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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 17, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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area in fact it was the biggest storm of the young season so far and more rain is on the way good evening, everybody, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, this welcome rain comes as indoor dining is banned in many parts of the bay area leaving a lot of customers out in the cold air that's the downside, here's a look at the radar you can see from the live radar all of that green indicating rainfall over most of the bay area for more on this current storm we check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow yeah great see the storm back packing a punch today come with some gusty not only just the rain so certainly very slick out there right now and it continues tonight we're going to see more of that rain all the way really is kind of a beautiful looking storm you'll notice the white speckle clouds on the backside of it right here in that cool looking all that cold unstable air coming in our direction at ahead of the we've got one frontal system making its way in the south bay but then we got another little like a spoke on a bicycle wheel, not a little wave that's about to move in the parts of the north
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bay that all means we've got more to come as we go more see more showers throughout the night tonight and certainly we see the rain out there and the wind too as the front moved by look at the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour almost 30 miles an hour in some urban areas reports of gusts higher than that as high as 50 across some of the mountain top so a blustery day out there continue to see the showers around the bay area now most that just some light activity in the san francisco see the raindrops there. >>then becoming a little bit more broken as that front has moved into the south bay in toward woodside palo alto you're getting some rain in the san jose got a couple raindrops fremont yeah you're seeing some rain to all around the bay area a lot of rain coming down more on the way to how much more can we expect to see and that's a lot of folks want to know now we'll talk about that coming up when we just side when it starts with a lot of folks are like let's get this over with thank you all right. >>a virus cases surge across the country tonight the u.s. is reporting more than 11 million cases, the death toll from the virus now sits
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at more than 248,000 here in california almost 9,000 new cases were reported just in the last 24 hours and tonight the bay area has recorded more than 129,000 covid cases and with the case is continuing to surge across the bay area san francisco is taking its testing to a part of the city which has seen the biggest jump kron four's dan kerman is live for us in the city with more on that story dan. >>well since beginning of the outbreak and continuing looking at the numbers for the last month, it's the southeast part of the city that has the highest case rate. and that's why city officials have moved one of those city test sites right into that area. tuesday san francisco's newest covid-19 testing site opened at the allemania farmers market. >>the city test site was relocated from the south of market area to provide greater access to testing for those who live in the southeast portion of the city. >>when i look at the maps of what shows us specifically
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where the areas which carry a higher infection rates. and where the areas are that have testing both public and private. we had to make an adjustment we had no choice an average of more than 5800 tests are now conducted each day in san francisco. >>but getting a test at one of the city test sites is proving difficult demand is high and scheduling can take 2 weeks the good news is state officials say on average test results are coming in less than 2 days which health experts say makes all the difference in slowing the spread. >>the faster we can turn it around the faster we can get people isolated who are known to be. we're going to be infected. >>well some health experts have encouraged people gathering with others are traveling over the holidays to get tested first infectious disease expert doctor george rutherford says that really can give you a false sense of security that's because there's a 3 day lag time
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between the time you get exposed and when your test turns positive. >>a catch somebody in those first 3 days before the test turns positive. he say ok you're negative make sure all right, let's go you know. to grandmother's house we come right and you know, in a show up and all of a sudden you have a super spreading about. that's exactly what you don't want to have happen. and that's exactly we don't want. people to tested once and say okay ready to rock and roll. that's why health experts continue to recommend staying put for the holidays. >>don't mix households at thanksgiving. do not travel for thanksgiving, bring people to your house for thanksgiving. you know this is the time. unfortunately, and you know nobody likes it better than i but it's a time to hunker down. and and just stay within your own household for thanksgiving. period. >>and health experts say the
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kind of christmas and new year's we have will be all dependent on the behaviors that are demonstrated over the thanksgiving holiday. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news dan thank you due to rising cases, many california counties, including most bay area counties. >>have rolled back into more restrictive tears all 9 bay area counties are now either in the purple or the red tears on the state covid tear map we've been doing so well for so long, but this is what it is now moran, san mateo san francisco counties are now in the red or substantial tear sonoma and napa contra costa alameda and santa clara counties are in the most restrictive widespread purple tier sonoma county was the only county not to move because it was already in the purple tier. >>counties in the purple tier must close many non essential indoor businesses and that includes indoor dining. >>here is a look at when those orders go into effect alameda county restrictions will go
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into effect at midnight wednesday. contra costa county santa clara county and solano county are now in effect napa county will go into the purple tier at midnight wednesday as well. >>restaurants and contra costa county are getting hit with a double blow, no indoor dining and now the rain businesses are forced to keep customers outside now because of the new with the latest restrictions in downtown lafayette outdoor dining tables were mostly empty during the lunch hour as rain started to fall today, one waitress we've talked with says that she's nervous for the months ahead though she admits her loyal customers do give her hope. >>we're in there, you know we we always we wish for more, i know businesses are struggling in. we're grateful for everything that we have that comes our way and we've got repeat customers that love us because we've been around for a long time. >>it's important to remember that most businesses do offer a take out option if you do not want to sit outside.
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>>the longest serving republican senator and 3rd in line of presidential succession iowa, senator chuck grassley has tested positive for coronavirus grassley announced earlier today he was quarantining after being exposed to the virus and was waiting for the results of a test well this evening, he tweeted that he has tested positive. the 87 year-old senator did not say how he was exposed. it was in the senate and voting just yesterday this comes just a day after iowa governor kim reynolds enacted a limited mask mandate. reynolds says since the very beginning of the pandemic is called face covering restrictions has quote feel-good measures the california department of public health has revised the states face mask order and now everybody over the age of 2 must wear a face covering outside their home in most situations here's a look at the specific exemptions to the mandate. >>it includes driving in your car or only with members of
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your household working in an office or a room alone eating or drinking. and if you are 6 feet away from people not in your household, if you are outside and 6 feet away from people not in your household, if you are obtaining a service involving the nose or face and must remove your mask. briefly and workers who are required to wear respiratory protection, certain people are also exempt from the mask mandate. they include anyone again under the age of 2 people with a medical condition mental health condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering people who are hearing impaired or communicating with a person who is hearing impaired and if wearing a face covering would create a risk for yourself at work. these face coverings must cover both the nose and the mouth at the same time to be effective for a full list of the mandate and exemptions just go to our website at kron 4 dot com. >>a newly released a study from stanford is showing the effectiveness of the
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restrictions that were put in place during the pandemic kron four's noelle bellow talked with one of the researchers who says the seti results can really help guide future strategies for reopening. using the cell phone mobility data of 98 million americans a team of stanford researchers found. >>that reducing occupancy and restaurants grocery stores and the like has helped to slow the spread and that was very striking plus was if in a thing so this is the name off and amy. >>the board and socially distance he wouldn't stay at home, we because he saw will be. >>one set of golf and by a live just usc he's would be you know months jure leskovec as part of a team of stanford researchers who set out to understand how human contact and traveling affect the spread of covid-19 they were able to create an accurate model to predict the flow of the pandemic. >>and simulate various types of reopening strategies our
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simulations show that the reopen the economy up to 20%. >>maximum occupancy of different places. the stock up and she would some of these they would lose out 40% of the music that us but he would be able to about 80% of the infections. the research also found people in low income neighborhoods weren't able to reduce their mobility as much as others. >>let's go back said a single trip to the grocery store proved to be twice as risky people the low income communities. >>they go they can still shop places that that much more back so the density of people is about 60% higher and they stay in the spaces for longer. researchers say their findings reinforce the suggestion if you must go out try to visit during off peak hours and make your trips inside shorter. >>let's go back says these findings show strong evidence of the efficacy of stay at home orders and the need for
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continued restrictions on business as it is not whole lot of nothing type of a solution what the show is that the opening economy, possible and if you do it right way businesses can said wife you can be seen fighting the lights and san francisco noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>and offensive and racist confrontation in contra costa county and it was caught on camera a white woman seen confronting her black neighbor about his dog. take a listen. >>is acting like you can go your house and you have that you can do not what he
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>>this happened in discovery bay and you can hear the woman telling the man to act quote like a white person. the confrontation started after the woman claims the family's pit bull came after her poodle which she was holding in her arms but the family says that did not happen. the woman continued and repeatedly told the family they were quote acting black. well for sale of the sacking is interviewing that family tonight. we will have more on kron 4 news at 8, 9.10. >>there's some breaking news to tell you about we are hearing of police activity in san francisco. it's happening at 5th and market in the heart of the city right near the westfield shopping center. it's not yet clear exactly what's going on, but people are being told by police to avoid that area also bart trains are not stopping at the powell street station in this right at that intersection we have a call in to police and a reporter headed to the scene but again avoid the area 5th and market streets in the city. we'll bring you more information as soon as it comes in. also our news
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continues with recounting votes. georgia's recount is now underway. the state's secretary of state says sue us threaten to make sure president trump came out on top by senator lindsey graham at 6.30 why graham is calling those allegations ridiculous also ahead one nurse says she has treated people on their death beds to even then deny that covid-19 israel at 6.45 her message to people who are not taking the pandemic seriously and looks familiar grocery shelves left their paper products unlimited supply could we be seeing another wave of panic buying. >>check out a south bay grocery store to find out what people are saying. >>wet windy day for the bay area there's another round of rain coming our way we will time that out for you a parade are coming up next.
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>>is it panic buying several major grocery stores across the country are again experiencing empty shelves and a lack of paper products. this was a side at a grocery store in virginia but is happening here in the bay area too with new restrictions being rolled out as covid-19 cases, surge shoppers are stocking up on toilet paper disinfected and on groceries before the holiday which is next week so is it panic buying or are
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people just stocking up because of the holidays, maybe a little bit of both kron four's rob fladeboe tells us what shoppers did not find today at a costco in san jose. >>look closely at the car loads of groceries and other goods people are unloading after shopping at san jose's allman plaza costco and you'll notice something is missing paper products, shoppers said limits on some products have been in place here for some time in the wake of lingering supply chain issues resulting from a run on paper products last spring in the early stages of the pandemic but stocking up on groceries and other supplies is tighter health orders kicked in on tuesday. choppers were disappointed to find out that this store is sold out of toilet paper. >>not her whole per in the store, they said they don't have and everything gone like county, they're going pay for itself is empty empty empty. >>all anti away from the big box store scene. bland's zone otto's grocery chain reported
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no run on toilet paper and no limits so far either. however certain hard to find cleaning products are still one per customer toes says people are stocking up here too in anticipation of more cooking at home and the store to has been stocking up says manager conditions to know where we've definitely been stocking up for the holidays, so we're thankful that we're prepared for that and. >>are in store buyers are really smart with what we've been holding in the back room as far as people other items just makes that we had case something like this was about to happen is not limits the number of people inside and checks temperatures but no one appeared to be buying out of panic, mild no one else does either because. >>shelves get as they did when this thing first started that's not a good thing for anybody back in costco shoppers said there is also one case limit on bottled water. >>others had no qualms admitting they were panic buying but not everyone was disappointed to learn the
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shelves were wiped clean of toilet paper i guess i the right stocking up from the floor. so you're you're good to go, i'm good to go. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>now to the east bay where fema police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for 20 armed robberies, 40 year-old nelson ramirez a suspected of robbing more than 20 convenience stores at gunpoint dating back to october ramirez was arrested during a traffic stop earlier today, he had reportedly told his victims that he was committing the crimes in order to care for a sick child, but later confessed to police that he did not have any children right turning now to our rainy weather here is a live look at the radar showing almost the entire bay area's getting wet right now which is good news for more on the storm let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow i see that storm rolling through today finally getting here, especially the afternoon started to pick up and now the main front is headed in the south bay but we've got more behind that so we're going to
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see more rain overnight tonight but a becomes more broken more scattered showers throughout the night tonight and then we start to some of that instability. that's when it could get really fun out there toward sfo right now it is wet out there on the tarmac. >>the rain the winds continue to blow around the bay area most of the winds coming to the south so you get the idea that low still sitting off the coastline little blustery in parts of the bay area from time to time as that cold front was moving through but the main front now moving down into the south bay, the rest the bay area just kind of broken now some scattered light showers in the san francisco along the peninsula. toward the east bay oakland we've got some raindrops in your neighborhood continue to see more of that rain back thing down street level castro valley see rogue wave got some heavy amounts of rain just about to move in your neighborhoods, cherry land hampton road you name it they've got some more rain there to him. well certainly in the east bay, we're looking at more scattered showers continuing conquer get you a little bit of a break now, the rain has moved out of there things dry out just a bit but there is more rain on the way we'll be talking about that in the next chance of showers
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moving in the bay area coming augie night with soggy nice night ahead. i love it all right, thanks >>and sad news tonight, the oakland fire department is mourning the loss of interim assistant fire chief shawn laugh and laffin was a 20 year veteran of the oakland fire department last night he collapsed while at the department's administrative offices in downtown oakland. he was rushed to a nearby hospital but later died of what's being described as a prolonged heart attack interim fire chief melinda drayton says quote we are shaken by this immense loss and focused on restoring the emotional health of this department and the laugh and family who are devastated by this tragedy. laughing is survived by his wife sabrina their 3 sons cooper connor and caden who is a probationary firefighter with the city of oakland. in addition to his parents laugh and was just 42 years >>coming up tonight the ceo's of facebook and twitter grilled by senators today coming up a tech expert weighs
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in on whether they prove they can handle the miss information problem. >>and getting tested before thanksgiving where you can get
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>>gosh costa county is once again back in the most restrictive purple tier of california's blueprint for a safer economy health officials are encouraging families preparing together for thanksgiving to include getting tested for covid however, those same officials also want to emphasize
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gatherings are still strongly discouraged kron four's haaziq madyun explains. >>this thanksgiving families in contra costa county can now add getting tested for covid-19 to their holiday to do list the free testing opportunity is part of contra costa health services testing before turkey campaign it is an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus for families gathering for holiday. however it should be noted the safest way to celebrate this holiday season is virtually or with members of only your own hospital. >>for those who do not intended to follow that medical advice you are encouraged to at least take advantage of the free testing before the big day. >>anyone who lives or works in contra costa county can get access to no-cost convenient covid-19 testing at any of our 13 community testing sites while inviting everyone you gather with to get tested
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doesn't guarantee that your safety. it can reduce the risk and it's a smart added protection to safely celebrating during the holidays in fact health officials want to emphasize that just getting a test alone that one of these drive-thru sites does not mean you're automatically cleared of covid-19 if you do gather in person keep it small sword and outside if you can. >>or face covering except when eating or drinking and maintain at least a 6 foot physical distance from people not in your household that includes washing your hands regularly and avoiding the use of shared items. >>the free covid-19 testing is available now through next wednesday the day before thanksgiving. >>and is scheduled to pick up again the day after the holiday and continue through the weekend for more information contact contra costa health services haaziq madyun kron 4 news next on kron 4 news at 6.30 a group of california lawmakers are on a trip to hawaii this week
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despite a statewide travel advisory in place now some state leaders are reacting to that tonight. president trump continues to stonewall president elect joe biden from preparing to take office help biden is moving ahead without getting the proper intelligence details he made following the election congressional lawmakers are looking at whether or not there should be more government restrictions or regulations on. >>social media companies with democrats and republicans say facebook and twitter need to do to protect voters from this information. details after break. rain and wind maybe a couple thunders
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>>at least 2 california lawmakers are in maui for a legislative conference this trip comes though as state leaders put a recommended 14 day quarantine in place just last week that quarantine designed to discourage travel and urge california is not to gather ahead of the holidays, a source tells us that they saw democratic assemblyman jim cooper on the island cooper told our source said he was in maui for a conference staying at the same hotel hosting the independent voter project event a conference. another democratic assembly member rubio also reportedly at that conference according to the sacramento bee. the five-day independent voter project conference is bringing together about 150 people this week, 20 of them lawmakers from texas, washington and california according to


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