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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 22, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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step grandfather, stephen hiyashi is arrested with troy of endangerment and possession of a dangerous animal. this is word happened,-child endangerment, the boy went into the garage, and a around 8:45 that is 14 of the family's 5 pit bulls attacked him. -that is worth three of the five peoples. and all were removed and euthanized. all five were taken by animal control. that is the latest. concord, one question is what were they during with 5 pit bulls? we're sunderstanding that the only been three animals are allowed, three dogs. they had no idea the terrified pit bulls. in most cases, they did
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not even know that there were five. once they saw that was one lose, and then won it tied up. police, for the most idea, they had no idea that there were five pit bulls. unfortunately, a very tragic story. >> thank you, dan. new details on the shoot out on the 580 in oakland. here is video, a early on sunday. as kate thompson reports, for the first time police have new information about the binder recovered. byron williams. >> oakland police are revealing this with california written on its cover. retrieved from the hybrid 580 but the bomb squad. - highway. and also, it contains a list of organizations in san francisco. >> there were locations that he had identified and certain spots
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that he put down and still pretty much the to keep it close to cost during the investigation. it was his writings and ramblings. >> byron was involved with 12 minutes of the shoot out early sunday morning. he was traveling to san francisco to kill people at two different non-profit organizations. >> we believe that he would have carried out his mission which is to go to san francisco and commit violent crimes, and the aclu and that is truly his statement to us. >> he faces four counts of a firing against san francisco. >> chief anthony bats, is going to continue to keep his aggressive task against gang,
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guns and drugs. >> that is becoming an organization, we put input to the gangs, guns, drugs and we have put a gloss police officers we're going to continue to have the focus. -as we have a less officers. we have consistently performed and we have 80 flocking less officers. fan to which the debate officers, and they give consistently, and i want to applaud them, thank them, and reach out toward federal partners. knowing that we are born of an impact this summer i've reached out to the attorney general, the u.s. attorney, and he is calling a meeting in the month of august. we're going to sit down with our federal partners, the fbi, the dea, and the question has come up. and has the 80 officers had an impact? and the reality is
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that the summer is the most problematic. cahow to become a june, july, and thpeak. and we're going into a very busy prime time. >> and he is seeking federal assistance on the natural crime- fighting crime-fighting level. >> a san jose man is impersonating a high rway police officer, this 4 kron victory was spotted at a gas station and in embarcadero by 27 year-old mark bellini. a marhe sa something ws not quite right as. >> the crown victoria is commonly used and crolaw enforcement, and when this was found at 2:00 a.m. they thought it was one of their own. you can see that this photo, he was
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leaning against and it is difficult to tell apart. and he saw that it was a radio, dark to fatigues, and the search found weaponry, equipment, badges, handcuffs and the inside of spotlights and a mounted camera to secure regular police unit. he is charged with impersonating law enforcement, and at endangering. and they're trying to find out if he had used these to pull over, harm anyone. he is out on $20,000 bill. >> and police in palo alto, a 10 year-old boy. he enters the home was the adult wait outside. and the boy is described as latin, hispanic, brown hair, long hair, 5 ft.,100 pounds and the company is 5 ft. 4, 1 20
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lbs. in his 40's. for ♪ live look aside from our mount cam camlok this afternoon is gorgeous sunny skies for most of this bay area. and we are seeing a little bit of fog a little bit from the north. for some sun breaking in this afternoon, warmer in the area of on the coast. with 57 degrees in san francisco is also up at 64 degrees. inland has seen the most warming by 10-15 degrees warmer than what we saw, yesterday. we will continue with this trend with was fog, more sunshine for this afternoon. here is a look at the satellite. the fog is going to be a lot slower to push and tonight. as a result, not quite as widespread. and the actress sunshine, with warmer temperatures especially abroad--x to sunshine. the fog o linger and york extended
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forecast is coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, jacqueline, a live look if you make your way into san francisco. coming up at the kron 4 news, bart is digging into their own pocket for a connector to the oakland airport.
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>> a fiddle greyhound bus cras e concrete divider, hit in suv, and on thethe embankment. and among those killed with the bus river, the passenger, and three from the s u b. and in moreno valley,
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>> this woman young woman is missing, and there ara are investigating with local sex offenders. >> and focus on a proposal, to temporarily reduce 3-5% with a budget surplus, and also, the next board bidding is going to be on august 12th. >> it is warmer other today, and the warming is going to continue for the next couple of days. the fog is good to press back on the coastline and the details and the poll forecast coming up in just a few minutes. fifth ♪
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>> the live look, at the hyatt
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protesters >> the workers have been working without a contract, and now decision 2010. garlic in the air in gilroy, politics. republican gubernatorial, meg whitman is protesticreating a po create jobs. >> we have to make a possibility to make do business here and i'm going to make a moratorium on all new regulations. >> and list of the madness, [applause] to harmonize so we cannot have two different a commissiorganiz, and we're going to know what businesses are thinking about leaving. which are going to expand and we will get into the
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middle of these negotiations and keep business here. >> i will be the best businesswoman they will not find some of the more staunch, and somebody w >> to keep discussions here. >> she toward the garlic ranch, by threatening job regulation. and if our elected, she promises to create millions by 2015. she also called for a new form working program as part of immigration reform. at the same time, her opposition to the arizona immigration law. and fall interviews, and participate in your polls in the latest information. to make short and choice for a a viewer poll. 8 mi. underwater,
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and the cap is appearing to still be holding. and a mile underwater, and this is not man- made it is a nasty a tropical system and a spring. vicki liviakis and it is to be a setback for containing and cleaning up the or mexico. >> right now, it is a tropical depression but is gaining strength and to beat tropical storm barney. bp is deciding weather to evacuate dozens of ships. the worksite. >> there is a storm brewing in their working closely with noah and the national hurricane center to determine if it is going to build into a storm and what pat it will take. as we explained numerous times and if we have a storm? that it works and the site, the gol we have to make sure that this people are safe, that is the first party. >> earlier, the worries that it could-first priority. now,
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scientists are convinced that it is safe to lead it. >> right now, delays as we prepare for the weather but as the plan, the contingencies are still in place and working with the coast guard, locally and state authorities. we've a very extensive severe weather plans to we are confident that it will work. >> they are on standby, that if it will be a vacuum because of the storm a to b two-weeks before the tv-hideki we diit to, if the evacuate. >> and the storms are a causing flooding in the pr, dominican republic, and it is also now a tropical storm. tropical storm of bonnie and it is into the gulf of mexico. and in wyoming, rescue crews have found a search and rescue effort, park
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officials spotted the body. 21 year-old brandon oldenkamp he was climbing yesterday in one of the 17 climbers that were caught in this storm. a rest of the more risky, yesterday. ♪ >> a live look outside and the golden gate bridge this is really all we are seen as the way of fog along the coastline. and even some sunshine, warmer temperatures this afternoon with the additional sunshine especially, inland. up 10-50 degrees from warsaw yesterday with back into the temperatures in the 60s, the 70's are going to warm even more. reason is that fog is born to be slow to move and this evening. by tomorrow, we will see tens of fog along the coast. it will scale back very quickly.
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with more sunshine and warmer for tomorrow afternoon. to take a look of the fog tracker, it is not going far inland as expected. and by 6:00 a.m., the inland valley will be clear, and patchy fog, the south bay will be clear. and it is pressing back on one of coastline by nine a m. we will see a press further backshore by 11 a m in the san mateo coast. it also looks like san francisco is going to see more sunshine to mar with warmer temperatures. let us take a look at neighborhood by neighborhood, 62 degrees in half moon bay. and the 65 degrees in san francisco, and a warming a run the bay shore to death with 78 in fremont, 78 in mountain view, and warmer weather is going to stay with us for a few more days. the farthest point of less of an impact in our forecast. and along the coastline, the bay
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shore, the inland areas are warming up, nicely. as we head into next week before is going to reform the light, with tens temperatures and below average. parenting, jacqueline, and- d downtown, daniel daniel villareal it looks like they're still arresting people? >> that is right. you can see that there are many people that are going to be transported are and handcuffs. there are a lot of people blocking the hyatt. and as a result, you can see this large crowd. this goes all the way down. and you can see that they are getting handcuffed. and people are getting on the muni and transported. >> and there are arresting these
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people for blocking the entrance to the building or blocking the street? >> from what i can make out, that they are blocking the entrance. and this is a planned event. they are doing this today. there could be a number of arrests today. and the hyatt, the union, to what is going to happen. >> and we can see that traffic is stopped were blocked or is it getting by? >> right now, it is moving good in this direction but as you see in this direction, it is completely blocked off. traffic is forced to turn, take a right, and find a different route around. if your turn to go north? you can go through. but it is a bit chaotic. you can
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imagine the with traffic, construction. it is backed all the way of to market street. >> daniel villareal thank you, and also, traffic is blocked in san francisco from the hyatt employees. we will follow in the right back with the kron 4 news of 5:00 p.m., continues. ♪
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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>> quick work, a woman was caught only nine minutes. the phone had been tracking his every move. the phone listing used for the real gps application. the woman was an intern for mountain view software company. she has set out to demonstrate of software with the phone was stolen. soon, shoppers are born to be able to research and browse inventory, and secure inventory. but producer, kimberly sakamoto it. >> right now, the insurance
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agency for military services can research cars, and get price quotes. using an iphone application and when we take this video. it will show that the iphone application will look like after august 4th. and with finance, insurance, and although experts say that even though the u.s. a a cautions shoppers. it should be wary to bypass the dealership, to use this as a one click to be armed with that information when you go to the dealership. what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. >> thank you, kimberly, a live look, and with the protests outside the hyatt. workers from the hotel and many are being arrested as they are blocking stockton street. we will have more on this at the kron 4 news
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live from the bay area's news station at 6:00 p.m. >> new details on the ac transit contract disputes today is the fourth date dispute. the agency iimposes new that 190 drivers called in sick and over 200 drivers have called in the sec each day this week. today, the union is denying a sick out in maureen kelly spoke to both sides. >> there is no sick out. the union is at work. >> it is this honest for the union leadership to see that there is no sick out. and it is-- dis honest there are two ot hundred people out each day. >> and with all the call out,
6:01 pm
the hard-driving a different route every day, not familiar, and delays. >> it is about disrupting the lives, and try to provoke a strike. >> the route change, and the drivers should know the routes because they've been driven them, and know them and they also have the ability to choose. however, union leaders have kept them from choosing their routes. that is why it is a much difficulty right now, so if there's going to be any finger pointing right now? unions. >> this not a sickout. >> to impose the contract >> 56 monon dollar budget deficit and the only people that have not contributed are the union, the union members. we need their help to keep this system solvent. >> maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> the union escalated one the ne when the new contract was
6:02 pm
negotiated and i introduced on june 30th. kron4's christine connolly compares both. >> the new is with changes in overtime. the old contract, that overtime was achieved after eight hours. the new contract, it is achieved after 40 hours. and this is compared to manuni d ac transit says another change is health benefits. under the old contract, the agency paid one of a percent of the premiums. no co-pay. they paid one and a percent. and under the new one, there is a 10-dollar copiacode-pay, and 90%. and
6:03 pm
finally, there are changes to the pension plan. under the old contract employees made no contributions. under the new contract, new employees would contribute 7 percent of their salaries to their pensions. here is how it compares to muni as their drivers to not have to make any contributions to their pensions. christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> we spoke with commuters, and most said that it was difficult with elite running buses but stood with the drivers. with it- fleet running buses. i'm willing to be sleetit is light running s to get this issue resolved. lake runnin late running. >> and we will posted the interview that laid out the workers side.
6:04 pm
>> a two year-old boy is killed today attacked by three of the family bought pit bullfamilies >> the two year-old has identified as the jacob bissby and 52 stepfa grandfather has been arrested, in concord. you can see the home is located behind that white fence. at 8:45, the two year-old boy went into the garage were three of the pit bulls work and attacked him. after the attack was taken to hospital and died. it was like the second in the police identified the grandfather had been arrested. if we talked to nabors and they had no idea that the family had 5 pit bulls. >> it is a strange. the to think
6:05 pm
that they could be so close. >> and the day that we're out here with my grandchildren riding their bikes is one the ups man, the dog was tied up in the front yard. one of them. two-three months ago. >> what was it doing? >> it was barking, furiously! >> and we are told that the five of the pit bulls, and there were two others in the yard. all five have been animal services and have all been put down. that is the latest, dan kerman. >> dan, thank you, and the developing story at the hyatt hotel. they said the hotel chain has protested a nationwide effort of employes to iron out contracts. and we're going to go live daniel villareal and his
6:06 pm
set the corner of stockton and shutter. and there are still blocking stockton street? >> yes, they definitely are. people are getting are rested and putting on the spousthis bod they are being led away in handcuffs and a lot of arrests. to give you an idea of what it looks like. down stockton street. you can see that earlier, video is showing protests. there is a lot of people gathering in front of the hyatt. it stretches all the way down to fulton. and it is going to be going on for a while. >> thank you, daniel villareal and as you can see, that dozens of people are getting arrested.
6:07 pm
and they are taking those arrested people away. we will continue to follow the latest the gridlock of stockton street outside the hyatt hotel. >> to take a look and our extended forecast warmer conditions with the next few days. the fog will press back along the coastline details and your full forecast coming up in just a little bit. ♪
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>> are some detectives are looking at a suspicious fire at sfo. and what investigators are looking for. >> it is going to be a bad homecoming for seven cars parked at the long-term parking lot it sfo. it was just after midnight with firefighters and found six of the cars fully engulfed in flames. the seventh was damaged but not destroyed. the first have been locked and ben and a lot since july 16th. you can see
6:11 pm
that the front had been the s u v have been melted. and the front of the vehicle is scorched from intense heat. arson investigators from the cemetery sheriff's department are looking into the fire as the bullet-sam terrace strips and is unlikely that it is eight accident. san mateo. and the surveillance cameras, it is half over here, but not where the fire burned. they're going to be investigating this surveillance video to see if anything is suspicious. at the airport is trying to contact and touch in touch with them for their return from a trip. >> we are following this developing story, and there appears to be dozens of people blocking stockton. with hyatt workers protesting.
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>> welcome back, kate thompson as and the 580. >> the contents of the spider, with california written across the binder. it-binder. and this was retrieved by the bomb squad is not contain an individual should name it contains organizations in san francisco. >> there were locations, and that he had identified and certain thoughts that have put down. if still was pretty much keep that during this investigation. it was basically his riding and rambling said it placed into this. >> and it was a 12-minute shootout. between 580. and police say that williams was traveling to san francisco to kill people at two different non-profit. >> we believe he would carry out his mission to go to san francisco increased when the
6:16 pm
crimes. and that is basically street from his binder, the aclu. >> he is facing several charges, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> and his posing as a police officer, but he is a possession of a firearm. kerr scored tells us to the investigators are now trying to determine weather or not he was a real threat to anyone. >> and mark pellini was investigated, that his crown victoria was spotted at 2:00 a.m. in a parking lot and mistook it for its own mark fickle. and the two, side by side looking almost identical. and almost the blue army fatigue look like a search for weaponry, and as you can see batches, handcuffs. the inside of spotlights, and that as regular
6:17 pm
police units. there were charging him with impersonating an officer, and a complete with former equipment, and to try to find out if he found out if this weaponry was used to harm anyone. >> he's out on $20,000 by >> and today, chief the bats of oakland wants to set the record straight when it gives zero p d whipple function of those 80 officers. >> -how it will offunction. because of and has lost 80 officers, they are trying to threaten the public by not responding. that is not we are trying to be smarter, and we
6:18 pm
are trying to provide printer servers to our community. we are not trying to punish the community. --we're trying to provide better service to our community, and we can be more efficient at prioritizing the community. with violent crimes, guns, gangs, drugs. >> chief anthony bats on to the addressing violent crimes is calling for a backup for federal agencies including the atf, fbi, dea. ♪ >> and this is now the race for governor will go to who can create the most jobs. and gubernatorial meg whitman, was on a stop in gilroy. >> she toward a garlic process in gilroy today. toward. the hopeful was creating jobs the
6:19 pm
no. 1 mission. >> the backdrop was this packaging of garlic. and this worker program as part of immigration reform. and during this agricultural interests. and later, at a speech she says the only way to turn california are around is to job creation. here is what she plans to do if creelected. >> i will be the best person, you are not going to find a stone church person at the defender, to find and-more staunch person, and with the thinking about leaving, and what businesses are leaving? and will keep their business here. we cannot let a northrop grumman beef ocean beach to virginia beach. >> and-leave. >> and rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. and now, the one step
6:20 pm
closer it beats being built to transportation is proving the new plan. $484 million project and it was 8-1 vote. ♪ >> and look at our current conditions outside it is been warmer today but temperatures in the starting to slide. our in the spots are back into the 80s this afternoon. even along the coastline, we concede temperatures warming up just a bit. -we can see temperatures, and the 60s, the 70's around the bay. tonight, tomorrow, it is going to be warmer because of the fog. slower to move and. by tomorrow, it is not going to be as wide spread. and it is going to peel back quickly, and what we saw today. by the afternoon, the actor sunshine and temperatures are going to be more warm. the extra sunshine, and with inland 80s. and with
6:21 pm
the 70's, and even some spots in the upper seventies like fremont. it is going to be warmer out there especially in the bay, tomorrow. the warm weather will continue and it is going to be lingering along the coast. near 90, and in the 70's. as we head into next week, the fog will return and the cooler weather. >> our developing store the we are following and san francisco. the hyatt hotel is protesting and blocking stockton street. a live look from sukkur, stockton and many people are arrested. and-a sutter st., and this is the second boss cabus and traffic is being affected in the area. traffic is being affected in the area. x?
6:22 pm
[ meg whitman ] if we could only do one thing, putting people back to work would be the most important thing. the human cost of 2 million californians out of work is devastating, and i think, often, politicians forget about that because they don't see it every day. i see it every day. i think raising taxes on californians today is absolutely the wrong thing to do. we have to streamline regulations, we have to cut taxes for businesses, and then we have to stand up and compete. california needs to lead the nation again,
6:23 pm
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[ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. >> tropical storm body has just
6:25 pm
swarmed. the gulf and just crossing the wipers, that ships have been ordered to evacuate. and before trouble body hits. the oil flow will week repinin n place, and scientists are convinced that the cap will hold. and tropical storm body and jacqueline? >> well, it is really taking the worst pat possibleh and right over the water, and stay over the water, and it will even strengthened. and this could potentially fall into. the projected path, and a straight down the middle. and mustang right over the water. this will intensify-mostly stay right over the water, and with parking strength at 100 mph. let me show you that it is going right into
6:26 pm
the gulf. >> and for those people out of work for six months as early as next week unemployment benefits will be reinstated. congress approved reinstatement and with the precedent setting that into law. and they get paid, retroactively. emily sakamoto? >> a newly that cold, that he does not deserve reelection. - that poll. and also, the deck of that same sentiment. and some experts are saying that it is taking two years out and not only an indicator. and they thought that bill clinton would
6:27 pm
-... or one half, and also, the elder george lost. and to recede all of these, what is on the web section,-to read. what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> thank you, kimberly sakamoto, and the hyatt hotels are blocking the streets. and they've been blocking stockton street and as many people are arrested and many people are being led away in handcuffs.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> the update, a two year-old was attacked after three of the pit bulls of the five peoples. jake up bisby and a step grandfather, stephen ioshi is arrested and child endangerment. and in concord, dan kerman is giving us more on the tragic
6:30 pm
story. >> and the trail creek is found with the brother, and it 845, he entered the garage. it proved to be a deadly decision. >> and the pit bulls attacked, and severely injuring the child. and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> the pit bulls were just three of the five that the family owned. to others for in the yard. news of the debt and the family had so many came as a great surprise news of the dutch-death.and--death, and my d grandchildren play in the cul- de-sac of the time. you can see from their chok tong's on the sidewalk and god forbid the stock of cotton out-of chalk drawings on the sidewalk >> and with one of these past
6:31 pm
weekend. >> and i was watching the car and the dog team up and claude. i was scared. he was barking. >> and to see them barkintied un barking furiously. >> i hope the stocks are no longer there. it is said that had to involve the killing of a little, tiny two year-old child. an innocent child. for this to happen, for this to come to pass. >> late, that all four of the five dogs have been euthanize to by animal control and the two year-old step grandfather has been arrested. for child endangerment and possession of them achieve this animal. and in concord, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and their blocking stockton
6:32 pm
street. and live, daniel, please shows what is happening. >> their only allowing muni, and it is slow going in early backed up. and they have to have traffic redirected. what is going on, and traffic is being loaded with protesters. this is the third bus and leaving the boss. and they are still hundreds of protesters here. and on stockton, right in front of the hyatt. >> and there's still a lot of people. >> yes, and with in line, they are waiting and in handcuffs. and these officers are using this with handcuffs, and putting
6:33 pm
them on one by one. >> and was there pressure? to stage this? >> yes, let me make sure what they're exactly doing, and if they're sitting? the arrests have been made, and protesters all the way from stockton street. >> and with these protesters, from there seems to be one of the larger protests since there blocking stockton street. >> is certainly is. this seems to be one of the biggest protests from workers. and from other unions, and >> daniel villareal will check back with you with more updates.
6:34 pm
right in front of the hyatt hotel. >> right now, we of kron 4 news crews all around the bay. now at 6:30, our top stories. more news crews, more stories. here's our top stories. in oakland, more delays and here at the bus stop. and the disputes continue, the transportation says that 190 drivers called in sick because there were not happy with the contracts imposed on them. meanwhile, there is no sick out. those commuters delays are with the new service changes that the operators driving new and unfamiliar roads with no training. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> and also a new contract on june 30th these of the new rules. and after eight hours, it is burned after 40 hours. also,
6:35 pm
100 percent of premiums, now 90 percent of premiums. finally, there are changes to the pensions. before, no contributions, now a new contributions would have to contribute 7 percent. >> an oakland, the boundinder fd with the open schuster, that by the contained rambling. it also had a list of locations in san francisco. police said the organizations were identified not as individual. reporting in oakland, kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> and in other news, the police officer impersonator was arrested with police c paraphernalia, and with a 47 year-old mark pellinin doing
6:36 pm
this on the marked crown victoria and a parking lot. it was purchased at an auction in san jose. he is charged with impersonating an officer and caring and endangered weapon. >> now, with 80 + officers chief bats is going to be requesting federal partners help. >> the atf, the dea, the fbi, to help with their help and to see our strategy. and we are going to help them with long-term investigations. >> and this fire, happened right after the midnight on the long- term parking lot. arson, and airport officials say that it is not an accident. there is a video cameras at the front of
6:37 pm
the building but none with the fires were. the officials are trying to track down the owners but it is difficult because there troubling. at sfo, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> --traveling. >> and at this new bay bridge toll plaza suspension to our. they're still showing that traffic is going by wednesday, thursday, there will put the first piece in place. through this still-animation the will do one-leg per laper week. and thee are 400 holes in the base. those have to be slide out, exactly on steel rods. and on kron 4 news, mark jones, >> our big weather store tonight, with fog expected here is that at a looking as rolling to the hills of the mount pam
6:38 pm
fog is going to be pressing to the coast, and temperatures inland and run the bay are going to warm up. temperatures around the bay are going to be getting up into the '70s, '80s, and as we go into next week. the fog is going to return and bring cooler temperatures. stay with us, we will be right back. those people are happy
6:39 pm
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>> this just in to the kron 4 news room a carjacking last night at gunpoint in a mcdonald's parking lot. and right on the 101, and the approach him with tthey had a handgun, and a 20000 silver mercedes coupe. they fled the mercedes on southbound 101. and
6:42 pm
latin american, twenties, and his also described as a man >> anybody with details is attached to call the francisco police department. >> this is that sutter and stockton, and before, this was completely blocked. with three large buses. and it appears that dozens of people have been of arrested and taken away and with a nationwide protesters by workers from hyatt. we will follow this, and between the solder and stockton is clearing out. >> we will your fax, and a former gary is up a ssports. >> he is creating a lot of buzz
6:43 pm
in the bay area, and jeremy and the studios sitting down.
6:44 pm
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tell your friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. >> good evening, at extra special, a kid that made a good, jeremy lin was a great graduate, and it bridge with it. and played at harvard. point guard, and shooting guard, and played in the summer league. professional summer league and that such a great rock and the warriors set, and play for us. and then of ivy league player, and many people say that it to you know bob cousy was? >> yes, i have seen that famous clip of him. >> he is the first to do the
6:47 pm
back stuff and congratulations. and he has a two-year trek. >> and you went to harvard? why do you want to spend with the nba? >> i like playing basketball. and i like doing that. >> this is going to sound funny but do think that you are too smart? >> and you have the world at your feet to finish at harvard. >> everybody thinks that i'm the smartest guy, ever. and as they also think that i am the dumbest guy. >> and you what against the no. 1 against, the no. 1 pick, john wall. how do you think it?
6:48 pm
>> i say that i did pretty good. and really funny experience. but what is going to be an immediate start? >> i do not know what he's going to be a store. and that is difficult to define a store. but i can that he will be a good player a couple down year years to on the road. >> conn., they're one of the premier basketball schools in the country in the and 30 points and nine rebounds. and if it is one of the place and if this guy can go against you, he must be good? >> that was probably the biggest gain. from my college season and also, the summer work out. and helped me, tremendously and instrumental the. >> and when you play against a yukon, with ivy league competition is good but you notice the people is fast and is as close to the more you are going to be faced with the professionals? are you able to keep pace?
6:49 pm
>> yes. to be able to be right there with speeds, agility. and not quite the same there with height and wing span all [laughter] but i'm is going to be able to play smarter, and neutralize the athleticism. >> and i want to see one somebody brings out that when you bring out your heritage. . it offendand place in the nba. u probably get that, you can achieve several awards as you want? [laughter] >> and i think that in terms of what idea that is as a christian first and foremost. and with a basketball player, it is difficult to see that if your asian/american.
6:50 pm
>> and i will ask you point blank, and why is there that >> >> i cannot answer that. >> triple overtime, william and mary. and here is jeremy landed doing his thing with triple overtime. >> and with three seconds left, and down by one point, with 56 points, and he scores! unbelievable [applause] ! unbelievable, and >> that was mark albert? >> and there is a new segment,
6:51 pm
and this is called shut out. and this was with my five year-old, and with kelso's but they come on the cable car, happy birthday! to of the great grandfather. and with his running back to eastern washington. and with paul jones, and kelso right here. and you were going to learn that you have to take care of your viewers. >> your shout out is fouwho? >> for my coach, hero, >> , head. >> [laughter] >> and i just talked to him and he says some good things about you. >> i will go back to the asian american to believe that you were making history? >> and it is not until like yesterday when i signed that contract and realized that this
6:52 pm
has not happened in 50 years. >> mom, dad, their immigrant from taiwan? >> yes. >> and what did they say that you had a contract with the professionals? >> and there are viscerally exciting and the want to celebrate that this is a dream come true for my entire family. >> did some high-school track and field and taiwan. >> and with the 40's, and what do think of peter right out of high school? and in terms of development? >> and it was my dad. to play with him, my brothers, my older brother, josh. i always wanted to beat him in everything. and
6:53 pm
he found me in fifth grade. >> you know, as we say goodbye, please come here and this is a special treat. you can make the sum of market da and dannon. and blue-eyed, jerry perry him some. and would like to nice to meet you. and we're coming right back. jeremy and the warriors, and of course the sun. back in a minute minute
6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
6:56 pm
>> german land is not the onl person making-- jeremy lin is not the only one making history, and jacqueline, do know that he is entering the hall of fame?
6:57 pm
>> buffalo. >> [laughter] >> and to get jackie, i am a very proud. >> and it is the united states hockey hall of fame. [laughter] ♪ promise me low prices.
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[ female announcer ] low prices you can count on. at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. major developments unfolding right now. i'm lara spencer.ider" is on.ex. is she now hiding the baby?erge. >> is brittany reaching out to rescue mel? >> she wants people to give him a second chance. like he gave her one. >> and did oksana threaten to e been brought to our detectives' attention. >> this just in -- >> lindsay's family visits her in lockup, plus her jail cell p getting special treatment? >> katie as jackie kennedy. who is playing caroline? with a-rod?
7:00 pm
>> chelsea clinton's husband-to-be.


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