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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 10 i'm justine waldman i'm jonathan mccall we begin tonight with the very latest on the covid-19 pandemic. >>the united states has now topped more than 26 million covid-19 cases, the new latest news comes from johns hopkins university in baltimore,
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maryland. it found that it took the u.s. 311 days to record the first 13 million cases but it's only been 64 days november 27th to rack up the last 2nd half of the 13 million cases. let's take a closer look at the covid cases here in california tonight more than 18,000 new cases reported here in the golden state in the last 24 hours with more than 15,000 californians now hospitalized. there are currently close to 4,000 californians being treated in icu for covid-19. >>a mass vaccination site at dodger stadium will be back up and running tomorrow after anti-vax protesters shut down earlier today, dozens of protesters blocked the entrance which prevented hundreds of people from getting inside many of them had been waiting in line for hours to get their shot. for safety reasons the los angeles fire department closed the site which is one of the largest vaccination sites in the country lapd say that the protesters remain peaceful and
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governor gavin newsom tweeted we will not be deterred or threatened. >>back here at home this weekend marks one year since the first case of covid-19 was reported in santa clara county. health leaders say the milestone comes with a grim reminder. santa clara county has topped more than 100,000 covid cases and has seen more than 1300 deaths. now the county is making a major push to get as many folks vaccinated against the virus as possible. >>our system and our county as a whole we stand strong. with an infrastructure that is ready to further expand our capacity. however we need more vaccine available to us to best serve our community with that increase capacity. >>the county says it wants to get as much as 85% of the folks vaccinated by august that would be some 1.5 million people who would fit into the criteria, but in order for that goal to happen the county says as many as 15,000 folks would have to get vaccinated every day. the county says
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it's also looking into new options for mass vaccination sites and community locations. >>and to have that many of us already practice but a new mandate from the cdc is now making it mandatory starting on tuesday americans will be required to wear masks while traveling with other people present this order includes any time you're traveling on an airplane taxi train or bus that also includes transit hubs subways and ride sharing vehicles, anyone who does not wear a mask in these spaces. well then be in violation of a federal law you are not required to wear a mask when you're inside your own car. we have the posted a list of all these new rules on our website kron 4 dot com. and california is accelerating the pace of getting the vaccine into arms, according to governor newsome in less than 2 weeks. the golden state went from one and a half million vaccinations to more than 3 million. and you can see here on the screen more than 3.2 million doses have been administered so far.
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governor newsom says that is 58% of the state's supply that switch things up to tell whether the 7 day not beautiful day outside after days of rain returning, it's feeling like winter out risa guesses. >>in the weather center right now with a look at the sunday forecast. yeah and we're tracking warmer temperatures tomorrow compared to today so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average. let's take a look at our radar for because we are seeing some showers off the coast starting to make its way inland right along the bay area coastline don't let all of that green for you though most of it is evaporating before it hits the ground also known as but we could see some light drizzle out of this especially for those of you in half moon bay. let me know though if you are seeing drizzle in your neighborhood this evening had the my eyes and ears out there right now bay area and let's take a look at futurecast for we're tracking some light scattered showers making its way into the north bay really just bringing us tree says amount of rain at best even
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through your sunday morning and afternoon going to start to see drier weather there that drying trend is going to continue at least for the 1st half of monday because we have another storm making its way into the bay area not an atmospheric river this is a typical storm that we get during these wet winter months so finally seeing some more rain heading its way into the bay area like there's a showers first arriving for those of you in the north at around 5 o'clock in the evening for the rest of us it won't arrive until around monday night and it's going to peak early tuesday morning so make sure to plan ahead for your tuesday morning commute widespread light to moderate rain and gusty southerly winds sustained 25 to maybe even 35 miles per hour along our highest peaks and ridges we could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour less fortunately below advisory level but we're going to start to dry out and clear up from the wet weather tuesday night even heading into the overnight hours very early wednesday morning so most of the bay area will pick up
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anywhere from about a quarter of an inch. >>to 3 quarters of an inch of rain but those of you in northern sonoma could get one to 2 inches of rain with this upcoming winter storm but we're really going to see about half an inch of rain right now with this latest model run, but those of you in santa rosa, you could possibly pick up an inch of rain with this approaching storm but sunday looking warmer and drier full details in my upcoming 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes back to you jonathan and justine thank you so much greece are right now san francisco police are looking for gunman. >>who they say shot a woman in the face with a bb gun. this happened in a whole foods parking lot on friday night this woman simply just going to the store kron four's dan thorn talked with her earlier today. >>he's live tonight in the city with what she is saying is we're saying dan just a. >>trip to store that so many people do and this is what >>and yeah, absolutely and she's actually really lucky that she didn't lose an eye as justin mentioned she gets hit
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in the face with a b b and it goes into her her eyebrow really painful experience for her completely just random not really sure what went on there. but now she's going to have to undergo surgery to have this removed and police are just still trying to figure out who did this. a painful and frightening experience for a woman leaving a grocery store in san francisco, a random pellet nearly strikes the victim in the eye leaving her bruised and shaken it's pretty lucky like probably straight back, i could have. >>media last thing i or you know sarah bar tell tells kron 4 news she was shot with a bb gun just before 7 o'clock at this whole foods market on california street friday night the 28 year-old was in the parking lot leaving with her groceries when she felt a jolt of pain on her eyebrow i was just in shock that my hand up and i started just like oh my god, i just got hit by something i don't know where it was or tell did not see who
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was doing the shooting but customers who rushed to her aid told her they heard popping sounds as a car quickly drove away or tell lives not far from the whole foods and says she's concerned the city's crime is getting worse this experience leaving her feeling leery about staying it's shocking in its dramatic. obviously random acts of violence happen anywhere but i don't a lot less safe living here in the last year it will take surgery for the pellet to be removed after it lodged into her eyelid cartel is hoping this ordeal raises awareness about safety in san francisco. we still don't know who did this but like you know it was kids like doing it for fun like you know this stuff is funny like it could really injured knee. it was like violent people like you know we need to get on top of this as a city like keep our citizens safe. >>barr tells going out to wait until friday to undergo that surgery in the meantime, san francisco police are encouraging people to come
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forward if they have any information about what happened here. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news she got lucky, dan you're right well tonight a high-profile bay area private investigator remains on life support in san francisco police. >>are looking for the suspects in the robbery that injured him thursday, san francisco police say jack palladino was testing a camera outside of his home when someone jumped in the car. out of a car and then grabbed the camera from him paula hit his head on the concrete during the incident in tonight is said to be in grave condition. >>paladino is best known for his work on the jonestown mass suicides and has also worked with president bill clinton and other celebrities. tonight, vacaville police investigating why 2 women were killed in an apartment early this morning. after a man live stream the entire incident with a gun on social media tonight that suspect has been arrested garage paul song of has more from the scene. >>the shattered windows give us a glimpse of what unfolded saturday morning in vacaville
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home from a friend's that line the road was still are mix and lives nearby all rocky hill road. the road blocked off early saturday morning. so police can focus on the veterans apartments, complex. yes, there is some snipers on the roof as well all of that for a barricaded man inside this apartment 8 hours later after being called police were able to arrest 29 year-old raman michael weber but inside they found 2 dead. webber was wanted on numerous felonies and reportedly live stream the scene on social media is pretty graphic fox 40 obtained a 36 minute long video and is choosing not to show it because of its disturbing nature in the video webber was carrying a gun and said they were coming after him, he also said this will be the last time people see him and police will come in any minute all of this while 2 women were lying motionless on the floor next to him he was messing with the 2 dead bodies and. >>to say they sent very
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graphic and disturbing. made me sick to my stomach for sure. >>others who live near the complex like bernadette jackson slept through it. >>kind of in a little sad for my neighborhood for me to hear this went on and this complex is for veterans and their families fox 40 doesn't know at this time if webber or the victims are veterans. >>but jackson was shot to see the aftermath. you know it's been a really positive for the better and some staff. so it's kind of unexpected for this to happen. >>garage paulson reporting tonight. authorities say they have not released the details on how the 2 women died. and authorities have identified that man as 29 year-old raymond weber. >>much more ahead here tonight on kron 4 news at 10 the escalating death threats that have been made against governor gavin newsome and his family when law enforcement is doing about it. >>more than 30 years since a dublin teen went missing on her way home from school tonight. we'll show you how the community is remembering her virtually.
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>>as the rollout of the covid-19 vaccine continues across california expecting mothers are expressing some mixed feelings getting the shot when their turn comes up despite the cdc and health care providers recommending the taking the vaccine is the safest thing to do.
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>>while pregnant adding to the confusion was an initial decision by the world health organization this week recommending that pregnant women not take the moderna vaccine. it's a recommendation that they have since reversed because of growing criticism kron four's gayle ong has our story. >>i spoke to a midwife off camera and she tells me her clients are expressing mixed feelings about getting the shot. but as the cdc and doctors recommend that it is the safest route for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding or lactating and also for women who are trying to get pregnant. health experts are trying to navigate all the information we're not only worried about the mother were also worried about the fetuses well doctor head the department of obstetrics at university of alabama hospital in birmingham, a leading hospital for women's health. >>he says many health care providers are recommending pregnant or lactating women take the covid-19 vaccine is pregnant patients recovered quickly from covid but became severely ill have difficulty breathing or oxygen aiding.
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>>and we have to be worried about the downstream consequences, not only on the mother but also on the fetus or the baby as well earlier this week, the world health organization recommended pregnant women not take the moderna vaccine. well the cdc and most professional medical societies contend it is the safest route while pregnant and that many potential risks associated with taking the vaccine are minimal. >>compared to catching the virus while pregnant on friday, the w h o reversed its stance after criticism, the guidelines now closely aligns with the cdc, expecting mothers are urged to seek guidance from their health care providers. adding there still more to learn there's a lot we know about the vaccine there's a lot that we don't know about the vaccine. >>but this is a once in a lifetime pandemic we have seen nationally and internationally pregnant women die caught as a consequence of covid-19. you know it's our job to be able to provide what we think is the best prevention strategy for pregnant women.
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>>well health care providers are not worried about pregnant women taking the shot, they're worried about when it will become available to them at the moment expected mothers are not listed as a top priority in the state's covid-19 vaccination plan gayle ong kron 4 news. >>tonight. there's new data that shows at least one new coronavirus variant is becoming more resistant to vaccines. vaccine makers novavax and johnson and johnson say that their vaccines were less effective in south africa. then here in the united states. novak says that their vaccine went from 90% effective in clinical trials here in the u.s. down to 49% effectiveness in south africa. other tests showing similar results for the pfizer and moderna vaccines. the south african variant is widespread in that country and has already spread to 30 other countries including here in the u.s.. >>for your health now a new study says covid-19 may affect male fertility. german researchers compared healthy
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men to those who contracted the virus and they found that cells were affected by the coronavirus however other researchers are urging more caution overtaking everything in this new report to heart. one doctor stress that there are many illnesses that can affect men's reproductive system and the german study was small it sampled under a 200 men. >>now to our 4 zone forecast the saturday night meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with what can expect for sunday. >>and rain is moving in again for the upcoming week. yeah that's right and we're already tracking some light showers out there right now justine in jonathan specifically for those of you at half moon bay. so let's zoom on into stormtracker 4 because are some showers off the coast. most of it evaporated before it hits the bay area coastline but we are noticing some wet weather for those of you at half moon bay could see some light drizzle really just expected to bring tree says amount of rain at best also known as virga because most of those droplets are in even really reaching the ground but
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we are tracking some light precipitation for those of you at half moon bay. >>and we are expected to see some more light scattered showers mainly for those of you in the north bay overnight through your sunday afternoon and temperatures on account of the showers 46 degrees for having noticing. cooler temperatures there you were in the low 50's just a half hour ago, but santa rosa is the coolest city out there right now in the bay area 42 degrees noticeably, milder though at oakland 54 degrees. so unique microclimate forecast there nearly 12 degrees of a difference for your saturday night overall tracking mild temperatures, thanks to that blanket of cloud cover overhead widespread low to mid and upper 40's, even those of you in the north bay not expected to reach the 30's specifically santa rosa warming up into the low 40's tonight so enjoy that taking a look ahead at your sunday afternoon forecast widespread low to mid 60's. so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average for most bay area cities a little bit
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cooler though for those of you in santa rosa and napa on account of those scattered showers that will continue from now all the way through sunday afternoon really just reese's amount of rain at best the low 60's for oakland and hayward 62 degrees for livermore san jose in the mid 60's warming up to 63 degrees. so enjoy those pleasant temperatures there in downtown san francisco about 2 degrees above average warming up into the low 60's but we have some more wet weather heading our way fortunately not an atmospheric river typical winter storm heading to the bay area bringing us upwards of 3 quarters of an inch of rain or less drying out by wednesday, drying trend will continue even through next weekend with another storm arriving monday nearly 10 days from today, so i really like how the storms come during the week and then by the weekend clearing out a very nice can't complain about that well don't so you guys are very intimidating right now by the way still feel i'm a little
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hurt that you guys look like bright sunshine and you know grumpy stormcloud compare to your highlighter your monday wednesday thursday he's got friday saturday sunday there you go. >>teamwork makes the dream work to figure that out thank you for putting that in perspective i think about >>thank >>and these me tonight police responding to an illegal sideshow in oakland last night. thus the scene from 100 and 6th avenue and macarthur boulevard police say more than a 100 folks in several cars blocking traffic you can see officers often the distance. meanwhile, there was also another similar scene this one at 60th avenue in oakland. >>a number of officers responding to the scene as well and finally cleared up around 1 o'clock this morning. >>san francisco police are asking for your help in finding a 23 year-old man who went missing in the city about 2 months ago. it in hodge was
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last seen on december 8th at huntington park near the corner of california and taylor streets in the cities. knob hill neighborhood. investigators believe that hodge may have been in the surrounding areas and maybe in the need of medical assistance. he is described as being 6 feet 2 inches tall weighing 165 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. anyone who sees hodges asked to call 911 to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock bay area health departments say that they are running short on vaccines. >>we'll let you know why doses in warren county are currently being withheld. and up next how ultrasound technology can help detect covid-19 the device that a stanford doctor just come
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>>take a look at this stand for doctor has figured out a way to detect covid-19 using ultrasound. the machine set to fit inside a pocket to give you an idea of how big it is kron four's noelle bellow talked with a doctor who made it to see how it works right now taking a covid test a little bit uncomfortable you got his stick it up your nose, it takes a couple of days to get the results. >>does this actually detect covid accurately like a test would. >>absolutely it does detect covid quite accurately and more than just a text covid we can actually see in real time what is happening to the heart and lungs with covid.
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>>so it it will show you when the if there's like fluid buildup or something like that in someone's lungs. >>yes, absolutely and the other important aspect of this ultrasound is it has some predictive utility. we're now starting to study point of care ultrasounds in our covid population and we have very good data to suggest that certain ultrasound findings can predict how these patients are going to do 30 days out from when their stand was so now i can if a patient is coming in if they're going to go to the ice you if they're going to require a ventilator and in some cases unfortunately passed away. >>this interview first ran on our streaming service. kronon you can download it for free in our app store and stay connected all day with breaking news on the covid-19 pandemic in the bay area and
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>>for 32 years the family of dublin teen eileen mitchell off has been praying for any clues or any signs that would bring her back home. it was on this day back in 1989 that initial hoff was last seen as she walked home from school. >>due to the pandemic the community didn't gather for the annual candlelight vigil to remember her but kron 4 sleep to reports her father and police have not forgotten her case. >>eileen mitchell offs family thinks about her walking through the door any minute every day and if she is still out there she would be turning
10:30 pm
46 years old this year our lives were forever turned over when she disappeared 32 years ago eileen's father dublin police or he sees remembering her with video messages online rather than the traditional walk through town from wells middle school. >>typically to home from class including the day she went missing. she was last seen walking alone on amador valley boulevard near village parkway the day she vanished please know that we haven't given up hope of finding her that includes eileen's mother mattie who passed away this past year. >>she died with the believe her daughter is still alive at the time of her disappearance mitchell office wearing braces on her teeth should pierced ears freckles on her cheeks and a bridge or a nose and a small lump on the inside of her left ankle and $95,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person behind her kidnapping. >>dublin police services have long said they have not given up on this case and continue to follow leads and tips as
10:31 pm
they come in phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>tonight law enforcement officials are investigating escalating threats of death and violence against california governor gavin newsome his family and wineries the other businesses that he also founded. the sacramento bee tonight, reporting that it heard a voicemail and reviewed emails containing graphic, abusive language about newsome violence threats against his wife and a reference to his children. >>the newspaper said one communication includes threat to burn down one of the wineries owned by the plump jack group that's the company that founded in the 90's with patrons inside that was the threat they blow it up with people inside newsome is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. >>earlier this week kron 4 1st told you about an app a man who the fbi says was planning an attack on the governor federal investigators say that in rogers was planning to attack governor newsome along with several other democratic
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targets. according to the fbi rogers was planning that attack in order to keep president donald trump in office. now predict county deputies arrested him earlier this month with nearly 50 guns. thousands of rounds of ammunition along with several pipe bombs. rogers pleaded not guilty to the charges against him yesterday in court. >>meanwhile a former facebook executive has donated $100,000 to the effort to recall governor gavin newsome sources have confirmed this to kron 4 news. earlier this week to math palihapitiya tweeted the intention to run for governor. >>the social capital ceo and current chairman of virgin galactic joins businessman john cox and former san diego mayor kevin faulconer in supporting the recall effort for recall election to take place. organizers must collect nearly 1.5 million signatures by march 17th. >>governor newsome school reopening plan for the state has stalled just 2 weeks before he had hoped to get
10:33 pm
younger kids back into school. this happened after lawmakers and teachers and school district leaders presented a long list of concerns to the governor which included everyone being vaccinated the governor told a group of school administrators that they will not resume in person instruction for the rest of the academic year. if that is the case. >>if everybody has to backs be vaccinated we might as well just tell people the truth there will be no in person instruction the state of california just telling the truth. >>the california teachers association sent a letter this week saying teachers should be vaccinated before they return for any in person instruction and newsom's administration has yet to release a detailed plan. >>for that teachers in the east bay agree that they are pushing to make sure the teachers and staff are vaccinated before they return to the classroom. the mount diablo unified school district has said it will continue distance learning until at least through march. >>i can't speak to whether or not school is going to reopen
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this year i can speak to whether or not i think it should and i do not think schools should reopen this year and tell our teachers have been vaccinated and had both doses and been able to quarantine for 2 weeks after that. that's that seems like an essential first points to give teachers the peace of mind to go back to the classroom. >>oakland unified schools were planning to restart in person classes this month. but because of qasem positivity rate spiking they'll continue to do distance learning as well as long as alameda county remains in the purple tier schools cannot half's students back on campus. the university of california says it is seeing a record number of diverse applications. applications among black students rose nearly 50% of both u c l a and e u c berkeley, latino applicants rose 33%. meanwhile, the overall number of diverse applications jumped at all 9 you see campuses the university's crediting the spike to things like eliminating standardized testing and use of recruitment
10:35 pm
in underserved areas. >>100 leaders of the nation's most diverse collegiate institutions met with white house officials asking for critical funding to support black and indigenous students hardest hit by the pandemic the meeting was to discuss the american rescue plan. the biden administration's coronavirus stimulus package historically black colleges and universities, the president's from that organization say that means that their students need to be prioritize this is because minorities or being infected and are dying from covid-19 at greater rates because of lasting systemic racism in our health care system. >>fighing issues inequity in this country that have always been here. but it just made it worse. so a lot you know education is gone down on their list of things that they can can prioritize. and so we need to be able to not only be here for them but help them survive and ultimately drive
10:36 pm
through this pandemic. >>president biden is calling on congress to provide a total package of 170 billion dollars supplemented by additional state and local relief resources. for k through 12 schools and institutions of higher education post on whether again this saturday night get ready to head out the door for the start of your sunday got some plans for tomorrow, there's a football tomorrow is not they got to get outside everyone should it's going to be gorgeous according recent up. >>yeah we're tracking above average temperatures for the 2nd half of the weekend widespread 60's more on that in just a minute but first let's take a look at radar for a little bit active out there with some showers off the coast starting to make its way along the bay area coastline bringing some light showers for those of you what happened and even south san francisco, starting to shift east into right now redwood city and san mateo as well making for slick commute for your saturday night so please drive safely
10:37 pm
expecting some light scattered showers mainly for those of you in the north bay during the overnight hours through sunday, but we are tracking a lot of very warm temperatures in fact low 60's for downtown san francisco. when we should be in the 50's this time of year half moon bay, you're also going to be a few degrees above average at 58 degrees winds out of the south at around 20 miles per hour less mostly cloudy skies, but it is going to be a fairly mild day out there so head out and enjoy it, especially after all the wet weather we've gotten from that atmospheric river time to go outside and have some fun safely of course, let's take a look from brisbane to burlingame low 60's a san mateo warming up into the mid 60's, some nearly 5 degrees above average there widespread mid 60's for those of you in the south bay cupertino 64 degrees with no pitas and san jose 63 degrees for your afternoon high. so the warmest temperatures very pleasant afternoon highs, mainly for those of you in the south bay can't complain them
10:38 pm
the east bay valleys livermore 62 degrees low 60's for hayward and richmond 60 degrees for your afternoon highs are into 58 degrees but a little bit warmer for concord and walnut creek 62 degrees but slightly cooler temperatures because of that storm it is going to be very weak bringing light scattered hit or miss showers traces amount of rain at best for those of you in the north bay nap of the warming up to 59 degrees but santa rosa, a degree cooler at 58 degrees with novato in the low 60's and taking a look ahead at your next 10 day outlook, rain returns monday through tuesday bringing us about a quarter of an inch to 3 quarters of an inch of rain also on monday. it's the first day of february. you may recall last february. we saw 0 rain fall in downtown san francisco. so already february 2021 looking like a great start back to you jonathan and justine thanks so much of greece and we enjoy this brief break in the rain people in southern california are still cleaning up. >>from the winter storm that
10:39 pm
hit there this week there was so much rain mudslides it was a mess. chris wolfe takes a look now at the damage. win. rain flooding spinouts and mudslides. >>all part of the pounding southern california and your when the latest winter storm stirred up the region. early morning mudslide along highway 39 trapped several drivers on a hillside above azusa at least one car rolling directly into the thick impassable flow. this is the kind of happened i guess it's a bit of a. >>a risk to come on up here. i've been coming here for years. so this haven't seen this before, but. i guess is to be expected. >>caltrans finally cleared the roadway. this area recently burned in the ranch fire leaving the hillsides bare and unstable. mudslides also soil properties and streets in
10:40 pm
orange county's silverado canyon. >>cleanup will certainly be a challenge for homeowners and public works crews. authorities in san bernardino and riverside counties ordered more than 8,000 people ahead of the storm to evacuate from these danger neighborhoods that the face of recent wildfire from the air. >>where downpours didn't trigger mudslides they flooded streets sky 5 was over lincoln heights thursday night when a driver slammed into a river along the side of the 5 freeway and spun out apparently no one was hurt. >>and would you believe this hellacious footage was captured in manhattan beach. instead of enjoying sun and surf people had to dodge list hellip pounding. >>the accumulation gave the appearance of a snow covered beach. prompting la county lifeguards to post the hashtag snow day on social media.
10:41 pm
>>hill also came crashing down in bell. this neighbor catching another recording the plow inspiring weather added to the mix was the threat of lightning which forced public safety personnel to close some la county beaches for part of the day. as people dig out clean up and settle down. forecasters warn another storm is coming to southern california. in a matter of days. >>that was chris wolfe reporting for us tonight. >>a very dedicated dog walker in truckee take a look at this lead 6 of his clients, there's a very deep snow. these dogs working hard to get through at least 37 inches of snow to keep up with tommy rees oreo says the dogs that he cares for absolutely love the snow and says there isn't much that stops them from going out for a hike 73 inches just need a little doggie duties and
10:42 pm
stuff. all right still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock democrats on capitol hill. >>pushing for a raise for the federal minimum wage. why some republicans warned that passing it could lead to jobs being >>and after the break the incredible video of a woman fighting off car thieves at
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>>story caught our attention here in the kron 4 news room
10:45 pm
because it's something we can all learn from the next time we're getting gas at the gas station. 2 would be carjackers are on the run after police say they tried to steal a woman's car. this happened at a southeast memphis gas station. they'll see that it could really happen anywhere. >>but need early has been robbed before and it was such a terrible feeling so when a young man recently tried to steal her car i will fight i'm not in the mood to night it happened around 7 last friday night while the 54 year-old was getting gas at this sam's club on winchester road surveillance video of the incident shows a white mercedes pull up next to her honda accord it could have been a more than 15 seconds all it took for a thief to jump out of that mercedes and slip into the passenger side of her lee's accord while she was standing at the pump in the car started to move when the man moved to the driver's seat and put it in reverse i think i have think quick on my feet confronting the thief before he could get away, i
10:46 pm
him. >>and i hit him in the knew he had 3 thoughts of my left hand and i 3 the one meaning he was wearing a hoodie over if you who are the food started the real then i was able get hold of him and i grabbed him and i him down to the ground here and back to the mercedes after that jumping into the vehicle as it sped away. >>they chaos leaving early with a sprained hand i wasn't trying to hurt him. but i want him to leave me alone. police have no intention of leaving him alone as investigators try to track him down mean he could have been 1819 years old enough to know right from wrong, but young enough early hopes to get on a better path this could be and for him to turn his life around and become a productive member of >>and the bay our coronavirus coverage continues in marin county were fewer folks we'll be getting their very first vaccine dose next week compared to previous weeks.
10:47 pm
county health officials say it's all because the supplies still is not meeting the demand according to officials about 20% of residents have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >>warren county public health officer matt willis says it may now take a month to give everyone who is eligible vaccinated. >>what's most disappointing about this is that we had planned to make a lot more progress towards that 23,000 of our residents age 75 and greater and it's just going to prolong in whole time. >>willis says that's why teachers and law enforcement officers and those 65 to 74 we'll have to wait the problem is marines total weekly allocation of doses is not increasing that means each week. more of the total allotment must be held back for the second dose for your money tonight on tuesday, the oakland city council is set to hear an ordinance. >>that would give hazard pay to grocery store workers at large stores during the pandemic it would be a $5
10:48 pm
increase in pay per hour. however, city staff members have not yet talked with grocery store chains about the idea as a result, the city administrator's office says it's now recommending the city council to wait to vote on the matter. the store's included in this would be trader joe's save mart whole foods target cardenas and safe way san jose city leaders are also considering a similar ordinance next week. >>for your health now a new study says that covid-19 may affect male fertility german researchers compared healthy men to those who contracted the virus and they found cells were affected by the coronavirus however other researchers are urging caution over this new report. one doctor stressed that there are many illnesses which can affect men's reproductive systems. german study was small only sampling about 190 men. democrats in the white house say they are ready to push ahead on president biden's one 0.9 trillion
10:49 pm
dollar covid relief plan, including $1400 direct stimulus checks and a $15 minimum wage with or without republican support. our washington dc correspondent anna wiernicki isn't washington with the details. >>president joe biden promised to work with republicans in congress, but he says congress should do whatever it takes to pass a new round of covid relief immediately i support passing over really with support from republicans that we get it. >>but the cold really fast the past. >>there's no if ands or buts the nearly 2 trillion dollar package includes funding for a national vaccination program, $1400 direct stimulus checks. he $15 minimum wage and it would increase the weekly unemployment insurance benefits. republicans argued the bill is too expensive and not focused on those who truly need help. texas senator john cornyn says he wants time to craft a compromise bill to reach an agreement to receive broad bipartisan support as each of the previous bills
10:50 pm
that we have passed has but democrats say they plan to advance the president's plan this week if our republican colleagues decide to oppose this urgent and necessary legislation. >>we will have to move forward without senate democratic leader chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi argue there's no time to waste many of the existing federal covid relief programs run out of money in march, we cannot. >>not have happened we have to act. pelosi says the house will pass a budget resolution next week designed to fast track the bill and allow democrats to pass the president's plan without republican support. >>although she says there still may be room for negotiation. we have more leverage. >>getting cooperation on the other side if they know we have an alternative the house is back in session on monday, the senate returns on tuesday in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. >>even though it doesn't open until march 18th immersive van gogh is already showing that
10:51 pm
san francisco can not get enough of the legendary artists after strong advance ticket sales in early december erin ivory is now giving us a preview. >>of the digital art experience that puts you in the world of the dutch painter, vincent van gogh. >>looking at a painting and then there's enveloping yourself in it. the canvas is the walls, the floor and ceiling kaleidoscope of color and brush strokes moving around you this we're still and art and music in a motion and experiential through something all come together in a very unique and different way immersive and go last year drawing more than 2 million visitors, even made a cameo in the netflix series emily in paris when she's immersed in the glow of the painter shifting starry night for the last 4 months the animated art exhibit has trato was modified. >>for smaller groups and social distancing still show
10:52 pm
sells out make some advances people clamor to step inside a dutch impressions. painters most works like sunflowers kathy terrace at night and the chaotic schools of the his moment in the middle of the exhibit where van gogh revelation of color and you see this transformation in his going from kind of the potato leaders and some of the darker pieces into something like the sunflowers and we see behind you and this is just sort of moment of course the show and it really just absolutely inspiring the new 11th, the art installation opens in chicago inside the neoclassical germania club along clark street in old town. >>visitors can surround themselves with 40 moving images. >>a van gogh's because we actually have as well i've never seen anything like that and i'm so happy that i have chance. >>that was erin ivory reporting for us tonight. we did check tickets in san francisco are sold out through march, the next time you can
10:53 pm
really get them is an april may cost at the cheapest about $35. >>and some breaking news for you tonight here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock right now all of the west's lanes of i 80 in contra costa county right now are closed between knoll in richmond because of heavy police activity. we are working the phones right now to get in contact with chp to get more details on exactly what is happening right now we're going to follow this story on air and online and on the kron 4 mobile app but once again the west lanes of i 80 now closed right now because of heavy police activity between knoll and richmond watch for updates throughout the night here on kron 4. >>and tracking some scattered showers off the coast starting to make its way into the san
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
>>we'll get a final check of our forecast on this saturday night, i'm sure people have some fun plans for tomorrow. that's right let's go back to mabrisa. >>yeah let's take a look at stormtracker 4 already tracking some changes out there in the bay area. some showers off the coast have now made its inland into parts of the san francisco peninsula, bringing light showers for those of you at half moon bay even extending into san mateo and redwood city causing for slick commute for your saturday night so please drive safely, but most of it that's rating before it hits the ground also known as virga tonight we're going to notice
10:57 pm
warmer temperatures thinks that blanket of cloud cover widespread 40's and warmer temperatures tomorrow in the low to mid 60's. so we're going to be about 5 degrees above average for the 2nd half of the weekend but then rain returns on monday through tuesday and then drying out by next weekend of course what will be waiting for it and now we're ready the overall reserve recent that doesn't tonight for us here on kron 4. >>news and we'll see you back here tomorrow night some time.
10:58 pm
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