to hide from them on the roof of this business. he's. >> hiding right there in that little window right there. you kind of see a figure moving in there. police got called out
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after an alarm went off at the shopping center on contra, loma boulevard and when police arrived, well, they didn't find anyone. so what they did was launch a drone which is this video that will hang out right now and they found the burglar hiding behind an ac unit. the burglar eventually came down and then was taken to jail just stick with the video here for a little longer to say he comes out of the window. yep, off to jail. you go. you can run, but you can't hide. all right. now to a story you'll only see right here on kron 4. it was 12 years ago today. that was one of the deadliest attacks on us. police officers in that happened right here in the bay area. a traffic stop of a parolee with a no bail warrant for his arrest led to the shooting deaths of these 4 officers at the time. oakland's current police chief lauren armstrong was a rank and file officer. >> kron four's. haaziq talked
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with chief armstrong in a one on one exclusive interview. >> 3/21/2009 is the day the city of oakland, the oakland police department will never forget it is with 3 police and what opd officer were gunned down by a wanted felon. >> it is one of the responsibilities as a chief. now that weighs on you every day. the something like this could happen as the 12th anniversary of the solid b that draws near chief leronne armstrong shares his thoughts about the deadliest day of the history of the oakland police department. >> i have a picture in my of the day of the funeral. so it's a constant reminder. a lot of families aloft for loved ones. a loss for friends. a loss for our community and the truth. tremendous loss for our department. >> take us back to that day
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for yo . were you duty that day. >> i was not originally on duty that day. but i received the call. for an emergency response to not respond to be as the incident was to to. respond to the scene. >> just remember this. i think died. you marked down to the best. was the first stop on that scene. back march. 21st. >> oakland police department chaplain father jason because big at highland hospital where he received that heart wrenching transmission over the radio. i remember most. i think one of highland. >> that we're listening to department radio and then we heard the an open place codeine for tb, which means send all units as you bring us up as a brings you back to that day at south. and there isn't. there isn't a moment any of us who are associated with the events of those times. if you some profound emotion about what we experience that day.
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>> what is your message. what do you say to help us try to understand it in in a special since i've been around a catholic priest for 33 years. >> it's always difficult for us to explain the sudden loss of life and whether there's any rhyme or reason to it. it's always does continue reminder of the fragility of life. for me it's always a sense of my life and the life my loved ones can be taken any time. and so being able to express that love and be present to our loved ones in a way that reflects the fragile nature of the song. and this to also be reminded that their members of our community make sacrifices on behalf of the community who in essence lay their lives down for the protection and well-being of our community. those losses also need to be recognized and remembered as well, too. >> on police chief leronne watch. they will be remembered sergeant. >> ervin romans sergeant. they use a condom. sergeant mark done. okay. an officer job shaky. dead on on the wall. we
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have made the sacrifice is that they are always a member of the opd family will be honored by this department in the >> has it made you kron 4 >> we'll take a turn here right now and talk about a chocolate workshop and hungry that's making this year's easter bunnies hold vaccine syringes. you have to take my word for it. we can show you hungry is in its 3rd wave of the pandemic and vaccines are in full swing. the owner of the bakery said he wanted to play his part in emphasizing the importance of the vaccine. he says that he decided on syringes over masks because he wanted to promote the solution, not the problem. and there's a picture there. you can see the bunnies all individually wrapped holding the vaccine syringes us. >> coming up, we've got some
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big news for nintendo fans. the music's good after several covid-19 related delays super nintendo world is finally going to be opening.
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>> after several delays because of covid-19 super nintendo world is finally opened at universal studios in
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japan. lario luigi princess peach and towed all on hand for the grand opening but folks, you can because of protocols. one of the biggest park attractions is a real life. mario kart race through bowser's council. in addition to the rides the entire super nintendo world is an immersive game where park s actually compete against each other and just like in the video games, folks can jump up and punch question blocks collect virtual coins because you're interested the next super nintendo world set for orlando in 2025 plans are also in the works to build one permanently at universal studios in hollywood. >> and here's a cute story about how kids just trying to get away with everything. a north carolina man quickly found the likely suspect who was sneak in cupcakes. it was his son who was not very good at hiding all the evidence you could see he's got frosting all over his face all over his hands. the dad keeps asking who ate the cupcakes and the kids. that was me. they did. you eat the cupcakes. know.
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did you eat the cupcakes oh, no, he is adamant he did not eat the cupcakes despite being covered in frosting. so that's 2 year-old t j. he claims his innocence. but the dad, well, he can stay mad for long. he posted the video of his cupcakes thief on tiktok and its racked up thousands of views since it was posted you look at it, it's adorable. you look at the face and how can you stay mad at i mean, can't stay mad at it. but you know. >> it's so funny is like did you eat it? no, not at all. covered in frosting. it's a funny we both have stories of this. rebecca does not at least not not of us do. i did you break the i did not though know honey never not me had in touch >> yeah. i'm sure i will have a whole lot of those stories to tell. that is for sure. be a just can't see right there just too cute. hopefully you can take the kids outside this week because the weather is going to be it's been a great
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spring weekend. for saturday and sunday and then we're going to see summer like conditions as we get into the week ahead and even into next weekend. looking ahead here, though, your 70 around the bay. look at the pretty much almost every we're seeing a little dip on thutsday, a cooldown inland. but 70's pretty much across the board inland and around the bay. and then we could be getting into the upper 70's guys as we get into the weekend near 80 degrees and some of our warmer spots to make sunday almost 80 degrees rebecca. almost. yeah, it's all my if you like it because of me if you know it's not. >> does it for us. jason is up next with sports night live. don't go anywhere, though. that's because the sanford women taking the court. their first nc double a tournament game in for one player. it returned back to her hometown for a record setting night. jason also talking with giants manager gabe kepler got a lot. got a lot going he's ever you
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don't go anywhere, jason is sports night live up next.
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>> welcome to sports night live. i'm your host jason dumas, the stanford women are the only team from the bay area to make the nc double a tournament and they got their
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start tonight against utah valley. tara vanderveer in her team. the number one overall seed for the tournament coming in and kiana williams was on fire all night. guess what, this shot here may hurt a school's all-time leader, 4, 3, pointers made surpassing candice great for her. cardinal up 18 3 early. a couple of minutes later williams team. we didn't get to 23 to 06:00am for up 2nd quarter. more from williams hits another trey. she was 5 of 8 from beyond the arc she had 17 points in the 1st half. cardinal cruising 53 to 20 3rd quarter frahm. believe me. tonight. but this move pretty sweet, too. well, my favorite players in the country. staffer was never threatened in this one williams playing in her native san antonio led the way with 20 points. great
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day. she got to break that record in front of her family. finacore. 8744 after the game williams talk about her homecoming and how anxious she was just to play the game. >> i think the fact that i was at home ahead. you know, 50 plus people in the stands trying couldn't wait to get out here and play. but no, it helped that there are other games on. so i got to watch a few of the games love watching basketball so they can my mind off of it. but yeah, there were a few time. you know, like i said, like 2 o'clock o'clock like we still have 6 hours. so we play. so, you know, i was for sure inches i think is really exciting for us. it's great. shed like i think 52 people here and. >> you know, she really got a stolen on our whole team shot the ball. well, you know, especially in the 1st half and. you know, i think the best thing was we were able to arrest people and i know got hurt. we have a one c by a bar name for a reason. not we don't necessarily want to prove other write one is
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right. we know how good of a team we are in. >> think we showed that tonight. >> good for kiyana. already sister. jean back for another ramblers taking on the top seeded illinois fighting a line i camera crew week. he was cooking all day big guys or some nifty footwork in 1912. '05, 5 minutes left. lucas williamson, the hoop and the harm ramblers up to 13. >> sister jean turned up. >> work in the pick and roll. this tips. the law passed to the basket. chicago up 9 will for left and the ramblers made a run to the final 4 in 2018. they're back as an 11 seed. they're back in the sweet 16. this time as an 8 seed. i believe they win 71 to 58 over illinois. all righty, the man, the myth, the legend, jim bay how many runs does he aave left in him. taking on west
10:34 pm
virginia. this might be the best shooter in the tournament. but he bay high make a buddy buckets. jim son hit 25 points as accuse held a slim lead throughout the 2nd half west virginia would not go away, though. quick layup to cut that lead down to 2 with 4 seconds left. 6 seconds left in the game. now after a 3 pointer. good defense here. makes miles mcbride travel. 11 syracuse into the sweet 16 with the 7570 to win over the 3rd seeded mountaineers 3rd sweet 16 in 6 years for the queues. pretty cool man already the nation's leading score some and a 15 seed oral roberts taking on florida must live up to the hype. he had 26 points. the golden eagles led by as many as 11 points in the 2nd half 16 tie game here. kevin, all dinner bury the 3
10:35 pm
to put or roberts up 3 will 4 and a half minutes left. final seconds. florida down 3. there's a scramble for the ball. one more look at it. but time runs out. let's go back to tulsa what they doing over there. turning up the students go wild or roberts's into the sweet 16 for the second time in school history. the first time 1974 they win 81 to 78 gratz. couple other quick scores from around 2 top seed. it baylor races past wisconsin by 13. they'll take on nova next. that will be a good game. 2018 finalists and texas tech false to arkansas by 2. beat rutgers by 3 houston will take on syracuse saturday night villanova rolled over north texas by 23 and look at oregon state repping the pac 12 well, they upset oklahoma state 80 to 70. well, it turns
10:36 pm
out we have one of the best pro martial artist in the world. right in our backyard national karate athlete. joan orban is a stockton native but flights out of san jose. she's won at every level except the olympic level was she just so happens to be training for right now. i caught up with or bomb before she left for istanbul, turkey as she trains to become an olympian. or bond has been fighting all her life. took on a new person. >> credit was never ever thought to going to the olympics right before it was just going to be a world champion. so now it's. >> i want to be an olympian. that's just about all has left to achieve. she's a 12 time. usa national champion a 6 time continental champion. it was ranked as high as 7th in the world before leaving team usa to become a part of team philippines. she also owns her own gym in san jose. my dad
10:37 pm
saw this as a long-term career for me. he kneeled that. >> business having something that i'm good at. >> is passion and orban think it's important that this passion turned career is something young girl see and realize that they can do having a successful athletic career as it is and then now changing bay area and how they you karate. >> far beyond, you know, karate kid. you can take this. however, for you want to left for a look training camp in istanbul, turkey on the 17th, the final stop before the olympics where she will be competing for more than just or so. i am wrapping a lot. i am representing a lot of people underrepresented, people in communities all over i'm just a little girl from stockton who happened to make it, make it out. >> and of course, we'll keep you guys updated on her progress already. it's been a rough stretch for the warriors
10:38 pm
from a health standpoint and to add insult to injury draymond green joined the party dry sprained his left ankle when he came down for a rebound you see right there. that's never fun. he stayed in the game. but he was clearly favoring the ankle the rest of the way. we will keep you updated on his status. now we know eric paskel in james wiseman will be in protocols for 7 days. on the other hand, looney only have to miss. one game is now clear he didn't play in memphis on saturday night. remember, if a player enters protocols. it doesn't necessarily mean that he had covid. it could be contact tracing or a false positive, which is something that actually happened to eric paskel earlier in the season. well, lamelo ball's rookie season is over. the rookie point guard broke his wrist last night on that fall. the injury happened on that play. he goes up for a layup. lance pretty that. ricin was going
10:39 pm
to brace himself ball was the runaway favorite for the rookie of the year. but i'm not sure if he's going to get it. now that his season is cut short all righty. how about another injured star lebron james sprained his ankle last night people everybody spraining her ankle. that was against the hawks. james finished the game. but afterwards the lakers announced that he will be out indefinitely. so that's lebron and anthony davis out for the lakers will be interesting to see how the lakers hold up without their 2 franchise all right, folks coming up at the break. i sit down with giants manager gabe kepler. >> you won't want to miss this interview is way bigger than sports. >> and we will also come giants highlights. they took on the dodgers out in arizona. stay with us.
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>> we have a special guest. we want to welcome in san francisco giants manager gabe kepler gave. thank you so much for joining us. how you doing today? >> jason doing well. really bad year with you and looking forward to this conversation. >> in now we know you've super busy prepping for the season. a season that giants fans are very excited for obviously. but there's more to gabe kepler then baseball case in point. you just found it a
10:43 pm
nonprofit named pipeline for change. it aims to help gate people of color and other marginalized people through some of the boundaries and sports and we'll talk about that in a second. but first, i just want to talk about your upbringing. what has molded your views and modi due to the type of person where you feel confident to speak out about things that to some people are so comfortable. you know, i appreciate you asking that. i think it stems from my my mother, my father. >> who were both civil rights activists in some ways i think my my father, my mother were both consider themselves feminists. and finally just marching in the civil rights movement in the antiwar movement and and urging my brother and i to speak up for what we believe in and a lot of cases speak up for people who don't have the platforms of the privilege. the that we did and that i do you as a
10:44 pm
white that was emphasized in my house and i don't think there's a greater influence than my mom and dad as you guide to the world. a professional sports. you continue your mission, especially with your hiring practices. >> your courage, the dodgers to adopt a policy that all minor league affiliates would have a spanish speaking coach on staff with the phillies and now the giants. whenever you have a mound visit with a spanish speaking pitcher. you make sure that you have a spanish speaking coach with you so that you know, the nuances are lost in language barriers and of course, you know, last year during the national anthem. now, i mention all of these just so our viewers are aware of it and to give them some context. but my question for you is gave did you ever receive any push back for your willingness to speak out on news that make people feel uncomfortable. i think a really good one to touch on is is making mound visits with a native spanish speaker. >> to give the pitcher on the mound. the same sort of
10:45 pm
support that we might give a native english speaking picture. and i think those little things throughout the day have been sort of long past by the industry and in sports in general. you know, i think there's a lot of room for improvement in that regard. and i think baseball traditionalists. frankly, you know, don't love that. that sort that change because it has an in done in the past very often generally speaking change can can create some discomfort even within that discomfort. it's our responsibility to push through and make changes that are not as beneficial for baseball and sports. but for society. how about the giants in particular has the organization been supportive of me know of your views and how intentional you are about your ally ship. >> i without the support of of leaders like stacey slaughter in our and without the support of our on site. e.


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