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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 8, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>news station you're watching the car. good morning everybody, thank you for joining us here it is 04:00am on a monday morning. it's february 8th. >>i'm james fletcher we do want to check. this morning with weather and traffic first before we get to the headlines ers quite a bit of news to get through today. we will in short order but first the forecast good morning job james we're looking at conditions today still dry but not as clear. nor as warm as we were over this past weekend which is probably a good thing we were unseasonably warm each day of your weekend friday saturday and sunday and each day bring ample sunshine along
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with it. today the cloud cover rolls back in the side of change for the week ahead that is going to bring us a whole lot closer to our seasonal averages for really the remainder of this forecast a look outside from our sutro tower cam this morning shows you overall clear enough of skies we do have some patchy fog in the midst though of the bay and the coastline, a return of marine layer will be evident today and that is something you also see in the form of some low lying cloud cover especially across the north bay radar shows you quiet and dry conditions across the region. >>we are seeing some shower activity likely later this week but as for the beginning of this week things will remain dry. we do have portions of our coastline and the bayside experiencing some lower visibility there are dense fog advisories yet as you can senior center tower view most of us are pretty good. it is that patchy fog though you want to watch out for you will be running into patches of having returned to the bay this morning, dublin and livermore each at 37 degrees currently well, nevada
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went 32 santa rosa you're at a cool 33, definitely cold enough to throw on that extra layer and stay cozy if you're going to be outside for more than just a minute oakland and berkeley at 45 while alameda and san francisco. 2 of your warmer spots at 48 degrees right now temperatures are overall little cooler than yesterday for most areas novato most notably down 7 degrees while down 4 degrees from yesterday at the same time and as we work our way through the day you'll notice daytime highs also notably cooler than they were yesterday. a lot more cloud cover as well today we're going to stay mostly cloudy all day long even after morning fog burns off from the 30's and 40's to start to eventually the 50's and 60's by the finish of the day i'll be talking exactly when to expect our next chance of showers and what else to expect this week and into the coming weekend all still to come let's get a look at our early morning commute for earliest of risers with reyna harvey is standing by right now good morning you know
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there are no hot spots right now no major accidents, so that's a great thing for your morning commute. i am seeing a lot of construction though out there on the roadways. >>so just be mindful of that but let's get a check at your drive times if you're heading into the city from the east bay to that fremont street exit under 9 minutes thankfully, no high wind advisories in place as you commute across the bridge. there. the san mateo bridge also another nice and light matalin the commute for you as you head across the peninsula. there 92 westbound you see traffic making their way under 13 minutes for your drive time there. the richmond sandra fell bridge also another you much busier though during this hour than it normally is for us steal your commute out of richmond under 9 minutes for your drive time. and the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city under 25 minutes we're tracking your commute and your drive times that's up next but for now back to the news. >>all right, thank you very much time now is 4 '03 and let's begin with some national headlines this morning because happening tomorrow we'll have the second impeachment trial
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of former president trump set to begin now what was hoped to be a speedy trial may already face a delay, the former president's lawyer david show and asked senate leaders for a pause in the trial. if it runs into the jewish sabbath that means the trial would have to break at sundown friday and not return until sunday, senate leaders were hoping to work through saturday if necessary before a scheduled weeklong break the following week. meanwhile, former president trump will not testify during the trial we've learned that now house impeachment managers have asked him to explain why he and his lawyers have disputed facts at the center of their case accusing him of inciting the deadly riot at the capitol on january 6th. and senators again will be considering whether to convict former president of incitement of insurrection after that mob on the 6th of january overran the u.s. capitol in a deadly attack. washington dc correspondent and working he's been following the story from
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our nation's capital joining us live this morning with the very latest anna. >>and good morning when senators return to washington leader today they're week is going to look a lot different they're going to put all business on pond as they shift gears and focus solely on the impeachment trial. >>former president donald trump second impeachment trial is set to begin on tuesday. one month after the deadly attack on the u.s. capitol there cannot be any healing. without truth. without accountability senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate will conduct a full and fair trial first senators will hear arguments from the 9 house impeachment managers who plead to argue that trump was solely responsible for the january 6 attack and that the former president encouraged the attack by repeatedly refusing to concede the election. then the president's attorneys will make their case arguing that the trial is an unconstitutional overreach by
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congress in a memorandum released last week trump's legal team said that the former president did not incite writers to attack the capitol they went on to say that the article of impeachment violates trump's right to free speech or in congress for not prosecutors south carolina republican lindsey graham said on cbs face the nation that many senators have already made up their mind. i'm ready to move on i'm ready to. >>in the impeachment trial because i think is what lately are unconstitutional. but others like pennsylvania republican pat toomey said on cnn's state of the union that he still on the fence, i'm going listen to the arguments on both sides. >>and make the decision that i think is right. >>this senate is set to convene at noon on tuesday. that's when they will officially start the trial of first we'll hear from the house impeachment managers, they'll present their case on tuesday to the senators and that could take up to 3 days live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki back to you. >>thank you very much anna. 4
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'06 is time now to the latest on the covid-19 pandemic in california more than 3 million people have been infected with the virus since the start of the pandemic nearly 44,000 california's have died from the virus. the state saw just over 15,000 new cases on sunday alone, dropping by more than 30%. the area several mass vaccination sites were up and running this weekend golden gate fields for instance gave out more than 850 doses on saturday. so far more than 1700 people over the age of 75 have been vaccinated there in alameda county we've got details on when you can be eligible to get your shot and how you can sign up for an appointment. on our website just visit kron 4 dot com we've got links to all the counties and all the avenues which you can sign up. well here are the latest numbers now on the vaccine distribution from the state health department, more than 400 i should say more than 4 and a half million doses have been administered statewide while over 7 million doses have been delivered so far.
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bargaining sessions over the last 2 months the san francisco, teachers union has reached a tentative agreement with the district to allow in person instruction in public schools now they've agreed on safety standards and priority for vaccines. this is according to the agreement. in person instruction can begin once the city is in the red tier if vaccines are made available to staff who are currently on site or who are expected to report in person. i can hear that person chanting open schools in the east bay, these were families in berkeley urging the school district to reopen classrooms for in person learning. this demonstration happened over the weekend rallying students and parents and doctors told kron 4 that distance learning has been a failure. they believe school can welcome students back safely adding that the delay has had devastating effects on students.
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>>we've spoken with pediatricians have told us that they have had more children suicidal ideation in the last year than they have seen in the last 30 i extremely frustrating as well as. our 3 year-old is going to preschool fully masked it's open it's doable in for 3 year-old and 7 year-old. >>in a statement a crowd for berkeley unified school district said quote the district continues to work to reopen schools for in person learning while acknowledging the frustration and concerns of many in our community. we are listening. the family sharing their experiences today as these experiences inform our ongoing work to safely reopen our schools. the cdc meanwhile plans to release new guidelines on reopening schools this week. it's been almost a year of at-home learning for some and students are more than ready to come back to the classroom. but even with official guidance and regulation health officials say the community spread must be down before it's safe for teachers and students to re enter campus. president joe biden has said
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that he will work to reopen k through 12 schools in his first 100 days in office but the president says that he will work with medical experts to determine when exactly it's safe to do that. fight for churches in california since the start of the pandemic churches have been pleading with the state to hold in-person services. now a supreme court ruling is allowing churches across the state to resume those indoor services once again with restrictions in place indoor services will be allowed at some places of worship but other coronavirus restrictions will still have to be in place, including keeping capacity of just 25% and prohibiting singing and chanting to reduce chances of virus transmission. will san francisco's archbishop salvatore. court lot corleone talked with kron 4 about the ruling on indoor church services, he says he's encouraged by the news and is ready to resume services with safety measures in place. >>we've been committed keeping
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our people safe and worship from the very beginning we have safety protocols that have been scientifically demonstrated to work so this is not some kind of a car wash for churches to route people inside and spread the virus we have to be safe but that decision doesn't change the science before this decision it was safe for us to celebrate our service in and it still is now. so my instruction to mike reece doesn't change being outside is an extra safety precaution, some asked them to do it outside the mask outside when it's possible. no one is safer to be inside to go inside safety protocols, but this does change is that we can now exercise their constitutionally protected natural right to worship god without fear of harassment from the government. archbishop cordileone is encouraging people to consider to people considered to be at higher risk stay home though. >>and live that watch the live stream services. this full interview took place on our
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live streaming service kronon so be sure to download that app or head to kron 4 kron on dot tv for more. all right. john. >>well james today going to be a cloudier cooler one than what we had seen the past couple of days the weekend certainly brought the sunshine and the warmth along with them for a coastal spots today do expect a range of 50's for your daytime highs a cloudier day some coastal fog at times but staying dry out there still far as our inland areas go definitely not as crystal clear door bright nor as warm as yesterday was either. most daytime highs today barely holding on to the low 60's much cloudier noticeably cooler than yesterday's upper 60's work. i'm talking the details of the rest of your forecast ahead. >>and no major hot spots and white now your commute across your major bridges right now all at the limit headed from the east bay into the city under a free
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>>and we are back time now is 4.15 a 3.2 magnitude earthquake. shook up the milpitas area last night it happened just before 5 o'clock according to the u.s. geological survey and you can see here where the epicenter was located no word on any damage so far. but as we know 3 two's pretty small a lot of our viewers told us they felt
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it. although again not much damage reported it was pretty far out in the remote area that hopefully not too much damage was a scene we've got john trouble in the weather center with more on that and of course the forecast as well good morning, john good morning to you to james yeah we had to perfect of a weekend had to shake things up a little bit there at the end i national weather service actually usgs reporting around 400 or 550 people. >>saying that they did feel that quake yesterday afternoon get a pretty small one out there in the east bay on what was otherwise a really calm sunny and really warm weekend. i certainly hope you had a chance to step outside and enjoy it a little bit now this morning is definitely bringing some noticeable changes from where we were over the weekend from our crystal clear skies to return of some fog out there mount tam cam showing you that if you look really closely you can see the misty view at there at the corner of your screen right marine county we are looking at some patches of fog this morning,
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it's not super widespread but do watch for as you're heading out the door running into some lower visibility spots is certainly a possibility skies do remain dry today and that's the way we're going to stay over the next couple of days too we have a system sitting offshore that is eventually going to bring us a chance of rainfall in the meantime we just do have some cloud cover that's going to be quite noticeable for the rest of the day today so we're sitting under relatively clear skies right now but look at what happens for really throughout the rest of the forecast a blanket of stratus clouds just pushes right in across the bay and stays with us throughout much of the day today, this is trading in yesterday's clear skies with those mostly cloudy conditions will be in the midst of pretty much all day long on this monday, staying dry out there then we work our way into the evening cloud cover remains tuesday looking also pretty cloudy some bits of sunshine piercing through those clouds from time to time and also looking at a couple of snow flurries up in the sierra nevada for your tuesday. wednesday a little bit clear it will be seeing
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the return of some sunshine ahead of our chance of showers on into thursday of this week so beginning of the week a little cooler a little cloudier but remaining dry later on this week is when we do see the return of some of that much needed moisture. today's daytime highs noticeably cooler at the coast and in san francisco with highs only in the 50's in these areas, well upper 50's remain in millbrae in south san francisco. we do have some low 60's to know from foster city down through mountain view today, mountain view at 61 degrees san carlos right there with you also at 61, south bay daytime highs, mid 60's and campbell in san jose little cooler than yesterday's upper 60's were while pleasanton at 63 livermore at 64 even though we do have a lot of numbers still hanging on to the low 60's mixed in on to the low 60's mixed in with those upper 50's it will the reason for that is we traded in all that sunshine that help to warm you up as you got out there with a lot of cloud cover that she won't be able to miss as you get outside this afternoon. tomorrow as i showed you on
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futurecast does remain a little on the cloudier side before we clear out overall into wednesday thursday scattered showers looking likely dry out briefly on friday before another chance of showers on into the weekend on saturday. that's your forecast reyna harvey is standing by in the traffic center looks like it's still pretty calm out there yeah, you know it's still pretty early as well right now tracking no major accidents for your commute if you're heading across peninsula there under 15 minutes for your drive time on 92 westbound looks great also the bay bridge. another nice commute no high wind advisories in place. >>under 9 minutes to that fremont street exit for you the richmond sandra fell bridge also a great commute under 9 minutes for you and the golden gate bridge looking nice and light, i don't even see a vehicle traveling there under 20 minutes, we're keeping an eye on your drive times for now back to the news. >>all right, thank you very much ran a time now is for 19. well we should probably mention the fact that the tampa bay buccaneers won the super bowl last night if you saw the game tom brady with
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super bowl number 7 now as they beat the kansas city chiefs, 31 to 9 and of course celebrations in festivities for the big game took on a very different look this year, sunshine saloon in pleasanton for instance just open for outdoor dining after state region health orders were lifted. health officials have been expressing concerns that super bowl gatherings could become super spreader events and they say the businesses have to continue to take every precaution of course to prevent transmission, especially when people eat and drink without masks and mix outside of their households. >>we moved outside we have spacing on the tables right there all our employees all have their mask on washing their hands and making sure that everything gets a customer's properly respect everyone's commitment to that we enjoy downtown present him with the social distancing >>and getting outside. >>well the crowd at this bar appeared to be heating health orders you can see a lot of the tables were spaced out
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they look they're staying within their groups and oftentimes wearing masks when they were eating so all the things that the cdc and local health officials are encouraging. a distinguished american statesman george shultz has died. schultz served as secretary of state under ronald reagan and as both labor and treasury secretary during the nixon administration. he was also a professor emeritus at stanford's graduate school of business. president joe biden released a statement on his passing reading in part quote he was a gentleman of honor and ideas dedicated to public service and respectful debate even into his one 100th year on earth. that's why multiple presidents of both political parties sought his counsel. i regret that as president i will now be able to benefit from his wisdom as so many of my predecessors schultz was 100 years old. he died at his home on the stanford campus. we'll take a break coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a happy ending to a scary weekend for one bay area
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father, a carjack well as kids were still in the back seat have details on that story coming up.
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>>and we're back at 4.24 happening today, oakland leaders will be announcing new steps to protect members of the city's chinatown neighborhood. after a string of recent violent crimes. leaders are set to unveil a $30,000 reward for any information on the attacks that happened back on january 31st. you may remember that
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attack injured a 91 year-old man a 60 year-old man in a 55 year-old woman. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley is also expected to announce changes that her office will be taking to bring charges against those responsible police say a person of interest in the attacks has been in custody since february first for another unrelated crime that person's name has not yet been released. also happening today oakland's newest top cop will be sworn into office. ron armstrong will become the city's 10th police chief since 2003. mayor libby shaft calls him, someone who is from oakland, a mentor and a leader. >>this can express much i appreciate everything. >>2 children abducted by carjackers saturday night are now back home. police say someone stole a minivan with a 4 year-old girl in a 2 year-old boy inside the chp
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issued an amber alert for the missing kids, san francisco police say their dad left the engine of the van running while he made a food delivery on jackson street in the pacific heights neighborhood and that is when the thieves stole the van with the kids inside. >>no fancy words can express how grateful. my wife that they're found they're safe. it's a happy closer in a fortune episode and. i hope this doesn't happen anyone else. >>authorities found the children still inside that van in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. the kids were checked out by doctors they're fine. police are still looking though for any information on the people who took the car. we'll take a quick break here at 4.27 still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the white house launched a new effort to share the stories of americans that were impacted by the pandemic. >>coming up in a minute.
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>>for 30 is the time and at the half hour mark. let's start with a check of the weather before we get back to the headlines this morning on this monday john. we think as we can shape up. >>hey it's going to be a little cooler little cloudier than this weekend was so i do hope you enjoy 70's in some cases, it was mostly 60's and
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all the sunshine that we saw out there was such a nice weekend to be outside friday saturday and sunday. now today certainly not a bad day, but it is a lot cloud you're out there you can see from our berkeley cam looking down at the day that noticeable blanket of clouds that sitting right in the bay itself and at some points we're also looking some areas of dense fog 2 radar shows you the dry skies that we've overall got across the board in visibility, although holding up for most areas is looking at we are looking at some areas of fog that are actually impeding visibility, especially on some of our hillsides so do watch for that as you venture out current temperatures are in the 30's and 40's with oakland and berkeley chip 45 degrees petaluma and napa at 37. well nevado at a cool 32 said you bundle up reyna. >>john if you're leaving house right now you don't have much traffic to contend with right now but ways are still pretty quiet. a look at your drive times into the city to the fremont street exit under 9 minutes if you're heading


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