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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  July 21, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00 our big story at 4:00 newly released surveillance video as pleas of looking for the two suspects right here in connection with the murder of a fairfax virginia man. a father of three in town for a job interview, " go. the video was captured five minutes before he was killed sunday night as he is leaving a dental office on webster street. o p sargent officers said the suspect in the video to match an eyewitness description. >> people who we feel are involved in this robbery homicide. i want people to pay attention to this jacket. it's very distinctive jacket and not
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to go start this it's camouflage i don't know. the multicolored jackets today gave a gray sweat pants and white tennis shoes. without these debt issues or this video i don't know if we have anything. video is a tremendous asset to other homicide cases using video. a >> investigators are hoping someone will recognize the two individuals and contact oakland police with information leading to their rest. i suspect is killed by police this woman in santa clara county. during an marijuana eradication operations operation was conducted jointly by the alameda county and santa clara county. during the operations someone fired at the officers then shot back killing the suspect. there have been at least three shark sightings near the wharf in capitola south of santa cruz. the recent coming this morning when police received reports about what
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might been a great white shark. as rob reports people are being advised to enter the water of their own risk. >> there's no photographic evidence of the sharks artifice. look this these are flyers posted at the entrance to the municipal wharf after group of surfers reported seeing a short out there about 10:00 wednesday morning. that comes on the heels of an earlier citing early weekend when a diver clean the bottom of the bill the but the war said he saw no one but two sharks. a large one at a small one he thought they were great white sharks. local shark expert from the research foundation said this is typically not their season until september or october. it's possible it's most likely these are basking sharks which can grow more than 20 ft.. as you can see over here the capitola beach remains open but police
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have notified lifeguards and lifeguards are also on alert this morning. this group of campers this morning have been told by their counselors to stay out of the water. just as a precautionary measure. in capitola for rob kron 4 news. >> as expected the fog is dense yet again this afternoon close to the coastline and over san francisco. here's a look at the golden gate bridge if the fog coming in. our latest satellite picture the fog hugging the coast line also spilling over from san francisco into oakland. elsewhere we are seeing sunny skies but with the cool marine air in place temperatures are still definitely on the cooler side. 56 and san francisco, 55 and hath monday, low sixties around the bay shores and our inland spots are struggling to warm up this afternoon. if the low seventies for the most part
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and 81 in antioch, 75 in santa rosa, 70 in san jose. the biggest cooling occurring in our inland spots is 580 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday that the novato, and that thought. we will see that fog spill was the bay and the land very quickly this evening it's already in oakland. in 9 8:09 p.m. this evening and fog still isn't it 70 and dense fog and drizzle the fog will clear back very quickly tomorrow to the coast. will see more sunshine that will be a little warmer temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer. temperatures will warm a little bit over the next couple of days hall details on your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> justin to kron 4 a power outage in the martinez area this morning around 215. 2700 customers lost power in the
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area. traffic lights were out for some time at about 320 we've received word from pg&e that all power had been restored in the area. the cause of the outage is still under investigation. a live looking at the golden gate bridge as we take a quick break and kron 4 news @ 4 traffic moving smoothly and the fog hangs tough around san francisco and near the close today. ♪
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so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. dow jones industrial average down hundred nine points down at 10,00120. nasdaq now 135 to 2001 under a 87. the market is unusually uncertain about the outlook on the economy. >> thinking of the bankers are unusually uncertain means the bankers have no clue where going. that would scare you. it's a have a million dollars
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the beast " by that statement. we probably should set is prepared to fight prepared to do whatever it needs to stimulate their economy. >> this talk about the jobs outlook in what's going to happen with jobs in this country well what are not were going to grow is jobs the most uncertain factor right now what our economic recovery? >> it is hallowed does china slowdown? caddis you europe play out their sovereign debt issue? it went to the jobs come back to view that it states. those of the three big issues we should get an answer back to your the next couple days. jobs in the landscapes and very problematic. let's talk about the bay area company. >> yahoo been really seems like it's their a cut costs to me they were unable to show a growth is a loss of big advertisers. >> display advertising is poor
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young who is a company that bought out the same waterfront its own level yobbos led to find its own level and build its business back again. >> apple just every quarter they seemed to blow away analysts' expectations. a lot of people don't seem to know how profitable the i pad was for apple into this quarterly. >> the i phone in the i pad had margin problems great revenue. apple's quarter would of been a grand slam home run as it is it is a good outfield cinco but a bad day on the stock market appeared our love of the shares if this is something in the conference call late lee last 45 minutes into it they said enterprises are looking at our hardware. a good enough for someone who said 20 years ago there is still computers here and there now were starting to receive by pads here, imax there
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and knock books there. they're starting to penetrate the enterprise which is a big negative on apple if they do this this is a thousand dollar stock. to enter today japan thousand next five to seven years. corporations have a lot more money >> how do think they handled the whole intent dated steve jobs called it. >> i've got a paltry 0755 i hated i don't know and when this day and age like cell phones. as the trees to target to pick: i think they had the intended date it was very problematic short- term but long term every cell phone in the 21st century seems to be a mark can hear me? can hear me. i think their problem is, and carried >> will be back with rob and your questions coming a little bit later in the newscast. >>
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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does. tuesday night of the oakland city council approve large-
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scale medical marijuana operations in the city's industrial district. it has spearheaded the movement towards the heat legal use of marijuana appeared to paves the way for the economic growth of the can in this industry. >> oakland awhile longer with several other cities especially berkeley in long beach are all looking at the opportunity to regulate cultivations. we have a chance to regulate not just cultivation for medical cannabis but for hand. we have tens of thousands of jobs here in california for american grown hand and medical cannabis. the city council's action follows last month's unionize asian of workers in the medical marijuana business. a new study on the nation's drinking habits has been released. our web producer kimberleys and commode brings as details on the study. this >> study show more adults seem to be tracking alcohol between
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1992 and 2002. the percentage of men and women who drink alcohol increase appeared overall americans don't seem to be drinking more the average number of drinks consumed per month remain steady although the study did reveal one important exception to that trend appears of kicked in the number of people who binge drink at least once a month. especially among men. binge drinking is sparking five or more drinks in one day appeared to throw the details of the study this are whats on the web section on >> just 48 hours after being filed for legend racist comments she is being offered a new job helping to eradicate racism in the same department. she is not said she will take the job but she has got one thing she wanted an apology. >> this is a good woman she's been put through hell. >> tom called his decision to fire surely sure wrought a mistake he will live with for
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the rest of his life. the woman at the center of the storm watch as the president's spokesperson not admitted to their plan to go round. >> everybody involved in the determinations before all the facts and all the events. >> this should never happened to the extent feel better that the apology is finally coming. >> the story unfolded when andrew brick bart posted this video on monday. >> here was a case of having held a white person save their land. seoul would a didn't even the full force of what i could do. >> appearing to say she did not do everything she could to help a white farmer. the agriculture department with no time calling in regard to the band her resignation of this world development director in georgia.
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>> then the rest of the peach speech appeared to shrug it described our own father had been murdered by white supremacists and have the white farmer helped her overcome her own >> would with the shower rod has not said whether or not she will take this new position she is just for a couple of days to make up her mind. >> workers of state busy looking for oil in the gulf there still using a blend these are areas of the gulf try to get a good overview of where the oil is spreading. they're keeping a close watch on an experimental cap on the broken and oil well all of these efforts might have to be put on hold pending on the weather appeared a tropical storm could move into the gulf over the weekend that threat is already prompted bp to suspend drilling and on release well. secretary of state henry clinton has announced new sanctions against north korea against the
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nuclear weapons program. she's on the high-profile visit to south korea should pose for pictures today with leaders and u.s. defense secretary robert gates is there. the distinction started the sale or purchase of arms and north korea. the acquisition of luxury items like liquor and cigarettes to rewards its obsolete. >> i live look good side to the bay bridge toll plaza overcast here the fog is in the big story close to the coastline. this afternoon temperatures are very cool along with coast. 54 in half moon bay that's typically a morning low tablature appear that so were sitting in that the afternoon. 55 san francisco, 16 oakland carried just goes to show you how much the cool morning air can impact our forecast. it look a satellite picture of the fog spilling over into oakland the fog will push back into the bay and inland over night prickly pretty quickly. our morning fog will
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push back a lot which will mean more sunshine and warmer temperatures about five to 10 degrees warmer. the majority of that occurring in land and this week and less fog and temperatures will warm up a little bit. home at 6:00 a.m. he knows the fog scaling back its pretty widespread this point to watch how quickly it will push back to they co-star in a last through the morning commute by nanny and pushing back to the coast even the coastline may see little sunshine of their early tomorrow afternoon. a look at our afternoon highs for tomorrow it will be higher. 16-day 61 is san francisco, 81 in concord, 83 livermore and 87 in antioch year will see warmer temperatures for last couple days off to the fog will clear up or of to get into the weekend lot less fog at warmer temperatures. the 89 d on wednesday for inland spots
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seventies around the bay and corey back down next week as the fog returns. >> one place where there is sunshine and here's a live look at 680 high with 24 the traffic at a crawl in a north-south direction. a look at the james link the fog and severed his go very slow traffic bumper-to- bumper in all directions. we'll be right back with three no question this for rob black as the kron 4 news @ 4 continues. question this for rob black as the kron 4 news @ 4 continues. an all new cadillac srx luxury collection crossover... ..with a bose premium sound system. and an ultra-view sunroof designed to let more summer time in. summer brings out the best in all of us, so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new cadillac. hurry in for great lease or purchase offers on an all new srx during cadillac's summer's best sales event going on now at your cadillac dealer.
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time to answer in the question is for rob. how can i cheaply buy stock in real time. >> basically doing 795 trade anyone to buy a stock with a $30 he doesn't understand why. first and foremost a lot of times when you work with the cheapest stock company like us got trades they tend to make their money not off the trade but what the prices
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that should get for the trade. you will find the most expensive " and execute the cheaper ". >> i noticed they buy it from you for the highest price of the day >> which you wanted do if he was stopped for $30 his family to pan hundred shares for 30 bucks that said no more no less. the downside is if you agree company like fidelity the trend of finding a lower price more often than not especially feel it's the good side executing the way it looks like on the screen. >> what of the cheapest trades you find out their $7 in the 9¢? >> like fidelity and vanguard like to pay a little bit more for madrid as a like to pay for it. paul i live don't east coast cold winter and you can do it now i play other people to do this ip little more for trades of one a little bit more
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paperwork. >> get for your what you pay for appeared in 70 years old >> this is a good call this person, redo show this morning along churn care is asking after you die in a beer wife briggs had in and out there is a cure for she took care of you when he died of cancer. no one's there to take care of journalists there to change her savings are giver medication or medications which is losing her mind. long- term care helps someone to help take care of the elderly to rich people. you a lecture which you can afford to lose it costs about a hundred thousand dollars the year in california. he would lose all your wealth of your 75 years old and so was coming answer or nursing you all day. for a situation he least $50,000 is nothing he's going to fall into the public system appeared to be taken care by the public system will be run with other
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people " aren't disqualified but it definitely does need long- term care is for millionairess who don't want to lose their millions of the jericho system and the one help from others. >> thank you rob will be back of kron 4 news if seven more questions rob black you can e- mail at rob their rob black doll,.r viaob@robblack mail at rob their rob black doll,.r viaob@robblack including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton.
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why for the bay area's this stage ... kron 4 news @ 4:30 p.m. new details the late in the rest of the san francisco won the that was caught on tape police are now investigating whether officer used excessive force here during the arrest. if kron 4 didn't firm has more. >> please said it went to the 1500 block on sunday after receiving a


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