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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  July 16, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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well, down 20 percent compared to 2008. homicide is down 4% in 2009 to drop 55% from the previous year. the police she says proportionally though these are the numbers that the city has seen since the 1960's. kron 4 christine conley shows us what officers said behind the safer streets and services ". and >> the mayor's office credits the drop with a new zone enforcement strategy that allows officers to target hot spots. officers are saturating key areas in the city like to see on this not. the western addition bayview hunters point to visitation valley and the mission. saturating these areas with officers of building more community support appeared we recently saw this own strategy at work. after several high-
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profile attacks like the one you see here on elderly members of the asian community. >> we went out to and we took 32 people from around the city, and we put them on foot to in this area for a period of two months until we come up with a more sustainable solution trade >> they even turned the police department this award you see they're holding for the department of justice in washington d.c.. another program the police department said is paying off its comsat. it's modeled after program and york allows them to look at statistical trends and see where crime patterns are developing. >> looking at historical data and trend lines. and anticipating those trends even before the crimes are occurring. >> christine conley kron 4 news. >> fighting crime may be down the city but as kron 4 jeff bush explains the recent layoffs at the oakland police department could have an impact in san francisco. >> sad moment for policing in the region
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>> recently offs of 80 officers at the oakland police department. the bay area is intertwined in crime in one city could have an impact on another appeared to >> reduction and public safety resources in oakland. could have and will have an impact on san francisco. we work together very closely, and i think it's very important to recognize just how closely how tightly we all the fat one another. >> theory is fewer officers means your chance encounters with people were wanted or on parole. >> appointive interdependence there's no divorce here appeared world this together and were completely tied to one another. >> mayor said is no plan to cut staffing levels last half >> will follow from the bart shooting verdict, plans are underway for a rally to support the former bart police officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of an armed oscar grant on year's day
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2009. kron 4 reggie is live in walnut creek with the latest on the plan. >> the rally is being called in support of johannes mehserle law enforcement officer rally pared its taking place right here walnut creek superior court parking lot. officials want to make sure that it stays in this area that's why the designated this parking lot as the spot for demonstrators to do what they want to do. at this point the organizer is remaining anonymous however, they have been promoting their rally on facebook so far more than 100 people have said their plan to attend the rally. kron 4 spoke to outraged oscar grant supporters this is what they set about monday's rally. >> these oscar grant shooting protesters >> walnut creek police department said the preparing
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for the worse but they don't believe it will turn violent if i did oakland after the verdict was reached. at this point it looks like city officials are encouraging drivers to stay clear of the colosio valley road on monday because they believe a lot of people will be in attendance at this rally and a be difficult to drive through this area. the rally is on monday from 2 to 5:00 p.m. and will let creek >> kron 4 news> >> >> >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the bart shooting and predict in the aftermath. we have set up a special section will watch interviews and see the very latest news about this particular story. log on to live you from san francisco it's a lot cooler the sea breeze has you can see the waves that there
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appeared temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s near the coast it's 57 degrees half moon bay. redwood city 71 '80s and now the hot weather in the state. '90s livermore not quite as hot as yesterday but still pretty warm especially antioch borrow 100 degrees. these temperatures are down from yesterday on the order of about five to 10 degrees. some places cooler than that. redwood city 14 degrees cooler today than yesterday appeared not to 15 degrees cooler so what appear the hottest day was yesterday. it should not be as that bad from here on out. tomorrow fog in the morning clear back to the beaches by late morning into the early afternoon hours. still hot temperatures inland loaded mid- 90s will see a similar day for sunday. '70's by the bay mid to upper 90s for the list box. sunday may be little warmer but that everyone is cooler for next week. like to know more about
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that coming up later on. >> to check on traffic on this friday get away. this is san francisco the james link of the top your screen 80 headed towards eastbound on the bay bridge rarely moving at all. little bit better the bottom of your screen the 101 southbound headed for the peninsula and the south bay. not too bad. we'll be headed for the peninsula and the south bay. not too bad. we'll be right back. j with high-speed internet from at&t,
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hello all to tesla an twitter struck a deal today that would mean electric engine will be installed in the toyota vehicle. will be available to less than two years. how it may bring more jobs to the bay area. it's not clear about that here in the bay area at the former new plant or in canada. certainty is the prototype >> were still very much in the planning process will produce shared everything we have it at this point will have a fleet
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delivered to toyota by the end of the year. hopefully will share that very soon with the public. the former new plant in fremont will be the site of assembly line for tesla model eschar. it started busting $50 million and tassels electric car program. other option is to build electric power train tesla and installed between iraq for plant in canada. they hope to be selling the tesla rough for car by 2012. in palo alto creeks kron 4 news. >> the budget over state workers and then minimum-wage workers the judge said he will not fairest forestage to comply with governor arnold scored cinders order to pay state workers the minimum wage to deal with the state budget deficit. the judge ruled that cutting the pay of about 200,000 state workers will cause too much harm to the employees. the decision means state workers will continue to receive their full wages in july and august. >> we have some stores taking
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the fix is in for the i phone for users. after mounting complaints about those bad intent the reception problems and the drop calls. apple step forward today to offer a solution to all those customers to were concerned. jonathan blum is here with the look at the plants. >> they had appleton tied for about three weeks. capturing that there is a ton of speculation. no big surprises because all the time it pretty much had it right. we heard a recall would be unlikely because the cost much money. it was not recalled instead they're offering users free cases like this i phone for bumper that by yesterday at the app store. it cost $30 but only about a buck to make. this is something the critics have been calling for weeks ago. putting a phone in a rubber case like this can
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actually fix the problem. apple didn't do anything immediately that caught this firestorm to get louder. this morning he told pr nightmare named they called it attending gate. the press conference look lot like steve's keynote speeches last about an hour-and-a-half starting with the good news. then moving on to an apology in which the ceo says the company is embarrassed that consumer reports will recommend its foam and apple was to do everything it can earn back the trust for its users. >> to pick ourselves up, we figure out what's wrong and try harder. and when we succeed the reward us by staying our users. >> he went to the store today and what happened? in >> cloyingly told me today the working of the fine details in a free cases yet a lot of it might happen on line of work and have to find out about that in the
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coming days. the app store employees are more than happy to tell you what they know they find things out on the need to know basis. you can see the entire press conference now live on our web site at >> what to the experts think of apple solution to this kron 4 kate thompson has their reaction from apple's headquarters in cupertino. >> after apple's announcement about the solutions they have to fix the i phone for if i spoke to several technology analyst who attended the events and many of them say couple did the right thing and came up with the right solution. >> by right back bring it back on the other hand as consumers we all know if you buy something you have 30 days to return. that's obvious it think the fact they were willing to say if you're still not happy will give your money back. >> by acknowledging even though it's a small percentage and still sing if anyone gets a free case and think by doing good by
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them but it's a good movement that regardless what happens with apple there gunna take care of you could if not happy is always return >> the phone> reporting cupertino kate thompson kron 4 news. >> they're relieved a low-tech solution will work the be gusting up the phone case is very bob an attachment to the phones. >> is the case with my phone anyways because the cost too much as you drop them. if your >> were to buy these things anyway still is of some kind of coverage so if you drop dead it's a little more protection. if this is all it takes its a great solution as far as i'm concerned. >> and glad we did that extra month and wait for the fix the solution. >> lot of people went to the apple store in los gatos say there were no foam cases available yet. the store clerk says there not been no when the cases will be in stock. kron 4 kimberly is here to give us more about where you can get the i phone fix. >> the good news is every user
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who buys the i phone 4 through september 30th half will be able to get that free case for the device. the semi bad news is apple doesn't have enough gompers for 3 million i phone for is that it sold since the launch. the company is going to source the case and provide users with the choice. more details about his options and the refund will be apple's web site next week. for those with repurchased and i phone bumper or another case apple will refund your money. freeport offer applies to september 30th at that time apple said they're going to examine the situation again and then decide to extend free bumpers or offer a different solution. to read all about apple's announcement this are whats on the web section of >> it's one of the summer days where we have a huge contrast from the beaches to the inland valleys. difference of some 50 degrees today carried of like a
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fog over the city that's keeping schooler only the low sixties for san francisco right now. the big of they were seen the fog along all in the low to mid 50's. it's a hundred degrees in brentwood so really hot was it relevant to the state cheered concord livermore if those places such a little bit cooler if botha mid-90s san jose checking in at 80 degrees here is the view from our mount tam cam looking up over the san pablo bay clear skies once we get away from the fog near the coast and pushing through the golden gate and san francisco. will be cleared for most locations this evening with the fog pushing in towards the golden gate. tomorrow morning look for around the bay in the north bay san rosa, pelham and novato sing a little south bay. south bay any state should be clear and everyone is sunny with the exception of the coast for tomorrow afternoon pure temperatures similar '70s bayside loaded mid-90s for the
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warmus in and locations. your stock tracker that fog and low clouds pushing inland it is far east as livermore by tomorrow morning. will definitely see it i believe for santa rosa petaluma perhaps into that all starts to clear back by late morning and into the early afternoon so by 11:00 look for the fog back to the beaches and still hanging out on the west side of san francisco and will see perhaps a little bit clearing at the coast but it should be fairly cloudy like it was today. why 60s goes side, a upper 60s san francisco, '70's and low 80's near the bay. south bay san jose 85 degrees and still hot numbers here in the inland east bay appeared loaded mid-90s concord livermore in antioch. that is seven degrees in antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the bay the weekend looks good so tomorrow is not to battle little on the hot side on the east bay. a very similar picture
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for sun. perhaps a little bit warmer and lynn's maybe once again around a hundred degrees in the warmest place this them see big changes coming away for next week monday, tuesday and wednesday. a lot cooler in the inland. back in the '80s. upper 60s and low '70's near the bay. freddie's traffic this the san jose highway won a one so the north bound moving perfectly wonderfully guadalupe over pass highway 87 a little bit sluggish but not too bad for friday trade will be right back.
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rescuers returned to person who's trapped in a car after parking grosz collapse purifier official says chris can see the victim but the can get to the person because of the concerns the parking structure is still unstable. the grosz collapsed after a glass can be from a high rise can and the condominium fell. return figure out if there are additional people trapped.
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the teenager known as the barefoot band is headed back to washington state to see. 19 year-old colt and here's more land in miami he is suspected of committing about 70 crimes in nine states and british columbia. he received his nickname after allegedly committing some of the crimes without wearing shoes prepared pleas of the looking from since he escaped a halfway house back in 2008. he was arrested on sunday in the bahamas. at 3.6 earthquake shook the washington d.c. area this morning. it was centered in german town near maryland it struck early at five a m appeared at 2:00 a.m. our time. no reports of injuries or damage but tremors from it spread far as west virginia. last summer quick quiz kid marilyn was 2007. new warning to dog owners. since may of 2005 at
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least 122 dogs death had been reported pure english bulldogs account for the single highest number of deaths 25 and died in the last five years. although the death accounts for a small percentage ownership consult with their pet canary in before putting any animal in a plane. the experts say the dogs that are easily stress or not well socialized are not good candidates for travel air wise. with a programming note to tell you about. tell you about. this friday nbc will air the giants games so we will have nbc programming. at 8pm we will air the nbc movie of the week: the jenson project. at 10:00pm a special edition of kron 4 news, w w e smackdown can be seen on saturday at 7:00pm the cool and breezy night at at&t park with temperatures dropping into the 50s for the game. lots of low clouds and gusty winds scott tell you about what the weekend like coming up.
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live this is kron 4 news at 530. a 530 a strike at ec transit that could have left 230,000 riders a day if stranded. it will not take place at least not next week. in a ruling this morning a judge ordered both sides to go back to the bargaining table. recently ec transit officials passed the new contract which called for cutting labor costs by nearly 9% as well as increase fares and administrative cuts. however the union did not approve the contract and said the stage for a possible strike to take place as early as next week when the new contract was to begin. kron 4 spoke with union president claude hudson says today's union is a win for everyone. >> it will get us to place that we will get a fair contract and we will continue to provide the highest level of safety and service for the riding public.


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