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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 4, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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expect also we go one on one with oakland's new police chief asking him about how his first month on the job has been and we're honoring remarkable women during women's history month today, we'll introduce you
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>>indoor youth sports can now resume statewide this after a
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settlement was reached between the state and the let them play coalitions significant but. >>but but but the agreement is tentative and allows indoor and outdoor sports to resume as long as they follow the same testing guidelines imposed on college and pro athletes that means the students either need to undergo daily antigen testing or periodic pcr testing with results required 48 hours before a game. the settlement also allows for a limited number of spectators usually athletes family members to attend some games, it's important to note. again this is a tentative agreement it's between coalition let them play and the state it does not at this point include individual counties. >>it now goes down to the local decisions and i would ask those local authorities that have the ability to let them play. please let them play. it's time. these kids have had nothing for 11 months. and they truly truly need this.
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>>indoor sports can resume as long as counties in which the teams play. we remain at or below 14 new covid cases per every 100,000 people and joining us now live. doctor near up on director of sports medicine and benny off children's hospitals, ucsf doctor pandya thank you so much for your time tonight is is this safe you think this is the right thing to do and with that cabbie out about the antigen testing in the pcr testing do you think it will actually happen. >>yeah, i think this is the right right thing to do right now, i mean it's been a difficult year for a lot of kids and i think the most important thing for me is a community transmission rates are very low. so we know that when those rates are high. there's more risk of spread so i think now is the time we can safely start implementing these measures for our youth but then to do a couple things you know they need to keep the community safe. it's still in the mask when they're not at the games that test is going to be really important. the most importantly off the field
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stay safe mask in making sure you're keeping your home safe when you're out of the game. >>so devil's advocate say they they lift the restrictions the kids go back to play and then all of a sudden there is this you know an explosion of cases what then. >>i think that's important thing about making sure we're following the data and i think that's the important thing in the professional leagues have done that they've kind of changed course when they've seen outbreaks occur. so i think that as long as we have the testing in place their coaches and people at the schools open actually contact tracing quarantine kids. it's important change course and i think it's important for parents to know and coaches want to bring the testing will be collecting the and if we see that we need to change course make sure say things because we don't make so much progress the pandemic over the past 4 weeks. >>you have talked often about how important to kids playing sports is for their mental you know trouble for lack of a better way to put that do you think that this could amplify inequities, you know that the money to get this testing in place is going to be
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significant and are you concerned that you know you might see disparities. >>i'm absolutely concerned i think the details or the partner really going make this program work. they were the disparities oscar is basically around covid testing you need to have people at the school who can actually make sure the kids are getting tested. they're contacting the kids when the tests are positive the quarantine it's a lot of the burden for a lot of the kids and schools is the coach is doing that sort of make sure that all kids play needed and again there's community and make sure it would have the resources for schools, particular public schools and open in san francisco, so everything could play we don't want the schools that just make the decision not to play because they don't have the resources. it's going to take all the schools coming together and helping each other out to make sure this occurs. >>absolutely positive sign tonight we did a story that the super bowl turns out it was not a super spreader event. because they you know the the prophylactic measures the wearing of the masks that social distancing. do you think of everybody plays this
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will work. >>absolutely i think we definitely know that the actual transmission in an outdoor setting doesn't occur during the game. so i think we can feel pretty safe particular with kids that while their plan transmission when occur if everyone to do their stuff on the sideline making sure that they're wearing their masks there are lots of spectators at the game i think outdoor events will go very well i think indoor sports which are just recently approved the settlement. that's going to watch very closely they know that indoor transmission rates are little bit higher, but if people are wearing masks, they're limiting the spectators and we're following the data as this occurs i think indoor sports can safely occur as well too as long as we're making sure everyone's getting tested. >>and assuming that the vaccines prove to be safe for kids once kids have the opportunity to be vaccinated is that when we take masks off inside classrooms and all the time basically. >>i would say that yeah that's a great question i think that we're we're going to learn more about how the vaccine actually prevents transmission. i think we have very good data that it works
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in terms of making sure you don't get infected, there's more and more data suggest that you don't transmit so i think if we have good data about that and we also know how long the vaccine works. i think that's going to be our end point the more vaccinated people we get the less chance of spreading maybe our return to normal hopefully over the next several months. >>so as a as a doctor who deals with the the young in sports i guess the upside is the kids are going to get out to play. it's great for their mental outlook for their physical outlook of course the downside is you're going to be seeing a lot more injuries in your office right. >>that is one concern i do have any kids they're not professional athletes great training facility. so i think one thing that's really important for parents as kids get back to playing sports is that every parent coach needs to know what their kids activity levels than so it's been you know 4, 5, 6, months even ron it's important to make sure they're getting in shape. not trying to try too hard and trying to chase that scholarship. the first day they're out in the field just be safe to make sure not getting injured after this long period time off. >>good point all right doctor near from ucsf health really
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appreciate your time tonight sharing your insights. thank doctor great information along the coast today beachgoers say they found some pretty big waves out there this video from earlier of the high surf in pacifica. >>the national weather service says these conditions could transition into high surf tomorrow as well all right chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now for the latest on the forecast a large say guys. yeah that's a good sign you start to see some of those bigger waves moving along the coastline that means there's some storms. >>out there in the pacific and the good news is some of those storms finally going to be headed our way certainly going to generate some big swells along the coastline, maybe some 1012 footers along the coast watch out for that special the north northwest facing beaches but other than that the looks like we're going to see a change in the pattern finally beautiful has we've got mostly clear skies out in just a couple clouds on the rise but not much and then here we go changes coming our way we've got that cold front
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that is slowly churning its way through the pacific and that's going to dive in the california to make our way through the day tomorrow. some low clouds beginning to just enter the northwestern part of the state, but no rain just yet but we're going to keep track of that very closely as that rain expected move in the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. they will time it out for you on the computer model you'll see overnight tonight, mostly clear and then the clouds really brolin after midnight tomorrow morning and see a lot of high clouds maybe couple patches of fog along the coastline, but no rain and then as we head toward the afternoon rain beginning to pick up in the north bay but there's an air of low pressure on the backside of the system that's kind of kicking on the backside i think that will slow the system down just a little bit as a dig further southward then it comes on shore and then brings that rain around the bay area overnight tomorrow night and into early on saturday morning that rain looks like it comes on through the san jose by about 1, one 30 by tomorrow night and then as we head in towards saturday. really if you don't get up early and probably miss most of the rain we dry things out so chance rain developing late the day for tomorrow looks like a
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mostly dry weekend after lingering shower early on saturday morning them back to more cold showers and more storms on the way early next week guys back to you all right lawrence next up a one on one interview with oakland's top cop, the issues, he's been met
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>>oakland's police chief leronne armstrong has a pretty wide range of experiences, including everything from being a patrol officer to an
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investigator in the human trafficking unit what you want that and now just one month into the job new chief had a virtual one on one interview with our kron four's haaziq madyun about the major issues that he's facing and the chiefs plan for keeping the public safe. >>ppp carol carroll won making oakland safe protecting and serving has been this veteran opd officers calling for the past 22 years for like i'm a part of that community feel like i'm a part of protecting my community. >>so for me it really a call and my first one on one interview with oakland police chief leronne armstrong comes about a month after he was sworn in as it turns out a lot has happened in those 4 week and the new chief in i get it to all of it. there have been 26 homicides in oakland in 2021. over 100 shootings over a 150 of those shootings involved a home or a vehicle being struck by bullets. chief
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i'm says his violence reduction strategy involves reallocating resources focused on reducing violent crime across the city and he says it's already showing results. january we've had. >>15 homicides in we had last week alone we arrested 6 suspects for homicide related also more firearms in the 2021. than we did at the start of 2020 violent crime and oakland knows no boundaries several recent highly publicized violent incidents occurring to the city's chinatown has garnered national with some saying the suspects were motivated by their hatred for asian americans know the crimes that we've investigated most of which have crimes of the one hate crime was not actually specific to chinatown it was a it was a crime that. >>at her on social media where
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an individual put out specific threats the asian community and that's what we followed up on as a 2021 has also seen early start to sideshows season in oakland i attended someone else i shows myself and i've heard gunfire, the chief says opd lost its side chill detail due to budget cuts as a result of when that funding was cut we see a 1500% spike in sideshow activity see the new chief says he is personally reached out to the city administrator's office to see if they can find funding to bring back the sideshow detail in the meantime his officers are doing what they can to deter sideshows by arresting participants towing vehicles and our ability to get out there last weekend and prevent size in the city of oakland, i think maybe entire city safe as it led kron 4 news. >>still to come steph curry i'm not going to be playing in
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>>for sports. tonight should be very interesting to say the least f curry draymond green. >>nor kelly who bray will play
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for the warriors tonight, the starters will be nico mannion andrew wiggins damion lee want escotto anderson and james wiseman they are playing a suns team that is one of the hottest teams in the nba. so it will be a challenge but steve kerr says the lineup change was necessary. >>dream and we definitely didn't want playing it back to back on the ankle from the other night. and staff just needs rest. this is a brutal brutal back to back we've got to the hotel into about 03:30am in the morning given the all-star break is here and stuff. otherwise isn't getting much of one, you know given that he's playing in the game with a lot of sense to send him home and just get him an extra day to to reston prepare for the 2nd half of the season. >>makes sense or russell wilson supporting his sister anna who played for stanford pac, 1220 kronor finals. he also said he'd like to get traded to the raiders may be wise in town can see mark davis and she was the co
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conference defensive player of the year, but showing some scoring punch with the nice driving school. this one wasn't close stanford tied the conference tournament record with 15 3 pointers. they have 4 players in double digits usc had the cardinal went 92 to 53. russ raises the roof, stanford plays oregon state in the semifinals. for the first time since april of last year you sports across california can resume. that includes all age groups and also indoor sports outdoor sports got the green light a couple weeks ago the decision is the result of a legal settlement after to southern california high school athletes filed a lawsuit in january the settlement stipulates that students and coaches will partake in testing protocols similar to the collegiate level. the state is set to provide testing for high contact sports like football and rugby and for the rest the
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organization. let them play the have partnered with a charity to make rapid test as widely available as possible. patrick was the head football coach at 6 era high school has worked closely with let them play c a to get sports up and running again, he's confident the right steps are in place to keep kids safe while they play and this is the right decision for everybody. it's just been a crazy journey on a spiritual level just you know taking 3 million kids sitting on the bench, an. >>not given the opportunity to go to school to plant parks really to play sports and do things they love and city here today knowing that all you sports indoor outdoor are open in the state of california it's it's it's overwhelming to be honest with you i the magnitude of it. when you think of how many kids and families are affected his. and again it's just overwhelming.
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>>polarizing you have people on both sides of the back to the warriors were going to get a chance this season face and nikos getting first career start so it will be interesting is one of those games where you look on paper you think the words gonna get killed, but sometimes those are games where you like they have lister guard down so we'll see you know i could be fu
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>>inclusion and acceptance drive larkin o'leary's mission if we don't presume competence. we'll never know 3 years ago the center is a mother of 2 stepped away from 15 years as an educator in classrooms, ranging from preschool to the 7th grade to focus on her 2 children, 18 month-old daughter june bell and 6 son james who has been diagnosed with down syndrome couldn't be there for my kids the way i wanted to i was. >>teaching class and then the next day was going to surgery with my son and then the next morning i would wake up in the hospital i would come back and teach. >>my kids and then i would go back you know and so it was it was an impossible task ty everyone her own experiences inspired her to cool down the nonprofit common ground society. >>she serves as president of the organization in sonoma county focusing on educating and empowering her community to be more compassionate accepting and inclusive of
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people with disabilities want people to that people with disabilities are just that people just people you know when i'm at home. >>my son is nothing. >>and if you'd like to see more of that story and stories on the other great women we've profiled you can check them out on kron 4 dot com by the way that our fleet to go with that story and we'll be reading that story again tonight at 10 o'clock. >>that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. thank you so much for being with us for vicki lawrence everybody here across 4 have a great night. stay safe. i can and catherine will be here at 8, 9.10 night.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: meghan versus the firm of. >> there is an active role that the firm is playing in perpetuating falsehoods about us. >> very suspicious that they would now talk about meghan being a bully or a mean girl right before the opera interview. >> announcer: then, breaking his silence. the qanon warrior with horns and a spear. and, the bachelor host. he says he wants his job back. >> i want to be back. >> deborah: is there a doctor on the plan? >> announcer: how about three? >> reporter: how they came to


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