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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news acts of violence and bigotry. >> impact all of us because we're all part of one community. our silence is complicity. we cannot be complacent. we have to speak out. we have to act. >> now at 10 from coast to coast leaders offering solace to asian americans and a country still reeling from this week's mass shooting while searching for a solution to the nationwide spike in anti-asian violence. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan unfortunately, the violence still happening in the bay area. >> tonight. we know that a 69 year-old asian woman was attacked and robbed yesterday
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in daly city happened at a residential neighborhood just off to a t daly city. police say it was a strong arm robbery. no weapon was used. the victim was injured, although not taken to the hospital. police are still looking for the suspect. they say that there have been similar attacks in daly city recently and some of the other victims were also asian. tonight we're hearing from an asian american man who was badly beaten in san francisco earlier this week. >> we want to warn you, his injuries are graphic. 59 year-old. danny, you chang's eyes were blackened and swollen shut after monday's attack. the resident was walking on market street at new montgomery on his lunch the office after working ck at - remotely during the pandemic when he says he was jumped from behind you from the back. >> push me showed me from the back. and start eating the and i lost consciousness. and when i wake up, i'm all bloodied up. when i see the sidewalk,
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it's there's a lot of blood he did. he saw on the other for second first. and second day, i cannot see anything. >> police say the alleged attacker just slashed the face of a 64 year-old white man. it the 16th street bart station just a half hour earlier the next day police arrested 32 year-old jorge devis-milton. he has been charged with 6 felonies, including aggravated mayhem. he set to be arraigned monday morning. >> well, governor newsome, a met with members of the asian american community in san francisco today. they talked about how to fight the recen surge in attacks against the community. the violence has been happening for decades. but advocates say over just the past year, there have been close to 1700 verbal and physical attacks in california. the governor pledged the state will take an active role and trying to prevent more violence. we just have to do more. >> and we have to demand better each and every one of us. this is not just about the asian community is about who
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we are and what we represent. how do we ensure real investigations and accountability of these incidents and these crimes as a her how do we ensure that we're putting victims and survivors first. >> community members say about 90% of the attacks do not fit the legal definition of a hate crime. so now they're planning to ask the department of justice to begin tracking hate attacks as well as hate crimes. >> the investigation into tuesday. spa shootings that left 8 people dead including 6 women of asian the center still ongoing tonight. authorities promise that nothing is off the table, including the possibility of a hate crime. president biden, vice president kamala harris's visit denounce the violence when they were in atlanta today. joe khaleel has a closer look. people killed. >> 7 women. 6 are of asian descent. >> all fellow americans.
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>> each one of them. we more. their families are broken hearts and unanswered questions. >> can solar in chief president biden offering a message of solace after meeting with asian american leaders in atlanta following a killing spree targeting asian own businesses. >> that left 8 dead and the community. >> shaken or simply some core values and beliefs that should bring us together as americans. one of them. he's standing together against hate. against racism. the shooting followed a sharp increase in violence and harassment of asian americans over the past year. according to the anti-defamation league. we are not. >> getting our voices heard and. >> having grown up as an asian-american woman. i know exactly the fear that these women must have had vigils from california to new york brought people out in a concerted campaign to end
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anti-asian discrimination than beyond angry and frustrated right now because i really personally don't know how to make bigger to say that we need help. people are literally dying. president biden expressed support for the covid-19 hate crimes act working its way through congress. it defines what a covid related hate crime is and calls for expedited reviews of those incidents. we owe you a gigantic. >> debt of gratitude. >> and we were from long long, long time before the somber occasion. president biden and vice president harris made a visit to the centers for disease control. you are model. for the world. around what can be done. they talked about the administration's response to covid and the cdc's role in setting guidelines rooted in good science. making difficult decisions right now. some of the most difficult. but you're making those decisions based on science. >> based on hard work and based on a commitment to the public health.
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>> that was joe khalil reporting for us tonight and for the first time we're now hearing from one of the family members of the victims in that mass shooting. >> you can't say that this isn't racially motivated. you don't kill 8 people in a bad day. let alone one. how often would she tell you that she loved you. so every night i mean, i before she goes to bed. >> that was randy page. the son of this woman coming. john grant to has killed at the gold spa was all of the support he and his brother now need. he set up a go fund me page. already raised an astonishing 2 million dollars. >> new at 10 growing calls for the san francisco school board. vice president to resign. this after somebody a nurse tweets that appear to be racist against asians and 2016, allison collins made tweets accusing asian americans of using white supremacy to get ahead of black colleagues. she used a racial slur. critics say it's
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particularly troubling, of course, given the heightened anti-asian violence happening in the country. in a statement fellow school board member jenny lam, the only chinese american member of the board asked collins to step down saying among our students, 40% are asian american and pacific islander collins must address her comments instead her refusal to apologize takes time and energy away from our work at the district. she says i'm asking the commissioner to provide a public apology at the next board meeting calling for her resignation from the board of education. several san francisco suisors are also saying that collins should step down. >> another big story tonight, more children will now be able to be in the classroom after the cdc updated guidelines were released today rather than 6 feet of separation. the new guidelines say students can safely sit just 3 feet apart and it removes the recommendations of plastic partitions between desks. this
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can only happen, though, if there is a 100% masking going on in the classroom. the cdc says 6 feet should still be maintained in common areas such as school lobbies. and when mass cannot be worn such as when children are eating. and the united states has hit a major milestone today in a race to vaccinate against the coronavirus you know, 100 million doses have been given to americans. and that is. >> a 42 days ahead of schedule because the president had set a goal to hit that mark in his first 100 days in office. now he's setting his sights even higher. the u.s. is vaccinating about 2.5 million people a day and might set a 200 million dos goal by the one 100th day in office. the u.s. is on pace to have enough of the 3 currently authorized vaccines to cover the entire adult population in about 10 weeks. >> the bay area, though, is continuing to suffer from vaccine shortages this week. thousands of appointments at kaiser permanente were
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canceled because of a lack of supply. the santa clara county health system says it didn't get enough vaccines from the state. so now they're transferring kaiser patients appointments that were with the county back to kaiser. the state had indicated that kaiser would have an effect scenes for its members have their vaccination sites. but some patients are being told there are no appointments available. >> yeah. he's checked every where santa is a mosque at us sunnyvale. sees as santa clara county does not have any second round back scenes and tell late april april 25th and a symbol that sounds and i went out meals. well, let's look at another county. what kind check check santa nothing check. sacramento. nothing. >> kaiser says in a statement that they're, quote, setting up a special schedule appointments locally to vaccinate in a timely manner whose members whose appointments were canceled by santa clara county. we're reaching out starting today to these members to confirm they will have convenient access to the vaccinations they expected to go on to say that there are
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other factors that are leading to frustration for those who have not received a vaccine and along with the supply shortages. there are a lot of questions being raised over how effective the state's vaccine distribution plan. >> really is. and kron four's. dan thorn he's live in san francisco. he joins us with more on what the experts are saying. dan. >> well, catherine knows experts are acknowledging that there has been some stumbles in terms of getting people vaccinated. but when it might seem like california is falling behind other states in terms of distribution, those same experts say that we need to keep in mind the size and the population of this state that makes us unique. california is ranking near the bottom when it comes to vaccine. equity says a new report from the centers for disease control and prevention earlier this month, the state announced it was setting aside
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40% of vaccine doses for the hardest hit communities and most vulnerable populations. despite that ranking governor newsome on friday praised how the state is doing so far and are proud of the work we're doing on equity know the stay in the country is doing that. >> it goes deep to the conversation we're having today the issue of equity. so we're not going to back off on that commitment and health experts note it's important to keep in mind the size and diversity of california. when comparing vaccinations success to other states. ucsf professor an infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says california is complex. of course, when you look at us compared to. >> north dakota or new mexico or alaska. we're going to look really bad part of the frustration with the vaccine rollout comes from who has been prioritized. >> and how slowly we appear to be advancing. but doctor chan hong says a vaccination program of this scale has never been done before. and the biggest problem is supply not strategy. i feel like we could still be doing a lot
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better at this in the because of the heroes. we had to overcome in the beginning when it was really rocky and where the expectations set by many of the leaders were not. >> the reality on the ground. i think right now they are doctor chan. hong is proud with how california is doing in terms of vaccinating the vulnerable 65 plus age group and how the state is at least looking at equity, making sure that all communities have access to the vaccine even though we're limited in number right now. and that means vulnerable. >> and this advantage regardless of race and that the you know, in the poorest areas in our state. >> well, governor newsome has argued that the 40% overlay should continue in those underserved communities because it is the right thing to do. and he also argues that in order to move forward in terms of our economic recovery. we also need to continue to focus on those that have been hardest hit by this virus reporting live in
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san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you, dan. >> also during his visit today, governor newsome discuss president biden's call to make vaccines available to all adults who want one by may. he reaffirmed that in about 5 weeks. the phased vaccine tear system in california will be dropped making all californians eligible. but we're in a scarcity frame. and next week we should get 1.8 million and we're anticipating within 5 and a half weeks where we can eliminate all of that hearing, so to speak. and make available vaccines. everybody across the spectrum because supply will exponentially increase. the governor said currently the state is distributing more than a million doses. every 3 days. >> and our coronavirus coverage continues on our website. kron 4 dot com. you can find links to vaccine clinics across the bay area. the details that you will need
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to sign yourself up for a shot or a loved one time now for our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at southwest airlines plane taxing across the at sfo airports going pretty and yeah, kron four's, a chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with a look at the weekend. lawrence and you don't have done for a while. guys. airport delays 7 and worry about. right. but that is all going to soon police things get better. nothing. i want to report. but just a sign of things get back to normal. so we get into the weekend here, we get into spring now spring starting to 37 is the equinox and now certainly looking like it's going to be very spring-like around the bay area. this weekend with temperatures warming up a bit. still some clouds moving in right now. look at the san francisco, some that patchy fog moving along the coastline that. >> is very spring-like temperatures today running a little bit below the average in the san francisco 58 degrees oakland checked in at 6460 in san jose 59 live more 64 in concord at 60 degrees in santa rosa running a little bit below the average in many
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spots, all that cold air left over from that. frontal says we are seeing a few showers popping up around the bay area today, too. but those have since gone by the core lows making its way up in the pacific northwest. we have the cold front swing into the bay area that brought with it some clouds. but by the afternoon, most of the has started to settle down, although we did have a few showers moving through parts of the south bay. but those are pretty light. they're now quieting down your skies are clear now as those skies clear out that cold air sitting over head likely going to see some patchy frost along with some patchy fog overnig t tonight, the winds of a started to calm down just a bit. there's a breeze out there to 22 miles an hour of the west of the shoe see the westerly winds in the pacific and san francisco also has a foe and now do that will be the trend. and i think tomorrow, actually the wind's going to be little brisk toward the afternoon watching these winds calm down overnight tonight and then again by tomorrow afternoon, you can see, those winds really start with specially near the coastline. so those winds maybe gusting over 30 miles an hour time. so plan to be a little brisk as you approach the coastline and no
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exception. you get forecast in the monterey bay. you'll find some of that wind kicking up in the monterey bay. cool temperatures too. if you had a carmel by the sea 53 degrees about 53 in monterrey, southern california, little more sunshine temperatures a little warmer to 65 in san diego 67 in los angeles, almost 70 in santa barbara. beautiful in the high country still snowing up there tonight. but those roadways clear out for tomorrow. fresh powder to ski on up there. temperatures running in the upper certainly simulate chilly up there as well. and they're keeping those roads open across the sierra nevada right now. no chain enough. but continues to snow up there. so yeah, if you do plan to head the high country and that looks like a nice place to go tomorrow. yeah, looks like a better day to travel up there. looks like those roadways will open up and be very nice and you won't have to worry about any precipitation. no snow, no rain in the look like for tomorrow. just some chilly temperatures and all that fresh powder looking good up there. let's do good. yeah. asking me. that's thank you, lawrence. well, it is the first day of march madness. the college basketball
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tournament. >> is one of the most popular sporting events of the year. >> not a lot of businesses, however, can take advantage of this year. of course, because of covid restrictions. but for bars and restaurants in san mateo county. they are and the orange chair. they say tonight is the closest business has been to normal since the pandemic began kron four's amanda hari has the story from burlingame. >> i can be. look for part of the year. this bar was silent. but that's not the case anymore. general manager daniel jones says he's happy to see more people inside the bar cheering on their favorite fighting a line michigan, but they play tomorrow. jones's mother liz owns the bar. they say this year has been tough. >> didn't know whether ever been inside the outside and outside only and in a final
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indoor. again, i guess has been they say opening at 50% capacity for march madness will help and they're grateful their customers are coming back. >> brian boucher went to the university of illinois. he says it's least jones says the bar has been busy with sports fans like boucher all day and people are following the rules. so happy to be out in a very respectful about wearing mask following the rules because everybody wants to get better. you know, nobody wants to see it go back to the bar opened earlier this morning because there were early games. they say they plan to continue doing that as long as there are early games in san mateo county amanda hari kron 4 news outrage over a viral video has sparked change at the nc double a tournament facilities in las vegas. >> oregon, ducks basketball player sedona prince shared this video on social media. it shows a sprawling area for the
10:19 pm
men's team. it's their weight room and then compared it to the women spot which was a single wait stand there on the left right next to a large area that's not even being used. the nca initially claimed that there wasn't enough space available now the organization says it's working on expanding the women's weight room area for little equity. >> it is one of the responsibilities as a chief. now that weighs on you every day. the possibility something like this could happen. >> still ahead tonight, it was the deadliest day in the history of the oakland police department and today the city will never forget at 1030 police chief oren armstrong reflects on the shooting that killed 4 oakland police officers 12 years ago. >> plus one school district superintendent says a nearby homeless camp is getting too close for comfort where it's happening. what city is being asked to do try to resolve the issue up next, a tv news crew
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dramatic video out of utah where this dui suspect is likely lucky to be alive tonight. officers were in pursuit of 35 year-old dustin butterfield for suspicion of dui after police called off the chase. the suspect clipped another vehicle and lost control and plummeted down an overpass in bank mundt police arrived pulled him out of the burning suv suffered a broken leg, but other than that appears he'll be okay. but he still faces a number of felony charges. >> 5 people were injured today when an suv slammed into a building. this in hollywood for them had to be hospitalized. the la police chief says a television reporter and a photojournalist who are work for a tv station in los angeles. they were among the people hurt. the crew was working on a story about the reopening of a movie theater on west hollywood boulevard when they were hit by that suv. the driver has been arrested on suspicion of
10:24 pm
dui in houston, texas. a search is underway for the man who stabbed a jack in the box manager who had refused him service for not wearing a mask. investigators say that 53 year-old james shultz became enraged when the manager held up a sign with the restaurant's face covering policy schultz. i walked away, but then he came right back and stabbed the manager in the arm and chest. he later took off on a bicycle. at last word has not been found. the restaurant manager has been treated and released from the hospital. the trial of derek chauvin will remain in minneapolis despite his lawyers attempts to have it moved. they argued that chauvil the man charged with killing george floyd could not get a fair trial in minneapolis because of intense media coverage, including the recent announcement of a huge settlement awarded by the city to floyd's family. a judge denied the request today and limited the amount of evidence that can be presented about
10:25 pm
floyd's 2019 arrest opening statements are scheculed to begin march 29th. >> next to 10 is the 12th anniversary of the shooting death of 4 oakland police officers draws near how the city's current police chief is remembering their sacrifice. plus a carjacking hit and run assault. new details on a wild crime spree in san jose, a potential game changer in the fight against a devastating and deadly disease by the scientists behind the coronavirus shots as a cancer vaccine could be just a few years away. >> and today the last full day of winter spring begins tomorrow about the weather how will that turn out? all talk about that. you're tended. and coming up next.
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>> 12 years ago this sunday, one of the deadliest attacks on us. police officers and it happened here in the bay area. a traffic stop of a parolee with a no bail warrant for his arrest led to the shooting deaths of these 4 oakland police officers 3/12/2009 remains the deadliest day for the oakland police department. >> at the time oakland's current police chief leronne armstrong was a rank and file officers that day back in 2000, 9 and as the anniversary of the deadly day approaches. kron four's has i do talked
10:29 pm
with chief armstrong in a one on one exclusive virtual interview. you only see right here on kron. 4. >> 3/21/2009 is the day the city of oakland, the oakland police department will never forget it is with 3 police sergeants and what opd officer were gunned down by a wanted felon. >> it is one of the responsibilities as a chief. now that weighs on you every day. the possibility something like this could happen as the 12th anniversary of the solid b that draws near chief leronne armstrong shares his thoughts about the deadliest day of the history of the oakland police department. >> i have a picture in my of the day of the funeral. so it's a constant reminder. a lot of families aloft for loved ones. a loss for frein's. a loss for our
10:30 pm
community and the truth. tremendous loss for our department. >> take us back to that day for you. were you duty that day. >> i was not originally on duty that day. but i received the call. for an emergency response to not respond to be as the incident was continue to to. respond to the scene. >> just remember this. i think died. you marked down to the best. was the first stop on that scene. back march. 21st. >> oakland police department chaplain father jason because big at highland hospital where he received that heart wrenching transmission over the radio. i remember most. i think one of highland. >> that we're listening to the department radio and then we heard the an open place codeine for tb, which means send all units as you bring us up as it get brings you back to that day at south. and there isn't. there isn't a any of us who are associated with the events of those times. if
10:31 pm
you some profound emotion about what we experience that day. >> what is your message. what do you say to help us try to understand it in the special since i've been around a catholic priest for 33 years. >> it's always difficult for us to explain the sudden loss of life and whether there's any rhyme or reason to it. it's always does continue reminder of the fragility of life. for me it's always a sense of my life and the life my loved ones can be taken any time. so being able to express that love and be present to our loved ones in a way that the fragile nature of the song. this to also be reminded that their members of our community make sacrifices on behalf of the community who in essence lay their lives down for the protection and well-being of our community. those losses also need to be recognized and remembered as well, too. >> on police chief leronne watch. they will be remembered sergeant. >> ervin romans sergeant. they use a sergeant mark done.
10:32 pm
okay. an officer john shaky. all 53 dead on. on the wall. we have made sacrifices that they are always a member gop family will be honored by this department in the >> has it made you kron 4 >> i just remember people in the newsroom can. froze. it was hard to believe 4 officers had been killed. it was a it was just incredible. i was working that day and when we got to this, when i got to the station, it was one officer was confirmed dead. and as the day progressed and we were on the air all day long. the news just kept getting worse and the hard part was we did have information that's that 4th officer had died. he had been apparently brain dead for some time. we withheld reporting
10:33 pm
the officers, the department really brought down the wall of silence and was very hesitant to release any information. understandably, many cases. but you could see this gathering of the all surrounded each other and kept everybody else out. i mean, one something like that happens, that brotherhood and sisterhood year about police departments that that's when it really closes ranks and it was a hard story to cover it was an important story to let people know what was happening. but at the same time, you know, we all work with police officers all the time and we know many of the officers involved in this and it's a hard thing to try to, you know, communicate with them. respectful but still do your job without feeling like you're encroaching you talk about the brotherhood, the sisterhood it had such a profound effect and one on and the then chief howard jordan. >> he later said that he traced the suicides of 2 officers in the department to
10:34 pm
the tragedy of that day. i mean, it just had such a profound effect and up until then, it had been 1970 before. 4 officers in california died the same day. >> just as one of those sad things that all officers have to think about every time they go to work know, day all right. unfortunately, a 17 year-old boy was killed in a shooting earlier this week in east oakland. police say this happened tuesday morning near bella vista elementary school when officers arrived on the scene, they say they found 17 year-old to hear the floor in the street suffering from a gunshot wound. he received medical assistance, but he did not survive anyone who might have information about this shooting is asked to contact oakland police. >> and new at 10 o'clock san jose police. they have arrested a suspect who went on a violent crime spree today, including a carjacking, including assaulting a woman. police say the man stole this truck shortly before noon
10:35 pm
today. he forced the driver out at knifepoint. this happened on south montgomery street after taking off the suspect was involved in a hit and run or capitol expressway and silver creek road. police say the man abandoned the truck before entering a nearby garage and he stole a sum tools. there when leaving he was confronted by a neighbor and he hit that person was a woman with a blunt object and demanded her keys. she was able to escape. she called for help when police arrived, they took the man into custody. they say this investigation is continuing san jose's homeless crisis may be hitting a breaking point, at least for one school district officials in the franklin mckinley school district say a homeless encampment is getting a little too close for comfort and with students returning to school, they want something to be done. kron four's, rob fladeboe explains how the districts demands could be met. >> with some exceptions. there has been a kind of moratorium on homeless camp sweeps during
10:36 pm
the pandemic for safety reasons. >> but that has led to a proliferation of tense motorhomes. another street-side camps near schools. the homeless are camping across the street from shepherd middle school in the alum rock school district. well, our visa makeshift shelters block the sidewalk less than a block from shirakawa elementary in the franklin mckinley school district. it's time for action. said superintendent juan cruz. it's just that now with. >> the you know, the the regular process that the city and the county go cleaning encampments just haven't happened. and so the really gotten out of hand action may be coming in a memorandum to the city council. >> the mayor's office is recommending the city manager to require unhoused individuals after substantial outreach that includes an offer of services and shelter to relocate anytime their encampment is located near a school day care facility, rather child serving location at a substantial distance that
10:37 pm
accommodates the high-frequency walking around so children to and from is just the overall environment. >> the trash and a lot of cases. you know, there's there's dogs. there these. it's just not what we want our students, especially our youngest, you know, residents of our community to be exposed to at such a young age. >> the city has built new short-term housing and relocated scores of homeless people in recent months. but their numbers are increasing as a result of the pandemic as reopening looms school officials say they are sensitive to the desperate plight of their newfound neighbors. but insist children's welfare and a safe path to and from school should be part of the plan and these. >> with it when it comes down to schools. you know, we have a lot of rules and regulations around. you know, things that can happen. within the boundaries of schools. and i think this should be addressed
10:38 pm
in the same way in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> all right. the first weekend of spring coming up. and we're looking live at the golden bridget, talk about weather. let's talk about whether with the person who we like to talk to about whether this and it's friday. i can't wait. a long week, hasn't it yeah. you know, not really so hard with a pandemic in the rain got to stay inside. well, now we've got some nice weather coming our way for spring. so hope you like forecast that a lot more sunshine in the forecast. the raindrops. that's for certain even though we could certainly use a little more rain. but out there tonight, quieting showers speak up across the golden gate bridge. just a nice evening out there. doppler radar still showing some raindrops that frontal system that brought us the rain. they can see like in all the way down south near big sur stretching across in fresno. still couple leftover snow flakes in the sierra nevada but not much. and things quieting down as we head through the night tonight and tomorrow temperatures hasn't cool off all that much yet, although the winds have
10:39 pm
stayed up a bit, i think is the winds calm down. it's going to be a whole lot colder 40's and 50's around the bay area now but expecting these numbers drop off in the 30's and some of the valleys next 7 days next 10 days looking fairly dry. now you can see as we take you to the weekend this is sunday afternoon. you're in the sunny spot in the san francisco lots of sunshine high pressure building in weak system. kind of clips. the bay area monday and then high pressure builds in behind it yet another week system tries to get through. unfortunately falls apart next thursday that's going to leave us dry behind that. we see high pressure building back in again. i think that's going to be really strong ridge as we head toward the following weekend. so yeah, you're 10 to 10 looking very dry almost to the end of the month. now as we're going to see high pressure taking over in the beginning of spring and sticking around. in fact, this next week. temperatures popping up in the 70's on tuesday and by the next weekend we're looking at maybe 7577 degrees and some the warmest parts of the bay area and high and dry for looks like the next 10 days. but certainly some nice weather and a nice time to enjoy the nice sunshine. thank you, lawrence. for your help
10:40 pm
tonight. some promising results for an experimental covid-19 drug in pill form. >> it's called new pier of the year and has been shown to significantly reduce infectious virus in subjects after 5 days of treatment, some infectious disease. experts say the pill could fill an important role by also helping people who are sick but still at home more testing is underway. but it would be the first oral antiviral against covid-19. >> pregnant women or those hoping to get pregnant. they are naturally taking the due consideration these days. one local doctor is advising that if you want to have a baby, get vaccinated as soon as possible. >> we've been encouraging to talk to their healthcare providers that they very reassured that we think that it's important for pregnant to get vaccinated because of the risk of covid-19 in pregnancy as well as protecting both the mothers and the potential of protecting the intense who passed and a body.
10:41 pm
>> pregnant women who they say are at a somewhat higher risk for severe illness from covid problems, including premature births even death. the cdc says, however, the overall risk is still low. a promising forecast in the fight against cancer from the scientists to develop the covid vaccine. to receive says the technology used to build the vaccine will soon be used to fight cancer to receive co-founded the german company biontech with her. come out with her husband. they were working on a way to tackle tumors when they shifted their focus to finding a vaccine at the beginning of the pandemic. she says she found the same principles used in the vaccine to attack coronavirus can also be applied to get thh immune system to fight cancerous tumors. they believe this can happen in about 2 years. >> still ahead tonight, turning frustration and toughen the bizarre birthday bash for a construction nightmare.
10:42 pm
>> and next in sports know steph curry for the warriors tonight, but they really 3 warriors managed to rally in memphis. kate rooney has the highlights of the game and more coming up. >> and something to cheer about tonight by state health officials reversed a policy banning cheerleaders from taking part and high school, sporting events. covid has made clear that having health insurance is more important than ever. at covered california, every plan is comprehensive, covering everything from preventive care to mental health. and it's the only place that offers financial help for health insurance. enrollment is open due to covid-19. if you or someone you know isn't covered, now is the time to sign up.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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>> the san francisco covid command center recently teamed up with local artists to produce at least 20,000 masks to distribute all over the city and you'll see them. the really cool looking part of the mask on stay strong campaign. 8 local artists were selected to create these masks that reflect their art, but also the spirit of their own cultural communities. late today, state health officials made a major announcement. this is kind of fun. one that's making a lot of teenagers happened in a reversal of their previous stance. cheerleading will not be allowed at friday night football games, kron four's terisa stasio visited a high school in martinez that took full advantage of the new rules. well, you couldn't see their smiles, but you could feel their joy as this squad of cheerleaders took to the sidelines for the first time in years since covid-19 spelled the end of many things normal definitely feels amazing. i'm so glad that we got the opportunity to even do this because in the beginning
10:46 pm
of the season with football supposed to happen. >> like we didn't have the opportunity to is a definitely amazing mentally help being here and just feels like normal things again, we're so excited to be here. and >> and and it made me excited was excited i just i love i've been coaching for 24 years. >> hammer for i think 17 so this is just, you know, we're we are family and we stick together. and i i just love these i'm so happy that they're here. >> although football was allowed to return a few weeks ago cheerleading was not and that made no logical sense to many parents and school administrators as well as cheerleaders kron 4 reached out to the state for clarification on why the designation changed late friday afternoon. but no one returned or inquiry in the meantime, parents and kids are happy. happy to be back in the stands and happy to be back on the field doing what they
10:47 pm
love. it means a lot to be back here. this is my 12th year doing chair and i haven't really. >> i've never really had life without it. so i feel like having this break. really but understand how much i miss it. and it's just so great to be with my teammates again. >> girls have been working so hard and just to see the smiles on their faces today and the boys out here and the excitement and the announcer. this. this is what it should know, though everyone super happy her and still in the stands only a limited amount of people allowed because of course we're still dealing with all of the rules and regulations. >> that covid-19 has forced on us here. martinez theresa kron 4 news. >> and now 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> it was supposed to be an off night for the warriors know steph curry know eric paskel know james wiseman, kelly oubre junior playing hurt. but instead it turned into an offensive party for
10:48 pm
golden state. first of 2. back to back in memphis stuff sitting this one out with a tailbone contusion. steve kerr said he's very doubtful for tomorrow's contest. but tonight his teammates stepped up to one point, given the first andrew wiggins, the corner. 3 weekends was an absolute bollard tonight 27 points in the 1st half alone and his energy was contagious jordan pool would get the start in place of curry driving dunking and pool. no big deal just 25 points on 10 for 15 shooting this around the warriors really started to pull away go to another wiggins playing dream top of the arc. another 3. he was 6 for 11 from three-point land and that shooting help the dubs take a 19 point lead into the half. they wouldn't relinquish it because we don't want to the second and we've got to give a shout out to damion lee 21 points for him coming off the bench 3 of them there. so golden state really getting a lot of help from everyone on the roster who was able to nights. but it was
10:49 pm
wiggins night so you got to see one more driving into traffic is wiggins. 1, 2, 3, black jerseys out of the way and he would finish with 40 points on the night did i mention he also had 8 boards forces and 4 steals. you don't even need stephan wiggins is going off like that final score. one 16 to one. '03, or you're stealing the first one in tennessee and here's what steve kerr said about how his team responded to the challenge dot strike u.s. and tonight was just put stuff of the balkans and a lot than a lot of pick and roll form. and he joe dimaggio to imagine these opportunities and not hot really change the game 2nd quarter. >> a big part of steam. you know, makes everyone the the team go, you know the steps. so you know, with him being out there. we've got to step up. i deserve the start. >> in a slightly chillier arena sharks looking to snap a two-game losing streak as they hosted the blues tonight
10:50 pm
scoreless in the first period. this one was so we'll pick it up in the second as ryan donato get san jose on the board for snapping a long personal skid. the first goal in 21 games fortunato and the sharks. what hang on to that lead for a while until the 3rd period to be exact. this is kind of a weird one to call clipper and shot ricocheting off the leg of tyler bozak. hard to see it there. but it goes in and it's a tie game on the sharks power play no less. so that one kind of hurt and then it would end in a shoot out the of really excelled in that situation this season. you see bob planning things out there. they're 41 in shootouts until tonight. advantage st. louis here. kevin labanc shot. gets saved. so the blues take this one in the shootout, a tough loss for the sharks as they start a four-game homestand better luck tomorrow. all right. time for some spring training. the giant to take on the cincinnati reds that one is wrapping up. but the a's already did some work today. frankie montas getting the start against the cubs and
10:51 pm
he's back from a bout with covid-19 said he's feeling good. he pitched 3 innings today. 4 strikeouts also allowed 4 hits and 2 runs, including. that bigger the cubs would take today's contest final score of 6 to one. here's what bob melvin had to say on franking his outing today. >> it's all about trying to get his pitch count up to get him ready for the season. he was the one that's a little bit behind. so. times looked really good, you know, couple of breaking, but. fastballs, good below felt good. you know, that's kind of the most important thing. we got him. i think 5050 plus so next time out maybe soar in the 70's and we get closer to 100 pitch mark. >> only 10 spring training games left opening day so close you c
10:52 pm
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>> if you live in the bay area. you know, you're no doubt familiar with all the construction seem to last forever. well, a new orleans woman is taking a whole different approach to this issue. she threw a birthday party for the construction project. natalie harvey. says, though, that construction job is now a year old. so she had cake balloons. guess even a photo shoot. she says one year ago they started ripping up the street. and to this day half the street is still impassable like this person should creative with the cape to this is a replica of the street scene played from 2 layers of chocolate sponge with peanut butter.
10:55 pm
>> frosting, which sounds pretty good, huh. a kansas teacher who lost her arm after a serious accident will soon be making history suntrust steber will be one of the first people in the u.s. to receive a bionic arm. vanessa freeman shows us how her life is about to change forever. i'm just trying to breathe and take it all in sun. receiver has waited 3 years to get one of the world's first bionic arms. operated purely by my thoughts a year and a half ago, steve are met with a doctor in new ago and learned she is a candidate for a new prosthetic. >> which uses nerves in her arm to move or hand in several but her insurance would not pay for the arm. while there were changes made in the kansas legislature to have expanded coverage steber says there were still hiccups. it looked like it was going to happen at all. that's when some donor stepped in to help paying off the but like i said, we've got some donors
10:56 pm
and. >> they want to be anonymous. but we think they're amazing. >> after surgically inserting a rod into her bone and several months of healing in physical therapy so that i could practice steve or her husband, an occupational therapist from extension via christi. we'll spend a week learning how the arm works. it's just a relief to know that, you know, this. >> she's getting her back to be able to do so much more will be able to be a lot more functional and have the dexterity and coordination to be the things that they want to do. >> without the assistance of other people. steber says the opportunity is lifting her spirits up. yeah. you're as she moves into a new life it's just like surreal. >> by the time we're talking about some great weather for the weekend. the first they have spring beginning tomorrow. looks like see a lot of sunshine breaking out. it will be cool and a bit brisk, especially near the coastline as those winds are going to be picking up so yeah, be
10:57 pm
prepared for that. if you're headed out toward the beaches, certainly looking at the winds kicking up in the afternoon. maybe as high as 30 miles an hour. so plan a 50's along the coast. but feeling cool winds outside about 53 now granada get inside the bay 56 degrees in burlingame about 58 in redwood city, the south bay. you can see some sunshine, a cool start to the morning, though temperatures down in the 40's and even some 30's in the valleys. but 60's by the afternoon, many of the interior valleys back up toward the coastline. little brisk little breezy. but the next few days we've got a lot of sunshine coming your way back the next 10 days. we're looking good. temperatures up in the 70's next week a good weekend.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> treadmill warning. >> oh, my gosh! >> after a child dies in an accident on a pricey peloton. >> what every parent needs to know well exercising at home during the pandemic. >> and close call for this little boy. >> i didn't scream bloody murder. >> then crisis point. >> concern over the national upsurge in a and attacks on asian-americans. >> what these people are doing to stay safe. plus, 1-2-3 goals for president biden.


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