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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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(ken) unusually high tides bringing rising water to parts of the north bay. (ken) thanks for joining us, im ken wayne. (pam) and i'm pam moore.. these tides... better known as "king tides," were pushing water into low lying roads and parking lots in marin county. (ken) that's where we find kron4's dan thorn tonight... he's live in mill valley with more from people who dealt with the high water.. dan? the parking lot i'm standing in has mostly just big puddles right now. but earlier today, this area was filled with water and viewers also sent us pictures of what it was like for them throughout marin county. flooding in parking lots and roads in marin county..king tides forcing water into areas
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in sasaulito and mill valley.. sot: it was pretty extreme.. anna henriquez is a manager at seaplane adventures in mill valley..she says the water was so high they actually had to take customers out to the planes wearing rain boots.. sot: we had high tides that were about 6 point nine and about 7 feet they were so high that all of our parking lot got completely covered. the unusually high tides happen because of a gravitational pull between the moon and the sun..on a day like today, the water was limited to mostly roads, park and rides and parking lots..but a big concern for henriquez is if the water overflows into their building..sot: if it's a king tide downpour heavy winds yes it could be a major problem.. their building is equpped with sandbags and this ramp system to help prevent high water from overflowing into the business. sot: it has r.. officials say if you ever experience high water and closed do not try to go through it and respect the detours. reporting in mill valley dan thorn kron4 news.
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dramatic video of a fishing boat at san francisco's fisherman's wharf being nearly swamped by rushing tide waters. the 50 foot long fishing boat "scoma's"... which is operated by the famous seafood restaurant... was hit by fast moving waters as the tide was receding late yesterday afternoon. although there were people on board... no one was hurt and the boat wasn't seriously damaged. but a fisherman who saw this says there were some pilings pulled out at the pier. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and beautiful day with cool temperatures. highs were in the 50s to low 60s. tonight will be mostly clear and cold and breezy. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and bright. highs will be in the 50s and
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low 60s. the week ahead looks sunny and dry with above normal temperatures later in the week. (pam) developing tonight... one person has been injured in a shooting inside a shopping mall in chicago . police say, a 19-year-old man was critically injured in a shooting at the orland mall. the suspect remains at large ... and is believed to have fled from the mall area. police do not know a motive for the shooting.. but they think it is an isolated incident. a san jose grandmother was gunned down and police say it is still unclear neigh was people in the area, a shot was fired, and it proved fatal for the grandmother. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the storsouth bay. sot boom oh my goda witness ot he heard in his east san jose neighborhood on saturday
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night. a gunshot that proved to be fatal for a grandmother who lived at this home two (pam) developing tonight... one person tonight... developing (pam) week.later in the temperatures later in the week.
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(pam) developing tonight... one person has been injured in a shooting inside a shopping mall in chicago . police say, a 19-year-old man was critically injured in a shooting at the orland mall. the suspect
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remains at large ... and is believed to have fled from the mall area. police do not know a motive for the shooting.. but they think it is an isolated incident. a san jose grandmother was gunned down and police say it is still unclear who killed her. neighbors say there was an argument between other people in the area, a shot was fired, and it proved fatal for the grandmother. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and has details from the south bay. sot boom oh my goda witness describing the gun shot that he heard in his east san jose neighborhood on saturday night. a gunshot that proved to be fatal for a grandmother who lived at this home two doors down.sot i was playing outside soccer when i heard the gunshot i was just playing soccer with my friend and we just hear the gunshot and we see the guy running by the houses hopping the fences by my neighbors house. kron 4 viewer showing police out on the scene after that shot was fired. witnesses in the neighborhood say there was a disagreement between at least two people.sotthe husband came out with a gun and tried to shoot him in the
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truck and when he tried to shoot the car umm the truck moved faster so when he moved faster it hit the old grandma. officers say the woman was pronounced dead a short time later.sotsad as everyone we spoke with said she wasn't involved with what was going on.sot always with her grandchildrensot always say good morning...good woman good woman...good family(jr)polive haven't said if this is drug or gang related but many people in the neighborhood believe it was also saying that this woman had nothing to do with that disagreement. at this point no suspect descriptions has been given. in san jose, j.r. stone kron 4 news. (pam) (pam) a body was found
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in the water near pier- 40 this afternoon... and now san francisco police are investigating the circumstances ... police have not released many details. but they say , it was a man, between the ages of 45-50. at this point .. police are unsure about whether the man was a transient.. (pam) officials also found a body below the cliff house in san francisco this evening. officials say, the body is unrelated to a report of a sinking ship that happened in the same area around 1 p-m
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today. police say, the report came in ... of a sailboat sinking about a mile away from the scene. police believe the body is not related to any coastal incidents. (pam) two people were injured tonight... after a backyard deck collapsed in san francisco. firefighters say, this happened at a private residence ... on the 16-hundred block 39th- ave and lawton in the outer sunset district ... it is not yet known why or how the deck collapsed at this time.
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the california senator announced her 2020 bid on martin luther king day...sen. kamala harris / presidential candidate (ca-d)i love my country, i love my country. and i feel a sense of responsibility to stand up and fight for the best of who we are.the slogan for her campaign is kamala harris for the people - those are the words she said daily in court as a prosecutor harristhere is a lot that i did as a prosecutor that i'm proud of. both progressives and conservatives have criticized her record as california attorney general... on issues like death penalty and california's three strikes law but harris says she's been a leader in the arena of criminal justice reform.harris joins an already crowded field of democratic candidatesshe says her campaign will be different..harrisfocused on the needs of the people, instead of self interest. i'm prepared to fight that way. and i believe it will be a winning fight. fellow
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democrats welcomed her announcementsen. elizabeth warreni think this is terrific, democrats are full of ideas and full of energy sen. jeff merkleyall of them would make a president a thousand percent better than where we are right now. alexandra limonharris has been a vocal president trump and his agenda - particularly on immigration harrisand some people would suggest when there is a diverse population, one cannot achieve unity. i reject that notion.harris says her home state of california is as diverse as the country and her lead washington alexandra limon. (ken) harris joins an already crowded field of democratic candidates.. kron-4's dan kerman got local reaction on why she stands out... and what her challenges may be. --nats--california democratic senator kamala harris' decision to throw her hat in the ring for president comes as little surprise to former san francisco mayor willie brown.sot willie brown/former s.f. mayor :21i tihink its a fabulous announcement, the democrats are blessed 5 have
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said they want the nomination and 4 are women. california is even more blessed because its our daughter , its our attorney general, d.a. , and our us senator and she is clearly the front runnerbut that opinion of harris' chances is not shared by everyonei believe my chances of being president are the same as hershoward epstein is with francisco's republican partysot howard epstein/s.f. republican party :56i think once she gets on the natonal stage she will be too liberal for the majority of the country record speaks for itself says brownsotkamala harris has a platform b uilt on humans rights equal justice advocacy for peopel in need, all of those things resonate well with people across the nation, and just the fact you came from left wing liberal califrnia , if what you are talking about represents what people care about hte left wing location wont hurt you. standup dan kerman/sf 1:45 harris' formal campaign kickoff scheduled for sunday at noon outside oakland city hall. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken) our coverage of senator
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kamala harris' bid for the presidency continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can find out about her campaign theme. her record as a prosecutor and attorney general... and her path to public office. it's all at kron-4 dot com (pam) president trump marked dr. martin luther king junior day with a brief, unannounced visit to the civil rights icons' memorial on the national mall. he was joined by vice- president mike
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pence. the president laid a wreath at the foot of the memorial ... before quickly returning to his motorcade. he later tweeted that it was his "great honor to visit the martin luther king junior memorial alongside v-p mike pence." (ken) thousands of people across the nation honored dr. king today -- rallies, marches and memorial gatherings were held across the country -- giving people an opportunity to celebrate the civil rights icon's life and legacy. here in the bay area the caltrain "celebration train" traveled from san jose to san francisco .... making stops this morning in palo alto... and san mateo. kron 4's rob fladeboe caught up with riders making the annual pilgrimage... starting from diridon station in san jose. nats (boarding train)this was the happy scene as f folks boarded the martin luther king junior celebration birthday, life and legacy. "...this event brings out generations of families to
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celebrate what dr. king was trying to do....nats (new life fellowship praise team)the new life fellowship praise team set the tone for the ride to san francisco, which commemorates the 54 mile civil rights march, led by dr. king, from selma to montgomery, alabama, in 1965. riders telling me dr. king's message is as relevant today as it was back then passengers "...he represented the past, the present and the future..."dream right, and we can never go back..." "...if dr. king had lived a little longer the world would be a much better place..." "...we have a lot more work to do, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that..."as always, dozens of children were among the 2-so riders this year, sponsored by the martin luther king junior foundation. a teaching moment for young and old alike. said one long-time rider, "it as if the train itself were powered by king's eternal message of freedom and equality."alfred turner/san jose "...sometimes you look around and it seems like backward but you now what, we have to remember all the people who place so we can stand up and love each other and walk with each other..." nats (sing alongrob fladeboe "....on board the celebration train 2019. rob fladeboe kron4news.
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train' traveled through silicon valley up to san francisco... to its final stop at 4th and king streets. (ken) kron 4's maureen
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kelly reports that those on board were met by a big crowd... which joined them in a mile long march to honor dr. king's legacy. the sidewalks around the caltrain station were packed.....with many families with young children excited to celebrate the memory of the civil rights leader they've learned about in school. he did so many good speeches he did not fight with his fists he had a dream and his dream came true for all of us (singing)the march was led by mayor london breed and others singing we shall overcome.....moments before she was asked by reporters for her reaction to president trumps tweet in his ongoing shutdown standoff with house speaker pelosi ...that ended by calling the city's streets disgusting. after defending the action being taken to that end ....she said it's important to take the high road....we just have to today of someone who talked about love you talked about light talked about hope we talked about the kind of things that bring us together more about the things that bring us together and less about the things that divide us because were all in this together as us as a city as a community as a country and we can do
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better than this the march ended at a celebration and interfaith prayer service at yerba buena gardens....where house speaker nancy pelosi was a surprise speaker.this instead of being on her overseas trip that was scuttled by the president, another fallout of their squabbling over border wall funding. possibly in the spirit of the day....none of those issues were mentioned...instead she talked about the fight to raise the minimum wage, and stopping voter suppression as the continution of king's legacy. we must all be committed to make sure that the arc of justice that he talked about ben's more rapidly than some other people may expect, for us it is inevitable for them it is inconceivable that with the fights aboutwhen she asked the crowd is they were ready to make the fight every single day.....and they answered with cheers and applause.
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(ken) another big story tonight... teachers in oakland will vote next week ... on the call for an official strike. the vote will take place over four days, starting january 29th. it comes after hundreds of teachers .. and their supporters.. demonstrated in front of the district office in a sick- out on friday. they demanded higher pay, smaller class sizes and more resources for students. over the weekend, educators and supporters created signs and banners.. to prepare for a possible strike. (ken) six people were displaced in a house fire this mroning in milpitas. the fire broke out around 9-30 in the 400 block of manferd street... due to the close proximty of the neighborhood, multiple agencies were called to prevent the spread of the fire. able to safely get out of the home by the time firefighters arrived, but one pet did die in the fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation. (pam) in the east bay... concord police are looking for a man for armed robbery... of a cricket wireless store. police say, the suspect
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walked into the store on the 18-hundred block of monument boulevard just before 4- yesterday afternoon... brandished a handgun and demanded the money from the register. the suspect fled the store with an undisclosed amount of cash ... no one was injured. (pam) police in antioch are searching for a suspect in a saturday night shooting of a 20-year-old woman. police say, they received several calls about a woman in the 9- hundred block of west seventh street, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. the woman was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries. (pam) still ahead... p-g-and-e's plan for bankruptcy is expected to take center stage at capitol protests tomorrow. how one popular high profile, activist is getting involved.. (ken) plus... it's a controversial video that has gone viral... showing a tense encounter between a teenager and native american.... tonight the chaperones on the trip are speaking out-- what they reveal about the situation... (pam) and after the break... when you search online may not know you are being tracked for targeted advertisements....
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we'll tell you how to have more control over your information.
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(ken)4 your money tonight... everyone's been there - -someth online ... you click over to another page ... and then pops up an ad for the very thing you were just viewing.(pam) targeted advertising is commonplace on the internet -- especially social media platforms -- but a new poll suggests, most people don't know ... those annoying pop-ups are directed specifically at them.(ken)
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mary moloney has everything you need to know about targeted advertising.... facebook c-e-o mark zuckerberg testified last year before a congressional committee -- assuring lawmakers in the wake of the cambridge analytica breech ... that users have complete control over the the information they share on the platform.but a new pew research center study suggests most facebook users don't know that facebook records their interests to generate targeted ads --or how to access that information on their profiles. 51-percent of the participants said they aren't comfortable with facebook compiling the data.but facebook isn't the only company collecting and using information about their customers.clickstream data is a history of webpages a person has's collected using cookies -- tiny text files embedded io companies to of a person's browsing habits ... so they can specifically target their advertising.a person's search history ... purchase history .. and social media profile data is all part of the clickstream -- and all used to create targeted ads. though third-party cookies get
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a bad rap -- most are harmless. they can't plant computer viruses and they can't collect personal information from a hard drive.and the increased ad revenue generated by targeting ads for products a person might actually buy ... allows users free access to many websites and apps that might otherwise have to charge a subscription fee.cookies ácaná be disabled for users who aren't comfortable sharing their online habits.the setting can be found in a browser's "settings" or "privacy" tab.for consumer watch, i'm mary moloney. (pam0 coming up at 10-30. coming up at (pam0 (pam0 coming up at 10-30. day- 31 of the government shutdown ... with no end in sight.this, as a bill moves through the senate that some say, could end the impasse... but that others call a non- starter. (ken) and freezing temperatures hit the northeast and midwest after a weekend storm turns deadly... disrupting travel across the
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country. (lawrence) symptoms of hepatitis c.
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vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. (ken)p-g&e's plan for bankruptcy is expected to (pam) kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashley za-val-a explains how activist erin brockovich is getting involved. wh return from thday,
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they'll be greeted by protesters outside the capitol. environmental activist erin brockovich will help lead a protest alongside north bay and camp fire victims, urging lawmakers to not allow pg&e to file for has said it's making preparations to begin filing by the end of the month. pg&e officials say they believe a court supervised process would best enable the utility to resolve its potential liabilities. legal experts say the company could avoid paying victims in full for the many fire-related lawsuits filed against it. tuesday's protest is expected to draw about 100 people.just before the protest, on a different side of the building.. calfire and the state's board of forestry and fire protection are set to announce new vegetation management plans to try to reduce wildfires.the planned announcement comes after governor gavin newsom revealed he's budgeting $1 billion dollars over the next five years for forest management. dealing with old fires and preventing new ones will be an ongoing debate between lawmakers inside the capitol. tag. (pam) tonight senate republicans senate tonight (pam)
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(pam) tonight senate republicans say, they will vote this week on president trump's border security bill. the proposal provides some illegal immigrants temporary protection from deportation. (ken) it would spend five billion dollars to build a border wall. that is why... as capitol bureau reporter mark meredith explains... democrats do not expect this deal to work at all. nat: "it's a great daybeautiful day"the president and vice president braved below freezing temperatures to visit the dr. martin luther king junior memorial.the president did not discuss the government shutdown during the brief trip to the monument for dr king "as we speak our government is shut down for one reason - so that the president of the united states can fund a monument to hate and division along our southern border"sen elizabeth warren of massachussetts was one of a chorus of democrats condemning
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the president's weekend offer to to reopen the government if they agree to build the border wallthe president is promising democrats he'll agree to sign a bill to provide some illegal immigrants temporary protection from deportationif democrats agree to the 5.7 billion for the wall..senate minority leader chuck schumer calls it a non starter."mr. president open up the government and then democrats and republicans can have a civil discussion and come up with bipartisan solutions." while schumer is a nothe white house only needs seven democrats to vote yes to move the bill forward in the senate. democrat joe manchin of west virginia says he's "undecided" on the the housedemocrats say they'll spend the week focused on border security.including money on technology to better scan cars at checkpoints for drugs.however the bill would not money to build a wall between the u-s and washington, i'm mark meredith. (ken) the t-s-a says... one in 10 of its officers called out of work sunday -- as the federal government shutdown continues. that
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10- percent of unscheduled absences compared to three- point- one percent on the same date a year ago. the t-s-a said -- quote -- "many employees are reporting that they are not able to report to work.. due to financial limitations." the t-s-a said, despite the high rate of unscheduled absences, wait times were "within normal t-s-a times" of 30- minutes in standard lanes.. and 10- minutes for t-s-a pre-check flyers. the u-s is now in the fifth week of the longest government shutdown in history. (pam) tonight... there is new context to video that has gone viral ... showing a high school student facing off with a native american.(ken the confrontation happened over the weekend in washington d- c... and now, we are learning ... another group was there with the high schoolers and native americans. our grant lodes is here with the new video... (grant) tonight president trump tweeted about this, saying in part, about this, trump tweeted president tonight (grant) tonight president trump
10:33 pm
tweeted about this, saying in part, the students were treated unfairly... implying there was a rush to judgement... led by the media. since the release of the video we've heard from nathan phillips -- the native american elder and vietnam war veteran who has spoken out publicly. he emphasized the disrespect he felt during the indigenous peoples march in d-c saturday. now tonight -- we're hearing from the catholic high school student who came face to face with phillips. chaperones had taken the students to an anti-abortion march for life rally. in a statement, student nick sand-mann says the viral video does not reflect the true nature of events when the students arrived at the lincoln memorial. in the video - memorial. in the video -- the kids faced taunting from a
10:34 pm
group of four black men who identify as members of the hebrew isrealites. sandmann says in part -- "when we arrived, we noticed four african american protesters who were also on the steps of the lincoln memorial," he said. "the protestors said hateful things." now we are hearing from the chaperones on the trip... who say the teens did nothing wrong, they were the ones wrong, they did nothing wrong, they were the ones getting bullied from the other groups. (grant) other (grant)was horrible.>(grant) other parents in attendance agree and say the boys did nothing... they started no violence, they did not attack anyone, they were simply waiting for their bus.
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sandmann says the rhetoric was startling: in his statement he goes on to say -- "because we were being loudly attacked and taunted in public a student asked one of our teacher chaperones for permission to begin school spirit chants to counter the hateful things that were being shouted at our group." after seeing the initial viral video, the diocese that oversees the covington catholic high school in kentucky condemned the students' behavior... but now a new video is adding now a new video is adding some context to a sensitive situation. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and beautiful day with cool temperatures. highs were
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in the 50s to low 60s. tonight will be mostly clear and cold and breezy. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and bright. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the week ahead looks sunny and dry with above normal temperatures later in the week.
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degrees below zeroit is about as cold as it looks ...>(ken) as it looks ...>(ken) wind chill temperatures in the minus double digits. the northeast is reeling from a frigid blast of polar air. at least six people are dead... tens of thousands are without power. and hundreds of airline flights cancelled.(ken) the big freeze arriving on the heels of a weekend blizzard that dumped several inches of snow from missouri to maine. kron four's catherine heenan shows us us how people are coping. wind, rain, sleet and snow, special delivery mail carriers have to do their job.lots of clothes lots of layers tow truck operators have to keep moving.two sweathshirts and snow pantspower workers have keep everyone else do you stay warm out there? lots
10:38 pm
of clothes warm drinks occasionally coffee that's about it." working in the cold carries a deadly risk.a utility lineman was crushed by a falling tree in connecticut. a snow plow driver died in a rollover accident.and in west virginia was very heartbreaking to see,the body of a woman, found frozen to death on the steps of a homeless shelter.a buffalo plow driver nearly became another statistic,everything happened so quickly,good samaritans pulled him to safety when his truck burst into maine, a hawk was treated for frostbite .its native habitat is mexico,and this pennsylvania college student wasn't about to let her dog buttercup become a victim.when slipped through the ice, isabella snyder jumped into the icy water."i don't regret it one bit because she's fine and i'm fine and i'm just happy that she's still here!" (pam) in southern california... a north dakota couple died this morning .. when a tree fell on their vacation home in san diego.
10:39 pm
the two- story home was crushed by the tree. the san diego fire department says, the man and woman were on the second floor of the home when the tree fell. a third person on the first floor was not injured. neighbors described the impact of the tree falling on the home.
10:40 pm
department and the city now have to decide whether or not to save the building. (nats drip drip drip)modesto fire fighters face dangerous situations each day but now - crews are confronted with one of their toughest battles yet (chief alan ernst, modesto fire department)"it's really heartbreaking because it's a beloved station for us firefighters, for the community."chief alan ernest says water damage from recent storms have caused fire station number one's roof to leak and collapse(nat)"this is some area that's damaged and there's been some buckling."creating an unstable environment(nat)"this office hasn't been occupied in over two years."now - desks beds and other furniture have been replaced by buckets pails and fans(nats)"just a matter of limiti t coming down."chief ernst says crews and contractors have made ongoing repairs throughout the years - but recently the problem came to a
10:41 pm
head(chief)"ultimately the recommendation was that we needed a complete new roof structure for the firehouse." the chief says they have to choose whether or not to save the 80 year old building. (chief)"ensure that we have a more appropriate work environment and a safer environment."to repair or renovate and retrofit or rebuildwhich the chief says could cost anywhere from 5 million dollars to 15. (nats) for now - staff will be housed in the administration building next doorwhile fire fighters and city leaders tackle what to do next(chief)"they love the building, they love their job so much that it is kind of heartbreaking that we're looking at making some of these decisions." (pam) that was kay recede reporting. with the change in buildings, the fire department says, the crews are going to monitor any differences in response time ... but the fire chief says, he does not anticipate much change. he says, the goal is move everyone out of the building by the end of the week... and the city will discuss the issue in the coming weeks. .. (ken) the f-b-i is trying to track down a suspect it calls the "traveling bandit." investigators say, this man robbed at least seven banks in six states - from florida to utah - in less than a month. the f-b-i says.. the robber is between 40 - and 50- years old... and usually approaches
10:42 pm
bank counters with a note demanding money and threatening with a weapon. so far, no one has been injured. (pam0 still ahead... how one couple's cross country move westward ... turned into major misfortune .. (ken) and volunteers are coming together for the annual 50 bikes for 50 kids program. why they say it was a good day to build some bikes. (sports) and just ahead in sports, just a few weeks removed from a performance where he scored 43-points on 4 dribbles, klay thompson produces a sequel to that tonight in l-a. highlights comin up from staples. after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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(ken) a couple traveling across the country for their new home in nevada made an overnight pitstop in albuquerque. (pam) when they woke up the next day ... their moving van, their jeep and four pets were all gone. jeanne nguyen has the details. "we were traveling through new mexico and there was a storm front coming through arizona that was carrying snow." 1:03:33> jennifer lundgren and her husband were ready for a fresh start. headed to las vegas from the east coast... they stopped in albuquerque monday -- and stayed the night at the la quinta inn -- near i-40 and coors. <1:03:40 "my husband woke up the next day, he went to see if the van was ready to go and it was gone." we've heard too many times before. the couple's jeep and moving truck... no where to be found. but also missing -- their four pets. lundgren called police. <1:06:36 "they found our van off i-40 on tribal rd. 46, across from the route 66 casino." 1:06:43>
10:46 pm
áallá of their things... burned to nothing.<1:06:46 "nothing was salvageable. at that moment i just...what do you mean nothing? my whole life. 28 years of stuff. my grandmother's ashes." 1:06:58> luckily -- the couple's dog -- benny -- was found alive, nearby. but their jeep -- and the three cats -- are still missing.<1:04:35 "we assume our three cats are still out there. since the van was on fire and there were fire trucks and everything, i think they were just scared. they got to be hiding some where." 1:04:44> the couple lost everything -- but lundgren says she only cares about the safe return of her cats.<1:12:18 "just drop them somewhere that we can find them again. that's all we want. everything else, keep the jeep. keep whatever else they took." 1:12:26> the lundgrens never thought they'd truly have to start from scratch.<1:12:59 "we have each other. we're not hurt. we'll just do it slowly. as time goes on, it'll be fine." (ken) that was jeanne nguyen reporting.. the couple says a few people in albuquerque are leaving food by the highway in hopes of
10:47 pm
catching the missing cats. they say they are not interested in donations, they would just like anyone who knows the whereabouts of their cats to reach out to them. (pam) dozens of volunteers came together today in natomas, just outside of sacramento, -- to build bikes for local children and teens. it was the seventh year of the 50 -bikes for 50- kids program, . those involved say, dr. martin luther king junior day.. should always be treated as a day of service. so teams of volunteers worked with deserving kids -- to assemble their new bikes! several bike mechanics were also on hand today -- to ensure the bikes were put together correctly. teens who received bikes were selected by teachers and counselors to be honored by the program -- for ing traits si toss sports
10:48 pm
the first time the warriors and lakers played this season... it was a total mess. champs weren't making shots and l-a put together a 26-point blowout at oracle. tonight, klay thompson delivered some payback. --we now go to l-a, part 2 of a 5-game road trip. . --demarcus cousins... his 2nd game back... had 8 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists in 21 minutes --but it was klay hompson who was the star tonight... he gets the screen from cousins and nails the three-pointer... thompson had 21 points at halftime... as the warriors led by 10 at the break --3rd quarter... klay goes off... hitting 7 straight threes and scoring 23 points in a span of 7 minutes --thomwas this hot.. was this hot.. one dribble over half
10:49 pm
court and lets it go... klay with 44 points in 3 quarters..started 10-for-10 from downtown, an nba record. . he didn't play the 4th as the warriors were up 30 after three --a little controversey with about 5 minutes to play... jordan bell gets chewed out by steve kerr... kerr is not happy!... kevin durant has to calm bell down --despite the drama... golden state wins their 8th straight game... 130- 111... next up... the washington wizards in our nation's capitol thursday night now to the sharks, just a few days ago they were the hottest team in the league. and on the road, they've hit a bad stretch. peter deboer... and company... after a 7-game winning streak... trying to avoid their third straight loss... in florida tonight 2nd period... 2-1 panthers... timo meier... shoves the puck into the back of the net... 2-2 tie but things fall apart early in the 3rd... keith yandle... with the power play goal to regain the lead for florida... 3-2 then 9 seconds later.... a sharks turnover lead to the vincent trocheck... score...
10:50 pm
again on the power play... 4-2 panthers final...6-2 panthers... next up for the sharks... at the defending stanley cup champion washington capitals tomorrow to the nfl-- of all the drama from championship sunday, how's this fun fact: when tom brady won his first super bowl in 2002, jared goff was 7 years old. now, the two set for a showdown in super bowl 53. goff...novato's own, former cal bear...and his rams take out the saints in the superdome and are in line for their first championship in the goff-sean mcvay era. the 24-year old is the 4th youngest qb to win a conference title...and first top overall pick to start a super bowl by his 3rd season. --meanwhile, tom brady...lives in the postseason...the pride of san mateo and serra high, appearing in his 9th super bowl. 41-years-old and going after a 6th world title. --both qbs on making it to the grand stage. "definitely went through a whole gamut of emotions when the field goal went in, from emotional, to just overwhelmingly happy. very excited. get to play in the super bowl. we earned it. we deserve it.""we found a way to play our best the last four games. buffalo, jets, had the bye, played great against the charger, played and we're going to need
10:51 pm
one more great game." serena williams is into the quarterfinals at the australian open.. and she did it agianst a big-time opponent... williams faced her first real test at the aussie... emerging with a 6-1, 4-6, 6-4 victory over the top seed and number-1 ranked player in the world... simona halep the 37-year-old williams is trying to win an eighth championship at melbourne park and record-tying 24th grand slam title overall.williams next meets 2016 u.s. open runner-up karolina pliskova. u.s. open champion naomi osaka is also into the quarterfinal after a three set win of her own (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day
10:52 pm
this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during the january savings event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts
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to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds, now ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, free premium delivery and 36-month financing. ends monday. sleep number... proven quality sleep. in entertainment news...
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a triology nearly 20-years in the marking l... ed the weekend box office. (ken) but it wasn't the only movie going after big bigs. david daniel has the weekend top five. "spider-man: into the spider- verse" spent its sixth straight weekend in the top five: seven-point-three million dollars gave it a domestic total of 160-million. the japanese anime "dragon ball super: broly" debuted in fourth place, collecting
10:55 pm
nine-million dollars. "aquaman" is still doing swimmingly: 10-point-three million dollars put the marine mega-smash past the 300- million mark in domestic box office.(nat) "i give you untitled number zero."after one weekend on top, "the upside" fell to second place with 15-point-seven million dollars.(nat)m-night shyamalan's "glass" opened with 40-point-six million dollars -- slightly less than expected, but easily enough to debut number one. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and karnow: it was lawrence hollywood, i'm one. in debut number enough to but easily enough to debut
10:56 pm
number one. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and beautiful day with cool temperatures. highs were in the 50s to low 60s. tonight will be mostly clear and cold and breezy. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and bright. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the week ahead looks sunny and dry with above normal temperatures later in the week.
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