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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 15, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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fatal crash. so these things take longer to clear we have a damaged guardrail we have a big rig off the road 80 east at a port el drive. >>a lot of heavy traffic leading up to the scene so be prepared for this is right at the san pablo richmond borders, so with the 2 right lanes close a lot of folks are slowing down to take a look and it is really stacking up here so keep that in mind. here's a look at it on traffic tracker is shows you the slowing on both sides once again 80 east at al foretell drive and it is heavy, so you need tleave a little early if yoa have to head west the westbound traffic is not too bad, it's often on slowing. >>out of hercules my way for so 21 minutes from crockett to the maze we make it down to the maze who have to sit in traffic from that point all the way up to the bay bridge toll plaza so be prepared. more crowding coming into san francisco at 18 minutes and growing after fremont street will check more trouble spots coming up john. >>well robin skies or at least nice and clear on like those roads this monday morning golden gate bridge has been
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beautiful in crystal clear throughout the course of the morning just one of any roadway they are going to be traveling we're going to be encountering plenty of sunshine in fact a nice little view of the sunrise out in the distance there from the golden gate, 50's and 60's is where most temperatures are sitting this morning we've seen a couple of 70's though, like in pittsburgh in antioch to kick things off pittsburgh, you're still sitting at 72 hardly even need a jacket out there and later today, and you won't be needing a jacket anywhere because daytime highs will be well into the upper 80's for much of the coast of the bay into the mid 70's while our inland areas still holding on to some upper 80's to even low 90's so a very warm day not quite as warm as this weekend but holding on to the heat before a cool down later this week which i'll get to still to come daryn james, thanks a lot john 71 our top story immigration and customs enforcement have begun conducting the raids throughout the country and that could last for several days to come. >>so far we haven't seen a huge uptick in the number of
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raids here in the bay area but that may change in the coming days kron four's will tran is live now from the ice facility in san francisco with more. >>you can see the people behind me these are not protesters. these are people showing up doing personal business that we did see protests all all last week and even on friday in anticipation of as many as 2000 raids taking place across the country but they never fully materialize some people were taken into custody, but reportedly those raids will continue for the next week or so, but in a smaller amount according to federal officials they believe that all all that attention cause undocumented immigrants that they were going after 10 not leave their homes or call in ck, so they probably were not going to be as successful as they were hoping for that's why they're leaving it up to individual ice offices to do conduct the raids at their own discretion on a smaller less publicized scale. according to community
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activists it doesn't mean that the fear is over and they continue to spread the word out there to undocumented immigrants that they have have rights. >>federal immigration agents use these questionable an illegal tactics remind people not to open the door. if immigration officer happens to have a warrant asked him to slip it under the door and confirmed that is actually signed by a judge not asking the community to panic but to empower themselves with this knowledge about knowing their rights. >>federal officials they were saying that these agents for not doing anything illegal over the weekend or even lead mower that they are actually carrying out their jobs to protect the american citizens that they're not going after all all undocumented immigrants just immigrants who did not show up for their court hearing and they want to remove those people back to you. >>thanks a lot. well, and you
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can of course find more coverage of the ice raids on our website, including protests across the country and information for families again all of kron 4 dot com. >>new this morning, one person was injured during a fire at an apartment complex in martinez, it broke out on the 3rd floor of the building located on how brown the new and with that person was burned and treated on the scene other residents were able to get out safely. they're investigating the cause of fire. year-old girl is in the hospital in oakland, she was hit by suspected drunk driver. safira how are 10 has a fractured skull and bruising to her lungs and her kidneys. look at her in the head hospital. she was leaving a social security office with her great grandmother. a car hit her this was on range avenue in santa rosa. and they think it was 47 year-old hector larios who was driving. it was a hit and run and this will be his 4th dui conviction if he's found guilty.
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>>i'm not exactly what i would say anymore. >>i'm more wondering. he was doing driving. why the trading after so many duis i mean you have so many warnings at that point. >>father so common as little girl is in hospital. the family says that they think she's going make a whole recovery because she doesn't have any internal bleeding. happening today, muni riders are going use the sales force transit center has been almost a year now since cracks were discovered in some of those steel beams shutting down the transit center of the entire time for sarah stinson joining us live with more on. >>who could use it. finally starting today, sarah. >>well primarily it's going to be muni riders, those hundreds of people who unique in to san francisco now san francisco to get to work they can finally use the sales force transit center, you know these people they got a sneak peek of it when it first opened 6 weeks with it and then it shut down and as you recall. acts were
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found in 2 steel beams and they had to shut it down aso's a huge just turn over everyone had to go over to the temporary transbay terminal and they've been using that ever since again that discovery shut down the transit center just 6 weeks after opening today the transit hub will have certain union lines running through to the bus plaza. the route will stop on nearby surrounding streets as per usual people also able to connect to ac transit west cat greyhound an amtrak through a bus service here in san francisco, this sales force transit center took 8 years to build and is meant to be the west coast version of grand central station. eventually it will bring caltrain service from the peninsula and down the road further down the road california high speed rail trains from southern california into an underground station. let's not get ahead of ourselves. this is the first day commuters will get to use it. we as i said about 10 months. story transit hub.
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it's quite insane when you get inside there are a lot of people probably haven't been able to check the park on the rooftop that is beautiful area to kind of relax when you are you know going to the hustle bustle of your commute. but yeah definitely people relieved to get back in there. i did talk to people who. use this every day back when we first of the story they said that the temporary transbay terminal had been working just fine but obviously this is new shiny and select side to have it back. for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron. >>police are looking for the person who shot a woman in oakland over the weekend of the victim was found yesterday morning in the 2400 block of chestnut street and she was taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made. >>an elderly driver was trying to park and instead hit the gas and ended up crashing into this cvs and muranga he says his foot slipped off the brake. >>and that's why he launched
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into the building on saturday, a number of people were inside too. >>and they suffered minor injuries, one person did have to go to the hospital. the driver and a passenger in that van were not hurt. >>critical condition after he was rescued from ocean beach it happened saturday afternoon around 3.15 or so right near san francisco zoo. the victim was fully close rescuers are quite sure why but they gave him cpr they were able to revive him and get him to the hospital at this point police aren't sure why he was in the water. the go ship trial enters a new phase this week with prosecutors presented their rebuttal evidence now that the defense has rested its case derick and max harris are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for everyone who died in the fire at that warehouse back in 2016. the space was an zone or permitted for people to live inside or to hold large events. prosecutors say that a man up and harris are responsible for the fire because they didn't provide exit signs or sprinklers are working fire extinguishers. but some defense attorneys say putting the 2 men behind bars won't solve anything. >>people who were trying.
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>>and do a good thing. and that thing you have and that so many people have your sort of. >>hand in that you want to point these 2 people. you know horrible filthy jail. how's that made anything better. >>closing arguments are set for july 29th. we'll take a break now 7 oh 9 on the clock coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news a weekend shooting at a 6 flags in concord the gunman is still on the loose, we'll tell you more about what happened and president trump is facing new criticism this morning a 3rd his attacks on 4 democratic congresswoman, we'll tell you why they're saying the attacks across the lived and kicking off this new week on a really pleasant note so far with clear skies and comfortable temperatures but how about the rest tf the week your forecast is ahead. >>i'm tracking a fatal crash on the east shore freeway 80 east ellport tell the 2 right lanes are closed.
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>>crews still working with this we don't july 15th is national give something away day.
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pulled up this great white shark took about a half hour to really and then discovered what they had. >>they released it immediately, but they capture this video showing. these giant predators like and as you know this or it's a big one i think it's a big one uh wow so there you go right off out that ran great white shark swimming around in statement yeah, her talk about that early accept the and james even went swimming, it was freezing to be a. waters you probably already know ice cold because it comes from the eye you know what's kind nice, cool water in when it's a 100 which isn't what we're seeing here in the day. but now we're still 90's for a few spots today so it will feel good to maybe take a nice to finish chilly pool if you do have one in your backyard. maybe avoid the bay though with the sharks swimming around in there you look across the bay at san francisco is looking nice and clear this morning, not a cloud in the sky sitting over san francisco to kick off this day. >>san jose is also off to a
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very clear start and well why not the east bay there berkeley looking great san francisco on the distance as is the golden gate bridge which is also for free of any fog for your monday morning skies will stay like this through the afternoon ahead of us and even into the early evening condition should remain nice and clear now into the mid evening tonight you'll eventually see some cloud cover pushing in especially around 10 o'clock pm that cloud cover going to drift on over the peninsula out to the east bay, so just a touch of fog into tomorrow morning. definitely a fog year start that are crystal clear skies today will be and then tomorrow afternoon looking nice and clear again temperatures just a bit cooler than today's after that an a or foggy one on into tomorrow evening setting us up for a foggy morning on wednesday. so these clear conditions that we're seeing this morning is not the normal just a nice to exception and a good chance to get outside and enjoy this clear start to the day. 60's 70's for san francisco today just a touch cooler than this
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weekend for inland spots while on the peninsula, it's going to feel right around the same as it did this weekend. redwood city san carlos in palo alto all in the low 80's with mountain view 82 while down into the south bay do expect some mid 80's, san jose before milpitas in santa clara. each 83 degrees east bay upper 70's in union city and hayward while mid 80's in the tri valley, there's a couple those 90's i was talking about among them conquered right at 90 degrees while berkeley oakland and richmond will be nice in the mid 70's and a few more the 90's up in the north bay which will be one of our to steer areas. also a little breezy at times just around pittsburgh in benicia winds only gusting up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. novato in petaluma 83 for your highs cooler than this weekend was an only getting cooler on into tomorrow as well after that level out for the middle of the week before a further cool down into the weekend friday saturday and sunday of next weekend looking really comfortable with low 80's for inland areas. that's your
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forecast robin we've had a few problems on the roads, how's it looking right now yes one that's taking 80 east and ellport tell accident here from. >>the 5 o'clock hour still working still blocking and still no estimated time of clearing. it involves a big rig that struck the guardrail ran off the road. so we have the guardrail we had debris scattered across lanes are the big rig over here on the on the side there a sort of down the hillside, i know it's hard to see, but it flipped over, and it resulted in one fatality so with 2 lanes blocked. they've issued a special traffic alert you can see the heavy traffic on both sides of the freeway here it is on traffic tracker and it shows you the slowing in both directions so be prepared for that leave a little early of 80's your commute now westbound to commute direction and we'll just call it slow and stretches it's not a terrible drive, its just crowded at 22 minutes here from crockett down to the maze that's going west. when you make it to the maze you're sitting in traffic from the bottom through that holds up the incline and busy across the upper deck. this is the norm for your drive into san
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francisco. so definitely not unusual to the richmond sandra fell you're looking at 13 minutes from the pay gates to one o one and checking out 5.80 livermore to dublin not that this morning. that's only a 13 minute trip and then 6.80 recovering from a crash but looking better at 23 minutes rolling south from dublin to fremont james all right, thank you very much. >>the house has voted and passed a bill to fund the 9.11 victims compensation fund through the year 2019 that bill was renamed in honor of several of the 9.11 responders it's called never forget the heroes and our washington dc correspondent morgan right has the story. >>the house of representatives voted friday to permanently find 9.11 victim compensation near 2019. >>the bill is passed you never forget 9.11 is one of those moments that is ingrained its new york republican congressman tom reed says the bill had strong support from both parties and new york democrat joseph morelle he says the victims are not limited to new york pennsylvania. >>and washington d c of the
7:18 am
435 congressional districts, the united states. 433 and people and families who could benefit from this fund the bill passed the house for a 2 to 12. thanks in large part to lobbying efforts by first responders now suffering from the toxic environment at ground 0 shanksville and the pentagon and the high profile testimony of comedian jon stewart. >>this is the semi-finals the finals are. 2 weeks from now in the senate stewart changed lawmakers at a hearing. >>the official fdny response time the 9.11 was 5 seconds and one of the first responders victims. louis alvarez died shortly after urging lawmakers. >>to pass the bill it certainly a shame to see it come to this where we had to push this vote. >>but thankfully common sense prevailed new york democrat anthony brindisi says he wants the senate to act quickly as 9.11 victims payments have been caught becausecthe fund was running out of money. pennsylvania republican
7:19 am
senator patrick toomey says brindisi and the victims should not worry. he says the senate will act quickly on the measure. we want to make sure those first responders are take care of in washington morgan right. >>for your money this morning, disney looks to expand its box office rain with the lion king and and it is a bargain as major e-commerce retailers launch big sales today, jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more why is today's area. >>amazon kick this off with their prime day is july that you some cash flow coming in after the holidays, so amazon started his prime day i think about 6 years ago. it's a 2 day sale this year so starts today runs tomorrow that shed some sales last night as well. now analysts say many of the proof deals are actually better than black friday and the event is going to come one of the biggest in e-commerce effect in retail altogether. walmart's online has unveiled sales to compete as well. discounts on electronics a sports equipment toys so forth
7:20 am
and then targets playing up his sales facing customers don't need a membership to score the deals are some 200. it covers retailers participating in online sales today. well, american airlines canceled flights through november, 2nd to as the boeing 7.37 max states grounded. the airline previously expected to reintroduce the plane in september so this new delay only to about a 115 flights canceled every day. well secret deodorant has donated $529,000 to the us women's soccer team to close the gender pay gap, the deodorant brand owned by procter gamble's that each of the 23 players on the roster. well received $23,000. now that took out full page ad in the new york times yesterday and said the women's soccer team just made history. but they've always deserve equal pay some members of the us women's national team set to earn 250,000 for winning the world cup. well below the pay that the men's team would have gotten for a similar run. and analysts the box office tracking services expect the new lion king to open with the domestic debut. north of a
7:21 am
170 million so that will be among the best movies of the year to see now far and away the top forming studio. it said captain marvel in game toy story 4 now lion king coming out and that will be a screening starting on thursday live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. thank you daryn thank you jane. >>time is 7.21 coming up after the break in east bay park targeted by an arsonist twice in one day and now police are looking for the person responsible. here's a quick live look outside we've got our bay bridge approach camera well you can see traffic is fairly stacked up here on this monday morning robin winston with more on your commute and the hot spot that she's been acking with more on that in a minute john travel look more the sunshine were looking for some nice temperatures today, we'll get a complete look at the forecast for him coming up in just a few minutes, stay tuned. the kron 4 morning news man's world?
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get closer to the travels and moments you'll remember forever with this special offer. need another reason? enjoy an introductory no annual fee. to apply, visit back to our big problem on the east shore freeway, a fatal accident here 80 east l foretell drive. >>left over from the 5 o'clock hour still active still blocking and still under investigation. so we have the 2 right lanes closed. it's hard to see the big rig that ran off the road. but it ran down the hillside and flipped over and we know that one person did not survive the crash so with this alert in place to expect to see a lot of heavy traffic going east you're back to at least 2 avenue and then westbound we have a new crash coming in at panel valley road plus it was already slow. so we'll call
7:25 am
west found just slow and stretches from hercules down to berkeley we'll check in on more slow downs coming up john. >>are seeing some really nice conditions this morning to be out and about on those roadways even though they may be slow at least are skies are nice and clear as a foe is also looking very cloud-free and that is helping so much no delays out there whatsoever that's the way we've been all morning long. you can expectf it to remain that way as far as weather goes anyways should be any interference as with your flights. now it's still going to be a very warm one inland you see that president daytime high hard to avoid looking at a 102 degrees no triple digits here in the bay, but still a couple of 90's lingering before a cooler week ahead of us. james. all right. thank you john the playground at woodstock alameda is close now after was torched by an arsonist. >>the fire at the playground was the first of 2 at that park early saturday morning. the first one erupted in a trash can next to the playground that was right around 2 in the morning and
7:26 am
then less than 2 hours later firefighters had to come back because the playground itself it caught fire. people who live nearby say they're hoping this doesn't become a pattern. it wasn't wheatley surprise that somebody would. >>especially around the 4th of july looked to have some continuing fun with fire fireworks or whatever it turns out to have been but that definitely annoying because like we go there all the time with my son we're just beside ourselves we will do whatever it takes to get this rebuild on because we need playgrounds across our city in every neighborhood. >>the playground opened in 2017 and at the time cost around $250,000 to build. the search is on for 2 people suspected of killing another person at an east bay motel of the full story in just a the full story in just a minute. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. while managing your type 2 diabetes-
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>>7.29 look at weather and traffic we are going to have a nice weekend looks like in the weather. i don't know about the traffic any better they have not better not get on the east shore freeway we are still waiting for this fatal crash to clear we have 2 lanes closed and then its backing up traffic in both directions it's been out there for quite some time now well over an hour. but still no estimated time for clearing we're talking about 80 east l foretell drive right on the san pablo richmond border, 2 right lanes shut down to traffic alert and plays and it's backed up heavily on both sides accuse that are my west found is the commute direction. and it's going to
7:30 am
be busy in stretches from highway 4 and hercules through the crash scene and continuing down to virtually so that's roughly 24 minutes. and that's really not a terrible commute on the east shore freeway but from the maze through bay bridge toll plaza and up the incline to going to be sitting. but some friends just wave. hello to your fellow commuters there, everybody stuck and 17 minutes for your average after fremont street, but at least we don't have any crashes or stalls in the mix that's good. we'll look at some more bridges coming up top. yeah waves to their fellow commuters roll down the windows robin because it is a comfortable start to the morning. i know you got to sit in traffic to get to work might as well be doing so. >>with some nice weather which is exactly what we're looking at all across the bay area from the golden gate which is crystal clear as you can see well inland across the day. 50's 60's and even a few 70's is we're sitting for temperatures this morning. pittsburgh you've been solidly in the low 70's as you have an antioch as well concord 67 while a few 50's linger in napa berkeley, san francisco and then up into the north bay and because hills but
7:31 am
otherwise we do have really warm conditions yet again this afternoon now today is actually about to be the warmest day of the forecast ahead of us but cooler than this weekend was that tells you where we're head gradually getting cooler in the days to come 60's for your highs at the coast of 70's by the bay and a few 90's linger inland. i have more on your forecast. still ahead james all right john thank you time now 7 31 in east bay police are searching for 2 men wanted in a deadly shooting at a motel 6 in concord where pictures of them they're identified as 32 year-old adam renfro and 40 year-old robert brown police think they were involved in the shooting of a man friday night at a motel 6 on clayton road. the victim died at the hospital that shooting has neighbors in the concord area on edge. >>i saw the police cars i just that put it all together and there has always been like lots of like problems with them and stuff like that i like police come, but i never actually heard. gunshot before so. >>renfro and brown are considered armed and dangerous police are still investigating
7:32 am
a motive. in the south bay police are investigating a homicide that they believe is the result of a home invasion. it happened friday at a home on the 3200 block of montecito drive in san jose police have not identified the victim yet but according to a neighbor. they tell kron 4 the victims, an elderly man who is a grandfather. it's unclear how many people were involved in that homicide. >>an east bay, a shooting at the 6 flags water park in concord. >>the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds saturday afternoon and was taken to hospital. >>police are still looking for the shooter this morning. the shooter he was at last seen driving a silver older model honda with front bumper damage. fire burned about 4 acres and livermore but no buildings as you can see the alameda county fire department tweeted out these pictures of the fire which was long highway 5.80 near north livermore avenue. governor gavin, newsome has signed a bill aimed at helping pay wildfire victims when utility companies are to blame. the
7:33 am
new law creates a wildfire liability fun for the utilities to use so they can dip into that money when their equipments parts of fire. they get to pay out of that fun and this goes into effect immediately it's a $21 billion fund with money coming from investor owned utilities and. acts that california already pay the governor and the sizes. p g has to do a lot before can access that money the utility first has to get out of bankruptcy. has to pay off claims for wildfire victims from 2017 2018 to stay got a lot of work to do. >>and you know get to participate in this one unless they go through a series. steps most importantly they've got sit down and they can deal with these victims. and he's been 1400 days. some of these victims. compensate. >>governor newsome says that when lawmakers return from
7:34 am
their summer break they're going to focus on insurance issues and fireproofing homes in the wake of those devastating wildfires. >>police say the number of car break ins is declining in san francisco, but it's still happening far too often just last month almost 1900 cars were broken into. that's nearly 63 per day. many we're in areas like golden gate park, the palace of fine arts. lombard street very popular places for people. so this all serves as a reminder to never leave valuables in your car even if they're hidden. another big national story that we're following this morning president trump now facing new criticism for using what some are calling racist language to attack democratic congresswoman, joe johns has the story. >>president trump doubling down on a taxi made sunday against democratic congresswoman in a series of races tweets the president writing progressive democratic congresswoman should go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came
7:35 am
though he did not mention the democrats by name the apparent targets of his tirade. >>our congresswoman alexandria of congress who have been elected from their districts to come to the congress of the united states and represent the people in their districts. they are certainly legitimate. he is not. >>the 4 freshman congresswoman have repeatedly spoken out against president trump's immigration policies and have all called for his impeachment ocasio cortez firing back at the president reminding him she is an american adding given how you destroyed our
7:36 am
border with inhumane camps. all at a benefit to you and the corporation to profit off them, you're absolutely right about the corruption laid at your feet, omar accusing the president of stoking white nationalism and calling him the most corrupt and inept president we have ever see. trump responding to the avalanche of criticism tweeting whenever confronted democrats call their adversaries, including nancy pelosi, racist. they're disgusting language and the many terrible things they say about the united states should not be allowed to go unchallenged despite reports of infighting between nancy pelosi in the same group of congress women. the house speaker defending the members of our caucus, rejecting what she called the president is bit comments saying make america great again has always been about making america white again echoing comments she made last week. >>we respect the value of every member. pockets. diversity is our strength. unity is at power.
7:37 am
>>well the president hasn't specified which congresswoman he was talking about paul i'm sure we'll continue to follow the fallout today. >>coming up in clock racist rants caught on camera a restaurant will tell you why a woman was yelling at the manager of burger king. >>a dog all alone, taken by somebody in san francisco. so he just walked off with a family's pet. >>and as you're getting outside today. do expect some really nice weather is still going to be warm for many areas are already in the 70's for any out i'm talking your forecast to course it's a slow commute into san francisco this morning. if you're going to use a new prepared to write the breaks from the maze all the way through the tolls.
7:38 am
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7:40 am
>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news for your checking back in on our hot spot and yes, it's still there. this crash happened in the 5 o'clock hour. and it's still under investigation. this is 80 east at ellport tell fatal crash involving a big rig comes a car involved as well the big rig ran off the road over the hillside flipped over and crews still have the 2 right lanes that resulted into fatalities so they have called for a corner they've called for tow trucks and they are still investigating so prepare for heavy traffic in both directions westbound it's really not that bad i think a lot of folks are taking monday off not as many cars on the road we're looking at 24 minutes from crockett to the
7:41 am
maze and of course a slow from the maze through the bay bridge toll plaza but only 19 minutes to make it off to fremont street. we'll check in on some more slowdowns and a bit let's check in on your forecast and john trimble thanks so much rob and we are seeing some really nice conditions out there this morning skies, crystal clear not just for inland areas as we usually do see. >>but all the way out to the coast with the golden gate bridge out there in the distance sitting under all that sunshine already across the bay area, very bright start to this monday morning setting us up for what will be continuously sunny afternoon ahead of us too just a few spots of cloud cover that you're going to see as you head out to the coast besides that skies remain clear dry even as we move into the early evening tonight. james, all right john thank you new this morning, the dog is back with her owner after she was taken by a man in san francisco. now police are looking for that man we actually have surveillance video from yesterday afternoon showing that man in the upper right hand corner. this colder trade was tied to a pole near store in japan town. when that man a
7:42 am
one point an ties the leash and simply walks away with the dog their egos. hours later the dog was found safe in the tenderloin she was actually being walked by a couple who told police that they found the dog. police searched the neighborhood but couldn't find the man that was captured in the surveillance imagery in the end though that golden retriever was reunited with her owner. >>coming up on the buzz history was made at wimbledon, not with one of the longest match which is in history and the longest. who's dog is this?
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning still watching a fatal accident on the east shore freeway that we're still tracking that i've been tracking since about 5 o'clock this morning. it's 80 east at el foretell drive right here, the 2 right lanes are blocked often involves a big rig and that big rig ran off the road flipped over right along the hillside, so crews are working to retrieve it, we know that one person did not survive the crash eastbound is the counter commute directions on the backups not terrible. but it's there and it's also impacting the westbound side because they can see it also 80 west nile valley road separate accident active has traffic stacked up my way force about something else in your way overall it's low in stretches continuing down to berkeley. so 24 minutes from crockett to the maze when you make it to the bay bridge toll plaza the usual jam fast track lanes are all nes stacked up but pretty much business as usual with no major issues what i want to
7:46 am
cross the golden gate looks great pretty shot here one on one, which is smooth and both directions with no problems into or out of san francisco traffic tracker showing decent numbers for 4 6.80 the nimitz and one oh one this all looks normal 56 minutes, north one oh one san jose to menlo park. >>really is a nice start to the morning out there skies, definitely clear across the bay area plenty of sunshine over san francisco you can see that shot right there looking across the day. not usually what we're s eing are not usually what we did see last week when it was very foggy across the bay area, especially right across the day during this time of the morning, san jose something you are he's dissing down there is a clear start to the day was continuing that as you also are over in the east bay with mount diablo seem very clear in the distance skies are going to remain clear today that's not going to change as we make our way into the afternoon now tonight a push of fog will be making its way and mostly past sunset
7:47 am
this evening. it's going make its way into tomorrow morning civil tuesday and wednesday mornings in future cast are showing us some fog and marine layer scooting in across the bay. so this clear morning that we are seeing now is the exception to what is about to be the normal for the remainder of the week which is the return of some times a day enjoy this clear start later on today we do have clear conditions and toasty temperatures still it will be our warmest day of the week ahead of us with conquered still holding on the low 90's freeman, the low 80's while napa and santa rosa still just shy of 90 after this temperatures only getting cooler level out tuesday wednesday and thursday in the mid 80's, inland and low 70's by the bay before cooler conditions into next weekend in the low 80's for inland spots. >>tennis champ joe convention federer are hung over this morning from the longest wimbledon final in history, the longest final not to be confused with the longest match she ever which was this
7:48 am
one in 2010. so just for fun. we're going to keep this rolling. in the end ok. out in the 5th said which for the first time in wimbledon had to go to attack tie breaker to decide just kept going back and forth and back and forth with the royals clapping and clapping and they ended up playing 24 games in the 5th set. >>25th game was the tie breaker and then joke of it won it. >>you work for you live for. they give sensing there you have a value to every minute you spend on the court. training and working to get yourself in this position and play play the match. we want to greatest rivals of all time. >>every minute or a 4 hours and 57 minutes. had they gone by the old rules they could have still been playing this
7:49 am
morning like are and much in 2010 and i'm going to tell you how little lasted in just a couple of minutes, let's just keep it going as we move on to the women and american superstar and supermom serena williams was not able to win her 24th major, but she does have a more practical serving plate. i think then the winner the other trophies just too big even if you had a 30 pound turkey romania's simona hahep the serene in straight sets. so they didn't even get to play the 3rd a lot of people think that the women are exciting enough. these days that they should be deciding this in 5 sets. not in 3 left. they're still playing in their little box. the us women's soccer team is still waiting for equal pay, but they did get a secret bonus that helps the bonus is the secret. it's from secret the a deodorant the company gave a a little more and a half a million dollars so that each of the 23 players could get $23,000. if
7:50 am
they didn't wear secret before that they do now and that these guys with could use some detour into the guys in the box yet they probably change the shirts at least 20 times and by the way ordered in from mcdonald's lebron james is going to have have to keep wearing the same smelly lakers jersey that he gave to davis because they have too much invested in james's 23 nike said no way we got a cell all of our james 23 jerseys so davis is kicking it old school was number 3 and he tweeted out a picture of the last last time that he wore that number it was middle school and it's pretty grainy it looks like he still had to eyebrows back then now nike can make a bunch of money selling the brow at number 3 and then maybe later 23, don't worry don't worry. i'm gonna tell you how this winds up and how long is in just a minute steph curry tweeted out a picture with the big 3 said. justin timberlake.
7:51 am
he said the 3 best friends that anyone can have have to remember that in a movie. yep, they're still playing tennis and these 3 amigos we're still playing golf. all weekend in lake tahoe over the weekend step was really hope and that he would go to comedy is going to come with a winner in the tournament this time. but you know what they say drive for show putt steph fell short. he didn't come in first he came in 7th, but he did win the side that was his dad and who placed 12th the winner for a second straight year. tony romo all. days of golf is one thing 3 days of tennis is another 3 days that's how long the longest tennis match ever lasted it had to be played over 3 days, it was 11 hours. and 5 minutes they called it. the endless match. but in the
7:52 am
end america's john eisner one when it was over if you want to see a funny mockumentary about. about 7 days and have. that's what they call this toll kit harington. andy samberg and they have mock interviews with serena john mcenroe it is not for kids. but it is. you know in the real in the real match up to that they brought they took ice fast. they ate like i said they ate mcdonald's. but this really makes or it's not a hair, it's a very of okay, what they do in >>ridiculous but again this is a joke. this one in the in the box and that one is for real. and that's the buzz. lowe's knows you're the powerhouse who does it right.
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who knows the right tool has no equal. as the leader in outdoor power equipment, we do it right, too. so, you can show your yard who's boss. >>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well 2 new movies arrived at the box office this weekend hoping to take on the number one spot david daniel has a look at which movies came in the top 5. >>musical fantasy yesterday fell to 5th place on ticket sales of million. the buddy action comedy stuber debuted in 4th place with million at the low end of expectations.
7:56 am
kroll opened at number 3 surfacing with million. let's get you a toy story 4 stay that number to million gave it 346 million domestic. >>richards forms from the prime area there water. >>spiderman far from home easily repeated as weekend champ earning million. it's made 275 million domestically in its first 13 days in hollywood, i'm david daniel. time now 7.56 coming up in the next hour of the kron 00:04am morning news, possible changes to ice is plan to raid several cities across the country will tell you what it means for undocumented immigrants. >>here in the bay area and police in the south bay are investigating the death of an elderly man will tell you what officers believed led to that homicide. there's a live look outside the san mateo bridge is we're checking the right here at least on 92, it's moving but that can't be said for other parts of the bay.
7:57 am
we've got a hot spot out there. robin winston will join us with more on that and then john tribal will keep us updated on that looks like a beautiful forecast for today great start to the morning on this monday, we'll have a complete look at the outlook in just a minute.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>>and thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and
8:00 am
i'm james fletcher lots to get to this hour. >>great looking forecast to cover as well and of course that big hot spot on the road when following all morning to yes, it's still there. i'll give you an update 80 east at we still have lanes blocks all talk about that in a bit ok and we're going to be warming up this week we will still a couple hot spots today, especially but after this we actually go and cooler for the next few days. >>but yet today still on the hotter side of things with some 90's lingering, especially for the inland bay. so it's still time to get outside with all that water into the afternoon and hopefully some sun screen too as you want to find yourself with a sunburn after spending time out there. this is a look at the golden gate bridge all the way out to the coast conditions are nice and clear this morning and that's the way they're going to remain even into the afternoon skies from the coast inland will remain nice and sunny and temperatures are only in iraq highs, 60's 70's for your current temperatures with concord and pittsburgh at 73 each pittsburgh, you never fell out of the 70's through the course of the evening as far as we are in th


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