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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> at eleven. the young bay area boy injured in the boston terror attack. made a public appearance at the scene of the tragedy today for the first time. we hear from him and his parents, as new developments are released about the suspects other plans. residents of san leandro. frightened by recent home invasions. we detail how the suspects are operating. and hear from the latest neighborhood affected. next. new at 11. an elderly san leandro woman is burglarized. and held hostage.
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the burglary happened late last night. on the 600- block of black pine drive. investigators say, the suspects and the way they broke into the house. match the description of another burglary that happened tuesday morning, on the 23- hundred block of regatta way. kron four's philippe djegal explains the latest incident. and why neighbors fear that a neighboring city's crime problem. is becoming theirs too. the san leandro police department says this burglary started with a simple knock on the door. the victim was alone and asleep just before midnight wednesday. and, did not answer the door. the victim is in her 80s. and, off camera, she tells kron four. that the suspects broke into her home, by busting through the garage and front door. she says one of the two men held her captine in a room, --captive... while the other suspect ransacked the house. rick megoloff also lives on black pine drive, and is president of the neighborhood homeowners association. he and a few others are worried that the crime in oakland is spilling into the
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neighborhood. the victim does not have a video surveillance system. and could only provide police with a vague description of the two men. the san leandro police department says that in both burglary cases this week. the victims are asian women. so, investigators are looking into the possiblity that asian women are being targeted. police also want to remind residents that whenever someone knocks on your door. it's always best to check on who it is. if you don't know the person, it's okay to call police. in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news. neither of the two victim's in the burglaries was injured. the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of money and other items. san leandro police ask that you call them. if you can help solve these crimes. the 11 year old martinez boy who was injured in the
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boston bombing. was released from the hospital today. aaron hern spent the day touring the bombing site. tonight, kron four's jeff bush spoke with a family friend. about aaron's progress so far. aaron and his family made their way back to the place where it all startedthe finish line where aaron was wounded by one of the twin bombs while he waited for his mom to finish the race. aaron's color was good and he was in good spiritsshowing off a few of his new souvineres. but, as difficult as it was, it was important for aaron and his family to go back to where the bombs went off. it was a very emotional, moving time and for some people it was important for closure. gay gerlack is a long time family friend and the news of aaron's release from the hospital was a relief for her and others close to the family. gay says the 11 year old has been in the thoughts of martinez residents since the word got out about his injuries. i think, right now, one of the biggest issues for aaron is how am i going to get all of these cards and presents that people have sent me back home? aaron even got up to take a
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few steps. gay says everyone has been pulling for him. he was overwhelmed that letters and good wishes came from people that he did not even know. gay tells me that aaron will have to stay in boston and go through some rehab and is expected to be back in town in a couple of weeks. i'm jeff bush in martinez, kron four news. tonight. u-s authorities confirm. the boston marathon bombers were planning to head to new york's times square for their next terror attack. officials say, the information came from surviving suspect dzhokhar tsar-naev. their plan was apparently foiled when the two brothers. stopped for gas on the outskirts of boston, and the carjacking victim they were holding hostage, escaped and called police. meantime today, the suspects' mother said. she doubts her sons involvement and says the marathon attack was staged. we are also learning that the surviving suspect was unarmed when he was captured last friday. officials say, no firearm was found in the boat where
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he was hiding, even though authorities had originally said, there was a shootout between the 19-year-old and police. firefighters are currently on the scene of a three- alarm fire in san jose. officials believe it is a structure fire involving an older home. but did not release further details. the fire was reported on south first street near interstate 280. witnesses report seeing flames from the highway. tonight, p-g and e crews are working to restore power to more than a thousand customers in the twin peaks area of san francisco. residents say, the outage started just before 6-30 p- m. originally about 48- hundred customers were affected. p-g- and e officials expect the power to be back up by 11-30 - tonight. two sisters facing serious child abuse charges in court today. we hear from parents of the babies affected. then. the person who police say was behind bomb threats targetting several antioch schools. is now in custody. plus. who did the niners and raiders take. in the first round of today's n-f-l draft? gary has the answer- later in sports.
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two sisters who are daycare workers. accused of extreme child abuse. were in court today. police say, they tied up some of the babies in their care so tightly, it restricted their breathing. kron four's terisa estacio was in court for todays proceedings. >> reporter: with their hair pulled over their faces to block the camera's view - the two daycare workers who are sisters huddled together speaking briefly to their attorney through a glass partition during their first court appearance since their arrest. both are facing 7 counts of child neglect stemming from what police say was a disturbing crime going on here at this livermore infant and preschool. investigators say the two women were swaddling babies by tying up their legs and arms so they couldn't move, plus putting blankets over their faces blocking the ability to breathe. >> their contention is that this was not abuse.
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>> reporter: this is not the first time, one of the sister's lida sharif has been in trouble for her swaddling methods and other daycare practices. in 2010 here at the same facility, kron four news has learned. the state revoked lida's liscense. in documents obtained by kron four news. the state banned her from operating a facilty due to problems discovered involving swaddling as well as having too many children plus one instance of inappropriate care of a child by hosing him down after he soiled himself. the state allowed lida to sell the place, and she did, to her sister who changed the name and hired lida as an employee. that is until last month when the state launched another investigation this time following a tip from a former employee about alleged swaddling issues. outside the courtroom, outraged parents lashed out at the sisters. >> this is horrible, they fooled us. >> reporter: the sisters remain in custody. they are back in court next week. a family member tells kron four news, this is a big misunderstanding and that they have done nothing wrong. in livermore terisa estacio, kron 4 news.
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threats in four days. a suspect is now under arrest. kron 4 was the first to break the story on our facebook page. police say, a 16-year old student has confessed. the school was evacuated during several of the threats. students at deer valley high school gave officers tips that led them to the suspect. some of the suspects classmates were surprised thats how quiet it is. the schools affected were black diamond middle school. and deer valley high school two 17 -year olds charged with speeding and reckless driving tonight. after police say, they crashed their cars into a home in south san jose. the crash happened yesterday at the corner of leigh avenue and anne drive a 40-year-old female resident of the home. remains in critical condition tonight. her 9-year-old daughter has non- life threatening injuries, along with a passenger in one of the cars, and both drivers. classmates and neighbors of leigh high school say. the two drivers were racing. swat teams with the f-b-i
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and oakland police. served several search warrants across the east bay. and made several arrests as part of a gang crackdown. here's what we know tonight. the joint operation began last night and ended early this morning. 13 warrants were served in oakland, and one each in antioch, hayward and san leandro. many of those served in oakland. were at the acorn housing complex. four adults and one juvenile were taken into custody. although drugs were seized during the operation. investigators say, removing members of a violent gang from the streets of oakland. was their primary objective ".we arrest" 150- f-b-i agents teamed up with 120- o-p-d officers during last night's gang raid. it has been a bit windy in the city of san francisco. causing debris to be strewn about town. but that was nothing compared to what was flying around in pennsylvania. one resident caught a boat
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flying through the air on camera! you can see it landed on a nearby car! the high winds were part of a storm system that moved through the mid- atlantic region. but nothing of that for the bay area's forecast - jacqueline is here with details. >> jacqueline: cooler temperatures. '70s in the south bay. as we take a look outside. low cloud coverage you're the coast. it will be pressing back towards the inland valleys. the fog tracker, fairly widespread coverage. and by 8:00 a.m., some patchy fog of the delta it is is still, along the shore. and temperatures will be warmer. 70's for the
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most part. '70s in los gatos. 734 san jose. and upper 70's in antioch, livermore. w mid upper 60s for the east bayshore. this in deviation as we take a look at the coast. 60s for san francisco. a look at your extended forecast. and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on beloved twinkies could be back on store shelves soon! hostess is beginning production again. under new ownership. but it looks as though workers will do it without being part of a union. a labor dispute is what
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caused the company to shut thousand jobs were lost when the company closed last year. all former employees of hostess will have to re- apply for any positions. the new owners say, products are expected back on the shelves some time this summer. a scary scene in northern china. as this truck crashes into an expressway toll booth! both the driver and passenger of the truck were hurt. surveillance video shiows the driver driving right into the booth seemingly without hitting the brakes! officials are investigating what happened fortunately, this was an unmanned, electronic toll booth and there were no fatal injuries. the a's are back home taking on the orioles following a rough road trip.highlights straight ahead and 49ers fans celebrated the team's first round draft pick. gary has the details on both the niners, and the raiders newest!! kron 4 news is rolling out a new program called kron rewards. for the entire month of april, watch kron 4 news at eight in the morning or eight at night and you can earn valuable points you can redeem for prizes, cash
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a's orioles
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great defense by the orioles early onmanny machado makes the diving stop and throw to first to get chris young jason hammel: 6 ip, 2 hits, 0 er bot 2nd2-0 orioles josh donaldson - hits one to deep center - it goes off adam jone's glove two runs come in to score as the a's tie the game 2-2 tie donaldson: 1-1, rbi, 2 walks top 6th, 4-2 orioles chris davis - homers to left center off of jarrod parker as the orioles win going away parker: 5 1/3 ip, 8 hits, 5 er final: a's have lost 6 of last 7 drop to 13-10 . raiders take hayden sotvo sound full commissioner 5-11, 191 pound cornerback dj hayden - a former high school wide receiver. he's a playmakerand a medical miracle. he took a knee to the chestsevering a vein to his
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heartand his chest filled up with's 95% fatal. but he survivedand 6 months latera first round draft pick 49ers pick 18th the 49ers hope eric reid fills the void left by dashon goldson's exit to tampa bay the niners gave up their 31st selection and one of their two third round picks to dallas to move up and get the former lsu safety reid is 6-foot-1, 205 pounds and is known as a big hitter so how did niners fans react to the pick at the draft party in santa clara? sot: niners fans like it! 49ers fans celebrate the niners selection of safety eric reid at the draft party in santa clara .
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chiefs first overall with the first overall selection the kansas city chiefs took left tackle eric fisher out of central michigan. fisher is 6-foot-7, 305 pounds and the chiefs hope will protect alex smith's blind side for many years to come. fisher is just the second central michigan player drafted in the first round.the other worked out pretty good - joe staley who the niners took in 2007. note: 3 out of first four picks were offensive lineman and only one skill position taken in first 10 picks . stephen curry rolls his ankle during game two of the first round playoff
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series against the denver nuggets - he would stay in the game >> all i am ready to do right now is get it right by tomorrow night. just little ways to go but it should be okay. >> gary: the career, the warriors, going to be dynamite the first playoff game since 2007. miami and the chicago bulls leading memphis to-and another story is the w and be a.-- wbna skylar diggins signs with the jay
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