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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 16, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher 07:00am on this tuesday morning. let's see how things are shaping up weather wise and on the traffic front for you beginning with the committee rob. yes, hey there it's really picking up, but it's still not a bad drive. so there's nothing to worry about. >>but you need to get out there now because it's already passed. >>ok and it is still funny, i think they very foggy are speclly guys haven't even gotten a view of it yet normally by this time you can start to see in the fog of being in and out a little bit you'll get a little peek at the golden gate bridge. that has not happened yet this morning it's still a very socked in at the golden gate bridge as well as up and down the coastline where you're seeing the fog is dense where you're not seeing it you've got some really clear skies overhead so kind of a night and a thing going on in the bay right now either you're under the sunshine or you're not foggo burn off and by the time we work towards 10:00am for the most part we really do have that dose of sunshine returning to the core of the bay area just having to wait a couple of hours to get there now temperatures this morning
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have been comfortably mild not a big change from yesterday despite the fact that a lot of us are under these grey skies. patchy fog in the 50's and 60's with mostly sunny skies later on 60's and 70's by noon and some 80's returning by the afternoon. the rest of your forecast still to come all right, let's check in on the bridge is you know they are busy that includes 92 the trip across the san mateo bridge. >>the slowdown starts before the toll plaza before you even get on the stand going to be sitting in some traffic and that pretty much continues on the flat section approaching high rise. so we have a little spider little visitor there to keeping an eye on traffic. but no major issues here 25 minutes off to one on one the bay bridge drive into san francisco looks totally normal backed up through the maze all connectors are solid. but as usual the carpool lanes are wide open. so you know that helps lots of drizzle and fog out there it's hard to see here from this camera at the richmond sandra fell bridge. so you can meet the headlights and the wipers on west 5.88 is backed up to parkway.
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>>thank you robin happening now in the east bay concord police are looking for a person who shot a stockton man at a water park christy grosz spoke with the man who was shot. >>grantchester i was a day. >>so as bad it's a birthing danny's new 8 year old daughter will likely never forget that for all the wrong reasons i'm certain one shot l a and then the rain afterwards, danny was shot in the parking lot of 6 flags were looking for britain conquered saturday today he's recovering at home in stockton, and he and his girlfriend rina tell fox 40 would happen the assets to protect their identities went in right here came out my side right here in the stomach and then went in my leg and then exited the let me say it all started when they went back to their car to take a smoking lunch break in the mean park next to them hit their car as he got into the driver's seat that's when rina says things escalated and the guy told him you know you have an f in problem, you know and. >>and he's like let me roll the window down the next thing
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i see is to get the guys grabbing a gun out of his glove box and then each point in the car i jump out of the car and i'm screaming please don't shoot him please don't shoot any was still seated in the back seat of the car he jumped out the car. >>had a gun and stuck in the window mike you try to hit me in the face with it or just pointed my face i don't know, but says it has not grabbed grabbed his handgun and i pushed it out the window seconds later the gun goes off you know i thought on the night he killed and you know he you know, even though he was holding myself i thought he was going to die. danny was rushed to a concord hospital as the rest of his family was still inside the park. >>so far no arrests have been made i want the police tying him. >>you to pay for what he's done. you know you could take his life. >>and the couple says that they just bought a season pass to that water park they say they don't know if they're going to be back because they don't feel safe.
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>>happening today federal investigators will be on the scene of that deadly helicopter crash in the east bay, there's the accident scene in the distance a flight instructor and a student went down. at the hayward executive airport and that's where kron 4 sarah stinson is live this morning with the very latest on the investigation, sarah. >>i've moved closer to the senior the hayward executive airport. where you can actually see the helicopter that went down yesterday take a look at the video. i just shot now we know that it was a crash during an instruction. a flight instruction the instructor died on scene that person is 62 year old wayne roger and we know that he died on scene and then his student is right now in critical condition at eden medical center our covering from very serious injuries, no. the 2 men were practicing maneuvers in a robinson r 44 helicopter. this type of choppers very popular for teaching people how to fly. the crash was reported around 2 30 yesterday afternoon right here off the
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runway. emergency crews rushed to the scene as i said the instruction was found dead they rushed the student to the hospital by ambulance, it's still unclear if the cause of the crash was mechanical or human error but that is what federal investigators will be looking into this morning. the manager of the airport says his main priority is being there for the families involved during this tragic time. >>our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased pilot. be on that we're going to assist the national transportation safety board. any way we can with the investigation to make it easier for them. >>and the ntsb should be here in the next couple hours to pick back up with that investigation they are still looking to see what caused this crash. but also we don't know for sure if they've learned a if the instructor or is the student was the pilot during the crash. but again this is right off of the runway so they will be looking
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into what went wrong. a live in hayward sarah stinson kron 4 news all right sarah, thank you very much. >>happening now police are looking for a group of people who assaulted and robbed a man in pleasant hill in the area of boyd road in cleveland road. the attackers took off before the cops got there the victim's cell phone and wallet were taken he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. in the south bay, a fast-moving fire burns 50 acres in the foothills of the san jose. firefighters were able to save 10 homes. but 2 homes were destroyed and a dog died in the fire. and there were several other large animals that crews were able to evacuate. neighbors say up till now they've been clearing brush around their properties to prevent this from happening. >>yes, so make sure there's no i we was nothing to burn that except our barn is right on the edge. but it did not catch on fire because we've cleared everything out and that's so
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important when you live on a place like this. no word yet on the cause of the fire. >>in national headlines. a new rule takes effect today that prohibits migrants from seeking asylum if they have lived in or traveled through a 3rd country that includes those people who are coming through mexico. the departments of justice and homeland security issued a new rule tuesday. the new regulation comes as an influx of migrants have been attempting to cross into the united states. some republicans on capitol hill say the new rule is needed to help secure the southern border, but critics say it won't improve the crisis at the border and the american civil liberties union in fact is planning to sue. mexico's government is rejecting the new asylum rule saying it won't affect mexican citizens. some advocates for undocumented immigrants protested in front of the amazon office building in downtown san francisco. those demonstrators claim the online retail giant does business with ice. and they were joined by activists in several major us cities calling on amazon to get out of the business with ice. the demonstrators say
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amazon is allowing ice to collect data to target people and then deport them they also claim that amazon has attempted to sell to the federal government facial recognition software that could be used in raids. >>amazon is working with ice in this way. and we want to raise the profile and say you know there's many steps that we can take to support the immigrant community which is being targeted by this federal administration say we demand the amazon to the right thing they certainly have the profits to be able to make better choices. >>kron 4 has reached out to amazon. but so far has not yet heard back. >>a federal judge in san francisco reduced an million award against monsanto to $25 million for a sonoma county man the 70 year-old and when hard men who said that roundup weed killer causes cancer and a jury ordered monsanto to pay him $80 million in damages. the federal judge says a supreme court guideline requires him to reduce that to
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25 million monsanto is facing more than 13,000 roundup lawsuits in us and federal federal and state courts. 2 cases from the bay area have gone to trial and resulted in verdicts against monsanto. novato police are looking for a man who robbed a woman as she was sitting in her car behind a business. you open the passenger so door and pointed a gun at and her yesterday behind a business on first street and grand avenue took her money and credit cards and then got away in a blue volkswagen. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news after 4 days lost in the woods, a california hiker is found safe and sound we're going to hear from her family. what experience she went through. >>and exactly 50 years ago this morning 3 men were racing to the moon. >>apollo 11 the uss hornet right here in the bay area played a huge role in it. coming up we'll talk to one of them and helping to reunite some of the people behind the
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mission. and we are reunited with the fog this morning after taking a break from 8 yesterday. >>foggy in cool to start things off 50's 60's is where we're at right now i've got your forecast to come. >aand a slow trip as usual across the san mateo bridge. we're checking 92 and it's cool man's world?
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fog sick. >>is guys, yeah what a change from yesterday when we enjoyed crystal clear skies, not a little bit of fog even. and now today, the exact opposite painted on the gate bridge can even see the golden gate this morning of it is making shaving cream to occur kind of that actually that's a really unique way to describe it, i like it looking outside of mount am right here from senator tower you can see where the fog is hanging out if your top mount am right now what have you is that looking down at that shaving cream sitting across the day as we make our way through the day going to see less and less of it then gradually just more and more sunshine already seeing those sunny skies for a lot of the bay area so a lot of you're looking around where is this fog is talking about whole you know when you're in it because you're not seeing very much as far as visibility goes as far as skies are concerns not offering up any chance of rain ahead of us high pressure store southeast low to our north and west and we're not sure right there in the middle of it. now the jet stream is helping to aid in carrying some cool pacific air
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on shore. this is one of the reasons why we do have the return of fog so dense this morning and will continue to see it into tomorrow too after burning off this afternoon do expect dense fog again tomorrow even some coastal drizzle possible as you can see on a future cast right here tomorrow afternoon skies clearing back out return of fog into your wednesday evening to so we're going to get used to this trend a foggy mornings again and then those clear skies during your afternoon so monday was really the exception. so what is the rule the rest of the week. 60's 70's and 80's for your daytime highs today, just a couple of spots holding on to the 90's like pittsburgh and then vacaville. concord you are in the 90's yesterday now falling to 89 today, temperatures overall falling around one to 2 degrees today as compared to yesterday and for inland spots at least will continue to fall into the upcoming weekend eventually will be back into the low 80's for the weekend ahead, which in some cases is around 10 degrees. cooler than we were last weekend. robin.
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>>thank you john back to the golden gate where the fog is definitely impacting the traffic chp decided to issue a special fog advisory for people traveling across the golden gate because it's causing reduced visibility across the span you can see the span or the tower, so you need to be extra cautious to noforget the headlights and the wipers but no major delays we have lots of drizzle here on your wind chill and the camera at the richmond sandra fell bridge. you're back up on 5.80 stretches beyond return parkway that is normal 15 minutes to make it out to one o one. we're checking in on the bay bridge, not as much fog or drizzle here but we have a backup for sure that leads into the maze all connectors are tied except of the car pool lanes carpool lanes look great cash lanes of fast track lanes are backed up all the way into the maze on those connectors but it's under 20 minutes, i'll take it that's a good drive to fremont street highway 4 to 30 minutes antioch to concord 6.80 looking protect go to dan deal. no major issues for the nimitz and then one on one, definitely picking up it's getting a little crowded out
7:16 am
there from the south bay to the peninsula. but only 46 minutes to make it to menlo park. >>second died and was in journal. ignition sequence time. >>how about that 50 years ago today the world watched as the crew of apollo 11 blasted off on their mission to the moon at 09:32am eastern 6.32. pacific which was about 45 minutes ago and the uss hornet which is now station alameda played a major role in that mission that's right kron four's will tran join us live to explain. >>what the crew aboard hornet did will.
7:17 am
>>i'm inside the foreign and the crew members they monitor the mission and they were on standby when the 3 men returned to earth 8 days later, you can see his behind me a helicopter. this was not the helicopter but very similar to the one that was hovering in the pacific ocean that retrieve them and when they landed this is also something very similar to how they came now look al small this is your earliest sevens will step on the stairs and let you know how they were hot rolling back. enter earth on their backs backward there's very little room if you're not claustrophobic give yourself some time i'm sure after a few minutes you will be claustrophobic but they made it back here safely. this is a big day for the entire world and of course people behind the uss hornet about 400,000 people made this mission happened. here's jovetic on with cisco webex it is your
7:18 am
job to reunite these people from all over the globe, no yeah, you've got you've got an exciting event planned later today. as you know it's the 50th anniversary and you can have a. >>50th anniversary celebration got up land at the kennedy space center of that many of the original folks from the mission are going to be having event and you know beam and so the members of the original cover each recovery team right here from the uss harnett something in the us is going next acknowledge e to reunite that later today at 06:00pm. >>so for many people this will be their first time possibly seeing each other in decades to possibly a so a lot of these guys worked tirelessly 40400,000 people who were involved in the original apollo missions. so many of these guys going coming together using the security a complete from cisco a and and if you want to watch it live you can go on cisco cisco dot
7:19 am
com and you she met we will be covering it on the uss hornet starting at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. thank you so much for joining us if you can head back out live now really quickly they have done a great job. the uss hornet, not just the ship but also a museum you can see that something very similar right. this is where the 3 astronauts walked off in fact they have their footsteps right here neil armstrong buzz aldrin's footsteps as they walked over here. 2 a korean team, this is the one that they hopped into here and they stay there for several days just to make sure bring back anything other than rocks from the moon back to you guys. amazing all right. thank you very much well 7 19 is the time and for your money this morning to pull lay makes a major comeback and what is the difference. >>in earnings between college and non college grads in california. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more i want to see if it's worth it yes, good morning and this you know if you're on the fence about going to college. take this information college grads in
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california. a 133% more than on college grads it is the second fashion washington dc a little bit bigger college graduates still earn more than on college grads in every state that's according to the american consumer survey and even though college is expensive at least for now and in general data suggest having a college degree pace more in the long run no end in sight to the grounding of the boeing 7.37 max jets, southwest is postponing new higher training and some promotions, dallas news dot com says the classes were set to take place between september and december of this year. upgrades when pilots are promoted from first officer to captain, and they usually get a significant pay both with tha southwest says it will reinstate those classes once it has a clarification on when the 7.37 will fly again and uber will tie executive bonuses to diversity white men still make up most of its staff. but some diversity and inclusion goals for 2022, we'll be tied to executive compensation. the percentage
7:21 am
of women in leadership roles at burger from 21% to 28% in the past year. and has completely recovered from its e coli problems from a few years ago shares of to call a hit a new all-time high yesterday first time since august 2015. foley has added new salad bowls to cater to consumers and paleo with peter jennings diets. it's also introduce more the gun and a vegetarian menu options live from the nasdaq by changing back to daryn thank you jane. >>the 7.21. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the prosecution tries to refute the testimony of defense witnesses in the go ship warehouse fire trial will have the latest developments in a minute and a new sanctuary for animals in need is coming to the bay area. here's a quick live look outside the bay bridge approach things will to be lighting up just a little bit we'll get another update from robin in just a moment. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go.
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>>we'll come back 7.24 sfo has been one of our best views of kind of both of the situations we've got shaping up across the bay is morning which is sunshine overhead look at that just a few high-level cirrus clouds over sfo but then out in the distance that fog that streaming over san francisco, the golden gate parts of the east bay. despite the fact that you sfo are actually under some clear skies skies fog in the vicinity has helped to make for a delay around 47 minutes is where you're sitting right now as far as the inland areas of the state
7:25 am
goes even though it's still hard the president just 2 degrees shy of a 100 today that's cooler than yesterday when it had a 101 degrees. we'll enjoy a similar settle cool down today that is really going to continue on into the upcoming weekend. >>robin all right, thank you we want to head over to the bay bridge and check 80 into san francisco hasn't really improved, we don't expect it to its still stacked up from the maze for the cash for years and the fast track or some pretty much a slow drive in you're averaging about 15 minutes right oow off to fremont street, here's a peek at one oh one to san francisco busy in both directions between cesar chavez and 3rd to a d a little heavy alum a need to one o one all right, thank you very much robert. >>there will soon be a new home for some animals who don't have anywhere to go. the peninsula, humane society and the spca just purchase 261 acres of land in the low hyundai area in san mateo county that land that you see on the screen will be coming any most animal sanctuary for rescue animals with medical or behavioral issues. the 261
7:26 am
acres will be fenced in now they'll have small house like enclosures for the animals who likely can't be adopted. the organization has been looking into building the century for the last 5 years now. >>we get more animals who come to us sick or behave really messed up then was to come to us healthy. >>it will be another 12 to 18 months though before the sanctuary actually opens right now they're still in the designing phase and the beginnings of construction. 4 morning news president trump defending his racist attacks on 4 democratic congresswomen now those lawmakers are now those lawmakers are reacting this morning. apribut you don't need toñata hit a papier-mâché unicorn to get stuff you want. just become an aarp member! get health tips, learn about the latest tech, have nights out at local restaurants and more. get your aarp membership today.
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>>it's 07:28am it's like we're having a foggy start. yeah kind of slow when traffic to ride over the windshield of the car of the bridges are socked in fog and some of the cameras are pretty soggy too. so that means headlights and wipers you gonna came and when will this pullback, it's looking like between 09:10am we're going to see the most fact that so well. >>way so we're and the fog guys, yeah, it's very foggy and the bridges like robin mention golden gate bridge among those spots. you haven't been able to see the bridge all morning long and that has not changed it is stabber right there through the golden gate. you are starting to see some clearing are right on top of the bay right there for those of you cross the bay bridge as for the east bay still foggy in some spots still very foggy up and down the coastline and then another
7:30 am
sponsor announcing it at all ifact a lot of areas are really clear to start the day so it's a kind of night and day situation across the bay right now either you're really foggy or you're just sitting under some nice clear skies that much of the rest of the bay area will enjoy later on today once we get in the mix of that sunshine temperatures will begin to rise of 60's by the coast 70's right alongside the bay and into the afternoon some mid to upper 80's still remaining inland, i'm talking about the rest of the day today and the rest of the week still to calm in your forecast. >>robin thank you john back to the bay bridge. we check it often because it's our busiest in one of the often use for just during the morning right, it's stocked up from the maze hundreds of thousands of you use it every morning to get into san francisco and it's slow backed up into oakland 5.80 the nimitz and the east shore freeway. so you need to leave early so you'll be on time 15 to 20 minutes for your average and no hot spots, no major issues just some increasing drive times all around the bay area,
7:31 am
especially if you take one oh one we're almost at an hour's san jose to menlo park and the nimitz philly into a lot of stop and go traffic through hayward union city and fremont rolling south james sta ted thanks a lot rob and 7.30 and a big story we're following president trump is not backing down from his recent tweets where he attacked. >>progressive democratic congresswoman debt, but as joe johns reports the house isn't backing down either today. >>they're set to vote on a resolution condemning the president's tweets. >>they hate it i think with a passion president trump unapologetic defending his races twitter tirade aimed at 4 democratic congresswoman of color after telling them sunday to go back to help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they can doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >>and all i'm saying they want to leave they can leave now. it doesn't say lee forever. it's just leave if you at all for congress women are us citizens and 3 of them
7:32 am
representatives alexandria ocasio court has ion a presley and rashida to leave or born in the united states representative ilhan omar a somali refugee moving to the us as a child this is a distraction and we should not take the bait. >>the first term progress is known as the squad fighting back against the president's divison of words. >>he does not know how to defend his policies. so what he does. >>sadly this is not the first nor will it be the last time we hear disgusting bigoted language from the president. we know this week is who he is this is the agenda of white nationalist. >>and now now it's reached. the white house garden. >>trump later intensify his races clash in another tweet storm calling the congresswoman anti american and falsely insinuating more without mentioning her name is pro al qaeda as few as 19
7:33 am
republicans in congress denounced president trump's comments. >>i think those tweets are racist and xenophobe it and they're also inaccurate. but most falling short of directly calling trump's statements racist. >>was tweeted was destructive. was the meeting. was a diss unified and and frankly was very wrong. other gop lawmakers backing the president's rhetoric. i don't think he's races. i think he's an equal opportunity offender and i think any. >>i thinks from time to time some people think that they're special because offended by him president trump also going after house speaker nancy pelosi misrepresenting her sunday tweet where she wrote trump's mission is making america white again. >>let me tell you that's a very racist that's a very racist a bit of surprise should say that house democrats introducing a resolution strongly condemning president trump. i'm >>but just moments ago the president tweeted again this
7:34 am
morning saying quote those tweets were not racist. i have not i don't have a racist bone in my body and the so-called vote to be taken is a democrat con game republicans should not show weakness and fall into their trap. >>testimony in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial is beginning to wind down now and the jury could get the case before the end of the month, derek how many and max harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire. and oakland police officer took the stand to answer questions about a 2014 couch burning incident outside of the warehouse in the officers on the body cam video. the jury heard al main a saying it's amazing the fire didn't go inside because it could have been horrible. next an atf agent told the court that she took part in a pair of interviews of go shipped resident darrell delete as a witness for the defense leaked testified that he heard a
7:35 am
fight and then saw a man running from the go ship warehouse fire as it started however, the atf agent testified lead. never mentioned that information when he was interviewed the day after the fire. >>not going worry about that. yes of course in the thing that in peaches to credibility is says paiul for me. >>what i don't think one he was adequately. and 2 i don't think in the bigger picture that it's not meaningful. >>the closing arguments are set to take place later this month. >>well, california man will be spending the rest of his life in prison for killing an engaged couple in sonoma county back in 2004. investigators say the ohio couple was sleeping on gender beach when they were shot and killed by sean gallon. the case remained cold for more than a decade until gallon confessed to killing 22 year-old lindsey cut shawl and 26 year-old jason allen. he also pleaded guilty to killing his own brother. he was
7:36 am
sentenced this that they're 4 to 3 consecutive life terms in prison without the possibility of parole. in the north bay 61 year-old man crashed into a home with a newborn baby inside. and then admitted to police he was high on meth it happened in rohnert park not far from the fox show golf club. the homeowners were inside at the time, but luckily, nobody was hurt. unfortunately a building inspector says that home though is now unsafe to live in. >>a california and a woman and her dog went missing last week but they were found alive near a campground in yolo county 60 year-old cheryl powell was sick and reported missing friday after taking the family dog. out for a walk and she was then approached by a man with a knife. she was able to get away and avoided roads to stay away from the attacker. but that made it tough for her srchers to find her. >>i knew that there had to be something. she wouldn't just disappear into thin air. >>powell is in letting this
7:37 am
experience topper from hiking again she plans to get back to huntington beach park with her frien. >>coming up after the break we now know who killed a bay area scientist and dumped her body in greece will have the latest on the story. and we are looking at clear skies and some parts of the bay, not so much in other parts of the bay where that fog persists. >>temperatures still remaining pretty cool right next to 17 now in antioch your forecast is ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area going to be crowded and busy for you at the richmond center fell the richmond center fell bridge averaging 14 minute oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. >>the back 7.39 a look above the clouds in san francco as well as those other foggy spots in the day the show just a couple of clouds in the sky that we can look forward to once or foggy spots in the bay clear out some of us already sitting under those mostly sunny skies as we speak. now to another part of the country of course we're tracking the remnants of former hurricane barry. still resulting in some heavy rain stretching from arkansas on up into missouri and illinois now as for louisiana, it's just the cleanup now that's conditions really calm down there. the remnants of the storm will continue to move to the north and east and eventually in the forecast going to impact the great lakes region of the midwest and out into the northeast. robin. >>thank you john checking back in on the bay bridge traffic it's going to be path at this morning into san francisco traffic stacked up from the
7:41 am
maze recovering from minor issues like a stall some police activity and you see chp on the shoulder here not too far from the 80 over crossing. any little thing is a visual distraction but you're looking at 60 minutes to make it checking in on san francisco. there's a crash on one island south at. >>2.80. that's still active couple of vehicles a bus on the shoulder, one lane may be partially blocked. so it is slow from the 80 split on south one on one and then north one oh one slows 3rd to cesar chavez be prepared for that we're slow downs coming up james all right. thank you. >>much robin, a 27 year-old man has confessed now to killing an american scientists from oakland. suzanne eaton was found dead on the greek island of crete the man detained for questioning by police after he went missing back on july 2nd. they believe she disappeared during a run. she was attending a conference with her employer when she disappeared her body found that a former not see war bunker on july 10th. she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning buzz, the giants are trying to back
7:42 am
their way out of the basement, the warriors are deciding whether to love it or list it and why shaq says. >>he will kiss steve kerr is feet you got your homework?
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yeah. yeah? hey, give me a kiss. [ kisses ] announcer: what's the role of a car company? go! announcer: to take your kids to and from school? mari... yes? what are you doing? don't forget your science project. announcer: we think it can be something bigger. announcer: this summer, announcer: volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: join us, announcer: and drive something bigger than yourself.
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lowe's knows you do and save the best for last. we do it right, too. with the latest samsung family hub™ refrigerator featuring family board. so, what you bring home brings home together. your tuesday morning, a big change from yesterday you remember yesterday how clear was from san francisco all the way inland. >>that's not the case at least for san francisco this morning where skies are definitely on the cloudier to fog year side
7:45 am
of things. now elsewhere in the bay you are enjoying a dose of sunshine mike in san jose where skies are nice and clear overhead really bright start to the morning for you and things are starting to show signs of clearing out the east bay, you're good over in walnut creek in concord right now in the tri valley just not yet in but a berkeley and oakland, but like i said things are starting to show signs of clearing out there for the east bay, so conditions cloudy to start not so much this afternoon you'll enjoy mostly sunny skies. high pressure to the southeast in the low to our northwest. this is a very familiar this is actually how we spent most of july and really a lot of june as well we're stuck somewhere in the middle of it which keeps temperatures actually pretty moderated one of the reasons we've only had that one big warm up so far this season. this past weekend obviously got a little hotter as well but as high pressure subsides. temperatures are also going to slowly drop too tomorrow morning. a dose of coastal drizzle and some more fog after clearing skies
7:46 am
today. then you're also going to see clearing skies tomorrow afternoon. and really we're going to repeat the process for the remainder of the week. so get used to these foggy mornings and the sunny afternoons which is the part i think most of us like best, 60's and 70's in san francisco as well as elsewhere on the peninsula today, not a big change from yesterday, although some areas are working their way just to touch down the temperature latter like san carlos back into the 70's today after your day in the 80's yesterday, san jose also just one degree cooler for your daytime high today. the spate numbers also just subtly cooler than yesterday. this is enough to take conquered back down into the 80's you are at 90 yesterday, oakland berkeley, san leandro still in the mid to low 70's while sonoma on bill in the upper 80's still holding on to just to 90's in pittsburgh in vacaville, some 60's up the coast while 80's. linger along one oh one in marin and sonoma counties, 80's will continue really the next 7 days inland, you just see cooler 80's than what we saw last weekend low 80's for
7:47 am
the weekend inland with 70's by the day and 60's remaining very steady along the coast. robin. >>thank you john we have a special fog advisory for folks coming across the golden gate this morning that was issued by chp you need the headlights in the wiper so be careful. it's a little hard to see across the span can see the span can see the towers are you going to be dealing with that topics picking up southbound but not bad 30 minutes nevado to san francisco. the bay bridge traffic pretty much the norm. yes, it's low stacked up from the maze. you know the drill coming into san francisco but very quiet. we had a stall it cleared we're down to 15 minutes, it goes up and down here's a problem in san francisco want to win south. 2.80 crash here, several vehicles some may be in the left lane summer on the shoulder. it's the southbound side still south one oh one is slow from 80 north one oh one slows from 3rd and then north to 80's busy alamein e to want to want to pretty much heavy all around i'll give you one more an accident here in cupertino northbound 2.80 to
7:48 am
85 involving a motorcyclist, so it's going to be pretty slow out of san jose that put to a 32 minutes because of that crash, san jose to cupertino. in the buzz the san francisco giants are starting to turn things around and their last 12 games. >>they have had 96 runs 21 of them. >>came yesterday they played a double header against the rockies. and colorado game, one brand. and 8 rbi is tying franchise record set by willie mays and orlando subpoena. giants crush the rockies 9 teen the 2. took a little 3 hours. tonight brandon crawford added another home run and the giants won the second game. 2 to one. they have gone from the seller to one of half games back back in the wild-card race who knows maybe they would have to trade mad dogs. the warriors had to race when the free agent hit
7:49 am
the fan they had to make chicken salad a leftovers gm bob ayers said it all happened so fast one minute he found out kevin duran was leaving for the nets and the next he was making a deal to get d'angelo russell a lot of people thought that he was going to be a sign and trade but ers says that's not the case. >>there is speculation removing a mom when you see them play i'm seeing a lot our guys play we've seen him play with some of our core players and we won't even know took lay comes back how that fits. we're just happy to get a a a young player that has a lot of upside in our opinion and we're excited at the possibility of him in our uniform. >>you got to see it all dressed up you know it's like those home shows that i watch like flip or flop the warriors haven't decided yet if they're going to love it or list it meantime coach kerr is waiting for shaq to kiss his cheese coated feet. but a bet is a bet and the years ago shaq was sure that nobody could beat the legacy of the lakers.
7:50 am
>>the coast to sit to the finals. 4 to 5 years all cases feed on fear factor with cheese on it. and that will be done again. >>serious and as we all know the the warriors have done one better made the finals 5 years in a row, so now what welker tweeted check that he was willing to forget it. but then scheck said no he's acting like it's milb a deal made good on his promise as long as no it says as long as it kraft cheese, you know what they say everything tastes better with cheese on it. if you're trying to get your beach body back will phil mickelson found something that works don't eat. here's a before and after pictures. slimming definitely slow probably starving. but slimmer he showed off his new, but when he arrived at the open yesterday. >>the last 10 days i've done what i call a hard reset. change and try to make things better. i have lost 15 pounds
7:51 am
down a six-day fast with water and a special coffee blend for wellness at the working on monday and without a bit of a retreat. i'm here in ireland now beautiful place get ready for the british open i don't know if it's going to help me play better not but i'm willing to do whatever it takes to try to get my best back. all have more fireside chats with some funny things in the future but for now, let's keep it real. >>well if you keep it real he say want. looking at is starting to look right i mean you know you just be pretty ravenous yeah. yeah, what it right how long can you keep that up it's kind of a it's a tribal is right oil a little bit on the milk and then hot water and coffee in his coffee and that still is like a shake it's a it's a liquid diet for a week so it was it's a hard reset so that's just the shock to the system and he's going to try and probably eat healthier from this point. well, yeah and you know, i mean he's 49 that goes right
7:52 am
you get older, it gets harder. he's tried paleo he's tried going vegetarian his stride and nothing last i think that's the thing is what can you he's doing for the long haul i don't think in the future i'm ever going. she's again, i'm certainly not going to think of it the same way after that whole flipping that's the bus.
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7:55 am
>>welcome back 7.55 now getting close to 08:00am a lot of you are probably getting prepared to leave the house heading to work or whatever you got going on today. good news for those of you out the east bay you see how much brighter these trees are in the distance from a berkeley camera right here you're officially getting a dose of sunlight up there in the berkeley hills down below the fog is really yet to burn off just yet it's getting there though we're seeing those signs of clearing a lot now 50's and 60's for your current temperatures across the bay area you've got san francisco at 55 oakland at 60 while areas like dublin, livermore in the low 60's pittsburgh is already close to 70 at 68 degrees right now james all right john thank you. take a look at this young couple took bar to their wedding in oakland. >>the bride and groom their lara and jeremy because they really love by the head. well they're trying to be environmentally conscious actually took it from dublin all the way. they try to be do
7:56 am
they have clipper cards. they groomsman all the bridesmaids as you can forever the wedding party to be a bar that's it's kind of fun but there you go being environmentally conscious and also stunningly beautiful and handsome on their these are probably the best i've ever seen bart grass is a clean trying just because testing. good bart advertise that barr should pay them right now as funny our time now is to community and it may be late now, yeah. she got back to one of the next hour senator collins arizona daily her plan to lower the price of some prescription drugs were going. check that out coming up after the break also we now know the name of the person who died in that helicopter crash in the east bay investigators still trying to figure out what went wrong >>were you up to date on where that stories this morning plus a shooting near east bay water
7:57 am
park actually hearing from the victim now, but what happened before those shots rang out.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>>local news station. good morning, i'm darya folsom who and i'm james fletcher starting off this hour with breaking news. >>yeah, we have a a bus accident. an ac transit bus
8:00 am
that crash with a car this happened in union city around 4 30 in the morning. and you can see that the bus ended up there in a tree and then the cars in the middle of the road. this is a to kw and alvarado niles road. there were 2 drivers on the bus. and they were taken to hospital 3 passengers were taken to hospital. we don't know the extent of the injuries though police say you should expect delays in this area while they investigate you can see a lot of damage done there in that crash that happened. several hours ago this morning. >>all right so with that as the backdrop, let's get updates on weather and traffic to see how things are shaping up up see probably spot there but what about elsewhere no other major trouble spots of bridges are packed the east bay is pretty sluggish. i don't have an update on those city street closures and a bit regarding that crash. ok very good in the weather what can we expect today clearing still foggy though for a lot of spots we've been taking a look at the golden gate bridge or maybe not taking a look at it because you can't even see it through the dense fog


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