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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 26, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(jr) in the south bay, a man fatally shot on a san jose street. now the search is on for the gunman. (jrs) good evening, i'm jr stone(justine) and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us.kron 4's gayle ong is live in san jose with the latest.gayle. (gayle)this happened on a street with a lot of businesses in the area.most of the shops were closed, shooting happened early this morning..authorities just hoping any witnesses will come forward. san jose police responded to a shooting just before 2 saturday morning at south 10th street and east william street. police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound.the victim was taken to the hospital but later died,
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close to the victim.
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not suspected and the death is under investigation. (jrs) a week after people marched for women's rights... today, an equally large crowd in san francisco walked for life -- similar scenes mirrored throughout the nation...(justine) kron four's philippe djegal reports from city hall -- where the event was fueled by passion on both sides of the debate over abortion. (philippe)patricia sandoval/speaker- "by the age of 20, i had three unwanted pregnancies." which former planned parenthood employee patricia sandoval says led to three abortions. abortions she tells the crowd of more than 25-thousand that she regrets... leading to a drug addiction and a case of post-abortion syndrome. she's now pro-life -- advocating, like others at civic center plaza in san francisco... for the u-s surpreme court to overturn it's landmark decision roe versus wade... and outlaw abortions.father john mcguire/pro-life- "i don't think women are being given the right message and what they're doing to that innocent little child."kate erwin/pro-
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life- "we need to defend the defenseless, which are the unborn." kate erwin and pablo acosta together from sacramento to join the "walk for life." both want the u-s government to stop funding the organization planned parenthood -- which performs abortions across the nation. pablo acosta/pro-life- "we're catholic and we really do believe that god gave everyone a chance to be alive and we believe that life starts at the beginning of conception -- as soon as the egg hits the sperm, and i think that it's a horrible crime that we're being funded by the government to end this beautiful life and i think it should be ended." aniana/pro-choice- "my body, my choice. my body, my choice. it's mine -- this is mine." pro-choice advocate aniana -- among the few counter protestors. she wasn't shouted down -- just drowned out in song.nats- after making her point -- an emotional embrace with her husband -- standing by. aniana/pro-choice- "feel like they came here to speak their voice, and i'm here too and i should speak my voice as well." the san francisco police department did not intervene during the interaction.captain joseph engler/sfpd- "it's a
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peaceful assembly. our role, really, is to facilitate -- give everyone a voice." the group then taking off down market street.micaela stoutz/pro-life- "all life is sacred. it doesn't matter how old you are, you know, if you're 50, if you're five, if you're five months, if you're five months before you're born -- you're still a person." the walk continued for nearly two miles through the heart of the city -- ending along the embarcadero. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodrig expect above normal temperatures through monday in the bay area. overnight lows will remain mild with widespread 40s. daytime highs sunday will be in the mid to upper 60s. the dry pattern is forecast to continue through early next week. there is a slight chance of showers
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returning to the area on wednesday. another chance of showers will arrive late in the week. (justine) president trump has signed a bill to reopen the government for three weeks. (jrs)weeks.for three government reopen the signed a bill to trump has president (justine) week.
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(justine) president trump has signed a bill to reopen the government for three weeks. (jrs) backing down from his demand that congress give him money for his border wall before federal agencies get back to work.standing alone in the rose garden friday, the president said he would sign legislation to fund government agencies until feb. 15 and try again to persuade lawmakers to finance his long-sought wall. the deal he reached with congressional leaders contains no new money for the wall but ends the longest shutdown in u- s history.first the senate, then the house swiftly and unanimously approved the deal.
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late friday, trump signed it into law. the administration asked federal department heads to reopen offices in a "prompt and orderly manner" and said furloughed employees can return to work. (justine) as the government reopens for the next three weeks, a coffee shop in alameda is continuing to collect donations to help families in the event of another shutdown. otto wright's coffee shop has been a donation hub for bay area coast guard families and other furloughed workers. wright says the donated money and food are helping meet some of the need. but his biggest concern is for the families who have not seen a paycheck for over a month, and are facing another possible shutdown in 3 weeks.
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i-r-s workers.. didn't report to work during the shutdown this week. around 5 - thousand of the workers were given permission under their union contract, to be absent because of financial hardship. but managers were unable to reach the remaining 9- thousand. the official start of the tax filing season is monday. about three- quarters of u.s. taxpayers receive refunds. and lower -income households, in particular, depend on refunds as their biggest cash infusion of the year (jrs) despite news of the government shutdown being over for now, people all over the country, have memories of its impact.(justine) as hermela aregawi reports -- for one family in california-- the shutdown affected their father's áfuneral.á jessica rogers, daughter: "it was kind of a hard pill to swallow seeing how he sacrificed so much time from his family to be there for the forest service and it wasn't something that they could come through and provide for him." a father of five and a lifelong man of service is
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remembered this week for what he gave and what he was deprived of because of the government shutdown. although frank esposito died off duty, life-long service like his is usually honored with a formal uniformed funeral procession but the request was denied by the u.s forest service in washington due to the furlough. grace blair, family friend: "they denied his super being brought down. they denied any of the buggies to be able to be brought down which was a little hard because he spent 28 years with forest service." while other fire departments in the area came to pay their respects in uniform, members of the us forest service weren't allowed to wear theirs and instead they could only wear their crew polos. his family says it was disheartening. jessica rogers, daughter: "he dedicated a lot of his young life for the forest seice. there were many summers i remember we rarely seen each other because he was out there fighting those fires doing what he loved to do."grace blair whose husband worked with esposito says he was like a father to them and loved by the community and so she says it
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hurt to see him not get the full honoring grace blair, family friend: "you look back and you expect to see a sea of green pants and tan shirts and it wasn't there." (justine) that was hermela aregawi reporting. esposito was set to retire at the end of the month. (justine) a charter bus carrying members of the stanford track and field team ... caught fire yesterday... on northbound interstate- 5 in seattle... and now we're hearing what it was like being on that bus. everyone on board, including its head coach and about 30 student athletes... were evacuated safely. the team's luggage and equipment were also recovered. they were delayed about two- hours, then the team was taken to the university of washington campus on a city bus.oc :22 "valuable for them"(justine) the athletes tweeted that
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they will compete today as scheduled at a track meet today. (j.r.) this next story involves a 10 year old santa rosa girl battling a brain tumor in oakland and a pop star. 10-year-old danica is in the middle of this shot. she is battling a brain tumor but her condition has worsened and she has lost feeling in her leg and arm. hospice volunteers have been with her family over the past week. danica has become known as sonoma county's princess warrior. she has always loved singer songwriter meghan trainor whose songs have motivated her during past chemo treatments. we reached out to trainor on social media platforms yesterday. today meghan trainor responded by saying, "love you danica! thinking of you and wish i could hug you and your sweet family! keep being the beautiful princess warrior that you are." with a big heart on the end. tonight as
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danica battles we wish her and her family the best. (justine) the c-h-p issues a statewide scam warning and one local man fell victim to it...tonight we'll tell you what the con artists are doing to so you aren't the next one scammed...
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(justine) we are now learning about a bay area man .... who has fallen victim to a scam that has lured in people all across the state.
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(jrs) kron 4's maureen kelly talked to the napa man who reached out to us in hopes of keeping others from getting conned. it's the same ring exactly here's the ring that paul pagliuso says was offered to him in exchange for $40 dollars in cash. it happened on sunday after he stopped for gas in yolo county off i-5 after he was approached by a man who he now believes to be part of a team of very prolific con artists. thin guy really really well- dressed, had a female passenger in the back that was really well-dressed with kids. he was talking really fast, kind of urgent and pulling this ring off his finger can i give you this ring for $40 cash i need $40 cash, my wallet got need $40 cash to get homethe napa resident says he didn't want the ring....but felt compelled to help.seems christian thing to do would be to try to help a guy out without getting totally ripped off just in case so i gave them 30 bucks in gas i'll pump it into your car off my
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credit cardhe says the man insisted he take the ring and then left. it wasn't until pagliuso saw the exact same a news story about of the statewide scam alert issued by the c-h-p that he realized he'd been duped. and felt compelled to come forward...i want to people to be aware it's not just down south is apparently up north and probably everywhere in between. probably all over the i five corredor i would guess (standup)another kron four viewer says he fell victim to the same scam at the san jose gas station back in november. the chp says at this point they don't have any confirmed cases of these con artist working in the bay area but across the state there are at least 70 victims that they know of and they expect that number to grow as word of the scam spreads the martinez polic department is inviting people to sign up for its community police academy, which starts next month. the program is not formal law enforcement training. it's designed for community members to learn more about the department. participants will learn about the swat team, k-9 program, dispatch, narcotics,
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firearms and detective investigations, among other topics. the 10-week program begins feb. 25 and meets monday nights from 6 to 9 p-m at martinez city hall. those interested in joining the class must be over 18 years old and have no felony convictions, outstanding warrants or pending criminal cases. applications can be found on the city of martinez's website. (justine) the number of suicides among active-duty marines reached a ten-year high in 2018.marine corps data obtained by cnn showed that there were 57 confirmed and suspected suicides among active duty troops last year. another 18 marines in the reserve forces are either confirmed to have committed suicide or their deaths are being investigated as suspected suicides.officials are concerned -- many of the cases were young marines who had not deployed overseas and had not been in combat. (justine) taking a live
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look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . expect above normal temperatures through monday in the bay area. overnight lows will remain mild with widespread 40s. daytime highs sunday will be in the mid to upper 60s. the dry pattern is forecast to continue through
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early next week. there is a slight chance of showers returning to the area on wednesday. another chance of showers will arrive late in the week.
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(justine) ballet lovers can now experince the iconic don quixote. it debuted
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last night in san francisco at the war memorial opera house, lead female ballerina sasha de sola... who plays kitri(key-tree) in the memorable show... talked with our own marty gonzalez this morning about the kitri kick. oc: "...that's part of her signature." 0:35 you can catch a performance of don quixote at 2 p-m tomorrow at the war memorial opera house. and runs until feburary thrid (jrs) the tricky way facebook has been getting your kids to spend money without you knowing... (justine) a kid is pinned to a sink when a car comes crashing through his home. now we hear from the family tonight about how they are
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doing after this whole ordeal.
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(jrs) a family is left to pick up the pieces after a car barreled into their south sacramento home.(justine) the car pinned a boy up against the kitchen counter, badly injuring his leg. jessica mench spoke with the family. "i heard this crash and i heard my grandson scream," ellen johnson this time, it is not known what caused the crash. but,
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when it happened, johnson said her whole world came crashing down."when i came out my room i seen glass, and my first instinct was dejuan, my grandson," johnson said.trying to get through broken chairs and twisted metal, johnson made her way to her 9-year-old grandson."we found my grandson pinned up against this wall he was talking, but he was in pain. he was in pain," johnson said.almost 3 weeks later, dejuan is in a wheelchair after having undergone multiple surgeries for his broken foot and crushed ankle. "i've been in a lot of pain," dejuan explained.johnson lived in the house with her four grandsons. they're now staying in a motel while she waits for crews to make repairs."they say it's not inhabitable. the electricity is cut off; they cut my gas off," johnson said. "and as you can see, who wants to live in a place like this." she's now relying on prayer, hoping her family will be able to return home soon."right now, this very minute, we're not at home. we're not a family. we're not here right now," johnson said. "once i can get back to my house, everything will be alright. god has a way of making everything work out, he does."
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(justine) the johnson family had renter's and medical insurance but it's not covering all of their expenses. they have started a gofundme to help with additional expenses. we have a link on our kron4 website. (jr) up next a south bay shooting leaves a grandmother dead and many still asking questions. we'll tell what went down and where it happened. (justine) pay some money and make a reservation. a new plan in the works.. which neighbors hope will bring them relief.. from what is now a free san francisco attraction .. (jrs) and we are taking you to the n-h-l all star game in san jose. we have
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highlights and reaction from fans next. (jrs)the nhl's best players
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have descended upon the bay area for the 2019 all-star game. (jr stone)3 n sharks players represented the pacific division on their home ice tonight. (justine) kron4's dan thorn is live at the sap center in san jose with fans excited to see the action. dan?
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(dan)i met fans from all over the country who wanted to see the best of the best play here in san jose. unfortunately, the pacific division was blown out by the central division earlier tonight..but there was no lack of smiling faces.. sharks fans came out in full force to see a trio of their favorite players in game one of of the 3 on 3 tournament.. there was no shortage of people fired up about the sharks..the littlest fans were also getting in on the fun..even going as far as taking pictures with rival also swarming the gift shops buying every san jose sharks jersey in the arena--you heard me right--the all-star jerseys were sold out. this is the second time the sharks and the city of san jose have hosted the all-star game--the last time was 1997. many of the fans we spoke with say they're happy the
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brightest stars in hockey are in the bay area. the last guy you heard from there actually came all the way from new jersey..and as you can imagine he dealt with some heckling from the local fanbase. but at the end of the day his division--the metropolitan won tonight's all star game. (dan)despite the game being over theres still plenty for fans to do tomorrow..the nhl fan fair event is happening at the convention center from 10 to 4 where you can meet former players such as sharks legend mike ricci, evgeni nabokov and jonathan cheechoo. reporting in san jose dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) a san jose (justi) (justine) a san jose
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grandmother was gunned down and police say it is still unclear who killed her.(jrs) this week i spoke with neighbors who say there was an argument between other people in the area, a shot was fired, and it proved fatal for the grandmother. sot boom oh my goda witness describing the gun shot that he heard in his east san jose o night. a gunshot that proved to be fatal for a grandmother who lived at this home two doors down.sot i was playing outside sowhen i heard the gunshot i was just playing soccer with my friend and we just hear the gunshot and we see the guy running by the
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houses hopping the fences by my neighbors house.this is snapchat video sent to us by a kron 4 viewer showing police out on the scene after that shot was fired. witnesses in the neighborhood say there was a disagreement between at least two people.sotthe husband came out with a gun and tried to shoot him in the truck and when he tried to shoot the car umm the truck moved faster so when he moved faster it hit the old grandma. officers say the woman was pronounced dead a short time later.sotsad as everyone we spoke with said she wasn't involved with what was going on.sot always with her grandchildrensot always say good morning...good woman good woman...good family
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(jrs) polive haven't said if this was drug or gang related but many people in the neighborhood believe it was also saying that this woman had nothing to do with that disagreement. at last check no arrests have been made in connection with this case. (justine) the city of san francisco could soon have a plan to regulate visitors along lombard street. the famous crooked street attracts thousands of visitors everyday, but all the traffic has created major problems for the people who live nearby. among the problems ... traffic often backs up for blocks, and people who visit the street on foot, leave behind trash..intrude on people's lawns and porches and worse. a few years ago, neighbors went to the city saying something needed to be done. the city transportation authority came up with a plan to create a reservation system
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and to charge a fee.
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which is part of the center for investigative reporting. reveal reports the documents included evidence that facebook allegedly encouraged game developers to get kids to spend money without their parents' permission. the papers also allege facebook refused to issue refunds in some cases ... ... and that the social media giant would not try to block kids from spending money because it would reduce revenues. in a statement to u-s-a today, facebook says it now works with parents and experts to offer tools for families navigating the internet. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (justine) the unusual story of how this kid got stuck in his toy. and how the fire department was finally able to get him out.
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(justine) a unique rescue in new jersey this week-- police were ll vanessa cast the unusual story: -nats-20 month old luca is nothing short of energetic.but his misadventure tuesday night brought him to a standstill. -nats-soona choe/mother: "its kind of comical if you think about the situation, i call 911 and say "my kid is stuck in a toy" and they're like what kind of toy? what do you
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mean?"valerie castro/fort lee, nj: "the toy is supposed to hold different shaped blocks that go inside these holes but luca pulled the lid off and climbed inside...that is where he got stuck."soona choe/mother (quick): "he got in, got wedged in and he couldn't get out."mom soona choe says when she realized luca couldn't move...she had to call in a professional. sergeant rick hernandez with the fort lee police department responded to the call.sgt. rick hernandez/fort lee police dept (quick): "it was a priceless expression on his face//he looked a little bit embarrassed about the situation.sgt hernandez says even though a heavy duty tool was coming...sgt. rick hernandez/fort lee police dept: "that's been a popular question did we bring in the jaws-of-life. they were on the way, the truck was on the way." he decided to use his own sheer strength.sgt. rick hernandez/fort lee police dept: "i asked mom if i could break it, she said i tried, you can give it a shot. i was able to get off the front panel, it cracked."luca was
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finally free and in the arms of his hero.soona choe/mother: "i was like thank goodness i was so happy and grateful." sgt. rick hernandez/fort lee police dept (quick): "it's one of those calls that you're happy to be on and leaves you smiling afterwards, its always good to be able to help a child." luca's mom says she plans to keep the toy and someday show the picture to her remind him of that stuck in a toy. (justine) that was valerie castro reporting. (jrs) for the first time... the queen of england is weighing in on the brexit debate,... and the country is having a major concern with how a type of food will be impacted if the country does decide to leave the european union. just ahead in sports....the warriors head to boston to face the celtics....we'll have those highlights....als o....highlights of the sharks from the nhl all star game....coming up....
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(justine) queen elizabeth sent a coded message to britain's politicians-- urging them to set aside their differences and forge a way forward through the brexit impasse. this is seen as unusual.. because the british monarch has consistently remained above politics. but her call to see "the bigger picture" in a speech thursday -- comes amid new warnings about the potential fallout if there's no-deal. cnn went out to the streets of london to get reaction to en "there parliament arguing over other, i think the queen should stay out of it as well." gabrielle from southampton, england: "if the queen got political and she got more into it? i mean, i don't really see that as her role." michelle from lake district,
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england "it is probably about time that the queen did say something, obviously her opinion probably matters for the whole of the uk."alex from essex, england "whatever i see in the papers doesn't look good, so maybe it's time for someone else to take the reins on it." >(justine) britain's parliament is set to debate brexit "plan b" next week. (justine) now there is some concern in england about the meat people are eating because of brexit. more than 90-percent of the veterinarians certifying livestock for human consumption in the u-k come from the e-u. (jrs) a majority of livestock vaccines designed to keep the animals healthy and safe for consumption also come from the e-u. c-n-n's nina dos santos reports on the latest about brexit and its potential impact on food safety in the u- k. simon maiklin welcoming this veterinarian to his dairy farm for a house call to certify the health and condition of the 300 cattle here. he's a big part of the food chain,
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bringing meat and dairy products to kitchen tables and brexit uncertainty is now part of this food chain as well. the uk has a shortage of vets this one from portugal. rui d'orey branco, westpoint farm vets: "we currently, we're looking for a veterinarian in my practice and we were, all the applicants that we had were non-uk. we had italians, spanish, portuguese, german, but we didn't have one single uk veterinarian are apply for the job."the uk's leading veterinary body estimates that 95 percent of vets in the meat industry come from the eu. the group is also warning that a no-deal brexit would make matters worse, affecting public health and animal welfare. jason aldiss, man. dir., eville & jones: "ninety eight percent of my staff are non-uk european origin. if, in the outcome of a no-deal brexit we will not have access to such individuals, then immediately we wo crisis, and within two months of individuals not be able to
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come into the country." marianna, who's also portuguese, is a vet who certifies meat in abattoirs, an eu law, for that crucial last stage before human consumption. john awoyemi, agro foods: "this is where it matters because this is where the finished product. what you see on your table comes up at this exact point, and without the vet being there i can't guarantee the quality of your product."the government says the rules about having vets in abattoirs will not change after brexit. but there are still other concerns. mariana santos, eville & jones: "the cost of living might increase which will obviously make it harder to live here."any disruption in the food chain would delay the supply of mecon dos santos, cnn: "and this is the end of the food chain here on this butcher's counter in london. all of these meats from the lamb cutlets, to the calves liver, have been through a rigorous inspection process from the farm, to the abattoir and from here they'll be supplied to fine restaurants and of course family dinner tables, all in compliance with the eu rules that could change after brexit."the health of livestock also depends on the supply of vaccines, and the majority of vaccines needed for livestock come from the eu. animal health officials
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say that this is also a public health issue, and guaranteeing supply is a must. simon is already worried about medicines and vaccines for next winter. simon maiklin, mynthurst farms: "whether or not that will be available for next winter?"he is looking forward though to the english summer when his pastures are filled with grazing cattle. a summer that hopefully will also be one without any more brexit uncertainty. nina dos santos, cnn london. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our
8:49 pm
forecast. . expect above normal temperatures through monday in the bay area. overnight lows will remain mild with widespread 40s. daytime highs sunday will be in the mid to upper 60s. the dry pattern is forecast to continue through early next week. there is a slight chance of showers returning to the area on wednesday. another chance of showers will arrive late in the week.
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everyone knows, when the warriors get into that extra one in the nba can match it.....>well, the nba better watch out because golden state has won 9 in a row.....>boogie getting in some pre-game work....he's looked great since returning if you ask me....all things considered......>3rd quarter...celtics up by 3....draymond green to kevin .t the tonight for the dubs....>4th quarter...warri
8:52 pm
ors up by 3....7 to shoot....kyrie irving to marcus ties it at 111 all...>crucial moment here....8 seconds left in the game....draymond green misses the free throw....gets his own rebound....finds stephen curry....and that is all she wrote...warriors beat the boston celtics....115- 111...10 wins in a row.....> believe it or not....pitcher and catchers report to spring training in just over a week.....>and oakland a's fans got to get their first look at the 2019 a's this afternoon at fan fest.....>kron4 sports report kate rooney has more.....>"amid activity booths, a lot of the focus at oakland a's fanfest today was on the proposed new ballpark and gondola that would ferry fans from downtown oakland to jack london squ something to reach the year. to ride that connection between downtown and the waterfront. i think the entire system is kind of like in san francisco, people go to ride the cable car. people could come to oakland and ride the gonadola. it could be that popular from a tourist
8:53 pm
perspective, which is something that i think all the small business owners and the people here in's just a great thing.""i can't wait. i want it to happen. it's going to be so much better. i think it'll bring a lot more a's fans out of the woods.""it's unique and it kind of fits the city of oakland. oakland is unique as it is. i think it looks great. it looks great virtually on the waterfront. there's things to do downtown. you can visit bars and restaurants. it's all going to help the city's revenue." "it's been positively received. they're supporting it through the sequel process, the environmental process because it is actually their process. we are hopeful that by the end of the year, it'll have cleared and then we can actually move forward with ground breaking and building it. the hope is to open it on the same time as the stadium in 2023." "announced yesterday, the gondola is the newest item on the ticket. at a cost of $123 million dollars, it would be privately funded and would be in operation 365 days a year. at jack london square, for fanfest, i'm kate rooney. kron 4 sports."
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and now we head out to san jose....three sharks participating in the nhl all star game....and they all got involved tonight.....>and here's one of those sharkies....erik karlsson puts the pacific squad on the board...they are down 2-1.....> this game got out of hand....the pacific all-stars down by 8 to the central all- stars....but here are two more sharks.....joe pavelski finds karlson for his second goal of the game......>and just seconds's the third shark getting in on the acting...that's brett the falls to central 10-4 but it was still a good night for the sharks......> the one with the designer dog collar.
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(upbeat rock music) (sirens wailing) (helicopter whirring) (metal bars sliding) - page three, background. detectives began an investigation into prostitution and human trafficking detectives began an investigation escort dating sites on the internet such as backpage, craigslist, my scarlet cloak and night shift. mission, main purpose of the investigation is to identify the victims who are being prostituted by pimps and to identify the suspects who are pimping and human trafficking victims in el dorado county. the operation is victim centered,


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