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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 16, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>reporter: usually their city lights but we do not have a because of the falcon one of the fact is we will be dealing with it is very tenacious along the coast default would intensify a little bit before seventh to mix out still may be a problem in parts of the coals 58 going on for san jose and 54 from the war in concord fairfield at 55 this
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compares to four we were this time yesterday pretty close to yesterday's performance the ride into san francisco looking good so far >>robin winston: westbound 80 if you need to get the drive time looks great under 10 minutes from the maze out to fremont street for those who need to get the ride across the golden
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gate bridge, and from the north bay into san francisco no big trouble spots no major problems looks good all the way across to the toll on to boil low problems on city streets
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>>james: the beating of an 88 year-old woman inside of her san jose home family members of the victim believed a second suspect is still lose >>reporter: the days after a woman was savagely beaten in her home this emergency crying meeting does allow americans to introduce themselves to each other attacks more than that they're asking local officials what they can do to stay safe she's in critical condition the 19 year-old has little rested and the rule of tax according to authorities for of the evidence was lent to the teenager
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>>james: the woman formerly known as celeste is back in the bay area her lawyer says she is not the only victim of police misconduct >>reporter: choose one of several young victims of sex trafficking by police officers in the bay area now back to florida where she was in rehab she is willing to testify
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against the officers sometimes when she was a minor we broke the story and making the legal team announced open city council members small the makings of a law enforcement cover-up's made very clear of the steps of opens city hall the attorneys are determined to have the truth, out.
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>>james: police said the assault happened on september 5th the 19 your victim said she was assaulted by an acquaintance who was also suitable live on campus police a still looking for the people who said to assaultive three women after a weekend concert and growing concern there could be additional victims who will not come forward if a dog that was
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shot and left for dead is recovering and looking for a home >>james: the time now coming up next a shark sighting of the area beach feel we will be right
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>>reporter: for what the models
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are telling us it may actually get a little worse before it starts to improve in the slide edition for the most part clear out late this morning for san
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jose about 82 and 81 along with evergreen began clearing house of the next eight hours talking 56 12:00 and 77. >>robin winston: howard street
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is closed between third and fourth and that is until the 24th stay away from howe street is one to be packed with the closure of the year at the richmond san rafael bridge as a nice ride 580 west heading into the north bay nice and smooth from the toll plaza out to the 1 01 on ramp to the guadalupe parkway but average drive 24 minutes. >>james: \
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>>james: the sharp we've been out of water incredible it was an aide put you will agree shark it scared the serve crowd on wednesday with how close he came to of the surfers he tells us after he spotted the shark it was time to go in in the could of been looking for food or communicating will of the sharks this is not the first
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shark sighting hear some video last year when a great white shark about a sea lion right here of danville, from a surveillance camera >>reporter: foul of know where a man wearing a swim should attack a woman who was just out for
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what he brutally beat her the release this sketch of the suspect members are still shocked the attack was the main topics and for fiscal police say they have a pair of investigators working on the case and it continues to follow leads and tips from the public she believes they are doing what they can with this attack may be a symptom of a larger problem that the neighborhood is not a said it is used to be.
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>>james: looking ahead to the weekend, trump is preparing for a campaign swing the republican nominee is making a pitch to voters in the state the conservative do not need to campaign national correspondents and washington with the latest political moves >>reporter: before heading out west houston texas and colorado springs, ronald the campaign spent thursday familiar territory gustafsson new york and new hampshire all eyes will be on the opponent helleri canton fact she got back to work on the trial yesterday the former secretary of state took four days off the campaign to
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recover from pneumonia >>james: a major development for the plan to build a new stadium in las vegas and a lot of public money was set aside to lure the server them to cincinnati and $750 million public funding program for the new stadium the planned move on to the governor
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and the legislature for approval they will have to sign off on the public funding. the stadium supporters warned lawmakers to meet the soon as possible the meeting is set for january and three-quarters of them must ok in the teen relocation
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>>james: the kansas city royals 14 to 5 last night incredible score they outscored 43 to 12
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>>reporter: there was a new
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america's got talent and she is released a sneak peek at her new reality series. >>james: the offer did you can't
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hardware to day lives we will be right back.
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>>james: she accused them of potential witness tampering and obstruction of justice the woman suffered a broken loaf as we track the weather looking ahead to the weekend.
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>>reporter: as we spoke earlier of the temperatures 54 full livermore 57 coming in from hayward and 5793 and about 92
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however the numbers will start to get closer to 70 made the east bay communities to get over to the peninsula no big problems rosa west. >>robin winston: checking in problem freeze so far pretty
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good commute to richmond san rafael bridge 580 west the ride across the golden gate bridge also license move check out the drive times the six avis moved out of concord
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>>james: they say he touched and the sow our children and a be the age of 14 cocaine to the meat market by themselves if you have any information contact morgan hill police department human trafficking is a billion dollar industry for in the bay area is not immune in san
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francisco the task force from nearly 300 known or suspected victims of human trafficking it is not always obvious the internet allows a to solicit sex without leaving their homes the police sex scandal rocked the bay area is not an isolated incident was a fourth office of have this listing sex for years
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>>james: it began when police approached amassing shrine to remove a bullet from his car he reportedly began to run and pull the meat cleaver from his waistband as one police tried to detain him an off-duty detective joined the chase and then police say when he tried to subdue him he was hit with the blade leaving a-and the officer's face and batters went the police officer opened fire and struck him several times no
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>>james: full-court press to limit car accidents they form a new task force and won the office was roped a hundred and 50 tickets we show you in this edition of people behaving
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badly. >>stanley roberts: they're called the santa clara county joined agency traffic enforcement task force they consist of also from milpitas sunnyvale santa clara mountainview campbell and los altos and santa clara county sheriff's office they meet once a months around the county following up on citizens' complaints they're targeting speeders and around schools and
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different parts of santa clara for laptop and hal and his job was a 50
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>>james: she is not the only victim of police misconduct and ever growing and changing bay area wide police sex scandal
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>>james: the man of unidentified this 32 year-old first tried to run away from police after he was seen trying to remove all parking boot from his car his curly in critical condition and the officer who he is attacked is expected to recover we are checking on some fault of the
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golden gate bridge. >>reporter: also the beach warming up into rom sunday here is a shot from ocean beach 55 going on for fear felids do it and check out what's going on in the neighborhood will turn sunny over the east bay hills upper 80s lower 90s all lined up
4:47 am
near the delta pittsburg around 1991 the and what little more we get to the south bay 84 mountain view 84 cupertino santa clara 8182 for san jose partly cloudy. >>reporter: san francisco 55 heading down to san mateo county and meanwhile the cold side low to middle sixties the bay getting to 80 or so but next week will be on to a consistent: trend it's looking good on 80
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west approaching the bay bridge toll plaza of less than 10 minutes from the foot of the maze of laws of fremont street >>reporter: keep better mine it will be pretty congested alternate routes persson and mission will slow and to try to better, closure number is a hot spots you're ride here after richmond san rafael bridge looking good no major problems it is a minute that is quick to get from the toll plaza senses look good coming out of the east bay 24580 of the east shore freeway nothing major but a
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little bit of the highest as room #16 minutes late leaving. >>james: this is because some of the have and catching fire in a test of selling them and the faa has told airline passengers to turn off the phones off flying >>reporter: people, the world say what they charge of the phone it caught fire since
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august they sold 2.5 million phones the consumer product safety commission said in the united states there received 92 reports of batteries overheating the results of the 26 reported burns and 55 reports of property damage and fireman's issue be a cold you recall some song or golds to the web site and see if your phone is under the recall chances are india's federal regulators say 97 percent have the faulty batteries.
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>>james: getting rid of and one san francisco school decided to do the same vein. >>reporter: image similar little nervous but the principle is adamant that is not the ends off
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homework instead of sitting at home isolate a working on math problems he once of to have real life experiences the school the minister's started talking about the idea at the beginning of this year the traditional home were it coming up we have another one of the new statue
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>>james: giant statue of republican presidential candidate turned up on top of a billboard this was and when will the district the brouhaha and
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decline has taken credit for the peace accord work is sold all will the country dvorak was born to being in the running to the national toy hauler of fame the organization announced the engineers credit them back in 1957 to other nominees include dungeons and dragons robot on all just to name a few. among
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: of looking at alcatraz downtown san francisco before to see if we have many issuers looking for the great developing later on this morning and a little bit of haze to start today and sneaking in
5:01 am
underneath the dome of high pressure and plays very typical pattern it intensifies before starting to the roadway and 4:00 p.m. and 7 to return during the ninth in the upper 50s ease the racial line and the peninsula 58 for san jose and 50 up to novato 77 bi-known 3:00 talking about 88 to revisit the '90s and have a look of the forecast >>robin winston: when the closure is and plays the major problems a strain on one leaving behind schedule six minutes
5:02 am
because of the other train traffic with no lead to trouble spots. >>james: firefighters are finishing up their put out most of them are leaving at this 0.8 people have been displaced because of this take a look of the video behalf of the efforts to clean up after >>reporter: visible, and about 745 class ninepence and mattel fire department responded to heavy smoke and fire at this townhome complex centered in one of the units but there was heavy smoke damage into other units we're told that everyone had to evacuate people able to go out and displaced we talk to the
5:03 am
deputy fire chief in foster city. >>reporter: this morning the investigators are still on scene even though it is for the dark their commitment for the cause of fire a people have been displaced will be here throughout the morning with more of david's >>james: we broke the news of the arrests yesterday and police
5:04 am
announced they have arrested him away from san jose they believe he beat the 88 year-old woman at home on north korea might avenue in san jose it happen sometime late sunday early monday there recall to the home monday night with a frown home and ransack she was robbed of jewelry the she was wearing it has serious head and facial injuries we were there as neighbors held an emergency meeting with police last night begun of the of the case and talk about what they can do to stay safe she was hospitalized and placed in intensive care unit she's in critical condition this morning he was booked in the santa clara county jail
5:05 am
police openly but left after the surveillance video of the incident to figure out of the second person was involved. >>darya: to the east of their 25 you're a man is arrested on suspicion of raping a woman at uc-berkeley residence hall she knew him fans knew the fellow student there appears to be a growing trend of sexual assaults the recent sexual assault or rested that comes just days after three women say they were sexual assaults of a separate incidents this all happen at the matter dis' the block party saturday night have
5:06 am
berkeley's greek theatre three women came forward step with a report they will solve some of one victim said debt she was attacked while standing in line to use the bathroom it could be more victims will have not yet come forward nor rest have been the. >>james: white faculty members and administrators who were accused of sexual misconduct were treated more leniently while he was bred with a cactus man and a tenure he resigned as dean back in march the voice anger the he was allowed to stay in his position after the assistance to him for repeatedly kissing and touching her
5:07 am
the prize also said more offices should be facing criminal charges to criticize the d.a. for not bringing charges and accused in the richmond police department of potential witness tampering apple hopes to see the
5:08 am
same long lines that help define the early fall and their release the new one later on this morning. >>darya: they're camped outside the store apple announced the new hi iphone last week in san francisco they're warning customers the phones of on to be in short supply in the seventh as jet black and sold during free orders but the non eye for retailers like best buys still have them apple is having special hours for the new release open from 8 a.m. to 8:00 p.m..
5:09 am
>>james: the have and last month and lafayette park of the attacker and still lose the attack was called surveillance camera about a hundred people attended the committee safety meeting some say they still do not feel safe police released this sketch of a suspect the have to investigative work in the case following of leaves if you have the information and
5:10 am
officer shot him after mistaking a bb gun for real weapon would bolt the store yesterday >>darya: he died at children's hospital shortly after the shooting which started with a 911 call about an armed robbery they found three people who match descriptions of the suspect they follow them into an alleyway where they say people will look like a gun from his waistband and an officer shot him several times they later realize that he was carrying a be begun donald trump, and the five for refusing to admit that president obama was born here and united states fifth
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>>reporter: the fall will probably give a little worse before it improves and the delays may have been much consult the model it starts to blossom of little but as you can see before a back brace away by the mid or late morning hours of down the coast that will be problematic and start to wonder a little bit the feature cast of to just go forward talking about or get the '90s low nineties involved for the far east ave 90
5:16 am
also for livermore and pleasanton 60 going on by 79:82 with a vague approach and lower '70s no big problems room westin
5:17 am
von we conceive of requires no significance lawmen from highway 1 01517 to the east to bay where
5:18 am
dobbins recovering and looking for new home after someone shot him a good samaritan from the german shepherd mix fiercely injured two weeks of the l >>reporter: truffle be heading down to miami for crawling
5:19 am
before heading out west of houston texas and house planes on saturday the campaign spent thursday a familiar territory however all eyes will be on trump's opponent after she got back to work on the trail yesterday the running mate is the senator from virginia and could be one key recent phenomena surging.
5:20 am
>>james: back in 2011 he was a loud voice in the birth of movement the question president obama legitimacy to hold office by insinuating that he was not born here the campaign released a statement saying that he does believe that he was born in the u.s. speaking to the washington post the clinton campaign continues to call on him to publicly disavowed his comments
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>>james: clearing the water of yourself as video clips he held it together and paddled back to shore experts think may have been looking for food this comes
5:23 am
ahead as the grand prix at the summer recess still ahead the raiders taking another step into a loss vegas' new plans to build the stadium coming up next several movies are coming out this weekend.
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>>darya: i want to see it if you
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liked the series you'll love and coming up next a lot of schools across the country for a starting to test out no homeward
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>>reporter: the tower is getting a little fuzzy and in the camera shots
5:31 am
>>robin winston: all of a sudden it is backing up heading for the 237 split in milpitas stop and go traffic '80s south live in fremont.
5:32 am
accused of beating an elderly woman in a violent robbery. >>will tran: they're not exactly sure if a second person is involved but i can tell you the victim told the authorities but there was a second person you're the person that is in custody this morning his name is factoring he was a rested on wednesday night to have a news conference on thursday morning
5:33 am
they related because of and my grandmother anyone's grandmother as lead detectives of the highest priority they do not know of a second person is involved with the victims born daughter had a news conference she was at a news conference in tears that in the public if you know anything please let the authorities know >>james: their pro $750 million
5:34 am
of public funding to build a new stadium in vegas in most of the governor and united states legislation that the sign off on any public funding if there is any cost all of that is worn by the families so he takes care of customers and did not make money than the takes care of the loss to he touched in the size
5:35 am
children who came into the meat markets by themselves the police asking for any of the alleged victims to come forward.
5:36 am
>>james: the of the pilot who flew him last year in san francisco the report says he was flying too fast and too low he worked as a security guard at oakland city hall and city officials say he was an asset to the security team and help them to keep even save the have not released a motive in the shooting no rest have been made]
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>>darya: it is a good idea
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>>james: and homework can increase-reactions from school for a struggling would tell you
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>>james: long lines expected their release the seven and the company says the customers will not be able to buy red because it was sold out during the pre order
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>>robin winston: out to fremont street roland into san francisco no big problems or in downtown here was the ride across the golden days the drive time for south 1 01 from highway 37 to the toll plaza that is one-tenth of the southbound drive time still not bass it's
5:48 am
80 looks good out of concord and and if you have to use 17 leaving the santa cruz mountain approaching 85 categorizing the average drive times a quick tim meant >>reporter: 11 to fall to make no the low-tech for delays will let you know of anything from bricks on that the upper 50s on the east bay shoreline
5:49 am
cupertino 84 would have lower '80s for san francisco 65 the middle seven is a looks like and the bay shoreline 77¢ mattel and redwood city the coast of mid- 60's up to the north than notice how the costars to increase
5:50 am
>>darya: stoughton's are learning how to make their way into the medical marijuana business the regulators are
5:51 am
visiting folks third them university >>darya: they would decide whether they want to legalize recreational use of marijuana. >>james: giants open a national league against the st. louis cardinals they're also celebrating a big win in john's and five runs he hit a three run homer for 14 to five that is a
5:52 am
commanding when an still have a man who beat up a woman in her popular park is still on will lose this morning and now we have a sketch of the man and a surveillance video so you'll want to take a look as bad as in the 6:00 hour big crowds expected to show up at the concert and the by stadium how you can get around the traffic
5:53 am
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>>darya: in the world tour making its way to leave rice stadium and tens of thousands of people are going to go to this concert i've seen this before
5:56 am
people lining up to buy the new phone in their opener early
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: we usually see lights is cover the 88 bowls in
6:01 am
lunchbox 71 for the vein more details on the fourth test this weekend
6:02 am
>>robin winston:, will take a look at the san mateo bridge and track the ride on was about 92 when they got here they told us it was heavy smoke the have to
6:03 am
put the fire out with me because they were afraid it could spread in all the six units in this section of the complex only one was damaged by fire the two adjacent ones that smoke damage but they will be ok all of them have been evacuated because of that fire at the power has been shut off of this area \ >>reporter: 5 was able to talk to the deputy fire chief there is a fire station less than a mile from here it was that quick response to a couple fire from spreading we're told them fire investigators are on seen them
6:04 am
going through the fire build and run things like snow patterns to determine exactly how this fire started again no word on when people who lived in that section of one to be able to go back and side to a man is in custody this morning accused of beating an elderly woman in san jose >>will tran: they believe they have the man the only person they believe is involved with the santa clara county sheriff's department they have to assume there could be a second person the reason why the victim told them before she was said to the hospital-and saw to a hispanic man inside of her san jose home
6:05 am
authorities say he lives in their her home for they said if he broke into her home either sunday night into monday morning savagely beat her left for their for up to 18 hours it will draw rebel was taken >>will tran: she is in the hospital still in critical condition with a swollen eye a broken nose badly beaten and yesterday they held a news conference that actually found
6:06 am
him a little bit before he was arrested
6:07 am
>>darya: saturday night at uc- berkeley griffey and earn free women came forward separately saying they were assaulting and during the council one victim said a man to occur move to another area and two other women
6:08 am
>>james: one of the of the big stores real following the fact their new allegations and the sex scandal involving several different law enforcement agencies no criminal charges have been filed they're claiming they tried to hide what happened to her she claimed her client will use to go by the name celeste is one of several young victims of sex trafficking by police in the bay area more
6:09 am
officers should be facing criminal charges people are taking action after a woman was randomly attacked near the popular park in san francisco the attacker is still loose and you see in the video this surveillance video from a neighborhood.
6:10 am
>>darya: they have two investigators working on this case and fall of one in new leads >>james: after someone shot him and left him for dead they found the german shepherd mix seriously injured two weeks ago dropped off an animal clinic and taken to the contra costa animal shelter the name tom bullet they show that he had a shattered bones in his left leg they're
6:11 am
hoping to find a faster home for him sometime in the next week we will be right back
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>>robin winston: out to a fremont street howard as close between 34 nominees are problems heading into foster city the drive times only 19 minutes out to the 101 connection doing fine across the golden gate no problems into one of san francisco fairly quiet and
6:16 am
excellent drive times as checks a more highway for picking up in the westbound direction. >>reporter: here is a live shot in san jose and the still monitoring the fall in the vague make it a little worse before it starts to improve the tower is a life of the beloved even along the
6:17 am
coast lowborn from yesterday's performance the fees it has to much as getting into business of the upper 80s approaching into the lower 90s the to go ahead and take the inspections 81 looks like for pola to montague coming in at 80 platina 84 most
6:18 am
of the readings will be tough to lower '80s territory. >>reporter: about 8671 covering the beach >>darya:.
6:19 am
>>yoli aceves: a couple of years back with an annual event is scenes like it was a rumble block this only goes over toward the middle of the block in a could be because people already know it and did not give a with in the first availability to pre order when you give here is one to be a limited amount and you have to wait in pre order later people are more willing to wait and they were before the doors open
6:20 am
at 8:00 in you concede that is the very first person in line this of the opening in the meantime we will try to keep talking to a couple more people
6:21 am
>>yoli aceves: we're walking down there, one cold just started the whole just came here about 20 minutes ago police a time to recover about about of the was stolen. from stolen. >>james: it happened, out to someone stole thousands of dollars from collection baskets by after a service sunday afternoon not clear how much money was stolen with the past
6:22 am
this as they receive on average about a to $10,000 in cash and check contributions each sunday donald trump technical of reform campaign trail.
6:23 am
6:24 am
>>reporter: there is no rest for the presidential candidates and hillary clinton and don trump has a busy schedule trump will be heading down south to miami for a rally tonight before heading northwest the campaign spent thursday in a familiar territory in the northeast who stops in europe in new hampshire we expect both
6:25 am
campaigns to focus heavily on the basis for the next couple of days the first presidential debate is set to get underway in just over a week from non >>james: we now know was to blame for a crash that killed the pilot some bay area still this man not have to do homework find out why one school says it is getting rid of home work.
6:26 am
6:27 am
>>james: 40 and tennessee massachusetts and the school in the bay area there are no longer a signing traditional homework the idea makes some parents nervous but the principle is adamant that does not mean the end of off homework few wampum
6:28 am
to have real life experiences elementary schools of the level home with an increase in the reactions to students who are struggling instead of, of math sheet he said aloud an accounting as a divorce to restore the grocery store
6:29 am
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6:31 am
>>reporter: here is a shot a son jose agrees geisel worked the son is born to join as an help work on the fall but still their giants were to the cardinals' game time timber detaining and '60s they do return chilly breeze the dust of to 2025 the next $8 plus a 64 tool claque 86 some areas will be touching 94 getting into the lower 90s sfo even though we haven't going on
6:32 am
we have not seen any delays
6:33 am
>>darya: bad news for the raiders there are one step closer to moving to las vegas the proposal is estimated to cost anywhere from 1.9 to $2 billion.
6:34 am
>>james: supporters of the stadium once the law makers to meet this soon as possible the oakland mayor says the city leaders are still time the figure of a deal the works for the team and the lead police a rusted to market a worker he is accused of an apparently touching kids who went to the store by themselves >>darya: it may be more victims
6:35 am
investigators believe he touched and the cyrus children who came alone of some of the meat market in morgan hill that asking anyone else whose child may have been touched to come for an contacted them with non no called the blue angel jet to crash over the summer killing the pilot he was practicing for an air show when it went down with a pilot who flew will last year he was flying too fast and too low fatiguing weather conditions may have been factors. >>james: an officer shot and after mistaking a viga for will weapon we both the store
6:36 am
yesterday and this is video from the scene in columbus the 13 year-old died at children's hospital shortly after the shooting was started the shooting happened and oakland dish trigger on july 24th of 2013 she was filming the to men
6:37 am
and shooting video before the shooting began to argument they face life in prison without the possibility of parole... >>darya: he will then the security guard at oakland city hall we want to give you free
6:38 am
tickets to the lion king in san francisco the 7:00 hour is coming of state-owned few could begun to see the line king-- line 15--lion king
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>robin winston: it is already stop and go back from castro street right to the toll plaza
6:42 am
>>darya: spotted in the water near ocean beach. >>: it was clearly the outline of a great wide one of those sharp we discovered tom lomond's
6:43 am
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>>james: the cause of fires still under investigation a man is in custody police think he is the one will be an elderly woman in her home he may have had an accomplice they're arrested zachary from san jose yesterday the victim was hospitalized in intensive care in critical condition right now.
6:47 am
>>reporter: 58, and right now
6:48 am
for san jose and this policy was going on in the neighborhood of middle to upper '70's for example fremont 79 jumping over the east bay hills been gentle 9 gisborne will vote looks like of antioch in pittsburgh a 81 will
6:49 am
see beaches beyond 70 on sunday planted the role of. >>robin winston: nothing does awful loss of croton hairs 92 across the salmon sailboards slow-motion role in the to the peninsula looks like something is going on right here the webers commune not bad yes have
6:50 am
slow traffic rolling into san francisco leon west granite is no better or no worse is about 14 minutes from downtown oakland to the foot of the maze getting into san francisco heading toward downtown san jose the drive times 25 minutes to get from 85.
6:51 am
>>james: 87 into now-deceased to his son in everything from how to make extracts and cook marijuana the chancellor of the said days seen a change in their student body she says the change happen when governor brown signed california's medical marijuana regulation and safety act they want to learn about
6:52 am
the industry so they can write rules and how to regulate their decide whether they wanta legalize a recreational marijuana. >>darya: your parents say they would do something but the whole family in converted into a
6:53 am
mobile classroom and they committed their lives start they quit their day jobs and pursuit of our full-time the drive is the opening of the national league wild-card against the st. louis cardinals. >>james: fronter pence deep-- hunter >>james: let's keep the golan the defiance host and the cardinals tonight at 715 they
6:54 am
beat kansas city 14 to five last night still ahead we will be baffled look bad weather and traffic.
6:55 am
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back with more news weather and traffic
6:59 am
7:00 am
. the sheriffs department has arrested a man accused of beating a woman. coming up why there could be a second suspect. >> fire investigators in san mateo are looking for a cause of a 4 alarm fire that displaced 8 people. still covered over with fog right now. it's going to start to get hot today and for your weekend. i'll have details in your forecast. good morning, thanks for waking up with us on a friday. >> we've got a look at the commute. how are the roads? >> we have an accident right in front


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