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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  July 20, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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the target of the man by and williams that was involved in the pilot should out on i 580. williams' mother said he was an great and left-wing social policies the e ucla was a target he was charged with four counts read meditated responders with more charges to come. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> another big story another baby in california has died from a whopping cough that brings the tally to 6 03 this year. five of the infants were latino since 199880% of the òvjrvm a whopping cough were latino pier one possible reason is because the latino community tends to live in extended families of the do stress every ethnicity is at risk. >> in marin county the board of supervisors trying to stop pg&e from installing smart leaders. on tuesday they took a vote and unanimously decided to recommend a utility board that piccinni's
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stop installing smart leaders in the county immediately. the packedh many residents who spoke out the gates or leaders to the board said they are hoping this will buy them a couple months more of time before any meters are installed. reporting in san roof fell kron 4 news. >> here in oakland the judge has postponed until july 30th the ruling on whether to throw out to fish and a contract imposed by ec transit on its drivers. upset about the terms of the new contract which call for wage freeze as well as changes in jóy(." costs. one and five drivers did not report for work on tuesday. ac transit apologize to writer is many a full were stranded at the same time morning if the court nullifies the new contract there could be layoffs. the district seems to close of $50 million budget deficit. in oakland kron 4 news. >> continuing our coverage from ac transit riders i spoke to said they're feeling the effect of the drivers and those say
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they're not happy about having to wait longer hear the bus stop. >> it's a totally convenience for all commuters not just community. >> it affects those like me who rely on public transportation to get them to work each and every day. >> i hope they can work it out. when >> all the writers i spoke to said the hopes the contract dispute is over soon. >> here in oakland city hall the council said it will decide whether or not it's a good idea to allow both for large-scale marijuana growing operations to operate here in the city. these wholesalers would sell to medical marijuana dispensaries. money will be one of those 4 you have to pay the city more than $200,000 just operate and on top of that the city would get sales tax. that to be in the area of at least $3 million a year. in oakland kron 4 news. >> continuing with our big story in oakland growers of medical
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marijuana are not happy with the so-called make the farms that might come to oakland. i grow i talked to said the large cooperation would have to use chemical fertilizers and other hñharmful produe cannabis that a large scale. the small growers are worried the large-scale operations would flood the market with products that is cheaper and put smaller mom-and-pop operations out of business. in oakland kron 4 news. >> in kirkland of the other residents that's less of a block away from the uc-berkeley campus where this bird of scooter is left over from fire that was set on monday night. this is one of three fires that was that over night. this is picture from a surveillance camera outside of the market on telegraph avenue that showed two suspects igniting a fire in a garbagexon gá5js> watching wall street and the market closed moderately up today the dow up 75 the nasdaq
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up 24 and it's a nail biting a week for investors. major corporations are announcing their quarterly profits. late this afternoon the bay area tech giant had some encouraging news. >> apple blew the doors of quarterly net income rising 78% from last year thanks to the new i pad and fourth generation i phone. here the figures net quarterly, three and a quarter billion dollars. that's $3.51 per share. from april through june apples of an average of 1 million bypass a month. that's one every three seconds. i phone sales jumped 61% from a year ago. and in the press release steve jobs cost of this line that drive÷ygo 9r"/wmyv÷zfñç the apple faithful into another frenzy. >> we have amazing new products still to come this year. >> apple stock up 6% on the day at dow of $14 over to under $59 a share. yong reporting today
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its net income of 51% to the revenue was hurt by the loss of several large advertisers the yahoo shot down over 5 1/2% >> unemployment benefits to millions of people with a lot of work for more than six months has cleared a hurdle in the 8÷xñaç democrats managed to break their republic the minority here kantor's not happy about that he is accusing the president of misrepresenting the republican position. >> he tried to paint a picture of where republicans are sitting around try to figure out how to give some fat cats and a tax break but deny any health to those who are unemployed. that is preposterous and i think the american people deserve better out of the white house. what republicans areño]4ç0ñk#'d0>1mme unemployment benefits yes, a deficit snow. >> republicans say they will approve of extending the jobless benefits only if they are paid
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for it to this is too expensive pier the final senate vote expected tomorrow. and your looking at the senate judiciary committee as it took about today in favor of the supreme court nomination and the committee voted 13 to 6 in favor of cake and the only one republican uj:6i5t her. president barack obama said he is looking toward to the full senate vote on the nomination before congress goes on this summer recess. >> live look good side from our mount tam cam gorgeous sunny skies for most of the bay area appeared fog is still hugging the coast line and temperatures there are much cooler as a result of the overcast conditions. 15 and san francisco, 55-day right now even are in the spots are down seven degrees of what we saw oakland realistic a look at the difference between 24 hours ago and right now. the most change occurring in our inland spots
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for field to 10 degrees cooler, a antioch 8 degrees cooler. and i figured degrees cooler through breast the bay area. with the fog will continue this evening about 9:00 it will make its way over there. our inland valleys morning will see tens fog and drizzle mainly coast-to-coast. patchy fog will be in land and forcing afternoon mostly sunny conditions tomorrow but cool temperatures. the cooler weather will stick around for a little bit all have an extended forecast coming up in just a bed. >> as we go to break a live look for san jose at a little windy and sunshine the traffic leaving smoothly carry the traffic you see back up is headed on the guadalupe 87
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showing older adults who had fished at least once a week may have a lower risk of serious vision and losses. it supports the theory that will make a three fatty acids abundantly found in both official examine mackerel into the may infect the development it's the leading cause of blindness in older adults there is no curezxjs prevent or delay serious vision loss. for all the details on the steady visit our whats on the web section on >> live look for walnut creek on the left inside that 60 northbound up to highway 24 which is right behind the picture is jam packed. rough ride right now from 60 northbound headed to down tell the creek.
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what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does. in national news a disturbing video is making way for me to break now all the shows two young girls in a vicious brawl
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in michigan they possibly blurted to protect their cold you can sometimes here and she's only 11 years old. the other girl is 13 years old. some say the real shocking part of this city one of the girls' mothers is on the scene apparently there the chaperoned basically to endorse the fight the motherly did try to minimize her involvement but does it knowledge been there. fire crews in the chicago suburb had a strange job this week in order to reach a woman who had died and remove the body they had cut hole in the roof of the home. the reason the woman was the order she at sixth but highly piles of garbage inside officers like this. a woman apparently moved around through tunnels swindled dose and doors were blocked as you saw. please recall to the home when the woman's daughter was heard screaming neighbors say they tried to help the older woman but she was very reclusive. >> i live look at side from our roof cam over downtown san
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francisco overcast skies here. the fog is just the rain on the day care and we are seeing coast line. 59 san francisco, 55 have the bay, 60 and redwood city entered in the spots are down. 87 antioch it's the warm spot this afternoon appeared our weather headlines the fog cut in the close line is billion san francisco. by tomorrow morning and looking at dance fog and drizzle close to the coast line patchy fog inland. by the afternoon was the sunny conditions but it will be cool very similar to today and for o6
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back to the east bay shore. it's going to stay over cast of the coast for all of tomorrow again similar to what was sought today a couple sunbreaks possible: look of our high temperatures said it's " close to the coast because of the cloudy conditions 57 have monday, 69 san francisco appeared our in the spots will be between 80 and 85 degrees will be a cool day out there tomorrow with " whether it will stick around for a couple more days temperatures will warm up towards the end the week but not very much. we will see the fog dominate our forecast released thursday will start to push back on friday and öç a dense cluster the coastline and temperatures will stay cool for the weekend into next week. >> we find speeders' everywhere people or to much of a hurry to get where they're going. kron 4 stanley roberts tellus he may not always able to talk your way of a ticket in this edition of people behaving badly.
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>> the driver of this car claims to have a medical emergency. his mother has a doctors appointment. since his brother who was posted taker got a flat he was rushing to pick his mother up before her >> > 83 mi. an hour and 55. from time to time the california highway patrol conduct speeding in force and problem areas. highway 24 is one of those problem areas. allow me to explain. >> drivers on highway 24 often get caught in traffic waiting to enter the tunnel. when it finally exit the tunnel to try >> at a glance you might think the officer writing the ticket is the very same one issue in the ticket. it's not. it is this officers standing in the shoulder using a speed detection
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device who gets the credit. was lidar he can target individual cars and call in this speed through a waiting officer who then writes the ticket. this big rig officer who was cut to 63 s ñnqrtx÷$y5.n trucks is 55 even if the normal speed is 65. plus the trailer was not registered. >> not stop here keep going to keep going >> every driver ticketed in the special enforcement were driving it least 15 mi. over the posted speed limit. this driver argued he was only doing 68. he was that it should up ticket for driving 81 in a 65. this driver 4ké2 going carried and his driver and a black mercedes was issued a speeding ticket from another officer was about to back up on the freeway which would of been a totally different ticket. in
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just two hours 40 drivers were issued speeding tickets on a highly 24 the high-speed 92 m.p.h.. on highway 24 in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news. for stanley you can e-mail us at a big traffic backed up in both directions the bottle in a one southbound at a san francisco it's bumper to bumper getting on the freeway look what's happened at the top of the screen. it is at a crawl right now to the bay bridge. to this in detail bridge things are moving fairly smoothly in both directions. the right hand side is westbound "ñ z=v)rmço4
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on a of the device did not catch @(buyñ7o-kon and ont inventory is sold out that said.
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motorola is having a huge excess was destroyed phones that run on a global mobile operating system to the new joint tax has just hit the market and it's getting a lot of buzz. gabe slate takes a closer look at the red x. if you want the new droid x google android smoke phone for a rise sent you better act quick most are sold out forever low hot fall this summer. it's the first phone to be real i phone competitor to the drexel and some of rise in network it loses the slide of physical keyboard of the first tried but to get a giant 4.3 in. touchscreen the battery on it is impressive most local phone sky quickly because they do so much all the power needs of the battery life. this phone has a good solid battery. it is an 8 megabucks' a camera that's three more than the i g/iú8tkú4,ords],;vy3 each the vu can use skype us that for free
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phone calls and has this nifty new typing system called swiped the to take a different way by dragging your finger from letter to letter and lifting of the award is done. it sounds weird but it's cool once you get used to it it's a faster way to type on these touchscreens. prizes letting existing customers get the upgrade price to the new drive their contract expires anytime in 2010. the upgrade price are price for new customers $200 with a two-year contract. is he of rise in anyone and i phone like devices it doesn't have the physical side of keyboard of the first- rate the people seem to like. the debate touched off by lost prototype of a couple i phone is ending quietly with a tub log agreement to cooperate with investigators. judge ordered a search were withdrawn and seize items returned to this man jason shunned. investigators had raided chen's host disease computer equipment as part of the investigation into whether 1u=a="$m broken. the
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website and other media organizations said the raid was legal state law prohibits the seizure of unpublished notes from journalists. our live satellite picture fog cut in the coastline spilling over into san francisco. overcast to the coast and look at how the temperature stack up. to 55 1/2 monday and 59 san francisco it's not much warmer and the bay. 65 oakland 67 in hayward. and i 90s this time of year it '70s and '80s this afternoon. to 87 antioch as a warm spot in the bay area. tonight into tomorrow, the fog will spill back into the bay early this evening about 9:00. it will move further inland. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow if will be pushing back wall of dense fog and it will go close to the coast line patchy fog though for the past day. if 3:00 p.m. mostly sunny conditions but again it will be cool out there
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tomorrow morning. it will be over cash at the coast once 's get a look at your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast appeared fog will be the story for the week it will be done store the next couple of days and temperatures will be cool as a result. even draws so close to the coast line becomes weak and the fog lifts a little bit and temperatures will warm up. thank you jacqueline watching the golden gate bridge right now traffic moving pretty smoothly across the span if you're headed north in the marin county we have anó3kdñ45'chívb5v=rkñmçé past highway 4071. one at creek the grind for 680 traffic on the left-hand side 60 northbound bumper-to-bumper rate now from before the towards highly 24. if the bay bridge one of the bright spots in weather and traffic is improving smoothly at the toll plaza.
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