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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 16, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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foggy can see the towers on the golden gate, i cannot see the skyline driving in one eye came across the bay bridge usually the city's let up but where were san francisco. i can see camera this morning i wouldn't build tell the because it is very foggy out there you can't hardly see anything not that it matters much that's the golden gate bridge somewhere. >>out there in the fog this morning look at this visibility has improved just a touch but it is still sitting pretty bad now if you're crossing the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge, you're sitting right across the bay level and that's actually where the fog a sometimes at its thickest this morning so do be watching out for some very dense spots of it that will be blocking out this ability at times for you this morning. even later on towards 08:00am we're still dealing with visibility right around a mile if not less than a mile for parts of the bay but then into the latter part of the morning fog will burn off and there's your sunshine making its return. so what a difference from yesterday you remember this crystal clear conditions that we had for your monday saying goodbye to
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those this tuesday morning as we reintroduce fog into the mix skies at least a dry amidst all that fog and temperatures that least actually fairly comparable to where they were yesterday we're still in the 60's for a lot of the bay that include san jose redwood city concord delay how and then pittsburg just shy of 70 degrees right now while some 50's and double in livermore berkeley and san francisco now these temperatures range from being just a touch cooler than yesterday as like in. concord n livermore to nap actually off to a much warmer start this morning. after these 50's 60's to start things off will have some 60's 70's by noon still holding on to 80's into the afternoon today, mostly sunny conditions to look for to actually a pretty pleasant day yet again and just a touch cooler than yesterday was i've got the details of the week ahead still to come. robin all right, thank you john let's check in on traffic now. >>we want to take a peek at the bay bridge. we do have a crash and mostly in the cash lanes here at the toll plaza, so it is stacking up and
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quickly but this is completely normal and so far we haven't had any reports of what you know problems are hot spots are major issues so it's a great time to get out there and come in early 92, it's getting busy as well. this is the san mateo bridge your trip from hayward to the peninsula, clocking in at about 12 minutes to make it over to one on one. and it looks like our picked up at the richmond sandra fell toba's i still see crews out there the flashing lights they're moving out of the way so that's good news they normally have it wrapped up by 5. so goes beyond that they're just a little behind schedule but the coens have cleared. traffic looks great to 8 minutes from the tolls to one o one. we're checking in on traffic tracker looking at some drive times and there they look great the shore freeway 80 west from crockett to the maze that's 15 minutes, 24 is wide open. i'm leaving one at creek a lafayette or end of the caldecott 5 80's looking good and the minutes looking good to 10 minutes from san leandro to downtown oakland. another big story that we're following for you this morning and the ghost ship fire trial in
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oakland. an atf agent was called to the witness stand to counter the testimony, a key defense witness co-defendants derick almena and max harris, both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for that 2016 fire. kron four's haaziq the news has the story. >>3 rebuttal witnesses take the stand today as testimony and the goal ship trial begins to wind down here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland and oakland police officer took the stand to answer questions regarding the 2014 couch burning incident outside the ghost ship. >>the prosecution played the officers just camera video in which called a faded derick is overheard saying that it is amazing the fire did not go inside it would have been horrible the decks rebuttal witness was atf agent with the hayman who told the court that she took part in a pair of interviews of goal shipped resident darrell delete as a witness for the defense leaked testified under oath that he heard a fight this off is really the way for that though
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ship as the deadly fire begin to bird. however the atf agent does divide that lead the government should that information when he was interviewed the day after the fire, i'm not going worry about that. yes of course in the thing. >>that in peaches says credibility is says painful for me what i don't think one he was adequately. and 2 i don't think in the bigger picture that it's not meaningful. >>family members of the victims seated in the courtroom. he added he will be buried another day of testimony continued. >>it's very hard for somebody that has lost their child will burned alive and they know that they were burning alive. they were texting their parents were going to die. it's very extremely hard what our children are not here to have justice for them and their friends. the 3rd prosecution rebuttal with this was an investigator with the da's office. he was questioned about a 2017 voluntary interview of call defended
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matt stairs. >>at the courthouse in oakland haaziq with you porter who's. >>well a california man will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing an engaged couple back in 2004. investigators say that the were sleeping on y rememberey shot and killed by sean gallon that case remain cold for more than a decade before gallon actually admitted to killing 22 year-old lindsey cut shawl and 26 year-old jason allen. he's also a pleaded guilty to killing his own brother. he was sentenced to 3 consecutive life terms in prison without parole. well police in nevada are looking for the man who robbed a woman as she just sat in her car the robber opened the passenger door, he pointed a gun at her this happened yesterday was right behind a business on first in grand avenue. he took her money her credit cards and then he just drove away in a blue volkswagen and that woman was not hurt. well a 27 year-old man has confessed to killing
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and american scientists from oakland susan eden was found dead on the greek island of crete that man had been detained for questioning by police after even went missing on july 2nd. police believe that she disappeared during a run, she was attending a conference with her employer when she just vanished her body was later found a 68 in a former not see war bunker on july 10th. she leaves behind a husband and 2 sons. the national park service announced the settlement of a lawsuit that will allow some of some of the landmarks to get their names back. so back in 2015 the national park service. they change concession operations from delaware, north. 2 air mark so delaware north decided to sue shortly after that claiming that it owned the naming rights of those properties in the park, including the ahwahnee hotel which is now referred to as the majestic yosemite hotel so under the settlement yosemite can actually go back to using the
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former names of landmarks. well family and friends are calling it a miracle 60 year-old cheryl powell, she went missing on friday near a campground and inyo county. so search crews have found or if she's alive. greg mills spoke to the woman's family. >>one more look at the powell family. they are thrilled, cheryl is safe you see cheryl husband, joe daughter farrah and son greg. >>we're so happy possibly be happy here. >>and we brought the euro this over here at this long time campers cheryl and her husband, joe were camping in this remote area not far from bishop, while joe park their jeep at the campsite 4 days ago. cheryl took their dog miley with her when she went to relieve herself in a bush. a man with a knife confronted her. we face time with her children be advised the quality is not great. >>and she started running down the hill. he didn't you know chase them, but. i her the whole time was you know you can chase so they're looking
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at places that he was last with going on that the 40 the roads in open areas of trouble tonight that she thought she is, but it can still she laid low through the weekend avoiding roads to avoid the attacker. >>but that of course made it tough to for searchers trying to find her she was drinking stagnant. her son greg as a doctor i asked him how she's doing. he says she is so strong you wouldn't guess what happened at all. >>tears hugs and elation. >>think to the news their friend is safe. >>magnificent you weren't >>it's a miracle after so many days gone. >>and powell and her friends walk at this time to teach part time write it. so they're missing her today, their pleas they got to see her and her family smiling in this picture i have been at most while made me cry even harder but i'm so she is to see that so strong
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it's absolutely amazing. yes, they told me they were aware of the terrifying ordeal their friend and or not i knew that there had to be something. she wouldn't just disappear into thin air. now it does make sense. they just want their friend safe and back home. and back here with them. >>next friday, you better be there. it's always good to see stories in like that. and it was greg mills reporting for us this morning. and san francisco reduced an $80 million award levied against monsanto corporation to 25 $5 million for sonoma county man, 70 year-old edwin hardeman he claimed the company's roundup weed killer causes cancer. a jury ordered monsanto to pay part of an $80 million in damages. the federal judge says the us supreme court guidelines requires him to reduce that to 25 million
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someone sent a was also facing more than 13,000 roundup lawsuits filed in us federal and state courts. 2 cases from right here in the bay area have gone to trial and resulted in verdicts against monsanto. to the bay area after a recent operation room of the story that video showing officer just jumping right on top of that submarine it looks like a scene from an action movie and that submarine was carrying 17,000 pounds of cocaine and the pacific ocean, it's valued at more than million. so those accused of trying to bring those drugs into the country of course they were arrested the coast guard says that unfortunately drug trafficking like this is increasing and they need to respond accordingly. >>we're hoping to get more ships, newer ships to be able to counter that threat. so as stop the drug runners they change their tactics including playing submersibles like this, so we got to be on our game as well. >>those drugs are unloaded later in san diego. i'm morgan
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wright in washington coming up lawmakers have come to the defense. >>of the us women's national soccer team for equal pay of the details ahead. >>and before we go a live look outside at a foggy bay bridge, the bay bridge socked in fog the skyline of covered the golden gates foggy too. john scheibel will let you know if and when that fall will pull back to the coast and
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news wake up it's time to get up to hit the road face the day john scheibel has your forecast you know what tuesday morning behind the camera and i were talking yesterday as always the toughest one that is something about this tuesday though, just feels good, does feel good to have a full moon and 2 it's a little foggy positive energy and her of energy even make the morse tuesday, a look at that full man is so fun to be looking at that this morning. dan little clear be a also reminded me that it's the 50th anniversary of apollo lot really the first landed on them and 18th 19. >>69 until we forgot that is years ago. ok, but again can't believe i'm in no one's talking about. and a little bit later in the show but i do i totally forgot then stand. >>a fighter and a biter foggy sometimes happen during the
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during july these july mornings here in the bay area. and so we have this morning for sure yesterday we were fog free across most of the bay area with the exception of a couple spots at the coast. now it's just the opposite most of us are looking at at least a touch of fog few of our inland spots kind of avoiding it but really especially right across the bay. it really settled in think last night we have had visibility falling well below a mile this morning. so just something to note as you do take to the roads this morning might want to give yourself an extra few minutes as the visibility could slow you down just a touch fog streaming inland along with this onshore flow. basically that's just bring in some cooler air from over the pacific in right over the bay area we're going to feel just a slight cool down and temperatures today. if you're not really looking you're probably not really going to notice it really only a one to 2 degree difference from yesterday. the fog will continue on into tomorrow morning after burning off this afternoon and notice there you also have the return of some coastal drizzle tomorrow too. so the potential of some very dense fog it again for your
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wednesday morning so so long in those clear skies that we had for monday, even though we do have clear skies this afternoon we do see this foggy mornings becoming a normal for the rest of our forecast. 60's and 70's for your daytime highs. on the peninsula today, not a huge difference from yesterday and in fact these areas are going to remain pretty similar ball. the way into the weekend. it's our inland areas which will continue to see a steady drop in temperatures today like i mentioned not a big drop, but one to 2 degrees cooler. then where daytime highs were yesterday seeing a lot more mid to low 80's out there and for concord out of the 90's and back into the upper 80's, oakland and berkeley, not a big difference from yesterday low to mid 70's for you while seeing a few more 80's up in the north bay instead of those 90's still holding on to 2 spots in the 90's though that will be in vacaville and pittsburgh today. santa rosa 88 with nevado comfortably warm at 83 for your high temperatures tomorrow, not
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much different but still looking at just a subtle cool down for inland spots by the weekend ahead of us low 80's is to be expected continuing to see foggy mornings and sunny afternoons pretty much business as usual for this time of year. >>robin all right, thank you john let's check in on the morning commute now. we want to take a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza checking out traffic on 80 heading into san francisco. there's a long line in the cash lanes on the left-hand side of your screen. it's already spilling back to the 80 over crossing on the right not so bad down the middle you're looking good carpool lanes look good too here at 8 minutes. that's still really quick to make your way into san francisco 92 is busy more brake lights every time we check in the fields in just a little bit more but your overall drive time is under 15 minutes to make it over to one o one. what's 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell bridge. we still have the flashing lights in the parking crews have cleared the lanes there we had road work under way that unusual road work in the cash lanes but they pick that up so it's a great trick for you
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into the north bay also a great trip from livermore to dublin. if that's your commute on 5 he was found is doing fine. 6.80 looks great dublin to fremont that's going south the nimitz rolling south wide open 19 minutes to connect to milpitas and from 80 to one o one you're in great shape. so far 6 minutes milpitas to sonny bill. one week after the us women's national soccer team won the world cup. most of the parades and parties have come and gone, but the teens push for equal pay continues and now congress is getting involved kron four's washington correspondent morgan right has the latest. italy after winning to help. >>after their ticker tape parade in new york city, us women's national soccer team's call for equal pay is running out. >>i think we're done with a are we were says should we have equal pay the us women's national team is already suing the us soccer federation for
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gender discrimination and equal pay. now members of congress are taking up the fight. >>men and women in the same job deserve the same pay congresswoman rosa delauro says there is a legislative fix to the problem. >>the paycheck fairness act which passed the house in uld help close the gender pay gap, mitch mcconnell. and my view has the obligation to bring up that legislation get it passed in the senate. other lawmakers are targeting the governing body of us soccer. >>in order to get their cooperation on equal pay west, virginia senator joe manchin says us soccer must close the pay gap. >>they're getting paid $0.38 on the dollar to what the men are getting paid. and they've outperformed the men senator manchin has introduced a bill that would ban federal funding for the 2026 world cup. >>and to the united states soccer federation pays the national women and men's teams. the same. >>$14 million in revenue versus 11 million for the men. now you tell me why they're
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only getting $0.38 on the dollar congresswoman to laura says she's already working on similar action in the house in washington morgan right. >>well for your money this morning, millions of americans are scrolling through amazon for deals today, including me takes the last day of amazon prime day but as mary moloney warns some of the products that you're going to see on amazon may be fake to take a listen. >>fast and easy it's always important to take caution when buying a product online, especially on amazon prime day. experts say there have been reports of scams on its server thankfully, those scams can be easy to spot. experts say always read the product description. one big red flag when buying online descriptions without spaces after a comma or grammatical errors be wary of those glowing 5 star reviews a product with thousands of reviews might be faked and check of the product is in stop on other websites like walmart if not stay away.
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online security company mcafee warns of phishing scams in your email. if you see an e-mail from amazon read it with caution because it might be fake some scammers full shoppers into putting in personal log-in information which then can be used to access account. details indoor real account. mcafee says always go directly to the amazon site and avoid clicking links in your inbox if you plan your purchases ahead of time don't scramble and stay vigilant. you won't be fooled by scammers for consumer watch i'm mary moloney all right pay attention and don't be fooled. well we talked about this a little bit earlier today marks the 50th anniversary 50 years since apollo 11 blasted off from kennedy space center in florida. >>on the firm. >>first manned mission to the moon. the saturn 5 rockets and apollo 11 into orbit. 4 days later, we actually landed on the moon for the first time er
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buzz aldrin in the lunar module eagle who landed on the moon surface at the sea of tranquility. 1969. we're talking about this earlier so we're celebrating the 50th anniversary and then we're also checking out this full moon hoping that people don't act a little stranger little where that's my grandma used to say i know it's not true. she said you know full known things just seem a little off but we're feeling good this morning feeling positive checking whether a check your traffic both are looking good. traffic both are looking good. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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for 55 getting close to 5 o'clock hour now and still just as foggy as we were a few minutes ago as sefo out there in the distance you can kind of see that fog roll in overhead this morning. >>we don't have any delays reported just yet but i'm going to be tracking him because i'm sure we're going to start seeing them as we do work our way through this foggy morning as we look outside this morning as far as temperatures go it's only the 50's and 60's but later on today will be warming back up fog is not going to stick around either sunshine's going make its return that's going to help temperatures to rise up next to 90 degrees in concord napa and santa rosa, while some 70's remain by hayward and oakland right alongside the bay. robin ballots really good shot. i'm excited about those temperatures excited about traffic to have happy when i don't have to. >>you know give you bad news and tell you there's a major hot spot. >>none of that happening it's
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too early. we have a little bit of a back up in the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza a great trip into san francisco. here's another good bridge 92 a lpttle busy a little crowded. but not bad no issues for you 12 minutes over to the peninsula and the foggy golden gate that john has been telling you about make sure the headlights and wipers are on you'll need it rolling through the fog 19 minutes right on time novato to san francisco. coming up in the next hour on. i've we now know the name of the person killed and that helicopter crash that happened in the east bay investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong. plus a shooting near the east bay water park and now we're hearing from the victim about what happened just moments leading up to the shots being fired and more changes to the country's immigration system. now president trump is trying to limit cool can seek asylum.
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>>tuesday morning to you just move it along here and daria pulse and i'm james fletcher on this tuesday morning hope the morning's going. >>well for you will find out what's doing on the roads and the weather in half a second what we say and looking good on the roads but so does the anchor desk just what they like this colors for that we have.
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>>we all got the memo line check the following along with the da oeei started with on to tuesday, i'm going to do it every day. thursday i know what date in 2002 this is jump >>a boy it was a pretty the fog and cloudy when i came to is very much so foggy morning we traded in yesterday's crystal clear conditions for some dense fog this morning. we also traded in for a nice full moon if you can see it that is i know it's kind of hard to look out and see if the horizon, but if you look out this is the view that you've got a nice full moon this morning and looking outside at the fog nothing about this is a saying hey it's crystal clear it's just very bad as far as visibility goes with areas out along the coast streaming inland seeing some pretty low spots and now i know we are seeing some improvements as far as visibility goes on this map but this patches


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