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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 11, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>>articles of impeachment against president trump. for his role in inciting the violence took place the capitol last week you're looking at live pictures from the house floor. >>yeah we'll be taking a vote. for the second time. if vice president mike pence does not invoke the 25th amendment and remove the president from power immediately if he is impeached would be he'd be the first president ever to be impeached took twice in one term. >>we're obviously watching the live pictures here and as soon as it looks as though they're about to read the articles of impeachment and we'll break into our coverage come back to this live shot and bring that to you as it happens would be historic and we also have a analysis this morning from our political experts about what this all means. >>first though we want to get a look at weather and traffic on monday alright so again with the caveat that we may break away from you john what's the forecast looking like to not too much to talk about the weather at least so we can keep it pretty quick. we are looking at some foggy spots this morning, but still plenty of brightness working
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its way down into the bay you can see that golden glow over the bay bridge in san francisco from our mount tam cam what you can also see some of the low clouds that are mixed and we do have a dense fog advisory for solano county right now visibility in patches them are in san francisco sonoma and solano counties has suffered as a result of this fog now 30's and 40's are current temperatures with conquer double in livermore and then especially fairfield being really chilly down at 32 degrees in fairfield right now so go ahead and bundle up this morning. no rainfall for the week ahead in fact some low 70's in the forecast i'll be getting that still to come in your forecast first getting that check of traffic with rain and she's been on top of it all morning and we have had a couple issues read a little later we have now many hot spots also some delays with bart let's get right into it as you head out this monday morning 80 westbound san pablo dam road off-ramp the richmond parkway. >>the your best route around that traffic collision that's on westbound 80 so you want to
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be cautious and careful there. another alert that just popped up chp issued a sigalert here in the san francisco, northbound to 80 on geneva off-ramp there is a semi truck. actually blocking the off-ramp there they have that close so that's going to cause some issues in the city. all right jeff travel into the city looks great traffic, nice unlike their less than 15 minutes as you head to that fremont street exit a quick look at the san mateo bridge as traffic starts to pour into the air still the commute looks great less than 15 minutes to travel there. the richmond sandra fell looks good as well the riches ever fell bridge less than 60 minutes and a quick look at the golden gate bridge, 20 minutes, something to note here bar equipment problems san francisco stations that's leaving heading in the sfo millbrae daly city east bay direction. give yourself at least 10 minutes now back to the news. >>all right, thank you very much for an updated 8 '02 again a reminder there waiting for the breaking news from washington, you're looking at live pictures from inside the house of representatives where we expect them to introduce articles of impeachment
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against president trump for his role in the violence that took place at the u.s. capitol last week again we will come back to this live when they begin to read the text of that article of impeachment in the meantime president trump is losing more and more of his online soap boxes win over the weekend. he was banned from twitter and from facebook and from instagram and now it looks as though a possible far right home for his messages is also being shut down the social media app parlor markets itself as a free speech platform. it's popular with conservatives are very few controls on there on the discussions and google apple and amazon now have both remover ball removed the app from their app stores and from their web hosting services saying that the app encourages violence and crime and does very little to monitor what's said and so now in effect parlor is offline. >>and security is going to be tight around twitter headquarters in san francisco today because pro trump demonstrators are expected to
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gather there and we've got police saying they're ready for anything that could possibly happen kron 4 sarah stinson live. >>in san francisco and sarah again all offer the same caveat we may break away from your report. if congress begins to read the articles of impeachment but until then tell us what's happening out there twitter. >>well we already have a police presence outside of the twitter building on market street and they're ready for a potential protests with pro president's supporters out there, they're all out there want to be out there in response to twitter permanently banning the president let's just take to the videos you can see for yourself what it looks like out there right now of course sun coming up now, but i shot this video earlier we can see the barricades all around the building from 9th street down market to 10th street there's barricades all over this already a police presence twitter permanently banned the president last friday saying he broke policies by inciting violence after being banned
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president trump tried to tweet from the potus page. but he said he will not be silenced and that in twitter is not about free speech many pro trump people are angry at the social media platform saying twitter is taking away his right to the first amendment however, the first amendment prohibits the government from censorship and does not apply to private businesses twitter permanently ban not only trumpet his entire campaign and those associated with him facebook as you said instagram as well that this san francisco police are just asking people who do decide to go outside of twitter if they do to be careful be safe keep violence to a minimum they do not want any violence but they're prepared for it if it comes to to send it back to you you can cover what's happening down over at dc yes, thank you, let's go live to the nation's capital right now. >>we have the ceremony beginning this morning i believe they're still in the middle offering we would yield prayer and then i think shortly after that they will introduce and read the article
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of impeachment so let's join it now live resent it not just of our dock districts. but if your will. your love lord and yours forever. we pray do not abandon the work of your hands. and as the spirit moves among us inspire us again with your purpose. >>stir in the desire to serve you well and faithfully as we seek to serve this divided country. call us to hear the words of your mouth and praise you with our lives this day. and in the days to come. for we pray these things in the strength of your holy name. >>pursuant to section 5 a one a of house resolution 8 the journal of the last day's proceedings is approved. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentlewoman from california ms. brownlee.
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>>the chair lays before the communication. >>the honorable the speaker house of representatives madam. i hereby submit my resignation as surgeon at arms of the u.s. house of representatives. it has been an honor to serve signed very respectfully called the irving sergeant at arms. >>without objection. the resignation is accepted. pursuant to the provisions of section 2 o okay sign with the legislative reorganization act of 1946. the chair appoints
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timothy paul blodget of the state of new york to act and and to exercise the duties of sergeant of arms of the house of representatives. >>affective today. >>matters that they're addressing here at the beginning of this session of the house of representatives most what you remember last week said he was going to step down now because of what happened at the capital of the riots response to it so now they made it official just now so we will step away from coverage for just a moment again we will come back to it when they begin reading the articles of impeachment against president trump so stay tuned for that in the meantime the other bit of breaking news. we're following this morning is the fact that california has hit a grim milestone now in the coronavirus pandemic according to johns hopkins university more than 30,000 people have now died from the virus. here in the golden state. it took the state 6 months to record its first 10,000 deaths, but it took just one month for the last 10,000 deaths and health officials have warned that the worst is still yet to come.
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>>the dark over winter that we feared would come has arrived in the bay area. >>then dire is in the bay area because the pandemic continues to spread. >>and the icu beds continue to dwindle so our stay at home order has been extended and the bay area continues to average just 3% icu bed availability. >>which is the lowest we've seen so far during this pandemic kron four's will tran is live in san francisco with more well. >>it seems like it's spreading the covid-19 unabated to the point where we are waking up each morning and the numbers are going in the wrong direction in san francisco. they actually shelter in place before they were told. but the health department to do that and even then they are running out of beds asf general who knows how many beds that they have as far as a hard count, but we do know in the bay area collectively and i want to draw your attention to the screen as a reason as a whole
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we're sitting at 3% icu beds, keep in mind. last friday we were a little bit above that at 3.5% so we're going down. but northern california they're heading in the right direction, 27.5% that because on friday when i did the same story when it expired the shelter-in-place technically expired he was sitting at 25% sacramento that particular area, same as us going in the wrong direction a little bit more than 6% on friday. it was 9% san joaquin valley, southern california. this is a broken record they have been at 0% for weeks possibly a full month and it looks like they're not going to leave that spot any time soon. now as far as the bay area they are telling people to shelter in place indefinitely in san francisco course and in santa clara county. they say it will be for some time so they don't even know when this will end
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as far as a doctor. he predicts it could be weeks on end. >>will we apologize will have to interrupt your report go back out live to washington dc. i think we're getting close at this moment. they are reading they just read a resolution to compel vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove president trump from office certainly strip him of his powers. so they've officially read that in let's take a quick listen in and see where they are right now i know that it some moment, we're expected to hear the reading of the article of impeachment just one singular article of impeachment against president trump that's what we're waiting to hear so we'll go back live as soon as that happens. >>stick with us throughout the morning. we've also got our kron on app and we've also got political analyst talking to us this mor
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>>the 14 right now and we'll take a look at the weather still standing by in dc will continuing to give you another coverage of what's happening with the impeachment he rings. but right now. the world is apparently on haha i but in a good colorful i think colorful this in any way i mean no but pretty sure those cameras are very light sensitive kids like to give it an extra but yeah haha wish i don't know you clear exactly it might not look like your window but joy right here. i mean you can see
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sales force tower you can see the very top of the bay bridge. it's right there it's like where's looking out there as far as that dense fog settled in across parts of the bay it's not being seen for all of us, but you can see there is presence of low cloud cover. >>and so watch for those patchy fog spots we do have a dense fog advisory for solano county as well as the central valley, much of the bay area's just sitting under partly cloudy skies this morning and most notably dry conditions for the week ahead. last week it was an on and off pattern of rain and then dry days today, it's just drier today and the rest of the week. it's just dry days ahead of us tomorrow would have been your best chance of rain but those showers are going to stay to the north we will have an increasing cloud cover on tuesday and wednesday showers will stay up in mendocino county so if you're in mendocino and lake counties. tomorrow afternoon may see a sprinkle or 2 rest of the bay area not really getting in the mix as far as that goes maybe a bit of coastal drizzle early wednesday morning for areas of coastal sonoma and marin counties aside from that this
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forecast just gets increasingly warm towards the end of the week. all this and are dry skies and eventually some pretty sunny skies to by the end of the week today we do have mostly sunny skies before that increasing cloud cover tuesday, mostly upper 50's to low 60's today, familiar territory, right here we've been spending a lot of time in the low 60's. so far this couple of weeks and that's exactly what we're told onto today now this is already a little above average for this time of year mostly we're mid 50's for this time of year. so we're starting above average and this is one of our coolest days of this forecast, look where we're heading after today and tomorrow it will be upper 60's and even a few low 70's by thursday and friday those will be your to warm us stays under 2 days. that were most likely to see a few records broken reyna thank you for that john mentioned fog was seen a lot of fog here on a richmond sandra fell bridge. >>so as you're heading out of richmond just take your time and be careful you see visibility is very low still less than 15 minutes for your commute out of richmond and
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the san mateo bridge 90 to westbound traffic heading to the peninsula less than 15 minutes of traffic is nice and light. no longer a hospital but we are still tracking this traffic collision in san pablo 80 westbound at san pablo dam road off-ramp an alternate route you can go ahead and take richmond park way to get around that you still see there's a little slow down there and also a sigler issue here in san francisco, northbound to a geneva off-ramp a semi truck blocking that off-ramp so they should close that down and an equipment problem bars telling us about san francisco stations heading in that s f o mill rate daly city east bay direction go ahead and give yourself more time and we leave you with this look at the golden gate bridge as you travel there 22 minutes less than that we'll get back to the news. >>and the buzz it's bad juju to underestimate your opponent smith schuster juju and the steelers thought the same old browns would blow the playoffs like they have for 26 years
8:18 am
but not this time a kid you have but they took it to the steelers from the very first after a fumble recovery of the end zone on their way to a 48 to 37 victory. the browns won the turnover battle even with several players staff and their head coach stuck at home because of covid they're acting head coach made his hometown crowd. >>and that was a great team with great complementary football. we played well in all 3 phases of the game and obviously a huge huge victory for our football team for city. >>while the browns are headed to kansas city now for the divisional round the steelers are banging their heads against the wall. >>a second circuit looks okay. >>and that was coach after they won game so you can imagine what he's saying today, the level of soccer is even greater big ben might still be on the bench cryan
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just use picked off 4 times wondering how how did we go from 11 at all and then we fell apart. a broken man contrast that sad-sack with 2 of the greatest and all does quarterbacks to face off in playoff history, tom brady and the buccaneers will take on drew brees and the saints in new orleans on sunday breezes 41 brady is the oldest quarterback in the game right now at 43, see time's up by 7 and he's 301 in dog years an nfl years, toronto raptors at the chase center. playing hard against steph curry who only had 11 points and really making a rally at the end there that the worriers had to beat off with their bench. their bench players combined for 46 points and defended the win over the raptors final score was one '06, 1, o 5 warriors. >>so they are. >>holding on looking pretty good president trump is soon
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going to be able to devote more time to golf. even as golf is becoming less devoted to him. in the wake of last week's riot at the u.s. capitol the pga is starting to cut ties with trump saying he's dentro mental to the organization. they voted last night to move the 2022 pga championship away from trump national golf club in bedminster new jersey. he has 17 courses in the u.s. and abroad and many of them. house pga tour a tease. this is the second time in just over 5 years he's lost one as for his own personal game though he is still swinging away according to trump golf count, which is a website that tracks. his golf outings, trump has made about 300 daytime visits to golf clubs during his presidency. and that's the night.
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>>well in a story you'll see only on kron 4 an east bay families mourning now the loss of a man who was killed ball. he was trying to help others. a makeshift memorial as you can see here with candles and flowers has been set up to honor the life of guadalupe romero. the 39 year-old was tragically struck by a driver while he was helping victims of another accident. unrelated to the one that killed him
8:24 am
this was on interstate 80 early saturday morning. at least 6 others were also injured in this multi-car crash. his family's calling him a hero this morning in a man who they say always tried to improve the lives of those around him. >>if you really. you know it's crazy. he cared. the vote was taken away because he cared. so much has been pouring in women think disco. has she the n. >>i was just so appreciative family members that are able to just even try to contain themselves enough because they wanted to know they want to come on tv and just share their grief and it's just i know how hard it is no word on condition of the other 6 victims were hoping to find that out today or what happened to the driver responsible for killing romero, this is a story we'll continue to follow. >>we'll update you as we find out more.
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>>24 and the south bay, san jose police are looking for answers after the first 2 homicides of the new year. they haven't saturday and sunday saturday night near was near the children's discovery museum. somebody was shot. it turns out it was near the homeless encampment. so police went there and they found. inside a 10 a man who had a gunshot wound to go to the hospital died there and then on the second shooting was sunday morning on mammoth drive near the regional medical center officers found a man who had been shot and killed there. neither of the victims have been identified and police don't have any suspects yet. >>coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, the house has released its articles of impeachment against president trump we're going to be joined by political analyst michael yaki for a closer look and what happens next.
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>>20 is the time right now and we are looking at a fantastic week of spring like almost an what. >>i'm getting all what is the day haha worrisome. i don't believe we're getting in mid-january when you got temperatures in the upper 60's to what near 70 by the end of the week john that's exactly right guys we have a 70 in your seven-day forecast towards friday. so we'll be a very nice start to the weekend. hopefully just a temporary warm up and dry out because we really do need some cooler temperatures and some rain and snow. that's not coming this week, it's all about the sunshine. now we are still seeing some cloud cover sitting right above san francisco right now sales
8:29 am
force tower rising up through it watch out for some dense foggy spots in solano county and patches of dense fog in southern sonoma as well as marine county is those have been our problem areas this morning as we work our way through the morning sunshine reappears and we're in for a nice afternoon, although not near as warm as we're about to be later this week 30's and dublin livermore concord fairfield napa just to name a few of those spots so you do need a jacket this morning bundle up as you venture outside and expect some foggy patches i'll be talking this week long forecast still to come and of course that warm up that darya and james alluded to still to come. yeah so we've been actually tracking. traffic all this morning, however, those hot spots that we starting to move out of the way let's get a look at our community the bridges because those are looking great 10 minutes to the fremont street exit that's actually the lowest we've seen there at that bridge and then in terms of fog like you mentioned, right here the richmond sandra fell bridge. you see that foggy haze over there but less than 11 minutes
8:30 am
there to drive to sandra fell. okay the san mateo bridge also looks good nice and light bill under 15 minutes. and we're looking at traffic collision. actually northbound to 80 on geneva off-ramp we're going to keep our eye on this one. >>but for now back to the news. >>that's resolution 21 resolution calling on vice president michael r pence to convene and mobilize the principal officers of the executive departments of the cabinet to activate section 4 of the 25th amendment to declare president donald j trump incapable of exit student the duties of his office and to immediately exercise powers as acting president. >>for what purpose does the gentleman from west, virginia writes, i object. and there you can use for some objection as the house introduces a resolution to compel vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove president trump from office yeah, this comes as the house
8:31 am
also prepares to move forward with impeachment proceedings should vice president pence decide not to invoke the 25th amendment and joining us now to break all of this down. >>is political analyst michael yaki good morning michael. sort of an interesting morning. so far as was projected to promise last week. nancy pelosi is trying to pressure vice president mike pence to do something before they have to introduce articles impeachment. >>yes so today was the introduction of a it's nonbinding of course urging the vice president and that happened to. invoke the 25th amendment and remove president trump from office injection you heard was an objection to unanimous consent, it's a way to bypass or the the usual procedures of the house. now what will happen is it will come back to the floor tomorrow. regular order. for a full vote full recorded vote by the house at the same time. the articles impeachment will be going probably to the gym teacher sherry committee.
8:32 am
tomorrow for approval and then to the rules committee. or rule that reported out floor. either tuesday evening or wednesday. ok and so. >>is the order of this important and that's why there trying to go like the direct the quickest route 25th were to happen to be quicker than impeachment then we'll go with impeachment is this idea right it's break last option number one which you see constitutionally quicker wide which the 25th amendment. >>and then failing that in within 24 hours and says that there signs that. rick last option number 2 which is a little more convoluted will be impeached and we both know that we all know that impeachment will not occur. the trial will not occur before president trump leaves office. and we'll probably be delayed some time well president biden gets his agenda and your way, but it's still be historic you would be the first president ever in history to be impeached twice. >>he not only would be historic but. get up and how
8:33 am
the ex president biden behaves during that interim time period. gathered to actually. convict because conviction carries not just removal from office penalty. but by a separate vote. you can bar the bar, donald trump from ever holding federal office ever get. and i think that might be attracted to people like josh hawley and ted cruz and others who are not looking forward to the idea of facing him in a 2024 primary. >>talk about momentum. she see schwarzenegger. sound of him saying know we have to i mean there's a there's a really high profile republican powerhouse. saying that he was terrible, let's listen. >>president trump is a failed to the though. he will go down in history as the worst president ever. wednesday was the day of broken guys right here in united states. the broken guys was in the windows of the united states capitol.
8:34 am
but opted not just shattered the windows of the capital. the shot of the guy to use we took for granted. they didn't just break down the doors of the building that housed american democracy. it trembled the very principles which our country was founded. >>so this is the moment and we're talking about where more and more republicans might i wonder if there. citing against trump to sort of make a play themselves not arnold he can't run for it was a border, but you know do you see that happening to is the cone and yes, he showed that video that was you know. do you see that you know as well. >>if they were smart they would i mean the 25th amendment resolutions, almost a free pass for them to this expert to rehabilitate some of the damage that they've done. i don't expect them to take advantage of it though i mean the real problem here is that people like kevin mccarthy steve sully's josh hawley and ted cruz have to be held
8:35 am
accountable for the actions that they played in amplifying the lies. whipping them up and culminating in the. crease rally the and in fact the objections of electoral college which actually formed the locus of what the president was able to do that was sort of the target point if he if he did not do that. the like a college vote last wednesday would have been a mere formality and there could have been whining by the president, but there would not have been some expectation that something could have happened and why some might say there's a move to remove them from congress, both of those general in fact. >>the more than 100 that supported the the objection to certifying the vote. what kind of precedent does that stand is that something likely to actually happened actually removed. senators and lawmakers from capitol hill. >>i think it's going to very difficult to do that. but i think that what is not difficult is that. an example can be made of certainly the
8:36 am
leadership of mccarthy and scalise and certainly for the ambitions of holly and crews and you start to see that. now ceo is are set cut off. donations the more that you cut off. the financial legs upon which they stand and able to to be leaders and to conduct their harder will be for them to continue liz cheney, the number 3 republican in the house who has been against this was bin against the objection objecting the electoral college who believe that that they should have. conceded to president-elect biden the day that it was announced, she's standing in the wings the more that people gravitate toward her. it's sort of the old republican party the one that. i use a fight with tooth and nail during my political days. when i was with when i was with nancy pelosi, so that you know that kind of fight think we can all we can all deal with. it's this other kind of appeal to the base of of emotion of lies of q and on
8:37 am
conspiracy that unless mccarthy and scalise calling cruz to announce it until they admit that they were wrong in spreading lies about an election and joe biden was indeed elected freely and fairly and legally. we're going to continue to have this problem in this country and possibly as soon as france this weekend. if the intel reports coming true at you, but motion and nancy pelosi. >>got emotional in her latest interview, let's take a look at that. something so serious that there should be prosecution against him i think there universally accepted is that what happened. >>it was a terrible terrible. the violation. >>i need people died and we have now a second capitol police officer who died in this. a protester died protesters who. many say like
8:38 am
you've been talking about were whipped up by trump in these other republicans. and if they thought they were doing the right thing i think you can see them pelosi saying it's just tragic. she doesn't want our short american memories, you know we news cycle. all that's gone, you know, let's not forget. >>i mean i don't know if they knew they were doing the right thing i think they knew they were doing something on behalf of the president to protect the views of the views in the way of life the president had at a meaning meaning like what they believed him that they believe that they believe what they were being told about about the leader, but they're also i know that there's another element in there as well the people who who are against the united states government and the people who are there to go after pence row after nancy pelosi trying to cap it 8 literally and the succession of government leaving only the president trump alone, i mean you know there's just his car coming the stuff out of our which thank god has been taken down. and twitter account of the
8:39 am
president which is permanently banned. i mean these sorts of things that that get into people's heads there's a lot there's a there's a lot more work that needs to be done. dorian james to try and heal this country it's not just bringing all those to justice which should happen. but it's about their children and about their family and friends and getting them to a point where they understand that we are not this can this is not a big bad country. this is not it terrible place in which we live in this united states attorney about america, the envy of every country in the world and we need to make sure that people understand so the twitter you know and the removal of those platforms is all part of that michael trying to change that mindset. >>all right michael thank you as always for sharing your insights and we certainly will be talking
8:40 am
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these are not all the possible side effects. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant or lung, breathing, or liver problems. here's to a chance for more together time. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. >>the 42 the other big story this morning is covid things are bad but they are starting to roll out that back neck seen as more and more people are getting their shot. we're hearing stories about various side effects which which we knew there would be everything from fatigue to soreness in the arm right maybe even more severe than the typical flu vaccine, especially after you get the second dose, but you still need to get them both. >>and it's not as though side effects of the vaccine are worse than the actual virus themselves pharma milder than the right. that's why doctors say he should get it even though for example, southern california occupational therapist is right model it's
8:43 am
she got the shot, even though so she had her of ice in the summer. and that's a long time so she was like okay antibodies are no longer present that means i can go ahead and get my shot which he did last week. >>and she had some side effects like you said james that would be expected. others a little more surprising even though doctors are not surprised. she was. >>i the night time around like 00:00am in the morning all the way until noon the next day i was just having severe symptoms. a body aches chills. i had fever. my arm felt like it waited time i could barely move it. >>and then my face also the left side of my face also start to feel so if you find covid and you got the first shot you may have more symptoms. >>if you didn't have covid you have the flu shot the second shot be like you know that particular press. >>now keep in mind even after she got those side effects she's going to get the second shot doctors all recommend that you should get your shot this fight. what seemed to be
8:44 am
very limited side effects to a small number of people who get the shot and that you're supposed to stay there for about 15 minutes just to make sure that everything's ok we'll take a quick break 8.43 is the time we'll be right back. ♪ [coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales]
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halls breathe it in
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>>all right. so we are back. talking about the weather,
8:47 am
let's head over to the weather center we've got john trouble with an epic looking shot in the monitor behind you on beach the foggy one behind you guys right we are looking at conditions out there foggy for much of the day. but what your head above the fog look at that transamerica pyramid bank of america building and sales force tower it a little bit of the bay bridge all making its way up through that cloudy foggy layer that's shrouding much of the bay area at this time. now working their way on through the day today you'll notice less and less the grey more and more the sunshine this afternoon a mostly sunny afternoon ahead of us and a dry one not just dry today either, but dry through much of the forecast ahead of us with high pressure builds up out there keeping conditions a lot less unpredictable the last week was which was rainy then dry rainy again to the dry again. this time around we're keeping with the dry weather now week want to be seeing some rainfall at least some of our northern neighbors are getting at with showers expected tomorrow in mendocino d-north say humboldt counties right along the north coast of
8:48 am
the state. the area just not tapping into that moisture we will be getting the cloud cover from this passing system which will make for increasingly cloudy skies will tuesday and wednesday after today's afternoon sunshine. today's daytime highs will be pretty typical from what we've been seeing lately at least with upper 50's to low 60's returning across the bay area. now even though we're already above average as far as temperatures go we're only getting warmer from here so that tells you what direction we're heading by the end of the week, i'm actually going to be talking some temperatures that will be close if not record breaking. today though it's upper 50's to low 60's which as i mentioned is not been super unfamiliar to us just yet we've been holding on to numbers like this for a while, tomorrow's temperatures don't change much to today she will have that increasing cloud cover though that will stay with us into wednesday. wednesday thursday friday and even into the weekend temperatures well above our seasonal averages in the upper 60's to low 70's with thursday and friday being are noteworthy warmest of days
8:49 am
with highs in some cases up to that 70 degree mark in january reyna don thank you know major hot spots any longer we are seeing some smaller incidents pop up. >>however chp is warning us now about the fog that's starting to roll and you can see here across the richmond sandra fell bridge fog there, however, traffic is still at the limit less than 8 minutes to travel or the bay bridge may's to fremont street heading into the city less than 10 minutes is still foggy there on the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge you can see pretty clear here traffic is at the limit less than 14 minutes we have another equipment problem from bar they're saying on their aniak climb 10 minute delays as you're heading in the san francisco direction so make sure you plan to head back to the news. it's a lot rain into 49 and stanford university has canceled its plans freshmen and sophomores back on campus. >>for the upcoming quarter because 43 students returning from the holiday break tested positive for covid so they're now in isolation and the
8:50 am
university wants to make sure that they don't get a bigger problem. they are still committed to having students return. after. this quarter, the university is testing students twice a week and they plan to invite juniors and seniors back in the spring. >>the government has approved 2 coronavirus vaccines as we know there's the pfizer vaccine for those 16 and older and then there's the moderna vaccine for those 18 and older. what about kids younger than that pediatrician doctor justin good night says that he thinks it'll probably take about 6 months to a year before they can get a vaccine study done approved for children younger than 16 he says the side effects of coronavirus are far more dangerous than the risks of the vaccine. so when does become available for younger kids, parents really should think about getting them vaccinated try to look at the bigger picture of what our nation is dealing with what your risk for you know you're going to have to experiment on yourself and your child a little bit. >>whether that's getting a
8:51 am
super safe. super study vaccine or it's getting some almost alien virus that's mutated from god knows where. yeah doctor goodnight advice is that you talk with your doctor if you have any questions. >>about a vaccine for your kids. we'll take quick break here to that we'll be right back.
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8:54 am
>>and we're back in a 53 check this out a whale watching boat at a newport beach in orange county spotted. so think odd in this pod of dolphins that were swimming alongside and a highlight one off in the looks like offense. i was missing a dorsal fin guy in the circle has no that's right. >>turns out not a dolphin. but a very eager s-line that just wanted to belong. >>well anytime it's partly all finished that he's doing it. the right way as and then he's just following the they had a pretty fun watching him play in. >>captured some video now they have a whale watching trip that will probably beat anybody. else's yeah, i've got out and sometimes is enough >>and take a look at these pups get ready for their big game go ahead. despite the pandemic animal planet says the annual puppy bowl. >>is the goal is for the super you know you're in these times that of the really fun to
8:55 am
watch i like it always a 70 puppies from 22 different shelters. all competing all for your home, yeah, they're all up for adoption which is so great to date every puppy that has appeared in every one of these who he's tired of everyone has been adopted so it's huge all right brooke again with the new awning you i think this year the family's going to watch and you do know we've reported how this year like adoptions are through the roof, everybody wants talks because their homes so much they can train on the devote time and you know your dog walkers all you're doing these days a lot of so finding a forever homes she this will be like i'm sure that the most successful puppy bowl ever there you go, let's wish, we'll take a quick break it's a 55 coming up in the next hour, the first step to try remove president trump from office has already happened. >>we'll tell you what we can expect moving forward this week and also coming up days after twitter ban the president from its platforms police now bracing for a pro trump rally. >>out there in front of twitter headquarters this morning and covid cases are
8:56 am
still surging across the bay area and that's causing the stay at home order to be extended. we'll have the latest in live reports. ♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪ the day has just begun ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ falling from the sky ♪ shining how we want ♪ brighter than the sun oroweat bread. gathering, baking and delivering the goodness of nature... from one generation to the next and from seed to slice.
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8:59 am
with clear skies and we're looking at pretty warm temperatures john yeah, nice warm finish to the week just around the corner and we do have some sunshine expected later on today this morning there's been a bit of fog out there rolling in and out across the bay, half moon bay you had sunshine. >>now you don't that's can kind of the trend of this morning as those patches of fog continue to be seen dense fog right on the shoreline of marine county down through san francisco and now right off the coastline to dense fog advisories for solano county out into the central valley, current temperatures still pretty chilly dublin. you're at 39 oakland, the warm spot at 50 degrees along with half moon bay right there with you fairfield you've warmed up from the 30's earlier now back at 42 degrees. i'm talking that was late week warm-up that i will take us back to the low 70's in some cases still in your forecast first of all got to get that chirac of traffic with and you have your hands full the as the calm down now a little bit we still have fog still seeing an accident just popped up
9:00 am
enrichment so we're tracking that as well for you right now, let's get a look at the bay bridge if you are traveling into the city. >>less than 10 your commute looks very nice and light in that area richmond sandra fell bridge. you see a lot of fog still to come you've definitely like for you they're less than 8 minutes and across the san mateo bridge heading to the peninsula less than 15 minutes. all right, here's a traffic collision that just popped up enrichment across an off ramp. you can starting to back up here along 80 that alternate route again richmond parkway you can take that right down to 5.80 to avoid that altogether and also a bar delay to tell you about up to 10 minutes delay on the antioch line heading towards san francisco. give yourself more time back to the news. >>that's resolution 21 resolution calling on vice president michael r pence to convene and mobilize the principal officers of the executive departments of the cabinet to activate


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