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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 9, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- j.lo crying, dizzy. her accident on stage. then wendy williams' tearful confession that shocked her audience. >> breathe, breathe, breathe plus -- new details in the mysterious death of a 20-year-old disney star. and stevie wonder's health crisis revealed. then, why some are calling baby archie's christening royally ridiculous. then -- >> we're experiencing some very strong shake zblg how the california earthquakes are rattling nerves in hollywood. >> i felt that one. that was freaky. this is "entertainment tonight." this is something. jennifer lopez caught in a rare and incredibly emotional moment,
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as she confesses to her man. >> i can't take this. >> oh, lord. >> i like them so much. j.lo leaving no doubt why she's ready to marry alex rodriguez. >> something today threw you off a little bit. >> it did. i felt dizzy. i don't even know what i'm doing. >> j.lo's emotional breakdown was the result of a fever, almost losing her voice, and this bloody accident on stage. ♪ >> when i came back, it was blood all over my face. >> it was the best. >> by the way, it was the best show i've seen so far. >> you're lying. >> no, i'm not. and you showed why you're a champion, baby. i'm so proud of everyone. >> j.lo released the he hind the scenes of her tour video three days after this headline tried to stir up trouble in the relationship.
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jrod "argue frequently and there is great fear, tension, may prevent the couple from ever walking down the aisle." >> um, yeah. it looks like that one's totally wrong. >> this is why i love him and i'm going to marry him. whether he wants to or not we're getting married. j.lo wasn't the only star in tears. today, wendy williams returned to her show. and opened up about finding love again 12 weeks after filing for divorce from her husband. >> i'm not on the market anymore. it helps that he's a doctor. my family is doing fine. i'm fine. >> wendy has been separated six seconds and she's already got dates. dates. >> please call nischelle. >> i need help. we move on now to sad news. hollywood is mourning the sudden and tragic death of 20-year-old
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disney star cameron boyce. >> what's up? i'm cameron boyce. >> these guys are going crazy for you. >> an autopsy was started today to determine the actor's official cause of death. >> engine rescue 60. >> we're told the 20-year-old died at home in his sleep on saturday after a seizure. he reported suffered from epilepsy. >> cameron played adam sandler's son in "grown ups" one and two. sandler paid tribute calling him, "too young. just the nicest, most talented >> and salma hayek who played cameron's mom in the franchise remembered him as "spirited, talented kind. moving from heartbreak to hope and a surprise announcement. stevie wonder stunned his london audience saturday night.
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>> i'm going to have a kidney transplant in september of this ar >> the 67-year-old said he wanted to shut down rumors and speculations about his health. >> i have a donor, it's all good. ♪ ♪ stevie loves "e.t." >> "e.t." goes way back with stevie. during his first interview in 1982, he gave us a private concert. ♪ you are the sunshine of my life ♪ >> stevie has three concerts scheduled before his surgery date. >> i came here to give you my love and to thank you for your love. stevie is unbelievable. speaking of another national treasure, more news out of london. baby archie's royal christening. what happened inside was top, top secret. but here's what we learned. two month old archie harrison
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handmade replica of the same ya wore. >> thank you for that. a prior een was not in engagement. meghan's mom dori ragland was there, alook with william and kate. unlike their wedding and past royal christenings, this event was extremely private. >> it's the couple wanting to keep their baby completely private, away from the limelight, away from the cameras. it is unusual because the cambridges allowed the cameras certainly to capture the arrivals for each of the royal christenings. >> while they hope it's up far from the hollywood
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spotlight that his mom once enjoyed, but meghan wasn't far from old "suits" castmates. especially patrick, who also just welcomed his first child, his wife was actually pregnant with their daughter at the royal wedding. >> you tell me. i don't know the matchmaking. it sounds like a crazy world. i wish meghan all the best. >> we're exclusively on the set with patrick who's back for the ninth and final season. his character mike ross returns to the legal drama during episode five without his wife rachel, aka duchess meghan markle. >> for mike this is just a trip to new york, you know, there's phone calls with rachel saying good-bye and i love you and you know i think there's some obviously acknowledgment she's still there and part of the show. this is just a way to come and see his friends one last time. prince william and prince harry take part in the royal charity event on wednesday. all right, also going down on wednesday, in united states, the ticker tape parade for the usa women's world cup team.
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they took home their fourth >> jessica chastain had zero chill celebrating the champs, waving her american flag and dancing in france. she watched from the win from the stands. backstage there was no shortage of stars celebrations. from leslie jones. >> yes! >> to kate hudson. the team celebrated with their taylor swift sing along. >> you need the calm down. >> and of course the singer noticed it. >> taylor giving us life. >> $30 million in prize money. the team will split just $4 million that's not sitting well with many especially the men's prize money totalled $400 million. >> man, pay them ladies, man. pay them girls what they are worth.
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>> more wins and bigger audience than the men. an estimated 19 million people watched yesterday's final. get this, usa women's soccer game have raked more money than the men's in recekrencent years. but it's not stopping them from celebrating. >> i woke up like this is crazy. >> megan is a bonafide superstar now. it's estimated this women's world cup was watched by a billion people worldwide. something else shaking things up literally over the holiday weekend. the earthquake that hit here in southern california. thankfully it wasn't like the ones that you see in the movies. we're experiencing very strong shaking. i think we need to get under the desk. all right, we're going to go to break. >> we'll be right back after this. >> kaley cuoco was hanging with her husband and dog. >> and i just felt that one and i see our chandelier moving. i felt that one!
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th freaky. his mother-in-law. >> we got another earthquake? >> here we go. >> alex rodriguez was watching the dodgers' game but across town -- >> is that an earthquake? >> is that an earthquake? >> in studio city, "big brother" was livestreaming the quakes. >> it's shaking. >> i'm really scared. >> kylie jenner posted "these earthquakes," adding a few emojis. nicki minaj kept it simple -- that earthquake was intense. ava duvernay advised, respect mother nature, she's the boss. but david spade went next level -- his earthquake rules - stop, drop, then instagram yourself and be superdramatic. sit back and count likes. >> rattled prompted disneyland to shut down rides but today it was business as usual. here at "e.t." we'll be ready to
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go. we've been through this more. mary hart was on the air in 1994 during an aftershock. >> right now while we're shaking with an aftershock we're going to say good-bye for today and hope for a much steadying tomorrow coming up -- angelina jolie is back as the mistress of evil. plus, our shawn mendes and camila cabello a new couple? then one hollywood heart
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♪ what started with john mayer and a simple bottle cap. has quickly become an internet craze that's nearly impossible to try it. justin bieber did it with a little motivation. >> this could be tom cruise's head. she still wants that ufc match with movie star. his wife hailey one upped him. that's nothing compared to mariah's drop the mic moment.
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>> now the stars are trying to upstage each other. mariah, genius. but did anyone see keltie night's kick. from a challenge to a mystery, what is going on with shawn mendes and camila cabello? are they summer's hottest new couple, or are they just messing with us? ♪ i love it when you call me senorita ♪ >> first, came their steamy music video for "senorita." >> pair's pda weekend has fans wondering what's one these two? on july 4th, starting fireworks of their own. they definitely looked cozy outside shawn's house before hitting up a party in malibu. then camila went to not one but two of his shows in l.a. posting on instagram,
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shawn mendes you couldn't be more amazing. wow. heart emoji. at nearly 5:00 in the morning the next day at a diner. five hours after that, still a handsy bunch. flir flirty. >> she's like no. >> never tried to make a move. >> but we lock in a couples' name, there are some fans swearing this is all a publicity stunt. when asked point-blank by a fan shawn seems to denied romance. >> are you dating camila? >> a source tells "e.t." the pair is casually spending time together and aren't looking into anything serious. for now, the only thing that's official is that these two seriously love breakfast. still ahead -- >> these are the moments that bring us to our feet. >> matt damon, joe manganiello, two her reasons to love a man in a uniform.
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under the sea and under attack, which oscar winner is little mermaid. and is angelina the most evil disney villain, ever. the new maleficent. closed captioning provided by -- hollywood's escape hotel with no matter what i wore, i worried someone might see
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>> jake gyllenhaal, he posted video from his time in korea with his "spider-man: far from home" co-star tom holland. by the way, the movie smashed the july 4th box office with an estimated $185 million. in the u.s. they got my money. and get this, close to $600 million worldwide, wow. meanwhile, angelina jolie is no superhero in maleficent, and in real life, she's giving her kids a different kind of scare. angelina escaped the july 4th weekend in one piece. the mom of six was spotted leaving hollywood's escape hotel with 10-year-old twins, vivienne and knox. this area of town is a huge tourist destination, yet people on the street appeared totally unaware one of the most famous hollywood actresses was breezing on by. >> who is that? >> a source tells "e.t." that brad has been spending time with the kids when they are in l.a. and, quote, there's no more conflict behind the scenes. meanwhile, both angelina and brad have been busy at
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two years, "once upon a time in hollywood" hits theaters july 26th. >> anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight they go to jail, it's kaud manslaughter. >> today, angelina was spotted in paris during a sultry photoshoot for the french beauty brand guerlain. and disney just released the first full trailer for her next blockbuster "maleficent: mistress of evil." >> love doesn't always end well these days. trust me. >> let us prove you wrong. >> the sequel hits theaters on october 13th. get ready for an epic struggle between maleficent and her new mother in law. >> it really follows the family dynamic of the mother/daughter relationship, which was the heart of the first movie at the end.
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♪ wish i could be part of and in other disney news, the live-action "the little mermaid" casting controversy. when news broke that 19-year-old african-american actress and singer halle bailey would play the beloved red-haired mermaid, opinions ranged from outright anger. to celebration. dueling hashtags immediately begin trending on twitter. >> excuse you? what? >> halle currently stars on freeform's "grown-ish." the network clapped back to her critics calling them, in the words of ursula, poor unfortunate souls. >> it's an exciting and challenging thing. >> it was beyonce who discovered her on youtube and even opened for her on tour. she admitted that she already had a taste of overcoming adversity. >> because as a youth you're already looked at as underestimated, you know, people already don't think you can do certain things, but it's always
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fun to come together and to prove people wrong. >> meanwhile, someone clearly thrilled with halle's journey "under the sea"? "america's got talent" host terry crews pitched himself in and check out the hilarious photo. love the # arielsgotterry. she tweeted her congratulations, in case you needed a reminder, halle get it done. >> congratulations halle bailey. now to a couple of stars that you can't really confuse, but they are teaming up -- matt damon and joe manganiello. we'll get to that in a moment, but only we were with joe as he talked about his big-screen home run with wife, sofia vergara. >> it's like a one-of-a-kind story. >> i cast my wife, so we get to act together for the first time. she just had to sleep with the producer.
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>> in "bottom of the ninth," which he also co-produces, joe is a washed-up ballplayer fresh out of prison, trying to make a comeback. >> i think it's great, baseball is who you are and who you always were. >> we were both there at work, which made things a lot easier. you actually didn't want to leave. it was so fun. >> really? >> my memories playing baseball? well, the biggest one was getting my teeth knocked out with a baseball bat when i was 9. so i have fake front teeth. >> joe also puts his ball skills to good use in this new spot for "stand up to cancer," he's joined by the likes of zachary levi and matt damon who narrates the psa that debuts tomorrow during the major league baseball all-star game. >> these are the moments that bring us to our feet. >> the foul ball. >> i don't think there's anyone, whose life hasn't been affected by cancer in some way. >> that's certainly true for matt who lost his father kent in 2017 after a long battle with cancer.
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>> that was really a painful struggle for all of us. i'm looking forward to the day where other kids don't have to go through that with their parents. >> you know, there are so many parents. >> you know, there are so many stars coming together for the discover elvive protein recharge leave-in conditioner. our heat protecting formula, leaves hair 15-times stronger. ♪ in just 1 use elvive revives damaged hair. incolossal mascara? from maybelline new york. in just 1 use mega brush collagen infused formula. instant big volume... so colossal! colossal mascara from maybelline new york, available at walmart.
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make sure you join us tomorrow because you're in for a treat. shall i say, pie. >> believe it or not it's the 20th anniversary of american pie and only "e.t." got the whole gang back together and listen to me when i tell you, we had a blast. >> oh, i can't wait for this. see you guys tomorrow. this one time. >> on "e.t." >> luckily, don't finish the sentence. >> it's "entertainment tonight's 'american pie'" reunion. >> look at us, 20 years later, >> god, we're [ bleeping ] old. >> cast confessions, you'll only see here. >> oh! >> are we uncovering set secrets? >> this is like an exclusive. >> why what happened off-screen was even more scandalous than the movie. >> oh, god. >> set crushes. behi-t-scenes scoop. >> i had a complete freakout. >> and what you never knew about the infamous pie scene. >> and what you never knew about the infamous pie scene. >> this is new news.
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