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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 10, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. we're told there's last track scenes of 5 coming to austin alameda county and santa clara >>now a dine the rush to get shots into arms has hit another roadblock. stanford health is the latest medical provider to announced it is canceling 8701st dose appointments scheduled for this week. good evening,
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everybody thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 9 i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki officials say those appointments are being canceled because there are a lot meant. from santa clara and alameda county will not meet the demand so. stanford's a chief medical officer says that the vaccines are going to be used for second dose appointments, those appointments for patients needing a first dose. those are being rescheduled this week stanford health officials say they have rescheduled 20 days out hoping that by then they're going to have a more stable vaccine supply they're hoping san francisco leaders say they still have not seen a single dose of the vaccine. come to their underserved communities after the state promised in the new vaccine equity plan to set aside supply for those neighborhoods scrub force taylor has been following this story for us taylor. you are told that there would be changes to the plan by today have you heard anything along those lines.
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>>sadly no updates, you know state leaders tell me that they've been in talks with the governor's office since monday. and we were supposed to hear about changes to this plan by tuesday as we all know it's wednesday and still no changes as of yet. meanwhile city leaders here tell me that they haven't received any of that preserved supply for the already prioritize communities in san francisco. >>where the vaccines. you know i every day and asking our department of public health. well now we are being prioritized with the a large percentage of doses being set aside in san francisco, at least just for these 2 neighborhoods yet still no public publicly accessible sites in in the tenderloin or treasure island still no, you know flowing back seat in san francisco supervisor matt haney represents district 6. >>which includes the tenderloin neighborhood in treasure island. the only 2 zip codes in the city that made the state's new vaccine priority list last week. the
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needs of neighborhoods like the tenderloin highlighted by the city map displaying neighborhoods with higher infection rates over the last 30 days with darker green shades high poverty and a lot of black and latino residents they've had high case rates over on treasure island he says only 8% of residents are vaccinated the lowest per capita vaccination rate of a neighborhood in the city. >>while the state's plan is supposed to set aside 40% of vaccines to underserved communities across the state. says. >>new vaccines have made their way to these neighborhoods since the announcement last week and access remains por that's why he's calling for vaccination sites to be set up in these communities for those people we need our county department of public health and other health providers to actually come to the neighborhood come to the buildings where people live and vaccinate them on site meanwhile. >>the area legislators expected the governor's office to make changes to the vaccine equity plan on tuesday or wednesday to include some of the neighborhoods left behind
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but still no official changes. something that's frustrating for community leaders like john couple of the latino task force who's been fighting for more access to one of the hardest hit communities in the city the mission district as a state. >>we're not meeting up to this you know equity push that we keep hearing wealthier are getting to the vaccine quicker that many of those in communities of color who have been the hardest hit. >>again still no solid changes to that plan where the governor left out some of those communities that were supposed to be included in the first time around but we are expecting some changes as soon as we hear of those changes we will let you know. >>and these areas bottom line are getting enough doses from the state. what is being done in the meantime try to help these people. >>you know grand many of these
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community leaders are taking it into their own hands to we just heard from him and his team at the latino task force have you know really taking a step forward in this effort they've been helping with covid testing and vaccinations are also trying to partner with more providers across the city to set up additional vaccination hubs and get those needed appointments. they have had their own vaccination site at 24th and capp streets that tell you they have been pretty successful so far as of today. they vaccinated 4,000 people so they just hope to continue that effort and maybe even the state will give them some more supply up to you. >>i have to hope some are telling us that we live for us tonight in the city in a week after entering the red tier businesses and county leaders in san mateo county are preparing to enter the orange here which will bring with it even fewer restrictions our kron four's jonathan mccall is in san mateo with details. >>serving food to go has become a common the staple for number one reason and bars
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across california. as they look for ways to try and keep their doors open during the pandemic just one week after entering the red tier officials here in san mateo county are preparing to enter into the orange tier in the orange tier the water is would no longer be forced to serve food to go in order to keep their doors open. >>happiness joy. happy to see that the piece is finally open after year love down for the for 3rd day in a row, the doors here are open at home or more one in top us in san four-year the one wasn't flowing and the lights were turned off. >>all because of covid restrictions like so many other owners paula flores says the shutdown brought a number of challenges to her restaurant. but with the county now in the red reopening tier and looking to move into the orange tier next week. she's hoping that the business will begin to flow in
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once again. >>finally we come back to the the final we can have more business to survive thing if they are to the situation hopefully other pieces better to san mateo county leaders say that covid cases are falling rapidly which is allowing the county to move up in the reopening roadmap. >>and the orange tier, one reason bars would not be forced to serve food to go and the floors says her business couldn't do during the a fresh style >>it's really hard to keep it fresh for a long time. yeah, it's been a tough year for us. >>also in the orange tier indoor capacities for restaurants with john from 25%, a 50%. of course knows that the for progress and momentum of reopening can continue. >>i think everybody thing hopefully we will not look down game please. yeah because we need to. surviving getting
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better. so that mean the top the year and like so many businesses here in san mateo county. >>they are waiting to get that green light in order to enter into the tier and that could come as early as next wednesday. in san mateo jonathan mccall kron 4 >>and as jonathan just mentioned san mateo county is in the red tier, currently but they're on the verge of moving to our engine here is what will be allowed talking about retail shops that will be able to operate. >>at full. >>indoor capacity once they get to the orange tier as opposed to 50% right now places of worship movie they're going to be able to move from 25% all the way up to 50% capacity so doubling what they can do indoor gyms more than doubling capacity from 10 up to 25%. once they get to orange and wineries and those you know establishments
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we'll be able to open at 25% capacity. indoors and they'll be able to get some benefit out of that. and this just in the effort to recall governor newson has collected more than 2 million signatures that is far more than the 1.5 million needed for a special election to take place this fall campaign organizers say they now have enough signatures to offset the potential rejection rate of signatures which is roughly 25%. >>we heard the american people and we went big. 0.9 trillion dollar covid relief bill is now headed to president biden's desk for his signature. >>today, the house representatives cast the final vote to approve the plan. it provides direct payments of up to $1400 for most americans extends emergency unemployment benefits and provides billions
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of dollars in aid to state and local governments. not one republican voted in favor of the bill. the president is expected to sign it on friday and stimulus checks could start arriving in people's bank accounts as early as next week. >>in the south bay, many bars and restaurants are expanding services part of the move back into the less restrictive red tier but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports finding enough skilled bartenders and servers to come back has been a struggle. >>out of work off and on for the past year veteran bartender tiffany dutra is happy to be back at work here at san jose's brenden lounge. >>and it's good to be back it's good to be working again good to feel like you've got kind of a purpose and not every day sitting around the suddenly as bars and restaurants reopen there are new job opportunities but not enough bartenders servers and cooks to fill those jobs. >>many of whom have moved on says downtown san jose
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restaurant owner erik nielsen were i mean we reached out through social media and placed ads, you know trying to get smart new team members at. >>but it's been hard road. so we do have a a good amount of people have moved out of the area which really surprised we had a couple bartenders several service actually moved either down south kern county reno i have to have moved to vegas, the owner of the popular 55 south and sp 2 nielsen says finding enough people to accept part-time work. >>has been and continues to be a struggle. this as the pandemic has also resulted in a kind of creative brain drain in the i do worry about you know the service industry in the bay area and you know moving forward after you know we are fully open again that doesn't mean that. >>you know all the woes are gone this if people aren't there the talents not there to you know to be creative and to you know help for industry like you know it's a major setback for everyone back at the brenham lounge tiffany
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dutra told me some of her fellow bartenders are in retraining for other lines of work. >>well still others are reluctant to return to a job that might not last. we don't know what we're going to experience or what rules are going to come with even opening up a 100% and. >>and it's going to be tough because even rehiring that many people to all the reopenings. you know that we'll get shut down again san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>new at 9 while several industries are enjoying newly loosened restrictions in san francisco, the arts, they're still waiting for their turn today, the san francisco international arts festival added this state of california back on do it's ongoing. >>first amendment lawsuit for the right to gather just like worship services and protests have been allowed to do so kron four's ella sogomonian joins us live in the studio with an update on that l a. >>grant and vicki while san francisco still does not allow outdoor entertainment venues to host a live audience unless
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a restaurant has some music acts at a distance. this week, the state of california finally issued reopening guidelines referencing outdoor performing arts events, but it only addresses large fixed seating venues like sports arenas so san francisco international festival. has that added them back on to the first amendment lawsuit targeting the city to allow gatherings just as houses of worship and protests are allowed by the constitution executive director of the nonprofit is frustrated by the lack of attention paid to the arts which not only is the driving force in local economy but a beacon for tourists and locals alike he believes in other industries like restaurants and sports. have benefited from more quick and less strict reopening measures because he suspects that they've lobbied for it. >>we've taken more care concern and paid more attention to what we want to do in terms of reopening our industry but most of us have get it hasn't seemed to any attract any traction toll with
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the powers that be assumed because we don't pay them. they like being paid so they can run their elections and it's not the individual politicians fold. this is the american system. >>so their attorneys have been waiting on an answer to work on reopening measures for the arts since at least october and wood says it permit request take between 2, 4, months to process by the san francisco city hall. so they want to get that process going now given the concern the san francisco international arts festival is demanding that the following happen immediately that the city waive any fees and compliance costs associated with performing arts applications, consistent to the relief that's been offered to other industries permitted to open outdoors and they notify the public as well as the art industry leaders directly tonight at 10 we're going to also hear from the bay area council economic institute his new report outlines a financial boost. the nonprofit arts bring to san francisco every year live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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>>thank you turning to the weather now that was a big story today. this is video of rain coming down in san ramon earlier, rain swept through most parts of the bay area during periods of time today causing dangerous driving conditions out on the road we saw a lot of hail in some areas more on that momentarily but first team coverage of how the weather is looking right now from force meteorologist lawrence karnow live in studio tracking conditions across the bay a powerful storm in the oakland area right now first though we head to the south bay where kron four's gayle ong is live in milpitas scale. >>grant the system has moved out of this area quiet now but earlier a different picture exactly where i'm standing. >>they'll sell on this is parking lot in milpitas wednesday. this video sent from a kron 4 of you showing the ground blanketed with pea size hail after brief heavy rain moved through the south face.
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>>in san jose more hail outside this home. all the roads, this slush on 8.80 in between lanes the national weather service issued a significant weather advisory for north central santa clara county late morning. >>and lasted for almost an hour pretty unusual to get you know any accumulation of hail certainly. >>not not area where to have failed at times this time of year meteorologist steve anderson with the national weather service says the heaviest showers happened late afternoon. what we have is as showers rotating around the low pressure area. >>lightning thunder small hail at times. >>widespread showers continue throughout the day time lapse video shows storms passing over the bay area this view from san francisco overlooking the east bay. so far almost an inch of rain accumulated in san jose the system brought fresh powder to mount hamilton it today is a shower and thunderstorm small hail.
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>>think should be drying out. tomorrow. >>through saturday and then we get to another round of us. >>rain similar to what we saw yesterday sunday and monday. >>saw the hail and the snow could be they could be spectacle so many of your video we got, but could make for dangerous roadways. no major mess is to report from the california highway patrol and the santa clara county sheriff's office but law enforcement does add this reminder to always take it slow and keep a safe distance on the roads they do get a higher volume of calls during a this type of weather live in milpitas kellogg kron 4 news always good advice, thanks gail. >>in the north a severe storm caused several car accident on highway one o one just south of cloverdale this morning, drivers lost control of their cars and ended up off the roadway. drivers were also met with strong hail that hit windshield. in santa rosa, just off of mark west springs,
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road taking a live look now over downtown san francisco boy. a lot of weather move through but it looks a crystal clear at least. >>on the side of the bay tonight as we continue our team we turn now to kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who has been busy bee. >>yeah, boy tracking more storms even tonight. we've seen some lightning strikes in this past hour out over the bay head into the oakland area and it is coming down. >>in that area right now some heavy rainfall showing up you can see the core of that low still spinning off the coastline right now really that is providing the instability in the atmosphere and popping up all that rain kind of on and off you go outside and see some stars in the next moment, you're seeing hail and thunderstorms rolling through your neighborhoods but here we go to you for a closer look now you can see some storms just lining up off the coastline more of that in a moment, but the one that pushed across the bay that's what we've been watching that's been producing some bigger storms some lightning strikes as it moved on through you'll see it right here rotating across the bay really just out over the bay we saw
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that lightning strike but now lot of that moisture making its way a little for the nice to know can they're looking at some heavy downpours parts alameda in oakland right now you've got some yellow you've got some orange here and some very heavy rain. you get one of these thunderstorms get the lightning strike then the tower maybe starts to collapse a bit but you still see some hail out there too and you might see that in the oakland area for tonight. so we're not done there and of course cold enough that we've got some snow that continues to snow across parts of the mountains around the bay area look up toward mount hamilton tomorrow should be a beautiful sight to see in the north bay just more widely scattered showers but again off the coastline. there's another band of rain this next one again these look like more of those thunderstorms camillo numbers towers developing out there right now and they're going to bring with it some heavy amounts of rain tracking that storm system as it begins to approach the coastline making its way in our direction right now along the peninsula. so here we go this one should begin to make its way on shore headed toward parts of san francisco daly city in pacific is expected to hit about 9.38
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if that holds together you could be looking at some thunderstorms in your neighborhood. the possibility of more heavy rain and some hail. well, we certainly need the rain. thank you lauren still that does stick together and we do get. >>more and more rain out of this system by the way if you can track the weather any time in your neighborhood with the kron 4 app there you'll find full forecasts interactive radar and weather alerts sent straight to your device. you download the kron 4 app right now. >>in the east bay, the building known as the ghost ship warehouse has been closed and guarded by private security since it's burned down back in december of 2016, killing 36 people will now oakland city officials say that they're in the process of investigating to see if it's being inhabited by squatters beyond that question is what will become of the property once it's sold kron four's haaziq spoke with some of the key stakeholders involved to get their perspective. >>it is approaching 5 years since a deadly fire tragically
9:21 pm
took the lives of 36 people attending a music event inside the ghost ship warehouse in oakland. with the outcomes of the criminal case is determined then lawsuit settled attention now turns to the future of the warehouse in needs to get torn down, i think is the is the first step and i think for many of us would love to see that happen as soon as possible that's myself >>sadly 4 weeks or so before the fires kris allens sister amanda allen kershaw is one of the people who died in the go ship. >>he talked about what he would like to see become of the property from either. >>there's so many factors that led to what happens. and so if there's a way that the building can be used to help mitigate some of those factors again the housing situation. you mention artist's studio. that's that's one to shame what we would not like to see happen with the stage chris out brother in law and the kershaw says there is one idea
9:22 pm
that is not popular among several of the surviving family members. we don't want to go should permanent memorial to be there. >>a lot of the family members are very much against that and plus for they'll need more in the way economic opportunities in affordable housing so the last thing we want to bring through the lens workers ship tours. >>property on 31st avenue is still privately owned it will likely be sold later this year during a voluntary bankruptcy, the proceeds going to 13 of the deceit and families however, their attorney doubts that they will have any legal standing to determine who buys the property or what becomes of it after this don't that each. >>have that kind of him but this is going to be overseen by bankruptcy judge and the bankruptcy judge will have really the has the obligation sell it at the highest prize clearly we want to recognize
9:23 pm
the lives that were lost. >>but it's the type of setting that will become under discussion whether is saying business corridor. >>or is that an educational setting and museum. and so i think there's opportunity bring all those together and to make sure we remember and honor the lives that were lost. >>has it made kron 4 news. >>still to come the record surge of migrants at the mexican border, including unaccompanied children. but the white house is refusing to call.
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>>in national news tonight, new numbers show a surge in migrants arriving at the us-mexico border, including a sharp spike in unaccompanied children. officials say more than 3200 unaccompanied migrant children were in customs and border protection custody on monday. also us authorities arrested and encountered more than 100,000 migrants on the u.s. mexico border over the past 4 weeks ending on march 3rd. a republican lawmakers blame president biden. >>in terms of unaccompanied minors. the beds are filled to capacity in terms of adults coming into the country many of them are infected currently with coronavirus. >>the biden administration says that they inherited these problems from the previous administration and say it's
9:27 pm
going to take some time to fix them. meanwhile, the senate has confirmed merrick garland as the next us that general democrats have praised garland as a highly qualified and honorable jurist who is uniquely qualified to lead the department after a tumultuous for years under former president trump. many republicans praised him as well saying that he has the right record and temperament for the moment. garland who served as a federal appeals court judge was nominated to the supreme court by president obama in 2016, but senate republicans refused to hold a confirmation hearing because at the time they argued vacancies shouldn't be filled during an election year. up next as people begin to travel in the spring, the cdc's holding out on issuing guidance for people want to hop on a plane. >>why officials say now is not the time plus will covid tests be required every single day to get kids back in the classroom. we'll tell you about the program. state
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school superintendent laid out this week and the city of antioch approving body cameras for police officers
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let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. >>a york voted to approve the implementation of body and dash cameras for its officers there the lamar thorpe says the cameras will be operational within a matter of months in the meantime, a police accountability subcommittee will begin developing the camera
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policies. until an independent review commission is established. mayor thorpe says the police department including the chief un members of the community will have input. it's a process that is intended to help build trust between. police and the community. >>residents should expect to see the cameras up and rolling in the next 2 months so probably going to be about 45 days for that includes installation that includes the training for officers day fluids. >>everything. >>that's 2 months in 2 weeks the council will vote on more of the mayor's police reforms, including mental health and banning the police department from acquiring military equipment. >>tonight loved ones are honoring the life of an antioch man who died back in december. angelo been 31 today his family says he was murdered by police in december after they called 911 for help. our first michelle kingston has the story now from antioch.
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>>happy birthday friends family neighbors and city official is celebrating the life of angelo came on what would have been his 31st birthday >>told him that he's getting really old. a single doubt in my that would to see his face wrinkle in his hair turned gray family and their attorneys say he was murdered by antioch police back in december after they called 911 for help they say came to was in the middle of a mental health crisis, they say officers put their knees on his we had a healthy. >>young man in his mother's incredible was in need of help. within 5 minutes his life was taken from them. >>and it's unconscionable the antioch police chief told reporters last week that an officer did have a neon shoulder blade but never on his head neck or throat they say he became unresponsive after police called for an ambulance and that he died 3 days later in the hospital i
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would give anything for a do over. >>for an opportunity. have things to do to avoid the tragedy in some way photos of artwork candles and signs covered in york city park on wednesday for his birthday to celebrate his life and to demand justice. thank you for. remembering his. he is driving and a g his in antioch michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>a big step toward reopening schools in the state state education officials introduced a pilot program using rapid covid testing is a way to return to in person learning kron 4 sanaz tahernia reports. >>state superintendent tony thurmond discussed wednesday, the use of rapid covid-19 testing as a tool to safely resume in person learning on school campuses the school districts would use abbott
9:34 pm
labs a bye next now antigen tests they're only $5 a piece and you get results in as little as 15 minutes by next now tests are currently use that the california department of education's 3 schools for the blind in death in order to return students back to the classroom. so we want to do is. >>interrupt the ability of the virus to spread from student to teacher a teacher teacher teacher to student or teacher to staff, whatever it's interrupting the spread that is the goal of this schools all across the state can participate in the program, but officials say they're particularly interested in those within the hardest hit communities. the bottom line is as long as there are covid cases in the community. they are going to be cases walking into schools, it's unavoidable. >>in a scenario where you have multiple cases in a school setting the question is always did friend happen within our walls or action protocols working or is there something you need to improve. >>the california teachers association agrees with
9:35 pm
superintendent thurmond cta president ito be boyd issued a statement saying in part quote asymptomatic testing is one key component to providing stability as more schools, pivot back to in person instruction we appreciate spi thurman's ongoing support for covid-19 testing to ensure students their families educators and staff have the much needed protection and quote health and school officials emphasize that rapid testing is not a substitute for proper infection control protocols physical distancing mask-wearing hand washing and proper air filtration and ventilation must still be imelemented in schools. reporting in the newsroom sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >>well they do barbecue a lot in texas and some folks there. they went the fire out after the state's new mask mandate went into effect people don't have to wear them. wherever they are this is in mcallen texas and that surgical mask got a lighter fluid on it and
9:36 pm
then. texas governor greg abbott said school boards courts, college campuses and other facilities can still require people to wear masks if they want to businesses can limit capacity or require masks at their own discretion. alaska is now the first state in the u.s. to allow state residents and workers 16 or older to get there. >>covid-19 vaccine. governor mike dunn levy's he dropped the eligibility requirements the state's chief medical officer says you know officials were seeing open vaccine appointments wanted act quickly to fill them. according to the cdc alaska leads states in the percentage of its population to have received 2 doses of a vaccine. the cdc is holding off on issuing new guidance for travelers. the agency says that it's worried about a new surge in cases just like we saw after the holidays. it's still urging people to avoid travel when possible even after getting vaccinated the
9:37 pm
cdc director says that with 90% of americans still waiting for their shot. it is just not safe yet. the airline industry has pushed back saying that between heavily filtered air as well as mask mandates the risk of traveling by plane is low. still ahead tonight, the freebritney movement could be headed to congress i some republicans say the issue deserves to be heard by lawmakers. >>and often on rain about to be on again some heavy storms now heading to parts of the area we'll show you where next. and next in sports stafford cow facing off in the first round of the pac 12 tournament. sports director jason dumas says the highlights coming up.
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>>for sports. stanford probably needs a win to probably needs to win the pac 12, i'm sorry to get a big to the big dance and. >>they opened up today in the pac 12 tournament against cow out in vegas. first round action. jerod haase in the stanford cardinal taking on mark fox and the golden bears. 1st half kaleb 7 oscar de silva. it's the follow. he's got a great career 12 points for him, 2nd half though call-up 5 matt bradley muscles his way weight room, nice layup there. how upset
9:41 pm
stanford 76 to 58. they'll take on colorado tomorrow, you got to think stanford season is. book all righty the dubs got back to work today after some much needed time off golden state entered the all-star break on a season-high three-game losing streak a few of their key paces. we're also dealing with some nagging injuries so like i said some very welcome the time off but get this james wiseman may have still been on the break yesterday because he missed a covid test and now his status for thursday is uncertain. steve kerr said it was disappointing this was a mandatory test by the nba and they could really use him because the dubs schedule gets absolutely brutal they open with the clippers tomorrow and then follow that up with the jazz and then the lakers. >>practice after the all-star break is important one because you got to blow it out you gotta get your legs back underneath you, but don't you
9:42 pm
also have to get your mind right. so tonight was a very important practice we needed the work that they are and says he was solid. >>that the scrimmage a little bit. if the legs move in buffalo lice as tough. >>stretch of games. you know back in the break that thing that can help in terms of lock in. understand how important every possession specially start the game tomorrow. >>yeah, i think those 3 games will dictate the direction. the 2nd half goes in. now we do have some good news for bay area soccer's fans or really anyone who was starved to take in live sporting events again. the earthquakes will have fans in the stands for their home opener on april 24th. the game will mark the first sporting event with fans in santa clara county in more than a year. the number of fans allowed will depend on what tear the county is in during the time of the game capacity is
9:43 pm
limited to 20% in the red tier, 33% in the orange tier in 67 in the least restrictive yellow tier. the only is that only people who live in california will be able to attend the game. the quakes plan to release ticket information in the coming weeks. all right cactus league action chris bassitt getting the start for the a's taking on the brewers and he gave up a home run but was otherwise solid. he retired 9 of 11 hitters over 3 innings good outing for him and it won't be the a's without. some home runs see that one right there to right field that's a 2 run blast for remote learning off josh hader one of 2 long for the a's. a role, 9 to one they play the texas rangers tomorrow. and in scottsdale the giants hosted the cubs, the bottom of the 5th cubs of one. wilmer flores it's one high and deep to left. that 2 run shot give the giants the
9:44 pm
lead that capped off a three-run 5th inning giants go on to beat the cubs 7 to 6. they have the angels tomorrow. already this year look at already this year look at emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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>>i got time look at them. i was already coming down the street would trash cans everywhere i stop that trash can from going on the street. what i was going down the street it was just mud and debris everywhere.
9:47 pm
>>crazy mandatory evacuations have been ordered after a late winter storm triggered this mudslide in orange county. the silverado and williams canyon areas are under mandatory evacuation orders. several cars are stuck in mud and debris crews working to clear the roads. residents who find themselves trapped in their homes or just being told to shelter in place until the roads are passable no word yet on the exact extent of the damage from the mudslide, yeah, wild weather hit the bay area today to i was checking our 4 zone forecast to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a look ahead, yeah, southern california in the see the whole core that little move in that direction tomorrow. so certainly some more wild weather coming their direction. the high sierra tonight that snow continues to fall there certainly. >>that's some good news for skiers little tough getting up there on the tonight they are chaining up the trucks if you head of the mountain tops and i got to get those chains going again as the snow coming down across the high country, here's a look at donner summit
9:48 pm
right now you see the cars going by as we get ready for the weekend, no advisories up there there they moved a little further south in the 70 park, but even those have come up there for tonight and will likely continue as we head throughout the night tonight into tomorrow morning. still there folks are headed up there tomorrow part of some showers again a few snow showers in the afternoon but here's the good news. if you wait till friday, the road was going to be open and clear and look at that weather friday saturday. now sunday gets a little dicey but boy you've got a couple of days are looking pretty good if you leave no they on sunday are probably ok, we're still watching out for the possibility some flash flooding and that coming in the monterey bay area you can see down toward carmel carmel valley, the river fire area as we're seeing some heavy rainfall moving along the coastline could see some mudslides and some debris flows there as well well the storm system kind of rolling in just not in the or the lowe's off the continues to spin in these bands of moisture they're moving on shore right now we've seen some heavier amounts of rain and thunderstorms moving across the bay this past hour now turning the more showers
9:49 pm
and the possibility, hail as you make your way to the hayward area across the bay you see moderate amounts of rain making its way along the peninsula but look at right off the coastline that guy right there that has just been developing that accumulate them cloud or a thunderstorm that is now developing just off the coastline, let's track that for you likely moving on shore here very quickly. the core of that system likely move over parts of south san francisco am here very shortly at about 9 1519 that move in the pacific about 10 '06 possibly in the south san francisco if that holds together i think there's a very good chance that it will you could be looking at some lightning strikes and heavy rain and yes, again looks like more hail around the bay area this storm just keeps churning. it just does not want to and kale tomorrow morning what to you think i think mostly dry tomorrow morning. i think the one thing to be concerned about early tomorrow with the rain overnight tonight. the clouds are going to part it's going to get very cold out there we could see some black ice in place like the north bay and parts of the yeah well we've
9:50 pm
had a lot of the crash is today. so yeah we have got to be careful out there. they sort of makes the big story. we're following for you tonight, a 6th woman has come forward accusing new york governor andrew cuomo of inappropriate behavior this time an aide to cuomo says the democrat. >>groped her in the governor's residence and now advocates are taking to the streets demanding he resigned harry has the story. this is the only thing that works against governor >>midtown traffic brought to a standstill a tense standoff with the nypd he will be placed under arrest. 4 people were taken into police custody outside governor andrew cuomo says that fice activists with local new york insisted the governor has shown a lack of leadership and has a history of harming vulnerable new yorkers we into personal interaction of the women that are accusing of violence and the ways in which he hid
9:51 pm
nursing home death data it's reflective of a wider structural institutional policy position that produces violent conditions, the albany times-union reported a 6 woman has now accused the governor. >>of inappropriate behavior. according to the paper the woman said the governor touched her inappropriately late last year inside the governor's mansion, but this is very simple. >>i never touched anyone can appropriately the governor remains defiant saying he has no plans to step down but let the investigation get the facts and we'll take it from there. >>we spoke with the republican leader of the state senate rob or to scandal each day and takes our eye off the things we should be talking about like that's a nations. >>reopen the economy getting kids back to school senator own also has concerns about the book deal cuomo signed during the pandemic questioning if the government withheld data on nursing home deaths to help his image and to help book sales. the governor's profiting and deliberately putting forward
9:52 pm
in public in narrative that would that would put money in his pocket we now know was a lie. >>plan that was i and harry reporting for us tonight. i think britney spears documentaries bringing the debate over freeing britney spears to capitol hill republican representatives. matt gates and jim jordan they have asked the house judiciary committee to hold a hearing on conservatorship. gates says that he's concerned about access to due process for people placed into conservatorship especially it can happen one of the most ppwerful pop stars in the world. despite the loud voices in the freebritney movement britney herself has never asked to end the conservatorship just to have her father replaced as conservator. up next wasn't just oprah meghan and harry who stole the spotlight and their bombshell interview this week. people also had their eye on the furniture. we'll tell where shoppers are rushing to buy the lookalikes after the break.
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>>former first lady michelle obama revealed that she picked up a new hobby during the pandemic during an interview with people magazine mrs. obama said that she taught herself to knit just to pass the time it ended up getting hooked so to speak up. she knitted blankets and scarves mittens and is currently working on her first crew neck sweater for the former president. the former first
9:56 pm
lady revealed that she's also thinking about retiring. police are still trying to figure out who shot lady gaga has a dog walker and stole her 2 french bulldogs last month and they reportedly asked the singer to sit on her $500,000 reward just a bit longer. lapd says it's in an active investigation and there haven't been any arrests sources telling tmz that police got to withhold payment of a reward until detectives can confirm the woman who allegedly found in return the dogs had no connection to the muggers who shot dog walker, ryan fisher. the academy of motion pictures is considering hosting the 93rd academy awards it. >>l a's historic union station organizers say they believe the location could allow stars to attend an remain socially distanced. the station's windows server also 40 feet high making it possible that the stars wouldn't have to wear masks about that people are buying up a number of items seen in over his epic
9:57 pm
interview with meghan and harry the set was available on amazon and several other retailers but has quickly sold out lookalikes of other items like the outdoor rug in the table are also featured in articles and quickly sold out wasn't just the patio furniture that had folks talking oprah's glasses from swiss brand are only available at a handful of eyewear boutiques nationwide. they spanned articles with several lookalikes look-alike frames send the designer of meghan's dress was quickly identified as giorgio armani its price tag. a cool $4700 and they cut them off. so the money is coming from somewhere lot of streaming that wraps up kron 4 news at night and that wraps least for this hour, but we'll be back at the top of the hour. where the vaccines that's what barry leaders who were promised reserve doses for hard-hit communities are
9:58 pm
asking tonight. >>what they're now doing to make sure that those most at risk are taken care of and san mateo county poised to become the first bay area county to enter the orange tier of the state's reopening plan. >>what that means for certain businesses that have completely shut down since last year those stories and more next
9:59 pm
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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4


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