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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 23, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ tonight -- it a pretty explosive. >> angelina, natalie, scarlett. girl power takes over the marvel universe. >> so excited to be here. >> has scarjo forgotten something with this guy. >> wedding planning it doesn't happen? >> no, it doesn't. >> everybody here is invited, by the way. then, val kilmer's frail appearance plus -- inside tom hanks' mist rogers' transformation. ♪ and from backstage to on stage, our exclusive with garth and blake. >> what else do you need to
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know? this is "entertainment tonight." avengers! >> you know, avengers rally did justin the endgame, surpassing "avatar" to become the highest grossing movie in history with nearly $2.8 billion. in revenue from the box office. "avatar" director james cameron posted his congratulations today. "avatar" by the way held the record for nearly a decade. >> congratulations. but there's so much going on in the marvel universe. plans to soar even higher. the next generation of female superhow rows. >> yeah, it's pretty explosive, i got to say. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> natalie portman. >> a little camera envy. >> it's awesome. >> scarlett, angelina, selma and
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natalie. the future of the franchise. scarlett johansson's in black widow. she took the stage in a fierce jumpsuit that gave a glimpse in extreme torso tattoos. one downside to ruling the marvel universe, she has no time for wedding planning. >> it doesn't just happen? yeah, it's a big year. it's very, very exciting. >> on november 6th, 2020 angelina jolie and heyek will lead the new cast of characters. . release is 20 years after "e.t." visited angelina on the set on her first action blockbuster. >> it's lara croft. how will the 44-year-old up her
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action game this time around if. >> i'm going to work ten-times harder. we're going to be very, very hard. so i'm in training. >> and nearly three years after portman said this about being in the marvel franchise, as far as i know i'm done. >> she'll be the female thor in 2021. >> it sounds pretty good. >> and like angelina, she'll be training hard, on instagram, she said, quote, remember this, the before picture for when i get jacked. comic-con is also where we got orlando bloom's update on his i dos to katy perry. orlando promoting his new amazon show told us the wedding may have a huge guest list. >> i want to hear from the the groom's perspective. >> everybody here is invited, by the way.
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with questions like this, we're inviting the whole planet. >> are you a for groomzilla. >> what is that. >> no, a bridezilla i need 19 dresses. and a groomzilla -- >> no. >> also feeling supergood, apparently was top gun star miles teller at his las vegas bachelor party this weekend. complete with a bikini parade and his name spelled in block letters. . he was hanging at las vegas's kaos day club. he'll be marrying model sperry in september. >> that looks amazing, i have to say. jennifer connelly was just as astonished when tom cruise surprised us with the trailer. we talked with her as she promoted her new series. >> to me every part of the
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project has exceeded expectations, watching the trailer, being on set. it's been phenomenal. >> what is that. >> one of life's mysteries, sir. >> she appears for less than one second in the trailer. she plays tom cruise's love interest in the film. >> she's a great actress, obviously, and just i think when you see the film you have to see why she's perfect for glit i'm excited. it was great. it was excited to be a part of it. what they were filming was x troird nary. >> val kilmer agreed. are you up for this one, maverick in. >> see you later. >> count on it. >> val who played cruise's rival iceman has been dealing with throat cancer for the past couple of years. he was looking frail out in new
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york. >> you can be my wingman any time. >> you can be mine. >> the two came choose at the end of the original and when the sequel was first announced, val posted this, i'm ready, tom, still got the moves. still got it. zmr can't wait for this movie. they worked out like never before. these guys are in tip-top shot the cast of riverdale hit up comic-con. the first without beloved co-star luke perry. >> with help from longtime friend shannen doherty. >> it was incredible special to kn that she was a big part of her life. >> details about the role shannen will be playing is has
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been kept secret. but she posted this pic, the care in which this show takes in honoring this his memory is beautiful. he is missed today, tomorrow and forever. >> one of the things that we talked about season one he really wanted to friend shannen doherty to come to riverdale and shannen doherty is in 401 in a really emotional way. >> the show also honored luke by sharing some never-before-seen bloopers from season three. >> that's archie. >> new reports said they've broken up after two years of dating. . the pair avoided each other at
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the entertainment weekly party on saturday night. the two previously starred together in 2017's "adog's purpose." we're in a good place. and it's a forking tragedy to have to say good-bye to kristen bell and the good place cast as hey head into the final season. >> we don't want to leave each other. we really like having the purpose of this show. well, comic-con is like the good place to us, giving us so many memorable moments. check out the boys and it's a one-off calendar featuring chace crawford. >> look at what i have here? uh-oh. >> what do you think of the
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calendar? >> had too much fun. >> these are all pictures that he took at home. >> these are all trailer selfies. >> the sweetest moment of the weekend, the walking dead norman reed hanging out with co-star. >> what's your favorite part of abouting with him. >> i guess the on-screen relationship. >> yeah, yeah. >> we have nice chemistry. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we do, too. i'm not leaving you out. >> thank you very much. >> our favorite thing at comic-con this year has to be face-timing with the rook's star olivia munn's mom. >> i'm calling you, kevin frazier is calling from entertainment tonight. >> mom, you have to look in the camera.
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>> you want to say hi. >> i'll put you close to the camera. there you are. >> hi, america. >> hi, america. coming up -- >> hello, neighbor. >> how mr. hanks became mr. rogers. we're revealing rogers' ties to the icon. what record did the lion king trample this weekend. then -- >> no one has been a tour of this scale. >> no one has been a tour of this scale. >> garth and blake at air wick, we know that in nature, scent comes in waves... gently and beautifully... air wick essential mist is an expression of nature.
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♪ no surprise the lion king ruled at the box office but it really did blow past all expectations. listen to this -- it had the biggest july opening, ever. $185 million domestically. it has made another $346 million worldwide. bring the total to 531 million bucks in just a few days. it's already hot on the heels of the aladdin remake which should passed the billion-dollar mark. good to be disney.
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another movie we're excited about "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." tom hanks as the iconic mr. rogers. ♪ please won't you be my neighbor ♪ >> it's the emotional performance that could bring tom his third oscar. >> sometimes we have to ask for help and that's okay. >> secrets behind the making of this film -- it was shot in the same studio where mr. rogers' neighborhood in pittsburgh. the director had to quote, get tom hanks to become less tom hanks because his loud voice and fun personality were the complete opposite of mr. rogers. >> oh, and those ties. every single one is an original worn by mr. rogers himself. his widow, joanne, let tom and the film's crew invade rogers' closet. >> back "e.t." raided his
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closet. >> never had an acting course in my life. it probably shows. >> no. >> i'm just myself. >> oh, my gosh. it's so beautiful. >> "this is us" star appears in the film playing the wife of a rogue journalist, played by matthew rhys. >> it's the story of how a journalist's life is changed after encountering mr. rogers. >> are you okay? >> please don't ruin my childhood. >> that real-life writer tom junod revealed this surprise difficulty about working with him. >> he never answered a single question that i asked. it was the funniest thing. and we became friends. >> that was wonderful. still ahead -- garth pranks blake. and the stage stunt that really had blake worried.
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and luke is back on the bachelorette, even though no one wants him there. >> she said no. >> how things got even more heated behind the scenes. >> did you feel like a punch might have gotten thrown? closed captioning provided by -- unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you?
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>> would you like to come and see just happen. >> it's a date. >> garth made good on that promise when we hosted our show from nashville last month. only "e.t." was with the two country superstars before they performed their single "dive bar" live for the first time at garth's stadium show in boise, idaho, friday night. >> unfortunately blake's girl gwen stefani wasn't there. but garth made sure she was represented. ♪ ♪ dive bar >> i got a text from my man here earlier that said, hey, man, we got your dressing room set up for you and he sent me a picture and it was a paper that said, mr. stefani on it. it sucks because garth is kind of off-limits, you can't mess with him because he's like the godfather of country music. >> hey, listen to the kid.
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>> he's bullying me a little bit, to be honest with you. >> you ever think this big of a boy has been bullied ever? ♪ it's high time i tell you >> what do two guys have in common? >> they're both in love with strong independent women. gwen missed the event because she's performing in las vegas. >> we'll take their credit cards and go shopping. >> blake made a surprise entrance popping up on a lift from below the stage, but discovered during rehearsals the 6'5" crooner was too tall and had to stay crouched over, until his part to sing. >> here's the deal -- what's unique about this stage it will be the first time and only time in history these two guys are going to be standing on it at the same time. >> that's right. don't give away any secrets. >> the duo were recording this performance for the "dive bar" music video. it's a song garth was planning to record on his own, until
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this. ♪ >> i'm watching the acms and he's doing "god's country." >> it was cool. >> another artist brought a whole different dimension with me. >> i'm singing with garth brooks. >> for blake, this was a pinch-me moment. garth is the reason the fellow oklahoman decided to move to nashville, giving up his day job working construction. >> i literally can't believe i'm standing here, he's one of my heroes. he knows this, but i went and bought my first black takamine guitar cutaway on it because that's what garth was playing on your very first television special. i was like, n, i've got to have that guitar. i went roof to houses and saved up $600 to buy that guitar. $600 back then, that's a lot of money, garth. >> that's a lot of money, anyway. >> more than 86,000 filled the football stadium at boise state university over two nights. it's going to be fun. that number was about 45,000
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until we mentioned he was going to be here. >> oh, my god, give me a break. he's really good at this. >> he stands on he stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people every single night that he does that. i'm nervous, there's chance i could throw up on stage. i'm just letting you know. >> it will be memorable. >> make sure your iphones are out. >> blake's worried about throwing up and all i can think about is be as tall as you can and suck it in. can we move on to the madness now. >> it's gotten crazy. here's a collaboration that wasn't meant to be "bachelorette" hannah b. and luke p. "bachelor" nation is still buzzing about how she said "boy bye" to luke last week. but get this, kev, luke isn't going home without a fight. >> this isn't over for me yet. this is my heart we are talking about here. >> this is not about your heart. [ bleep ] leave. i mean, he's a narcissist for sure.
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we can't just stop at narcissist. >> yeah, he's back! tonight's "men tell all" is more of a luke tell-off, >> [ bleep ]. >> during the show's taping, luke was in the holt seat with host chris harrison for more than two hours. "bachelor" nation will see just a portion of their intense convo. >> i needed patience to get through this. >> when confronted for crashing the roser is knowny. >> she said no, how many more nos do you need. >> lay your hands off of me. >> do you feel like a punch might have gotten thrown in that moment. >> maybe. >> today, chris is speaking out for the first time about bachelor creator mike fleiss' divorce. chris said he's not worried the
1:55 am
scandal will effect the future of the show. >> it's a very persable private matter between he, his wife, his kids and his family. they're taking it very serio seriously. >> we'll keep it updated. coming up -- which stars are living their best vacation life and why everybody is talking
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courtney cox just won the summer looking amazing in this clever instagram post, backyard vacation. she turned 55 last month. >> man, she looks incredible. also showing off her hot bikini body, miranda lambert with her hubby brendan. nick jonas celebrating his wife priyanka's birthday in miami. he looks a bit around the middle. >> some of it is calling it a dad bod even though they don't have a kid yet. >> you want to see happiness,
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