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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 28, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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they are blaming it all on us. >> ac transit drivers angry over a contract dispute. they say they are not the ones to blames. tonight they took their poins to the board. kron 4's jonathan has more from tonight's meeting. >> bus drivers are firing back saying the agency is lieing to the public about their labor dispute. after a board meeting woe talked to drivers. >> there is no sick out.
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if there was a 6 out, we have 1700 employees. >> people who have been sick, injured, they are counting these people. these people are off work before the contract was implemented. >> reporter: why did they cancel yesterday? >> because they do not have enough people to work this new schedule that they have put together. 30 something runs they had unfilled. 15 up there and only 10 people on the board. they are going to keep saying this because we are not coming to work. no. you don't have to work force to do what you have done. >> reporter: they are spreading you too thin. >> during my last hour of
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working i am nodding, sleepy. i am almost running into cars. i am not on my best game. >> one member thinks the drivers have a point. in oakland, jonathan bloom. looks like furlough fridays could be back. the governor announcing today he will force state employees to take three unpaid days a month. the first furlough day is scheduled for two weeks from this friday. 156,000 employees will be effected. the governor hopes to save $150 million each month. >> temperatures were slightly warmer today and they will continue to warm into tomorrow. here is a look, the fog
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blushing up along the coast right now. coastal and bay fog tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning, pealing back to the coast line at noon. temperatures will warm into the afternoon by 5 degrees in most locations. some places could see more warming than that. 60s along the coast and 80 inland spots. all coming up in just a bit. work on the bay bridge continues tomorrow. the big new piece of the tower was installed today. 165 feet tall, 12,000 on it piece. it's one of four that will make of the first section of the tower. here is where the work stands, the bridge half way finished. the tower will be completed
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next year. the bridge will be open in late 2013. it's $1.4 billion for the tower. july first toll increase is effecting people's driving habits. here is the video during the toll increases. new data shows drivers are paying the full fair more often now. >> reporter: in 2009, more than 113,000 drivers payed the reggiereral -- regular fair to pass the driver. the transportation commission found since july first the number of cars in the carpool lane fallen by 12,000 per day on all bridges.
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carpoolers are also required to have a fast track tag. 11 days fast forward the numbers spiked. at the same time congestion pricing was also implemented. less traffic during the 5-10:00 p.m. period. last year it took drivers 19 extra minutes to get to the toll plaza. this year it takes 10 extra minutes to get there. >> new prices went into effect july 1st. it stayed at '4 nonpeek hours.
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still ahead, immigration rally blocks traffic in arkansas. governor schwarzenegger gives a californian his own day. those stories still ahead. those people are happy
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immigration protest in san francisco today. these protesters blocked 7th street in front of the federal building. 19 people arrested. they were protesting the arizona immigration law. today a federal judge pulled the teeth out of the new law. saying it would lead to racial profiling. >> it's a little bump in the road. >> arizona's governor reacting to the ruling. it was closed to the public.
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judge bolten blocked enforcement of the bill 1070. she said no requiring police officers check a person's immigration status, to requiring noncitizens to have immigration papers with them at all times. opponents said the provisions would lead to racial profiling. >> we are being innovated by illegal immigration in the state of arizona. >> most americans agree with her. at the same time, 54% say it will lead to greater discrimination against hispanics. one thing both sides agree on, the issue was not settled
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today. officials are already working on an appeal and the decision is likely to come from the u.s. supreme court. >> last year arkansas sheriff's turned over 26,000 illegal immigrants to authorities. the warming trend continues into the weekend, i will have full details in a few minutes. ♪
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second suspect in court in connection with the murder of a virginia man. prosecutor already charged althea housley with murder. the two were arrested. video shows two people matching their discriptions. he was in town for a interview
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at google. dally city, 11 people forced out of their homes because of this fire. started this evening. firefighters had it out after 45 minutes. one officer was treated after burning his hand. 100 more police officers could be cut if voters reject a november ballot measure. today merchants met on how to keep their businesses safe. >> reporter: major public safety issue. >> the police aren't going to come down to help you, they told us not to call 911 unless it's a violent crime. it scares me.
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>> i am concerned. the safety of my tenants. >> reporter: trying to find ways to alleviate these types of concerns was the purpose of today's meeting. >> today's forum was about how to keep our customers and the merchants safe from crime. >> i am nervous it's -- the crime is going to get worse and that my people aren't going to come and feel safe. >> reporter: even though images like these windows still remains weeks after the verdict, one says the news is way overblown.
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temperatures warmed up a little bit today thanks to tothclearing we saw. sunny say skies, similar conditions tomorrow. tomorrow morning less extensive fog and the additional sunshine will help the temperatures warm up 5 degrees. we will keep the warming trend as we head into the weekend. here is a look at fog outside, tomorrow morning, by 6:00 in the morning, already scaling back. inland valleys will be in the clear. the north bay holding on to the fog. we saw temperatures so cool in santa rosa because the fog stuck till about noon. we will see sun breaks on the
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coast again tomorrow. temperatures warm a few degrees tomorrows. upper 70s today. tomorrow mainly in the 80s. antioch is one of our warmer locations. north bay 70s. napa 79. 76 in san jose. let's get a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. fog gets less extensive as we head into the weekend. tomorrow low 80s for most inland spots. ant crosswalk, 87 degrees. 85, 87 that's the normal for the inland locations. >> thank you. looking at news across california today. 25 homes and buildings have been lost in this fire in kern
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county. tonight it's 25% contained. 150 homes remain threatened. in fresno, people are suing grayhound. the survivors say the bus driver did not fulfill his duty to transport the passengers safely. the 6 plaintiffs suffered injuries as 6 were killed in the wreck. seamy valley, the governor signed rondel reagan day into the law. nancy reagan joined schwarzenegger. february 6th from now on is in recognition of rondel reagan. -- ronald reagan. the raiders opening training camp and naming a starting quarterback. and andris torres goes deep and
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[ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] the giants keep their good thing rolling. 36,000 at the park today to see buster posey waste no time. first at bat, hitting streak at 21. rookie record at 22. team record at 26. next, uribe, to right center field. giants jump out 6-1. uribe 3-5. the marlins look like they are going to lose. andris torres, torres 4-6,
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three rbis and brian wilson on a day he was fined $1,000 for orfg shoes, put -- orange shoes, put tape over them. dan uggla ties the game at 9. giants blow a 9-2 game. and torres hits a single and the game is over. hit it to the wall. and that's it. the giants win 10-9 in 10. the giants stay 2-1/2 games back. they remain top in the wildcard race. ben sheets, elbow injury is serious, his season is over.
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trevor cahill going to work. cahill, 8 inning, 2 hits. did not allow a run. kurt sue suky, blast to the outfield. that guy, josh hamilton is the most talented. a's win. >> sometimes when you perform and somebody is scribbling
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notes -- >> if it was meant for you, i would have given it to you. >> mark just reads his material, i am very paranoid youerant listening to me. >> i was listening to you. >> all right. there it is. right in the middle of my performance. >> it wasn't intended for your viewing. >> it's football time in the bay area. let me show you the raiders began practice today. jason campbell was announced as the starting quarterback. [inaudible]
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cut the squad to 15 players. 12 goes to turkey. the cuts next will come august 26th. curry was runner of for rookie of the year. the guy who won rookie of the year, tyreke evans from sacramento was cut today. this fellow here, gavin continued to say, i know sports people. yesterday it was keeper and crooker honored. today it was david lee who has been aiarwer for 10 -- been a warrior for 10 minutes. the warriors are going to help dedicate a new basketball court. 70,728. look at this crowd for
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manchester united versus mlf all stars. manchester the wealthiest team in the world. they win. >> time for ice cream. >> oh, yeah.
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