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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 9, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. and next to stay inside we're tracking rain moving through the bay as we speak we have reporters on the ground keeping an eye on things. >>we're also tracking it here in the weather center for you. good evening, thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 everybody, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis we sure have a lot to cover tonight. so we want to get straight to write lawrence with your forecast florence, hey guys, yeah that rain really picking up this afternoon continuing around the bay area tonight. we have reports some lightning strikes and heavy downpours. >>and we continue to see more of that outside right now so it's going to be active night you got a lot of cold air very unstable air that is now
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moving overhead. all that settling in now for not only tonight, but i think tomorrow is going to kind of on and off throughout the day as well you can see all of the cold speckle clouds off our coastline that cold storm system that is rolling up the really well organized front with this just wave after wave of moisture making its way on shore you can see another one not too far away now so taking him for a closer look. we've had some lightning strikes popping up around the bay area numerous lightning strikes off the coast line we have to strike though in this past hour or so in the southeast, right there in the san jose behind that now we're seeing more rain on and off throughout the bay area almost get to the back side of this latest wave of moisture but boy it is calming down in parts of the south bay now look at that you've got a very heavy rainfall and some snow beginning to show up or some of the mountain tops there in for a close look at the mountain you see some heavier amounts of rain also in the sunnyvale getting a lot of rain right now some heavier downpours in your neighborhood look taking up street level there as we're seeing soie of that rain coming through and certainly bringing some heavy
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downpours right there on lawrence, how about that certainly has are going to see more showers in that area continue to see more of that a little further to the south in the santa clara that light amounts of rain right now and then you get another round of some heavier amounts of rain in the campbell, so you got to be careful out there on the roadways that's co all of storm systems that are moving to the kind of quick hitters you'll see these brief heavy downpours and then things kind of taper off a little bit then all of a sudden you run into another downpour. so we're seeing more showers into the east bay and over the mountain tops how about that we're getting some snow up there the higher peaks near mount hamilton, a more of that throughout the bay area we're seeing more of those scattered showers now doesn't look like we're getting the back side of the system somewhat kind of broken in parts of the north bay with more widely scattered showers but overnight tonight, we'll see these bands continue to come through so you may walk outside you might see a couple stars tonight. it's going to be chilly out there but the device another band of rain moving through and then a thunderstorm kind of popping through the bay area don't be surprised overnight tonight if you hear that rumble of
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thunder and you see that flash lightning outside and that's going to continue i think on and off the better part of the day tomorrow too so a really interesting day coming tomorrow. we've got that cold air is kind of going to sit overhead tomorrow, so you can see some sunshine then you see these clouds roll through maybe some heavy downpours maybe some lightning. then a couple rainbow subdued, wow we got all the everything tomorrow so kind of like today. i mean it was it was sunny at times at times. yeah, i think even a little more active tomorrow because the core that low is going to get a little bit closer the bay area that you give us a little more instability so a few more pop up showers. >>outside and even a rainbow yeah door, yeah, all right, thanks alerts. be sure to download the kron 4 app so that you can get weather updates sent straight to your device still matter where you are. >>so tonight, no lights to this stadium, even as we let's allow ourselves to dream of brighter days ahead, because we won't be defined by this moment, be defined by what we do because of it. after all.
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we are california. >>governor gavin newsome giving his 3rd state of the state tonight reflecting on the state's response to the pandemic he also defended some of his decision-making as this recall effort against him looms kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>i know our progress as it always felt fast enough and look we we make mistakes i have made mistakes in his shortest state of the state is governor gavin newsome defended his administration's decision making and reflected on the state's response to the deadly pandemic he recapped the state's effort to provide financial relief to struggling businesses and workers a push to reopen schools and the effort to distribute vaccines. >>which is now provided 11 million shots to people across california as the pandemic expose the inequalities across the state he promised to make california more equitable moving forward i remain determined in the address the governor for the
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first time all but mention the recall effort against him by name we're not going to change course just because of a few naysayers and in doomsday years. >>so the california critics out there promoting partisan political power grabs with outdated prejudices and. >>checked everything that makes california truly great. we say this. we will not be distracted from getting shots in arms in our economy booming again some republican lawmakers criticized the governor for looking back and not ahead including senate republican leader scott will connect california under governor newsom is a state of disrepair and i believe that we can do better. >>and now to a little more perspective on the governor speech and what it's going to mean for his administration moving forward joining us now via zoom or political analyst michael yaki michael good to see you thanks for being with us live tonight. >>i know you're a democrat in your opinion did the governor do anything tonight too help or hurt himself.
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>>i think what the governor did today was sort of set the stage for what he hopes will be the reality of california by the time this recall election comes around and that is kids back in schools. the state pretty much open and everyone vaccinated now that's a tall order. he started he did it with the very up the challenge. quite frankly is a little fast for a lot of people but i think that you know he was basically saying that this is how ending a high bar, this is how it's going to be this is what we're going to be doing. this is how the state it's a reality in california will in this coming year and by implication by the time this recall election rolls around probably a or early fall. >>michael maybe it's just me, but it sounded a little less like a state of the union or state of the state address and more like a campaign stop. >>what was interesting this year he made a lot of noise about the fact is only going
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to be 30 minutes long. but it felt like a 45 minute speech crammed into 30 minutes there was really no breathtaking there's sort of no. billy cancer to pause and the end really think about what it what what has happened in the last year. there's a lot that there's a lot has happened in the golden state some good some bad all of it just not normal. a lot quite quite frankly plain awful, but the question is how are we going to be moving to the next step and i think he was trying to talk about that and say this is what it's going to be like india in some ways it was a campaign speech because again the context of this was the fall election now he really didn't he had that one brief little mention about the partisans about the partisan power grab those relief and service to the baseball he was really trying to speak more to the average california about where we're going to be going in. again the verdict is going to be is going to with the voters in about 6 months. and what is the bottom line there
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michael it if kids are in school if everyone has had the. >>chance to be vaccinated is he safe or to see still have reason to work. well i think that if everyone is vaccinated if we're pretty much back to normal kids are in school. >>i think as to the pandemic you say that this is you know very interesting times and anything else could happen there could be more wildfires there could be other things like that that come up. recall elections are a moment or moment, i'm in there about a moment in time. so whatever is going to be happening on that day is going to determine whether or not people are going to decide well. you know, let's just go for a change in what the hack or if they can the say no no no. let's stay the course, let's keep going the way we're going. >>what was refreshing is is the lack of hubris and admitted to making some mistakes. is the really smart in appealing to you know the public to show you know that
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your humble you're willing to learn. >>well, i mean in all he had to say that i mean that the french laundry incident hasn't gone away, it's going to be used again and again whatever campaign and the campaign will be against him for the recall so he he was he had to do that. but again this speech was really about setting this setting the stage for what he believes california will be like. in this coming year through the through the summer into the fall- if you meet expect patients this can be very hard for any recalled succeed because. that's record like i said recalls. about a moment in time and if the moment is has been met people are going to say let's move on and again remember this is a very different situation then. 20 years ago, this is but disparity between democratic republican registration is much larger effect this is going to be a again a male an election like november 2020 was is going to be heavily in his favor. so there's a lot of
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reasons for him to be confident. but then again this california you just never now. you think people watching at home michael if they watched at home. >>care about things like demeanor and mannerisms you alluded to this it seemed like he was speaking quickly we're used to these wonki press conferences where use all kinds of words meeting the moment and the like, but you know he was smiling, it seems like the whole time tonight and what what did you make of his performance. okay i ice to teach public. speaking just do public speaking. >>i know this is something where i said i think was a 45 minute speech crammed in the 30 minutes of mr. a little bit too fast there's a limit to force. the message was all there. the the themes roll their execution was just a little off but then again. this is about again setting the table setting the stage getting enough messages out there to to be used over and over again in the coming months to that to that extent it succeeded to the average viewer watching it was it was
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i think a little a little rushed. >>armchair you thank you michael yaki for our political analyst for joining us interesting perspectives, thanks michael come. well more good news in the bay area's fight against covid tonight, 3 more counties have moved down into a less restrictive. >>tear down into the red tier now we're talking about alan media and solano counties which means more businesses can open then the ones already open can expand their capacity cuts costs in sonoma counties are the only ones in the region that remain in the purple tier. as a reminder, here's what is allowed when a county moves from the purple to the red tier restaurants can open indoors at 25% capacity. >>retail stores and shopping malls can move from 25% capacity to 50% capacity. museums and zoos and aquariums, those can open indoors at 25% capacity. movie
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theaters can reopen indoors at 25% capacity gyms can move indoors only 10% capacity indoor social gatherings, those are still discouraged. but are allowed with 3 households next month. in solano county the move into the red tier could be a real lifesaver for businesses because of the pandemic our first and current reports. >>it's been a long year for benicia fitness studio owner jasmine powers. my business is basically group classes. >>and when the pandemic are there was a huge decline in our membership. >>2 power studio pivoted in offered one on one training and outdoor and online classes. but it was never enough. but counties move to the red tier means they can now open indoors at 10% capacity i'm so excited to see everybody come on in today, paris studio we're ready for you all so excited about the move to the red tier are the folks at the nation's loft
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wine bar and restaurant there are certainly people that are. >>are going to be a little bit more apprehensive about moving indoors. and but there are people that they never wanted to stop eating indoors. so i think people are really excited to come indoors. >>like most restaurants, this one has had to rely on outdoor dining to survive for the past year. but survival doesn't mean profit ultimately letting people move back in or slowly and safely for dining. >>is really helpful. >>and while reopening is good for business solano county's health officer cautions covid-19 is still out there and people must carefully choose what activities to take part in. >>you want to choose places where you see evidence that people are taking care to do proper social distancing. it is most important for those considerations to be used for people not yet vaccinated particularly us to have an underlying health condition that might make them prone to a bad outcome from this disease solano county's health officer also says it's important to keep masking and
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to limit gatherings with those outside your household. >>dan kerman kron 4 news as we mention alameda county has now moved to the red tier on the state's coronavirus watch list. it's good news for restaurants and businesses in the county we checked in with businesses in downtown pleasanton were people say they are eager to get customers inside again, partly because of the stormy weather. and while most people are happy about restrictions being eased some sound cautious. >>i think it needs to happen for businesses to come back to life. and i think with more people getting the vaccination it might be a tad early but i think it's good to happen that people will be safe. >>i think it's a little the variance still out covid still out there. i i wish we would pull back just a little bit. >>although now in the red tier alameda county restaurants and
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other businesses can't officially let people inside until tomorrow. and on the peninsula, san mateo county is getting ready to move out of the red tier as early as next week. >>they've been in the less restrictive red tier for about 2 weeks already and in that time case and positivity rates have remained low. in the south bay santa clara county is opting out of this state's plan to have blue shield california take over. the vaccination appointments in vaccine distribution plans kron four's rob fladeboe reports the county executive says the plan would be less vaccine. and the loss of local control. >>blue shield california set to assume responsibility for most vaccinations by way of implementing one set of rules for who gets the vaccine and when a goal was to vaccinate as many as 4 million people a week by the end of april but clara county is not going to sign up because the plan will not speed vaccinations or improve efficiency and provides little the county
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isn't already doing said county executive jeff smith tuesday before the board of supervisors, what the tpa agreement would do would be to force us into a new appointment system in any way of accessing appointments. >>which would be a statewide system and have no control over. >>we would have no control over it. >>the blue shield run program was schedule all vaccination appointments to the states my turn system. a statement from blue shield reads in part quote our goal is to save lives by helping all california's equitable access to vaccines, especially in those communities hardest hit by the pandemic we continue to work diligently with local county and state officials health care providers and other important stakeholders to build an enhanced state vaccine network to increase capacity and support the state's goal of being able to administer 4 million doses a week. critics however say that putting one large health care system in charge of vaccinations represents a
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conflict of interest it would mean that a private insurance company would be collecting all protected health information and personal information. >>for all residents who are vaccinated. a significant problem with confidentiality and trust because. >>many of our. >>residents said do not. government or others to treat their information with care and security while several county governments oppose the blue shield take over. >>the company points out that a growing number of health care providers hospitals and clinics are in favor along with governor newsome is san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news there are a lot of people looking to get vaccinated they've been sitting on the california website just refreshing the page for updates click click click so to make it a bit easier for folks to bay area tech startup a one-stop shop to find out where and when they are
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available is here was also the money is here in our newsroom with a look at that new independent resource l interesting. >>grant and vicki tech firm security more darwish tells me that last month. his grandmother over in texas was having a hard time booking a vaccine appointment because there isn't a centralized system out there but then you notice, although california has one set up called my turn as we just heard people were still struggling so that inspired him to use his skills to do some good. take a look at a fairly new twitter page. it's up and he launched called at covid vaccine. ca so instead of sitting there and refreshing the my turn website. he has set up an automated bot that then takes us states available vaccine appointments and their locations and sends them out through the day in the tweets so for example, the latest one posted right here about an hour ago reads at the bay area has 36 appointments for march 10th and then you can click on that might turn dot ca dot gov website and we'll take you to
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where you can book that appointment so the location below has san francisco muskogee center as you can see here and our wish explain that it's a work in progress there is a bug on how the threads are being displayed so he's meeting with the twitter team to fix that darwish wrote to me saying that i can only imagine how difficult of a challenge it is to administer and inform the public such an historic vaccination program. i just hope that this spot helps bring just a a little bit closer to the end of this pandemic. so this twitter pages posting available vaccination appointments for the bay area as well as los angeles and san diego and sacramento for now but darwish plans on making separate accounts for each region so be sure to look out for that the original page will continue to service that hub to show all of them live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you all. >>that's good info with alameda county moving into the red reopening tear school districts are also getting ready to resume in person learning, yeah, but not everybody is on board with the plan some berkeley teachers
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say the district is bullying them into returning even after telling them. they could work at home for the rest of the school year. corporal john mccall live for us in berkeley with the concerns from teachers and what the district is saying tonight. jonathan. >>yeah the key grant you know what kids here in berkeley are set to come back to school for in person learning starting on march 29th, welcome news for a number of parents but for some of the teachers here. they say should happen they say because of underlying health conditions. the district granted them the opportunity to work virtually for the rest of the school year and then change that those teachers now say that none of the schools should reopen until everyone is vaccinated. >>some teachers with berkeley unified schools say that coronavirus concerns in the classroom are putting the lives of teachers at risk as the district moves forward with reopening schools there fighting for our students. >>and that until the students are they are so they be
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highest >>when the schools reopen teachers like eventful arco claimed the district is trying to force them back into the classroom. despite having underlying health conditions that put them at high risk of contracting the virus says that she and other teachers were recently given permission by the district to worked virtually for the rest of the school year because of health concerns but then were recently told they had to come back to class. she fears that forcing teachers and students who haven't been vaccinated back into the classroom is a recipe for disaster. >>is late in an attempt to force not only teachers but also student that into classrooms without any regard for their safety others worry the district is more concerned about getting funding from the state with the district back open. >>the making sure that everyone is protected one of my parents has already told me. >>she is not sending child
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back to school until they're in vaccinations for children because she's white that the job will become you know. >>tuesday berkeley public health leaders said schools should reopen as soon as possible saying that science and data shows it is indeed safe for all grades to return back to class. hopefully you say that covid-19 testing is available for all teachers staff and even administration. but some teachers fear they could be putting their own loved ones at risk if they're forced to return and. >>if is telling me that i need to. as a teacher that i need to be there for my students. i just got to say that my family comes before in my career. >>tonight kron 4 did reach out to berkeley unified school officials to trying to comment about the teachers concerns some so far we have yet to hear back. one interesting note the berkeley unified school board is set to meet tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening to talk about more
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about their reopening plans will let you know what is discussed during that meeting. we're live tonight in berkeley jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>thank you jonathan still to come on kron 4 news at 9 another brutal attack on an asian person once again in oakland, a local leaders and law enforcement are responding to what has become a very troubling trends. >>and then a disturbing attack caught on camera what led to this ugly ride in an uber. and the latest on a recall effort not for governor newsome but san francisco da. >>jason wu we'll tell you who's
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>>this is a live look now at our storm tracker radar right that the moment as you can see well plenty of rain still moving through the bay area. we're going to get another update from learned to just a few minutes. meantime san francisco department of elections cleared campaign to recall a district attorney chesa boudin which will allow them to collect signatures for a recall the coalition will be required to collect more than 51,000 signatures about 10% of the city's voters by mid august. >>in order to qualify for a special election. for sale of the second joins us live from the city with more on this
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effort taylor. >>well move comes just a little over a year after de abreu dean took office in organizers of the effort say 51,000 voter signatures is a lot that they believe it's achievable. they say that this all started from a petition on change dot org and over there they got more than 10,000 signatures in just 4 days. >>campaign hoping to remove san francisco district attorney chesa boudin from office just moved one step closer. the department of elections cleared the coalition to begin collecting signatures for a recall vote, one of the that she promised. >>as soon as he got into office. was eliminate whole categories of crimes a quality of life crimes. and this has led to green lighting by him in his office to allow criminals to run rampant in the city all corners of this stuff to 40 for a high score miles of san francisco. our
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target now recall organizer ritchie greenberg says. >>this feeling is what motivated him and others to begin the recall effort it seems like these smash and grabs home burglaries robberies and even more crimes and not caught on camera fueling the effort. >>the coalition will need more than 51,000 signatures about 10% of san francisco's registered voters by august 11th to move the campaign forward for a special election. we have seen the brazen robberies. >>we have seen a daytime shootings. we have seen how residents small business owners. and visitors alike to san francisco being targets supporters of butadiene agree that public safety issues need to be solved in san francisco. but argue that the data doesn't agree with claims of blue dean being the sole reason for crime in the city. >>when looking closer city police data shows that violent crimes like homicide rape and robbery were down in 2020 compared to 2019. however burglary arson in vehicle
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thefts rose i think actually i say. >>you can say let's all of this is happening because of you know a lot of unfortunately the same to do want to see him elected in the first place and so i don't think it's so much about the data just you know folks didn't support him when you're continue to support him even before he has his first policy. >>now we reached out to dia the dean's office for comment but have not heard back yet for now we're live in san francisco taylor the psac ii kron 4 news. >>thank you taylor still to come the house is expected to take up the senate's version of the covid relief package any day now after the break we'll explain when americans can expect that next stimulus check but first we're going hear from the uber driver seen in this video, new tact
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>>here's a live check right now of stormtracker 4 radar as we continue to track storm that is hanging around the bay area for a few days as you can see san jose getting pounded right now much of the rest of the bay area is kind of cleared out but some scattered showers search chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking this all night. and we'll have an update for us in just a few minutes. >>and now to the east bay where oakland police have just arrested the person who day save viciously attacked and
9:33 pm
robbed a 75 year-old man who was just out for his morning walk oakland's chinese chamber of commerce is calling this in another aggressive assault on a member of the asian community we've seen far too many of these cut forced theresa stasi now has more on the crime and the call to action. >>something must be done carl chan president of the oakland chinese chamber of commerce. sadly speaking about another attack on an asian american morning icing around maybe 7 o'clock in and the location maybe jane and perkins. and this citation and is he that he was locked. >>and also pushed on the and have severely. >>violence against asian americans on the rise in the bay area in san francisco, an 84 year-old asian man died after being pushed to the ground in the anza vista neighborhood. one woman was charged with a hate crime for
9:34 pm
spitting on a man in mountain view and telling him to quote go back to where he came from end quote video captured a person shoving a 91 year-old to the ground in oakland's chinatown in fact cases and oakland's chinatown so horrific ambassadors and more officers now spread out on the streets in hopes of curtailing the escalating assaults in that community you that this is random crime. >>well let me say stood you know holding people we are all facing one pandemic asian committee will visit to pandemics so this is the which is under a tent in asian community. >>chan contributes the escalation of hate and the country for the ramped up assaults on asian americans has so much hays that can be much people becoming we're mising that they'll also be educated so that some people with education is school in family in our help us to make
9:35 pm
these changes. i am sheila his clients will will be diminishing and it will be it was it will be coming and we'll have more news community chance as he is in contact with the man's family. he says the chamber its members. >>and others giving support in this most difficult time teresa is stasio kron 4 news. >>now to an uber driver and this wild video you see the driver here this guy has close to 6,000 rides under his belt an excellent rating. but now he's thinking about quitting never picking up another passenger that's because of this recent altercation that happened while he was working in san francisco. our forces eecm and spoke to the driver. >>it is a video of a wild altercation during uber ride that has gone it it was something i could have never that is the voice of the man behind the wheel of the video he told me by phone that this
9:36 pm
happened sunday afternoon shortly after he picked up 3 female passengers at san bruno avenue and fell to street in san francisco's bayview district. he says shortly after they got into his car things started going wrong with the subject of wearing a mask came up a moment, the mask. >>me i have a spare want. i do is i like like you i don't have it. and then. the lady you know on the video who pulled a mask asked my fall on she started on this. she started cussing me for not having a mask in the video you see the same passenger that he is described in costa ieen years >>i didn't know it's all happening so fast. i just wanted to get over with that. >>the tumultuous ride lasted around 10 minutes. he says the women decided to get out of his car at san bruno and silver avenue but not before spring something in his
9:37 pm
vehicle to remember them by that's when they got off. >>one the navy and the red every spread 4, 3, 4, seconds pepper spray. yeah, that was definitely at least be i i know so it was pepper spray and then i realized is this is too much i need to contact police, san francisco police confirmed receiving the report and told me that they're robbery division is investigating the incident i reached out to uber for a statement, no >>the and irving incident has caused the driver to have second thoughts about continuing his relationship with the ride sharing service. >>i'm not sure of continue. >>we're >>during another cha or anything like that has lead you kron 4 >>coming up next teen sports. a test for number one in college hoops plus giant
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sunday's action and a woman is taking over a prominent role at thcoliseum meal character on game days you'll
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let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. >>for sports. >>the magic in the air tonight that's because march is upon us the month where anything can happen in college basketball. today byu believe they were going to be the team to end the undefeated streak for number one gonzaga and it
9:41 pm
looked like they were going to do just that in the west coast conference finals. let's go out to las vegas shelley gonzaga was down by 12 at the half byu completely controlling things with 9 minutes to play byu is alex par cellos gets the and won the made free throw capped byu up 9 but the zags came clawing back drew to me back to with the handles the tougher versed layup their guns guns at a finally would take the lead with 5 minutes left zacks up for them and a half jalen saw a-g's was fired up after that cold blooded 3 pointer and that would do it subs said to huge trace down the stretch, the bulldogs win 8878 the final talk about a comeback they going to the nc double a tournament unbeaten at 26 they vie to become the first undefeated national champion since indiana in 1976, hopefully we didn't just jinx them though all right a beautiful day for some
9:42 pm
baseball down in the desert cactus league giants brewers top prospect elio ramos nails that solo shot, he's been making it tough for san francisco to not keep him on the 40 player roster. he hit his 3rd home run in 3 games but wasn't quite enough today, san francisco loses 13 7 the final. now the a's taking on my chicago cubs ease matt chapman hit a solo shot in the 4th out into the fans sec i almost caught it's not quite to give oakland the lead his second homer of the spring bottom the 7 a's, a free. rafael ortega with the bases unloads on that fall walk off grand slam off nik turley. >>cobb's when cubs problems winds sound just like harry carey right 9, 8, the final score. thank you grant. all right we'll watch out baseball fans women are taking over giants pa announcer in l brooks moon. >>has been trailblazing for the last 20 years and now
9:43 pm
she'll have some good company here in the bay area. the oakland a's announced today they've named amelia schimel as the team's new public address announcer. she is the first woman to hold this position for the a's channels been with the organization since 2017 working as the executive producer of game entertainment. and video content. >>it's so cool and i wouldn't expect any less from the bay area just such an unbelievable place where we are so many things. >>evolve and happen and think that the a's and giants. >>you know i i love the organizations for for making sure that women have a seat at the table and i and i'm proud to be one of them, i know they're so few and there need to be more of us. so that little girls can kind of look and i can be a pa announcer to if i want to our executive producer or you know reporter i think that's fantastic. >>a great message. we wish her the best the season that's a look at sports grant. take over all right, appreciate it kylen still to come. >>we'll be checking on the weather still raining and so
9:44 pm
much of the bay area chief meteorologist, a large cargo will have a final check of the
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>>all right, welcome back let's get a last check of all this wild weather moving through the bay, yes and heavy rain in parts of the base this year as our meteorologist lawrence karnow likes to say here we boy and you know resort for love this too late season snow like this to really get upwards of 2 to 3
9:47 pm
feet of snow by the time this is all said and done it's coming down up their rough night getting up over this year and that on i 80 their chain enough read these found an apple gate there over 80 has received some heavy snow coming down across the sierra nevada tonight, and he's a very gusty winds and near whiteout conditions you can see out there. here's a live cam right now they're trying to keep the roads open and clear but certainly coming down in a hurry. a winter weather advisory up to our north as well mendocino county also the humble as we expect to see 6 to 8 inches of snow across some of the higher peaks there winter storm warnings along the western slope of the sierra nevada, the weather advisories continue in a tahoe, maybe as much as 8 inches a lake level over the mountain tops maybe couple feet. >>by the time the storm system winds down you see it up there across 80 now and 50 as that snow continues to fall to 9 in the rain in the bay area then we get to the heavy in spots you see right now, especially concentrated in the south bay that's where we had a thunderstorm a little bit early on. but now it is really coming down in the san jose campbell also the milpitas
9:48 pm
sunnyvale you're looking a lot of rain moving through your neighborhood there little further to the north of tapers off a bit. showers moving into fremont and then you start to see some of these colors over the mountain part of the state start to see some peeks of the blues on the purple, those some sleet and some snow began to fall the higher peaks of some to watch for tomorrow, you get a little break in between the clouds look up toward the mountains. likely see a little snow up there. more showers a little downpour in a little more right now kind of break in the dam bill oakland against more scattered showers at least to the north lighter amounts in the san francisco, they got a breaking up and so we'll see that now i think we get the backside of this latest wave of moisture things are going to break up just a little bit but far from rainfall total so the about a quarter of an inch in the santa rosa mill valley just about the same pleasant 10th of an inch 1800's in a san francisco, 1300's in oakland and san jose 600 with their continually adding to those numbers of course, no seymour overnight tonight. i'm not a huge amount of rain expected
9:49 pm
over the next 24 hours. but certainly we could see another quarter maybe half an inch we've seen a half an inch the mountaintops already and more to come so here we looks like tomorrow another day of scattered showers kind of on and off partly cloudy on thursday warmer dry on friday. and saturday. and this weekend another chance of showers on sunday, the same day that we've got roll clocks forward that's right daylight saving time's. thank you in national news tonight the house is expected to take up the senate's version of. >>president biden's covid-19 relief package. speaker nancy pelosi says she hopes to vote on that bill tomorrow. so that americans can get the latest round of stimulus checks and small businesses can get more long needed relief. well, the current version of the bill does still include the $1400 checks, fewer people will be eligible for them and the new version also lowers the amount of weekly bonus unemployment benefits from 400 to $300 and it completely removes the portion raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour
9:50 pm
but despite the changes and a majority of americans supporting the deal no republican in congress has said that they plan to vote for the bill. vaccinations. >>are up infections are down. $1400 survival checks on the way it provisions that are not tired they're not temporary. they're not related to covid goes to policies whether it's arts and humanities or. >>funding for the kennedy center or just policy center terrible recovery might pay people more to be on unemployment and they go back to work. >>the house will meet to take up the bill beginning tomorrow at 09:00am they're going to have a few hours to debate the bill before speaker pelosi says they can hold the final vote. >>president biden delivered his first primetime address thursday marking one year since the world health organization declared a global pandemic.
9:51 pm
>>he will discuss the many sacrifices of american people have made over the last year and the grave loss, communities and families across the country have suffered president will look forward highlighting the role of americans and that americans will play in beating the virus and moving the country toward getting. >>to normal. it was one year ago this thursday when the pandemic lockdown started the anniversary comes as the biden administration has boosted its vaccine supply and many states have started reopening by the way you can watch the president's address live right here on kron for you that was tom hanks and his wife they got covid early on by the way the address starts here live on kron 4 at 5 o'clock thursday night. still to come tonight, we'll introduce you to a doctor helping covid patients and their families and even follow her fellow doctors in an unexpected way.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>an emergency room physician in southern california vicki is on a mission to not only treat the sick and injured, but also to spread a little cheer doctor stephanie loe works at riverside university health system medical center in moreno valley during the pandemic doctor low picked up balloon twisting as a hobby has started handing out these animals to patients. >>icu doctor would call down and say i notice you're making
9:55 pm
these balloons can you keep sending them up there making everybody really happy and here in our hospital. i never seen such a surge and so many deaths at one time and i think it just brought some joy and laughter at a time that there was not. >>he needs stuff like that and it was just her patients who found comfort in her balloon art. requests started pouring in from colleagues as well they say they appreciate the little spark of joy. her balloons break and how about this for joy, washing the police cruiser seems to be this. police dogs favorite part of the job that's harper who just goes wild for the water, this is in kansas. the pup yeah he's playing hey he he works enough. the video shared by the hutchinson police department here shows harper chasing the streaming jumping with joy over and over and over. and i guess don't try this at home. >>yeah biker florida didn't want to wait for the draw
9:56 pm
bridge. so we just kind gun did a little bit and jumped it. the daytona beach police released this video. so that people would not do things like this they captioned the post by saying please be smarter than this guy. >>don't be this guy some good news for disney fans out there the house of the mouse ceo announcing today that the goal is to reopen disneyland by late april says the exact date should be available in the coming weeks the theme park. it's been closed for more than a year now because of the pandemic the state has announced some new guidelines last week the does allow amusement parks to reopen with very reduced capacity, starting. april 1st alcatraz island that will reopen next monday at least partially today the national park service announced outdoor areas are going to be open to all visitors, but the sell houses going to be limited to people who sign up for the audio tour. food will not be
9:57 pm
served on the ferry or on the island and of course facemasks we're going to be required. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9, but again i will be back to the top of the hour coming up teachers in the east bay bolete into returning to the classrooms that is what some people in berkeley are claiming. >>why they say the district is going back on its word and putting educators and students lives at risk and kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow continues to track this. >>powerful storm that's moving across the bay area. when you can expect it to clear out but that those stories and much more. coming up at kron 4 news more. coming up at kron 4 news at 10. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family.
9:58 pm
write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
9:59 pm
but it will help you and your family stay safe
10:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. and the storm door is open and another powerful round of rain is being felt from the north bay to the peninsula. >>thanks for joining us everybody on kron 4 news at 10 i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus well we of course welcome the rain we're in a drought, it's also making for some dangerous driving conditions are chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with what's happening outside right now lawrence looks like the south bay's really get it yet again pounded right downpours around the bay area certainly if you're out on those roads you get out


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