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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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widespread fog around the bay area through the delta and livermore valley down in the south bay as well san jose getting fog this morning much of the peninsula much more than yesterday. your current temperatures 52 in san francisco redwood city also 50 oakland and hayward down and the south bay 55 for san jose 57 in mountain view as we head into the afternoon temperatures are still below average but getting upper 70's through santa rosa 83
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sonoma and napa, along the peninsula school once again 63 for san francisco warm are towards them for no upper 60. down into hayward and fremont to upper '70s throughout the san ramon valley temperatures low 80s this is where the warm spots are. livermore pittsburgh, getting to the 80s today. south bay 87 for los gatos 80 campbell here's your 7 day around today we do have all warming so by the time we hit saturday we could have the warmest day of the week we are back up to where we should be '90s inland to the upper seventies for the bay and '60s for the coast now let's check commute with george. >> no hot spots around the area we do have the potential for problems in san francisco we
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will show you that in a moment first a bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza the westbound ride looks good pretty light traffic yesterday we saw the metering lights deactivated for 20 minutes in the 7:00 hour that is how light the traffic was no back up all will hold for similar conditions today not that i don't want caltrans to get their fair revenue this morning. we will see how it shakes up traffic has been licensed the first of july is when the new congestion pricing was introduced. san mateo good ride no problems east down or westbound the golden gate bridge ride looks good now about we could see problems here later it is because of service street problems in san francisco. will assure you that now the ride in bound from the golden gate bridge heading towards van ness at buchanan there was a water main break to lanes shut down
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three lanes is valid or invalid on long mark or we have potential for trouble if they don't get that cleared up we will look at traffic jams and region all the way back to the toll plaza of the bridge along doyle drive and through construction. we will keep an eye on that through the morning so far ace train caltrans the atrocities there. >> are developing a story of a car fire at s of all seven cars are torched to get you more news faster solo reporters the yoli is out there taking a look at these yoli i'm assuming the owners have no idea if its long- term parking they're not around. >> they are trying to track down the owners by using the license plates. they have to call them at their home is impossible to
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track them down on what ever vacationer location they too out to. all they can do is contact somebody at the home and hopefully the word will get to them. if not there's a possibility somebody could come back from a trip and look for their car and not funded at all. >> do they have any idea how this started? >> at this point it's under investigation although they are not saying it's arson it is weird for car to catch on fire on its own. they do have the role of those kinds of things by looking at the ignition system and making sure something didn't just arcade fire. does looks suspicious that something would catch on fire on its own because it is a cold and damp morning out here and it was a cold and damp evening this happen around midnight. they are still trying to figure out how this fire started. something i should mention there are no
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surveillance cameras on the parking lot per say. they have them toward the entrance of the parking lot. this is where they have surveillance cameras they will look at that and see if that gives them any clue as to what happened over here at night. it really this whole parking lot is surrounded by defense. it is kind of hard to climb over the fence because it curves over. also barbwire on the top. hopefully there will be a clue on their surveillance tapes. >> 606 right now and it could be delays for ac transit drivers or riders i should say because of what could be the fourth day of drivers calling in sick. because of a labor dispute. the driver wants a new contract and their protest in the one that was imposed by the transit agency treads the agency's 1750 employees that is the total number 209 called in sick
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monday, to 130 tuesday, when state to enter and 50 so this doesn't look hopeful today. an official is calling in sick joke. i union leader says that's not true. >> this is obviously a sickout they are not the same people 20% is missing three days in a row now. it's a slap in the face to riders. >> is not where the union told the members to go sick and not come to work. the members to come to work are at work. they have rearranged everyone's lives within a 1 week notice appeared some of our members are calling in sick because i have one member who has diabetes who cannot drive at night. he cannot see. ac transit has put him on a night run. >> all the drivers know all the runs everything said by the
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union including allegations that drivers don't have good night vision its propaganda. >> this morning there's a meeting in oakland with hundreds of ac transit employees discussing the imposed contract ended the impact on workers and riders. no delays for ac transit system wide at this point. we are monitoring any possible delays. time now 6 08 we will be back with more moment.
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611 you can look get a live shot from fresno a gray, boss has crashed. it was going from los angeles and sacramento it crashed on a state highway 5
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people died in the crash chp says the bus driver swerved to avoid another crash and slammed into the center divider and into that trade. it happened around 2:00 this morning northbound lanes just outside of fresno is affected by this. this is a major route and that area is closed because of this crash. there may be another snag in be peace efforts to plug the blown out well. you are looking at a live underwater camera from bp the threat of severe weather may stop the bp from drilling on the relief well forecasters say there's a 40 percent chance the storm is going to become a tropical depression or tropical storm if that does happen and it
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poses a threat the cat may have to be reopened allowing crude to be bashing into the sea. lawmakers are trying to meet to make sure the victims of the gulf spill are being compensated. we wanna take a peek at the bay bridge you can say mitterrand lights have been turned on a couple of second wave but traffic is looking okay will take a look at your
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welcome back to kron 4616 darya and i were talking about how wise yesterday temperatures never got past the '50s today should warm slightly but the shot of san material we are dealing with fog widespread. you may see some drizzle this
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morning. san mateo 55 by noontime 68 high today 73 back down to upper 60s by 8:00 p.m. your satellite picture shows fog in place your afternoon i warming slightly yesterday in the '50s we should be in the lower 60s today. it will feel pretty chilly out there in along the coast. starting to warm up slightly in redwood city 76 oakland warming up as well few degrees getting close to 70 not quite making it for the spate you we will see 80 stir concord and fairfield antioch getting the upper 80s close to 90. the south bay mid-70s for mountain view 81 for san jose. at your satellite picture which gives you an idea of where the fog is. once again widespread in fact we are seeing more in the way of low clouds and fog along the
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peninsula. it is pushing southward pockets of fog down in san jose by this hour we will continue to say saw then towards a date them we will receive a bit but keeping the fog out there in some locations. by 9:00 a.m. sen story still seeing fog in an abbey bathat dg along the coast for today in downtown san san francisco through these bay will mix out quicker and left a bit. here's a look is 7 day around the bay gradual warming. by saturday we could get to where we should be the '90s for inland upper seventies for the bay '60s for the coast. >> as we continue to keep our eye on what's happening in san francisco and over night water
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main break has shut down lanes of lombard. that is eastbound at buchanan here. there are no big back up there is one lane of traffic open but it's only the left lane able to squeeze by. no indication about when they will have lanes reopened. so far not a traffic problem because the traffic is not yet that heavy but as the morning commute wears on almost minute by minute we will see more volume tried to come in bound on lombard street which carries most of the traffic coming from the golden gate bridge into san francisco. it could create a back up and has the potential to become hot spot. will tran is in route to that location he will give us an update shortly. a brief hot spot on a 80 this is likely to clear up before too much longer there was an accident that blocked a lane southbound that
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crash has already been cleared off the freeway the problem is this is where traffic generally gets heavy on 880 southbound through hayward leading toward union city and newark so the potential does exist for the back up to stay with us and glasser the commute. we might catch a break and see this clear though. keeping an eye on the bridges we look at the bay bridge westbound these are the left hand cash lanes oftentimes you'll see it back up their for two reasons lot of traffic gravitates but also at the top of the hour there is a shift change at the bay bridge and sometimes there can be delays as a transfer san mateo bridge as we mentioned the problems getting to 921880 but no problems on 92 as you had across the span. the golden gate bridge ride well looks good now with the problem with the water main break on lumber continues to be
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an issue we could see slow traffic as far back as a toll plaza of the golden gate bridge. >> 621 right now developing story seven cars damaged in a fire at a sappho's long-term parking lot of cars completely torched. it happened about 1:00 a.m. we spoke with sfo says spokesperson he says they will do everything they can to contact the owners to tell them about what happened to their cars well they were white. >> we are using license plate numbers going through the dmv trying to contact them for their homes there if we condemn all of somebody to let them know what the situation of their cars. >> he says the cars that were most damaged will be the ones
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looked at by arson investigators and others will be towed to a maintenance grosz. most californians believe in the death penalty for a penalty for serious crime. 70 percent say they support the death penalty. 24 percent oppose it 6 percent had no opinion. when asked if it would impose the death sentence for first-degree murder 42 percent said they prefer life in prison without parole. 41 percent said death penalty for 13 percent said it depends on circumstances. the impacts on legalizing marijuana is hard to measure. well legalization could free up law enforcement to prosecute other crimes and bring an end revenue the government response they would tax and regulate pond and that could be
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a problem. voters will decide this november whether to legalize marijuana. claustrum spending has declined even though total funding has increased over a five-year period spending went down from 59% to 57.8% study also finds more of the funding went to administrators clerks and tactical staff and less to teacher. take the look at a water main break this is a map showing you the area in san francisco on lombard. that has become a potential big traffic problem this morning as we begin to see traffic picked up we will see what effects it has with traffic tried to get through the city. it is a major artery down to one lane as it tried to fix this at lombard and buchanan. that's a developing story or
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zooming in to the seemed of a bus crashed it crashed on a highway in california's central valley and five people by people dead others wounded they have roped off the area they are investigating what they say so far as it appears the bus driver swerved to avoid another crash on the highway. it ended up slamming into the center divider and the trade. it happened at 2:00 a.m. this morning northbound lanes on highway 99 are closed it is a major route through the valley we are continuing to follow that this morning. 627 we will be back with more over night and developing news in a couple of minutes a live look at san jose
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the opening bell just rain we will keep our eyes on the numbers new jobless claims jumped by the most since the door which reverses a sharp fall two weeks ago the liberal promises first-time claims jumped 460,000. the increase comes after claims fell steeply two weeks ago appeared to their lowest level since august 2008 but much of the drop was driven by temporary seasonal factors and not necessarily by improving job market. 630 george we won a look at the hot spots i know san francisco could be a hot spot this morning. >> it's not a traffic problem yet but it has the potential there is emergency water main repair going on that has
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affected lombard street it is a major artery that carries most of the traffic coming in to san francisco from golden gate bridge. here's the story from will tran who was on the scene they were doing work on laguna it was scheduled maintenance and when they restored power. they discovered a leak down lumbar street so this is emergency repair work it's not so much a break. there is some sense according to well that they may be able to wrap this up before it turns into a huge traffic problem. currently to lanes are blocked traffic is getting by ok but again is this last longer an hour from now we will see a huge back up. we are seeing a slow traffic at this hot spot on the nimitz freeway was an accident southbound and the crash has been cleared from lanes for 10 minutes. the slow
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traffic persists the concern here is with this usually being a hot spot we could see an earlier and bigger back up for the nimitz freeway. i have some hope this could clear. the bay bridge toll plaza the westbound commute lining up and left hand lanes the only back up exist lower toll takers there. the metering lights are probably close to being activated they usually come on about 632. and for whether to hear sloughs >> a beautiful shot of mt. tam but once again all low clouds this morning we will continue with that for the next couple of hours below normal temperatures once again it could burn off so we see sun coming through it will warm up temperatures slightly today than it will continue through the weekend.
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here's a look at where your seen fog this morning bay area wide. north bay through the delta along the peninsula much more of the peninsula them we saw yesterday even in the south bay as well in san jose. temperatures in the low 50s through san francisco half moon bay redwood city upper 50s through oakland as we head towards a word in mountain view. mid-cities for los gatos and livermore valley. into the afternoon temperatures in the '70s for santa rosa we should get up and the '80s in napa and sonoma. along the peninsula much cooler the closer you are to the ocean low 60s 67 for daly city 68 sambar and of the east bay upper 60s to berkeley and oakland a few degrees and then cover '70s for fremont and hayward inter the san ramon valley low 80s upper 80s for places like antioch in
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pittsburgh. the south bay copper '70s. as you head towards los gatos morgan hill we should get back up and to be so costly warm-up today we may not feel it expressly the closer to the close you are patchy fog expected for tomorrow warm-up continues saturday looks to be the warmest of the week temperatures we should see this time your 90s inland upper '70's around the bay '60s for the coast darya. >> in california news developing story a car fire actually seven cars on fire at long-term parking at s several arson investigators are taking a look at this today more news faster would turn to our soul reporters she is live yoli is live with more yoli tell us how this may have started this is a pretty secure area. >> they're not sure how it started they are trying to
6:35 am
figure that out right now. they start with may be a function of the cars in the first place the ignition and from there they were allowed things. still and know what caused the fire their three cars left their they have been telling these cars out taking them to a nearby yard. seven cars one of them only had cosmetic damage. these cars are totally unusual unusable as you can see. this minivan particularly. this one has the most damage. >> the problem is when the park long term they're not even know their cars were burned to. >> they are trying to track the license plates to the resident the most they can do is call the house and leave a message or talk to somebody there there's a relative there. so they can get in touch with the people who own these cars but. but that's the
6:36 am
most they can do there is possibility that they will not be able to get in touch with someone they come back from their trip and not find your car in the parking lot in which case they will have to track down somebody in the airport to try and find out what happened. >> that would be terrible. thank you yoli. santa clara police are urging residents to lock up before you go to bed locked the doors and windows at night because of recent break-ins in nine days they have investigated six per jewelries for the people were home at the time when the burglars came in each case they entered the home through unlocked windows or doors and went through the house dealing laptops and gaming systems. police are not sure of their multiple suspects or one single banded doing this. san mateo county sales tax could go up the board of supervisors is voting to put their revenue-
6:37 am
raising measure on the november ballot. good raise $30 million annually for duration of five years for the cash strapped county. they have until next month to reach a doctor resolution. san francisco voters will decide whether to add a fee for the vehicle or is just rationed. transportation authority voted to put the $10 fee on the ballot. extra revenue would go to st. ratepayers' pedestrian safety and public transportation it would gainful $5 million. let's take a live look at the house committee on some financial services they are here are having a hearing where the chair is going to be delivering his second semiannual report on monetary policy in the state of the economy. they are
6:38 am
questioning him or is making a statement appeared will fall this through the morning it will give us a good indication how he thinks the economy is moving in the right direction. 638 a live look above the clouds we can see that sunshine from and can we will be right back. built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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thaw 641 california news swim at your own risk that is assigned the the beach says. police say observers report sorted seeing a 6-8 ft. great white shark off the coast. fishermen have told police they told they sought to great white sharks tuesday. they may have been basking sharks. either way to you what be close
6:42 am
enough to see. a man has been arrested after he reopened the business and started selling drinks. he kept the bar open for four days the data from page write up in the paper. that's how it was got. these are pictures of him in his not his bar. police read the article recognize the man as the known transom went down and arrested him for burglary and selling local with a license. he started with a six-pack of beer. and then use the proceeds to buy more alcohol. copies of about 30 gust customers a day. u.s. open napa bar the wasn't his. a small earthquake in southern california was 3.8 struck get for 40 this morning to hundred 30 mi. north of los angeles no injuries or damage reported. 642
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, club we have will love that will doesn't look like they will clear the south >> traffic is slowing ok they are putting a third in the ground right now they affixed the work the problem but a new one and they should be out of your around 830 as far as the water some people still without water for belonged appeared wal- mart a major thoroughfare so far bumper-to-bumper but not
6:47 am
really backed up the only problem here is when it goes from three lanes to one lane that's where you get slowing. it seems cars are cooperating and letting each other and get into traffic him along. >> what street are you standing on buchanan? >> it's buchanan and lumber. there were doing word on lombard street and because they're ruptured down here around buchanan the cars you looked at those are cars headed into san francisco from the golden gate bridge. >> so your fear george was if you they keep this the one line traffic coming and could be affected but are using that yet? >> sadly me and will got confused i thought it was only way in one lane affected he
6:48 am
meant there is only one lane of traffic the truth is with one lane and it blocking and a late 30 it is going to be huge problems for people coming in from the golden gate bridge veered south there is no way to avoid that. there is a much of the back up so at present in might add three-four minutes if that. your other options come through marina boulevard if your regular commuter from marin to my one and think about that this morning coming in 3 marina is the of lombard. later this morning this is likely to be a big problem >> george you said a way to avoid it. maybe you could shoot off 19? or would you suggest? >> that stroock instructions: not in favor of that but that's depending on the location most people coming in from lombard
6:49 am
isn't headed to sunset. that's why marina would probably be the better choice which the stop signs that they put an they are trying to discourage people from doing exactly that. but that would be a better bet at present president lee traffic is getting by. within the next hour we will see this turn into something it especially if they're there until late 30. >> in hayward nimitz freeway that has cleared up so no longer any delays at tennyson long gone. the bay bridge westbound is still light we saw a few cars backed up the cash lanes the left side that was the extent of it. the ride through san jose won a one north and no problems get from one and to buy part way up to santa clara the right out
6:50 am
of the south bay looks good as well out of time out a valid. >> 649 let's get a check, there. >> good morning george here's a look out of downtown you can see the low clouds the highs dipping down again a bit of a sea breeze said it as you can see with the flag flapping around. here's a look at your current temperatures outside we are cool in santa rosa in san francisco 52 degrees warmer toward the east bay mid-50s or livermore valley in from around you and san jose as well. your high temperatures headed into the afternoon we will stay below average but temperatures could warm from yesterday estate we didn't get out of the '50s in san francisco today we could get to 63 still cool. redwood city 76 over in oakland still sitting in the '60s and concord could get to the '80s. down in
6:51 am
the south bay mid-70s for mountain view and 81 for san jose. we do have a bit about fog left over widespread this morning we will continue to keep it in the forecast as we head towards 8:00 hour by about 9:00 a.m. we will see receipt of mixing out in some spots but still kind of keeping that fog right over the immediate bay area even at the time o'clock area. will have some bricks of sunshine temperatures warm slightly today as we head toward the weekend we will see some warming. by saturday looks to be the warmest of the week. upper '70s for the bay 60s along the coast mostly cloudy for sunday and that's when we step down in fact the months ahead temperatures will be below average for the rest of the month. >> i mean let's keep the week by week right.
6:52 am
>> you wanna be optimistic i get it. >> we have new details this than the death toll is 66 people have died in this greyhound bus accident the bus going from a late to sacramento crashed or night on highway 99 you can see the wreckage is twisted mass the driver swerved to avoid another crash on the highway the bus landed to the center divider and then a tree. this happened around 2:00 a.m. as you know we have been reported five people had died many other injured there were 35 people on board at the time of the crash. we have learned another person had died. six people dead. highway 99 in this area have been closed since the crash at 2:00 a.m. for the investigation. let's take a live
6:53 am
look at what's happening on capitol hill the house committee on financial-services as a hearing right now board chair is they're delivering his semiannual report and the state of the economy we will be listening in to what he has to say digest's that a breakdown for you and tell you what it means for the economy. let's take a look at the big board indicators well you can see the dow is up 141.3 now stocks really surgery so far this morning out of the day after another strong batch of earnings also some encouraging signs of growth in europe. we will be back with more of a couple minutes allotted look at the golden gate bridge this is the weather story a lot of clouds and fog around the bay bridge is locked in this morning traffic is moving ok this is something we are watching closely if you're commuting from marin
6:54 am
county be where when you hit lombard we have a water main problem they are working on so the lanes are squeezed down to one lane tried to get by. this could back as the ball away on to the bridge it has not happened yet but that's why we are keeping an eye on that story.
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so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. we have the water main problem in san francisco we are showing this map and keeping an eye on the drive time in how the traffic is affected. the red area you can see it is down to one lane in that area of lumber that began in well they are working on that one remain. we are keeping traffic eye on traffic on the golden gate bridge headed into sampras's " because that is the main artery. we are keeping our eye on that
6:58 am
and other developing as we will "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento.
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he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?


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