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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  July 14, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:30 p.m. we have kron 4 news crews all across the bay area covering stories important to you. your today's top eight stories in four minutes. >> in san jose no cops let off all the last-minute deal and the city and the police union appeared in a budget approved last month as many as 70 officers would have been laid off as soon as august 1st. if, as a police unit agreed to concessions. in the end pleas agreed to pay cut of roughly 5% largely through contributions to the retirement funds. city council's expected to approve the new pact with police next month. we will negotiations continue with read all the unions representing firefighters, clerical workers and custodians. >> man here in oakland police
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headquarters and at the pta has led to a less officers they will continue their efforts to keep the public safe by maintaining a fully staffed patrol division. however denoted to do so every available officer will be on the street and less people are victims of violent crimes or in progress crimes. patrol officers will not come to the scene and take police reports. that responsibility falls on the victims of crimes themselves. at oakland police headquarters kron 4 news. >> karen san francisco 5 car robberies in one night. one of them here in this quiet street in his valley. there clear if any are related were scattered through the city. all the cases the robbers used and gunna is an still things excel phones cash and purses. always be aware of your surroundings of trotted to carry too many things out the open side look like a target. in severance is good and kermit kron 4 news. >> it all started around 4:00
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tuesday afternoon this interchange at night to lead 11th street and to this i know turn on red. honda did just that the highway patrolman spotted that and flashes lights. they ignored and the chase was on. beyond the will of honda was 24 year-old entered the no keystroke this red mitsubishi saw here killing a 15 year-old girl in the car and injured several others. he was arrested and now faces felony hit-and-run charges. >> in san francisco if your car crash and it's your fault the city will now charge you a clean up the. the board of supervisors approved the tuesday the fee is for the clean up or removal of broken glass gasoline or debris from crash. the fire department will file a claim with the insurance agency for the person responsible. to western $49 will be charged it will take less of an hour for one firetruck to respond to it couldn't accident is to fire trucks respond if the fee goes up to four to $98. in san francisco kron 4 news >> at the bay bridge have
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learned the biggest event this year for the bay bridge will happen next week as they raised a monstrous legs of the new bay bridge tower. there were told it will happen early next week it's likely to happen either tuesday or wednesday. it will begin at 5:00 a.m. and take all morning to get the pizza is situated it should not interfere with traffic. the bay bridge mark jones kron 4 news. >> here in oakland at the federal courthouse for muni workers have filed a lawsuit against the company allegedly discrimination appear the workers say they did not receive a full severance package from the company when it closed. did the fact they were either injured or disabled. the average worker received about the $32,000 from the plant however those injured or disabled received thousands of dollars last. the lawsuit is asking for compensation for each employee. in oakland it kron 4 news. >> in texas this is the new at&t micro cell. if you trouble
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getting cell phone reception on your i phone or other at&t phone inside your home or apartment this can help you. the maker soul acts like a miniature cellphone tower for your house or apartment and provides a signal boos fructify thousand square feet around the device. i saw this i add about one bart with the maker so long as it jumped up to a false signal all bars live up. at&t might result cost under $50. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> and is developing story these are live pictures from the gulf of mexico off british petroleum making critical pressure cast that could lead to a complete shutdown of that leaking oil well. day 86 of the gulf oil spill brought a temporary halt to efforts to and the source of the country's worst ecological disaster. nine minutes ago the federal government gave the green light. >> at this time will release the order to bp to proceed with well integrity tests. >> after placing a 75 t cap on
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the broken pipe on monday british petroleum wanted to see if the cap was strong enough to shut down the leak completely. the only way to do that is to try and shouted down partially using these dolls. the danger is that the back pressure would force the drill pipe to rupture some morals. that's why the government ordered a 24 hour delay. >> stand show impact to the gulf will understand the difficult times right through if we did what a compound that problem by making their reversible mistake. even if it's not possible to choke off the oil if the new chapel allow bp to siphon off almost all of these leaking oil. the bay area congressman george miller says british petroleum long record of safety violations should disqualify the company from for their oil drilling. the natural resources committee approved bill is proposed amendment today would ban companies with safety or environmental violations and the
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proceedings seven years from new offshore drilling permits. concerns over homelessness will lead the new temporary trance bay terminal with no public restroom. he see the new terminal here is open just a few weeks but there will be no restroom. it's a temporary safe because officials of kron 4 they're worried about the area becoming in it kamen for people who are homeless. the coalition on homelessness says if the number of homeless is continuing to grow in san francisco parish to talk to kron 4 christine conley about what needs to be done to fight the problem. >> with a massive problem with homelessness and san francisco their vs 600,000 people. we know protest the agency which ran the count conducted that more than half of the homeless people work were counted. >> this is an organizer of the coalition of homelessness and san francisco which is an advocacy group group. the number
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of homeless in the city is probably more like 14 to 20,000. he said the mayor needs to do a lot more to fix the problem. >> there's been more of a focus on and spin around homelessness than creating solutions to homelessness. we'd have 1400's shelter beds we now have over a little over 1000. repeatedly the mayor has cut shelter beds for the system you have to wait a week to two weeks to get shelter bed for family spirit now were looking at a week of nine months. kim >> is only so much the city mayor's office condemned he believes the solution for a list as the services go this federal funds for more public housing. >> this is an important issue for san francisco and their newsome with windows christine conley to talk more about it. what is there going to do about this? >> was available for a interview today his policy director was a
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washington d.c. who is locked rain now he stratify more federal funds to fight the problem. told us over the fine with them their in the city feels is that basically the come when it comes to shelters that basically solved the problem with asleep but how will they solve the problem with homelessness. xenon they say the caro cash program is working well and since 2004 they been able to 11,000 people off the street reunited with their families or in permanent housing. >> he wants to be a little this up in some area worries make progress. he christine. oakland is no step closer to becoming the first city in the nation to sell will sell marijuana growing. oakland city council approve the measure last night that will allow for commercial medical marijuana growing operations in the city. council members who support the bill say it will help lower fire dangers associated with growing operations at homes and nonregulated warehouse is. folks who work to decriminalize
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marijuana if says this is a step in and break direction. >> it's another historic step and ending canada's prohibition just like oakland back in 2004 was the first city to tax and regulate dispensaries. will not be the first to regulate commercial cultivation. the >> said marijuana growers argue the plan will put them out of business. the bill still needs to be passed by the entire city council. on the phone with us now to talk more about what's happening in the johannes mehserle case michael cardozo joins us he tells us with analyzing the case in the followed ever since. thank you for joining us can you tell us which you think about the latest on folding regarding sentencing? >> and lips certainly they put it over i didn't think they do it quite this far. what it indicates to me can there really gearing up the fight the
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allegation of a weapon. they will argue very strongly that it's inconsistent with the involuntary manslaughter conviction. there really loading up strongly >> what does this mean for the prosecution? >> it means they will have to prepare certainly and wait until that date to argue. does it mean that much to the prosecution because johannes mehserle in custody and serving time. all that time will go toward his ultimate time of the judge gives him. in the vernacular he's getting credit for the time he is serving now. the prosecution should too much. >> oscar grants family is concerned about the outcome of all of this. how did they view this extension? >> their not going to like this they'd rather get this sooner rather than later because it does keep the pressure on and causes a lot of tension at home for them. thinking about this wonder what the judge is going
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to do in this instance. they're not going to like being put off that far. is far as the tide is going to serve i certainly will be credited to and he is in jail but it's an interesting issue because since the verdict i have talked to quite a number of attorneys and in fact a number of judges who say that maybe that gunna allegations does not apply to the involuntary manslaughter, but it's a split to people i talk to. some think it does supply, some think it does supply does that indicate that the supreme court of california then have to decide that issue. as is got allegations go with involuntary manslaughter or consistent with involuntary manslaughter condition. >> walk us through what the gunna enhancement addition to the verdict to halifax and saint appeared
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>> everyone thinks back to use the got out of prison. remember those days years and years ago. when everybody got upset about guns and rightfully so appeared our legislators reacted to that and put into our law use a gun go to prison. when they did that and the punishment for that became quite a. in this case or any case say someone stabbed someone there can sit convicted of involuntary manslaughter it would be sentenced to 22, three or four years because they did use a weapon. using a handgun at a fire arm exacerbates the sentence you can get tied to the point where the judge has three alternatives to give three years, four years or 10 years. what it does because you do use of firearms in the commission enhances the punishment to a big degree as you see. it would allow the judge if he aggravates
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johannes mehserle to give him an extra 10 years in state prison because he used a handgun. >> michael cargoes of the key for help in helping us analyze everything that's happened involving of the oscar grant killing and the michael and the johannes messily verdict. were going to take a break will be right back. [ cell phone rings ]
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as expected temperatures are warmer out there today especially in our inland spots back into the low 90s is looking more like some roadside. 84 santa rosa 7 is san francisco temperatures are about 05 to 10 degrees bay area wide. thanks to the additional sunshine the fog will have less of a factor over night tonight into tomorrow morning staying clear and of this evening. temperatures in the '90s. tomorrow morning we are and how fog but will be much closer the closely and it will scale back very early. by 3:00
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tomorrow afternoon was a conclusive skies even warmer temperatures even along the coastline. as to the look of the temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood expecting 60 degrees along the coast. some will san francisco in inland spots. mid-90s 87 in santa rosa '80s from the bay 80's and low 90s from the south bay. look your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the bay forecast. the warming trend will last for the next couple days because of august's increase, eliminated. close to the coast moral and and the fog expected for thursday and slowly build back to make our way back into the we can look at the cool sea breeze winds back and some pretty dense fog by next week which will cool down a temperature significantly. stay with us will be back after the break.
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a typhoon as it the philippines hard you can see the pictures the high winds pounding rain this is flooded parts of the capital city of the law. it's toppled power lines killed at least 26 people and 30 people
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are missing. most of the fishermen. delilah is without power in the schools and government officials had to close today the storm later headed out to the south china sea and expected to make landfall later this week in china. riding in northern island it continues police being fired at now. there's been a third night of trouble in belfast cars being set on fire. no officers have been hit by gunfire at last report that more than 80 of them have been injured while struggling with protesters some of them very young. the trouble began with a string of annual protestant marches which sometimes intrude into catholic neighborhoods and inflame tensions. leaders are pleading with the crowds to stop before someone is killed. >> to we'll father's in and southern california that caused evacuation's are closer to being fully contained. one of the fire started near a neighborhood in ventura county yesterday. it
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spread to 68 a. and dangerously close to backyards as a bird appeal. the smoke and heavy fire appeared fire officials said the blaze is now 80 percent contained. our recent field poll reveals governor or notes fortunate your approval rating is as low as former gov. gray davis before he was recalled. the poll also reveals voters in california's are worse off in 2003. but stick with the numbers just 22 percent of voters approve of the job that sports figure is doing, 7 percent disapproved. those of the same numbers that davis saw back in august of 2003 months before he was recalled. only 16 percent of voters approve of the job lawmakers are doing the pull votes the low numbers have persisted for about two years now. we have a programming note to tell you about this friday nbc will air the giants game so we will air nbc programming. at
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lustral test for children may become routine. kimberly tells us about push for kids have their cholesterol checked. >> i study published in the current issue of the journal copy edthe pediatrics. only children with a family history of cholesterol and heart diseases misses one-third of kids with high cholesterol. some doctors believe all kids should receive tests many others worried the so-called universal screening will have a tangible impact on heart disease rates and it could lead to the overuse of the other cholesterol lowering drugs and kids. to check out all the comments on
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both sides visit our whats on the web section. that th temperatures in the '90s inland to when looking at the upper '70's and low 80's around the bay. 84 in santa rosa and 70 in san francisco appeared overall temperatures up about 5 to 10 degrees some places even more than that. napa's up 12, lost battles up 12, 11 degrees warmer in concord, fremont and redwood city. the warming trend will continue into tomorrow will see an animal fog out there tomorrow morning and virtually no fog on thursday. that will help us warm up quite a bit even around the bay as we head into the weekend the fall will return on sunday into next week. it be pretty dense as we saw the beginning of this week. temperatures will pulled into next week.
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"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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