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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(grant)ten are dead. more
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than 15 hospitalized. following what police are saying is a deliberate attack on pedestrians in toronto. tonight police are searching for a motive behind the van strike. but we do know the driver is in custody and is being questioned. steve nannes has more on the investigation and the chaos during the attack. a terrifying afternoon in downtown toronto --deputy chief peter yuen, toronto, canada: i ask the city of toronto to pray for all victims as a van crashed into people walking along the street.mos: "he just went on the sidewalk. he just started hitting everybody. he hit every single person on the sidewalk. anybody in his way, he would hit. the bus stop, everything got shattered. there was a lady in there i saw."one man says he followed the vehicle -- to check on the driver.mos: "i thought he had a heart attack or something. so i was trying to chase him down in a way. to catch up and see what happened. all i seen is this guy was crumbling, i mean he was going 70, 80 clicks. he's just hitting people one by one. oh man. it was a nightmare, man."officials say it will be a long investigation deputy chief peter yuen, toronto, canada: the driver is in custody right now and hes
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being investigated for those events that happened this afternoon witnesses say the van traveled up to a mile -- hitting anything and anyone in its way.mos: "it was a gruesome scene. it was really bad out there. i couldn't believe what i seen, man. it was like, oh man. everybody. all these people on the streets getting hit one by one. post office box getting crumbled up on people. police arrested the driver.... as crews investigate the collision mayor john tory, toronto, canada: it is a time to be as calm as we can be in the city, to understand the first responders are doing their job, especially the police. justin trudeau, canadian prime minister: our hearts go out to anyone affected we're going to obviously going to have more to learn, more to say in the coming hours."i'm steve nannes reporting. lawrence karnow: after a beautiful weekend it was another nice day today. highs were in the 70s and 80s with 50s near the coast. the fog and low clouds look move
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futher inland tonight at least inside the bay and coast while the valleys should stay mostly clear. the breeze is up near the coast if you're going out this evening. high pressure continues over california but it is starting to weaken. you can see it on the satellite image keeping the storms headed north. as the ridge weakens we will see more fog moving onshore and cooler temperatures. things get unsettled as an area of low pressure spins along the coast bringing cooler weather and a chance of showers to the state. highs tomorrow will be a little cooler with 70s and 80s in the valleys, 60s and 70s inside the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be cooler on wednesday and into the weekend. there's also a slight chance of showers late in the week. (grant) president george
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h.w. bush has been hospitalized in houston with an infection, just after attending the funeral of his wife barbara. this is video from the funeral saturday.. officials say the 93-year-old bush is "responding to treatments and appears to be recovering." however, dr. sanjay gupta said on cnn today that this medical issue is very concerning. mister bush was admitted to houston methodist hospital yesterday morning after an infection spread to his blood.. (pam) the manhunt for the suspect in a deadly shooting at a tennessee waffle house is over... and that suspect is now facing four homicide charges. police arrested travis reinking, one day after they say, he unloaded an assault- style rifle at the restaurant... killing four people.omar jimenez reports, david perky /commisioner of safety and homeland security, tennessee : justice is relentless"a nearly 35 hour manhunt for this man... suspected of opening fire at a nashville area waffle house killing 4 people and keeping city residents on edge
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investigating a tip of a possible sighting... police tracked the 29-year-old down to a wooded area near his home the mayor of nashville gives some of the credit for the arrest to the communitymayor david briley /(d) nashville: i'd like to thank the residents of nashville. a tip is what led to the arrest today. their being vigilant is an important part of what happened today.the supect... from illinois... is no stanger to run-ins with the law following an incident at the white house... the state revoked his firearms authorization last year at the request of the f-b-ifour weapons were seized and given to his father... who then returned them to his sonand earlier this month police in brentwood tenessee say they chased him in a stolen b-m-w the mayor hopes the arrest will bring peace to a community rocked by violence mayor david briley /(d) nashville: yesterday was a horrible day for the city of nashville.... today is a day we can begin to move antioch, tennessee... i'm omar jiminez reporting. (grant) two teenagers are
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in juvenile hall tonight... on suspicion of burglarizing a home in livermore. it happenend at a home on pearl drive. there police say an alert resident spotted two juvenile boys running from the home carrying pillowcases... before getting into a car and speeding off. however...after a brief search...offcers spotted the get-away-vehicle on obsidian way. authorities arrested the duo...whose names wont be released... due to their age. (pam) police are looking for the gunman... in connection with a shooting in emeryville. the shooting happened around eight- saturday night... near 45th street and adeline street. no one was injured ... however police say... two cars were riddled with bullets. police believe the shooter sped off in a silver honda. (grant) happening now... southwest continues to cancel and delay flights in the bay area as it inspect its plane's engines. mechanics are looking at engines similar to the one that failed on the southwest flight last week, which killed a woman. at least five flights have been cancelled
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today out of s-f-o, and and jose airports. sfo says 25 southwest flights have been delayed.. it's not clear if the delays are directly related to the engine inspections. there have been no cancelations in oakland. the faa has ordered the inspection of about 1-thousand plane engines across various airlines .. about 350 of which are in the u.s. southwest say they are working towards minimizing flight disruptions by performing inspections overnight. (pam) a memorial service was held in albuquerque, new mexico sunday.... for the woman who was killed last week, after a southwest airlines incident. jennifer riordan was a well- known community leader, mother, wife and wells fargo banking executive. she was headed back home to new mexico, when a southwest airlines jet engine ... failed midair and its debris blew up a window. a coroner said, riordan died from blunt impact trauma of the head, neck and torso. southwest
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airlines said, she was the first person in the company's history... to die from an in- flight incident. riordan is survived by her husband and two children. she was 43. (pam) south bay residents can expect to see and hear more bart trains in the weeks and months ahead. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, testing of the new system is being ramped up ... on the 16- mile long extension from fremont to san jose. bart is coming to the south bay and some commuters cant wait. just ask chris gullette. chris gulette/commuter '...i work at the post office in san jose and i have to commute from oakland so this will really help me..."new bart stations at berryessa and milpitas are all but complete. now, the sounds of construction are being replaced by the sounds of trains. from now on, two 3- car trains like this one will by making practice runs as vta puts the the new system to the test. brandi childress/vta "...once they take over the system will by run from bart's main control center, so that;s the big difference, we have yet to migrate over and when that happens late this year there will simulated 10
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car trains...."there is no set schedule. but neighbors can expect to hear the test trains moving back and forth between warm springs and berryessa between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 a.m. some bart neighbors, like hillaria cabarabang got new triple pane windows to block the noise. hillaria/cabarabangrob fladeboe/san jose "...the system is ecpected to be up and runni g and carrying passengers by the end of the year. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. (grant) mayor mark farrel says he's hiring ten workers to clean up needles that are littering the streets. the team will respond to resident complaints and remove needles and syringes from "hot spots" every day of the week. he
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says discarded syringes on the streets are among the top litter complaints in the city with a growing homelessness problem. public health director barbara garcia says the city will provide 750-thousand dollars to the aids foundation to hire the new needle clean up team. she says she expects the workers would start as early as june. about 275- thousand needles are collected each month by the public health department and nonprofits who provide syringes and safe disposal. (pam) coming up: eight malnourished horses..find out what conditions police say they were living under. (grant)a women brutally killed for trying to help someone out. why witnesses say it was over a cellphone. (pam) a women in union city
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ross is going all out... all outdoors that is. you'll find everything you need to make your outdoor space your favorite place. and if you want it all for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere, you gotta go to ross. (grant) to the east bay where a woman has been arrested... accused of shooting and killing her own husband.tonight - we're hearing the police dispatch recordings..(pam)it happened last night in union city... kron4's terisa estacio explains what we are learning about the couple's past . (estacio - ) it was around 10 oclock last night when the
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wife - dialed 911.(take pkg) dispatcher: "she is saying she just shot her husband and (victim) is still in the room where she shot him." this from the dispatcher to police as they responded to teh scene late sunday night. dispatcher. "she says he has been treating her really bad all week." dispatcher. "she thinks she shot him 16-18 times." lt. jeff snell when you got there what did officers find?" we found man, later pronounced deceased. 2 adult women. arrest made? yes, woman was taken into custody. that woman - is said to be the victim's wife. police say they responded back in 2004 to this home, saying the husband was involved in a domestic violence case. neighbors say they heard unusually noises sunday night, like popping noises coming from the home. trish pulido has lived next door to the couple for nearly two decades. "trish pulido. it is a really unfortunate situation. we know the family, the kids, we are here for them." (estacio reporting) police tell me they adult children of the couple live out of the country and they are trying to reach them before releasing the identity of the couple, te
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(pam) let's look outside on this monday night (grant)lawrence has the forecast lawrence karnow: after a beautiful weekend it was another nice day today. highs were in the 70s and 80s with 50s near the coast. the fog and low clouds look move futher inland tonight at least inside the bay and coast while the valleys should stay mostly clear. the breeze is up near the coast if you're going out
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this evening. high pressure continues over california but it is starting to weaken. you can see it on the satellite image keeping the storms headed north. as the ridge weakens we will see more fog moving onshore and cooler temperatures. things get unsettled as an area of low pressure spins along the coast bringing cooler weather and a chance of showers to the state. highs tomorrow will be a little cooler with 70s and 80s in the valleys, 60s and 70s inside the bay and 50s and 60s at the coast. it will be cooler on wednesday and into the weekend. there's also a slight chance of showers late in the week.
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(grant) (grant)a new report says there are thousands of buildings in the bay area that could crumble in an earthquake. the report by the los angeles times.. says the bay area is falling behind on efforts to retrofit buildings that are vulnerable to collapse during an earthquake. the report says there are up to 3- thousand brittle concrete buildings in san francisco-- but the city doesn't have a list of where they are located. and in oakland-- there are nearly two-thousand possibly vulnerable wood-frame apartment buildings at risk of collapse during an earthquake.
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(grant) right now-- there is no law requiring them to be fixed. in san jose-- there are more than one- thousand apartment buildings thought to be at risk. (pam) a u.s. appeals court has ruled in a case over 'selfies' ... which were taken by a monkey. the 9th circuit court based in san francisco says... lawsuits cannot be filed... which claim that animals have copyrights to photographs. the decision today upheld a lower court ruling in favor david slater... the photographer whose camera was used. this photo was taken by a curious monkey.... after slater left his camera in a rain forest reserve in indonesia.indonesia. (grant) eight malnourished
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horses... some so skinny their ribs were visible are now on the road to recovery. here's one of them. the horses we're rescued south-east of fresno. reports say they were used for entertainment purposes on a property. some of the animals were infested with parasites or suffered from other medical problems. animal experts say the horses will require extensive rehabilitation and care in order to return to healthy, humane conditions. an investigation is ongoing. (pam)hundreds of teachers in san jose on strike. why they say their latest contract proposal.. isn't fair. (grant) rent control could be the hot issue on the november ballot. what voters may get a chance to repeal this year.
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♪ ♪
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get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit (pam) rent control could be the hot issue on the november ballot. voters may get a chance this
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year ... to repeal a more than tw-o decade old state law which limits cities from enacting rent control measures. (grant) as capitol bureau reporter kody leibowitz explains... supporters say they got more than enough signatures to get the proposal before the voters. -- rent chants (;02) "hey hey, ho ho, costa hawkins has got to go."supporters of a proposed 20-18 ballot measure -- rallying monday outside the capitol.they want -- the costa- hawkins rental housing act to go awaythat's the 1995 law that heavily restricts rent control in california.julie solis, central valley empowerment alliance "the owners of a lot of properties across the state are gouging their renters."the groups supporting the affordable housing act say theyhave more than 588-thousand signatures... nearly 16-thousand in san francisco county...15 thousand in fresno county...and 14 thousand in kern county.the bulk of their signatures: in los angeles county -- 213- thousand alone.supporters say the time is now to stabilize the rental market.jefferson mcgee, property owners for fair and affordable housing "i don't see us losing." butted to "to repeal costa-hawkins is a fair thing to do. it's not going to affect, uhh, home
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building."opponents of the initiative--disagree.steven maviglio, californians for responsible housing "it'll make the problem worse."steven maviglio of californians for responsible housing says -- the affordable housing issue comes down to a lack of units. he believes rent control wouldn't solve the problem. steven maviglio, californians for responsible housing "it'll essentially cause a housing freeze in the state. it'll stop the construction of new housing and affordable housing in particular. (grant) this issue is not on the ballot..yetthe signatures need to be verified by the counties and certified before that can happen. (pam) coming up: argument on the president's travel ban will be heard by the u.s. supreme court. how one family has been on edge.. and apart for two years. (grant) the fight for a parking spot can be a brutal one.our stanley roberts reports that some.. well most.. drivers are willing to break a long lasting law to get one. (pam) it is
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that time of year ... how to be careful around rattlesnakes in this warm, dry weather.
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a hiker had to be rescued in marin county after a rattlesnake bit the person...several times. it happened on mount tam yesterday afternoon. the victim was hospitalized. with the warm weather we now have-- officials are warning people to be extra careful of rattlesnakes while hiking.
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(grant) and if you have a pet, especially have to worry about them too. (pam) the warm and dry weather brings the snakes out of hibernation. reporter michael lonzano... tells us how we can protect our animals. ((nat pop of rattlesnakes)) melanie gambrell has seen her fair share of snakes and this summer is no exception ((take sot))"i've already had two rattlesnakes in two different dog pens, a baby dead rattlesnake at the back door and had a bull snake slither across my foot the other morning"spencer ayer - a vet assistant with highland animal hospital says the high temperatures mean more active snakes leading to a higher chance of pet and snake interaction ((take sot))"this year that we've seen in the clinic we've had fifteen and it's pretty close to the beginning of the season. last year i think we had total 40 all year"the animal hospital has had their hands full saying it's very important to vaccinate your dogs and cats ((take sot))"a series of shots that actually have a little bit of snake venom in them and it helps with some of the sudden shock symptoms of the rattle snake bite and gives you more time to react and get
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help" michael lozanothe symptoms pets can deal with are very similar to humans so ayer says every second counts ((take sot))"definitely if you realize your pet has been bit or you even suspicion of being bit if you're not sure, get them to a vet as fast as you can"and gambrell says the vaccine makes a different ((take sot))"i've had a dog that had one set of vaccines and he had been bit five different times and he lasted one week before he passed away" (pam) a mother, accused of drinking and driving with her child in the back seat.. is behind bars tonight.(pam) passed away"before he passed away" (pam) a mother, accused of drinking and driving with her child in the back seat.. is behind bars tonight. petaluma police arrested collette burum yesterday, after receiving reports of an erratic driver, who was driving into the city on lakeville highway. police say, she nearly caused a collison with a child in the back seat. petaluma officers went to burum's home... and they say she appeared to be intoxicated. that's when burum admitted to driving with her six- year old
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child. police say, at the time of the arrest, burum's blood alcohol content was nearly four -times the legal limit. (grant) tonight: authorities are investigating a school bus crash in santa cruz county ...near corralitos.the incident was around eight this morning. the bus brought down power lines...after the vehicle sheared off a pole. the bus was filled with children...luckily no one was hurt. casserly road at wheelock road was closed because of the crash...but has since been re-opened. (pam) sixteen people are injured after a school bus crash in cincinnati.the bus struck a pole.... following the incident involving at least two other vehicles monday afternoon. the victims include fourteen children and two adults.police say, at least 11 students are hospitalized, although none of their injuries are life-threatening. a young child ejected from one of the other two vehicles and is in critical condition. the bus was transporting elementary school students from class. (grant) teachers from the
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evergreen school district in san jose are protesting their latest contract proposal. hundreds of educators picketed in front of their schools this morning... before heading into the classroom. thay want to avoid going on strike... but are trying to send a message... that taking a paycut is not an option. there are over 500 teachers working in the evergreen school district they say they been working since last may without a contract. some have to find other jobs to care of their own families. "most of us can't afford to live here as it is, commuting. i've already spoken to other teachers who have already put in applications to other districts because they can't afford to live here anymore". "we try to make the cuts to least impact the students directly. that's an ongoing process and that hangs over negotiations and we understand the teachers are looking for the best deal they can get." (grant) there is no threat of a strike for the remaining of the school year but there could be one in the fall... if teachers don't agree on a settlement. (pam) a colorado state lawmaker wants to fine
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teachers or send them ... to jail for going on strike. 'go on a strike -- get locked up' ... that's how republican state senator bob gardner's proposed bill ... would punish teachers for leaving their job. gardner says, the recent teacher strikes across the country... pushed him to bring his proposal to the capitol, in hopes of averting strikes from spreading to colorado. if passed... the bill would fine or put a teacher in jail for up to six -months. .the bill also allows for districts to immediately terminate the teacher without a hearing. (sot) bob gardner/r- colorado general assembly: "during school hours, they are employees and they have our children in their classroom. and they are expected to teach school and not to bring political positions and views into the classroom."(pam) while some government officals are backing the law ...the bill is prompting outrage from those in the education community... who say it violates freedom of speech.
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( grant) now to our national
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headlines... on wednesday, the supreme court will hear arguments on president trump's travel ban restricting entry to the u.s. for people from eight countries. it's been in full effect since december, with the first ban announced more than a year ago. tonight -- we're hearing from two american citizens who sued the trump administration and say their lives depend on these hearings. rabyaah althaibani is an american citizen - married to a yemeni journalist. after their wedding - she petitioned for him to join her in the u-s. she says the process was going smoothly... until president trump rolled out his first travel ban. (grant) the newlyweds have now spent two and a half years apart. althaibani says the constitution protects her right as an american citizen - to bring her husband to america. (pam) the outspoken
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brother of a man shot and killed by sacramento police... is out of jail. stevante clark was in court monday... where he was told he would be released. clark has been a vocal critic of the police... since his brother, stephon, was shot and killed by police last month. thursday, police arrested clark on several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and making a death threat. monday, the sacramento county district attorney's office .. downgraded those two- counts from felonies, to misdemeanors. the d-a also filed two other misdemeanors... for abusing the 9-1-1 system and vandalism. clark was released on his own recognizance, but he must avoid contact with a woman whom he allegedly threatened... and not call 9- 1-1. (grant) a man houston is accused of fatally shooting a woman... over a cell phone. (pam ) neighbors heard gunshots... and found the woman on the sidewalk. one of the neighbors tried saving her life by doing c-p-r... but it was too late. neighbors
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say her mother and son were there as witnesses. police believe the suspect, dondrik flagg asked to use her cell phone... after she refused he dragged her from her car and shot her. the man allegedly tossed the gun during the escape but police say they later found him and the gun. flagg was charged with capital murder. (pam) another company is reportedly cutting ties with the n-r-a. cooler-maker yeti is no longer doing business with the national rifle association's charitable arm, the n-r-a foundation. a letter from an n-r-a lobbyist says yeti is no longer selling products to the foundation. the lobbyist called the move "un- sportsmanlike," saying it was made with no prior notice. reports say the n-r-a foundation donates to competitive youth shooting teams, like the one that florida school shooter nikolas cruz belonged to. the parkland shooting claimed 17 lives and is leading to renewed calls for stricter gun control, and has prompted several large companies to cut ties to the n-r-a. reports
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of yeti's move led to calls by gun-rights advocates for a boycott of the company. (grant) they're already against the law-especially if you're on the "no call list". but the robocalls keep coming. to your home phone. to your mobile phone.(pam) well now.. the federal trade commission and the federal communications commission have asked private companies to help-by developing apps to stop robocalls. (grant) brie jackson reports on an expo in washington to showcase the latest products designed to block robocalls. federal officials and private companies want the annoying calls to stopthe federal communications commission says billions of robocalls are made each month. but there are ways to block thembrad pittmon's company vtech communications developed phones that use automated messages to stop robocalls before they ring to you. every unknown caller gets a message.brad pittmon/ vtech communications: that outgoing message says this number does not accept unsolicited calls if you are a telemarketer please hang up and if you are not press pound.brie
10:37 pm
jackson/d.c. correspondent: the fcc says it receives nearly 200,000 complaints each year and the majority of them deal with robocalls. now vendors along with lawmakers are working on ways to better protect consumers.patrick webre with the fccpatrick webre/ fcc spokesperson: there are these 3rd party app developers and phone companies that are providing these services already and we wants consumers to know about them. most of the scamming is coming from cell phonesbill sasso says his system uses caller id to determine if a call should go through or automatically hung up. bill sasso/ digitone if it is a valid phone number it is going to ring through if it's been blocked it will be stopped immiediately. while private companies continue to develop call blockers, the fcc is working with congress to block the callers-by increasing fines, strengthening laws and tracking down illegal robocallerspatrick webre/ fcc: be able to trace that call back to the originator in order to enforce the law if we find they are breaking the law in that manner while the technology is not perfect. the fcc and developers are working on ways to make the nonstop ringing - end . in washington, brie jackson.
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(grant) more ex-convicts could be working as emergency workers and in-home caregivers under legislation proposed in sacramento. the bill would generally ban state agencies from denying professional licenses solely because the applicant has an arrest or conviction.. this is for non-violent offenses. advocates say the proposal would help eight million californians to get licenses. then they could work as barbers or cosmetologists, or even provide care to the elderly. local assemblyman david chiu says the legislation is part of a national "fair chance" effort. (pam) a picture of a group of teens ... in the middle of a basketball game .. but it is what those teens did... as a funeral procession passed by ... that has been drawing attention in a positive. scottie hunter reports. these days it hard to find much positive news on your facebook feed but this post--
10:39 pm
may have made up for it.a group of kids in franklinton louisiana, stopping their pickup basketball game and taking a knee as a funeral procession passed by this weekend.johannah stroud/photographer"it was really impressive. it meant a lot."the gesture enough to stop johannah stroud in her tracks.. she was on the other end of the camera snapping the moment forever capturing it to hold on to.but her sister took things a step further sharing it on facebook for the world to weigh in.johannah stroud/photographer"she wanted you know other people to see it, so she posted it and it just took off."so far it's been shared more than 700 times and racked up thousands of reactions. stroud says she had no idea how popular the post had gotten until her sister called her today. johannah stroud/photographer "she called me to tell me that i'd gone viral and i told her that didn't sound good. so -- she was telling me how many shares and how many likes and that was unbelievable."the comments have been endless -- with thousands embracing the positivity and pouring out a stream of kind words for the boys in the person writing "good to see young men can still show respect in this world." another adding this "brought them to tears... saying they have a new faith in humanity."stroud says the
10:40 pm
reaction is telling of how desperate people are to see a glimmer of goodness in what is often filled will things that are less than positive. johannah stroud/photographer "people are hungry to see good things and encouraging things." as for the young men they've since reached out to family to express condolences for their loss and letting them know it was their basketball coach who taught them the importance of taking a knee as a sign of respect.. something stroud has learned they've been seen doing for others as well. she now hopes it can serve as a reminder that the biggest impact can often start with the smallest of gestures. johannah stroud/photographer "we don't have to do great acts to show kindness, something simple as that or opening a door or being kind to someone, or respectful but it means a lot."a small act that has forever touched her family.johannah stroud/photographer"it was very moving, very touching, i'll never forget it." (pam) at least one the boys who kneeled in the viral picture.... contacted the family on
10:41 pm
facebook--he offered condolences to the family. coming upi see you flipped a u- turn here (yea) what's the one important rule in a business district (what's the one important rule in the business district?) when you're driving in the business district what's the one important rule (i'm not quite sure) the one important rule many divers very little knowledge of i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly (sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores. (pam) and a programming note-- there is a california gubernatorial debate this sunday-- april 29th. and we will air the debate live right here on kron four. that is this sunday night at 5:30.
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(grant) tonight our own pam moore hosted the goldman environmental prize in san francisco.(pam) the awards recognize grassroots environmentalists from around the world..... in a ceremony tonight. seven recipients were recognized. the goldman environmental prize is the world's largest award for grassroots environmental activists. from the u-s to colombia... france.. the philippines and more. the winners worked to protect the earth's oceans... stop lead poisoning of children in the philippines... protect south africa from nuclear waste. and eliminate carbon dioxide emissions in vietnam... and clean up the water in flint, michigan. congratulatio ns to all the winners and thanks to the goldman family for this 29th year of recognizing people who fight for planet earth .. often against incredible odds.. in order for someone to get a
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drivers licence they need to prove they understand driving laws... however... our stanley roberts says ... it seems that as soon as many people can prove they can drive, everything they learned is thrown out the window. (hey wazzup,) wazzup man (not much) i see you flipped a u-turn here (yea) what's the one important rule in a business district (what's the one important rule in the business district?) when you're driving in the business district what's the one important rule (i'm not quite sure) a lot of drivers are not quite sure and i came to solano ave and the alameda in berkeley to show the solano ave business district, you can tell that because of the businesses u-turns are not permitted except in an intersection this also means you are not permitted to turn left into a parking stall the set double yellow lines is a clear indicator nats: ambiance here is the man i first spoke to making the illegal u-turn and out conversation revealed some interesting information you're not suppose to make u-turns in a business district) oh i didn't know that) you didn't know that (no) how long have you had
10:46 pm
your driver's license? i've had my drivers license since i was 16 ans you didn't know that was a rule (no i didn't) it's been a law since 1986, so i tried asking other drivers like this one but he said he was too busy to talk ;nats ambiance then a half a block down i saw this driver, blinker on waiting to cross the double yellow lines what are the important rules in a business district when driving ( not to cross the double line (what) its a double line here and you cannot) what did you do (i just made a mistake) because parking is difficult so the minute i find out there is an empty space and that's exactly what happens drivers see an empty space and try to grab it sometimes they make u-turns in the crosswalk..if you do it inside a intersection, make sure it's free of pedestrians and you are also not permitted to back out a space and make a u -turn you pretty much have to learn all these things to get a driver's licensesorry, i didn't memorize the entire drivers manual... you know how much the ticket is for doing that (i don't know) 238 dollars (2 hundred something) $238 (no kidding) and a point
10:47 pm
( i didn't know that) you didn't know huh? will you do it again now that you know no no no no well if you didn't know, know you know! i get it drivers sometimes forget the rules of the road and get caught slipping i was trying to put my finger on what other driving law drivers seem to forget on a regular basis but i just can't put my finger on it in berkeley stanley roberts kron 4 news news the giants 4-2 giants win.... the giants hosting bryce harper and the washington nationals... it was a
10:48 pm
better night for buster posey fans than those rooting for harper... bottom 5th... 1-1 tie... posey... lines one the opposite way for a base hit... andrew mccutchen scores to give the giants a 2-1 lead... posey also doubled and walked bottom 6th... 2-1 giants...mac williamson...who homeder after being brought up from the minors friday... clobbers this one over triples ally and out... 464 feet... 2-run homer... 4-1 giants... bruce bochy with a smile top 9th... 4-2 giants... hunter stickland on to close it out... runner at 2nd... but he gets trea turner swinging to end the game ... harper was 0-for-2 with 2 walks.. rhis stratton pitched 6 2/3... giving up 2 runs giants win.... 4-2 guess who's rollijg now... "your" oakland a's!... deep in the heart of texas tonight top 9th... first pitch... marcus semien...big blast to left off kevin jepsen... and it is way out... 4-3 a's... and this would be a big inning for them four batter later... matt chapman... a other deep drive
10:49 pm
to left... this one is off the wall... jed lowrie scores... a stand=up triple for chapman... 5-3 a's... they scored 6 times in the 9th! final score... the a's win their 7th of 8 games... 9-4... they are now over .500 at 12-11 after laying an egg after after laying an egg in
10:50 pm
san antonio yesterday... the warriors were back in the bay area and focused on closing out the spurs tomorrow night at oracle arena... klay thompson... was having a brilliant series... but stuggled in game 4... shooting 4-of-16 and scoring only 12 points draymond green... had 18 rebounds and 5 assists... but also had 5 of the warriors 16 turnovers quinn for curry in the regular has come off the bench in the playoffs thus far head coach steve kerr... on the sub-par performance yesterday...(sot: kerr & thompson) "if you look at the nature of those games last year in the early rounds, we pounded teams in the first quarter of game-fours with a killer instinct. and they needed to be reminded of that, so i take the blame as well."
10:51 pm
thunder-jazz game 4... not a good night for russell westbrook and oklahoma city donovan mitchell went off for the jazz... a close game late in the 2nd quarter was blown wide open... as mitchell had a jazz rookie-playoff-record 33 points... and added 7 rebounds... westbrook only 23 on 7-of-18 shooting... he did have 14 rebounds 5 1/2 minutes left in the game... jazz up 20... and jae crowder... gets ejected for an elbow to the face of steven adams... a little melee ensues... jazz win easily... 113-96... they lead the series 3-1... westbrook and company face elimination wednesday in oklahoma city
10:52 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. to move california forward,
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10:54 pm
we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. (vicki) everybody knows that proper nutrition is a key part of good health. but
10:55 pm
when energy lags and you need a snack to keep you going ... it can be tempting to reach for something sugary instead of something good for you. (grant) and because there's so and because there's so much temptation ... snacking has a bad image for some, but it doesn't have to be that way. kim hutcherson has that in today's health minute: a healthy snack can provide energy in the middle of the day and keep you from overeating at meal try these healthy snack hacks. first and foremost -- avoid the junk food.if you have to keep sugary snacks in your home, put them where they're hard to see or reach.don't spend money on pre-packaged healthful choices in bulk and divide out portions yourself at home.this will keep you from eating too much at one also allows you to tailor your snacks to your specific health needs ... like subbing-in unsalted nuts in home made trail mix.give your veggies a kick with healthy dips or spreads ... like humus or tzatziki.try to vary your vegetables to include green, red and orange options.bring your ready-to-eat snacks with you so you have power over
10:56 pm
your snack choices.stock up on whole fruits like bananas, apples and oranges -- they're easy to throw into a bag and provide natural sugars rather than the processed kind.and give yourself a nutrient blast by combining food groups -- yogurt and berries, apples and peanut butter, or whole grain crackers with turkey and avocado.for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson. lawrence karnow: after a beautiful weekend it was another nice day today. highs were in the 70s and 80s with 50s near the coast. the fog and low lawrence karnow: after a beautiful weekend it was another nice day today. highs were in the 70s and 80s with 50s near the coast. the fog and low clouds look move futher inland tonight at least inside the bay and coast while the valleys should stay mostly clear. the breeze is up near the coast if you're going out this evening. high pressure continues over california but it is starting to weaken. you can see it on the satellite image keeping
10:57 pm
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narrator: in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. oh, god. oh, god... nice view. yeah, at night, too. you been here at night? yeah, you know, on a-- on a case. a case of what? okay, well, you know, like, uh, like a date. with a friend. what friend is that? a guy, this buddy of mine. pal.


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