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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 21, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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i this is kron 4 news that five new details of the pleas should out at 580 you could see and hear how traumatic this weekend should was spirited police exchanged gunfire with a man planning to attack on the aclu and the tides and your. now kron 4 is large 45 year-old byron williams we have got the idea from one of his targets by listening to a popular conservative talk show host. a lot more that part of the story in just a few minutes. and first the prole has his first court appearance today. kron 4 theresa was there she begins tonight top story coverage. >> byron williams the man was involved in the 580 violent student the was in the bay area
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allegedly to kill people at to organizations was in court today. williams has interests on his face from the shadow he was also a wheelchair in court to in his right leg was a bandage. williams told investigators he came to town to kill " people the importance that tides foundation and nonprofit justice center and at the aclu. " his plan was stopped when was pulled over on routine traffic stop. aha when asked in the hospital why he was headed to tied to the aclu on a sunday a investigators tell kron 4 news he told them he planned to wait till monday morning when the officers were open and killed people. were the but the shots were fired by chp officers investigators say he was injured but do the fact is went ballistic body armor he survived his injuries. williams is now facing eight charges including premeditated murder and the imposition of a firearm as a felon. because of his
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extensive criminal history this could be considered as his third strike and to possibly face the rest of his life in prison. in oakland to resell kron 4 news. the key >> is as continue in court williams would back in court on august 11th where is expected to enter pleas. police say williams was starting the aclu and other lesser known nonprofit known as tides. as kate thompson reports tides is well known by those who watch fox news anchor glenn back who frequently attacks the organization. >> the organization is often the target of attack on the quebec show appeared on this clip from youtube back in rio grande educational video that he believes is misleading that was produced by tides. >> room made it. rob the tides foundation. it's neat how would all ties together doesn't. >> deck rail against the
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organization leaking into criminal activity. >> the apollo alliance that's the one that wrote the stimulus bill dan jones is on the apollo allied board. jeff jones to the we have that great picture jeff jones to put up there in case of a scene jeff jones i love this. we have his fingerprints to only because his organization is stored in the '60s was ball in the pentagon. >> this statement tied ceo drummond pike says it should be the obligation of every american especially those whose voices are amplified by the media, to foster civil discourse in dialogue among those who may disagree about public matters. " one does not win an argument by inviting on balance people to violence. >> report and seven assists coquitos and kron 4 news. >> for continuing coverage of the 580 xuzhou steve kron 4 news and up-to-the-minute update to those deals and their website at new video footage
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being released today in the murder of a virginia man in downtown oakland. here's a put is surveillance video you concede to suspects here on camera their suspected the killing a 45 year-old wood to the senate. you see on this video is still friend here shown by police but this is about five minutes before he was shot. a father of three was in town for a job interview at google king oakland sunday travesties clean by a friend who works as a dental hi janet generous. >> today marks the third day of cut ac transit delays. the drivers 1 and the contract so the transit agency says they're calling in sick to protest. on monday 209 drivers call the sick, tuesday 230 drivers, wednesday the student 30's. >> this is an singer the spokesperson for ac transit he said the union is staging a sickout. the union leader claude
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hudson we see here says that's not true there's no sickout. take a listen to both sides. >> this is of a cystic out there not the same people 20 percent of the workforce is the missing three days a row now. it's a slap in the face to riders. >> this is not an instance where the and told its members to go sick not come to work. the members who can come to work, are at work. >> unions said on sunday when the new contract was oppose work schedules and routes for change was no kind of adjustment. >> they of rearrange everyone's lives within the one with one week's notice. some of our members are called in sick off because have one member that has diabetes who can't drive at night because he can't see. ac transit has put him on the night wind. >> all the drivers know the ships of all the reps. everything said by the union today including the allegations of drivers who are unable to see
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at night because they don't have good night fish and are purely and simply false and propagandist. >> ac transit said the union is hurting riders were experience 35 to 45 minutes delays on some routes. the union said its the transit agency's fault and they need to put the old schedule back in place. neither side can say how long they think this might golan. christine conley kron 4 news. >> >> >> san francisco board of supervisors approving a city budget that would close the city's $483 billion budget deficit they agreed tend to want on the budget after lengthy negotiations with mayor gavin newsom to some. there will vote a second time on the budget next week then it's up to the mayor to either sign it or veto it >> live look good side over downtown san francisco overcast conditions here that action is still in oakland at this hour. temperatures are very cool as a result of fog sticking look coasts this afternoon. 54 degrees at the bay, 55 san
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francisco typically the temperatures you see in the morning were seen in the afternoon. cooler around the bay shores low sixties there are in the spots struggling to get into the '70s this afternoon. 83 antioch there was location. or what is quite a bit more mature will have details coming up a bit. >> live look at the james link as we take a quick break. traffic moving smoothly southbound the northbound traffic as you make your way up to hospital kerf the southbound traffic is bumper-to-bumper that's leaving the city to pass hospital curve now down moving smoothly but it does back a plan to make your way up towards the lower deck of the bay bridge.
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since santa clara thcrews the mt crews caught this morning a. >> all along the beach which is
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almost always pack this time of year. general >> it take to get in the water here with a wild people do see sharks in this day out. >> award is connector server spotted what they saw was a great white shark 10:00 wednesday morning near the kelp beds >> was to surfers that independent of each other reported it. other than it was between six and 8 ft. long it would be described sounded like a great white shark. >> the flowers worn beachgoers to enter the water to rest and right now there's no water. >> is man waited in to retrieve his frisbee and is not seen the warnings. >> and see people in the water that was one clue. >> then there's the other sharks fighting reported your tuesday evening in a diver claims to have seen two white sharks circling one of these boats near the war fleet last week. the owner of this bold shops of the sharks are always around but
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admit some exciting so close together is unusual. >> i've seen one here before. but of the 14th letter. >> capitola rob kron 4 news. >> fog will continue to dig a big story of the next couple of days it will clear back a lot faster if that will give us a warm off the all the details of full forecast just a few minutes. rouen
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to the one for production plants where marilyn could be grown packaged and processed. the council voted 5 to the two of the measure will go it is cancelled for one more vote but the outcome is not expected change this of the oakland the first city in the patient to license full sail. >> " and with several other cities such as berkeley in long beach are all looking at the opportunity to regulate cultivation with prop. 19 in
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november we have a chance to regulate watches cultivation for medical care this also have appeared we have tens of thousands of jobs here in california for american road had and medical cannabis. the >> position 19 coming up on the november ballot would allowing adults to cultivate marijuana and the local governments to permit and tax marijuana sales. >> the border san francisco hand delivered the eviction notice to jellies nightclub carried the it's been a source of concern for the city's entertainment commission and the board for years it was close down for a week after a fatal shooting of a richmond man earlier this month. pleas of the call to the nightclub and numerous times for reports of violence and for a noise complaint appeared this month shooting is not the first in 2008 these responded to
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another shooting outside of the club in antioch man died from his wounds in the case. the club is that on a month-to-month lease on the board the years in either side to terminate at any time for no reason. the report said the shooting was the final straw and now they want jelly's out. another thing that is aggravated the core of the club was supposed to be a full- service restaurant but the board said the jelly's is not been doing that and said they say it they've been operating illegally as a nightclub. the club will have 30 days to clear the space. jelly's has been paying $36 a month to rent the building. the board said there are no new tenants lined up at this time. insipid cisco kron 4 news. it's a >> services copley's are looking for a woman suspected in two bank robberies you can see the women here and surveillance video for the july 12th robbery of the bank of america and the elbow is the richmond district. the second robbery was the bank of america -- when heights boulevard in the diamond heights neighborhood. both cases police said the suspect the light
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skinned woman who said their white or hispanic cheered she described as the 30's around five-foot the four went hundred 30 lbs.. governors schwarzenegger's nomination could be history making. it announced today he is nominating the third district court of appeal judge. if elected she would be the first filipino american to serve in the state supreme court. should also be on the state supreme court a free of majority for the first time. she's a republican and graduated from uc davis school of law. just 48 hours after being fired for allegedly not raises commons for a agriculture department is surely is now being offered a new job. helping to eradicate racism in the same department. she hasn't set a shall take the job yet but she has got one thing she wanted an apology. >> is a good woman she's been put through help. agriculture
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secretary called his decision to fire her on the stay key will live with for the rest of his life. the woman at the center the storm watch as the president's spokesperson and admitted there was plenty of blame to go around. >> everybody involved make determinations without knowing all the facts and all the events. >> should of happen it took too long but it makes me feel better that the apology has finally coming. >> the story at lightening speed after tea party blocker posted this video on monday carried >> and here i was faced with having have a white person's say their name. so why didn't give him the full force of what i could do. sure >> rotted and naacp about appearing to say she did not do everything she could topple white farmer. the agriculture department was no time calling
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her car to debenture resignation as a world of talent director and georgia. then the rest of the speech appeared to ride described tower of the father had been murdered by white supremacists and have a white farmer helped her to overcome her own prejudices. >> working with him abc it's really about those who have and those who don't. >> has official said president barack obama has no plans to call shot but that could change. >> the people struggling with you will still in the gulf sure don't need any added problems of their net dealing with the threat of a tropical storm moving into the area. you could see the area around the wild and the threat of stormy weather has prompted bp to stop drilling for now the release well. forecasters say the bad weather could move this weekend in the meantime the skimming boats are still busy out there in the golfer is still using the blimp to get a good overview of where the oil spreading and if the
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storm does hit the gulf bp will also suspend its watch over the experimental cap on the we'll peer there's been concern over some lakes of what this points to been described as small. stormy weather or a problem in the parts the midwest. this is north his kentucky people are dealing with flooded to watch joe rhodes a lot of damage has been done the drivers are being reminded not to try to drive through high water. >> a couple live pictures this afternoon looking out from our mount tam cam pure sunshine for most of the bay area as we transition to another shop the bay bridge overcast conditions in here and the coast line the fog really stuck on the coasts this afternoon. take a look at temperatures of the differing just 55 degrees in half moon bay in san francisco. 68 and oakland in half when they appeared either in the spots struggling to warm up. 70 concord, 16 and livermore, 81 in antioch. tonight into tomorrow
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the fog will again be a story will move inland over night to our morning dense fog and drizzle but it will scale back a lot quicker than it had in more days passed which will lead to a 5 to 10 degree warm-up it will be six along the coast in 87 or 1 is in the spots. if fog for tomorrow morning and closed again to be widespread half of the 6:00 hour it's our eastern appeal black patchy fog to the delta off. already peeled back at 9:00 will see it some sun breaks along the coast in the afternoon. temperatures will warm up significantly tomorrow with the added sunshine. would back up into the '80s 87 in antioch, 61 san francisco, '60s and '70s from the bay shore and '70s and '80s in the south bay pure the warming will continue over the next several days we will see fog in awarding the will to act faster. and become less of a factor of the rest of the bay area by saturday and sunday we'll conditions expected temperatures reaching 90 inland by saturday. the court backed up
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by next week when the fog returns. >> quick break as a going to break your traffic walnut creek this is just south of highway 24 it's bumper-to-bumper. to san jose will increase was the 101 north and south bound by the 87 southbound traffic backed up on the overpass. j
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delta force and and you're told them to turn off their self loans were expecting a call from him. a spokesperson for mel gibson is happening here the governor is maintaining a sense of humor adding " his odyssey
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paving the way for returned show business ". live in israel kron 4 news. >> thank you dan the discovery channel's latest social media campaign is using facebook if to show you have a devastating pandemic could affect you and your loved ones. web producer carefully set the model shows as the works. this is a realistic simulation that is your face book edited the decree page to show the thick is the with your friends names and profile images read alongside status updates blanks pictures and comments. right now were deal breaks stage said there turning people away from me are real-life advise it harder to find a tree irish 10 people registered in a panic. you can see many of with friends pictures have covered by read biohazard damages because they been hit by the disease. finally right here it's the survival state to pass you society fall apart would you care to check of this application for yourself visit and visitor
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whats on the web section. >> a live look at sidebar rubicam over downtown services go overcast conditions here are also spilling in oakland the fog will continue to be a big story of details comes up in just a bed.
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