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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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for a missing teenager sierra lamar, what is next in the search. the coast guard conducts a rescue off of the coast of california, what happened in the around the world race. the occupy movement returning to san francisco and taking over a building on turk street. we'll bring you the latest. looking at a nice week of weather here. let's do a quick minute of weather to get you going. >> a great week ahead. for the most part, looking fantastic. this is the live view, clear visibility. walking through what we're expecting today. this morning, mild temperatures, many cities in the 40s. this afternoon, partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. plenty of sunshine. the highs will be in the 60s, don't be surprised if a handful of the inland spots come through. i'll explain more in a little bit in a full check of weather. now a quick check of traffic.
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good morning. good morning, a good start to the morning commute. we have not seen any hot spots, not much in the way of slow traffic and here's a look at conditions around the bay as we start first in the east bay with conditions are light for 80s and 680, the same true for the peninsula and the north bay, no delays yet on 101 southbound. let's go to morgan hill and more on the search for a missing 15-year-old, she vanished on march 16th as she was heading from her home in the morning. police have identified her cell phone and a bag with her clothes folded inside. they were found close to her home. on the story from the beginning, he joins us now on the search. >> reporter: i'm at the command center, they're not going to search during the weekday and this is where thousands of
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volunteers gathered, now the searches will begin on the weekends and will be conducted but the class kids foundation, it will be up to the investigators to decide what to do. here's video that we have over the weekend or the searchers fanning out in a 20-mile radius, they found several items including clothes -- they say it's approximately the same size, but it doesn't look like it belonged to her. investigators also are waiting for results to come back late this week on a couple of possible evidence that was found in a remote area on a dead-end road. disturbing evidence. they will look through it to see if it has anything to do with this case. also they are going to the social networks, asking people to change their facebook pages, their profiles starting on
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sunday. 6:00 p.m. for 24 hours until 6:00 tonight. spread the word that sierra is still missing. they understand that by now, most understand about the case but they want to turn to other avenues to get the word out. >> we'll check back for an update. stay with kron 4. our on-air coverage continues in the search for sierra lamar. >> another story we're following is in san francisco where occupy protesters have taken over the building in san francisco. let's go to our reporter, what is this building and where is it located? >> reporter: good morning. i'm located on goth and turk. this building is owned by the archdiocese, it used to be a mental health clinic and that's
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the whole point of the occupy, they picked the building because it's been empty for the last five years and it's just to point out how many vacant buildings in ratio to home homeless in san francisco. the message is spreading from where it used to be about wall street and banking and now it's more about the homeless in this case today. >> reporter: they kind of tie it in with the fact that it was thanks to the banking system that a lot of funding pulled from the city. they couldn't maintain it and that's how it trickles down to homeless people and not having mental health services and why they're picking this building at this point. it's hard to tell, when i got here, there's maybe about a group of 5 or 6 people and i got to speak to them. there's a couple of hundred
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people in the building. but it's no way to tell how much people are there right now. >> reporter: the idea is to get attention. if it's not essential business, how do they get attention? is there going to be a rally? >> they to plan to have a day like this, a lot of educational information and services throughout the day. this is a 24-hour protest. according to them, they have the archdiocese permission to be here until morning. they plan other events and plan for a press conference around 8:30. >> the archdiocese says you can come in. >> according to the police department here, they said that this is a crime scene. so if you go in, know this is a crime scene. >> so when the cops are waiting out here, are they going to arrest the people when they go out? >> at this point, they are just
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monitoring the situation. the way it usually goes, once they get the okay from the owners to go in there and to take the people out, that's when they move in. in the meantime, they're fanning out and monitoring the situation. >> thank you. to oakland where the occupy protest took a distractive turn distract -- distractive end. the protesters staged a demonstration in the city since the violent confrontation with officers earlier this year. waiting for a coast guard cutter to return with two injured sailors. they were racing around the world, the yacht is excepted to arrive today or tomorrow. they were transported to the cutter, we'll see if additional medical aide when it reaches the bay, two others suffered
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minor injury, they're sailing in that yacht over to san francisco. the 70-foot yacht off of the california coast when a huge wave hit. it was taking part in the part of the race that went from china to the bay area and you're seeing the cargo plane to drop medical supplies down. the opening bell in 23 minutes. a lower opening. new data shows that manufacturing in europe is shrinking. it's raising concerns that the europe is about to head into a recession. the dow is up 8% for the first three months of the year. and the nasdaq up 19%. you did not win the megamillions lottery p. ter -- who did? one in illinois, one in kansas and one in maryland. but the maryland lottery is
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saying this morning, three days later, no one in the state has stepped forward with that winning ticket just yet. the new york post reporting this morning that a mcdonald's employee is claiming that she has that winning ticket. and those winners will split the record-breaking prize. stay tuned. we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes. b b
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we are looking at the golden gate bridge which is clear and nice. and in nevada. a nice morning. it will be 66 for the circuit and was sunshine. >>mark: we are finding out how many credit card holders were affected by recent data street. a car processor called global pavement's is saying 1.5 billion cards in north america for compromise. both the set and mastercard are saying that their own the systems have not been
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costs -- compromise, it was only this third-party vendors. visa had a technical glitch that affect people from using their cars for about 45 minutes yesterday. they said the outage was caused by recent enhancements to their system and not related to the security breach. for >>darya: the pain at the office is getting ample bit better. gas prices have dropped a little in the bay area but we are still paying more than the national average cfs in san francisco, did not look for anything too much cheaper than $4.38. in oakland, the average is 105 less. in san jose, for all assaulted by sen. the national average is up by a few sacks. $3.92.
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>>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco. finally, some dry weather. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ]
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>>james: the camera is shaking just a touch. a little bit windy, but so far, so good. we do have a high surf advisories in effect all the way down to the santa cruz county area. that is what we are dealing with along this coast. for here is a quick look at what we are seeing temperature wised. by 8:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the 40's and 50's but it will be around noon when we start to see 60 degree weather. as we advanced the clock to 3 in the afternoon, patches
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of yellow, that is what we anticipate for this afternoon. partly cloudy-mostly sunny skies. in terms of our temperatures specifically, take a book and respect 70's to pop up. some portions of the san ramon valley could get up to the '70s. caught 70's are not too far out of all heart. if you will be in san francisco, look for conditions to be really nice. a lot of sunshine. enjoy. it could seat -- it could be that we will see more 70's on the map tomorrow. fan we will let you know if
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that builds into something more. thursday and friday is looking great. plenty of sunshine for the weekend. let's find out about traffic this morning. >> we just heard about a crash that was reported on 580 westbound act, that could become a problem, we will keep an eye on it. here's a look at the bay bridge westbound. there was a stalwart ordered at the yerba buena island. the metering lights will be activated in a minute or two if they have not been already. kraft looking at the commute
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from the north bay in san francisco across the golden gate, it is an easy ride southbound. the commute here looks good for the westbound interstate 80. there are no delays. south 680 look at for your ride into the san ramon valley. 101 northbound is problem free towards santa clara coming out of the coyote valley. the north bay ride is still an easy trip through marin county. lobov bahut >> baseball returns to the bay area. the oakland a's are taking on the giants at at&t park at 7:30 p.m.. you may want to plan extra time if you're born to be in the area of at&t park. this season officially gets
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underway for the giants on friday in arizona. the oakland a's already started their season against the mariners in japan and now, it is back to preseason for them. >>darya: mitt romney is a feeling optimistic, he hits the campaign trail hard in wisconsin were polls are showing him in the lead over rick santorum. he sounds confident about his chances of winning this contest and the entire race of his opponents say, it is not over. >> the president cannot run on this record. he is going to try to divert and have people disqualified instead of talking about where we have been and where we're going. >> not even half of the
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delegates have been selected in this race. coffee >> there are six-seven states, we're doing very well. who knows what will happen on the first vote at the convention? >>darya: santorum campaigned aggressively last week and planned to return to his home state of pennsylvania today. >>mark: in florida, so rights protesters hard demanding justice for treyvon martin who was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. demonstrators marched to sanford police headquarters demanding that zimmerman be arrested. zimmerman says he shot marcus in self-defense. this is video of a rally that was held in miami. out sharpton and various and the eighth players along with singer shocker, attended the event.
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>>darya: a passenger plane crashed in siberia shortly after takeoff this morning. perhaps 31 of the 43 people on board were killed. sox emergency officials say that 12 people did survive but they are in serious condition. fifth twin-engine turboprop lockdown in that snowy field. they are not sure what caused the plane to fresh- faced but it hit the ground pretty quickly. for >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco fifth phidias starting out to the beautiful day of the day.
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>>darya: we are taking a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. here is a big view at the week ahead. next week, things look really nice and then starts warming up more.
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the san retail bridge, traffic is moving at the limit. >>mark: five people escaped as the house burned in san mateo. the house is on the 300 block of bronson ave. the fire started in a detached garage. the family of five lived in the house and were able to get out. the fire is out and firefighters will be of the scene for a few more hours. >>darya: in other news around the bay, fire and police are investigating it lays face tilted too full of the weakest. it happened for in a two- story home. here is a family friend and she describes how she feels after learning about what happened.
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>> i walked up to the store and ran into a friend and he told me what happened. i feel so bad. >>darya: the american red cross says there were 11 people living in the home. they now have nowhere to go. if the residence was described as an extended family. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news returns in two minutes. here is a live look from of the mt. tam cam of. los the are expecting a lot of sunshine today. ♪ ♪
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you're ththank you, sweetie. oh... ♪ there are rising concerns about europe, more signs of
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your sinking into a recession. >>darya: the search for sierra lamar enters a third week. the volunteers have surged through the week but have not found any clues enter disappearance. the coast guard has rescued two injured sailors and now they are on their way to san francisco. their yacht was hit by a monster wave as they were on and around the world race. occupy protesters have taken over a building in san francisco. we will show you where. >>james: here is a live look from mt. tam. it looks fantastic. visibility is phenomenal. we have some mid-level clouds keeping our
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temperatures at bay. your daily planner calls for clear skies with a wince calling back a little bit. mainly sunny skies this afternoon. we could very well hit 70 in a handful of inland locations. '60s and '70s are the general range for this afternoon. this evening,, winds with a mild overnight. there is a possibility of cycles. we do not have any hot spots for the drive around the bay area and in the east bay things are building up a bit but only on a couple of freeways.
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>>darya: in a developing story out of morgan hill said has been three weeks since this 15 year old girl was seen, sierra lamar, the high-school sophomore left, on march 16th, headed to the bus stop not too far from her home. so far, police have identified herself phone and a bag with her clothes neatly folded inside. those are found in two different locations around a rural area where she lives. will tran and is live with more. it is coming into a third week. is the search more intense this week? >>will: the search has been very intense and out the klass kids foundation has said they will search until sunday. they wrapped up late last night. with a plan on doing now is weekend searches, hoping that the weekend allows many people to turn out. they were overwhelmed that many people did turn out for the '60s they surged.
6:33 am
here is video that we got of the weekend surge. if you add all the days together we're talking thousands of searchers scanned into a 20 mi. radius from sears home. there were able to find several items yesterday, clothing the her parents say yes, it does look like her size but it does not belong to sierra. nonetheless, the items were turned over to investigators. investigators in the meantime made a disturbing discovery last thursday, those items were sent to a forensic laboratory in sacramento and of those results should come back later this week. i can tell you that professional investigators do not plan on doing any searching today or for the next several days. they are reevaluating this case, still waiting to hear back whether or not the polygraph tests will come
6:34 am
back pending. they are still hoping that more information comes to them so that they can find sierra and at least bring closure to the family. angle on the search for sierra, but da lin is focusing on the part of the story, there is a push on the internet to find the missing teen. >> the efforts now continue online curious kenneth
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>>mark: and old easy transit bus level in union square, our allies say they are protesting poor people's right to exist in public spaces serious and >> people are still getting a bit too serious chorus since >> we're hoping to bring awareness to the issue avi is of literally, tons of vacant buildings being unused.
6:36 am
>> san francisco police have told kron4's that they were contacting the building's owners who appear to be the archdiocese of san francisco. there are no arrests that have been made. in oakland, occupy protesting turned destructive over the weekend. people broke windows and spray-painted businesses. protesters have stayed in a weekly demonstration in the city since the violent confrontation with offices earlier this year. if >>darya: to sealers are recovering after a monster wave hit harry got while they were in and around the world race. they needed a few hundred miles off the coast of california. the water was so rough that rescuers could not even dare shoot down to rescue the injured sailors.
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>>justine: the report on airline quality just came out and is showing a low- cost carrier airtran did the best job out of the nation's 15 largest airlines in getting passengers to their destinations with the least amount of hassles. those results are based on lost bags, delayed flights, bumping people from full flights in consumer complaints to the department of transportation, american eagle came in last place. >>darya: thanks to our back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the bay bridge. george will be along with any hot spots.
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>>mark: 43 degrees right now, what a great day, a lot of sunshine with low 60's at noon looking for a high of 60 by 3:00 p.m.. >>darya: an independent movie is coming out about steve jobs. his guess who is going to play him? ashton kutcher area. the think ashton kutcher may be trying to do show is
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>>mark: here is a live look from the roof camera. it's fairly clear with sunshine down there. no rain or fog. temperatures are starting of mild with most locations in the 40's. we're in the 40's and we will start to warm up as we had to the leader morning hours. back a.m. most the '40's and transitioning into the 50s.
6:47 am
of them give them tomorrow we will see clouds begin to build as we have the evening hours. for habit of moisture to the north. that could finesse the small chance of a spring or to as we head into wednesday morning. into wednesday morning you will see a white sprinkles across san francisco and an hour later in the east. after 5:00 p.m. there's not much left to look at. if the system grows, we'll let you know birkenau, it looks to be a minor/. the rest of the weekly's out nicely. nothing but sunshine with
6:48 am
temperatures getting warmer as we head into saturday and sunday. >>george: of be only following is on highway 4. we are not tracking any hot spot for major incidents. on the bay bridge right now but that is clear, as and mckayla bridges problem free, no surprises or delays to rear the golden gate is very much the same. in the east bay, 80 looks good.
6:49 am
a little slowing started to show on 101 northbound. your peninsula right still looks good. in the north bay, we are delayed freeze from nevada to the golden gate. cox >>darya: and alameda police officer shot and killed a pebble. officials say woman came out of the suspect's home and the documents are. >>mark: but a down day for the dow jones. there are concerns about
6:50 am
your and whether or not they are about to enter a recession. this >>mark: practice rounds for the masters begins today. tiger woods is back in the mix as a possible contender. >>vern: is tiger woods back? after 923 when this day's will he report once again? has he been able it the reset button? >> it has not been an overnight thing.
6:51 am
is the back? that is premature but he is playing well and is happy. ron >> oddsmakers think he is back, he is favored to win 4-1. nbc ratings increased from last year and challenged n.c.a.a. basketball be worshipped. his return benefits him, the pga at the olympic club. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. clear skies. in santa rosa is 42 but before in high of 70. in santa rosa is 42 but before in high of 70.
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>>darya: here is a look at the 7 day around the fourth half for. it looks like it's going to be nice. today, 70 degrees for the highest inland spots. we do still have sunshine with more clouds rolling in tomorrow. the chance of rain is limited to the north bay. thursday and friday will be sunny and cool. by the weekend, sunny and warm gearhart car computers have >>erica: we are following some health headlines, one
6:56 am
study showed people who often ate hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza were more likely to develop depression high. additionally those who regularly indulge for found more likely to be singled them and smoke and work more than 45 hours a week. if you'd like to read the entire study, have a link on our facebook fan page. >>mark: at the stanford women are coming up one game short of the n.c.a.a. championship fury if for 50 years and now face another name for the championship tomorrow night. baylor did beat the irish
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already earlier in the season. this is only the second month of the season to stanford. >>darya: coming up, the search continues for sierra lamar, the missing girl from morgan hill. occupy protesters have taken over a building in san francisco. we will tell you where and why we're in a dramatic rescue just off of the coasts of california furious sailors were on a race around the world when their ship with an 5 degree. more on that into minutes.
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for off faugh upon probable
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menopause announcer: this is the kron4 news. >> thank you for joining us on this monday morning, the big stories we are following, and morgan hill if volunteers


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