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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  June 30, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ the new britney drama that has her dad taking action after death threats. >> what? >> then melissa rycroft speaking out on her mystery illness. why her parents thought she died after her dominican republic trip. >> plus blake shelton's news. is he about to propose to gwen? and why he says adam is done with "the voice" for good. >> he's not coming back. >> then khloe k. and the woman she blamed for breaking up her family. plus kaley cuoco proves that pretty hurts. inside her painful beauty
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treatment. >> and how jake and tom turned the spider man premier into the perfect place for a fashion prank. ♪ what is love ♪ baby don't hurt me >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> blake shelton's first interview about "the voice shakeup." >> "et's" with the stars breaking news. plus the latest on britney after her dad makes a big move against free britney movement. "et" has obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed by britney's dad which says it's time for conspiracy theories about britney spears well-being claiming that her team deleted positive comments on her instagram to make the singer appear troubled. death threats. we reached out to 29-year-old anthony who helps run absolute
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britney. he says i have faith that good always wins. i have no further comment except that i love britney. >> it's a lawsuit that was filed by jamie was unusual i'll be honest. >> attorney a mmara believes jamie's defamation case is a long shot. >> it's kind of open season. i don't think this man is going to have a very hard time finding lawyers and attorneys that are willing to take it all the way. >> next britney's photo shop fail. she rocked her throwback baby one more time schoolgirl look on instagram thursday more than 20 years after the song's release. ♪ hit me baby one more time >> some followers say britney photoshopped her waist in the image. the 37-year-old was spotted out thursday with her body guard clutching two water bottles after hot yoga.
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he's be >> i'm skinny as a needle. >> now concerns about bachelor alum melissa rycroft after she fell ill after visiting dominican republic, the same country where nearly a dozen americans have died mysteriously. >> what a scare. what happened? >> i went on vacation and i came home with what felt like food poisoning. i freaked myself out i think a little bit more on top of everybody else's freaking me out too. it kind of created an elevated sense of chaos. >> melissa's panic was understandable while she and her family were vacationing in the dominican republic, news reports escalated about the american tourists dying there, at least eight since last year. when she posted about her illness, the story took on a li own. >> there was one report out that i was dead. my parents were frantically
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calling me. mom, i'm on the phone with you, i'm in my bed. i was never dying. i don't think. i felt like it. i was never really dying. >> doctors successfully treated melissa's stomach condition with medication. she's fine now and stepping into a new role. melissa joins the latest edition of "making the team" coming this august. melissa said there was one upside, all the love she felt on social media. >> i felt concern from everybody sending me direct messages. i was like, i'm a lucky girl that that many people care. >> we get to our "et" hitdown with blake shelton spi is it al. does blake plan to make it official with his lady love? ♪ i hang the pictures, you hang the stars ♪ >> everybody loves you as a
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couple. so they put out there you guys are getting married. are you listening to the rumors? >> first, if i listen to rumors -- it's funny. if i and gwen are news worthy that they make up stories, i guess that's a good problem to have. it gets stronger every day, the bond. obviously that's got to lead somewhere. i promise you we won't break the news in any of the grocery store trash magazines. when it happens you'll hear about it from somebody like you, maybe even you exclusively. you're credible. >> i love you. >> you're incredible and you're credible. >> blake, i could sit here all day. ♪ >> blake and gwen have been together for 3 1/2 years now. this week gwen posted this view from inside her trailer at "the voice." she stepped into adam levine's coaching spot. maybe adam can come back for a cameo. >> yeah.
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i have a feeling he's not coming back. >> no? >> i think we all knew on the inside of the show that he was ready to make a move. i know he's happy with his decision and doesn't mean i am. without adam there, i knew it was going to be hard for me. >> you guys clicked. >> but gwen and i click too. >> evidently. >> blake was having a blast when i talked to him at a back lot barbecue where he performed for ihg rewards club chase mastercard card holders. >> literally i got on the phone with one of the nbc executives and i was saying, hey, man, if adam's going to do this, we have got to -- before i could even finish my sentence, she said, blame, it's done, what are you doing? okay. perfect. >> you still got the girl so you win. to john and katelyn.
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john talked to nancy odell exclusively. we start with stamos missing his lady love and his son billy while debuting his new project at a malibu art gallery. >> i was crying on my way here. >> because you miss them, huh? you started crying now. >> i'm a softie. >> look at that. proud papa john says he doesn't want 14 month old son billy working in the business but the little guy does have some hidden talents. >> he's starting to play. he has an uncanny knack to find the most dangerous thing in the room and put it in his mouth or stick his tongue in the light socket. >> that's a kid for you, right? >> yeah. he's the most beautiful baby and he's so innocent. >> innocence lost is what john's exploring in his new artwork. his pieces delve deep. >> i was just 16, 17 years old.
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i didn't realize how popular i was. >> both pieces feature images of convicted serial killer richard ramirez known as the night stalker. she married ramirez in 1996 while he was in prison. >> she groomed me and i got to her hospital and she was sort of like a sister and became best friends with my mother. she was a very lonely woman. she said i saw something that captivated me. my mom kept every article. here she's talking about richard ramirez. >> does that freak you out? >> yeah. >> because that's the same thing she s she see in me >> john's artwork would inform have come to life if it hadn't
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been for brian bowen smith. >> it's really, really cool. >> why create artwork about it all? john says it's part of coming to terms with a painful past. >> this man is the personification of evil. he was just a monster and here's someone who was part of my family. i don't need to go to therapy. this is it. >> this is your therapy. meanwhile, he'll be reprizing his role as a therapist when his show "you" returns for a second seaso season. that's not all. >> "fuller house" is coming back for a season five. >> could there ever be a "fullest house"? >> there's too much happiness that show has brought for a lot of people. it's not going to go down easy. >> john is a multitalented guy for sure. his show is at the mib lumberyard gallery right now and he plans to donate the proceeds
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from his paintings to ramirez's victims. what you never knew about the original lion king. >> i didn't quite pull off, i guess. >> what are you doing to me now? >> kaley cuoco's extreme beauty treatment. plus, khloe k. and the woman she blames for breaking up her family. and jfk junior's lost wedding tape. 20 years after his tragic death, never before seen footage just uncovered. this is you shopping. and this is you maximizing at t.j.maxx. get more of the brands you love and quality you want, and save every time. it's not shopping, it's maximizing. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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anything but relaxing. >> i am absolutely wrecked. i don't even know how to function right now. my hips and legs hurt 24/7. she was scraping at me. >> an intense cups session and a super painful asian massage technique called scraping, that's what kaley went through. why? to recover from months of intense workouts like these. >> i go a few weeks and i end up not being able to walk. my body just starts to shut down from complete overuse. if i don't take care of it, i'm going to crumble. >> so just what exactly is going on here? we've heard of cups. jen aniston, gwyneth andve justin bieber do it. kaley's been doing cups since 2016 to cope with the pain that comes from horseback riding.
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>> it's an ancient tool that's been around for over 3,000 years. you're really trying to break up the muscle or the tension. you definitely might be a little sore the next day. so the cost can be anywhere between 120 and 175. it's actually really good for secellulite and you're going toe super relaxed. >> kaley, my girl, you know i love you, but scraping? ouch. khloe kardashian is 35 this week. she's talking to us about an upsetting time in her life as she relives the tristan thompson scandal. >> no one understands how i'm not just a tv show. like this is my life and it like breaks my soul and it's happened so many times. >> what is it like for you to relive that really tough time that you went through?
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>> i personally don't watch it back because it's a little too toxic for me to keep reliving stuff like that. >> khloe versus jordyn woods. only "et" has interviews with both women. is the hate still strong? >> bashing either side is not cool for me. i don't think there needs to be negativity anywhere. >> never once has jordyn said i'm sorry. >> you know, things happen and of course i'm sorry and apologetic as much as i can be. >> we caught up with jordyn wednesday night as she launched her new collection boohoo by jord jo jordyn woods. >> i'm out here hustling and i've been working. i started modeling when i was 18. i work hard. >> as for khloe, she's all about moving on. she just turned 35 and she's
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promoting season three of "revenge body". >> i feel honored that people are trusting me with this journ journey. you have to be really vulnerable. >> does khloe kardashian have a little bit of a revenge body now? >> i feel like yeah. >> are you dating? >> no. i'm not dating right now. i'm really just enjoying my life and my time with my baby. i'm so fine not dating right now. i'm not even in that head space, but you never know what will happen. >> up next we're with the cast of spider-man for their big premier as tom holland reveals a bizarre secret about his suit. >> it's an interesting construction. and remembering michael jackson ten years after his death. our look back at a legacy destroyed by controversy. >> every night that i was with him, there was abuse. and meet the hollywood to h toothfairy. and meet the hollywood to h toothfairy. from meryl
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♪ you going to be the next ironman now? >> i don't have time. i'm too business doing your job. >> i cannot wait for this movie. "spider-man far from home" is out next week. tom holland is on fire. >> he and tom hanks went viral after hanks gave holland an impromptu acting lesson. ♪ >> thank you so much for coming, guys. thank you. >> this is intense. where does this go after? >> we couldn't help but notice jake and tom had a little "night at the roxbury" thing happening. ♪ >> you know jake and i are wearing the same shoes tonight and i'm wearing them way better. >> it's really cool.
7:20 pm
>> jake heads back to broadway this summer. >> it's unique, hard to describe. you just have to kind of come see it. >> the premier capped off a week where they also got to light up the empire state building. >> this is a height i'm not that accustomed to. >> tom talked about his viral moment with hanks. >> it was stressful actually. no one told me that was going to happen. >> the challenge was how many different ways could holland say the same line. >> coffee, coffee. please sir, i need some more coffee. >> when tom hanks asks you to step up, you best believe you better step up. ♪ >> 20 feet off the ground and hanging by a wire is more tom's speed. he did most of his own stunts. >> we're so used to him doing it now that it's kind of like just part of it. ♪ >> it's really fun to push myself to kind of a new level
7:21 pm
with the stunts and stuff. >> there's the most amazing footage of you and it's spider-man taking a drink onset. >> it's an interesting contraption to say the least. i can take my left eye out and i put a tube down into my mouth and i can drink from a bottle. >> i love all those movies. >> i've seen them all. >> i bet you have. >> i have. >> plenty of actors in the marvel universe have to don special makeup or prosthetics. >> my teeth are all real. >> are they? >> when stars put a little more bite into a role, we met the go-to guy making mouth magic happen. >> i am known as the tooth fairy in a lot of productions. >> chris is not a dentist. he's a special effects artist who crafts custom chompers so stars can really sink their teeth into a role.
7:22 pm
>> robert de niro, meryl streep, cate blanchett. >> he gave her margaret thatchers protruding teeth for "the iron lady" and "big little lies." >> meryl normally has up to about three sets. she'd have a main and two spares. when we did bohemian rhapsody we did 2 s0 sets. we made them a year before it was even green lit. >> i saved those. not only did i save them, i cast them in gold. >> no, you did not. >> that was not something i would normally do but i thought what was the most ostentatious thing that freddie would do. >> we did harry potter where some of the kids were losing teeth, so we had to replace the
7:23 pm
teeth. they turned the shot around and literally an hour later they turned the cameras round again. >> he created hal e e ed javier madonna. ♪ >> the stars meet with chris for a half an hour for a fitting. then it takes his company about two weeks to deliver the goods. why do you think celebrities keep coming back here for their teeth? >> trust, quality and i suppose they like me. i might not see meryl for five years and she'd walk in, it's a hug and a kiss and she remembers your name. that's mental. >> straight ahead, friendly advice from oprah and gayle. but what had these besties facing off? >> then michael jackson's death ten years later. >> you go rehearse and i'll see
7:24 pm
you later. >> rare "et" moments backstage. and what his children told us about their father's legacy. >> plus, jfk junior 20 years after his tragic death we look back at how he pulled off the most secret wedding of all time. >> but first chills and thrills at the box office starting with annabel comes home. ♪ >> it's very dark and spooky. >> mckenna gray stars opposite patrick wilson in this third installment of the franchise in theaters now. if creepy dolls aren't your thing how about a mid summer festival in a swedish village? sounds idyllic until things turn sinister. >> it would be a very difficult film to make if we didn't get along with each other. >> closed captioning provided by --
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here are this week's top five stories. joe jonas and sophie turner celebrated their second i do. ♪ >> before their weekend wedding the bride was in white again with her groom mingling with guests including the joe bros and sisters at a cocktail party thursday and got a swim on the stunning ground of a chat toe on the south of france. >> the alleged incident occurred inside london's pinewood studios where filming has been underway. number three, cardi b in court. on tuesday the 26-year-old entered a not guilty plea to felony assault charges relating to a fight at a new york city strip club. the former stripper turned rapper wore a pink and blue suit. last weekend cardi was openly defiant on stage about the
7:29 pm
charges. number two, reality star beth chapman has passed away. her husband got emotional while speaking to press outside their hawaii home. >> we knew this day would come. it came very unexpected, really fast. we didn't even -- all of her clothes are exactly where they were, her makeup, everything. >> beth's entire family was by her side. >> number one, new britney legal drama. "et" has obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed by britney's dad which says, quote, it's time for conspiracy theories about britney spears' well-being to stop. the suit focuses on the fan site absolute britney whi. we reached out to 29-year-old
7:30 pm
anthony which helps run absolute britney. he said i am forever blessed and i have faith that good always wins. i have no further comment except that i love britney. carolyn bessette and jfk junior were considered american royalty. >> i think it's sort of fabulous. i hope they're all sitting with me. >> next month marks the 20th anniversary of the couple's tragic death in a plane crash off the coast of martha's vineyard. now a new tlc documentary showing never before seen video of the happiest time in their lives, their top secret wedding. >> the intimate shots are magical. >> carolyn changed my life. >> john and carolyn's candle lie church on cumberland island,
7:31 pm
georgia. we saw the couple arriving on the beach in a pickup truck and the unguarded moments. >> run like the wind. >> the video was shot in 1996 and includes moments like the couple cutting their wedding cake and the speeches. >> the romantic footage is part of tlc special. we visited their rustic wedding chapel just days after the ceremony. the simple pews and rough wooden cross showed how laid back their wedding was. "et" spent years covering john. with his marriage to carolyn many were hopeful they would be the start of a new era of camelot. >> it's been a jarring change for my wife but she'll get used to it. >> how's married life? >> i recommend it. >> in the daying foll ins follo wedding john was concerned about
7:32 pm
how the paparazzi were hounding his wife. >> i just ask any, you know, privacy and room you can give her as she makes that adjume would be g appreciated. >> we'll never know what might have been and what kind of life they would have led. right now it's comforting to see how happy they were on their wedding day. ♪ >> also in the news this week, the ten-year anniversary of the death of farrah faucet. >> we never forget june 25th, 2009, because that same day we lost michael jackson. "et" has been with michael many times throughout his career but it's clear that a decade after his death the scandal surrounding the king of pop shows no signs of quieti indown >> i want to entertain people, bring some type of joy to the world. >> on one hand, you've got a legacy of music. "et" was onset of michael's
7:33 pm
"beat it" music video. then you have the memory of a man tainted by controversy. did michael molest young boys as hbo's recent "leaving neverland" documentary alleged? >> every night that i was with him, there was abuse. ♪ >> we knew michael before the scandals. he was just 24 and extremely shy during our first interview in 1983. >> and i'm just now beginning to enjoy friendship which is new for me. >> friendship? >> mm-hm. >> with ladies? >> yeah. oh yeah. >> five years later our mary hart was with him as he rehearsed for his bad culture tour. >> you go rehearse. bye. >> ten uniformed cops kept a close eye on michael. his preshow ritual, a prayer circle that turned into a battle cry.
7:34 pm
by 2003 much had changed. not only michael's look, but he was even more private. he had been the target of investigations alleging abuse. michael did not want to do an interview but gave us this quick look into his life. >> do you have the kids in town? how are they doing? >> as for michael's children now, they are doing well even posting movie reviews on prince michael's youtube channel. >> i enjoy this movie. >> they continue to honor their dad, who told "et" this is how he would like to be remembered. >> bring the world together through love, peace, joy, for men to live together. ♪ >> it's a tough situation. do we still celebrate and listen to his music or do we not? >> there's so many stories it just gets really complicated. let's move onto someone who spent some time with michael.
7:35 pm
oprah winfrey is continuing her legacy off of daytime tv. the latest enstallment tinstall ladies are bringing the laughs. >> do you know what og stands for? >> original gangster. >> look at us. gangster. >> og also stands for oprah and gayle. >> my friend's boyfriend is ring shopping and wants my help but i know my friend doesn't want to marry him. >> what do i do? >> i would tell the friend. i would say, gayle -- >> you'd call me and say that he wants to get a ring. i would definitely go to the friend and suggest to her that she head him off at the pass. >> these long time besties are taking on new questions from o. magazine readers. sometimes they don't exactly see eye to eye. >> don't loan friends money.
7:36 pm
you can give -- let me finish. >> okay. okay. >> give your friend the money and say, look, i'm just going to do this for you. you don't even have to pay me back. >> i disagree. i think it's okay to loan a friend money. >> have you loaned money to friends? >> i've never loaned. i've just given. >> that's my point. >> "et" chronicles. >> we got our own taste of these two in action on their get-away cruise for the og chronicles. >> what do you do if you don't like an outfit that your friend is wearing? do you lie? >> no. >> give us something hard. >> gayle is like you need to take that thing off. that's not working for you. uh-uh. this happens all the time. >> i don't care what people are telling you, it does not look good. coming up, "the notebook." we celebrating 15 years since ryan romanced rachel. >> she was really good actually.
7:37 pm
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>> this is not the face for a romantic lead. >> "the notebook" turns 15. how ryan gosling's role could have been played by tom cruise. >> plus -- ♪ >> 25 years after the original secrets about beyonce's new lion king. >> man, this is a really special thing. then only se"et" has your first look at the action packed "charlie's angels." who was the first american idol winner to debut at number one with her first sing. idol winner to debut at number one with her first sing. was it kelly jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor
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♪ you must take your place in the circle of life. >> all right. we are a little more than excited about the new life action lion king. it hits theaters next month. >> donald glover as simba and beyonce as nala. after hearing queen bey's voice we can definitely feel the love. ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> simba. you have to take your place as king. >> beyonce bringing the animated
7:48 pm
classic to life almost gives you chills, doesn't it? ♪ in perfect harmony >> man, this is a really special thing. >> singing alongside simba queen bu bey has embraced her role. just ask keegan michael key. >> everyone calm down, we're here. >> the treatment they've given it to is amazing. it's more dangerous, more grave, more funny. >> more beyonce. >> more beyonce. it's going to make a trillion dollars. >> you've got to love disney's timing. -month-o monday marked the 25th anniversary of the original film's premier. back then matthew broderick told us why he was only simba's
7:49 pm
speaking voice and didn't sing in the movie. >> i recorded it twice but they elected not to use my recordings. but it's very like pop kind of singi ining that i didn't quitel off, i guess. >> this time around donald gets to do both. but it won't score this dad of two any points at home. >> they're just like whatever. you can be like this is daddy. whatever. it doesn't affect anything yet. >> maybe no cool points for all your previous films put together but for this one your stock is going up, my friends. >> you see this face. >> she knows. >> come on, donald. while "the lion king" turns 25, this movie turning 15. "the notebook." you see what i did when i said it? you've got to say it like that. we spent some time with ryan gosling and rachel mcadams giving us secrets about their romance classic. >> i wasn't sure that really i was right for it.
7:50 pm
i'm still not. >> i love you. do you know that? >> this is not the face of a romantic lead. >> it's the role that catapulted ryan into heart throb status. he had to hide his baby blues with brown contacts to play n h noah. when the new director signed on, he didn't want a handsome lead. >> that way when she says she loves you, we know she's in it for the right reasons. he's like, brad pitt, anyone's going to fall in love with brad pitt. you, who's going to fall in love with you? >> get in the water. >> something else you may not know about this romantic classic, ryan's old mickey mouse club pal britney spears auditioned for the part of his love interest ali. >> she was good, actually. >> what is that supposed to mean?
7:51 pm
>> he doesn't have a lot of money al. >> okay. now i hate you. now i hate you? >> she did this incredible gamut of emotions and then it was over and she like wiped some tears off her face and left the room. we were like, i guess we're making the movie. >> after just a few conversations i could tell how intelligent and precise he is. he just, you know, just dives right into a character. >> that on screen steam translated into a real life two-year relationship for ryan and rachel and earned them an mtv best kiss award. ♪ >> what goes into making a screen kiss a best kiss? >> you have to be born with a magic mouth. >> ryan learned some carpentry for his role as a mill worker. he even built the table in this scene. remember this death defying stunt? yeah. that's really her. >> will you go out with me? >> they put me up there on that
7:52 pm
ferris wheel to hang off, on the last day, just in case. >> now to another anniversary. it's been 20 years since the trio became charlie's angels. another movie based on the tv classic is hitting theater this is november and we have your first look. >> but i have so many talents. ♪ ♪ >> outstanding, angels. >> kristen stewart, naomi gscot make up the new charlie's angels. >> who likes the fight scenes the most? >> i love it. something happens they call
7:53 pm
action and all the rehearsal flies out the window and you're like, i want to kill him! >> we need to go. now! ♪ >> i'm jane. >> oh. >> don't call this a reboot or a remake. this is a new generation, an entirely new charlie's angels story, written, directed and produced by elizabeth banks. and she also costars. >> who are you? >> i'm bosley. >> i always feel safe in a seen which for an actor is like a dream. >> are you developing a sist sisterhood off screen too? >> i love that. >> when you're in the trenching together, that's what happens. >> what are you doing? i'm charlie. >> good morning, charlie. >> that's better. >> you didn't call me an
7:54 pm
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who was the first american idol to debut at number one? that was fantasia boreno. >> will new mom meghan make it a double date? plus, only we're celebrating what christina said at her seaside shower. >> babies have a lot of stuff. >> monday on "et." ♪ we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late breaking hollywood news go to our website >> check out the video from shawn mendes. >> man oh man, their chemistry was pretty steamy. the collaboration has racked up nearly 100 million streams on youtube, 50 million in the first 48 hours. it was spotify's biggest day pew of a male/female duet ever. >> enjoy the rest of your
7:58 pm
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>>well was while it lasted goodbye to brooklyn and hello to. so hello goodbye to the bay area. hello to little confusion right there. i'm still in mourning that kevin durant is going to be leaving us here. >>in the bay area. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >>so i'm justine waldman yeah, announcement was made the decision to join the brooklyn nets was made online in that picture that t there thank you for joining us, i'm j r stone durrant won 2 titles with golden state was injured for much of the postseason and that loss in
8:01 pm
the nba finals kron


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