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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  March 15, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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following tonight at 5.30. a new poll shows california's are split on governor nuisance for 4 months as a looming recall against him. >> now looks likely our kron four's, ashley zavala explains the results and she has reaction. >> from the governor's camp. >> the poll was a general
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population survey of 1045 registered voters from across the state collected through an online panel and cell phone text messages voters are divided on how the governor is doing. as a recall election against governor gavin newsome becomes more likely. >> next story and emerson college polling found 41.8% of californians approve of the job he's doing about 45% approve of his response to the pandemic. spencer kimball is the polling director at emerson college, generally speaking, you got to be in the 20's to get 3. take a look at some of the other governors and mayors around the country. >> when the approval rating drops into the 20's is when it's truly the panic button needs to be pressed. we're not there yet. when asked if they would recall governor newsome. 38 1% of those surveyed said they would vote to recall the governor well, 42% said they would vote to keep him 6% said they wouldn't vote at all. but when asked regardless of the recall. but voters reelected governor newsome in 2022. 58% of respondents said they think
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it's time for someone new. you're already beginning to lose some support for governor newsome out of the democratic camp and a big problem for him is new phase was to emerge onto the scene. i could see that really elevating this recall election because now the democrats would have an alternative to newsome. and right now he's losing a lot of that not with the base vote in, let's say, l a but in a lot of the rural areas and the suburban areas in response to the bull newsom's campaign manager dan newman said, quote, unsurprisingly, it shows the recall is supported at the same levels. and by the same people who voted for trump in 2020. and john against governor newsome in 2018. that's because the republican recall is driven by the same narrow partisan group of trump supporting republicans shortly after the bull runs really and a new sim along with state and national democratic leaders wants to campaign against the recall. join me and democrats of all stripes in a campaign email sent out to supporters monday newsome in part wrote, quote.
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>> i'm not going to take this recall attempt lying down. >> the polls show the economy is a big issue for californians. 38 1% said they did not think it was heading in the right direction versus the 36% who say they think it is. 25 1% said they weren't even sure our poll experts say if governor newsome can muster up enough confidence in the economy that could help propel him in a positive direction heading into a recall reporting at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> tonight. we know the california is suing the largest skilled nursing provider in the country. the lawsuit accuses brookdale, senior living of misleading consumers when it comes to their quality ratings, even going as far as sending misleading information to the center's medicare and medicaid services brookdale operates 10 skilled nursing facilities in california. all of them in the bay area. >> new developments now in the disappearance of cal poly student kristin smart who vanished from campus almost 25 years ago, the san luis obispo county sheriff's office has
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search served a search warrant at a home in arroyo grande belonging to the father of the prime suspect. former classmate paul florists. investigators are using cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar while searching the property. it's reported that an older model vehicle was towed from the home as part of the investigation. 19 year-old smart disappeared while walking back to her dorm room from an off campus party in 1996 witnesses say she was last seen with florence. diego. 3 people are dead tonight. 6 others are hurt after they were hit by a car near san diego city college. the crash happened here just after 9 this morning when a 71 year-old driver veered onto a sidewalk. hitting 9 people. 2 of the people injured are said to be in critical condition. police arrested the driver. they say that man appeared to be impaired. a big story we're following for you tonight. president biden is beginning his sales pitch to the country
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on nearly 2 trillion dollars worth of covid relief package that he addressed the country today highlighting. >> the benefits of the bill kron four's, washington correspondent kelli meyer has more on the president's pitch and why republicans remain skeptical of the plan. kelly. >> good evening, grant and vicki. well, getting the american rescue plan sign was just the first hurdle in getting help to americans. now, the next step is getting that relief out and doing it fast. >> help this year. and hope this year president joe biden is now working on putting his covid-19 relief package into action. it's one thing to pass a historic piece of legislation like the american rescue plan. it's quite another to implement $1400 direct payments began hitting bank accounts within 24 hours of the bill being signed into law. the president says it's going to take oversight to make sure the money can go out quickly and directly to the american people where they
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belong this week. the administration is crossing the country to spread the word of the benefits of the relief package. >> vice president kamala harris headed to las vegas to tout the plan. when you need a little assistance. just get over a moment of crisis. you didn't create. that's when leaders are supposed to kick in to say i'm here. i see you and i will help you and transportation secretary pete buttigieg visited a ups site in maryland. this isn't you fire and forget. >> piece of legislation. buttigieg says delivery drivers and the 160 billion dollars set aside for vaccination distribution are helping get more shots in the arms of americans, republicans remain skeptical if everybody is vaccinated by june, then it's clearly not related to covid louisiana senator bill cassidy and other gop lawmakers say only about 10% of the money in the package is going to covid relief. it's related to kind of helping a blue state. >> president biden is setting
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out to win support from those doubting the importance of the package will be in pennsylvania tomorrow. it's the first stop on his health is here tour. >> kelly. that's a lot of money and obviously, you know, fraud could be a possibility. how is the biden administration oversee all those billions of dollars going out. >> yeah. president biden addressed that earlier today in his address, he said that he was going to be pointing gene sperling to be a manager to oversee the implementation of this. nearly 2 milly trillion dollar package rather, he said he will be in touch with mayors and governors across the country red states and blue states and be that source of constant communication and hold the package accountable as it begins to roll out american people and president biden said he wants to make sure that that money is going to the right people and it's going out quickly. >> they start to pitch this thing in philly and the surrounding suburbs that really won the election for
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team biden. what are some of the next stops after that 4 members of the administration. >> yes. so said president biden will in pennsylvania tomorrow. vice president harris will be in colorado on wednesday. first lady jill biden will be in concord, new hampshire. second gentleman. doug emhoff will be an albuquerque new mexico and then they will end the week in atlanta, georgia. both vice president harris and president biden. >> covers a lot of all right. kelli meyer reporting live for us from washington, dc thanks, kelly. >> still to come tonight. if you are still waiting on a tax return here. not alone. why the irs says it is running behind on refunds this year. >> and the gop is blaming the by the administration for a surge of migrant children at the u.s. mexico border. the action republicans are demanding tonight plus, california wildfire victims are set to get millions of dollars from pg and e
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>> for your money tonight. california wildfire victims are set to get millions of dollars in payments from. >> pg and e beginning today. the fire victim trust payments will start going out about one 3rd of out. we'll go to victims. administrators say that comes to about 30 million dollars. but the full payments will take months to be made. the money will mainly go to the victims of the 2017 wine
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country fires in the 2018 camp fire. >> and if you're still waiting on your tax refund. you're not alone. many americans say that they have been waiting weeks to receive their federal tax refund. it comes as the irs is still processing nearly still processing nearly 7 million ta submitted last year for 2019. they say it's partly because of the filing deadline being extended during the pandemic as well as the agency processing the 3rd round of relief payments. >> still ahead, house republicans toward the southern border amid a surge of migrants and unaccompanied children trying to get across why the gop
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>> in national news tonight, house republicans toward the u.s. southern border in texas today that a surge in the number of migrants, especially unaccompanied children showing up there. the gop is blaming the biden administration and is demanding action kron four's, washington correspondent jessi tenure reports on the response from the white house. >> there's no other way to claim it. that a biden border crisis fresh off a tour of the u.s. southern border. house gop leader kevin mccarthy and other republican lawmakers blame one person for the recent surge in migrants. >> tennessee. congressman chuck fleischmann and louisiana congressman clay higgins stress border patrol agents are catching hundreds of people a night president biden and his minions created an environment causing the
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surge. you gain control of our border. to the cartels. the gop congressional delegation worries about a rise in drug and child trafficking and the spread of covid-19 in shelters, texas congressman tony gonzales calls on the biden administration to work with them border security. >> and illegal immigration go hand the department of homeland security announced over the weekend that fema will help process the high levels of unaccompanied migrant children over the next 90 days. we recognize this is a big the last administration left us a dismantled unworkable system. white house press secretary jen psaki says fema will help ensure migrants have access to medical care and shelters and place them with vetted families. this is one of the steps that the president felt would help. >> not become a final solution but help expedite. >> processing. but psaki says the white house is still sending a strong message. now is not the time to come. but
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also we want to ensure that people are treated with humanity in washington. i'm jessi tenure. tonight the woman seen harassing and coughing on an uber driver on dash cam video here has been released on bond after turning herself in. >> to san francisco. police or to kill me. i seen here in the black coat coughing on the uber driver turned herself in over the weekend. she's facing a list of charges including robbery, assault and battery conspiracy. her attorney says she is now free on $75,000 bond another woman who was in the back seat of that over with candy. i was arrested in las vegas days after the attack and she has now been transferred to san francisco to face criminal charges. king seen in the red sweatshirt here was arrested thursday as a fugitive from california. she may also face felony charges in a las vegas fraud case. police say the 3 women started assaulting the driver after he asked them to put masks on both uber and lyft
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have since banned all 3 from their platforms. san francisco's making several changes to support hate crime victims. >> the district attorney's office has now hired a full-time assistant dia to focus solely on hate crimes. the office is also working with the citizens group promoting services for non english speaking victims. meanwhile, state representative phil teen who represents san francisco secured one and a half million dollars to track hate crimes across the state. >> take a fook at what happened to these cars in the south bay san jose police say these are some of the cars involved in a sideshow that happened over the weekend. officials say those drivers are lucky to be alive. police say they issued at least a 125 citations related to the side show in just one night. 5 vehicles were towed. >> i switch gears here for a moment. turning to the 4 zone forecast yes, some people, you know, they they come to the
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bay area and they're like, you don't cold is where i came but today was legitimately cold. the wind, lawrence was. >> was whipping. it was blustery out that yeah, very a blustery that cold air coming down right from the gulf of alaska and with that outside today temperatures hovering in the 40's around noontime. so pretty chilly out there now up in the 50's around much of the bay area. but the cold air. >> going to camp out tonight. him with that in mind, we're going to see some very chilly numbers. partly cloudy skies around the bay area. we're still seeing some scattered showers begin to taper off a little nice little soaker, though, as it came through overnight, almost a 3rd of an inch in santa rosa napa canfield. yet over half an inch of rain in the san franciscon 1600's 18, 100's in the oakland over a 10th of an inch of rain in san jose. the mountaintops locally easily over half an inch. so a nice little rain moved on through not done yet, although it's beginning sag a little further south making his way toward southern california still bringing some scattered showers in parts of the south bay right now. most that now beginning to move into the monterey bay. there, even
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seeing some snow across some of the mountain peaks there as well. so very cold system kind of settling in for the night tonight. so clearing skies are going to lead to some frosty temperatures. it is going to be a very cold night around parts of the area tomorrow, sunny and going to be cool week ahead, though, still very unsettled. last week a winter, if you can believe it looks like it is going to remain storm as we round out winters. well, cold t-mperatures overnight tonight. you've got a frost advisory right there through mill valley. the bottle up into santa rosa and healdsburg continuing in towards county and even colder than that. a little further to the north there. look at the possibility of a hard freeze up there for friends. a little further north. so very cold temperatures tonight around the bay area, probably some 20's and 30's in many spots and low 20's in the extreme north 27 for a low in santa rosa about 30 in the nspa valley about 32 degrees and live more so it is going to be cold early on tomorrow morning. then as we head of the afternoon, little cool temperatures up in the 50's and the 60's saint paddy's day looks dry. looks like a chance of rain. the returning later in the week. 27 santa rosa,
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that is cold. that frigid yeah. at lawrence bundle. up thanks. next. beyonce makes grammy history and women take over the award show. we've got the night
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and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction,... stop taking dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis b or c,... or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. your doctor may prescribe a different medicine... than dovato if you plan to be pregnant or if pregnancy is confirmed during the first trimester. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control... while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. >> and entertainment news. the 63rd annual grammy awards show boy, it was his fullest while performances shocking surprises and history making moment. if you young kids watching you did.
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>> maybe do a little earmuffs and got hey. it was it was entertaining for a lot of people entertainment. tonight's kevin frazier was right in the middle of it all. and he has this report. kevin. >> grant vicki, it was great to be back on award show red especially on such a historic night or should i say her story as women win big and beyonce becomes the queen of the grammys breaking the all-time record for the most grammy wins ever. good friend. he goes to on >> that is grammy number 28 for the queen bee making her the most decorated woman in grammy history. >> this is so overwhelming. i've been working my whole life since 9 years old. she won for best r b performance and best rap performance with make the stallion she said a record tonight. how port was that too? it's very as just a black woman entertainer. but women in general. we hear we're stay.
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>> megan had a night herself. 3 wins including best new artist. but according to record of the year winner billie eilish. it should have been for you deserve this. you had. >> a year that i think has comparable we just chair for megan science. >> that was billy 7th grammy win at only 19 years old and someone else making grammy history. became the first woman to win album of the year. 3 times. dua lipa's performance dropped jaws and after she won for best pop vocal album. she praised the awards inclusion. >> i feel like there's been a lot of female empowerment and lots of wing winning awards tonight and so it's been absolutely amazing to just be alongside all that. >> hey, make sure you tune in
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to e t for so much more on the grammys. my interviews with the winners, the fashion, the performances. it's a lot y'all. you don't want to miss it for entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier. evan. >> you can catch energy would tonight right here on kron. 4 at 7.30. >> and barry musician also home with a grammy award last night local musician, the fantastic negrito won best contemporary blues album for have you lost your mind yet. oakland congrats that says a 3rd grammy award with a lot of talent coming out of the bay. >> that wraps up kron 4 news at 00:00am tonight at 6 governor newsome responding to his critics by launching a campaign to fight the recall effort against him and kron 4 has a new poll showing just how many californians want him out of office. >> millions more people in the state are now eligible to get their vaccine. but appointment it might be hard to come by. we have what you need to know about that. keep it here. kron 4 news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now at 6. the bay area has administered more than 2.6 million covid vaccines you're looking here at the latest numbers from the california department of public health governor newson said today more than 12 million vaccines have been administered throughout the state at the same time, the covid positivity rate has dropped to
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2%. that's the 4th lowest in the nation. good news. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us on kron, 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus. >> and i'm vicki liviakis. the governor's news comes as millions more californians can now sign up to get the covid-19 vaccine. those who can get the shots include people with cancer, chronic kidney disease and down syndrome along with pregnant women and patients with heart conditions. people who are aged 16 to 64 with these serious illnesses. they're now eligible to get vaccinated. california to work for public transit jails homeless shelters in airports can also sign up to be immunized. state officials believe that these additions will make 46 million more californians eligible for their vaccines. by the way, we have a full list of all the conditions and updated requirements for a covid vaccine on our website here. >> that's kron. 4 dot com while a whole new group of people became eligible today statewide to


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