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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 15, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>happy monday to you i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got john and robin which x of weather and traffic before we get to the headlines and how the road driving not so good for people on the shore freeway you know i've been talking about a fatal crash for hours now since 5 o'clock it's still there and crews are still working to get the big craig involved in this crash out of the way here's a snapshot. but i took from the caltrans camera right above the freeway on the right hand side, this is the big rig that ran off the road slipped over lost its load caught fire and that crash resulted in a fatality on the left you have the heavy duty tow truck that's doing all the heavy lifting a working to clear the big rig. but now that it's on the freeway it's attracting more attention so 80 isis crawling from mcdonald the 2 right lanes are still closed and that traffic alert remains in place so keep that in mind if you're heading east on starting to back up again westbound it's winding down
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that's the commute side it's not too bad, but sluggish so 21 minutes from crockett to the maze and then more slow traffic from the maze through the bay bridge toll plaza to about mid span before it starts to pick up so you know the usual crawl into san francisco will look at summer bridges for you in just a bit john well robin skies as you can see and love your shots right there, nice and clear. >>as they also are about berkeley this morning. no cloud cover out there whatsoever as it's been all morning long. >>so really no issues as far as visibility is concerned as you are making your drive into work. >>some 60's and me 7for your current temperatures really not a huge change from where we were this morning, pittsburgh. antioch started off your mornings in the 70's really not falling out of those that range of numbers overnight. so we just continue to be comfortable. we never really were uncomfortable earlier this morning. now this afternoon temperatures will get toasty especially for inland areas, a couple spots still hanging on the low 90's. san jose you'll still be in the mid 80's for a daytime high today actually going to be one of the warmer ones for
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a an overall cooler week ahead of us which will talk more about still ahead darya and james. >>thanks a lot 9 to one and our top story immigration and customs enforcement has begun. they're conducting raids throughout the country and this could happen over several days expecting a lot to occur here in the bay area over the weekend. >>but that hasn't quite happened just yet kron four's will tran joining us live from the ice facility in san francisco with more this morning, we'll. >>many community activists they thought that they got over the hump over the weekend because those rates really never played out as far as the 2000 possible raids across the country but it is not over we are hearing that possibly the raids will continue for the upcoming week in probably well into the future because according to federal officials with all all that information spread by social media the media community activists that they could not get the undocumented immigrants that
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they were hoping for because many of them were tipped off so that's why this continues and that is why community activists are continuing with their efforts to get the word out to undocumented immigrants that if they should get a knock at the door. they have rights. a federal immi-ration agents. >>use these questionable an illegal tactics remind people not to open the door. if immigration officer happens to have a warrant asked him to slip it under the door and confirmed that is actually signed by a judge not asking the community to panic but to empower themselves with this knowledge about knowing their rights. >>federal officials reportedly are giving each ice office in various cities across the country the discretion to choose when to carry out the possible raids and how to do that reportedly if they do that it will be a much smaller scale a quieter and they keep stressing that they're not going after all all
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undocumented immigrants instead they're going after undocumented immigrants that got to get court orders to show up to court about pending deportation, but they never showed up that too. >>thank you well, and there are churches in the bay area offering sanctuary for undocumented immigrants like the congrats congregational church of san mateo they're stepping up their efforts to protect people. you are our neighbors. we're an immigrant welcoming congregation. >>this is a safe place to land this is a place of refuge. and you know one thing that we say here is no document defines anyone's humanity and so to be a sanctuary church and this time in this moment. >>it may be more important than ever. news of the ice raids is a important in concerning to about 2000 residents all across the country including here in the bay area and that russians and the tail is just one of many
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that are providing help if you'd like information on more about what they you know there's information for what families can do if you're targeted what lawmakers are saying and various protests that have been happening around the nation that's on kron 4 dot com. >>well new this morning, several partner units were damaged in a fire in oakland. investigators are quite sure what started it, but it broke out last night at an apartment complex on 13th avenue and international boulevard, one unit was destroyed 3 others were damaged. luckily though nobody was hurt. >>we're following the family of the north a girl is making that she says a you know they say she's making big improvements but she was hit by a car. allegedly a drug by a drunk driver that girl was hit last thursday right near the cotton town mall in santa rosa we've got prom for stan storm now on the story. >>howard >>10 is opening her eyes and making strides after an alleged drunk driver struck her with his car and took off the little girl who just turned 2 years old has a fractured skull and bruising
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to her lungs and kidneys when i was in a panic. >>i ran and rushed to the hospital as best as they could was emotionally very distraught i couldn't really keep myself together. >>fear is father shane has joined her mother by her bedside since the accident happened thursday afternoon. shane says was leing a social security office with their great grandmother when she ran and a range avenue in santa rosa shames initial shock and fear wore off once doctors told him severe did not have any internal bleeding for brain damage. >>those are things that they were able to tell me that much right away that was that was company. >>what's not comforting for shane is that police say the 47 year-old hit and run driver hector larios was drunk at the time if found guilty this would be says a 4th dui conviction. >>i'm not exactly what i would say anymore i'm more wondering. he was doing
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driving. why the trading after so many duis i mean you have so many warnings at that point. >>the chain says he's thankful for all of the support they've received from friends and family now they're just looking forward to this being all over. >>i think that this is definitely better the aspect that that we're dealing with things like that we heal. >>dan thorn kron 4 news. >>it's 9 oh 07:00am police are looking for the person who shot a woman in oakland over the weekend. the victim she was found yesterday morning in a 2400 block of chestnut street she was taken to the hospital but nobody has been arrested. >>an elderly driver. drove by accident into a cbs store in mirage it happened because he says his foot slipped and instead of hitting the brake. it went right on to the accelerator and crashed right through the store on saturday
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and there were people inside the store. they suffered minor injuries, but one person had to go to the hospital the driver and a passenger in that van or not hurt. >>and is in critical condition after he was rescued from ocean beach it happened saturday afternoon right around 3 o'clock near san francisco zoo turns out the victim was fully clothed when he was rescued. they revived him using cpr to come to the hospital. police are qhite sure why he was in the water with all those clothes on. >>white shark was spotted in the bay area over the weekend. yeah in the bay caught near alcatraz as a matter of fact from 4 sarah stinson joins us live with more. >>and also video of the catch share. >>it was all caught on camera mean what a catch they weren't quite sure. it was a shark or adults and i mean this was a group of sports fisherman. so they're used to catching sharks but they had no idea that is going to be a great white shark. this happened right near alcatraz where i'm standing right now, i'm here at aquatic park. take a look at this video though this
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shows a historic catch for golden state sport fishing. they caught the shark right near alcatraz is said they were fishing around the area. don't worry as soon as they identified it as a great white shark they released it back into the bay. these guys fish for sharks and other types of fish very regularly but never have they expected to catch this type of shark which on average weighs anywhere from 152400 pounds. that's why it was so hard for them to catch a day. it looks like there was nearly in a snap in half if this is the second great white to be spotted in the bay area within a week. take a look at this multiple pilots flying over the san mateo county coast spotted a several great white and half moon bay. county officials warned beachgoers over the weekend use caution while swimming in the water. now i spoke to a man who swims hear the beach. and he said that you know i'm not too scared. yes, this is a
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wrist, but he said he's going to continue to to take a swim here. >>there's a real risk of sharks for surfers out in the out of the ocean mevery year someone gets attacked there's never been an attack in the bay itself, but it could happen will be eventually it will happen. >>that was jamie roberts and he was telling me no everyday people get in the car and they drive even though there's a risk of getting in a car crashes like this coming in the bay area is just the same he said though. he's he never was quite as nervous about that happening right here along the beach side of the day as he said mostly on the coast is where that fear is but now he says you know will be a little careful before going continues from those dozens of people in the ocean right now enjoying the day not wearing a bit about the sharks. if you do go to the beach just picture careful keep your eyes open. for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. thank sarah. >>we'll take a quick break at 9.10 coming up president trump facing new criticism this
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morning for his attacks on 4 demorratic congresswoman. you're saying it went too far explain it. and east bay park targeted by and arsonist twice in one day police now looking for the person responsible, you're right back.
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>>9.13, let's get an update on the hot spot as that was for hours to write since 5 it's a fatal crash in have just learned that it was indeed the
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driver of the big rig that did not survive that's why suspect about a like to see it until it's actually confirmed. they are still working to clear this bakery it ran off the road down the hill it flipped over and caught fire hate so you know that's a big mess that they had that they hold it back up which means the road closures i can get your debts and that big rig that they hold back into the road now blocking the right lanes of traffic so. >>it's on the eastbound side had been west found would have been much much heavier and a big problem, but it's on the eastbound side 80 east l foretell drive. 2 right lanes shut down with that traffic alert in place you can expect to see a lot of heavy traffic back from mcdonald that's just a couple of exits black back which is not too bad. the westbound side is actually find out earlier it was really stacked up the westbound is ok, it's just the eastbound slowing you have to worry about there and then when you make it down to berkeley and emeryville on the westbound side you have that crowding with the morning commute winding down so 20 minutes, not bad at all from crockett to the maze that's the only big problem that i have and
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i'm tracking right now if you need to get into san francisco, slowing in the cash lanes and the fast track lanes are all stacked up but this is completely normal so 20 minutes to make it in to san francisco. that's pretty good. here's 92 a quick peek at the westbound traffic, it's still crawling out of hayward it's like this for hours now, but no crashes know stalls here so 21 minutes to make that drive over to the peninsula. the drive times around the bay area look good for 4 for 6.80 the nimitz even one oh one that's pretty normal 67 minutes, i've seen that before to make it from san jose tim in apart john. well, robin skies are. >>clear as they've been all morning long so for those of you having to do a little sitting in traffic this morning at least this is what you're bei greeted with some nice clear skies from the golden gate bridge is you can see right here. well down into the south bay over san jose and then all the way down to the east bay too don't expect this new to be quite the same into tomorrow morning as fog will make its return later in the week. so today started off nice and clear that's where we're going to sit not just for the afternoon but well
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into the early evening tonight, most fog should be rushing in after sunset this evening at which point we will see a dose of it on into tomorrow morning skies to clear out tomorrow afternoon temperatures being just a few degrees cooler. the daytime highs that we're experiencing today which are already cooler than they were yesterday and then another dose of fog and maybe in some coastal drizzle as we move tuesday night into wednesday morning temperatures today as i mentioned a little cooler inland, although for san francisco and many coastal areas actually be just a touch warmer in a few spots you can blame that on all that sunshine. half moon bay and daly city each and near 70 degrees for your daytime highs right there on the pacific. well, 60's and 70's from brisbane down to burlingame and eventually further south with a tease from san carlos down the mountain view in the low 80's and that's a mid 80's in the south bay with san jose today at 84 degrees east bay just a touch cooler than yesterday 70's and 80's f-r most daytime highs with conquered still holding on to
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a low 90 likely to be one of our last time seeing those 90's for the week ahead of us as temperatures are going to be falling out of the 90's and upper 80's. more so into the mid 80's for your more must daytime highs come tuesday, wednesday and thursday with inland areas further getting cooler on into next weekend in the low 80's, the bay in the coast not going to see a whole lot of change still remaining in the 60's and the 70's. >>time now for winners and losers on wall street raw black joining us to break down some of the headlines this morning, one of the big ones that everybody is going to be looking at is it is prime day amazon's self-created the internet savings holiday and i just live every going online take part. it's nice way to get back to school stuff sheep, but also you can get a lot more stuff pretty chief at this point in time. >>i want point out amazon brands because i don't get to talk about this very often obviously amazon prime is the 15th and 16th today and tomorrow. their brands so really really well you got something called amazon basics. and it's not just batteries. it's a lot of things. cables chargers
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thousands of not so basic items including bathroom faucets the got an amazon bathroom pasta got a fingerprint lock for your hand on the even have amazon baby wipes you need to wipe off the fingerprints from her gun just in case. see a lot of good stuff going on there they've got over a 100 house brands they got rid it for so does a surface that could briefer under pants they've got amazon slippers kitchen scales tripods light bulbs and dog beds all of which i've bought. i'm not pushing them. but when dale by amazon basics coffin from them $499. 2 freed a shipping 3 and a half stars. they don't do cough and yet but costco does and the fears that amazon sells products for other companies. therefore they could see what people are willing to buy online therefore they can start ripping them off and doing that themselves of they also exclusives with to do better than their basics. how to cosmetic line from lady gaga out that it can be exclusive and private label for amazon called house never tories and
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they don't always win they lost with mo a lot seem like flooded heard that word lie sly minute and a wet rag pet food in to do well being beat by purina untied but they have so much product. for sale and these are billion dollar brands. >>well i'm sure everybody is going to be browsing today looking at some of those brands of this afternoon also talking about the ftc working out a deal with them billion fine, but you say. >>meeting will lap on the time. close to finalizing deal. we saw this on friday, it's about a $5 billion settlement. mark zuckerberg is not to be held accountable as can be no policing of him or the company. facebook has had problems with cambridge analytical plus multiple other privacy concerns, including the lost their chief security officer john stennis i'm not john same us something status now drop a name and they can
9:20 am
john cs or by >>with that said the ftc investigation proved to be a little bit more than a heck up the first time this is the second time they've been investigated. the first a slap on the wrist with no action the sunday slump on the wrist with billion. it is a money machine facebook by the end of the quarter they'll be able to pay that $5 billion and still have money left over for putting in the bank that's how powerful and dominant they are. >>and you got to wonder facebook you know with murder at this point in time because they've had a really really bad 2 years and this is is not much of a penalty at all. we bring a privacy issues with facebook i get your final topic is with that in another hat. >>as well disney and i can attest to it have been to disneyworld the summer with the kids out get pretty good at tracking you everything you spend the magic band or the ap a more you putting your kids age, they're sachs everything else. >>but we'll get there in a second it's been a big summer for disney with toy story 4 loud and lion king the
9:21 am
avengers spiderman later this year the star wars all of those movies to help support the theme park because rides there to keep the parks writing and disney has said we need more technology we don't want people just pushing through turnstiles these and smartphone apps and a wrist bands that track everything from the rights that you frequent to the characters that your kids are talking to you know the goodies that are buying at the stores and what movies and television products they come from. so disney's data mining has never ever ever faced the kind of scrutiny that a silicon valley does wired magazine said this is exactly the type of thing apple facebook and google are trying to build. it's also be interesting for disney because of year was going to the avengers sites and tourist attractions. maybe they say let's make another avengers movie know is going to star wars made their say let's kill that franchise. the apps are helping promote disney plus streaming. telling you which rides are no longer popular so they may deem to refresh on
9:22 am
it. they're proud of their parts are operating with huge profits this year operating profit up to 4.18%. this year that's for half billion action dollars in his pocket so it's a company that i like because of exactly this kind of horrible evil thing that they do sheryl sandberg is on the board said you guys track and my kids even her her from has a problem with the privacy issues with desi interesting are wrapping up with one click your question coming from jordan. jordan wants to know how should i invest in real estate. >>long-term what's the long game with real estate, yeah i like to call publicly traded rates for the average person james he can't afford a mortgage. we can't afford to lock yourself up for 30 years into a mortgage by a publicly traded agree cut government scrutiny. the sec looks at them. you can buy a mall or hospital or an office building to chicago when she by $100 on that are 100 shares of it it's yours for life. you don't have to service said there's a business on top of it the services it for you so you get the real estate plus the management. that's the way most people should do it after have an emergency fund after you have money in your
9:23 am
retirement account. then you can buy real estate i don't like owning individual properties there is a big liabilities for a long period of time publicly traded greeted best way for the average american own real estate, ok thank you as always rob keep the questions coming in we'll chat with rob once again tomorrow. you can e-mail directly find him on facebook twitter and our website at twitter and our website at kron 4 dot ♪ ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to walk alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>>i'm 25 in the playground, it would stop park in alameda is close somebody torch dead.
9:26 am
first there was of higher in the morning and then won a couple hours later this is saturday that the first fire broke out in trash can next to the playground. the firefighters put that out than 2 hours later they had to come back and as you can see everything was a melding the whole place was on fire and parents are just hoping they're able to rebuild it. >>i wasn't completely surprised somebody would especially around the 4th of july looked to have some continuing fun with fire fireworks or whatever it turns out to have been but. >>that definitely annoying because like we go there all the time with my son we're just beside ourselves we will do whatever it takes to get this rebuilt on because we need playgrounds across our city in every neighborhood. >>this playground opened in 2017 and a cars $250,000 to build. >>it's 9.26 and still ahead a weekend shooting at a water park in conquered the gunman is still on the loose. and let's take a live look here at the san mateo bridge, lots of sunshine and still a g
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>>welcome back 9.30 right now we've had our share of problems on the roadways. so luckily, the weather's easy today as a not good for the east shore freeway and old accident still causing delays it's been working since o'clock. i think it's safe to say that it's not going to clear during this broadcast in fact we're going to talk about it on kron on as well asset after the morning shows over because this is a fatal accident still jamming up
9:30 am
traffic and there's the big rig that flipped over on the right hand side all circle of this is just a snapshot from caltrans camera that rig was off the road on its side. it also caught fire. the driver did not survive so they have a big mess to clean up over here, you have a tow truck you have emergency crews, lots of debris. so that's all happening. 80 east ed belfour tell drive the 2 right lanes will be closed until further notice and it continues to jam of traffic from mcdonald's mcdonald is or slow down, but the westbound side has stunned out and looks pretty good on the upper east shore. when you make it to the lower east shore firstly to emeryville you're going to be crowded again. one quick peek at the bay bridge toll plaza i can see the fast track lanes standing out a little bit closer to the pay gates 17 minutes into san francisco john well robin skies or at least clear overall that traffic on the bay bridge as they are all across the bay area we've seen little fog this morning just a couple of spots. >>right around half moon bay
9:31 am
besides that this is what you've been looking at all morning, your view from berkeley saying crystal clear something that we often don't see this time of day, 60's and 70's for your current temperatures, san mateo san jose pittsburgh. all in the 70's with concord being our closest spot already this morning to 80 degrees. we are warming up in warming up pretty fast compared to where we're usually a today is still going to be a day in the low 90's for some parts of the east bay. so do anticipate another toasty one san jose still up to 84 degrees for your high, but even cooler in the days to come. i'm talking the rest of your forecast. still ahead james all right john thank you at 9 31 in the east bay police are searching for 2 men wanted in a deadly shooting at a motel 6 in concord. >>we have pictures of the 2 men identified as 32 year-old adam renfro and 40 year-old robert brown police believe they were involved in the shooting of a man friday night at the motel 6 on clayton road. the victim died at the hospital. the fatal shooting has neighbors as you can imagine there concord on edge.
9:32 am
>>i saw the police cars i just that you put it all together and there has always been like lots of like problems with them and stuff like that i like police come, but i never actually heard. a bunch of the force that. >>renfro and brown are considered armed and dangerous. police are still investigating what the motive was behind the shooting. in the south bay police are investigating a homicide that they think was the result of a home invasion happened friday at a home on the 3200 block of montecito drive in san jose police haven't identified the viim yet, but we heard from one neighbor who tells us that they believe it was an elderly man a grandfather. it's unclear how many people were involved in the crime. >>east bay, there was a shooting at the 6 flags water park in concord the victim was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. >>on saturday afternoon and he was taken to >>hospital. the police are still looking for the shooter. the shooter was last seen driving a silver older model honda with front bumper damage. grass fire burned
9:33 am
about 4 acres in livermore you can see alameda county firefighters tweeted out these pictures after they headed out luckily, no buildings were damaged this was a long 5.80 just north of livermore avenue. governor gavin newsome a signed a bill aimed at helping to pay wildfire. victims when utility companies are to blame. the new law creates a special wildfire liability fun for the utilities to use when their equipment sparked a blaze it goes into effect immediately it's a $21 billion fund. the money comes from investor owned utilities and attacks. the californians already pay but the governor emphasizes even though he's for this. he says pg e has a lot to do before they can access that money. they first have to get out of bankruptcy and then they have to pay off all the claims from the wildfires thau happened in 2017 2018 to stay got a lot of work do. >>and you know get to participate in this one unless they go through a series. sgeps most importantly they've
9:34 am
got sit down and they can deal with these victims. and he's been 1400 days. some of these victims. compensate. >>governor newsome says that one lawmakers come back from their summer break they're going to work on insurance issues and fireproofing homes in the wake of those devastating wildfires. >>ship trial enters a new phase this week as prosecutors present their rebuttal evidence now that the defense has rested its case derick and max harris both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one count for every person who died in that fire back in 2016. the space was not zoned or permitted for people to live inside or to hold large events. prosecutors say all men and harris are ultimately responsible for that fire because they didn't provide enough exit signs or sprinklers or working fire extinguishers. closing arguments are set for july 29th. a big national story that we're following this morning president trump now facing new criticism for using
9:35 am
what some call racist language to attack democratic congresswoman, joe johns has the story. >>president trump doubling down on a taxi made sunday against democratic esswan in a series of races tweets the president riding progressive democratic congresswoman should go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came ough hdid nontion the democrats by name the apparent targets of his tirade. >>our congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez rasheena to leave diana presley who are all natural born citi and along omar who was born in somalia and became a us citizen in 2000 amid virtual silence from republicans on the hill democratic lawmakers slamming the president's rhetoric. >>the president is an races occupying the white house. yes, he attacked. these 4 women of color who are members of congress who have been elected from their districts
9:36 am
to come to the congress of the united states and represent the people in their districts. they are certainly legitimate. he is not. >>the 4 freshmen congresswomen have repeatedly spoken out against president trump's immigration policies and have all called for his impeachment ocasio cortez firing back at the president reminding him she is an american adding given how you destroyed our border with inhumane camps. all at a benefit to you and the corporation to profit off them, you're absolutely right about the corruption late at your feet, omar accusing the president of stoking white nationalism and calling him the most corrupt and inept president we have ever see. trump responding to the avalanche of criticism tweeting whenever confronted democrats call their adversaries, including nancy pelosi, racist. they're disgusting language and the many terrible things they say about the united states should not be allowed to go unchallenged despite reports of infighting between nancy f% pelosi in the same group of
9:37 am
congress women. the house speaker defending the members of our caucus, rejecting what she called the president is bit comments saying make america great again as always been about making america white again echoing comments she made last week. >>we respect the value of every member. back pockets. diversity is our strength. unity is at power. >>that was joe johns reporting the president to this point hasn't specified which congresswoman he was talking about. >>it's 9.37 and after the break. there's video that shows a dog all alone in san francisco, but he belongs to somebody and somebody else came up walked off with him, we'll tell you what happened
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>>and welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news and back to our biggest problem of the morning an overturned big rig a fatal accident from the 5 o'clock hour still active as you can see this is the big rig that flipped over off the road. but they've managed to a private they pulled it into the traffic lanes 80 ease and el foretell drive so this is why we have the lanes blocked and the traffic alert in place and a backup that spills to make donald so slow for mcdonnell all the way up to the scene westbound looks much much better just a little crowded through berkeley and veil checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza traffic still lingering and it will for the remainder of this hour. but it's very quiet into san francisco john thanks
9:41 am
robin you. >>are seeing clear skies overhead not just over the east bay were unfortunately traffic is still moving slow. but over sfo where we have not had any weather-related delays all morning long. you're seeing those delays it's not because of any fog because it is crystal clear out there. this is good news. remember last week each morning did have a delay because we were so foggy fog will return at times into the next few mornings. now as for daytime highs today it might be slightly cooler here in the bay area, but you still have some triple digit heat out into the central valley if you're heading that way and we're still holding on to a few low 90's in our inland spots in the bay but for cooler temperatures around the corner. james all right. thank you very much john new this morning, a dog is back with its owner. this morning after she was taken by a man in san francisco. now police are looking for that man. >>we have surveillance video showing it happened there's a dog in the upper right and there's the man. this dog school dirt river was tied to a pole near store in japan town. but here you can see the man and does the leash and just walks away with the dog.
9:42 am
hours later they did find that dog safe and sound in the tenderloin she was actually being walked by a couple who told police they found the dog didn't know what to do with it. police searched the area never did find that man from the surveillance video in the end the dog, the golden she was reunited with her out. >>morning buzz history is made at wimbledon.
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moves like these need pampers cruisers 360 fit with an ultra stretchy waistband and 360 fit that adapts to every wild move plus up to 12 hours of pampers protection... so anything your wild child does cruisers can too our best ever fit is new pampers cruisers 360 fit >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we're checking back in on our hot spot here.
9:45 am
>>in san pablo 80 east at el foretell drive overturn accident that resulted and a fatality from early this morning still active in blocking here 2 right lanes the big rig that ran off the road. it's been a pride pulled back on to the fyeeway. but that's why they have lanes closed and they have to take a look at the guard rail which is damaged as well so he will be backed up to mcdonald a leading up to the scene it's not too bad of a slowdown but something to keep your eyes open for westbound it's going to be a little crowded through berkeley and emeryville continuing to the maze that's normal but the upper east shore freeway heading west looks really good. it's just a lorry sure that's crowded, here's your bay bridge approach, there's your opening if you're a fast track or cash lanes stacked up in heavily from the maze this is completely normal. it's going to stay like that right through 10 here you are at the san mateo bridge to and we have a slow-moving truck, it's hot of the way. 18 minutes to cross the bay and make it to one o one and a good trip is the richmond sandra fell this ridge looks great. no delays
9:46 am
anymore 9 minutes from the tolls to one o one john. well robin we are seeing those clear skies over the richmond sandra fell bridge is wells. >>every other bridge in the city and all across the bay area such as you're looking at in san francisco where skies are nice and clear nice and clear over san jose and why not clear as well over the east bay this morning well out towards mount diablo which is usually one of our clear views even on those foggy days skies are going to remain this way as we work our way into the afternoon even into the evening tonight fog is going make a push in mostly after sunset and then we're going to start tomorrow morning off with a dose of it it's going to stick around for a little bit skies are clear back out and then some even denser fog looking likely tuesday night. this time around coming along with the potential of some coastal drizzle into wednesday morning. so there are some changes in that regard in the days to come i hope you've enjoyed this nice clear start to the day and a toasty finish to it conquered, you're still holding on to the 90's for daytime high later today. napa not far behind that neither
9:47 am
will be santa rosa beach up to 87 degrees. well 70's in hayward and oakland, just a touch cooler than yesterday and getting even cooler in the days to come tuesday, wednesday and thursday mid 80's inland with low 80's expected for inland spots into the weekend in the meantime the bay and the coast not seeing too much change slightly cooler for both areas with highs in the 60's and 70's. >>tennis champ joe convention federer are hung over this morning from the longest wimbledon final in history, the longest final not to be confused with the longest match she ever which was this one in 2010 and so just for fun. we're going to keep this rolling. in the end ok. out in the 5th said which for the first time in wimbledon had to go to a tie breaker to decide just kept going back and forth
9:48 am
and back and forth with the royals clapping and clapping and they ended up playing 24 games in the 5th set. >>25th game was the tie breaker and then joke of it won it. >>the work for you live for give sensing there you have a value to every minute you spend on the court. training and working to get yourself in this position and play play the match. we want to integrate its rivals of all time. >>every minute or 4 hours and 57 minutes. had they gone by the old rules they could have still been playing this morning like aisen are and much in 2010 and i'm going to tell you how little lasted in just a couple of minutes, let's just keep it going as we move on to the women and american superstar and supermom serena williams was not able to win her 24th major, but she does have a more practical serving played i think then the winner the other trophies just too big
9:49 am
even if you had a 30 pound turkey romania's simona halep the serene in straight sets. so they didn't even get to play the 3rd a lot of people think that the women are exciting enough. these days that they should be deciding this in 5 sets. not in 3 left. they're still playing in their little box. the us women's soccer team is still waiting for equal pay, but they did get a secret bonus that helps the bonus is the secret. it's from secret the a deodorant the company gave a a little more and a half a million dollars so that each of the 23 players could get $23,000. if they didn't wear secret before that they do now and that these guys with could use some detour into the guys in the box yet they probably change the shirts at least 20 times and by the way ordered in from mcdonald's lebron james is going to have to keep wearing the same smelly lakers jersey that he gave to davis because
9:50 am
they have too much invested in james's 23 nike said no way we got to sell all of our james 23 jerseys so davis is kicking it old school was number 3 and he tweeted out a picture of the last last time that he wore that number it was middle school and it's pretty grainy it looks like he still had to eyebrows back then now nike can make a bunch of money selling the brow at umber 3 and then maybe later 23, don't worry don't worry. i'm gonna tell you how this winds up and how long it isn't just a minute steph curry tweeted out a picture with the big 3 said. justin timberlake. he said the 3 best friends that anyone can have have to remember that in a movie. yep, they're still playing tennis and these 3 amigos we're still playing golf. all weekend in lake tahoe over the weekend step was really hope and the uk that he would go to comedy is going to come with a winner in the tournament this time. he
9:51 am
was for popularity to but you know what they say drive for show putt for now staff fell short. he didn't come in first he came in 7th, but he did win the side that was his dad and who placed 12th the winner for a second straight year. tony romo. days of golf is one thing 3 days of tennis is another 3 days that's how long the longest tennis match ever lasted it had to be played over 3 days, it was 11 hours. and 5 minutes they called it. the endless match. but in the end america's john eisner one when it was over if you want to see a funny mockumentary about. about 7 days in half that's what they call this toll kit harington. andy samberg and they have mock interviews with serena john mcenroe it is not for kids but it is. you know in the real in
9:52 am
the real they brought they took ice fast. they ate like i said they ate mcdonald's. but this really makes or its next hair. it's very funny look ok they do in >>ridiculous but again this is a joke. this one in the in the box and that one is for real. and that's the introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo.
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. well we have 2 new movies arrive in the theaters this weekend hoping to take over the number one spot david daniel has a look at how the top 5 broke down. >>the musical fantasy yesterday fell to 5th place on ticket sales of million. the buddy action comedy stuber debuted in 4th place with million at the low end of expectations. kroll opened at number 3 surfacing with million. let's get you out of a toy story 4 stay that number to million gave it 346 million domestic. >>richards forms from the there water. >>spiderman far from home easily repeated as weekend champ earning million. it's made 275 million domestically
9:56 am
in its first 13 days in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>and food not forget the food is underway in sacramento. it kicked off on friday. they've got all key kinds of acts acrobats acrobats on horse as storm ours is and of course, plenty of food lots of it fried it's running through sunday, july 20th when a lot of fares go away like my local one is gone after july 4th. this one just keeps going absolutely has a lot of fun too and we talked an earlier like i said on the scene is a little warm up there just plan on it being a little bit warmer than it typically is here around the bay low to mid-nineties >>bring the sunscreen and bring your appetite let's take a peek showing want to find the 7 day around the bay forecast. yeah, so here locally we're looking at temperatures actually that will gradually cool for the rest of the week ahead. you see today is probably going to be the warmest day of the next 7 and then we're going to cool
9:57 am
off to the low 80's inland, a thick look at by the bay here looking low to mid center right you can get whatever you want 60's and 70's or 80's around here love it that's why we pay gazillion dollars to live >>so that's it for now watching us on kron on the news is 24 7 without commercials. all you have to do is go to kron on dot tv to start signing up for the kron on app that's right for robin job, daryn myself and we will see you back here. >>tomorrow morning, everybody everybody see later.
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