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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 30, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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pretty good just not quite as nice as we're currently enjoying org and this for a second. i was talking to be as hot as it was so that is definitely something that is because as you remember the weekend maybe a little too war and was yeah for a lot of us especially inland temperatures were a very toasty for the weekend now we've enjoyed a nice day yesterday we're going to have another one of those days today, a touch of fog this morning though as you're getting outside in areas like san francisco. >>you're going to see that fog streaming well on to the east bay too so a few spots as you're driving into work this morning that you should watch out for just take a little bit slower. it's the coast though that is really going to want to hold on to that fog even well into the afternoon ahead of us skies are to remain nice and dry, even though it's going to stay mostly cloudy at times out at the coast. our skies for the most part across the bay are going to grab actually clearing into the afternoon so do expect more and more sunshine as we do eventually ms. pitt move past
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your lunch hour today, 50's 60's for your current temperatures oakland and concord both at 60 degrees. yeah mid-fifties a nap and the late show with berkeley and san francisco also checking in right now at 55 degrees in the mid-fifties. >>even a little bit cooler than yesterday for a few spots most noticeably on over in concord and livermore down 4 degrees from 24 hours ago, not so much of a difference on the peninsula nor the north bay and into the afternoon today you're going to notice temperatures about one to 2 degrees cooler even yet compared to what was already. >>a comfortable one for your monday, 60's alongside the coast, some 70's right up and down the bay and then inland, it's only the low 80's a range of numbers we can definitely handle. i am talking that weekend warm-up taking us back into the 90's still to come back to you robin all right, thank you sir, let's check in on traffic now it's picking up out there we definitely have some heavier traffic. >>on 18 to san francisco votes cast are growing already spilling back to 8.80. but if
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your fast track or a car pooler you are doing in zipping right on through the toll plaza it's going to be great trip this morning into san francisco are all take that back. it's a great ship for now well into san francisco. i can guarantee it's going to be those nice all morning. we know there's going to be heavier traffic. we're of you know fingers crossed we won't have any hot spots are major problems thinking positively all right over to 92 are checking in on the san mateo bridge little bit a little crowded on the flat section right up ahead there just west of the toll plaza but it's a great trip up and over the high rise 14 minutes to make it to send the tale your trip across the golden gate is very quiet. so far easy from the north bay to san francisco at 19 minutes, no problems on city streets reported so far we're checking out the east shore if you take that 80 west, it's only 15 minutes from chris rocket, albany rich from virtually emeryville no problems there heading toward the maze, 24 looks great so far out of wannacry car lafayette the caldecott tunnel it's wide open 5 80's. a quick trip from castor valley to downtown oakland and so as the minutes
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from to 38 to 9.80 only 10 minutes, we'll take a look at more coming up in a bit. back to our top story that we're following for you this morning, 3 people dead and more than a dozen others injured, and that mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival kron four's grant lotus has a tie timeline of the shooting. >>police say le guen cut through a fence along us create to gain access to the festival grounds without going through a metal detector pretty much seconds after he hit the ground. >>you know, he's by 5 different events such as the raise act i just saw that gun obviously oh yeah. >>bringing gore she has 2 daughters were in his truck about 50 feet away. >>she was a really long. >>police say le guen was armed with an sks assault rifle legally purchased in nevada just 3 weeks ago. witnesses say he stepped out from behind a vineyard stage and started
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firing towards the food tents along gourmet alley. >>anything or anybody fire was followed confusion. >>and you could just hear right behind my beer. you could just hear now top so they were right behind and it was a nightmare. >>police dispatch reveals that the gunman then turned and ran. dead. well the police
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department is asking witnesses to come forward and tell them what they saw during the shooting. >>they've set up a hotline for you can call at 4 oh 8 8, 4, 6, 0, 5 a 3 and a family assistance center is also now open at rucker elementary school, it'll provide services such as grief counseling emotional support and also other systems for the victims and the families who are affected by the shooting. as we're learning more about the gunman this morning police searched the home on churchill place in church street that they believe the gunman was living in kron four's maureen kelly has reaction from stunned neighbors. >>its release that. it's something that we never expected. >>the league and family living in this house on this quiet cul de sac which was besieged with atf agents in gilroy police who came in and out of this home carrying bags of evidence overnight and into this morning. they also searched this great nissan parked outside. it took pictures, here's sent look and
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high school graduation picture from kilroy high's class of 2017 1 of his neighbors taught at the school. although she says the gunman was never in her classroom but i never heard anything bad about him. >>to pretty normal kid. why respectful you go by he sells his outside using her buying very polite >>hello goodbye. a very strange and sad. >>another student at gilroy high had this to say i've seen him walk by and you just you seem like a completely normal guy see how we all knew of he graduated last year i believe in. >>nothing really out of the ordinary. we do think the. >>investigators may learn more from the 19 year-old online presence just minutes before this deadly rampage. he posted a picture of the garlic festival on his now deleted instagram page writing i
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garlic festival time come get wasted on overpriced expletive in another post he said to read might is write a book from the 1800's whose philosophy says whoever is strongest is morally right. >>back out here in the neighborhood, those residents on this street, you know the look and family say they're good people. those neighbors like everyone else wondering what could have possibly triggered the gunman to do this terrible thing reporting from gilroy and maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>we now know that the gunman purchased the guns used in the shooting july knife in fallon nevada about an hour east of reno. it was a place called big mike's guns and ammo and they said on their facebook page that the gunman ordered the rifle online. now here's a photo all of a similar weapon, the store's post said that it would never sell a firearm to anyone who acted wrong war. you know looks associated with any sort of bad groups like any white power groups. the shop also released a statement saying that the owner and employees that they're praying for the victims families.
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well, hundreds of people gathered at a vigil remembering the victims and the people who were injured and are still recovering from the garlic festival shooting state and city leaders were among those who attended that visual. >>it's been a shock over the last 24 hours. but to see all of you here tonight. i so proud to be your mayor. >>obviously my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who are affected by this great tragedy and i'm extremely i i'm blessed to left the scene so have left that scene in time. >>well at least 5 people are still in the hospital this morning, recovering. and this morning. we're also hearing from the family of a 12 year-old girl who was injured in the garlic festival shooting phil gomez has the latest. >>yasmin is the older sister of 12 year-old leslie and chris who was with her family when the gunman opened fire. she was shot in the leg, the bullet passed straight through
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apparently she won't need surgery but will remain overnight at valley medical center as a precaution. but it's not the bullet wound that concerned her older sister, it's the psychological ones. >>she's not talking much, she's really not talking much. that's kind of and maybe she doesn't want to like touch the subject. yes, so. we try asking herself that she's really saying much. >>governor newsome visited leslie he told the media about his visit with her and to the grandmother of 6 year-old stephen romero who was killed in the shooting, leslie impressed the governor with their perseverance and even offered some comfort to the concern state leader. there is a 12 year-old shot. >>the smile when i walked into the room, i said how you smiling just for shot. she starts describing the courage as she was running away after she was shot and kept running. and here. she is you know covering the governor.
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>>with the family and friends were feeling the stress of this horrific attack on their loved ones are the medical staff were caring for them. they are trained to handle this type of trauma, but that doesn't mean they don't feel the hurt to our staff, you know they're professional they've responded they went beyond well, you know, but above and beyond. >>but they are feeling, you know there's a lot of people are sad today. >>that was phil gomez reporting for us this morning. the garlic festival shooting is of course renewing calls for stricter gun laws at both the state level in the national level several state democratic lawmakers demanding action at the federal level after the gunman used an assault rifle to carry out the shooting. now it wes a gun that was bought in nevada and although california has more than a 100 gun laws on the books data shows that more than half half of guns recovered at a california crime scenes. they come from nearby states with more flexible gun laws. so most of those guns come from nevada and also arizona. some are now
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calling on congress to take action but gun rights advocates. they don't think more regulation is the answer. well of course we'll have continuing coverage for you this morning of the garlic festival shooting throughout our newscast and also during the commercial breaks on our 24 hour streaming service kron on you can download our app you can get push alerts. we'll send them straight to your cell phone with updates on the story as we learn more. whenever he called. and love you very much. a look where we are. well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. we're learning more about the victims of the garlic festival shooting and we'll hear from the family of one of those victims after the bre
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news now it's time for a check of your forecast with meteorologist sean is a little peek outside this is from san francisco. i can see some fog there above the bay bridge below it. yeah sought at the golden gate to it's a little foggy but hopefully it won't stick around all day, let's check in with john. >>no it is it's going to be a slow go clearing out a but we will eventually get there you can go slowly as long as it just goes say around for a little bit we don't mind tell that and sometimes the fog is actually nice to see it's a lot of times a sign that share that we tend to enjoy even a little bit more comfy across the bay and that's exactly what we've got today a nice comfortable day ahead of us after this fog does decide to
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move out of the area come the afternoon berkeley is one of our fog year spots this morning. you can see much of this view it as that fog us push on into those east bay hills now skies are going to remain nice and dry today so there's that and as we move into the afternoon are gradually. clearing conditions are going to set us up for some sunshine and with high pressure eased out of the area we do have that morning fog followed by a dose of comfortable sunshine in the afternoon. so unlike this weekend winner in the 90's and triple digits little too hot for most of us today we're savoring some nice temperatures yet again just how nice is it going to be well. here's your 4 zone forecast to find out 50's and 60's in san francisco as well as from daly city down to half moon bay, cool enough for sweater, a light jacket especially during our morning hours with those foggy conditions. now right along side, the bay mostly in the 70's with palo alto at 75 today saying carlos in mountain view inn i 77 each
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south bay and the low 80's to upper 70's. santa clara milpitas 78 cupertino and sonny bill also upper 70's this is compared to yesterday's low 80's. so even a little bit cooler from what was already a nice cool day yesterday oakland at 69 walmer aka and are in the in the 70's while the creek and danville each 82 conquered very similar 83. while napa right at the 80 degree mark foley how an antioch as well as benicia only in the 70's sure beats those 90's in triple digits. this weekend. nevado and center fell in the upper 70's today. so we're continuing to enjoy a nice day today and we've got a few more days like this wednesday thursday and even a friday, all looking really good seasonable to round out the past couple of days of july and kick off august which does kick off on thursday. first weekend of august though begins to change that is going to take us a little bit hotter. saturday sunday and monday our inland areas are back into the low 90's in some cases so yeah,
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the heat is building around the corner but in the meantime we're going to focus on the now and that is a good forecast for the day today and tomorrow too. rob sounds good. thank you john the morning commutes looking pretty good too we are off to a decent start heading into san francisco. >>we just noticed that it's filling and so every time i check of the cash lanes they get heavier and heavier we have about 3 cash lanes available for each side. you can see it's already stacking up from the 80 over crossing, but once you get through this. it's going to be fine getting on to the bridge and through downtown san francisco. here's 92 another busy commute not at it's crowded as the bay bridge but we see more folks levy hayward and also coming into hayward that's on the left the headlights they're going east on the right you have the tail light heading west. and you're about 12 minutes for both sides between the nimitz and the bayshore no problems at the richmond sandra fell bridge it's very quiet right now so get on out there use it while you can the next hour we're going to see a backup so it's a great time to get out there early if you want to roll out of bed. it's not to
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stay home and watch just a little longer. 5.80 looks good livermore to dublin for 5 and westbound 6.80 is fine, dublin to fremont the nimitz checking in hot spot free. and so does a to 37 in easing 6 minutes milpitas to sonny bill. well this morning we're learning more about the victims killed in the garlic festival shooting including trevor, irby now trevor had just moved to california to be with his fiance the coal summit villa she spoke with his grandparents. a soul mate and juanita while barnes pride and joy whenever he called and love you very much. a look where we are 25 year-old trevor irby's life cut short. he was one of the 3 people killed in the shooting at the garlic festival in gilroy california. he was a boy. the cuba college alum recently moved to california to be with his fiance sarah warner. the 2 were inseparable. their love is 1, 1, e to describes as unconditional and true.
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>>all she's loved him. and i think she actually worst to the ground that kid walked and she do anything for him and he would do anything for her a story say you know what guys get married. we've got all kinds of time. this me up front. >>sarah and trevor were at the garlic festival together when gunfire rang out. sarah was not physically hurt. but now she along with juanita trevor's mom and this entire family are heartbroken trying to find a way to say goodbye. wondering why a senseless act of violence had to take him everybody. >>this friend, i don't care if you met 2 days ago. they becomes rents i mean to tell you know as little boy of us. well of course we have continuing coverage of the garlic festival shooting throughout this newscast and.
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>>also during the commercial breaks on a 24 hour streaming service kron on you can download our kron 4 app you can get push alerts sent straight to your cell phone. that way can get updates on the story as we learn more. well the italian police officer who was killed by 2 teenagers from the bay area has been laid to rest a funeral was held yesterday for 35 year old mario rega now he had just returned to work after his honeymoon when he was stabbed 19 year-old finnegan elder an 18 year-old gabriel telly your son both graduated from tell of high is high school in mill valley and 2018. so right now in jail, they being held in a row jail and the teens, they stole a backpack after they were sold some crushed aspirants instead of coast cain police were tipped off about this and they met with the pair for the backpack exchange. so investigators say that's when elders staff officer rate at a time. now to claim that he stabbed officer because he feared that he was being
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strangled, but the judge noted that there were no marks on his neck. both families say they've not been able to make contact with their sons. well an active shooter training drill is happening today a california high school that's in san ramon. police officers and first responders will be on campus this morning starting at around 8 o'clock this is for training. so if you're in the area abroad more drive at that timo of the day around 8 o'clock in the morning. it's not a real emergency keep in mind that it's just a drill but this training of course comes after the school saw an increase of threats on campus last school year. and in just a matter of weeks there are 4 instances of threatening graffiti that was found on campus as well. so for students were disciplined for that. none of the threats turned out to be credible school administrators say they also plan on installing more security cameras. another big story that we're following for you this morning we're talking about capital one they're saying that a half. gained access to more than a 100 million customer accounts and credit card applications earlier this year. so the
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company said that no credit card account numbers are locking credentials are actually compromise. but they're also saying that you know it's unlikely that the state it will be used for fraud, but they're still investigating. so the company will notify people that were affected by the breach, they'll also provide acree for credit monitoring our report for you they'll give you identity protection. the justice department says a former tech companies offer engineer he was arrested for that breach. >>well before we go we want to take a lot live look outside this time around we're checking in on the airport sfo we see some clouds there lingering around the airport. it is a little foggy for you this morning, but john says that fog is going clear soli slowly and then we're going to get nice weather today, plenty of sunshine on tap. we'
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covergirl exhibitionist mascara. volumizes like the #1 prestige mascara with lashes full and defined in one coat exhibitionist mascara from covergirl. >>welcome back for 55 getting close to 5 o'clock on this tuesday morning we are not getting anywhere close to saying goodbye to the faa get it is going to stay with us for some time this morning you can see the of the golden gate bridge shrouding that bridge as you make your crossing out there, it's going to stay especially president out along the coast through the start of the day. 40's of other 50's and 60's know 40's out there don't get to scare a san francisco nevado each at 54 oakland and concord in the low 60's currently really not that bad of a start. now later on peratures across the state are going to be noticeably cooler than they have fresno bakersfield, they're still looking warm but that sure is better than triple digits for them and
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here in our own backyard. we've got some really nice weather. daytime highs for us only topping out in the 80's. robin. >>i like the sound of that thank you let's check in on traffic. early commuters are out there heading into san francisco. we see of backing up in philly and quickly at the bay bridge toll plaza we haven't had any problems so far this morning but that line is definitely growing it's already be on 8.80 only for the cash for years. fast records carpoolers you'll be just fine through the tolls in across the upper deck. here's 92 another busy commute but hot spot free 12 minutes that is quick and right on time from the nimitz and hayward to the bayshore in san mateo and one want to cross the golden gate is going to be a little foggy across the span here this morning, but no problems so far an easy 20 minutes novato to san francisco. more on the kron 4 morning news at 500's of people gather to mourn the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. >>as we continue to learn more about the shooter and the victims will have team coverage with the latest on
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the investigation. that's coming up at the top of the hour, stay with us. dluckily her dorm iss heabout 10 minutes. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit
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>>thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom, i'm james fletcher on this tuesday
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morning, we've got lots to talk about the news front of course with a lot of follow-ups to the stories we had yesterday but first weather and traffic let's find out how it's going outside but hey that's already crowded on some of our bridges will check in on the bay bridge and 92 all right listen weather going to be like 5 due to start really nice again to finish we had >>warm weekend an hour enjoying a nice little break from the heat. current conditions outside definitely on the cool and foggy side though which is your very typical way to be finishing july 2nd to last day of it today kind of hard to believe the months almost over. >>50's and 60's for your current temperatures as you're stepping out there so do so light jacket in hand otherwise not too much to worry about that fog should slow you down just a touch in the east bay hills and then up and down the coast. but it's not going to stay around well into the afternoon ahead of us even cooler this morning than it was yesterday only by a couple of degrees and that's something that's going to carry through into the afternoon a few spots that were in the low 80's yesterday will fall into the upper 70's


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