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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 19, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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across the bay as you look out from snow otherwise it is crystal clear skies if you're not directly under some of the patchy fog that is hanging out along the coast. a areas in the north bay as well as right along to be a foot hills of the hilly east bay now as we work our way into the afternoon less and less of that fog to be seen just a lot more sunshine and actually really nice start to the weekend. 50's 60's is currently 60's 70's by noontime and by the afternoon ahead we are anticipating the coolest day of the week really not by much but slightly cooler than yesterday was mid 60's at the coast, a bayside areas in the 70's with inland areas in the low 80's today really nice range of numbers to be enjoying. i'm talking more on your forecast still to come probably checking out the san mateo bridge. there is an accident that still active westbound 92 at the height. >>rise. we can see it from the side because we're looking at the hayward side from the camera here but it's blocking the left lane. i saw emergency crews rolling out not a huge still not causing a big
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backup, but it's a little crowded now thanks to the crash. but still 17 minutes dri great for friday to head over to the peninsula. not much of a delay at the bay bridge toll plaza carpoolers to get stuck in a little bit of a back up but that's and it's been nice like this all morning. 14 minutes to fremont street. we're looking at more freeways and drive times like the east shore 18 minutes from crockett to oakland west 24 looks really good out of walnut creek lafayette to render you are doing fine and heading into the caldecott and then no problems for the macarthur or than nimitz leaving to 38 to downtown oakland darya well, thanks a lot happening today, drivers for uber and lyft are expected to protest for more money should happen in about 3 hours from now kron four's christina teacher is live this morning at the uber headquarters in san francisco. >>with why they're doing this and how long it's going to last. >>the episode around 10 30 this morning you can expect to see about hundreds of people right here in front of the tube or headquarters right
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where i'm standing. obviously right now it is still a little bit early but you can expect to see people right here on market and testing because this is a you guys had said they would like to see a pay increase, but they also like. >>see the likes the basic workplace protections, and a voice on the job through a union again this is both uber and lyft these are some. >>views of the past protests. they have also done and a look mt where they have been going with that now something they'd like to see is legislation go through they've been working on something known as ab 5 it's making its way through the state senate and it would basically add more protection to the workers and go through the supreme. but this is something that they again like a mention would like to see change we actually reach out to lift this morning and just got a statement and we added some information right here on your screen that you can see. >>a response from lift itself and it reads in part lift is advocating for an approach in
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line with the interests of our driver community by modernizing it century old labor laws that make it difficult to provide flexibility and benefits that's why we've been working with lawmakers and labor leaders on different solution. drivers can continue to control. when and how long they drive that is from cj macklin with the left we have also reached out to over this morning waiting for in a statement from them as well, but again at 10 30 this morning. we have people that will be protesting here in front of the uber headquarters in downtown off market street for now reporting live in san francisco christina tetreault kron 4 news. thank you christina, breaking news from overnight a fire broke out at a parking garage in sandra fell crews are on the scene until about 4 o'clock this morning. >>they managed to put out the flames it did not appear to spread to surrounding buildings and structures in right now the cause of the fire still under investigation. >>a disturbing discovery in the south bay police found a woman's body in san jose near the guadalupe river park less than a half a mile from the
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sapd center. they say the death is suspicious. so they're looking in the area for any witnesses trying to piece together what happened. >>there's just. >>the stuff going on along this riverside park here. i don't know there will be somebody getting hurt or somebody overdosing that yeah it's pretty much a daily. >>people say that the park is dangerous and police spent about 10 hours combing through the area looking for clues. san bruno police have arrested 2 more people for the shooting it and friend mall earlier this month, 18 year-old andre le john gant there's his picture right there. >>he was arrested in martinez police say he was driving a stolen car was taken into custody after a brief chase he was wanted in connection with the july second shooting was injured 2 people at the mall. this is surveillance video of the incident and you can see people in the mall running for their lives after the shots were fired. get was booked into the san mateo county jail
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on attempted murder and conspiracy charges. police also arrested a 14 year-old boy in connection with the shooting but because he's a minor his name has not been released. he also however faces attempted murder and conspiracy charges. the driver involved in a deadly hit and run in san francisco has been arrested we first brought you the story yesterday morning on the kron 00:04am morning news. it happened in the city's tenderloin district police say the big rig hit 54 year-old michael evans and then dragged him for several blocks investigators found the truck a short time later, not in the tenderloin however, but along the embarcadero the driver 65 year-old oscar matus was charged with one count of vehicular manslaughter. and one count of fail pedestrian. >>on the peninsula man is behind bars accused of lewd acts acts with a minor and authorities think there may be more victims. this is the man they arrested on july 17th, they questioned him first 24 year-old won of in a gas
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because he was found in a car with a girl on pass creek road and then figured out that he committed lewd acts with that 13 year-old girl and that he gave or marijuana and had mess on him. in the east bay, a gang member is charged with sex-trafficking a minor 34 year-old michael dwayne nelson is from richmond. he was arrested for using social media to find a 16 year-old for saxo he's accused of minor. i having set with a minor and was also charged with burglarizing a home in hercules and he has prior felony convictions for attempted murder and being a gang member. >>the veteran from the bay area drowned at lake tahoe earlier this week, andrea, a j r chasm there's a picture there. he served in iraq and worked as a correction officer for the san mateo county sheriff's department the sheriff's office i should say. investigators say bystanders
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pulled him from the water at zephyr cove on the south shore deputies tried frantically to save his life. but he later died at the hospital. livermore police just released these new pictures of a shooting suspect police say 21 year-old jorge to last shot and killed 15 year-old emanuel knows be earlier this month near a taco bell on stan lee boulevard. well as be was a student at livermore high school police say the teen got into an argument when to with still has before he was shot. new this morning a mountain lion was caught on surveillance video wandering in san bruno on the kron 4 of you are actually sent this video to us and you can see the big cat on the left side of your screen just sauntering through the neighborhood fortunately, nobody was out at the time and that line didn't attack anybody and this is on 1000 drive. >>happening now. morgan hill police are investigating a case of robbery at ulta beauty stores they've been hit multiple times and they think
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it's the same ring of women, 5 women who stole thousands of dollars worth of makeup in various robberies that have happened only 2 of the women have been identified, so far and that was for merchandise that was taken on tuesday. they think that they been responsible for 8 different robberies that have been happening over the past 6 months. >>these are folks that are very familiar with what they're doing this not the first time they have unfortunately a retail store is vulnerable right now. and uh you know they're they're just taking advantage of it. >>police believe that they are connected all of the different robberies, so they're still piecing it together in the east bay contra costa county chp. >>found this amazon trucking else abroad. a problem is it only had one package left in and there were 71 when the guy swiped it, here's the man that they are arrested. so if you
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were in on any of those prime sales that maybe your stuff that was lost or stolen or is gone in any event they arrested the man whose name is steve being for a taking that and they're also looking for one other person. happening today lift is bringing back its electric bikes to san francisco muni has given creation for lyft to deploy up to 1900 electric bikes throughout the city. >>back in april lift removed its electric bikes from service because of brake issues back then you might recall they were operating under the name for it go. and now you'll see them around the city under a new name bay wheels. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, a warning about your dog streets. some of them can actually make you sick by touching that. plus new video of a fatal police shooting of the east bay we have the latest on the investigation. they need to go back to their country. y z legal. and a convenience store clerk is fired after his outburst to 2
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foreign tourists goes viral. and we are looking at temperatures this morning in the 50's and 60's. >>i later on today though we've got some 70's 80's >>really nice forecast for your friday, i've got to the details still ahead. >>and just a minor weights at the bay bridge toll plaza for those of you more about to head into san francisco, looking good for friday morning. we like this 14 minutes off to fremont street. we'll check more bridges and drive times after the break. >>little printer was just a little >>kron four's award-winning original documentary people haven't if you going to worry about earthquakes don't live in this area, a must-see earthquake special. >>the hayward fault, definitely makes me the most nervous for everyone living in the bay are these falls to fail because they have in the past where the fault lies the past where the fault lies saturday july 27th at 9 ♪
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>>7.13 right now and we're looking at the weather was going to be a quite a nice weekend. yeah, it really is i'd sometimes it's nice to talk about these next weekend's and sullivan the knots in iceland. i don't care if it rains on the weekend weekends are always right you know exactly a week it is always good, but sometimes it is nice to put the cherry on top of it and just have something to enjoy and we do have good barbecuing good poolside weather for the days to come a touch of fog this morning. but that's really all it has been just a little dose here and there for the most part skies have been actually pretty clear across the
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region. golden gate park looking great for your morning jog through the park cimarron also looking pretty good. there is a golden gate bridge out there in the distance. those clouds passing overhead not really blocking out visibility anywhere and just a touch of cloud cover over mount diablo this morning so you get the picture it is a nice start to the weekend plenty of sunshine out there and more and more sunshine as we work our way into the afternoon this friday skies will be nice and clear tomorrow and sunday too you're going to have a touch of morning fog tomorrow morning as well as into sunday morning much like the fog and cloud cover that we are looking at right now nothing that should stop you from enjoying this weekend as much as possible. 50's and 60's in san francisco today, upper 60's a mission district and financial districts. montero low 60's while half moon bay in the mid 60's. few 70's stretching from millbrae burlingame down the peninsula to redwood city in palo alto each at 76 degrees. and then you get to the south bay and look at this santa clara san jose in morgan hill. i haven't talked about numbers, this cool for you in a while down into the 70's for
7:15 am
your highs to get out there and enjoy that that is going to feel really good 70's and hayward free my 80's over into the tri valley as well as up their walnut creek in concord oakland year low 70's today at 71 sonoma any out low 80's while benicia in antioch right at 77. also continuing the nice weather through sandra fell up to santa rosa. all in the mid to upper 70's along one o one there today and tomorrow a very like each other mostly sunny skies low 80's inland low 70's by the day. then we work our way into sunday monday and tuesday a little warmer with highs on a seasonal now after that wednesday and thursday we get a little bit above average for this time of year nearing the 90's on both of these days and looking even hotter towards the finish of next week. robin thank you john we're checking in on bay area bridges first and they are little crowd over really not bad. >>for our friday, you are getting a break not as many folks on the road this friday morning so if you're about to head over to the richmond sandra fell bridge that woman
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struck my clicker sorry about that no but it's going to be pretty sluggish here from richmond parkway right through the tolls getting on to the bridge. averaging 14 minutes that is really good to make it to the north bay, the bay bridge traffic light and quiet as well, the only line we have this carolnect are there other than that it's a great trip into san francisco with no problems at 14 minutes. i do want to take you down to san jose because we have this crash south one oh one and oakland road and it was possibly caused by a large puddle of water e may have some flooding here and that caused a couple of folks to spin out. so u'm telling you this so you can look out for and south one oh one right around old oakland row reports of lots of water in the road causing crashes northbound sick human direction and that's getting a little crew how did but not bad at all you're looking at 13 minutes for the drive for jayco to danville that's great and the dow martin is getting a little busy but not bad 14 minutes from fremont to bayfront expressway will robin a big story that we're following this morning 2 sisters
7:17 am
visiting the us are now at the center of a viral video that's causing protests. >>they were told to go back to their country sarah schulte has their story. >>the fernanda sisters are on vacation from mexico visiting their naperville cousins, the sisters very first visit to the united states. >>resulted in a protest in front of a gas station. >>in a video that's gone viral. they need to go back to their country. y z legal after a bike ride yesterday, the family stopped at the bookies mobil gas station 15 year-old indira boot. ron went inside to buy a bag of chips. >>and there says the mail clerk looked at her family waiting outside and asked him to run for mexican cousins were legal. >>and i only really could use a why she wants to know they're legal or not so when i got of the gas station. i liked told my mom. >>another cousin, caroline of ron went inside to confront the clerk. >>i go and i and i ask him on the kosi want to sit here and be racist as if that's not ok, he's like you need to leave i
7:18 am
think i don't need to leave he's like i'm american. i was a book i'm american to i was born here to the confrontation escalated with the saying they need to go back to their country and making threats about ice. >>ice will call. >>god bless you >>the exchange prompted protests with strangers coming out in support of the family. i was more to fight. >>that this employee felt it was ok for him to speak to anyone in that manner. >>comments come on the heels of president trump's racist tweets telling russian of color to go back to the countries they gh came from trump the gas station protests was about that until he learned what the clerk said that the family i don't disagree with that now that i know what's going on this part of that. >>and that was my place that was e the disrespect that some people like that ago that lame awful up to.
7:19 am
>>according to the gas station the cashier in the video no longer works at the business. >>for your money this morning kids would rather be youtube stars then astronauts and san francisco has just been named one of the best big cities to live in jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hi jane. >>heidari a good morning a san francisco named the 6th best city to live in in the nation. it was second best for quality of life or for health education and economy, san jose also ranked high for economy and health, san francisco had one of the lowest homeownership rates but had the highest income growth and was a top walking cities as well. virginia beach, virginia case you're wondering tops on of a condo seemed e uits a job earlier this month was a 129% higher than a year ago. according to usa today. the latest on the cover price search can be attributed to high demand and also the fact that california had the smallest of a condo crop in more than 10 years. well today
7:20 am
kids in the us would much rather be youtube stars then astronauts, let's go into a new survey created to commemorate the space launch of apollo 11, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week. this survey was conducted by harris poll on behalf of lego only 11% of us kids said they have their sights set on the stars. 30% of children said they wanted to be bloggers or youtube stars, chinese kids by the way were also surveyed and they chose astronaut. well the movie catch just came out with the trailer and the internet just absolutely fates that the movie is based on the legendary musical andrew lloyd webber of course that here's some headlines for your eyes ar for the horror of the caps trailer, another one the trailer has shaken me to my core and one person called the scariest thing this all day only the nasdaq marketsite live i mean. lion king is at y 2 cars like it's too realistic or something we i'm not sure i watch and started out ok get a little weird. it's different from the stage show of course
7:21 am
i think they're trying to kind of recreate that maybe didn't quite work as well that they you know, so i get creep obama jury still out. yes, and. >>thank you jane and liking just came out so the jury's still out that's right. we'll get coming up in the crime. use what oakland police are now offering for information on a man's unsolved murder. >>also on the kron 4 morning news. still ahead us representatives take a step toward raising the federal minimum wage for the first time in 10 years. but the bill still faces a major hurdle before we get all those stories, let's head outside and show you this is. >>if you are a full look how light the traffic is at the bay bridge toll plaza robin winston level full man's world?
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>>new this morning police in palo alto are looking for a person who robbed another driver at gunpoint after they got into a road rage argument on arboretum road near the stanford shopping center they started you know yelling at each other from their cars and then one of them through hot coffee all cup of coffee into the other guy's car they pulled over no parking lot and then the guy who threw the coffee flashed a gun took the other driver cell phone and took off. 7 24 in the east bay, a burglar died when his car chased by police in antioch and crash near the intersection of the cannon road and contra along the boulevard there's ne
7:25 am
kron 4 viewer took this video for us but we do not have the name. the man who died in the stolen car. warning about treats you might be giving your dogs they could be hazardous to your health, the cdc and fda are investigating an outbreak of salmonella infections. >>linked to contact with pig ear dog treats. the cdc says that there are now a total of 93 people infected in 27 states, including right here in california. 20 people have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported. now some of those streets are being recalled the f f d a says seminole discovered in pig ear treats can infect people either get this from handling the trees or directly from a dog once that dog becomes ill for more information on this recall visit our website at kron 4 dot com. in national news, the house passed a bill to raise the minimum wage for the first time in t
7:26 am
wage act. we bring the federal minimum wage up gradually from $7.2 now. house speaker nancy pelosi spoke about the importance a passing this bill. this bill a tease that equality getting nearly 20 million working women. >>that is nearly one 3rd of all working women, a raise and it helps narrow the gender wage gap that, disproportionately targets women of color, putting more money in the pockets of more than one 3rd of working women of color. >>the rays will get nearly 30 million americans are raise states already able to raise the wage beyond the federal minimum and many have already done that in california for example, it's $12 per hour and in many bay area cities. it's at $15. >>the first woman to land on the moon could be read right here from the bay area here about 3 of them who are being
7:27 am
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>>and 29 were checking out whether traffic for you how's the friday will it is surprisingly light. >>i keep thinking look at the bay bridge like okay wins the community was a traffic and it really hasn't filled in months, so it's looking good one of those days like today set the clock wrong. saving time i had an answer for that
7:30 am
is called in sick because it's good weather. they get 3 day weekend. they lay down the tracks on sounds done we're going have a code word for like a sick day in your forecast the last this is going to be one of those days. outside which is going to be one of those could still go to work. >>just enjoy afterward this is your look outside at the golden gate bridge is clear and yesterday that is for sure it was just so foggy yesterday through the golden gate and then it stayed pretty cloudy at the golden gate all day long you're already seeing sunshine out there this morning which shows you just how different the start to the day as than yesterday was cloud cover now retreating up the shoreline she asked a little bit of it still hanging out over in the hills of the east bay, it's not going to last much longer and we are going to be looking at some temperatures today that are going to be really comfortable still cool during morning hours for sure but 6070's 80's by the afternoon. the rest of
7:31 am
your weekend forecast is still to come rob and alright checking back in on the bay bridge now is a great time to make that drive into san francisco. >>because it looks like this still a free are carpool lanes were backing up on the left but that's no longer the case. cash lanes fast track lanes look great we haven't had. delays all morning. so it's a great trip coming in you're averaging 15 minutes to fremont street, here's a trouble spot. it's for the south bay, san jose south 1 one and oakland road, some of the lanes there are flood it we don't know why or where that water is coming from. but it has caused a crash ash with injuries so the left lane and i 8.80 northbound a little busy but not bad for friday. we're looking at 45 minutes, san jose to menlo park that's heading north star you will. >>marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and now the search is on for the first woman to walk on the moon as doug johnson tells us 3 candidates, toria. right here in the bay area of the 38 active astronauts in nasa's astronaut corps, 12 or when.
7:32 am
>>any of these an amazing job. >>janet id is on the board of governors for the national space society. she says several the potential candidates have northern california ties and i went to stanford university to get a master's in mechanical engineering call man was born in petaluma it has been in the astronaut program since 2013 he was a lieutenant colonel in the marine corps, he served as a test pilot sa, 18 hornet and super hornet has been deported twice were aircraft carriers and support. >>for in afghanistan trained as an engineer may have helped develop nasa's orion spacecraft. >>this is nasa's next generation human space capsule. >>space agency plans to use. >>for the litter mission they've titled artemis a greek goddess who is the twin sister of apollo. >>i'm kate rubins i'm an astronaut in the molecular biologist, and the ribbons grew up in napa. >>her mother currently lives in davis she has a very different kind back she actually gradually 8.
7:33 am
>>a degree in molecular biology and she is chemistry and my career its perch she was selected for nasa's astronaut corps in 2009. >>as lot a 115 days in space aboard the international space station in 2016. >>unfortunately in the scie ces and engineering you often times are one of the only women doing the kinds of jobs that we do in order to get to nasa and become an astronaut megan mcarthur grew up in san jose point as an astronaut since 2000 the she not. >>says she's catholic at the by and she sent thing behind for. >>served as the mission specialist aboard the final space shuttle journey to the hubble telescope in 2009. >>she's even for years, providing support for training. the international space station every she's already sent 13 days in space and to see a scene now 6 the prints on them be quite exciting in sacramento, doug johnson.
7:34 am
>>fantastic in the east may we're now seeing new video of another fatal police shooting. this one happened in san leandro last month. police responded to martin drive to a call about a man threatening his neighbors with a machete in after police attempted negotiate with the suspect the situation actually get worse where police say they had to fatally shoot him. >>so we felt that to getting this information out to the public and as soon as we could. to provide a factual details too what occurred would. the questions of the public may have as to what took place during this incident. at rest. >>so the object in the hand and end up being not a machete but a 6 inch long painted piece of wood. >>and the police officers union are clashing over a fatal officer-involved shooting where a homeless man with mental health issues died
7:35 am
and now the police commission wants the officers fired here's the body. cam footage showing what happened in march of last year when officers responded to an armed unconscious man lying between 2 homes and ended up opening fire. they fired a combined 12 shots. coming from 5 different officers, the commission says that violated the use of force policy and they should be fired. but the union says this ignores the findings of 5 previous investigations that exonerated the officers they claim that the 5 officers involved were co protecting the residents from an armed suspect. the nation about a deadly shooting investigation going on in richmond. police say that the man waled on tuesday was brian scales and then he was a registered sex-offender police found him shot near 18th street and chancellor avenue tuesday night and he died at the hospital. they haven't
7:36 am
released any information about the shooter. >>police are asking for your help to help them solve a murder that happened earlier this year and 25 york why me down this is a picture right there was shot and killed on february 11th on clara street. they're offering a $10,000 reward for any information that can lead them to the killer in the case. as our state braces for another a challenging fire season. there's an agreement on the money owed to state fire departments for fighting wildfires on federal land. the us forest service in california emergency management officials agreed this week to move forward with a california fire assistance agreement, the contract requires that the federal government to reimburse our state when whenever the firefighters go on to federal land. now it's been in effect for decades, but earlier this year the us forest service propose changing the billing process claiming california was overcharging the federal government. state officials have said the department owed california about million from
7:37 am
last year's fire season. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news at the 8 o'clock hour convicted drug lord el chapo will spend the rest of his life behind bars in america's most secure prison. that can it contained. and after the break the dangers of leaving kids in car, it's when it's very hot. now lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that could potentially save lives and fortunately not very hot this weekend we are going to be looking at temperatures getting toastie ahead of us though. >>i'm talking when the heat is back in your forecast, i'm tracking your commute around the bay area we're checking out the golden gate bridge traffic looks great here 20 minutes. that's quick novato to the toll plaza. lowe's knows to paint it "right", only the best will do.
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>>more than a dozen kids have died after being left in hot cars so far this year following a record breaking 52 killed last year now lawmakers are debating of carmakers should be responsible for making sure it doesn't happen. jessica to nor has the story. >>family as temperatures continue to rise. so do the risks of hot car deaths this is bound to happen during this heat wave distracted parents who accidentally leave their children in a hot car. mississippi senator roger wicker knows families back home who have made this tragic mistake i had killed my son. my por sweet little boy.
7:41 am
earlier this summer miles harrison told lawmakers how it happened to him harrison's newly adopted ta other chase died of heat stroke. after he forgot to drop the boy off at day care on a 90 degree day chase would have been a teenager today i still have not forgiven myself. and don't know if i have the capacity to do so wicker's bill the hot cars act would require all new vehicles to alert parents when someone is still in the back seat after they turn off the car. the legislation failed 2 years ago, some manufacturers have since built in the technology. but others continue to resistant the auto alliance, which represents the auto industry is carefully reviewing the proposal but says the better approach as public awareness and education, what argues it would only cost about a 100 more dollars per vehicle, this is something that the industry can do and it can be done. >>costs free while carmakers decide whether they're willing whicker hopes to send the bill to the house by the end of the summer. >>in washington, i'm just eaten or.
7:42 am
>>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning buzz, the giants stay hot, but how much longer will and they have bad bomb and klay thompson is recovering from knee surgery will get a peek at - hey, mike.
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after qualifying purchases when you apply and are approved for the hawaiian airlines world elite mastercard. plus, you earn miles on everyday purchases. get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit morning feels good to be saying that and looking outside looks good to be taken talking about a forecast like this. >>this is the golden gate park and well richmond district,
7:45 am
sunset district all we can really nice and clear this morning certainly a lot more sunshine already this morning. the new had any time a day yesterday out towards tim iran also some cloud cover now breaking in looking at some sunshine on the way and out of the east bay it's kind of the same situation right now cloud cover is really stacked up across the east bay hills and then she just off shore along the shoreline if you're right on the bay in the south bay are up in the north bay. you are looking at predominately sunny skies that is unless you're a little closer to the coast out in the north bay skies remain clear throughout the rest of the day and then we work our way into tonight another dose of fog will scoot inn across the bay area. tomorrow we see clear right back out look at another comfortable day with temperatures pretty similar to today's fog pushes back in tomorrow night and then sunday morning starts off much the same. but temperatures on sunday are actually going to be on the rise just a little bit as for today, the coolest temperatures of the week so ll as up and and san wn the peninsula. that's not
7:46 am
far away from where we were yesterday even if temperatures are just cooler than yesterday there only going to be cooler by a couple of degrees. so today, we're just adding up a little bit more sunshine subtracting a degree or 2 making for a comfortable one santa clara, san jose in morgan hill down into the upper 70's today. such a good place to be low 80's up in the tri valley well 70's for hayward union city and fremont 60's in berkeley and richmond well low 80's unconquered walnut creek danville in san ramon. no 90's up in the north bay today nor did he see him yesterday napa benicia in antioch in the upper 70's, well, 60's continue out at the coast in stinson beach in point rays. here's your next 7 days do enjoy today and tomorrow, especially as these will be the coolest of your forecast. sunday monday and tuesday will be bad either they're right on par with seasonal averages. but then and comes wednesday and thursday nearing the 90's inland with nearing temperatures in the 80's by the bay and after that getting even hotter yet looking likely into the start of next
7:47 am
weekend. thank you john checking back in on the san mateo bridge a little crowded one of the busier bridges it's recovering from a crash. >>at the high rise that is long gone a little slow from the tolls to the high rise, we'll put it at 16 minutes to the peninsula. minor wait here at the richmond sandra fell bridge will back up off and on right at the toll plaza. but that's about it it's been a great trip so far into the north bay 12 minutes right on time. i'll take you over to 5.80 because we do have a new crash right around the car there so that is jamming up traffic through oakland backed up just be on 98 golf links as you approach the accident. so that's why picked up all of a sudden at 23 minutes to make it to downtown oakland, we're checking in on this flooding, south one oh one in oakland road in san jose be on the lookout for it led to a spin out that still wrapping up so little bit of a southbound slow down northbound much heavier because that's the commute side. but it's not terrible 44 minutes from san jose to menlo park and then crowded in san francisco, northbound from 3rd to cesar
7:48 am
chavez southbound from cesar chavez to sear appoint parkway. the giants are stealing headlines in winning games. it's like they woke up and remember how to rning after that 16 inning game that went on until almost midnight. that bomb had a rough start but turned it around and ended up going 9 innings and gave up just one run. we're done as though they're still going to trade him so this probably just increases stock. the game was tied at one going into extra innings the mets took the lead in the 16th and then the giants scored 2 runs in the bottom of the inning and went on to win it 3 to 2 that's 13 wins. and the last
7:49 am
15. even if they can't make it to the playoffs at least the final season his career won't be an embarrassment. we're getting our first peek at klay thompson post-surgery to fix his torn acl he posted a pic of himself on the rehab table with his loyal steed he his sid little riyadh to i don't know. cover it i was supposed to be 5 to 7 months. but there's no way that rocco is going to wait that long for a walk. find his way out of the weeds at the british open. ever cut the grass, tiger just got cut from the field he just finished his second round this morning at one under but yesterday was so bad that he is done she was terrible on his first outing he shot a 78. cry from the leaders who are shooting 5 or 6 under he looked nothing like the tiger
7:50 am
who won the masters just a few months ago, but his body is nothing like what it used to be. it's and some procedures of had a little times. just was going to be. >>as i said and what others plan less term its ishares i can hopefully prolong my career. there for a little longer. >>just remember as bad as your day was somebody else's was probably worse, american david duvall blew up. he lost his ball all he played the role. well, he got scores. i never even heard of a quadruple bogey bogey. which is a 14 on a par 4. my rule is if i run out of fingers i stopped counting. a nebraska woman was
7:51 am
a mom on a mission to do what we don't know maybe a for she just wanted toet where we put the stick figure, somewhere between washington and jefferson that's where she got stop the park police were flooded with calls when people saw a 30 year-old woman leave her 2 young kids in the rest of our extended families are scrambling up around the barriers up onto the rocks at the base. she was barefoot and with no climbing gear, so it seems it was unplanned it is illegal to climb route rushmore of mount rushmore though you know you go on youtube and you can see lots of people doing it. lots of people have tried the elevation is 5,275 feet. she made it to 15 feet from the top before they were able to arrest her and she was fined $1000 and see in the fee was $30 you can say whether that was worth it because at i don't know what she was out to prove, but good job the buzz.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>disney's remake of the lion king opens this weekend and is expected to be king of the jungle by the end of the weekend david daniel has the
7:55 am
preview. >>the lion king is ready to be crowned disney's photorealistic cgi take on its 25 year-old animated classic etition for the weekend title box office watchers say it will debut with at least million and possibly as much as 180 million that would surpass the biggest previous opening for a disney remake beauty and the beast which debuted in 2017 with million. in hollywood. i'm david daniel. >>still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news uber and lyft drivers are set to protests in san francisco a little bit later this morning. also in the south bay that you see the pictures right there
7:56 am
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i'll get it. you coule on renters insurance. luckily, her dorm is about he10 minutesollege. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about... 10 minutes! 10 minutes... from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at >>thanks f taking a look at weather and traffic know hats final hot spots. these like that idea. >>all right we don't want to be hot spots we haven't had
7:59 am
any we've had minor accidents traffic is recovering. some of the bridges are great and some are just a little slow, but it's not that this will hear what to say here. all that straight. my flip-flops are calling me or a you know what difference a day makes yesterday was rough and traffic those 05:00pm. today it's sunny cool and a easy and traffic we'll fix outside. this could have provided for that. there at the golden gate bridge own called sunny, but you do have a dose of blew up to the skies. definitely some low clouds that are hanging out still along the just a few clouds along the coast as i mentioned and then our right up there in the east bay hills besides that conditions actually pretty clear this morning and we're going to see
8:00 am
a lot more sunshine later today, sunny for san jose, partly cloudy at times this morning certainly for oakland and are going to get clearing clear into the afternoon more your forecast is ahead robin all right, thank you john we're checking in on the bay bridge, the drive into san francisco looks fantastic. >>earlier we have a line and some of the car pool lanes that's gone so right now it is going to be a great trip. i thought by now we'd have a backup because we normally do even if it's a friday. there is at least a little bit of a pack up to the law or to the aid of the over crossing but not this morning so off you're on vacation or out of town i don't know but you're not on a t and it looks really good 14 minutes to fremont street are checking in on 92, we had 2 minor crashes. one at the toll plaza one at the high rise,


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