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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 22, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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oakland this evening... j-r? family and friends of a family and family and friends of a slain discovery friends of a family and j-r?evening... j-r?
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family and friends of a slain discovery bay woman held a protest outside the contra costa county district attorney's office today... seeking justice for their
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loved one. and as kron4's dan kerman explains .... it all has to do with a new law that went into effect at the start of the year... prosecuting juveniles as adults 0122196 pkgcarrying signs reading justice for allie, family and friends of 20 year old murder victim allie sweitzer rallied against contra costa county district attorney diana becton tuesday...sotit just doesnt make sense to keep our community safelast year a judge determined sweitzer's alleged 15 year old killer was to be tried as an adult, but a new state law that went into effect january first prevents those under the age of 16 from being tried as adults... that means if convicted, instead of as much as 25 years to life in prison, the suspect would be released at the age of 26.sot taylor sweitzer/murder victim's sister he did an adult crime, multiple times in a few weeks span and should be charged as an adult. he took a life.judges in riverside county and kern county have already ruled the new law unconstitutional... the family says district attorney becton originally agreed to appeal the new law... and then changed her mind... sot melanie schwartz/murder victim's mother :52i would ask her to reconsider her decision and let the courts decide if they say no, then we have done all we cansweitzer's alleged killer is due to enter a plea
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on thursday in juvenile court.. that's why the family met with the d.a. tuesday afternoon in hopes of getting her to change her mind before that happens. she refused. in a statement to kron 4 the d.a. says the california attorney general's office issued a legal opinion finding senate bill 1391 constitutional. i have issued an office-wide policy to direct all prosecutors in my office to not challenge the constitutionality of senate bill 1391. soti am beyond disappointed... our daughter matteredstandup dan kerman/martinez 1:45and while the family says the da's decision might make it too late in their case they will continue to fight 1391ú for other family. at the da's office in martinez, dan kerman kron 4 news.158/std
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work being done in the area of juvenile justice... in his promise to end how we incarcerate young people, governor gavin newsom visited stockton's youth correctional facility this morning. (pam) during his visit, the governor highlighted a new program aimed at keeping troubled teens off the streets altogether. kay recede has details. nats)this classroom is a world away from where these teens were(derrick mcdougal, student)"made a mistake and i'm in here for attempted murder."(jackson chand, student)"i just made a mistake, broke into a house." (byron mcbee, student)"man, just following the wrong crowd."now out of their troubled neighborhoods they face computer screens learning code as part of a new program at stockton's youth correctional facility(derrick mcdougal, student)"i'm trying to like basically start, build my own future, you know what i'm saying? i gotta have a job
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and like something positive to do when i get home."these students have a new ally by their side newly elected governor gavin newsom who has vowed to end the way the state traditionally incarcerates teens(governor gavin newsom) "if we're gonna get serious about changing the trajectory of the lives of these young children; i think we need to do it through a different lens and not the traditional corrections lens."in his budget proposal the governor suggested to shift the division of juvenile justice out from adult servicesand under the umbrella of health and human services(governor) "and a focus on getting under the hood of what trauma these young children had in the first place that triggered some of the activities, actions and bad decisions that led them here."governor newsom says he knows this proposal will be challenged(governor) "dogs don't bark at parked cars, i'm not suggesting anything there, i'm just suggesting that change has its enemies."(kay recede in stockton)"governor gavin nebelieves it would save the state some serious cash." (governor)"for every child in this system, we're spending over $300,000 a year. i mean, that's not annual tuition at harvard."newsom hopes - more teens will be rehabilitated with programs such as the last mile(chris redlitz, co- founder, the last mile)"right now, we have 0-percent recidivism on our return citizen gradcode led him to a better pathhe's now a software engineer(jason jones, software engineer)"the world
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is so much bigger than the struggles that you're going through right now." (ken) that was kay recede reporting. governor newsom will need the legislature's approval before he can move forward with his plan. he reportedly hopes to begin the transition in july. (pam) oakland police arrested a person of interest for the deaths of three men. the three were shot and killed on center street january 4th ... that's three- blocks from the west oakland bart station. two victims were in a parked car .. a third was standing outside. they were identified as 21- year old gino houchins of vallejo, 29- year old marcus fuller jr., and 31- year old dante johnson - both of oakland. police are not releasing the name of the person of interest right now, because the investigation is ongoing. (pam) a san jose teacher
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accused of having sexual contact with a student .. has been arrested by police. ricardo chavar-ria is in jail booked on felony counts... those include sex charges with a person under age 18. investigators say, the victim was assaulted inside a classroom chavar-ria worked as a spanish teacher at pioneer high school in san jose. he has worked in the school district since 20-11. district officials say, he will not return to pioneer nor any other position in the district. (ken) camp fire (ken) camp fire victims are getting some big name help in their struggles with p-g-ande-e. activist erin brockovich led a protest against the utlity company today at the state capitol. our capitol explains what brockovich, along with the fire victims, are urging lawmakers to do. erin brockovich is working with a number of fire victims
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and their lawyers who sued the pg&e prepares to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy by the end of the month, demonstrators today urged lawmakers to not let that happen.((pkg)) trt: 1:25"take control of this runaway monopoly,"erin brockovich stood alongside several fire victims at the capitol tuesday..taking on the same utility company she became famous for beating in court more than 20 years ago."how are we not looking that they are a failed company and failed infrastructure? does that mean they get to pack up, turn off the lights, boo-hoo and go home? no!"brockovich called bankruptcy pg&e's "go-to", noting she says the company doesn't want to be held responsible for recent wild fires. citing a letter from one of pg&e's shareholders, she's adamant the utility is solvent. "overwhelming evidence. if you're solvent, you don't get to file bankruptcy. the state and the puc needs to work with them and say, we're in charge now."when asked for comment, pg&e did not acknowledge brockovich's claims, but did say in response to the event in part, "we understand and recognize the serious concerns raised by customers and wildfire victims and acknowledge that while we have made progress we have more work to do."victor porter is a camp fire victim now living in a trailer in a friend's driveway."hopefully pg&e is accountable whether we get a dime or not, it don't matter, they need to pay for what they did."the cause of the camp fire is still under investigation...other protestors from the sierra
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foot-hills worry if pg&e is found responsible, their communities could be next.."if they're going to bail out on these people how can you hold them responsibility to anything else? (ken) that was ashley zavala reporting. after the protest, brockovich said she personally met with lawmakers. meanwhile the shareholder firm she mentioned .... bluemountain capital... sent an open letter to p-g&e urging the company to wait until after the annual shareholder meeting in may, before filing for bankruptchy. (ken) in the east bay... police in fremont are looking for the driver involved in a hit and run accident. it happened in the area of calaveras avenue and blacow road. one woman was seriously injured but police say she has no memory of what happened. police believe that on calaveras when it hit the woman. they are still looking for witnesses. (pam) staying in the east
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bay... a robbery was reported late this morning.. at a pizza restaurant in walnut creek. the robbery was reported just before 11-30 .. at the mountian mike's pizzza restaurant on ygnacio valley road. the suspect was last seen driving this white, ford focus with license plate number 8-e-g-y-7-4-5. police say, if you see the driver, do not make contact, instead call police instead call police immeditately. (pam) today, the monterey county coroner indentifed the body that washed up on shore at garrapata beach .. it is braxton stuntz. the teen was swept out to sea last week, after he fell into a blowhole along the water at big sur. deputies recovered the body yesterday, but were not able to make a clear identification at the time. the 18-year olds' body was found not far from where he was reported missing. a live look outside lawrence has the forecast
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lawrence karnow: there was plenty of sunshine today with cool to mild temperatures. highs today were in the 50s and the low 60s. high pressure continues to send the storm track well to the north. on the satellite image you can see the high pressure system building over he west coast. offshore winds will blow bringing almost spring-like weather to the bay area thursday and friday. a few more clouds will move in this weekend but we should remain dry through the next 7 days. (ken) another big story tonight... the u.s. supreme court has voted to allow the trump administration' s miban to go into effect. (pam) the policy was first announced by president trump in a tweet in july of 2017... it was then challenged in court. our washington d.c. correspondent brie jackson reports on today's ruling ... and has reaction from members of the transgender community.
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veteran mia mason served as micheal mason before as micheal mason served veteran mia community.transgender
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(ken) another big story tonight... the u.s. supreme court has voted to allow the trump administration' s military transgender ban to go into effect. (pam) the policy was fitweet in july of 2017... it was then
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challenged in court. our washington d.c. correspondent brie jackson reports on today's ruling ... and has reaction from members of the transgender community. veteran mia mason served as micheal mason before transitioning to a woman. she says the trump administration' s ban is a slap to the face of brave transgender men and women who want to serve.mia mason/ transgender veteran"we deserve to fight and now it's just been taken away again." the supreme court's narrow 5-4 decision allowed the trump administration's transgender ban to take effect.however justices refused to rule on the constitutionality of the ban itself...and will wait for lower courts to rule on that... brie jackson/d.c. correspondent a pentagon spokesperson tells me the defense department plans to abide by its proposed policy.the defense department will not ban service by all transgender people.but instead, it will make decisions on a case-by-case basis.human rights advocates
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taking legal action against the administration say the high court's ruling puts the nation's security at risk. peter renn/ lambda legal (phoner) "permitting president trumps ban to go into effect wil inflict serious harm on tyransgender servicembers and the military itself" while opponents call the supreme court ruling a setback mason says the fight isn't over.mia mason/ transgender veteran"we will continue to take legal action to make sure no matter if you're a john doe or jane doe or even if you ant to join into the military you will not be banned because we will continue to take legal action to challenge this."the pentagon says there is still one existing national court order against the policy, so until that's resolved, happen washington brie jackson. (pam)(pam) president trump is still planning to deliver his state of the union speech next week... amid the nations' longest government shutdown ever. (ken) meanwhile, democratic leaders reportedly have not directly talked to the president in more than 10-days... pointing to no end in sight for the shutdown. natsot"what do we want?""pay!" "when do we want it?""now!"
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president trump and congressional democrats locked in a game of chicken as the government shutdown drags on. the president taunting democrats and promising not to back down, tweeting:"without a wall our country can never have border or national security"adding: "the dems know this, but want to play political games. must finally be done correctly. no cave!" trump still plans to deliver a state of the union address at the capitol next week, the white house says.even though house speaker nancy pelosi asked him to postpone it, citing security concerns during the government shutdown. hogan gidley/white house deputy press secretary"she did that without input from national security. in fact, she even said that secret service could not protect the speech, which is absolutely ridiculous."natsot"the president of the united states."to make their point, a white house official sending this email on sunday asking the sergeant-at-arms to conduct a walkthrough for the speech.but that request was rejected.officials say trump's speechwriters are still working on his remarks, and they are considering alternative venues including a campaign-style rally.or a speech in the republican- controlled senate chamber,
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which could be complicated by democrats.meantime, both sides are still far apart on stopping the shutdown.with neither the democrat nor republican votes on plans to end the shutdown expected to succeed this week.and the text of the president's proposal released last night includes provisions advocates and democrats are calling 'poison pills'.rep. nancy pelosi/(d) house speaker"what the president proposed is granting what he had already taken away. the president daca recipients had their protection -- temporary protected status, tps, had their protection. the president took it away and now he's saying, 'i'll give this back, temporarily if you give me a wall permanently.'" including a change that would force central american children to seek asylum in their home country.and those attempting to seek asylum at the border would be sent back to the countries they fled. (pam) that was abby phillip reporting. senate
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majority leader mitch mcconnell is planning to allow two votes on thursday... which he says could open the government back up. one gives the president five- point- seven billion dollars for his border wall.. while the other is a democratic bill from the house that opens the government until february. neither is expected to pass. (ken) and we have team coverage tonight on the shutdown ... and its' effect on federal workers here in the bay area. as kron 4's philippe djegal reports... at oakland airport today, furloughed t-s-a employees were treated to a free meal. (philippe)nats- "if it wasn't for southwest, i don't know where i'd be right now. 22 years of service." on a day southwest airlines honors it's late co-founder herb kelleher, who died earlier this month.steve bernhardt/sou thwest airlines- "herb always believed in servant leadership." the airline going the extra mile... extending an olive branch to
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federal airport employees exempt from being furloughed and forced to work without pay. david von damm/tsa- "it is a difficult time. but i tell you what, it's times like this that bring people together." last week, the alameda county community food bank stepped up and donated more than 300 bags of food for transportation security administration officers, agents and inspectors who for more than a month now have worked without pay. on tuesday, southwest airlines offering those same employees free barbeque the day.steve bernhardt/southwest airlines- "i think it's the litte things. um, i think any sign of appreciation to let them know about them, um, goes a long ways." the t-s-a says it has seen an uptick in sick calls since the partial government shutdown went into effect 32 days ago... adding security at the airport has not been compromised as a result.david von damm/tsa- "everyone here signed up for the mission of tsa, to keep our traveling public safe and secure. and, i could not be more proud, because that's exactly what the men and women of tsa and my officers here at oakland airport are doing everyday." and, for those who are interested in signing up for unemployement benefits... the airport has converted a conference room into a computer lab to help make that happen.keonnis taylor/airport- "of course, people can use their own computers, they can use their phones, they can do this at home. but we just wanted to have space available for people who wanted to utilize the resource here." and, depending on how long the shutdown lasts -- this lab may become a vital resource for
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people sturggling to make ends meet. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. (ken) still ahead... bart commuters get a chance to speak their minds and bart gets blasted on safety.. cleanliness and more .. the latest on the survey results... at 10:30. (pam) plus... returning to the classroom. the tentative deal reached with the los angeles teachers, ending the strike that lasted more than a week. (ken) and after the break... details on the city ranked the safest in california... and it is right here in the bay area.. we have the rankings.. find out where your hometown came in
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vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. (ken) a new report is out that ranks the safest cities across california and here in the bay area. (pam) kron four's robfladeboe details the report. (downtown san jose)conducted by the national council for home safety and security, the study ranks cities based on both violent and non-violent crime. (full screen graphic) statewide, the report ranks hillsborough as the safest california city, followed by palos verde estates, imperial, truckee and sierra madre rounding out the top five. the findings are based on the fbi's uniform crime reporting tool along with the trade group's "internal population research."(full screen graphic) in the bay area, the study says the top ten safest cities are hillsborough,los altos, piedmont, foster city, mill valley, los gatos, healdsburg,
10:25 pm
clayton, moraga and belmont. left out ot the study are cities with fewer than 1o,000 people or cities that failed to submit crime reports to the f.b.i. the study purports to have been done to highlight the cities that have had the least amount of violent and non-violent crimes per capita. rob fladeboe/san jose "...the study was paid for by people who are in the business of selling security and burglar alarms, a press release said it was done simply to bring awareness to cities that are likely to have the most crime per capita..." in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news
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(ken) coming up... a sacramento college student is behind bars in japan. now his mother is speaking out in hopes to move his case along. (pam) and after the break... new parents could get a lot more 'paid leave' in california. details on the new legislation aimed at giving you more time at home with your newborn. (lawrence)ten at ten
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(ken) a new survey shows, a majority of bart riders' are not satisfied with the transit agency.(pam) today officials with the transit agency held a news conference to talk about their plan to make things better for passengers... kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. the results of the 2018 bart customer satisfaction study are in. satisfaction overall is trending downward with 56% of those surveyed saying things could be better5,292 passengers were randomly chosen to take part in the month long studyservice decline ratings include personal security down 16%. bart police presence down 14%. train interior cleanliness also down 14%. however the biggest decrease in enrcement of farirectors: "it's a bad report card. let's be honest. this is not a report card i would run home to my folks and say, look at all these a's we got">the president of bart's board of directors, bevan dufty, says
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steps are being taken to make fare evdifficult sotdufty/president of bart board of directors: "we are implementing station hardening at a lot of our stations to make it less easy to fare evade which is a major issue. you can just look behind me and see that the rail has been extended to 5- feet">he says the transit agency is now focusing on hardening the ticket activated fare gates sotone major bright spot on the 2018 survey was here at civic center station in san francisco where cleanliness was up 20%. bart officials say they are also partnering with neighboring cities and counties to help provide services for the homeless and those suffering from mental illnesssot in san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news
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(ken) los angeles teachers are expected back in classrooms tomorrow. that's because school officials and their union reached a tentative agreement today. it includes a 6 percent raise for educators, a slight reduction in some class sizes and additional support staff, including nurses and librarians. teachers voted to approve the deal tonight. every campus should see an increase in nursing services over the next three school years. teachers complained that some schools only had a nurse on staff once a week. the new contract also eliminates a longstanding clause that gave the district authority over class sizes. (pam) california could become the first state in the nation ... to offer parents six months of paid leave. new legislation has been introduced at the state capitol. among other things... research shows.. longer paid maternity leave can increase the rate of mothers who attempt breastfeeding, by as much as 18-percent. governor gavin newsom says, that's one of the many benefits in the plan.
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lawmakers still do not will pay to keep parents home longer with their baby. the bill, sponsored by the california lawyers association ... will also offer parents job protection. supporters argue, workers are already paying for that. "right now, employees pay into the paid family leave program with their own paychecks,/there's a great possibility that the funding is already there it just needs to be reworked in order to fund this bill." (pam) the california small business chamber has declined to take a position on the proposal until more funding details emerge. (ken) jailed in japan. a college student from sacramento has spent months behind bars in the country's mother is fighting to get sues broken lamp at a bar. a mother pleading for help to free her son from a toyko jail...(leah smith - mother) "im losing it at this point too.. i just want him home. this is ridiculous he's not a
10:33 pm
criminal"leah smith's son julian adame is a student at the university of redlands... who was traveling in japan when he was arrested nearly nine months ago...smith says the us embassy in tokyo told her - it started during a night of bar hopping...(leah smith - mother)"hes being woken up in another bar that he doesn't remember going to and he's being told that he broke a lamp and he has to pay a thousand dollars"smith says her son got scared and tried to run off to get help..(leah smith - mother)"at one point the police officer grabbed his arm and it snapped back and hit the officer in his chin" she says he's now facing a charge for "'obstruction of the performance of official duties"and he's pleading guilty -prepared to pay a fine...but smith says the case keeps getting pushed back... s a simple case lets just get it done" adame is a student at the university of redlands.he was traveling on his own after completing a study abroad program..a spokesperson for the university tells us....(fs) "we are aware that julian adame remains detained in japan.... we have been in contact with local and international law enforcement agencies in japan to ask for status, express our concern, and offer our assistance. "
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adame's friend kate emmons planned to meet in him thailand after his trip to japan.. instead -(on the phone kate emmons)"i actually flew to japan to visit him"she went see him in jail.....(on the phone kate emmons)"we just looked at each other and cried and just basically wept for 10 minutes"months later - emmons and smith remain determined to bring adame home....smith says the us embassy in tokyo is forwarding letters from her of them reads... (show letter)'i love you so much and think about you all the time... ...he also said... iúm scared and want to come home." (pam) that was ali wolf reporting. the state department says, it is (ken) the covington the cen viral controversial attends did not have class today because of safety concerns. the principal sent a letter to the parents notifying them of the closure. monday...
10:35 pm
school officials met with local law enforcement to discuss threats made to the school and some of the students. the concern comes after students from the school were criticized for their interaction with a native american elder during a d-c rally over the weekend. (ken) the school has also hired a thrid party investigator to look into the video. the school told parents it will get to the bottom of what happened. and we are also learning the twitter account that made the story viral was fake. the account claimed to belong to a teacher in california... but it was actually a blogger in brazil. twitter suspended the yesterday n. lawrence karnow: there was plenty of sunshine today with cool to mild temperatures. highs today were in the 50s and the low 60s. high pressure continues to send the storm track well to the north. on the satellite image you can see the high pressure system building over he west coast. offshore winds will blow bringing almost spring-like weather to the bay area thursday and friday. a few more clouds will move in this weekend but we should remain dry through the next 7 days.
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next 7 days.through the remain dry through the next 7 days.
10:37 pm
an update on a story we told you about earlier tonight.. the berkeley city council has just passed a disposable foodware law. the ordinance would require only reusable foodware can be used for dine- in service ... and all take- out foodware must be compostable. plus, vendors would have to charge customers 25- cents for every disposable cup. also, take- out customers would have to áaská for straws, napkins and utensils .. "authored by my office and co sponsored by mayor arreguin, we will progressively transition restaurants and other food vendors the the exclusive use of compostable foodware for to go order and reusable foodware for eating on the premesis.(pam)
10:38 pm
small (pam) small grants would be made available to help businesses reach these requirements. the goal is to reduce waste. the ordinance will go into effect in 20-20. (pam) staying in berkeley -- police are searching for a man who impersonated a "meals on wheels" employee last week. reports say, the man was outside of the safeway on shattuck avenue asking for donations. police say, he ran away after being confronted by an actual meals on wheels employee. the suspect is described as in his 60's... about six- feet tall, last seen wearing a white 'meals on wheels' t- shirt. (ken) two off-duty officers in the right place and the right time. sarcramento sheriff's deputy jay sacco had just passed a red car before it crashed. sacco says he saw the car overcorrect, lose control and slide into oncoming traffic.
10:39 pm
he says he immediately pulled over and ran to help. the crash happened with such force, that the driver was thrown from the car. that's when elk grove police officer jennifer mccue ran over to help. the two officers joined together to provide first aid to the woman, who they were not sure was going to survive. (ken) the woman was rushed to the hosptial. at last report she was in serious condition and expected to survive. "we have to change. we are putting one hundred and ten million tons of manmade heat- trapping global warming pollution into the very thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet as if it's an open sewer."(ken) global warming
10:40 pm
on the agenda today at the world leaders' conference in davos, switzerland. former vice- president al gore's warning comes as a record number of americans say, they believe climate change is real.(pam) and scientists warn... the polar ice caps are melting at an accelerated rate ... which may be too late to reverse. our grant lodes is here to tell us about the new projections in climate change ... and a dramatic shift in public opinion. (grant) check this out ... 51 percent ... more than half of all americans ... now say they are extremely or very sure climate change is real,that's up from 37 percent in less than four years.the number of extreme non=believers hasn't changed much.but that seven percent apparently includes the president of the united states. natas millions of easterners
10:41 pm
hunkered down in a blizzard this week, the president joked, "wouldn't be bad to have a little of that good old fashioned global warming right now!"about half of americans say no ... global warming is hurting the country, not in the future but right now... almost as many say they've experienced the effect of global warming first=hand... . "this looks like a war zone." just in the past year we've had mudslides in southern california.... unprecedented snow in south carolina.... record=breaking high tides in boston ... and a pair of devastating hurricanes nat florence and michael ranked as the world's most destructive natural catastrophes last year ... until they were topped by the butte fire.90% of the homes in every single neighborhood are gonebut even a visit to the ruined town of paradise had no effect on the president.did seeing this devastation change your mind on climate change?no, no. i have a strong opinion.and from greenland scientists say the ice=cap is shrinking faster than predicted ... the same trend was reported earlier in antarctica.a new report warns we may have reached the tipping point ... where reducing greenhouse emissions won't be enough to slow the
10:42 pm
of three americans told the pollsters thet do believe global warming is affecting the country's weather, non=believers totalled only 14 percent,pam and ken? (pam) still ahead.. an orphaned bear cub has a new outlook on life ... after being rescued and placed at a bear sanctuary. (ken) and... time for one of the brightest and best of san francisco's annual events ... the fun and festivities of chinese w (sports) just ahead in sports, the sharks with a ferocious rally in d-c... how they stormed back against the defending champs. also, we'll talk barry bonds,
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forced to wait again to get into the hall... and a look back at another serving of amazing from klay thompson after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together.
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to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. a lot of fun.... the lunar new year begins on february 5-th. today san francisco mayor london breed, along with other city officials and members of the community .... kicked off the chinese new year fair on stockton street today. kron4's charles clifford was there.
10:46 pm
well here in san francisco's chinatwon on tuesday, mayor london breed along with several supervisor and represenatives were here to kick off chinese new year. lunar new year. this is going to be a great time for san francisco. the sun is out . i don't know if it will be out. hopefully it won't rain during the parade. but this is what we do best. we celebrate prosperity. we celebrate community we celebrate for the future. not only is the year of the going to be lucky for san francisco but this year is going to be lucky for our merchants and the people of, new years celebration actually run for the better part of a month. the big paradwe on feb 23rd. that parade attracts hundreds of thousands of people here to san francisco. in chinatown, charles clifford kron 4 news. (pam) a bear cub who lost his mother... has found a new place full of food and new eng
10:47 pm
ross ketschke reports... the man who is taking care of the cub is hoping he will survive the winter. nats: "poor little guy."it's a video that warmed the hearts of thousands...vermont state game wardens - rescuing an orphaned bear cub left alone in a tree with no sign of what happened to his mother.ben kilham/kilham bear center: "could have been the result of a hunting season. it could have been his mother got hit by an automobile."the cub is now in the care of ben kilham - a world renowned black bear expert in lyme new hampshire who says the 10 pound male was in no shape to survive in the wild.ben kilham/kilham bear center: "they need 30 percent of their body weight in fat to survive the winter. this guy had none."so kilham got to work right away to make sure the 1-year old cub has plenty of food before it hibernates. ben kilham/kilham bear center: "they eat everything that's put in front of him and then some. and once they're fat enough, they go to sleep.he says this little guy is doing much better and he isn't alone...right now kilham is taking care of 60 orphaned bears - more than any point in his decades long career.ben kilham/kilham bear center:
10:48 pm
"it's all a result of a very poor food year. there were virtually no acorns beach nuts, apples."he says each cubs comes from a similar situation having lost its family... but after time in his shelter, they start to bond like siblings.ben kilham/kilham bear center: "they make friends and they sleep together and you know no other animal has that ability except for humans."kilham says after more food and hibernation, this cub and his new friends released into the wild some time this summer. (pam) that was ross ketschke reporting.. the cub will not be released into the wild until it weighs 30- to 40- pounds. and now, the owner of the sanctuary is hoping to raise money to expand the facility. his goal is to help a larger number of orphaned cubs in the future. the road the road hasn't been kind
10:49 pm
to the sharks... 3-straight losses going into tonight, but they put together a performance to build on before the all-star break. --for much of the game it looked like it would be the caps. night --alex ovechkin... who won't be playing in the nhl all-star game saturday in san jose... rang up two goals in the 1st and second periods --then in the third... ovechkin put the capitals up 6-4 with his third goal of the night... the 23rd hat trick of his career... and things looked bleak for the sharkies --but they cut it to 6-5... and with time winding down in regulation... evander kane turns on the red light as time runs out to tie the game and send it to overtime --and in overtime... thomas hertl wins it wth a hat trick of his own... three goals for hertl.. the shark come from behind for a 7-6 win... handing washington their 6th stright loss... san jose now coming back home for the break. in our other top story, barry bonds still waiting for a call up to cooperstown. for the 7th time, the giants great and some would say one
10:50 pm
of the best to ever play, denied a chance at the hall... the ballots, a three percent jump from last year, but still 75-percent is needed to get in. this shows that writers are still hesitant to give the green light due to his history with performance enhancing drugs... there are only three chances left for the 7-time-mvp and all-time slugger to get in. as far as the other inductees are concerned, congratulations to legendary yankees closer mariano rivera... the sandman is the first player ever to be elected unanimously, getting votes from all 425-voting members. also making the class... two time cy young winner, the late roy halladay. the great mariner dh edgar martinez... and former oriole and yankee ace mike mussina speaking of hall of famers, klay thompson adding another line of greatness to his resume. last night against the lakers... just firing out of the gates... in only three quarters of work dropped 44-points... and started 10-of-10 from downtown, tying an nba record. he did all of this with only 3-dribbles... just a couple weeks ago he scored 43 with 4-dribbles thompson
10:51 pm
on his latest record performance. "never hit 10 threes in a row in a game. that was hard. i mean that's hard to do. i tohught i had 11 for a second, but that's basketball.""it was one of those nights. he's just been in a good groove lately and he got it going. his teammates were looking for him. we had 41 assists tonight. te ball was moving, and klay was just spectacular. surprising early exit tonight for serena williams at the australian open. -- serena... up 5-1 in the 3rd and deciding set... on match point... she rolls her ankle... and she just wasn't the same from that point on -- karolina pliskova reels off 6 straight games... serena hits into the net... pliskova reak her to go up 6-5 serena's sister venus... nervous in the sands williams again into the net, it's over piskova wins 6-4, 4-6, 7-5... moves on to the semifinals... where she will meet u-s open champion naomi osaka... serena once
10:52 pm
again denied her record-24th grand slam title finally tonight, saints fans still can't get over what happened with that pass interference call against the rams. we all saw the play... 4th quarter...under two minutes...3rd and 10, saints in the red zone and the refs miss a blatant p-i call. one that would have given new orleans a first and goal. saints end up losing.. and now some fans are expressing their frustration in a variety of ways, billboards around the city and in atlanta-- the site of the super bowl. also, a few have filed lawsuits against the nfl...trying to get the game replayed, and the suits have cited the non-call has brought emotional distress and mental anguish. highly unlikely this gets overturned.
10:53 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. (ken) woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c.
10:54 pm
vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. lawrence karnow: there was
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10:56 pm
plenty of sunshine today with cool to mild temperatures. highs today were in the 50s and the low 60s. high pressure continues to send the storm track well to the north. on the satellite image you can see the high pressure system building over he west coast. offshore winds will blow bringing almost spring-like weather to the bay area thursday and friday. a few more clouds will move in weeken dry through the next 7 days.
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so i heard you got a rape case where the victim got burned up.
11:00 pm
nurse from chicago med. raped, beaten. perp torched the joint. fire department! call out! help me. third-degree burns and severe smoke inhalation. if you're looking to kill somebody, toxic smoke will do the job fast. (rollins) okay, so confirmed victim's a nurse. 5'5", brown hair, brown eyes. and she was raped. think he did it before? unfortunately... i know he has. [indistinct pa announcement] [sighs] hey. - oh, thank you. - mm-hmm. so? third-degree burns over 75% of her body. the damage goes through to the muscle.


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