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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 8, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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latest break in the speed freak killers there may have been a third member in the group. baby it is cold out there, a live look outside from the mount tancam a freeze one is in effect. we will have more on weather and traffic in just a minute of first are developing story with some more news from the speed freak killers
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the convicted killer wesley sherman time wrote a letter from prison to our sister station in sacramento. in it, he said there is a third killer. >>reporter: in a three page letter from his cell on death row, with the german scientists he and warner were not killing people by themselves. sherman time claims there may be a third killer. he says, jason jones and he says that he was taught how to kill and away with it. the letter also claims that there is at least one victim that the sheriff department never know about. at the bottom of page one he mentioned a pregnant black woman in some he claims that loran and some gang members killed and also claims that
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loren was a member of the hell's angels and often ramble about killing people what he thought he was just telling stories. the letter also mentioned that the road goes straight into modesto and that he killed two who from there. he said the well fire recently excavated by the sheriff's department is just the beginning. he says there are more and this was just the start. >>justine: the sheriff's office now wants to take a look at that from time matter. now i did this do solution storm is almost going to hit earth. nasa says that is part of the suns a 11 year cycle that is set to keep in late 2013. one of the flares has dumped solar particles and magnetic field into the earth's atmosphere. scientists
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predict how this could cause more problems today including power outages and disruptions to networks. also gps services. problem now you can say you blame the sun for your problems and it now let us go to erica we the sun is very chilly out there this morning. >>erica: good morning justine we will certainly see that sunshine as we head into the afternoon we have a freeze warning currently in effect. it is affecting the north bay and some in the areas. you will experience mostly clear but cold conditions at the head outside the door. some spots around the bay are holding on to those 40's. we have warm weather on tap into any of sunshine potentially. as we head into the evening hours we see clear and cold conditions with temperatures back into the 50th. we could see some 40 starting to form 5:05 p.m. tonight clear yet focusing on your temperatures right now, check out santa rosa hovering right around the
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freezing mark one degree away from freezing, and 37 in napa one degree cooler in the bottle. you really are serious in the cool weather in the north bay but nothing too much change for downtown san francisco. if we are coming in at just 46 degrees. >>erica: and hopefully we have an warmer conditions as we head into the afternoon. not only do we see green on the screen and start to pick up some yellow. and green portions of the south bay indicate temperatures actually in the '70s. let us break down the numbers for the neighborhood by neighborhood. so we have a lot of sunshine in the wind is not to heavy at the head into the afternoon. it looks
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like we were keeping in the upper 60 for hayward and redwood city, low sixties for half moon bay. as we turn our attention to the north bay warm weather and settle the coming in at 73 degrees, 69 in napa and 65 in downtown san francisco. your seven day around the forecast shows sunshine as we wrap the work week. we will hold on to '70s for a couple of select spots. as we head into the we can we will start to cool down in temperatures are back to the low 60s with a chance for rain on sunday into monday. so we will be monitoring that for you on the kron4 morning news as we take out the traffic there are no hot spots to alert you to. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza look good, there are no problems or delays for your west bound ride toward san francisco. the chp looks nice and easy in both directions. no special traffic signs to alert you to. as we take out to the golden gate bridge, we have a live shot and you have the entire freeway to yourself. there are no accident report for your ride out of marin
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county. >>justine: new court documents in the domestic violence case against shares ross mikarimi. it reveals into relationship. and to receive as the not guilty to of the unit are of domestic an orphan act brought were passed by this from their electrolyti
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men of sidon fair value little for the his again as that driving a golden the same end your offer iraq tech reported gabe
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slate gives it a social look at what we will be work and
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with when he died at stores next friday. gabbles this-- >> this is the best mobile displayed are. reduced where is your >>gabe: record has the present display of the ipad war and for it. sampras it has trues h. d. quality. >> we have squad court her graphics. it drives for tons of the number of pixels. twitter but record gap of one has a better camera and video recording at least of as well. will >> we record on 188 he resolution to the do have a voice details in a unit of
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tweet war room: >>gabe: and it has a place to text to. waltham-- >> the 15th and next- generation wireless. mark parent roof and out of the new ipad is on the order now and it will be in stores march 16th, when >> the cool clean with higher resolution and more graphics behind it. people noticed the viewers a member strong rural experience and more powerful and notice technology lessons. and >> we been sent after processing of that is late, right now think there were news things people were testing but it looks like a very solid update. her >>justine: it much more ahead on the kron4 will take a quick break on this thursday morning and a live look outside holding a great
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showing us what is happening on a very not how you want ride on we will do weather and traffic right after this.
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>>erica: mad to the kron4 morning news, we are taking a live line at conditions over downtown san this is so freely. merck will have a serious warning in sentiment and a space pods and are in the areas of abortion of the santa clara valley. live have you can into the afternoon boasted the true conservative, here we will see a lot of sunshine and even some '70s for some of the north because they o'clock. as we look ahead, we'll have the potential for some rainfall for not only this week and doesn't into the new corporate debt load. we have more on that your extended forecast and
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carried her today is the story of your temperatures here live her the
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bridge want as we take it over to the golden gate bridge, barely any cars on the stand for itself coming out of the growth rate. food and taking it over to the traffic map, the east may look good. with a count of war is a clear shot into the tunnel and the macarthur made sporadic as the ticket to the sound of that room in the case, to over 50 mi. an hour with not single accident report. >>justine: up the city of zero visiting, get some money from and protests that dan. leaving unused and now: juror break wind and claim these records the with you
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how benevolent and fear of triggering the a window: is the hon in seven at thousand dollars to cover the cost of the racket was clear mayor jean quan and oldham--in a wimbledon doesn't recall election. he --rosa of the bill for this as well as yours, sort rig was one of the worst in years and now hold--doe indeed >> rebuttal a unique bid to to actually really be as aggressive as they are?
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>>reporter: lead despite a rash of shootings in the view mayor quan plans is done by her >> we just started, are you kidding? give me a break. from who-- >>reporter: we show the mayor's response here is as most hon level >> it has been almost six months now and then have no result. six months from now we cannot continue and this is a key was is not working. >>reporter: he said he was mayor he would quiz more gang in junction and an anti is ordering a lot to help the police to add it is rarer are on the streets. when--croesus usually been the he says sometimes you
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have a good set aside your ideological luther city is left to do that. rock >>justine: room, on tuesday the city council approved $3.5 million or a major developer to draft a more formal plan. error it will take a year-and-a-half before the plan this finish. her at a news conference today mayor quan was rather optimistic. the flight >> i did nothing of the a's aren't going anywhere, let us be very clear in. the great team is that got people always talking about as the conference that extent, but the actors and other content than use it is that they're and entertainment venues that the conclusion that i personally want aimlessly nine. there is detailed, there are other things. partly to insure a home as it used to swim out of its way if one had to bite and
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then did a piece of land around it. who's there, we really can't put routine care and still have room for hotels at q airport connector and retell probably in the middle. her >>reporter: now we see where the village could be killed. you try your hardly open, a slew of recent visit is right behind
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new carrier will this is a attract businesses and to the area. doctrine to >> and this has an opportunity to be a real serious our jobs generator. when--and talk with the city will log on to produce the jobs but it lose revenue for the city. >>justine: a live look outside right now. we will take a break and be right back, stay with us.
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outside right now from san raphael or a freeze warning is in effect. good morning jackie. >>reporter: it is 32 degrees out here right now. we are
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right at the freezing level. the one thing that the will notice is when you come out this morning the wind is gone. and there is no wind to speak of but it is very cold.. >>justine: thanks so much, if it made to feel any better it will be about 70 degrees later today. now we want to show you new developments in the case of this heat for the killers. huma western german time, a letter from prison where you are looking at the letter now. r--the sense that there is a occurred will high- speed free killer that was trained by his partner lowland. >>reporter: from the one in this room resolved to relocate to the letter was leaked from time to this that he and laurent and not just killing people by themselves. one sure of the beaten and shot her, he claims that there may be a
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third pass easily treatable it. his letter mentioned the name staysail don't fell said that poland could wind blowing hot and how the appeal and get away with. but he goes on to say that he hadn't worn jason to get out of the country's 04 he scolds the next masquerades like you didn't send the letter also claims that there is at least the one who can that be sure recent high at the bottom of page 11 engines a credit line and women of did he claim to balance low rent and some gang members killed carry health and it also claims that lin was great number of health and joe and he also ran about killing people still lived what he thought it was a compelling is released. full a letter also is intended to death so that
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losing ripe red '60s and check out your afternoon high temperatures. i could see mid-60's her san francisco's and upper 60 san jose. real warmer or so it is true on whether to laugh or to at the lead iraq today. we will allow you to see more warm weather as we fourth have to make it through the hole into the side. current we do have a freeze on an effect. 1033 degrees, several foot, 34 and navato. we need to see some of the upper 30s in the films in the hot it. and actually sitting right now. about 14 degrees cooler than where it was 24 hours of.
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however we have not seen much change. downtown san francisco's coming in at 45 degrees carried on an ad you check out the features forecast, will start to see some families and take these anti head into 9:00 p.m.. by afternoon look into it a 50 along the coastline. we mostly see a majority of sixties around the bay area. her that yellow on your screen indicates how we could see '70s replaced by santa rosa and portions of south viet load. i'm here is a look at numbers for your neighborhood by later this. and we could reach an afternoon high will keep in the hopper for the same goals los gatos later as afternoon. their ethical% economy ticket this 67 navato, 65 for downtown san and sizzle and about 1 degrees cooler for those in attendance after . phil, this seven day around the forecast shows a pleasant conditions for the next couple of days. why temperatures to to to lead our into the '70s however,
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we will start to pull down as we head into we begin here and we will deal more in an favella macleod orders and have a 40 percent chance of some showers will carry and what it looks like we will hold on to the wet weather and to the little mexican area talk, we have a lot of grain to talk about were a few kilos, on that right your and kron4.-as you take this over to traffic center, and odd is the hot spots to talk about. >>erica: we have pretty like conditions with no leader is still with. your san until grant wright has been under advisory for the last couple days. west bound traffic is moving well out towards foster's it carried your drive time out of navato towards san francisco is 22 minutes. and you'll see a lot of space in between cars, and traffic is a meaning that limit. if you are attending a public transit in look like your good to go for ac transit, bart, at a discount travel
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--caltrain it. with the white >>justine: -- >> what is so striking about this is the senselessness of the act. mw one movement small so what does it is a young team on the south side of religion in emerging-market some people purposely and senselessly destroyed bacteria room--how the shortage that. >>justine: how the easier it auditorium looks like now act to amend the muslims. caught both to
4:37 am
time he will call a bottle of flooding and the grand auditorium, library, and computer lab. the school officials say vandals ripped this piece of pipe from the and and when the rooms and hundreds of gallons of a report out of it all night long. >>vern: this whole screen has to be replaced behind here, it has to be replaced as well. these electrical sockets, all this have been torn out of this all has to be replaced and miriam iii will row behind you to have the clout ptolemies the levels of systems and require them. should it even though looks okay today, six months from now, but some nations will version of you will still smelled the stench that is still permeating will from the floor. duels, there are broken windows, flooding, dry rot. v is just a bad
4:38 am
situation and janet delirium the screen that is behind me has been painted over and that has to be replaced of them some of this is just a huge amount of vandalism and damage. is far from room and some rich traditions and his crew will be huge rooms used in your as you
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has not set in which states are allowing the new food, but it does start and may area of her art with customers to wait there are balances. we have much more ahead on the kron4 morning , as far we will take a quick break and we'll come back we'll talk about the violence in a station that everyone is talking about on facebook and twitter we will explain when we come right back.
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>>reporter: 0 wednesday morning this blood and then be a statement very of his final roberts says he has tried many times to lose weight when he has developed many times and it shows that as an ultimatum come to a halloween night not only would douche helped to support his family. how long ruled who whorish woman role of them >>reporter:
4:43 am
>>justine: much more ahead on the kron4 morning news we will take a quick break right now. we have a chance to showing us what is happening outside experience--.
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>>erica: welcome back to the kron4 morning news here we do have a freeze warning in effect we are right around the freezing mark the santa rosa and the same goes for navato. scheck of half moon bay ride the freezing mark and about 12 degrees cooler compared with a were just 24 hours ago. we will continue to seek dirtied and these numbers drop as we head
4:46 am
closer to sunrise. her by nine industry is one and will expire. how we could actually see some spots dropping to the upper 20s. areas of frost are certainly a possibility and then you will want to drive with extra caution. allowed extra time for your morning commute because black eyes is certainly a possibility. we will get rid of the cold temperatures and reveal plenty of sunshine and a light wind. oakland could reach an afternoon high.
4:47 am
>>erica: but emergency crews have the south lanes blocked off. of england at
4:48 am
interstate 280 is a problem street and as you take it over to the today for you, west bound 580 looks good coming off of the altamont pass. no accidents to report for the knicks freeway. along the peninsula, the base--they bridge freeway looks good. >>justine: court got here is what again, we're getting reports of a big apartment fire that is burning in berkeley. we have 2227 the white away. we are sending crews to the scene to gather more information about the apartment fire that is burning right now. if you have any details of our pictures like all with e- mail them to us. we will have updates on our twitter, facebook and web site as soon as the details come available. stay with a score more details. moving on, because after weeks of rising gas prices drivers saw little bit of relief. craig black now look at what the government and politicians and want to do to really bring down the
4:49 am
prices. room, a member of the group agreed >>pam: of normal republican in alabama. >> the only made it to fix the price of this is by dramatically expanding supply of >> president obama also said that prices are too high. >> i want gas prices lower because the her family is and it is not good for the overall economy because when gas prices go up, consumers living often times schools back. >>reporter: and the democratic congressman said expanding offshore drilling is not the answer. >> the republican answer is that we need to drill in a deep real. the slope may sound good but it is based on complete fiction the area who were we are drilling for but prices are still going up >>reporter: and president obama said domestic oil and gas production and the highest that it has been in nine years. he also
4:50 am
announced a cleaner to plan in north carolina. chrysler >> to cities and towns all across the country will lose a is that even make a commitment to buy more advanced vehicle for your comment to for the they run on electricity or biofuel, or natural gas is, we will help to cut through the red tape and build fueling stations in nearby. >>justine: to put current prices into protective the average price of regular unleaded one year ago was $3.50 san. that was highest ever average in the u.s. $4.11 and that was reported on july 7, 2008. in california news, a new survey shows most in california approve of the governor's task plan that will be voted on in november. it raises the sales tax and income tax on the state highest earners. the study shows that 52 percent of voters support the plan and 40 percent
4:51 am
opposed. if the tax plan is not approved by voters it will cut billions from education funding and 72 percent of those polled oppose the education cuts. asocial mccann pain has not borne viral. i am not sure if you have seen this online or not but a u.s. charity called the invisible tools and created a widespread campaign to educate the western world about the horrific crimes of the kind of war criminal josef. kimberlee tells us now this campaign has just exploded on line. >>kimberlee: you kind of we if you want on facebook or twitter you cannot avoid the tories, links a and comment about you gone and warlord. the top comic store stocks--stop or cognac. the group it will this all centers around this man. the group is believed to have displaced millions of the up and shout and group--and of
4:52 am
the kit cows and two children. it remains to be clearly remained on the loose. that is were invisible children comes in. little groups to 30 minute 2012 video and to make of this warlord famous, not to celebrate him but to raise support for his arrest. creek in just two days this video already has nearly 10 million viewers and a petition on line has hunted the cows of signatures-- hundreds of thousands of signatures. >>justine: breaking news out of berkeley. our this is where the apartment fire is burning right now carry we have sent several crews to the scene to gather more information. we should have a live report we hope in the next 10 minutes to bring the very latest information on our breaking news story.
4:53 am
there is it fire burning right now in berkeley. we will have live pictures in just a few minutes. we do have live pictures of a train derailment in south carolina that is forcing the evacuation of people in greenville. hazmat crews are on the scene. watch developments on this story when the kron4 morning news comes right back.
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>>stanley: i know you're thinking and they are on private property and the rules are different. court actually the law enforcement arm parking enforcement officer in my view it did you hear him and start recording couldn't if only one didn't insider eventide and have a month and was provided, this is would
4:57 am
have the same old cracker not rear of the average ticket is about $335. in san francisco is over $900. through it so, you just learn something new. in san as though i am stanley roberts kron4 news. >>justine: is breaking news right now an apartment fire is burning right now in berkeley is that 20 to 27 white. after talking with people in the kron4 newsroom it sounds like this to the place that kids who go to berkeley might live. it could be a university not a dorm, but a place that the kids live. we are sending crews to the scene to gather more information to ring as pictures of this fire that burned and right now. if i chance to happen to see anything, you can always e- mail us. we will be right back.
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>> darya: right how good morning there is in far running right now skills and have >> mark: real problem humble and letters from was the sherman time relieve it and maybe a third member and the truth. >> darya: convulses want same customers have annual fee that you may run a lot carried shrewder core goof >> mark: luxuriously is warning for the inland valleys i will have been dealt coming up. and we have a breaking news story out of the east bay, and the fire right now that is here at t 227. we have a crew that is headed to the scene right now. they are setting up and we will bring a live report within minutes. >> darya: we want to check on the weather, let us go over to erica. >>erica: temperatures are
5:01 am
right at the freezing mark. right now we see mostly clear conditions is cold as we stepped outside the door. when we will continue to see the numbers drop as we head into the next couple hours approaching sunrise. however, into the afternoon we warn right back up. temperatures are potentially in the upper 60s and low '70s. we have cold conditions returning as we head into the evening. clear are the numbers. stir in the bundle up, we are 33 degrees in central, 34 in a bottle. check out half moon bay at the freezing mark. we have about 14 degrees colder compared to where they work. however there is not much change for places like downtown san francisco of redwood city. i will have a look at afternoon high temperatures and the next chance for rain fall coming up in my next report. >> darya: our report continues with jackie system would in san raphael this morning and in the conditions there.
5:02 am
>>reporter: good morning is definitely cold here will notice that the wind that we have had for the class couple days, live in the thermometer. concord dickensian is 34 degrees cooler in has been between 34 and 32 for the last half hour. mark green car grid this is a freeze advisory out this morning. it is definitely colette of this morning. hands--so no wind advisory out there in this cold. >> mark: that's right. >> george: here at the bay bridge plaza we have a commute we have a light traffic for your ease today in--the survey commute.
5:03 am
>> darya: 1 these are what we call this he freak killers. her--he said that there is a third on a killer that is trained to kill. he operated with sherman time. >> darya: the war ended jones to leave the country. the letter also says when he was a member of the hell's angels. he also is linked to the 1994 shooting death.
5:04 am
there were more than 1000 bone fragments found. they say there are more and this is just the start. >> mark: police say a 24 year-old from fairfield and 18 year old were shot. they believed the suspect may be driving a gold mercedes benz. your now here is the son showing the solar flare that came shooting out. risks of the biggest one in five years. it could cause problems with satellite, gps and possibly the power read the storm has already been cleared with some radio waves. group worked hard him
5:05 am
toward there is a bright side, and the northern lights we will see your son swim and although it chances are slim in the bay area team it was in 1989 that a solar flare as an knocked out power grid for some 6 million according to customers in fact were save her now. >> darya: well as for customers lin six days we shed with a new business for customers using the system to a checking account and ray this golden to affect in may. there are ways to customers away of the floating in honor of your deposit and your balance and your balances at a trillion yen perfectas of this bank aside this all happens as the san francisco case short bank criticize and to consolidate.
5:06 am
>> mark: with breaking news, crews are setting up on the scene right now of a fire in berkeley. a live look at the san mateo bridge we will be right back.
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>>mark: we are continuing to follow the breaking news story out of berkeley. an apartment fire on the white way. will tran is sending us a picture right now. we will go live to the
5:16 am
scene and a few minutes. >>darya: taking a look at decision 2012, mitt romney me very well win the republican nomination for president but not without taking some serious damage. officials and strategist in several states say they worry that continued attacks on romney may inflict wounds that will not heal in time for the november contest. some gop officials are urging rick santorum and new gingrich to step aside. santorum says he has no intention of bowling out. >> i am not saying that, i am all for everyone getting out, i wish the president would just hand me the thing, but that is not going to happen.
5:17 am
>> i believe with your help we can win. if we win both alabama and mississippi next tuesday, this is a new race for the nighttime. >>darya: the gingrich campaign is looking to the to louisiana and texas. everything is all live in this out. >>mark: it is cold out there, let's get the latest on the forecast. >>erica: it is freezing for a couple of spots around the bay area.
5:18 am
widespread 30's in the north bay. we will continue to see temperatures dropped as we head closer to summarize. areas of frost are certainly a possibility. in terms of server jester of the rest of the day hopefully 40's and 50's.
5:19 am
as it turned our attention to the north bay, a lot of sunshine. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows sunshine to enjoy for the next couple of days. temperatures will drop to the low 60s. we do have the potential for rainfall sunday into monday.
5:20 am
>>george: the commute looks good out near the high rise. it is not likely to create any problems. it should be out of the lanes shortly. caltrans crews were dispatched some time ago. your ride to the golden gate on 101 southbound, a problem free into were heading from no delays out of livermore or the altemont pass. south bay freeways look clear.
5:21 am
>>darya: it is so painful to fill up at the pump. drivers sought a little bit of relief at the pumps, not here. here in california we are not getting any breaks. look at what we are paying a year ago. in san francisco, $3.96. here we are a year later, look at these prices.
5:22 am
>>mark: a new details revealed it court documents describing the relationship between mirkirimi and his ex-girlfriend. in one incident he grabbed our armed difficult -- he grabbed her arm hard enough to preserve. more as we continue to
5:23 am
follow a breaking news story of a berkeley. will tran is on the scene. yoli eceves is there as well. here is a look at traffic on the james lick in san francisco. at this hour traffic is very light. air wick and the national park foundation have partnered to bring you the vibrant scents of nature, from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone to the tropical islands of hawaii.
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>>mark: shimon peres how the role of technology as an instrument for peace at a conference in san francisco district. the brief appearance marked the final day of his four day tour of san francisco and the silicon valley during which she visited some of the area's top tech companies. an israeli official claims satellite images back israel's concerns that kron is developing an atomic bomb. pictures 455 fluff and unspecified country and show
5:27 am
trucks in the earth moving vehicles at a military site. diplomats say the images suggest the trucks could be carted away nuclear material. >> i believe that israel will attack. i believe that it is important that diplomacy be given an opportunity. if style believe that it is possible to achieve a diplomatic solution. >>mark: benjamin netanyahu has told the senators he has not decided whether to strike against a run. a quick break as the kron 4 news continues. will tran is alive inversely on the scene of a large fire. >>will: and the fire is still going on.
5:28 am
coming that will have a live report on the impact. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you...
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>>darya: the big stories we are following, firefighters are battling an apartment fire in berkeley. the location is on the white way. we are live on the scene. students are in the streets in their pajamas right now. we also have new details on the speed freak killers. sherman's hine says there is a third speed freak killer. >>darya: wells fargo customers in six states are about to get hit with a new fee. there are expanding efforts to charge $7 a month for customers to use their essential checking account. >>mark: a big fire at an apartment complex in berkeley, the 2000 block of light weight. will tran is set up on the
5:31 am
scene and joins us live with an update. >>will: the fire is still going strong but the flames are not towering like they were before. the smoke is so sick and dangerous, the fire department has pulled back and taken a defensive stance. we understand that three buildings have been evacuated. we also learned that the ceiling has been compromised and a few minutes ago the third floor collapsed the road is filled with students and residents. you do not live at the building, you with a couple
5:32 am
of buildings down. tell us what you saw? >> with two buildings down. i was sleeping. i heard the flames and i heard the voice of the fire carter's and then, i woke up suddenly before they arrive. i woke up my brother, i grabbed my passport, my id and grabbed my neighbors. >>will: you said that you saw the reflection of the flames on the window? them a guess. >>will: was there a lot of panic? and there was not. but no one was hurt. >>will: when i arrived at 5:00 a.m., many students are
5:33 am
coming out in their pajamas and using blankets to cover their faces. a lot of students are still down here and many more of a fire department, we do not know how much longer they will be out here. i do not see any of the fire trucks leaving here. i can tell you, there are no injuries. face i will try to get an update for you in a few minutes. >>darya: let's go to eric and get an update on the weather. >>erica: right now we are dealing with cold temperatures. we do have a freeze warning currently in effect. that will be the case until 9:00 a.m.. after that, temperatures start to rise.
5:34 am
sunny and warm conditions. as look ahead we do have the potential for rain this weekend starting sunday and then those chances increase as mr. the next workweek. 30's across the north bay. half moon bay is sitting right and freezing. later on this afternoon we will see temperatures climb into the upper 60s and low 70's. i will show you that in your 7 day around the bay forecast. we will see warm conditions into tamara into the weekend.
5:35 am
staff to >>darya: craig skalar is joining us from los gatos of current conditions there. >>craig: is here in the santa clara valley it varies from 40-30. the worst is down in gilroy. it is quite frosty there. this bank thermometers says degrees. it is actually warmer than that, it was down into the 30's overnight. >>george: there are no wind advisories for the bay area bridges. we're looking at pretty light traffic. here is a quick check of the bridges.
5:36 am
your ride on the san mateo bridge is a problem free. your ride to the golden gate is a simple and easy trip, about 1 01 with no delays through marin county. >>darya: in richmond v thousand dollars reward is now being offered to find the vandals who destroyed a brand new school building. the west contra costa unified school board is matching the police or for the arrest and conviction of whoever cost close to $1 million in damage to meister elementary. to the flood of the auditorium and computer lab.
5:37 am
>> the efforts we have made to revitalize the canvases, of eastern was almost there. some people to purposely and senselessly destroyed that. this is a case where there are no eyewitnesses. >>darya: because of the damage this will building cannot be used for the remainder of the year. >>justine: jobless claims rose last week. the four week average is near a four year low. the february unemployment numbers will come out tomorrow but as of now, this is the latest information. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues
5:38 am
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>>mark: a fire breaking out an apartment complex in berkeley. here is a video showing the flames shooting up into the air from this apartment complex. we have a preliminary report that everyone made it out of the building safely.
5:42 am
>>darya: sunnyvale police have arrested a man accused of committing a stream of home burglaries over the past two weeks. this 32 year-old was arrested on tuesday after officers spotted him riding a bicycle near ticonderoga drive. after serving a search warrant on his home and a car impounded at the scene of a burglary on monday, detectives were able to link him to at least nine of 14 recent burglaries. >>mark: what are watching the thermometers. chilly temperatures around the bay.
5:43 am
we are down to 30 in san jose. we will be right back. introducing the new flip & fresh from air wick
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5:47 am
walking out and cover their faces. it was a smoky. i am happy to report that there are no injuries to any student or occupants of other buildings. we are hoping to your from the public information officer and a few minutes. fact the fire became so dangerous it was too dangerous for firefighters
5:48 am
to go inside him, they instead it simply shot water from above. >>mark: give us an idea of how big the building is. >>will: may be as many as six units. it looks like an older building. the red cross is already showing up, as soon as i get more information and will check back in with the. >>mark: let's take a look at the forecasts. >>erica: a cold start to the morning. as we take a look at conditions from the roof camera, mostly clear skies. you will certainly want to
5:49 am
bundle up as you have outside the door. here is a look at current temperatures. into the rest of the day, hopefully by the 9:00 hour, once the freeze warning expires, we will see porgies and '50s billion. as we get closer to the afternoon, upper 50s along the coastline. we could see 70's and places like santa rosa in the portion of the south bay. terry's a breakdown neighborhood by neighborhood. -- here is a breakdown in the neighborhood by neighborhood.
5:50 am
storm tracker 4 shows high pressure is with us. there is no cloud cover headed our way or rainfall to speak of. we will continue to see clear conditions for the rest of the work week. temperatures will be dropping into the low 60s. we do have the potential for rainfall during the latter part of the weekend and stretching into the middle of next week. >>george: we are monitoring a great commuter around the bay area. it is light on all of the bay area freeways. we are not tracking any hot spots or looking at accidents or problems. traffic is light and problem free coming from the macarthur maze, east shore and the nimitz. we have a spot on the bay bridge -- we have a stall on the bay bridge right here. it is out of the traffic lanes and it is not backing things out. that is good news for the
5:51 am
westbound commute. on the golden gate, an easy trip for you with no delays as you are heading south found. before your look at the traffic maps, the east shore freeway to looks good. there is a fire at the 2200 block of white way. 101 out of the coyote valley is clear and the marin ride also looks good for 101 southbound. there are no delays between novato and the waldegrave. >>justine: an evacuation and south carolina after a train carrying potentially hazardous chemicals derailed. we have new video and to the kron 4 news and showing us
5:52 am
the scene. authorities say that several cars went off of the tracks earlier this morning. emergency crews are still trying to figure out what kind of chemicals were on board. authorities have recommended that everyone within a half mile of the accident clear out while crews tried to clean up with is a potentially hazardous situation. >>darya: a man who struck a nine year-old boy with a car last august will spend a year in jail after entering a guilty plea. ryan white had just left a giants game with his family when the driver struck him. the driver, andrew marcus also struck a woman and two parked cars before taking off. police arrested him a short time later. yesterday he agreed to a plea deal that would dismiss the hit-and-run charges.
5:53 am
>>mark: we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>>mark: we are continuing to monitor a breaking news story out of berkeley, the building went up in flames. faugh initial reports are of no one has been injured. we will check in with will
5:57 am
tran coming up shortly. >>darya: it's cold out there. tank a look at this side from san jose. it is chilly out there this morning. 30 degrees on the dot. here is the look of your expected highs. we will cool down for the weekend as the clouds roll in. next week we will get rained on, back with more in a couple of minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>darya: a fire at an apartment complex that houses the students in berkeley, it has gone up in flames. we'll have more in a live report coming up.


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