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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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this is the bay area's news station. kron4 starts now. >> the deadline looms. jahi mcmath has been on live support for weeks. there is a battle to take the brain dead teenage to court. >> they will remove the ventilator tomorrow at 5:00. dan rubin is joining us with an update on the position.
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dan. >> reporter: vicki, people have heard the family's frustration. the hospital supports them although time is running out. they have been waiting to hear from jahi's family. >> the last time they corresponded with children's hospital was more than 24 hours ago. >> reporter: despite the lack of communication they have yet to find another place for her. >> the place that was going to takethem fell through. now there is question is question as to what will happen. >> reporter: singer says children's hospital is left with one thing to do. >> barring unforeseen legal
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action, at 5:00 the ventilator will be removed. >> reporter: for her to remain on live support a lot has to happen. >> it was a transfer for a facility willing to receive a deceased person on a ventilator. the judge looked the amly family in the eye and said sorry but she is brain dead. there is no amount of prayer that can bring her back. >> reporter: sam singer said they could file an appeal. even if one side wins, it may feel like everyone has lost. oakland, dan rubin, kron4new . >> her family gathered at a
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church to pray. the give jahi a chance event was needing $20,000. the event was shut down at the last minute since they didn't find a long term care facility to accept her. the family is hopeful there will be a place for her to go before the deadline. >> we believe the life is in the blood. a mother wants to give her daughter every opportunity to live. we don't know what the out come will be. she has faith in god. >> reporter: they will have enough money to move her if an agreement can be reached. they surpassed $20,000 in 2
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days. we will get the most up to date details on kron4 and on the mobile app. 10 people have been killed in a bus explosion in russia. it killed 17 in a railway station. this is over a month before the sochi winter olympics are to begin. details of the suspect behind the bomb. >> a security camera shows the explosion. according to information the explosion was carried out by a female suicide bomber who saw a police officer next to her.
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she was nervous and activated the device. they rushed wounded to the hospital. she had 10 kilograms of t.n.t. you can see the after math, broken glass and debris. 6 people were killed, also carried out by a female. it raises security concerns for the sochi olympics. if we don't see an e an attempt on the olympics i would be surprised. 2:00 after a night club let out near a sun dance theater,
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shots were fired. a modesto resident was killed. the search is on for a gunman. a fire truck and mercedes collided. a firefighter was injured. several streets near 5th and howard were shut down. the hook and ladder truck leaking oil had to be towed away. >> it was traveling against a red light. the operator did have the emergency lights on and siren. it is all under investigation. the civilian driver may have failed to field. if is under investigation. injuries were mild to moderate.
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>> we had nice weather this weekend, record highs in oakland at 73. more warm weather is on the way. warm weather during the day. at night it is down right cold. below freezing in livermore. 40s by the bay. look for lots of sunshine warming us up into the 60s. then for new years it looks like a gorgeous night. low 50s at 10:00. look for readings around 50. i will tell you about the forecast coming up. coming up the new year bringing changes to your bart fare and bus route.
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a dog abuse suspect on the lose. you may remember workers found this little dog in the trash on a conveyer belt. gem has been placed with a foster home. she doesn't seem to be trauma tiesed traumatised. they are already throwing confetti in the big apple.
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the new year is bringing new bart fares. commuters will pay 19 cents more. changes are taking place for clipper card users. it will no longer be available for purchase. they should use them before
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they expire july 1st. riders have the 1st to the 15th to purchase. some will give free rides new year's leave. a million people are enrolled in the government health care program by christmas. the obama administration hopes there will be 7 million signed up by march. new york times square, they will push the button for the crystal ball. the third female latino to be
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supreme court justice. the hard rock cafe in new york, spider man did a confetti test. it will be released tuesday night, one ton. spider man is the official hero of new year's eve. >> reporter: it will be cold in new york on new year's eve. we will be 50s here. it is looking nice. we will stay that way, nice weather through the new year. we have a lot of clouds here in the pacific. clouds will be well to the north. we will have scattered clouds.
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we will continue to be dry. this is the driest year on record. these are the average rainfall amounts for a typical calendar year. 21 for san francisco. check out 2013. a lot of readings below 5 inches and no relief in sight. we have dry weather the next 7- 10 days. look for mid-60s. it will be that way the end of to 13 and the beginning of to 14. high temperatures in the 60s with morning readings in the 40s. one southern california mom couldn't believe her eyes. there was a shark in the wave
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right near her children. she said it was a dolphin. paddlepaddle boarders saw a great white. warm water and food brings them to shore. 9ers and sports coming up next. you can ring in the new year with kron4 presented by nissan. we will have the only local live new year's eve show. we have a front row seat to the best fireworks show and party t avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature.
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all right. welcome back. the 9ers will play the green bay packers sunday. this went over arizona today a close game in the desert. jim harbaugh found out he couldn't win earlier. 10 tackles, a sack and interception. colin capper in kaepernick found bolden. he has been playing lights out
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lately. a little out pattern but more as bolden breaks the tackle turning it into a 63-yard game. he is tackled in the 5-yard line. bolden 9 catches against his former team. it is cap to vernon davis. 17-0 49ers. carson palmer found larry fitzgerald a few plays later they role the dice and come up aces. 17-7. passing on the 9ers. 2nd quarter. the tackle eligible joe, he has a streak at 27 straight
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fieldgoals. it was tied with 3:30 left in the game. 17 all. tied at 20. we have overtime then quinten patton sets up this fieldgoal by dawson. 9ers win 23-20. the cardinals eliminated with the saints won earlier in the day. here is why the 9ers will be in green bay instead of chicago. aaron rogers came back from the broken collar bone. it is ruled a fumble instead of incomplete pass. there is no whistle. it is 10-7. great finish.
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45 seconds left. 4th and 8. rogers finds cobb 48- yard game winning touchdown. 33-28 they win the nfc north and had an 8-7-1 record. most losses are without aaron rogers. they will host the 9ers sunday at 1:30. the cowboys and eagles it was a winner take all deal. we look at highlights. jason garrett. garrett on the hot seat, here is bryce brown. mccoy had 131 yards. it was 24-16. kyle orton throws the
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interception ending their season. jerry jones not happy. 24-22 eagles. they capture the nfc east and host the saints. the raiders don't show up against denver. peyton manning with the single season touchdown record. he had 4 more today. terrelle pryor fumbled the snap. he played pretty well. most of his damage came when the game was out of reach. after the fumble manning tosses it. he will do the rest. 14-0 denver. 2nd quarter there is manning doing his thing. he will throw the perfect deep pass to demareius thomas.
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they have the all time single season scoring record. 31-0. on that pass manning set the passing yards record for the season breaking drew brees' record. final 34-14 broncos. dennis allen and the raiders make it back 4 and 12 seasons. >> i expect to be back. i am looking for the opportunity to come back. those are decisions that someone else will make. i expect to be back. >> most folks thing he will be let go. time will tell in the next couple of days. the warriors open a 7-game road trip in cleveland.
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the cavaliers not a bad team. tying it up. late in the game are the cavaliers with this shot by irving. the best player on the court. the warriors go on to win. 5th straight win. that's it. see you later, everyone. >> we want to mention the sharks beat the ducks. >> yes. >> how cold will it be in green bay? >> i heard it will be in the teens. >> how dry is it here? . >> well, i don't want to steal your joke. >> as dry as prohibition. > [ laughter ] . >> the morning show is 3 hours 7:00 to 10.
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stay connected with and our mobile app. see you tomorrow morning. good night.
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