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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 30, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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kit harington's history of public intoxication and why he's no the only star struggling "ga finale. >> i was numb. then, ashton kutcher in court. his connection to an alleged serial killer. and -- is alex trebek's cancer disappearing? and then sharon osbourne's new look. why she's getting a facelift. plus -- ♪ >> why britney spears put on a bikini to call out conspiracy theorists. how you can score a double date with george clooney and amal. shut up, you're kidding? this is "entertainment tonight tonight.". welcome, everybody. we have new details on kit harington's struggle with mental health. he's getting treatment inside a wellness facility. >> the news shocked his fans. but there were signs that kit was hit hard by the end of this
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epic chapter in his career. this show has been more than a decade of your life, how are you preparing for it all to end? >> it kind of in some ways has ended for us, you know, when we finished filming we said good-bye to it. >> kit was matter of fact with us about the end of "game of thrones," but behind the scenes he was emotionally overwhelmed. >> we see jon with his hand still on the hilt of the dagger he just lodged in dany's heart. >> the actor was in tears at the table read for his last epic scene. he told esquire that he "started hyperventilating" when he shot them. adding, he felt a, quote, onslaught of relief and grief about not being able to do this again. >> halfway through the series he got into therapy, uncomfortable when his character was killed and reds recollected. late yesterday, kit's rep says the actor is
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taking time to, quote, work on some personal issues. at a wellness retreat. his personal drama has made paris, apparently drunk and stumbling in front of traffic. last january, he appeared to be so intoxicated he was asked to leave. kit also vehemently denied cheating on his wife. the 32-year-old actor isn't the only "game of thrones" star coming to terms with the show's end. >> the biggest challenge is just for me, getting out of bed and getting out of the house. >> sophie turner who played sansa told dr. phil she struggled and x mrand to us how she's working through it. >> i went through a bit of an identity crisis and suddenly feeling a little bit inferior and then i, you know, therapy really helped. meanwhile, in other news, it
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was a deeply emotional day for ashton kutcher. the actor testified in court against the man accused of killing a woman that ashton was dating. as ashton arrived for his testimony in the trial of 43yearold michael gargiulo, an alleged serial killer dubbed the "hollywood ripper." >> mr. kutcher is part of the chronology of the case. >> prosecutors say gargiulo murdered three women more than a decade ago, including ashley ellerin, who was dating ashton at the time of her death. today was the first time kutcher spoke publicly about the case. "e.t." producer brendon geoffrion was there. >> ashton sporting a mustache appeared in court for nearly who minutes. he was well spoken and calm while describing the day ashley was murdered. on grammy night, 2001, kutcher said he was late to pick her up for a party. she didn't answer her door her phone. he asurmd that he was too left and ashley had already left. >> mr. kutcher looked in the window and thought he saw spilled wine on the floor.
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we believe the evidence will now show that was actually blood. >> police say gargiulo, who lived near ashley, entered her hollywood home and stabbed her more than 47 times. >> his hobby was plotting the perfect opportunity to attack women with a knife. >> the murder trial stalled for a decade. >> it ws until "48 hours mystery" that chicago was able to nail him. >> he has maintained his innocence, including during this 2011 jailhouse interview with the newsmagazine. >> my truth is being 100% innocent, being wrongfully charged. >> gargiulo's been on trial since may 2nd. the trial is expected to last six months. now to an update on britney spears -- she wants everyone to know that she's definitely in control of her life. britney took to instagram to prove it. >> for those of you who don't think i post my own videos, i
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did this video yesterday so you're wrong, but i hope you like it. ♪ i'm like the ringleader and i call the shots ♪ >> the declaration came with a fashion strut of three different looks from the balcony of her pool. these posts were clearly britney's response to rumors. her team had taken over her social accounts while she maneuvers through her latest mental health crisis. our "e.t." source confirms that britney is definitely the one hitting post saying, quote, when she wants to post a video, she posts a video, despite advice from family and friends. sometimes her people are concerned about how she comes across in her videos, but right now, britney would like to exercise her right to do whatever she pleases. ♪ you can't tell me what to do >> meanwhile, there are developments in britney's restraining order against ex-manager sam lutfi. as "e.t." reported, britney was granted the temporary order on may 7th. she claims his repeated attempts to contact her and his social
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media posts about her caused, quote, severe mental trauma. well, yesterday, lutfi appeared in court to argue the order saying it was, quote, unconstitutional. the judge didn't agree and the temporary restraining order will remain in effect until the next hearing on june the 13th. and we've got a great health update on alex trebek. he says his cancerous tumors have shrunk by more than 50% and that he's near remission. >> it's blown me away. >> the 78-year-old reveals that chemotherapy is working on his stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and he tells "people" magazine that his doctors haven't seen this kind of positive result in their memory. the "jeopardy" host recently revealed to jane pauley, he now wears a wig to hide the hair loss from the chemo. >> we have the summer months off, so, hopefully, my own hair will grow back. >> alex also has admitted he's battled periods of sadness following his diagnosis. but now, after the positive news, he tells "people," quote, i got a little emotional, but
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these were tears of joy -- not tears of great depression. despite the only 9% survival rate of pancreatic cancer, alex is upbeat he'll beat it, saying, quote, we have to be helpful that it doesn't always end in death. >> and in more celeb health news, sharon osbourne is getting under the knife. confessing she's getting plastic surgery again. >> when we come back to film in september, i'll have a new face. >> sharon has opened up in the past of having three face-lifts, tummy tuck, lipo. her looks have changed dramatic over the years. you got to love that she's not shy about sharing it with the world. >> i never took a picture to a doctor and say, i want to look like catwoman. i didn't want to look my mom because i look like my mom.
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>>. >> that's strong will contributes to her beau.>> mand her break from this is us. how she took her love of adventure to harrowing new heights. a-rod wins again. his day with j.lo and surprise special guest. and -- >> rapunzel, let down your hair. >> back air. >> they got jokes and a new show. how fans inspired the property brothe brothers' new show. but first, it was a big night for ron howard. wife cheryl and daughter paige came to celebrate his new documentary - "pavarotti." >> we're so excited to see it. we've heard amazing things about it already and it's doing be great. >> it's not just because we're biased. >> ron's film about the late legendary opera singer uncovers how he lived every bit of his life with passion. >> he was a devout family man and yet, he had his romances, and even affairs.
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everyone loved him.
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minutes away, stranger things star tub.
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alex rodriguez left the singing to j.lo and her ex marc anthony at a children's concert. alex added, quote, those who can do those who can't sit between two people that can and stay quiet. and getting along is certainly no problem for the property brothers. that's just one of the things that nischelle turner found out and she's the only one she invited inside her their home renovation show. >> hello. >> romeo! oh, romeo! see? you can perform theater, invite people over. >> you guys have 75 shows on tv right now.r this one and how is this of shows you have? >> well, we get 500,000 messages each on our social media from our fans, and it's people telling us, "i have a home, i've been in it 30 years, so many
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memories, but it's just not perfect," and that's why we're like, we're going to come in and make it perfect. >> that's what i'm talking about. oh! >> the twins' eighth hgtv show "property brothers: forever home" doesn't have any buying or selling. it's all about taking ordinary homes and turning them into dream homes. >> you have to learn about a family and what that family needs and so, i get them in on demo day and we have them tearing out cabinets, poking holes. actually, the dog in this house is the one that found this giant cabinet under the stairs. >> by the way, i was wondering what the heck this thing was. >> so we're turning this into a kid's fort. >> hello! come join me. this is going to be a cool little kids' fort right off the kitchen. >> would you like fries with that? >> and while it may seem like fun and games with these two, they knock out 44 renovations a year. last year, their company banked a reported half a billion dollars, so what's their secret to avoiding sibling drama? >> if there's something bugging us we get it out. >> what's the longest you have stayed mad at each other? >> mad? ten minutes. >> i don't know. >> that's true.
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i have never seen them argue. this is actually the property brothers' fifth spin-off. they have a new children's book coming out this fall. they do it all. still ahead right here -- will ma be the next horror movie to rule the box office. why octavia spencer's outrageous new flick is already making heads spin. plus, want to couple up with the clooneys? how you can go on a double date with george and amal. and your sneak peek at the new star wars land. closed captioning provided by -- introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
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so i'm looking for someone to make tastier... bigger, i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. ♪ check this out -- mandy moore and friends leapt for joy after reaching base camp on mt. everest on sunday, and it's quite an accomplishment. this is us star stopped there. this year's climbing season on mt. everest is one of the deadliest to date. it's overcrowded up there. people, stop going up there. >> oh, god. oh, dear. oh, dear.
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>> people are summiting. >> nearly 41 miles, 17,600 feet up, $11,000 permit, one week of hiking. mandy moore. a line of hundreds waiting their turn to reach the top of everest. when the 35-year-old reached the base camp she honored more than the 300 people, 11 this year alone, who died making the climb. she felt a wave of emotion, respect, reverence and appreciation. >> no fails to take your breath away. >> despite the lack of oxygen, soreness and 32-degree weather, mandy and her friends kept things light during break, playing cards. she prepared for this hike by hiking in new zealand and she climbed mt. kilimanjaro last year. >> i'm going to climb mt.
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kilimanjaro. >> you've been training, that seems quite the feat. >> i haven't been training but everybody's told me that it's okay, that i'm going to be fine, >> one veteran climber explained the dangers. >> you're literally waiting in line to die. >> even on bottled oxygen you're slowly dying. you feel the energy draining out of your legs and out of your core. there's constant exposure to danger. i'm going to go to movies instead, this weekend. the new "godzilla" and "ma" starring oscar winner octavia spencer, like you've never ever seen her before. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. >> how did she get our numbers? >> i always like doing movies that will educate and, there is some education to be gleaned from this. >> don't make me drink alone. don't make me drink alone.
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>> kids should know not to be hanging out with adults, period. >> octavia, playing the psychopath wasn't the scariest part of this movie. >> you have a make-out scene? >> mm-hmm. >> with a younger fella? >> mm-hmm. >> what was that like? >> well, he looks 15 but he was really 18, but it was still very, very, very strange. >> you smell just like your daddy. that's when you have to call on the character. octavia, you can't do this. >> ma isn't the only monster in theaters this weekend. legendary godzil la returns and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. millie brown makes her debut.
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>> she's prankster. >> i didn't know what would happen. it would start a war with him. >> millie bobbie brown is 38 years old. she's seasoned already. >> it's old hat for her. >> she's wise beyond her years. also opening this weekend, "rocketman." go toe to toe with ma and godzil la, it's huge day for force. right, star wars galaxy's edge opens up at disneyland. we're going to be hosting our entire show from the magical location tomorrow. got your ears ready? >> i'm ready.
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i'm there. >> until then, a galaxy-size sneak peek. it's 14 acres. it's the largest and technologically advanced theater. it takes five years to complete. harrison ford gave us a sneak peek to kick off construction. >> your first look at the star wars experience. >> inside this epic new land, they can visit the cantina and even take a ride on the my len yum falcon. >> last week auditions for storm troopers. brie larson and paul rudd got a tour during construction. steven spielberg and j.j. abrams
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got to see it finished. galaxy's edge opens to the public on friday. reservations are required but "e.t." is helping you skip the lines altogether. tomorrow, we're transporting our entire show to the galaxy's edge to broadcast from disneyland. our first order of business -- a wild ride on the millennium falcon. you don't want to miss it. >> are you really going to get on sf. >> oh yeah, i love it. coming up -- george and amal's very decent proposal. how you can >>i think is a nice player is obviously an nba players, a great player, but i just had and seen him personnel. i think he is has is treat the as the shooter. but defender that he or the inconsistency
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on the offensive side. >>great series for steph curry and klay
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travel consideration provided by -- saddle up, all next week -- "e.t." is in nashville. taking it over. >> these people are going to love it. >> we're showing you a side of music city you've never seen. >> it's cool. >> with country's hottest couple gs a big wow. >> and the ultimate country bar crawl with luke, jason and blake. >> walk in, you're going to crawl out. >> next week on "e.t." hi, i'm george clooney and i'm here to invite you to come to italy with my wife and me.
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>> let's cut there. >> don't stop there. but it's true. george and amal are inviting one lucky couple to join them on a double date in italy. >> that's awesome. >> george is having a tough time accepting who did real star of the family is. >> hi, i'm amal clooney's husband george and we invite you to come with us to lake como. >> people love amal. she's really the selling point here. >> just picture it -- you and amal, wine in your hands, discussing current affairs, while her husband, quietly serves lunch. let's do a take, amal will be there and not even me. >> we have to enter. >> who's going to pay for the flight to italy in. >> george. >> go to omaze for a chance to win. see you there, george. i'll see you soon.
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>> bye, everybody.
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>>now in 8 innings of much more than simply just accidentally stumbling club website, a boy scout official under arrest, but police say they found on his computer. after the deaths of more than 2 dozen thoroughbreds at santa anita racetrack governor knew some steps in ice 24 nov 11 the measure passed since a legislators explain why they voted to extend of medical coverage to immigrants who entered the country illegally. pornographer the one of the men arrested, according to a social media page is a boy scout volunteer.


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