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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 31, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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avenue. emergency crews on scene they closed down the 2 left lanes chp decided to issue one of those special traffic alert for you and it is backed up all the way into san francisco be on to a t just about are about halfway between 2.80 and cesar ch vez so you're going to be stuck in traffic from that point all the way out to grand where the crash is blocking and northbound want to one that slow from 3rd of to cesar chavez so something to keep your eyes open for but it's not all bad news check out the bay bridge. we have early clearing right now into san francisco. we love it when this happens a minor weight and some of your cash lanes but the rest of the traffic a standout and easy 14 minutes into san francisco. look at some more purchase and check back in on that hot spot. coming up in a bit john. >>we fearing as far as clouds go to compared to yesterday, especially when we held on to that cloud cover for much your morning and in some cases even into the early afternoon as for a berkeley and oakland right now some sunshine making its way down here direction in
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the us temperatures feel pretty good berkeley oakland and hayward all in the 60's currently san jose at 61 pittsburgh at 64 so temperatures are already warming on up for fairfield and concord that is already near 70 degrees just at this 9 o'clock hour from the a from the 60's right now to the upper 60's and san francisco later today, oakland will be at 72 while san jose a bit warmer than yesterday you were at 80 degrees yesterday today that 83. more in your forecast still to come daria. >>and the breaking news. let's go back to sfo are crews are mopping up from a fire that broke out at the united airlines maintenance yard on the scene for us now is kron 4 sarah stinson live with the latest sara. >>still here we're live here on a self airport boulevard where you can still see those fire crews at one point you know this yard was full. jack you waited but take a look at some of the pictures we have from when that fire was still
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going you could see smoke from far away. several photos from people who saw it as fire broke out at the united airline's operations center slash maintenance center just after 7 this morning as the fires pond to the second alarm fire and sound in air conditioning and ventilating unit on fire on the 5th floor and building 84 of that center people from all over they saw that smoke you can see on your screen. it looked like you don't it could almost be at. that's on fire. so as crews worked to quickly put out the flames. us officials made it clear. it was not impacting the airport at all and the airport remained open no one was injured. take a look at this video hundreds of employees evacuated the building their parking lot was full of them, everybody was wondering they were going to have the day off of work. back inside the building as fire crews are still here investigating the cause of the
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fire airport officials say it is believed to be accidental. they know that that h back unit that caught fire on the 5th floor. it was on when it caught fire. in terms of why it caught fire that's what they're looking into right now and just making sure that doesn't spark up again. we're just to put perspective we're next to the airport on south airport boulevard so. it's understandable why people thought it was at the airport to fortunately it didn't impact any of the flights or anything in and fires out no injuries we're now send it back to you. >>all right good news there. thank you very much sara 9 oh 3 is that. and our top stories in the north bay where newborn twins were found near a dumpster in fairfield one of those babies ended up dying at the scene the others in the hospital right now fighting for its life and we have kron four's christine that hatred joining us live with the latest on the investigation. christina. >>now we do have some good news to report on this bizarre event that one a newborn who is in the hospital we are
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hearing is in stable condition. we did. but in some more calls to the police department to go ahead and see how the little one is doing this morning. we have yet to hear but good news on all counts the baby as far as we know is in stable condition now this very odd scenario happened yesterday between 4, 4 30 in the afternoon here in fairfield in a shopping center off highway 80 and pittman road is closed to skandia fun center. now an employee working nearby and a pregnant woman outside who looked like she was in pain. the employee then called police when officers arrived they found 2 newborns abandon behind a dumpster. as we've mentioned one didn't make it the other hanging on for its life and as i mentioned that baby is now at a nearby hospital and is in stable condition. during this time the mother nowhere to be found. officers later found the woman on a central place in fairfield a nearby business owner also said his employees had seen the pregnant woman prior. >>one day she on the bench and
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just talking to herself i guess and that's when one might please know she was pregnant. which i don't know that i'd even notice it last night when she was walking down the building. >>now i spoke with onean here in town who told me that he didn't want to be on camera but he just mentioned how sickening he kept using the word sickening sickening the situation was me said since moving here about 10 years ago, this is not the first abandonment situation he's heard of and it's something that just again makes him very sick and not just even think about now the mother the who was later found by police she is currently in the hospital and is detained. not yet rested. but this case is still under investigation. reporting live here in fairfield christina teatro kron 4 news. >>another story we're following this morning the site of that deadly mass shooting in gilroy garlic festival looks like it's going to be active crime scene for at least another few days, let's go live there kron four's will tran he's been following the investigation what's the latest.
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>>the reason why it's an active crime scene james and area because they want to make sure and that they collect everything possible. and it's proof positive that their work is paying off because over the past couple of days because they have managed to preserve this scene because of that they were able to remove a duffel bag near the creek that they say was full of ammunition that belong to the shooter santonio leg and so they'll be here at least through thursday possibly through the week, so it's not open to the public only investigators or other police departments outside of gilroy with their authorization are allowed to show up you might see on the left side of screen that's the milpitas police mutual aid is still there including from the fbi, an atf. now they have been able to track down a second firearm belonging to a leg on it was about a mile and a half away from this location. they
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removed it from his car which he said that the shotgun investigators. they he bought legally in nevada. the question now is and the question has been ever since this all went down. what was the motive they simply don't have a motive at this partular point. they do know that he dabbled into white supremacist themes that he looked into it that he was on instagram a couple of days before this he posted read might is right and that is a manifesto from 1890 that's very popular with white supremacists and neo-nazis. but they're not saying that he was a white supremacy was just something that he was looking into they're not also they're also not say if this was an act of domestic terrorism. but that's also certainly something on the table because they believe he just randomly shot at people there was not one particular race that he was going after him because of that they're not willing to say if this was racially motivated. but they are getting closer and closer
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james and darya to possibly ruling out that second suspect because they went to all the places that they believe he visited before he went to the garlic festival on sunday in each case, they removed the video they looked at it and in each case he was alone at the time and that's why they believe he acted alone, although at this point they're not ready just yet to remove that second suspect that they're getting closer and closer speaking of getting closer and closer you can see all those cars over my right shoulder, still there like they were parked on sunday. what they want to do now is the gilroy police department they're telling people they will work with you you come down with your driver's license or registration. he prove that your car slowly, but surely, they'll let you. a retreat that car in gated other way as they continue to process the scene. james started. thank you will whatever the point he shot little kids he killed. >>children and there was a vigil at the empower academy in san jose for one of the
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children he killed 13 year-old kayla salazar look at her family crying in the morning, she was one of the 3 people killed by the gunman, her on describes kayla as a positive beam of light in her family and as there at the school they remember her as being very involved a curious students she wanted to be an animation artists when she grow up. >>we wanted to be here because we think it's important that the community knows who kayla is and how important she is friends. >>her family grieving as thankful for all the support from the community not just the hogs, but they have a go fund me page and if so far raised $60,000 and then there's the other child that he killed 6 year-old stephen romero. the youngest victim, his mother and one of his grandmothers were also shot. the family is still having a hard time coping with this
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child death it, here's his cousin who can still barely 50 tons talk about it. >>and then when my mom told me that my steve it. well as with my cousins, my mom is in the hospital. so his mother and. >>toma the case that he has to wait. so i convinced show so hard that stephen we still live kicking. >>and then there's 25 year-old trevor irby he was gunned down in really when his life was just beginning, he was a big aged to be married to his girlfriend who you see there the 2 of them had been living in santa cruz and they were at the garlic festival. together when he was shot and killed.
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all of these families grieving trying to figure out. what they're going to do next. we have our all the information that you need if you want to help or if you need help on our website at kron 4 dot com. not only the information on helping the victims not like we said there are ways that you can get help whether or not you're even connected to this if you just shell shocked and shaken from what happened in you need emotional support. there are ways to get there are places that are set up for that and that's on kron 4 dot com. >>are the time is 9.11 will take a quick break but coming up on the kn 4 morning news, closing arguments underway right now. at least today anyway in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial we're going to hear from defense attorneys who say there's just not enough evidence to convict their clients. and after the break it was the second round of the democratic primary debates. we'll have highlights from night one coming up.
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>>is and back to highway one oh one it's recovering from an accident that just clred this is south one oh one at grand we had 2 lanes close at one point it was 3 lanes that crews have blocked off to deal with this a multi-car injury accident. so it just moved out of your way but there's a big backup you're leaving san francisco on south one on one. it's going to slow from 2 80 all the way up to the scene there at grand, but look a little bit better now that the crashes out of your way so keep that in mind and leave a little early this accident still lingering 80 west hiding here 2 left lanes are blocked so it's going to be heavy as
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you work your way through richmond this morning has not and yet we're looking at about 30 minutes because of that accident from chris back into the maze but as soon as you pass the scene it's wide open continuing through richmond, albany berkeley emeryville and oakland, it's just that one pass it of slow traffic because of the accident over to the bay bridge to fund this like nice side completely delay free commute into san francisco. so are early clearing a nice little treat for you we're looking at 13 minutes for the drive to fremont street. now 92 it's not comp etely clear but it certainly looks a lot better. you can see that crowd leaving hayward to the peninsula. we're only at 13 minutes, not bad at all from the nimitz over to the bay shore. let's see how that forecast is shaping up now with jon trace. well, robin not bad at all skies clear than yesterday as of right now you are seeing sunshine over san francisco, nice to be seeing that change from yesterday not much of a change from yesterday in san jose you are already sunny by this point. >>and you are that way yet again this morning out for the
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east bay similar conditions to san francisco and berkeley and oakland with skies rapidly clearing now and of sunshine ahead of us as we make our way through this final day of july in doing so today with similar whether to yesterday and monday high pressure still situated to our east and we're mostly experiencing some nice cooler temperatures influenced by a nice marine breeze that has kept us foggy at earlier on this morning and we'll keep temperatures along the coast, nice and cool maria district in alcatraz only in the upper 50's for your highs today. well 60's right along the coastline the pacific while up and down the peninsula on the bay side 60's 70's for your daytime highs today just a touch warmer than yesterday for areas like mountain dew and woodside each in the 80's also back into the 80's in santa clara cupertino sunnyvale and milpitas yesterday all these areas where upper 70's 70's from hayward fremont 80's in the tri valley and upper 80's in some spots such as conquered
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in danville oakland, san leandro in the 70's while richmond and berkeley holding on to the 60's getting close to the 90's for a few spots in the north bay but not quite getting there and not expecting 90's in this forecast until the weekend. so we're going to stay nice and seasonably cool today tomorrow into friday after that we do see a warm up inland that as i mentioned it takes us back into the 90's by saturday. time now to talk winners and losers on wall street rob black our resident financial expert, breaking it down for us got to talk about apple gas first topic of conversation i guess are not so much a. gadget company anymore they're set to make more money elsewhere. they're still gadget company that is not an iphone company as much less than 50% revenues first time since 2012 came for their iphone a lot of people predicted that would be a bad thing. >>stocks up almost 10% on the news today. april 25, let's just call $26 billion an iphone revenue during the quarter that's 90 days. that's down 12% year over year and
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just 48% revenue of billion in the last 90 days. the wearable business ipods apple watch the beats headphone pulled in billion. it's 48% higher year-over-year stunning the ipad imac business is a smaller than the air pods apple watch and beats business. the services revenue iaea apple music and i ca backup should strong growth point at 11.4 billion right now apple's got 420 million subscribers on a monthly basis to services and that pulls in recurring revenue, it also keeps people that you care system longer mom. lot of positives here to the at wall street loves it and they get the apple a credit card coming out very very soon. you get the apple arcade gaming services, there's a lot like with that said one is 5 she comes out in 2020. i'm going to be done on the something awful i'm not there yet but getting closer as the years march on ok. >>well if i had does the stock
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i've probably woods i would hold on to it because i feel like they just print their own money every time to make a movie. more more of them now joining the billion dollar club and their remakes the most recent one in the in theaters now looks like it might be headed that way too. >>lion king and aladdin didn't even get good reviews and they both put in a billion dollars as remakes live action remakes. >>owns the weekend. it's it's what we do whether the starr war, ours are our movie is we just continue to flock to disney. dumbo aladdin the lion king all out this year. later this year, mel fisher, as well as milan in 2020. that's not coming up a lot of original content just kind of retelling of old content. you know this all started i think with alice in wonderland in 2010 some people would say there is a live action 101 dalmatians that it started with i don't believe it. in 91 beating that the split 424 million the remake the last year pulled in 1.2 billion. it just shows you like they're just big money in it so they got comment more titles turn a bog her well a
9:20 am
genie hunchback of notre dame. james, the giant peh lady and trample island stage here. pam pinocchio prince charming grows red snow white's 7 dwarfs and those are just the disney classics in past about star are back everything hours c'est living with side with the 7 little man. should that happen in the stage, but it does little mermaid remakes could be huge as well so they got a lot going on ok so disney one to watch and we also you talk about fortnite too because the world cup finals going on right now is and it apparently is as compelling in terms of viewership is in nfl game is it that big mac it's epic i and again i i throw this out there because it's going to sneak up on you now esports is that thing it's a real thing, it's a growth investment, it's a growth opportunity advertisers should get in on it now 4 nights taking the world by storm in the past 2 years 250 million players. last year the company made one billion to make even more this year. they're sharing some that money with gamers they doled out a 100 million in prize is over the tournament.
9:21 am
30 million which the top players 3 million went to the winner, the guy just won the tour de france. at 2.5 million the guy just one fortnight $3 million. 20 million streams last weekend the average viewership is about 15.6 million. so it's something the nfl. advertisers in even monetizing this any way shape or form with advertisers. so look for next year for this event to grow again. it's a phenomenon by video games esports not a phenomenon is going continue to grow all right let's wrap up this conversation with not of your question. but a tip. i guess more fix the more specifically 5 let's break what we have this the 5 financial mistakes that what most people make you don't have to hit a home run to be rich you sometimes have to earn a little bit more money say a little bit more money but here's the 5 mistakes people make a stop them from becoming wealthy, not invest in a 4 o one k your employer offers that you got to say for age 16 o 100 if you don't point time. i'm not have
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an emergency bad things happened you got to have cash on hand not for tv but for emergency fund are you talking about like that's 3 months of living expenses that sometimes gets thrown around it depends you're good looking man if you lose your job here you can get a job in 2 months. thomas salesperson sells cars it may take me 6 months to get a new job and get them a client base going site and what time does this trend, okay. the company match a foreign case free money i see people not take it ice ever see a lot of people i work with not taken. i'm having a bad credit score means or pay more for house more for car more for. keep your credit pay bills on time and financial secrets from spouses always comes back to haunt you sell that you can't talk about it professional talk to a fresh low and yeah financial 6 be open and honest and transparent with everybody's finances in in the unit. all right good enough. thank you rob is always we'll have more tips more questions we can answer just reach out to rob you can e-mail him directly find him on facebook and twitter and our website at shopping for backpacks...
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>and 25 looking outside skies really clearing out now as far out as the golden gate bridge look at this some blue skies greeting those people taking in the views on the bridge this morning and that's what we're seeing all across the bay area at this point just a few areas where you ars holding on to a few spots of fog into the afternoon today skies, definitely clear that will help our temperatures to rise a little bit further than they did yesterday a few more areas in the 80's as compared
9:26 am
to the 70's yesterday daria. >>thanks a lot john 9 25 in national news a 10 year-old boy is charged with assaulting another boy during a dodge ball game. actual assault. you know like, but the police main call it was a dodge ball game having an elementary school in michigan and one boy got seriously hurt. and so the injured boy's mother says her son has a rare medical medical condition, making head injuries, especially dangerous says she's pressing charges against the the other student is this boy here all he did was throw the ball, but he said bush the killer says could did my face on purpose and main and the mother of the boy who threw the ball so he had nothing nothing no he didn't know about the medical condition or anything like that. but now there's this fight. this is a kid that was playing on the playground with this france, i'm unaware of any of those situations, sorry that. >>her child to her. abby sorry
9:27 am
for any child that got hurt he sustained a facial tissue damage to his face and a black eye and a bruise know we tried not want to get to this point. this dodge ball case is going to go before a judge in juvenile court. >>today. 09:27am and coming up 2 teenagers from the bay area. >>are facing murder charges in rome, italy and we've got some new details about one of those teenagers
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thanks for the late rollers >>they're lucky. the hot spots are gone, so, i'll talk about the residual delays will check in on 80 and highway 24. >>good enough and the sunshine outside hopefully getting more more widespread yeah see more and more of it as the day has gone on a we did yesterday too. yesterday at this still pretty great for a few areas not so much this morning east bay looking great lots of clear skies over berkeley currently so get out there and enjoy it is nice and comfortable too san jose in fremont at 61 oakland at 63 along with berkeley at that same number while double in pittsburgh up to fairfield in the mid to upper 60's right now so temperatures are on the rise conquered at 68 see how we're definitely skewed not upwards into what will be an afternoon that brings daytime highs a bit warmer than yesterday for san jose it's from 80 yesterday to 83 fair
9:31 am
barely even a difference oakland from 69 yesterday to 72 today see out just a touch warmer for most areas. i'm tracking your forecast for the rest of the week still to come robert. >>thank you john over to the bay bridge nothing but good news for those of you who have to use 80 delay free now at the toll plaza a relief here in your commute earlier. it was really stacked up from the maze that's no longer the case. it's gonna be a little busy from treasu4e island along the suspension, but no delays behind the toll plaza one oh one looks much better we had a crash in south san francisco and it had traffic crawling from cesar chavez to south san francisco so has thinned out nicely a little busy right here. >>between candlestick into 80 and the northbound your slow from 3rd to the 80 split. 80's recovering from an accident at getting which was blocking 2 lanes so that's why here at 29 minutes from crockett to the maze and then we also had one on westbound 24 we've had a lot of little problems out there at saint stephen's so residual delays here from lafayette 2 are in debt.
9:32 am
james. >>thank you robin 9.31 the time and happening tonight, we'll see the second night of the democratic primary debate to be a chance for voters to see a rematch actually between vice president joe biden and then california senator kamala harris. we have round one last night to the top candidates, there had to defend their progressive agenda against more moderate candidates with kristen holmes now with some of the highlights. >>good morning. well, it's one down one to go last night's debate is any indication of what tonight will look like joe biden will have his work out for him those lesser known candidates were not afraid to take on the front runners trying to build up name recognition and momentum. >>as the debate stage 3 set for around to the ideological divide within the democratic party is on full i wrote bill leading liberal senators, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren attack. >>for the progressive positions, this is an example of wish list economic. this
9:33 am
notion that you're going to take private insurance away from a 180 million americans to michael fedex election to donald trump where the democrats we are not about trying to take away health care from any want. >>one of the state to access experience in the healthcare business with all due respect i don't think my colleagues understand the business cop shot just great. >>we are more worried about winning an argument than winning an election. >>the generational divide also highlighted. >>i do think it matters that we have a new generation of leaders stepping up. >>as candidates tout ways to defeat president trump. there's a new battleground state texas tonight, 10 more candidates, sharing the stage. the big draw former vice president joe biden are facing off against senator kamala harris. their clash over race became the most closely watched moment of last month's debate and tonight their rematch is set on center
9:34 am
stage. >>and earlier today i spoke with someone close to the biden campaign who said that they are aware that knives are out for him and that he has been preparing extensively, but i do one offer one cabbie out which is that his campaign said the same thing before the last debate. so we'll have to see exactly what happens later tonight, reporting from detroit and kristen holmes back to you. >>yes, we shall see. thank you. chris and also be sure to watch kron 4 news tonight at 8.30 we have in siberia politics host katharine hayden hosting a roundtable discussion of political analysts are going to break down what we see in tonight's debate and see if there is a winner this walking away from it all tonight at 8.30 right here on kron 4. it's 9.30. >>if a presidential candidate wants to be on cifornia's primary ballot in the future they're going to after release their tax returns. first under a says a law that was just sign by governor newsome d that means anybody running for president has going to have to
9:35 am
release the 5 most recent tax returns in order to be on the california ballot. as you know president donald trump has refused to release his own tax returns but that will not affect him, california's new law. the white house says is unconstitutional. but regardless again it does not affect. this year does not affect the general election either it's a primary election role. new this morning and the south say a man is under arrest accused of trying to meet up with a 12 year-old boy 4 secs this is the man who was arrested roman that deanne and this happened after the victim's mother called the police saying that her son was talking to a man online and she was concerned undercover officers arranged a meeting and deanne is the man who showed up for that meeting he was arrested and during the investigation police also found child-porn in his possession. >>more about one of the teens from the bay area this now facing charges in the death of a police officer in italy, new video shows that finnegan elder and gabriel natale yours, running down the street
9:36 am
to the gold this was in rome after they stole a backpack from a drug dealer. that person ended up calling police and the teens are accused of assaulting the police officers who arrived looking to retrieve that bag. the teens claim they did know that those were officers but they ended up stabbing one of them officer, mario reagan 11 times before running away. now fonnegan is uncle says that he remembers his nephew participating in organized fights back in high school. one of elders neighbors though says she remembers him as being a good kid. >>personally i think there's more to this story. >>none of us knows none of us knows. >>both the elder and the tally, your scratch awaited from mount empire high school back in 2018 we'll keep following the story for you. also happening today, prosecutors will present there rebuttal closing arguments in the ghost ship fire trial in oakland. derick almena and max harris both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter.
9:37 am
each one for each of those who died during a musical event at the white house back in 2016. yesterday the defense attorney for max harris led off closing arguments. curtis briggs is his name hetold the jury that his client was a young college student when he moved into the ghost ship warehouse, his name is not on the lease and that he didn't design the staircase that caught fire that tragic night break says that arson in his mind as the possible cause of the fire. no no original determination has ever been found. he told the jury that if the arson syria is reasonable well then the jury has to find his client not guilty. >>9.37 right now and breaking news is happening in texas in baytown. which is at the exxonmobil plant this fire and as we pull out you can see. this fire started earlier this morning. they say there's no shelter in place that's been ordered because of this fire at the refinery plant there this is happening outside of houston texas. we'll keep you
9:38 am
posted we'll be right back. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
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frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow? heart-stopping video of a child who fell from the 6th floor of a building a high a rise in china. he's ok take a look. >>caught on video check it out there's the child clinging from the balcony of the us apartment and look on the left side you see. the wind blood or their the and he was he
9:41 am
caught below neighbors had a couple large blankets that they pulled us pulled taut and the catch that child wow how he was okay not hurt at all apparently had been left at home and woke up from a nap and his grandma was missing and so he climbed out on about the need to is investigate where she was and that's when e i guess just a climbed over the ledge he's okay. he said they were holding tightly watch this. and you see how he's little. >>and how low that thing went w hard they had to hold on sale and he's okay. 9.41 coming up on stories about stuff, nobody says anymore a donnybrook we'll show you real brouhaha. cool your jets, the newest way to chill out and whether
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things are starting to clear out. yeah, definitely clearing out now lots of sunshine out there already. >>better than yesterday and also kind of your days today, maybe just a couple degrees warmer is that what you're thinking, looking at a bump of of around 3 to 4 degrees over a few spots maybe enough to notice if you pay really close attention right. but pretty much the same as yesterday all a look at outside we do have clearing skies over san francisco and uh also will across the rest of the day we've seen these clear skies for a while now like in san jose into walnut creek a concord out in the east bay where mount diablo you see sitting under abundantly sunny
9:45 am
skies right now ending july today and doing so on a comfortable note, a very seasonable waited to be doing things clear skies overhead. high pressure just enough out of the picture now that we are looking at in the 90's or triple digits for the 3rd day in a row remember the warm weekend behind us we've been spoiled the past couple of days as temperatures have fallen back to a much more comfortable range of numbers and today we're keeping that going 60's for most of your temperatures from san francisco southward down to half moon bay and then a few 70's mixed and in millbrae and burlingame a mixed in with some 80's further south and woodside in mountain view and for the south bay today. it's the return to the 80's for milpitas santa clara cupertino in sunnyvale which were all in the upper 70's yesterday just was dead just as was dublin too at 79 yesterday today up to 83 free might union city and hayward as well as up to oakland all in the 70's. a few spots getting close to the 90 degree mark such as conquered pittsburgh in a vacaville but
9:46 am
not expecting to get there today and considering temperatures tomorrow and friday will be slightly cooler than today's even i want to be expecting saturday is under fire 90's in your forecast and tell lies just said it saturday. saturday into sunday temperatures inland will be on the rise taking us back into the low 90's where we'll stay into the start of next week which is warmer than average but not by too terribly much. so overall a much better forecasts and what i was offering you last weekend even though we do have warmer weather still around the corner. robert all right you want to check in on the richmond sandra fell bridge where traffic. >>just slowed back downs we haven't had any reports of any new issues are major issues. but it went from being delay free to all of a sudden at a crawl here and some of your cash and fast track lanes leading up to the toll plaza so a little busy here on your approach to the pay gates and moving well across the span of 13 minutes for checking in on the bay bridge 80 west are looking good. no delays earlier it was stacked up from the bottom of the maze now it's a pretty good commute into san francisco at 14
9:47 am
minutes want to take you over to westbound 24 because this crash. it's still working its west of aka linus and you're left lane look at that backup spilling through lafayette heading west into our renda so be prepared for that across national active. it's slow lot of walnut creek that puts you at 20 minutes for wannacry to the oakland maze and to the santa cruz mountains or heading from the mountains into los gatos right here northbound 17 are the cats restaurant, new accident blocking one lane so it's busy from big moodie curve. 38 minutes now because of that crash to make it into los gatos. >>and
9:48 am
>>saying over this battle. now between the reds and the pie, it's why. this is how they get even and old-time announcer called it a real dog. look kids i call it stupid and dangerous, but you know the rules are reds player had the nerve to admire his home run months ago so last night. the pirates throw at him and. the reds had had enough. and number and pitcher garrett, charging the pirates dugout all loan and then it didn't take long for everybody to join in the pileup and the action. so this is what honor and and looks like kids leave it teach us all a lesson. the madness went on for fun, i've minutes. wow you know they're all going to get 5 for 5 in 5 as in suspensions are on the way and yeah sealed we did you
9:49 am
see him he's on his way to cleveland. but that didn't stop him from getting into the mix too. now that he was being traded during the game that he's got to go to the indians but. then this fight broke out so he joined in. if the fans did this just rushed the field and started swinging, if they didn't like something like that one of the giants trade madison bumgarner and his final words, but matt. he's stopped and he's mom. >>your next >>hands up just keep doing that's what time the trade deadline is it is looking more and more like cable but yet
9:50 am
you never know. they got rid of pablo sandoval after they won the world series. and i was like now and make a new life and at. >>and then boom the giants brink and the bad. it's cool to be like pablo again look at buster posey the other i would be fine. date to address like now is it dress like panda, here's panda. yes, so i guess pan is known for you know, nice shirts using fear, sure it's ok there is again some jewelry you can see it here but. are a big thing so now let's go back to the guys and see how they pulled it off joe panik and mike his term ski. >>brandon crawford school really a big jeff ome are just. and along korea and tony watson. you got yeah and the
9:51 am
bling there's the bling bling okay that we're talking since we are talking about fashion. here's something really cool. sony has a new wearable air conditioner. you wear it the special pocket, the re on pocket, it's a smart phone size body cooling device. the pocket is between the shoulder blades of a special. and they say it can lower your body temperature by 23 degrees or raise it by 14 by using electrical currents. the back every last about 90 minutes, they're going to start selling of next year, 520 bucks not only in japan first and they only come in men's sizes, but don't worry girl. brawl coolers for 40 bucks to hit to cool pack inserts they'll give you a chill and a little lift.
9:52 am
the same time i'm not going to show you that because the model was in that picture, so guys look it up. >>that's
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>let me have a taste before you get to the the food delivery driver is doing that to your yeah depending on which app service you use nearly a quarter of delivery
9:55 am
drivers admit. >>their own admission. yeah, i think snack a bit before they give you the food nina kapoor has the details. >>if you ever felt like a couple of fries or nuggets were missing from your order you may be right that sit you serious has a recent study conducted by the us foods distributing company found one in 4 delivery service couriers admit to munching on an order and those are just the ones who admitted my got really. >>ok that's scary that's really gross. >>i >>had no idea almost 500 drivers from popular delivery apps including uber eats from pub doordash and postmates were surveyed not only do so many drivers admit to sneaking it he but 21% of customers suspected it. >>half of the drivers surveyed say they've intensified the smell of the food, they're delivering but i'm not only 28% actually dug in.
9:56 am
>>i may have to tell them get that hungary, let me buy you a male and yuli mine alone. >>while the study shocked many app users, one app earlier was not surprised that happ later it was like a win that prize. >>got a couple of cries of take i don't know how to control that. >>but gonzalez says he would never i've always considered imagine this was me getting my food. >>what i want somebody is dirty fingers. wagon and they've been we don't touch the food and i'm supposed to be eating the same study found that 85% of customers would like to see tamper evident seals on the food. >>to prevent drivers from digging in we reached out to the ap's named in the study with no response. >>oh i'm going to look great in the food that one driver to do my i want him to deliver you know. >>about i like the idea of using those like tamper proof stickers and slapped on the we left the restaurant got to meet with anybody open in
9:57 am
effect and you know one of the thing that could be going on because they did that survey of the food delivery people and they were upset, they said people don't tip us. so it could be worse james, you know what i'm saying. taking a sip of a somebody milk shake sure. let's take a look at the 7 day around of a forecast as we start to warm it up. and i we start whining one is 90 or above i was just to give you have a swimming pool probably don't have a pool looks like this when won't have back up into the 90's by saturday sunday. and you go. >>don't forget caught on go to kron on dot tv to find out more about our 24 7 streaming news service.
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