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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 28, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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once upon a time in hollywood with brad, leo and tarantino. >> i feel lucky. >> why did brad tell us this? >> i am happy the restraining order was lifted off of me. >> brittany crashes the red carpet. is she engaged? >> brittany, you look gorgeous. >> star wedding secrets. >> everybody is invited. >> chris pratt's first interview since saying i do. >> she's not an average woman. >> et's tom cruise original flame. >> why she was not asked to be in the sequel. >> then it is my party. >> j-lo's 50th, the party on the
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private island, a million dollars price tag. >> our exclusive with garth and blake. >> what else do you need to know? this is "entertainment tonight." >> welcome to et weekend. the star power we have coming at you is ridiculous. >> i don't even know where to start. we know exactly where to start. >> brad and leo's first movie together, "once upon a time" just hit theaters. welcome to welcome to entertainment tonight. we are at the huge premier with brad and leo and tarantino. >> this is massive. it is so exciting. >> i feel lucky is what i feel. >> the star power, next level. thousands of screaming fans lost their minds. it is hollywood's hottest new bromance, spent nearly 15
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minutes signing autographs and taking selfies. >> tell me about working with leo. >> he's a good egg, i am happy the restraining order was lifted off of me. we are able to work again. >> he's hilarious. >> he throws one of the best hands-on films. i am going to leave it at that. >> in the spirit of the film which is in theaters now, we are showing the stars their "once upon a time" in hollywood moment. be hold their first et interview. >> my real name is brad pitt. i have big goals. everyone wants to be taken seriously to an extent. >> i thought i knew what i was talking about. >> lie i ci like th. got the ba. >> leonardo's first interview on the set of "growing pain." >> big show, i don't know how
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they feel about me coming in. >> aw. t that little guy. >> we met margot robbie on "the wolf of wall street." >> i am so embarrassed already. >> where do i go from here? >> what other show is going to be as good as this. >> i didn't know it could get better. things happen really fast in this town. >> there is only one star on the planet that can surpass a brad and leo siting. >> brittany's red carpet debut was slightly bigger news than the diamond sparkle she wore igniting ring rumors of engagem. the ring was a design statement. >> this is our first premier of "once upon a time." >> she was looking for a sexy
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red cocktail dress. the couple's date night was a planned outing but it is no surprise to us why she decided to be there. >> brad pitt, of course, because he's really beautiful. my first celebrity crush, brad pitt. i met him once but i would like to meet him again. >> the red carpet was packed with a-lister, sadly missing the late luke perry who made his final film appearance in the movie. >> his son, jack, dedicated this image to him. >> he looked so bad-ass up there on the build board. it was a loving tribute to his father. it made my whole day. >> i was lucky enough to sit down with jack and talking about his dad. some big news in the marvel universe. "avenge "avengers" end game surpassed "avatar." how did they plan to top that? we got scoop at comic con and
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all hail the next generation of female super heroes. >> it is pretty explosive i got to say. >> angelina jolie. i am so excited to be ie portma. >> always had a little camera envy. >> i felt like the future is female for marvel. that's awesome. >> scarlett, angelina, selma and natalie, these marvelous women of marvel are the future of the franchise. >> scarlett johanson will lead the black widow stand alone film, it hits theaters may 1st, 2020. she took the stage in a jump suit. on the carpet she told us there is one downside to ruling the marvel universe. she has no time to plan her upcoming wedding to "snl" star colin joe. >> wedding planning, that's a thing you are supposed todo. it does not happen.
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>> it is a big year. it is exciting. >> on november 6th, 2020, angelina jolie and selma hayek will lead the new cast of "the etern eternal." the release is 20 years after "la "lam" lara croft. how will the 44 years old up her game? >> i am going to work ten times harder. we'll be working very, very hard. i am in training. >> and nearly three years after natalie portman said this about being in the marvel franchise. >> as far as i know -- i am done. >> she will be the female thor in 2021, "thor: love and thunder." >> feels pretty good. >> like angelina, she will be training hard on ins debratagra says remember this, the before
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picture before i get jacked. >> orlando's updates on his i do's with katy perry. >> orlando promoting h is new amazon show, "carnival row" told us the wedding may have a huge guest list. >> i want to hear from the groom's perspective. >> everybody here is invited boy. >> i feel like questions like this, we are inviting the whole planet. >> are you grooms-zilla. >> it is like when you are a brides-z brides-z brides-zilla where you need 19 dresses. >> no, we are doing all that. >> i am completely here for the love, orlando. >> it was just last month that chris pratt took a plunge with katherine schwarzenegger. life is good for chris as he settles in with his new bride.
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>> we are on a honeymoon bases feels really good. having the stress of the ceremony behind you is very nice. >> chris and katherine seems to be enjoying their first week of marriage. they made two addition of their family, two harry adorable addition. >> not an average gift, she's not an average woman. i got a couple of nice pigs and i invite timmon face to come to the party. we are opening a brand new ride. the jurassic world ride, the ride, i wrote it and boom, boom. >> chris joins howard at universal studio's hollywood latest attraction. he can't wait to bring his son. >> he's going to love all the dinosaurs. we are two years from the next jurassic fi jurass jurass jurassic film, chris already has
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a wish list. >> i love to see some of the o casts. >> you know what would be amazing than laura dern returning to "jurassic world"? returning from "big little lies." >> coming up, what happens after the big bang? we know because we are talking to kaley cuoco about her next big project. >> there is nothing better. >> inside j-lo's 50th birthday blow out. >> to the love of my life. happy bi happy birthday. when we met the shy nfly girl. happy birthday. when we met the shy nfly girl. garth brooke
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end. don't look at kaley cuoco, she's crazy rich and she already has a new animated series. >> how much fun is it to play kind of dirty, over ratrated villain. >> there is nothing better. >> can we do it again? >> kaley's executive producing and voicing harley quinn alongside blake bell in the new adult animated series. >> listen, we are lucky we get to ping-pong a lot of like comedy and bad words and naughty business up in the animation world in the d.c. universe. >> wet pants asweat pants all d. >> kaley celebrates her anniversary with hubby. >> he posted candid photo of you. were you okay with that? >> he does not asks me before he posts them.
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he loves a good sleeping picture. no, not sleeping beauty. >> how is it going first year? is it still newlywed phase? >> yes, he's the best. other than our obviously instagram feud, we are doing well. >> kaley, he cooks really good food for you. all is well. there is more tv news. remember the movie "four weddings and a funeral?" now is the inspiration on hulu, we were first onset. i got an e-mail and i answered it right away. maybe i should ask you to i? >> hughes and andy paid tribute to the original 1990 film" kissing in the rain." the pair reunited. i am the luckiest man in the world. does being all this leave you wanting more?
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we are getting a new revamp version of "four weddings and a funeral." it will be a ten-part mini series on hulu. if you like the spirit of the movie, you will really lover th this. >> if you love "game of thrones," you will love to see natalie emanuel. et was on for all the rom-com fun. >> this guy is married and she becomes heartbroken and she has to figure out her life. natalie falls for this guy play. >> she calls him ryan gosselin dipped in caramel. >> you also said super hot. >> i did not say that. >> animdy makes a cameo in the
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>> could we see you? >> they have not asked me. >> will you do it? >> well, maybe not. [ laughter ] >> still ahead, luke perry's son how he's following in his dad's footstep. you can see me if you pay close attention. >> we are getting scoop on ben and matt's new movie. >> here is ben. >> plus, hello neighbor. how mr. hanks became mr. rogers? we are revealing tom's original ties to the icon. >> to be inhabiting that world and peaceful with these check out this exclusive clip. >> the end of it, we shot as big
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mgm musical style. i did not make the movie. >> you can see the all
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♪ jennifer lopez is the big birthday girl this week. her ex-affleck is making news, too. with laptops, matt and ben have been spotted at each other's home. >> they're writing their project together. matt and ben will start in the new movie set in the 1400 century france, someone is accused of cheating and they fight to death. >> filthy and playing and medieval night. i am not sure how it is going to work. ben's little brother told us why
7:19 pm
matt and ben work so well together. >> they have their own real relationship. something about that translates. >> is ben your best friend? >> yes, we grew up together. >> et has been there with all the hashtag goal moments. >> he's the flavor of the week now. >> you can't everyone talk to that guy. >> it was like you have to hold on. i am totally out of control. hold me back. >> the guys won the golden globe for "goodwill hunting." they used our producer's phone to call their moms. >> h >> i can't get enough of baby ben affleck and his little face. god, he was so cute! >> don't look too bad either, big ben. >> another one you are excited about, a beautiful day in the
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neighborhood. i get all the feels from this trailer. we are getting our first look at two-time oscar winner tom hanks as the hiconic "mr. the rogers." >> it is the emotional performance that could bring tom his third oscar. >> secrets behind the making of this film. it was shot in the same pittsburgh studio where they shot "mr. rogers' neighborhood." they did pay careful attention to perfect his eye brows. the director had to quote, get tom hanks to become less tom hanks. his loud voice and fun personality were complete opposite of mr."mr. rogers." those ties every single one were worn by mr. rogers himself.
7:21 pm
"et" raided his closet. >> never had an acting course of my life. >> i did probably shows but i am just myself. >> oh my god. so beautiful. this is the star appearing in the movie playing a wife of a journalist. >> it is the story of a journalist whose life has changed by encountering mr. rogers. >> please don't ruin my childhood. >> he never answer a single question that i asked him. it is the funniestthing.friends. >> please won't you be any neighbor. that was wonderful. >> please won't you be my neighbor. >> time to tie our shoe laces. >> a beautiful day in the neighborhood hits your day in the neighborhood on november
7:22 pm
22nd. a father figure to a star dad gone far too soon. luke perry passed away after he shot his role in "once upon a time in hollywood." i sat down with his son. >> he's a really good guy. the outreach and support. it kind of shows that. he was loved by everyone. it is nice to see it from everybody. jack works as a production assistant on the set and made a small appearance in the movie. you saw the movie, was it hard to watch? >> i was very proud of it. you know my dad was really proud of it. he's really excited about it. it was cool to see that. i am glad he got to do that. the 22 years old paid tribute to his dad by scaling his hollywood billboard. >> what inspires you to climb this billboard? >> um, you know i kind of just had to do it. i like climbing stuff.
7:23 pm
it will only be there as long and i want to commemorate it being there forever and away. >> jack translates well into his career as a professional wrestler. jungle boy. his dad was his number one fan. >> he was all about it. >> he was sns. >> he was a big wrestle fan. he was the one who pushed me to get trained and start wrestling in the first place. >> it is a good thing he did. jungle boy is one o f the stars with the new wrestling league. >> who can kick each other' other's -- feother's -- other's -- first? >> the experience. up in the casnext, j-lo turns 5. and reveals her secrets my aging backward. all that is helping me now in my late 20. >> front hook and angle hook. >> hustling to get in shape just
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if you are joining us, here are the top five stories. >> top gun mania. >> jennifer connolly was just as astonished as all of us when tom cruise surprised her with a trailer. she promoted her series. >> for me every part of the proje project exceeded my expectati s expectations. being on the set and watching the new trailer and shooting. >> whatever happens to tom's original flame, kelly mcgil is. number four, bachelorette shot down the luke p. >> can you get away from me? >> this is not over for me yet.
7:28 pm
>> oh my god, all right. >> the hanna bee could not be tamed, she came face-to-face with luke for the first time after kicking him off the show for the second time. >> america, we had to deal with luke for way too long. he's done and i am sorry. number three, vitamnny irwin ge engaged. >> "et" was first to talk to her. he popped the question with an estimated two carat ring. >> i love it. it is perfect. >> i think i have to take it off when i drunk on the crocodile. >> number two, the marvel mutual is female. >> it is pretty explosive i got to say. >> angelina jolie. >> i am so excited to be here. >> natalie portman. >> always had a little camera
7:29 pm
envy. natalie, scarlett and angelina and selma all appears at comic con to announce their coming up film from "black widow" and "thor love and thunder." marvel is betting big on their a-list actresseactresses. brad and leo's first film together is finally here, we we were at the premier where thousands of screaming fans collectively lost their mind of hollywood's hottest bromance. >> tell me about working with leo. >> he's a good egg. i am happy the restraining order was lifted off of me. we were able to work again. the most amazing story of the week has got to be jennifer lopez turning 50. the ages.
7:30 pm
>> ♪ what does it involve when gou t a jennifer lopez's party? >> it is a big celebration. it is my party. now we know what to give a woman that does not need anything. a birthday party that has everything. >> plus, a red porsche from e a-rod. a-rod and an estimated 250 guests turned it up in miami. >> 50 is the >> j-lo's custom gold cut out versace, bondage in the back. and it was made to get on the floor. she had quite the hollywood journey and we have been there from the start. >> i went from being a fly girl
7:31 pm
and it did not happen over night, i was in show business since i was in high school. >> you killed it with the high school teacher. a short term bob. >> full eye brows and slightly nervous. that was j-lo when we met her in 1990. 21 years old auditioning to be a fly girl in "living color." >> fast forward six years, jenny from the block has made the transition from tv to the movies. you know how people say you walk in the room and they love you and that's it. she's the one. no, i had to read 17 times. i have to bend over backwards. >> hi entertainment tonight, i am squjennifer lopez, you are o the set of "selena." i will be playing selena. >> he got ready for the big "selena" premier. where is my husband.
7:32 pm
check out how she was excited. can somebody tell him that this is real. >> baby -- [ speaking spanish ] >> what else keep j-lo looking like a woman half her age? on j-lo's list of no no, smoking and caffeine and alcohol and sunt suntanning. >> i don't smoke and have not taken a lot of sun. i am sure all that stuff is helping me now in my late 20s. >> on her to-do list, a healthy diet including a lot of green vegetables and daily meditation and sleep. >> i like sugar very much. i do try to be careful with it for sure. >> you have to moderation and balance. that's the key to life, right? >> speaking of sugar and a little bit of balance, one more secret to looking just like j-lo. pole dancing.
7:33 pm
>> front hook and ankle hook. and knee hook. that's j-lo teaching her moves to constance wu in who thougaught j-lo? >> she was just a phenomenal dancer that the moving quality was there. >> the most talented thing was going upside down. >> learning pole dancing was one of the most challenging things i have done. my arms is still recovering. j-lo got to pole in each of her three homes. >> he wandered by a little bit at the beginning. honestly, those sessions were private. >> are you in? >> well, i am always up for a challenge so in my one-on-one, i started with thatarun >> don't think too high. >> okay.
7:34 pm
>> yes, very beautiful. >> okay, now the reverse carousel. >> yes, very nice. oh my leg cramp. i have the worse leg cramp. i got it down. the next move was called the peter pan. >> beautiful. >> yeah! could she put me upside down in this? >> yes. >> spin me. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> jennifer, who's the hustler now, baby? >> still to come. we are driving this shark. >> "et," get ready. what happens when you drop in hollywood's funniest actors in the water for shark week? new shocking work out secrets burning 600 calories in 20
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minutes. >> let's work, same results. >> from backstage to on stage, garth brooks and blake shelton..
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know? welcome back everybody, august, september will be here before you know it. it is time to get your summer travel in and we have some ms for anyone who was on the go.
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you are away and as well as playing music. >> what are we paying for this? with us, it is just $69. can you put a price on safety at home? >> 4% savorings. don't come to my house because you will get ring aling-ling. >> you can shop all of our vip steals. >> straight ahead, how garth prank blake before their duet. >> our exclusive tom cruises' original flame. >> kelly mcgilis tells "et" why she walked away from hollywood. how this shark week deep dive nearly ended in disaster. >> both of my ears were
7:43 pm
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week with a bang. drop five hilarious guys the the middle of the water, you got shark week. an exclusive look from behind the scene. >> we are diving with shark, "et," get ready. >> oh my god. sharks! >> did it take a lot of convincing to get you goo uys o here? >> yeah, we came out here thinking we'll look at sharks. >> welcome to -- >> human what? >> sorry. i thought we are doing the male version of girls' trip. let's go. >> guys' trip. i am like i am in. >> will packer brought this crew together. >> jada pinkett smith was available but refused to work with any of these guys. >> typically to release the paint.
7:47 pm
>> hey, you don't have to be so close. >> rob wrinkle and anthony and damon and joel mckale head down to the caribbean where they could be dinner. >> okay. all right. i would have said anthony would have been the most at adventurous. >> that adventure took them on four dives each. >> what is the craziest thing? >> the near death experiences with sharks? >> everyday. one big scare for anthony. his ears would not equalize the first time down. >> i had later that night, both of ms se. >> yo. that's tight. the next day he was back at it confronting sharks and tiger
7:48 pm
shark and hammer heads and sometimes 20 at a time. >> i think we trusted the people that said it safe. >> it is cool. who would you invite to the dive? >> he's bigger than me and i can swim faster than him. >> i could not. my cheeks still hurt from that. >> let's talk about the biggest fish in the country. mr. garth brooks. he made good that "et" to be there. >> blake's girl, gwen was not there. >> i got a text from my man,
7:49 pm
hey, we got kwoyour dressing ro fixed. he sent me a p i cicture and it "mr. stefani" on it. >> you can't mess with him. he's like the father of country music. >> he's bullying me a little bit. >> did you ever think this guy being bullied ever? >> what do these two guys have in common? they're both in love with strong independent women. >> gwen missed the event because she's in vegas. >> we are part of the working wives club. we'll take their credit card and go shopping. ve it. >> blake made a surprise entrance popping up from below the stage. the 6'5" discovered he was too tall for the lift and had to
7:50 pm
stay crouched over until it was his turn to sing. >> you want to know what you need. it will be the first time and only time in history. these two guys will be standing on it at the same time. what else do you need to know? >> that's right. >> don't giveaway any secrets. the duo recording this, a song garth planning to record on his own until this. >> i am watching this, he's doing garth's country. >> it is cool. >> another artist and brought in a whole different dimensions for me. >> i am singing with garth brooks! >> for blake, this is a pinch me moment. garth is the reason he decided to move to nashville. i can't belieing here. this is one of my heroes out here. he knows this. i went and bough my first black guitar. i had to cut away on it.
7:51 pm
>> i got to have that guitar. saving $600. >> that's a lot of money. >> that's a lot of money anyway. more than 86,000 filling the football stadium, over two nights. >> show time! >> it is going to be fun. >> that number was about 45,000 until we mention he was going to be here. >> oh my god. giver >> give me a break. >> he's really good at this. smoo >> he stands on the stage in flo front of hundreds of thousands of people. i am a little nervous. there is a chance i can throw up on stage. >> don't make an effort. >> i am sure your iphones are out. >> it will me memoriable. >> blake is throwing up, all i can think about is being as tall as you can and suck it in. >> blake shelton! >> now top gun news, the internet is freaking out over
7:52 pm
the highly anticipated sequel. >> we know tom cruise and val kill mer are in. where is leading lady kelly mcgilis. >> only "et" has that answer. >> i have a simple life and have a quiet, full life. the 62 years old was spotted near her home in rural north carolina. "et" spoke to her, why shef was not in the sequel. >> i am old and i am fat and i look age appropriate for what my age is. that's not what that whole scene is about. >> paramount has not requested for our comment regarding that claim. kelly says she has not seen the trailer. >> i don't know her. >> i am so glad she got that
7:53 pm
opportunity. i am glad for her. >> our first "et" interview was on the top gun set in 1985. her break-out role was a year earlier when she starred in "witness." >> the female lead in an all-male cast, what's that like? >> great. >> it is the same as witness basically. i was the only girl around for that one, too. >> it takes a lot more than just this. >> i make a living of what i do which is very nice and rare. the mom of two told us why she walked away from it all. >> honestly in ok, i was on a journey to figure out who the hell i was and what became the priority was raising my girls and being the best parent i can be. >> but she does not rule out an appearance at the "top
7:54 pm
gun:mavericks" career. when it does happen, i have to profess where i am. it not racing into the theater or racing away to see
7:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. it.
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a few stars' birthday this weekend. lori loughlin celebrating turning 55 and alex rodriguez at 44. which "game of thrones" star admit to crying? that's nicoli walter. >> "et," first on the vancouver set. for all the hollywood news, go on >> we'll lever yave you with ca underwood's new video. >> enjoy this and enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody.
7:58 pm
♪ bye. ♪ ♪
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if there is a reunification center set up at the gavel in college parking lot be that's bees and boy gambling college of marine biologist. >>local news station. >>it gets crazy stuff never this. >>chase dekker was the marine biologists, a photographer for sanctuary cruises when he got this spectacular image, let's see light inside a humpback whale's mouth. >>there's a lot of people but never even seen a whale, the fact that they could see some so amazing something i've never seen in all my years of doing this thing. my blind. >>sanctuary cruises out of moslehi was watching a part of humpbacks on a feeding frenzy when the freak act of nature happened. >>and i was hoping that the photo you know is looking behind the lands i was a kid. i hope i got it and then i look i was just so static images capture the moment, i never see again. >>decker posted the picture on


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