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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  March 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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2%. that's the 4th lowest in the nation. good news. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us on kron, 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus. >> and i'm vicki liviakis. the governor's news comes as millions more californians can now sign up to get the covid-19 vaccine. those who can get the shots include people with cancer, chronic kidney disease and down syndrome along with pregnant women and patients with heart conditions. people who are aged 16 to 64 with these serious illnesses. they're now eligible to get vaccinated. california to work for public transit jails homeless shelters in airports can also sign up to be immunized. state officials believe that these additions will make 46 million more californians eligible for their vaccines. by the way, we have a full list of all the conditions and updated requirements for a covid vaccine on our website here. >> that's kron. 4 dot com while a whole new group of people became eligible today statewide to be vaccinated
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even more folks qualify for vaccines under the city of san francisco's new guidelines are for as maureen kelly went to a clinic in the city's bayview district. this started administering those shots today. >> barr kind showed up today. the southeast health center in the city's bayview district to get his first moderna shot. he has cancer, which makes him eligible under tier. one c he said he had some trepidation about getting vaccinated had overcome or. >> i my fear of actually taking the shot a little bit. yeah, i did. >> i do. now. >> i san francisco's public health department has expanded on the state's list of those who qualify with chronic underlying medical concerns. they have brought in the categories for those with cancer chronic kidney and pulmonary disease obesity and diabetes. they've also added those with alcohol and substance abuse disorders hiv. those needing a caregiver to help with daily activities. people suffering from severe
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mental illness or any other disability. the director of the san francisco's health network. the health care delivery system for the city's health department says that that means the vast majority of their 90,000 patients. they see that their 14 clinics across the city qualify under the city's broader criteria. it's really important. we're so glad that that the city and county of san francisco has really broadened and made very specific. >> guidance around ensuring that patients are most likely to die and or have severe illness from covid are covered for people like bark pine. it means getting back to somewhat normal life in the very near future. when he's fully vaccinated. >> i don't think we'll ever get back to normal. miss my friends and i miss my family. >> despite san francisco's expanded eligibility the city says there are still issues with the supply. so they caution that. >> people who now qualify for the vaccine may not be able to book appointments right away.
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maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> it is one thing to be eligible to get the vaccine. a whole different ball game, though, to actually be able to score an appointment. yeah. bit frustrating those a vaccine supply issues are making the scheduling of appointments elusive kron four's. dan kerman joins us now live to tell us what medical experts say we should do. in the meantime, dan. well, the bottom line is they say you gotta keep protecting yourself. the reason is, is because supply is bad. we've known that for a while. supply can't keep up with demand. >> now. we've added 4 and a half million californians who are now eligible and yet california is just getting under 2 million doses of vaccine each week. 19 vaccine has expanded now californians aged 16 to 64 with underlying conditions are eligible, but getting it is proving difficult from the state's my turn website checking that box for underlying condition works. and you're told you're
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eligible. but when it comes to finding a sight. many are finding there are no appointments available. and for good reason. the state of california says by including this new group. they've added 4.4 million californians. the problem is california will only receive 1.7 million doses of vaccine this week. we're going to get there. it may not be pretty here for for a week or so. but. >> we'll get there. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor george rutherford is confident supply will increase in time. he says in the meantime, those waiting to get the vaccine must continue to protect themselves. you put on a mask. >> you maintain social distancing avoid large crowded indoor spaces. right. that's all we're talking about. rutherford says maskless crowds on spring break in florida is not the way to go. >> you have to be worried about a 4th search that's what that's what our businesses to worry. >> weatherford says we must learn from history. he says the last massive event was the motorcycle rally in sturgis, south dakota in august which
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came with dire consequences. >> by september. estimated 300,000 cases that are either directly or indirectly related to that. >> very sobering data and rutherford says florida is not the only area of concern. we also have to worry about neighbors to the north and south in canada and mexico as well of those coming in from europe. he says that is why more than ever right now, especially with the vaccine just around the corner for many people must continue to protect themselves live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. good advice. thank you, dan. in the east bay the and refill unified school district has voted unanimously to continue distance, learning the board rejected a proposed hybrid model because because community members said it would disrupt learning this late into the school year. they're now looking at ways to increase student activities like athletics and end of the year. events. the district will continue to run turning
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learning hubs for students who need academic support while doing distance learning. also in the east bay a tentative agreement has been reached between the oakland unified school district. >> and the union that represents oakland teachers kron four's haaziq spoke with both sides about the key details that parents, students and teachers all want to know about. >> the bottom line is this is very good news for the district. now that a tentative bargain has been reached between the oakland unified school district and the oakland education association when will students returned to their classrooms. our plan is to have students back in class starting on march 30th, which is just 2 weeks from tomorrow, march 30th represents the first phase of students returning to school. it includes pre k to second grade as well as priority students. the second phase of students returning starts on april the 18th april 19th represents of a full return for all students
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usd. >> at potentially that really what i'm learning in conversations with the district is the there are a large number students, especially in secondary will watch remain a district in distance. learning. >> in fact, the lead negotiator for the teachers union chaz garcia says distance learning will remain an option for both teachers and students yes, distance learning will be a piece of the work that we're doing through the end of the year. a representative from usd parents group had this to say about the 2 sides striking a deal. you know, i'm i'm hopeful, of course. and glad that we have a deal, but it's you know, it it really should have been sooner, but i can't wait for my kids to be back in the classroom. >> the next steps are the agreement being put to a vote by members of the teachers union. >> then the final vote will be held by the school board if all goes well, the deal can be finalized as early as next week. has it lead you kron 4 news.
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>> the big story we're following tonight. a new poll shows californians are split on governor newsom's performance as a looming recall against him now looks likely kron four's, ashley zavala explains the results and has reaction from the governor's camp. >> the poll was a general population survey of 1045 registered voters from across the state. collected through an online panel and cell phone text messages. voters are divided on how the governor is doing. as a recall election against governor gavin newsome becomes more likely. >> next story and emerson college polling found 41.8% of californians approve of the job he's doing about 45% approve of his response to the pandemic. spencer kimball is the polling director at emerson college, generally speaking, you got to be in the 20's to get 3. take a look at some of the other governors and mayors around the country when the approval rating drops into the 20's is when it's truly the panic button needs to be pressed. we're not there yet. when asked if they would
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recall governor newsome 38% of those surveyed said they would vote to recall the governor well, 42% said they would vote to keep him 6% said they wouldn't vote at all. but when asked regardless of the recall. but voters reelected governor newsome in 2022. 58% of respondents said they think it's time for someone new. you're already beginning to lose some support for governor newsome out of the democratic camp and the big problem for him is new phase was to emerge onto the scene. i could see that really elevating this recall election because now the democrats would have an alternative to newsome. and right now he's losing a lot of that not with the base vote in, let's say, l a but in a lot of the rural areas. and in the suburban areas in response to the bull newsom's campaign manager dan newman said, quote, unsurprisingly, it shows the recall is supported at the same levels. and by the same people who voted for trump in 2020. and john against governor newsome in 2018. that's because the republican recall is driven by the same narrow partisan group
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of trump supporting republicans shortly after the bull runs really and a new sim along with state and national democratic leaders wants to campaign against the recall. join me and democrats of all stripes in a campaign email sent out to supporters monday newsome in part wrote, quote. >> i'm not going to take this recall attempt lying down. >> the polls show the economy is a big issue for californians 38% said they did not think it was heading in the right direction versus the 36% who say they think it is. 25 1% said they weren't even sure or pull experts say if governo newsome can muster up enough confidence in the economy that could help propel him in a positive direction heading into a recall reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> the vatican today issued a statement saying the catholic church would not bless same unions. the statement went on to say homosexuality is a choice and that god is not blessed sin. therefore it said the blessing of same unions cannot be considered permissible. the statement was
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approved by pope francis that stands to disappoint. the lgbtq community, of course, which had praise him for his welcoming tone and had hoped the church would be more open to change the pope. it said just a couple years ago, quote, homosexual people have a right to be a family. they are children of god and quote, all right. let's talk about weather now as we get a live look outside from our sutro cam overlooking san francisco. it's light out now. out there as the rain starts to move on through. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with details. boy life. what? >> cold day today? the day. yeah. boy, that wind whipping around the bay area today you're right. vicki sunset tonight, the 7.17. so the time change kicking into full gear. of course i'm not even wearing a watch list. hey, we've got to change is coming our way to the last week of winter. the skies begin to part a little bit after some nice rain drops overnight last night. some places will pick it up over a half an inch of rain in some
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of the wettest locations still as those skies clear out tonight, the winds begin to calm down. it is going to be a very cold night around the bay area. this cold system dropping and now the gulf of alaska rolling right through the state. now bringing the showers even some thunderstorms again, popping up outside. but the rain, most of that coming to an end. now some of located over the mountain tops in the south bay most that now making its way into the monterey bay bus more snowflakes over parts of bay area mountaintops as well. the winds continue to howl outside of that. you've got winds over 20 miles an hour around a good part of the bay area right now. those winds will calm down overnight tonight and then it's going to get downright cold in still windy out there now as we head through the evening hours. the temperatures dropping off in a hurry. and with that dry air out there. expect some overnight lows. get this, guys into the 20's and the 30 so frost going to be coming around the bay area tomorrow morning. all right. thank you, lord. still ahead tonight, president biden's nearly 2 trillion dollar covid relief
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package. >> now action. but some republicans remain skeptical and where the money is actually going. we've details next in a live report. plus, when you could see your stimulus payment i had to walk you through the new irs tool to track your check and more than 100 new vaccination sites open across california. what you need to know about booking your appointment at cvs. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back,
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>> president biden is kicking off his sales pitch to the country on nearly 2 trillion dollars in co covid relief it's a pr push really. he addressed the country today trying to highlight the benefits of the bill as he sees it. kron four's, washington correspondent kellie meyer joins us now live from washington with more on the president's pitch and why so many republicans, kelly remain skeptical. good evening to you. >> good evening, grant vicki, we'll getting the american rescue plan. signed was just the first hurdle in getting help to americans. now, the next step is getting the relief out and doing it fast. >> help this year. and hope this year president joe biden is now working on putting his covid-19 relief package into action. it's one thing to pass a historic piece of legislation like the american rescue plan. it's quite another to implement $1400 direct payments began hitting
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bank accounts within 24 hours of the bill being signed into law. the president says it's going to take oversight to make sure the money can go out quickly and directly to the american people where they belong this week. the administration is crossing the country to spread the word of the benefits of the relief package. >> vice president kamala harris headed to las vegas to tout the plan. when you need a little assistance. just get over a moment of crisis. you didn't create. that's when leaders are supposed to kick in to say i'm here. i see you and i will help you and transportation secretary pete buttigieg visited a ups site in maryland. this isn't you fire and forget. >> piece of legislation. buttigieg says delivery drivers and the 160 billion dollars set aside for vaccination distribution are helping get more shots in the arms of americans, republicans remain skeptical if everybody is vaccinated by june, then it's clearly not related to
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covid louisiana senator bill cassidy and other gop lawmakers say only about 10% of the money in the package is going to covid relief. it's related to kind of helping a blue state. >> and president biden is setting out to win support from those doubting the importance of the package will be in pennsylvania tomorrow. it's the first stop on his help is here >> so kelly, what did the president say some of the key parts as he sees them of this bill that he's trying to get across to the american people while he's out on the store. >> yeah. we highlighted a few of the affects of this giant bill earlier today in his address, he said it will help hundreds of thousands of small businesses keep their doors open. he said it will give schools the resources they need to open safely. he mentioned it will deliver food and nutrition assistance for millions of families. and he also says the plan will create 7 million new jobs. but again, this is only if it's implemented successfully. so that's why are they they are paying close attention to that part of it.
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>> all right. good information kelli meyer, thank you live for us washington, dc tonight. >> stimulus checks have started to arrive in some americans. bank accounts. many qualify for the $1400 payments under the latest covid stimulus plan that the president's out there touting the irs reports most payments will be made by direct deposit if you have not received yours as of yet. you can use the get my payment tool on the irs website to find out where it is wells fargo and chase say they will start processing stimulus checks wednesday. we have a link on our website if you'd like to learn more. that's kron 4 dot com. people can now find covid vaccine appointments using facebook. the company said it has partnered with boston children's hospital to create the vaccine finder tool. it allows users to search a covid vaccine appointments right from the facebook news feed ceo mark zuckerberg says it is part of a global goal to help vaccinate 50 million people. it seems like get anything under the sun at.
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>> costco. and now you can get your covid-19 vaccine there to some of the locations across the state are administering shots right now, including the costco in novato the company says that it will offer a limited number of moderna vaccines as soon as they become available. what you do have to make an appointment before hand, though, first we put a link to the if you want to make an appointment on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> and cbs says open up more than 100 new vaccination sites across california and the new sites open up as millions more californians become eligible for the vaccine today. kron four's noelle bellow has more. >> definitely ready and able has more shipments come in. we're ready to continue vaccinating cbs is giving bay area residents more spots to get their shots more cbs stores in alameda, napa, san mateo, santa clara sonoma and monterey counties are now administering the covid-19
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vaccine. however, appointments are still tough to come by. is that just a bay area issue. are you seeing appointments kind of being snatched up very quickly, all over the place. >> deadly being snatched up. but we are also opening up more and more planets as we receive more shipment. the good thing is once you do you it, you are definitely teach your second dose. it's welcome news to the millions of californians now eligible to get their vaccine. those with cancer in down syndrome, kidney and heart disease are now eligible as our pregnant californians and those considered obese stanford infectious disease expert doctor dean winslow says the vaccine is worth the wait. but this group of people you know, they've opened up. >> access to this point. are very much in high risk for developing severe disease. you know, some people may have to wait a little longer to actually get the vaccine. >> again. this is really think trying to immunize essentially, you know, the entire population of our state
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as far as verification goes, cbs is working on the honor system and won't be verifying your health condition in person. >> officials say you can sign up for an appointment at the cbs location outside the county. you live in. we understand people work in different counties they might be a different area for some the house. and at that point it's absolutely ok and san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> all time now for 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside a beautiful shot himself like a painting, but wow. is it going to get chilly. >> yeah. it's been chilly. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the look at what to expect boy. lawrence really hanging on to this last week of winter. yes, certainly feeling like that outside today. we've had that cold air, of course, the showers outside. now we're getting ready for a long cold by this is going to be a frigid one around the bay area. the skies clearing out. the winds going to calm down overnight tonight. so you have all that cold air already in place from the gulf of alaska. yeah. it is going to get very cold. we'll see a lot of maybe
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some black eyes in some parts of the north bay especially. but it is a very chilly temperatures frost advisories going up to mill valley all the way up into santa rosa in healdsburg to sonoma and napa. also in a vacaville and pittsburgh. very cold temperatures there overnight lows dropping down in the upper 20's and the mid 30's going to be very cold. even colder of to our friends to the north, get up mendocino county and lake county and certainly looking at some very cold temperatures. they're going to be hovering in probably the low 20's in those parts. so incredibly cold out there. but chilly temperatures, you wake up tomorrow morning. on 27 in santa rosa 30 in the napa frosty conditions also to the east bay about 32 in the more 33 in concord, even inside the bay. we're going to see some patchy frost. i think that some of the cars them out and some of local of rooftops there. you're going to see those very cold temperatures kind of settling in overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. storm clouds rolling on through really nice storm moving through starting yesterday afternoon pushing to the bay area. things beginning
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to calm down as is moving a little further to the south. now. and we're just seeing some lingering showers mainly over the mountain tops right now. but those will be soon be gone. and certainly nice rain out there overnight tonight we had a 3rd of an inch of rain and the sun rose also get campfield. over half an inch of rain, temperatures cool a little bit less. but everybody had a nice little soaker near the good news this last week of winter. and we've got yet another storm system developing out there. so we're going to catch a break now, i think we could see a nice little soaker coming our way a little bit later on in the weeks old that coming up with thanks, lawrence. excellence. still to come tonight, a woman caught on camera coughing on an uber driver in san francisco turns herself in. >> the charges. she's now >> the charges. she's now facing. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,...
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>> northern california wildfire victims are set to get millions of dollars in payments from pg and e beginning today. the fire victim trust says it will start with just about one 3rd of the amount for each verified claim administrators say that comes to about 30 million dollars. but the full payments, those are going to take months to be made. the money will mainly go to the victims of the 2017 wine country fires and the 2018 camp fire. and if you're still waiting on your tax refund. well, you're not alone. many americans say that they've been waiting for weeks now to receive their federal tax refund. it comes as the irs is still processing nearly 7 million tax returns.
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submitted last year for 2019. they say it's partly because of the filing deadline being extended during the pandemic as well as the agency processing the 3rd round of relief payments. coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6. a red-hot housing market. what's driving home sales here in parts of the bay area. >> also new developments tonight in the nearly 25 year-old disappearance of a cal poly student. what is happening in the search for kristen smart and travel yet picking back up in the u.s. the tsa screening, the most passengers since before the pandemic began. just how many people are now flying.
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